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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 23, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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keep on doing it. you will get there. >> very nice. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i will be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> wolf blitzer, thank you as always. great to be with all of you. we begin with the man, this young man, 19 years of age, one of the biggest stars on the planet. this guy has 49 million twitter followers, hits, and a movie, famous ex-girlfriend and a teen following that would make elvis jealous. the long arm of the law caught up with justin bieber. he was arrested in miami beach, florida. take a look at the mug shot. the charges, dui, resisting arrest, driving with know exp e expired lngs from georgia and on top of that, police say the 19-year-old admitted to consuming more than just alcohol.
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>> he felt at that time that mr. bieber may have been impaired. he was brought to the miami beach police station where a dui investigation was conducted. it was determined that he was impaired. during the investigation mr. bieber made a statement that he had consumed alcohol. he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication. >> authorities say it all started this morning just after 4:00 a.m. bieber and khalil amir sha riff were racing around this residential neighborhood. a lamborghini and a ferrari. they were going double the speed limit. the speed limit was 30 miles an hour. police pulled them over and bieber was given and failed a field sobriety test and faced a judge moments ago and is behind bars so far on $2500 bond. we have danny bonaducci standing
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by who knows a thing or two about getting into trouble and the stardom being so young. first ashley banfield. let's talk legalities here. i know we have a live picture outside this miami-dade jail. who knows what we could see. when we talk about the charges, you know the law well. there could be more. >> there can always be more. at the beginning of an investigation that sometimes is the tip of the iceberg and sometimes it's the end of the story too. for justin bieber, what he was caught doing is effectively the ancillary aspects. he is not charged, but he was going double the speed limit at 4:00 in the morning and he had blocked cars and stopped traffic so they had a clear run. there was a lamborghini and a ferrari that were drag racing. those were the words of the police officers who said they caught these two drag racing vehicles and arrested both of the drivers, alleging both are responsible for dui and they
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have been charge and they went further with bieber. they allege he was making a very difficult time of his arrest. not violent, but difficult. he was dropping a lot of expletives. i have the warrant right here and man, it was dirty, the things he was saying. he had an expired driver's license. three misdemeanors combined tomorrow gave him a higher bail who was also an artist and colleague of his. >> set at $2500. this guy is worth millions. he can post it. >> it won't be hard to get that money together. >> not at all. what do we think is happening? we know it's turning into this media circus outside of the jail, but paperwork and red tape and ultimately he is out today? >> two things going o. the physicality of how to get him back on the street and not your garden variety jail release because there helicopters everywhere. there crazy people who have shown up with signs that have
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been printed out saying free bieber and a couple of other choice folks doing their thing. there is media that showed up to the jail to try to catch a glimpse of him being released. remember when casey anthony was released? that was troublesome too. there is a sift issue for the officers and the public at large, including the media who could get into trouble as well. they are trying to establish the logisti logistics. he has to establish the bonds and get his personal effects back and all the stuff that anybody would have to go through as well. i wouldn't expect it to happen after that appearance. it does take a little bit of work. on the other side, there is probably more investigation that is going on as we speak. there could be a request for execution of a warrant on his hotel. he said he was using and he is temporarily in miami and he admitted to taking prescription medication. they may be executing a warrant
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to find out if it was illegal. remember the rush limbaugh case. incidentally, guess who he hired? lush limbaugh's lawyer named ray black. he defended william kennedy smith in the infamous case in florida as well as rush limbaugh and kelsey grammar. he has a high powered attorney and a famous attorney who knows how to deal with famous clients and it begins. >> so it begins and so we watch. ashley ban field, stand by for me. let's talk bigger picture. he is constantly making headlines. a lot lately in a negative way. so this originally squeaky clean image is disintegrating. he is not the first to endure this negative spotlight. former child star and actor danny bonaducci. nice to see you, sir. >> pleasure to be here. >> can we begin, throw up the mug shot. this is what i wanted to begin
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with. justin bieber in a prison jump suit and a smile. what do you think? >> it looks like my favorite scene from something about mary with the crazy hair on top. >> what do you think? >> he's got -- if he's smart to be honest, i wrote an article called how to go to jail famous. make a good mug shot. don't cover up. we will always know it's charlie sheen. he's looking good, but in all seriousness, you know what happens when you are a punk pop star, a teen punk pop star who won't pay attention, you grow up to be david cassidy. he is waiting to be sentenced on his third dui. it's a big mistake not to pi attention. >> you have been in this facility. >> i have been in that jail. >> miami-dade jail. what's it like. >> i have been in that jail. >> were you in isolation? >> absolutely i was in isolation. i was not the star. i was close to has been by that
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time. i was in isolation. they are recently for your safety and welfare. they can't let anything happen to me, believe me they can't let anything happen to the bieber. like that young lady about letting him go. everybody has to be safe. there is a pandemonium outside that jail. >> what was it like? take me inside the jail for those who have not been arrested and landed in this particular jail. do you brush past the general population and what is the process like? all the things you endured? >> in the time it took to get me to seclusion, i was in a cage, but that week it's biker week and spring break. it's just a nightmare. i don't know that it was unsafe, but spring break and biker week, i didn't want to be there. nobody wants to be there, but when you are sitting there, the police were very nice to me, but a lot of news was breaking that i was in that jail.
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i don't know if they were being mean or informative, but they were playing the news reports while i was in there. it's literally sobering realizing at this point. i don't think this kid is an idiot. he has to understand what's happening to his career. every minute there is another picture of him in an orange jump suit. i saw him in court totally different attitude than in jail with the smiling mug shot. he was getting bummed out and an idea of what it's like to be there. the press is going to be -- i heard people, a fine young man, paul walker. in a car similar to his rented lamborghini. he died playing this game. nick hogan in florida took responsibility for killing a guy killing this game. they were not drunk and on drugs. he is really talented, this guy. >> he's talented, but -- this is incredibly serious. when you think about it and this is after 4:00 in the morning. when you think of two people
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according to this police affidavit going double the speed, he could have killed someone. he could have killed someone. >> he absolutely could have. >> you look at his career and you mentioned it, but he was squeaky clean. i was watching one of his original you tube videos a couple of years ago and superstardom and i imagine, take me back. people in these positions are surrounded by folks who rarely say the word no. >> right. one of the real tragedies so far and who knows what the real tragedy turns out to be. this i heard on the news that some of his staff were blocking off residential streets so he could drag race. you know who i heard was involved? his dad. his father. his primary care giver was making it okay so he could race in a residential area. if that's true and i heard it on respectable news channels including this one, there is a
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lot of shame to be spread around. it starts on his dad. shame on you, man. >> yes to the two suvs. it is written up. thank you very much for joining me. >> huge bust with real life good fellahs. one of america's biggest unsolved mysteries. a heist and the chilling moments. a grandmother and a little boy are run over. you will see how it ends, coming up. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical
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. >> federal agents swooped in early and raided a bunch of spots around new york city, arresting several alleged good fellahs. a federal racketeering indictment unsealed a couple of hours ago reads like a laundry list of crimes out of a movie. i am talking about murder, attempted murder, extortion and armored truck heists and what at the time was the largest robbery in u.s. history. the infamous and as yet unsolved 1978 lufthansa heist at kennedy airport. the one in the movie, good
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fellahs. >> nobody knows how much was taken in a predawn raid at kennedy airport. $2 million. port authority said $4 million. >> the lufthansa heist, more than $5 million in cash and one million in jewels stolen in 1978. immortalized in the mob classic, good fellahs. now 36 years later, arrests in new york. a 78-year-old reputed member of the crime family indicted for murder. racketeering and robbery in connection with the heist. the 26-page indictment doesn't read like a screen play, but the life of crime dating back to the late 60s, describing him as a captain, a soldier in the crime family. naming him in the robbery of approximately five million in united states currency and a quantity of jewelry.
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approximately one million for one or more employees. four others are named in the indictment. their roles if any yet to be determined. >> this case is a legend in american criminal history. the fact that the authorities believe it's not fully solved even now is just amazing. >> henry will be in the witness protection program and they won't get to him. >> the former federal prosecutor played himself in the movie good fellahs. >> you don't know anything. don't give me the babe in the woods routine. >> he investigated the heist and sought to bring those responsible for justice. now he is an attorney and when reached by phone, he told me all these years later, he remembers the media frenzy surrounding the heist. >> they were fascinated by it. what was happening was that a lot of people who were allegedly
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involved in the robbery in some form were turning up dead. that is just the tabloid press even more and the times and the national frenzy began to follow it because of the murders associated with it. >> at least people were connected and were murdered before it could be brought to justice. just last summer they found human remains of a man in a basement in queens. they are charging him with that man's murder. the trade by robert deniro in the film. it was speculated he was involved in the heist, but never proven. burke arrested on unrelated charges and died in prison. he is 78 and if convicted he too will be living his last days behind bars. >> jason carroll joins me now. you mentioned this guy, vincent
11:17 am
was not in the movie good fellahs. he is in court today. me about that. >> that is happening as we speak in downtown manhattan. the charms against him and those other four men will be read in open court. they will likely enter a plea which will in all likelihood be not guilty and a determination will be made in terms of what type of bail if any they will face. the charges against him are so specific, investigators are saying he was supposed to receive $750,000 for his role in the heist. much of that money and millions of dollars were recovered. it's interesting to read that he is 78 years old, but by no means a retiree. he was committing crimes all the way up until last year.
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and she said good fellahs had a license to kill and whatever. today's arrests of the five members of the crime family brings an end to the violent and ruthless ways. >> jason carroll, thank you. >> he wanted to father a child, but not be a dad. now a sperm donor in kansas has to pay child support. our affiliate reports that a judge came down that the ruling ordering a donor to pay child support. you see he initially answered a craigslist ad from this gay couple who wanted a baby. the women separated. one went on public assistance and that's when the state of kansas stepped in and sought him out saying he should provide for his biological daughterment back in january, he talked to our own correspondent, victor blackwell. >> if you are found to have to
11:19 am
after this lawsuit or after this effort to get you to pay child support, you have to pay child support, will you go after visitation rights and fill out the role of a father? >> no. i'm not her parent. that's jennifer and angie. >> would you, knowing what you know now do it again? would you respond to the ad? >> probably not. >> sunny hostin, our legal analyst joining me on the case. listen. this opens up a whole can. if you are a man and you want to donate your sperm, should you be worried that you could be at risk of paying child support? >> we know this is only a ruling at this point and limited to kansas. so people in kansas certainly should be concerned if they want to participate this kind of arrangement. law is very, very clear and statutory that if you want to be a sperm donor, you have to be under the care of a physician.
11:20 am
we know why that would be. you want to make sure the people are screened for venerial diseases and the like. in kansas it's all statutory. there different laws, but in most states sperm donors are not considered the legal parent, but there statutes that really i think outlined and designate what the procedure should be. just like this gentlemen said, had he the opportunity to do it over again, he would not. people are saying there could be a chilling effect. we know at least in kansas same-sex couples t costs them about $3,000 to participate in this regimen with a physician. that is why many couples choose this route, the private contract route. it doesn't seem to work in many states including kansas. >> sunny hostin, thank you very much. the other famous executive at
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to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. now to the hottest stories in a flash. rapid fire. we begin with the nsa's practice of collecting data on nearly every u.s. phone call is not legal. that's the ruling by a review board established by congress. the board also finding only one incident with a program actually helped authorities track down the terrorist. time in years of phone tapping. edward snowden holds a live pat for the first time. also al qaeda's leader is urging militants to stop fighting and start working together.
11:25 am
the message is posted on jihadi websites and on the face of this, the video seems to support the president of syria. he insisted terrorists are behind it. the authenticity cannot be independently verified by cnn. >> the hit song that made captain and tenille famous sadly did not ring true for the husband and wife. darrell dragon is divorcing after 39 years of marriage. love will keep us together was a smash hit in the 70s. tenille filed for divorcee week ago and the captain doesn't know why she did it.
11:26 am
>> cheryl sandburg is adding a word to her long list of accomplishments. that being billionaire women who are self made are very rare even in 2014. christine takes a look at her climb into the exclusive club of female billionaires. christine? >> brooke, she is one of the youngest female billionaires ever. facebook's cheryl sand berg. she hit a billion dollars because stock closed at a record high. the 44-year-old chief operating officer owns about $750 million in facebook shares and she sold some since the initial public offering in 2012. sand berg joined facebook after working at google. she was the chief of staff to lawrence summers. fortune magazine ranked her as the fifth most powerful woman in business. female billionaires are relatively rare. forbes said there were 138
11:27 am
female billionaires worldwide. there 1400. she joins oprah winfrey, meg whitman, tori burch and sara blakley. only 1235e7b percen15% got ther inheriting money. she also serves on the board of walt disney and wrote a best selling book last year called lean in. maybe you heard of it. brooke? >> i think i have. thank you very much. you know his movie made $90 million at the box office and this guy is up for best supporting actor for the wolf of wall street. jonah hill was paid in peanuts in hollywood terms. you will hear why. look at this. a car plows into a woman and a little boy.
11:28 am
that video and other incredible videos of the day. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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[ thump ] to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? . half past the hour. usually i would warn you about this video, but instead of a major injury, this video shows what some are calling an apparent medical miracle. watch with me. the car approaches and a woman -- it's tough to look at. the woman and the young boy.
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the little boy gets up. this happened wednesday in brazil. it went over the boy's head. the grandmother has wupts ounds her legs and feet. she left the hospital a day later. this is still stunning and hard to watch. >> he only had a bloody nose. >> what about the driver some. >> we're don't know anything about the driver. the grandmother is in worse condition, but to walk away with a bloody nose after that. >> my goodness. let's go to hawaii and we will see kilauea. i have been there, but not like this. >> this is the kilauea volcano. incredible pictures. the lava has been flowing for the past couple of days and could intensify. it has been flowing into the ocean and has switched directions and going into more of a remote area.
11:32 am
incredible pictures. >> from the lava to the waves. much a do about the waves in hawaii. they are so huge they are calling off surfing. >> they had that quiksilver composition and it's just postponed. if they can get it in by the end of february, it will still go on. some of the biggest waves they have seen in a decade. i have weather graphics to illustrate. there is a huge area of low pressure. >> it's the wind. >> to the north of the island chain. it won't affect the island directly, but crazy wind and swells that are creating these waves. >> maybe some of what hawaii is getting is heading towards california. half man bay, california. those surfers are like sweet. let's get out there. tonight the cnn films presents the imposter. the true story of a frenchman who passed himself off as a
11:33 am
missing boy from texas. he might have gotten away with it if not for the one private investigator. we have a preview of the film. >> in 1994, 13-year-old nicholas vanished from his neighborhood. for three long years, the family grieved for the missing son until one day his mother got a phone call saying someone in spain had nicholas. >> i was really nervous and anticipation. pretty happy. >> from there the story of a soft spoken master manipulator begins to unfold. incorporating interviews with the barclay family and reenactments. it shows how the 23-year-old imposter assumed the identity of a blond haired blue eyed teen fooling everyone including the family himself who welcomed him into their home as he begins a new in america. >> i was born there.
11:34 am
>> as the film rolls on, the impersonator is foiled by a skill private investigator who plays himself in the film. >> i couldn't let him go. no way in the world. >> using an unorthodox technique, he starts to uncover the disturbing truth. >> do not miss this compelling thriller. they present the imposter tonight at 9:00 eastern. the wolf of wall street raked in $90 million at the box office and four oscar nods including best actor for the best supporting actor if are this guy, jonah hill. how much do you think he got paid for the? that answer might surprise you and people say the sound track for the film, wolf of wall street, different from hollywood. kind of bluesy. he has been working with him for years to create such a unique sound.
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. got some breaking news for you right now. started with a lane closure on the bridge that connects new york city to fort lee, new jersey. the whole thing snowballed. we know the story. we just learned that chris christie's reelections campaign
11:38 am
for new jersey governor has been subpoenaed by the u.s. attorney's office. has been subpoenaed. we have the cnn investigations unit and chris, we know they are looking for documents. what can you me about the subpoena? >> what we are learning today is that the state party as well as chris christie's reelection have been subpoenaed by the u.s. attorney. they are looking for anything that connects chris christie to these lane closures. this is something that has been going on, this u.s. attorney's investigation. you have bridge gate and they are looking into at this point dawn zimmer, the hoboken mayor and her claims that chris christie pressured her and said according to get sandy funds they are going to need to approve a redevelopment project that the governor supported. there is a widespread u.s. attorney's investigation both at the bridge gate and into the sandy funds. so they are looking for anything
11:39 am
that connects the governor to either of those things. >> as we know, we have been talking to state officials and the state has been investigating on the federal level. thank you very much. i want to move along and we have more breaking news as it pertained to edward snowden. we know edward snowden in russia will be holding a live q&a over the internet. here's the news. this is from the justice department. eric holder said if he pleads guilty, he faces federal charges for leaking all of that information as it pertains to the security agency, if he prepared to plead guilty, the justice department is prepared to discuss with his lawyers how he can return to the country. analyst, when you hear this from
11:40 am
our attorney general, what do you think? >> this is really surprising in some respects and not in others. there is a lot of speculation because of the staggering amount of information that snowden allegedly took from nsa computers to deal with what happened or the u.s. must face enormous embarrassment and intelligence in the future. obviously this opens the door to the beginning of realistic negotiations for his surrender and the return of the intelligence information he has hidden somewhere. >> just to remind people that we learned about the charges, we are talking conveying classified information to the party and disclosing communications and intelligence and the theft of government property. this is a huge deal.
11:41 am
i heard the phrase open the door, my thought was doesn't it open the door for others and send a message for others whether you want to call it leakers or criminals? this would have ramifications down the road legally. >> yes, it does. those within the administration and the community who opposed making any kind of a deal with snowden raised that point exactly. it's going to encourage other people who characterize themselves as whistle blowers to steal intelligence. hopefully broker a deal that sets a bad precedence. the justice department for instance with organized criminals traditionally you make a deal with somebody to protect somebody else or to close a case or to make the case, why provide
11:42 am
the reasons that theus makes deals and they do it with people who commit murder. they committed an act of espionage, but with the amount of material he has, that will damage or compromise u.s. intelligence operations in danger of the field. maybe the period himself has decided we have to open the door to negotiations here. or the u.s. will be armed. we will have to see what they offer. you don't have a final deal being announced. a lot of behind the scenes talk and the outline for the deal is probably already in place. >> it makes you wonder. thank you for calling in. justice correspondent broke this news from eric holder. me more about what you know. >> brooke, as you know there has been a lot of pressure on the justice department in the last few months to try to figure out
11:43 am
a way to bring edward snowed tone justice not only back to the united states, but perhaps do some kind of deal and a lot of people say he has done a great service by exposing the nsa programs and the president himself has said need to be changed and reigned in. today in roanoke, the attorney general eric holder addressed the requests for brokered deals with edward snowden and he said simply that if snowden is willing to return to the country and plead guilty, then he is willing to have discussions with the lawyers to discuss how that can be done. you know the attorney general previously had given reassurances that these offenses that you read just a little earlier against snowden will not bring the death penalty which was a huge concern. >> that was my next question. if he pleads guilty, what can
11:44 am
happen to him? >> there a lot of options and many years in prison perhaps. what the first thing, this is an opening offer. if you are willing to come back and plead guilty, we can have a conversation on how you can come back and what that will entail. >> amazing. breaking the news here from the attorney general saying that if edward snowden is willing to plead guilty to the federal charges, federal espionage charges, they could begin negotiating his return home back to the united states. much more on breaking news right after this. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide
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. the wolf of wall street nominated for best picture and screen play and director and best actor here. leonardo dicaprio. this guy for best supporting actor, jonah hill. watch. >> a couple coming in like a week. i will give you a call and you can pick it up.
11:48 am
>> we are going to work with you, man. >> you have my money here. technically you do work for me. >> you would think jonah hill earn a hefty chunk of change for the wolf of wall street. the movie pulled in nearly $90 million so far. if that's what you are thinking, you would be wrong. michelle turner joins me and you would think, hello, my friend. you would think these guys would be making salaries with manies. he got $60,000? >> yeah. >> we are literally flipping the switch. we are talking about the ab sword amounts of money. he is playing investment banker in the movie and yes, he got paid $60,000.
11:49 am
if you are thinking about the realm of hollywood paydays, that number is so low, it's like he did this movie for free. he went on the radio show and he revealed that he didn't try to negotiate his salary because he wanted to work with martin scorcese so badly. he said when he heard that he was making the wolf of wall street. he told leonardo he was the only actor for the part and he wanted it and was not going to let anyone else get it. >> for $60,000, he is legendary. pretty amazing in the movie. good luck to him. thank you very much. let's stay on this movie. if you have seen wolf of wall street, you probably notice the amazing albeit amazing sound track. from billy joel to the foo fighters and then this. this is a moment no one can forget.
11:50 am
this is a whole song that comes with that. he chapts the same musical heavy weight who wrote and performed this classic with the band. >> i feel like i have seen this like 8,000 pounds. such awe pleasure to be talking to the author of the book, the legends that changed the world. joining me now from los angeles, welcome.
11:51 am
hello. let's begin with the wolf of wall street. i know you collaborated with your buddy. you go back to the late 70s. here you are, you are producing and composing the music for the film. kind of like in raging bull where the music puts you there. it's also have been bluesy. >> the idea of finding a wonderful counter point and unobvious that worked like a charm is a big part of the chore when i worked with marty and the idea that we were able to get was like that for us. >> last year was an amazing tribute to the drummer and singer for the band who passed away a couple of years ago.
11:52 am
i'm curious because looking ahead to this weekend and the awards, who are you listening to. who was robbie robertson listening to? who would surprise me? >> i listen to a lot of young new artists. not so much the trendy people. >> name them. i'm curious. >> there is a group called the nationals. i like their work. on and on and on. there is a lot of great talent out there today. people talking about it like why the golden age. that's when all the good stuff was. i disagree. i think there is always magical things happening.
11:53 am
>> let's talk about the good stuff. thank you for sending your book. i'm working through it. this is legends, icons and rebels. you wrote this with your son. two cds in here and a huge beautiful color copy. you talk about ella fitzgerald and bob dylan. 27 incredible artists. what amazed me is this is for -- me the back story with your son and then your son's son. >> my son was the first one that came to me and said -- years ago, he was working at a place called bright child. part of his responsibility there was choosing music for the kids to play to and hang out and learn and do their thing. he said i discovered something that when i played kiddie music for them, they are okay with that. when i play something really good, something by johnny cash or marvin gay or somebody, the
11:54 am
place lights up. you just see a whole different feeling in the room. i think that it would be a good idea if somebody put together a collection of music. really for this book, we are talking about 9 to 99. there was something missing and to be able to do a book that turns kids on to the greatest music that was ever made and they carry with them for the rest of their lives, it's like building a foundation that from then on you kind of know what's good and what's medium. >> you played with a lot of these people. a quick last question. you have seen an embarrassing number of times. if you can relive one song from one artist in san francisco, what would it be? >> well, that's a very difficult thing. >> like asking me to pick your
11:55 am
favorite child, but i'm asking none the less. >> yeah. the whole thing came to a culmination when we were finishing up with bob dylan. we had such a history with bob. when we did that, it felt like okay, mission accomplished. >> we'll will go with bob dylan. thank you so much. truly a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> coming up here, we will get back to the breaking news. eric holder, attorney general will consider a resolution involving nsa leaker edward snowden. this is a huge deal. what they are offering with the big if for ed snowden. we will explain that. one week after a raid on his mansion, justin bieber slapped in cuffs, accused of driving drunk and resisting race. we will talk to nancy grace who has thoughts about the
11:56 am
predicament. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
11:57 am
11:58 am
. >> what is more frightening than your son or daughter lying about texting while driving. how about admitting they do it even after you tell them how dangerous it can be. texting is life-threatening. not just for them, but for everyone they pass on the road.
11:59 am
kelly, you talked to this family. everything right. they told their son about the dangers and thought them never to text while driving. >> exactly. this mom drives with her son and she's the passenger and they talk about everything, including texting and driving. she was probably the most surprised when the topic of texting and driving came up with how he answered. take a look. >> how often do you text? >> a good amount. >> texting and driving. are you going to do that? >> probably. i don't think i would text while aim on the highway. >> while the car is moving, will you text? >> probably not. partaking a deep breath. >> she had to take some deep breaths, it shows that teens are texting all day long. they think of it as second nature.
12:00 pm
if she wasn't that surprised when she thought about it, her son may think it's okay once in a while. she will be reiterating the message between now and june when he gets his license. >> i talked to a parent who lot of their child because of this. imagine closing your eye for ten full seconds and that did it for me. we will be wart of your conversation online. click on the article. kelly, thank you. >> top of the hour. two big breaking news stories at this hour. first, justice department official telling cnn that eric holder said if nsa leaker edward snowden is prepared to plead guilty, the justice department is prepared to discuss with snowden's lawyers how he may come home and return to the country. to bring in evan perez and also we have cnn legal analyst on the phone. evan perez, you broke the story.
12:01 pm
tell me what you know. >> at this point this is probably just an opening for snowden's lawyers to get in touch with the justice department and decide whether or not he is prepared to plead guilty. the attorney general is opening the door to that. this is not an indication they are open to a reduced sentence or anything like that, i'm told. this is simply a way for the attorney general to perhaps put the onerous back on edward snowden. the "new york times" and the guardian, many people in congress in recent weeks have been calling for the justice department to try to come to an agreement, perhaps lesser charges or something like that. that would bring snowden back and stop these leaks. i'm not sure whether or not those leaks can be stopped in any case, but at least getting him out of the hands of the russians and back to the united states to face justice is what justice department is interested in.
12:02 pm
we don't know whether or not there is an ability to lesser charges and to make a plea agreement. this is a way for the attorney general to address the questions of whether or not they are open to clemency ordeal with edward snowden. >> thank you. this is probably the opening offer. what they enter into the plea negotiations and edward snowden. >> those have been the intelligence community who are opposed to making a deal with him said this would encourage others to leak information knowing that they could negotiate their way into a deal or slap on the wrist kind of deal. normally the penalties for what snowden is accuse have had having done which essentially is espionage, they can be as high as death. it's one of the few federal statutes that calls for the death penalty.
12:03 pm
eric holder in a july 23rd letter to the russians said they are not going to seek death with respect to snowden, but i'm saying to explain the severity of the penalties, this sends a message obviously that under certain circumstances they will offer a lenient deal. >> what are the odds snowden actually says yes, i will plead guilty? are. >> the one thing i find to be interesting and now evans would know more about this being close to the scene and reporting, normally prosecutors don't float this kind of an offer. unless they had some backdoor indication that there might be acceptance. i'm betting that signals have
12:04 pm
been support and he would be willing to negotiate and that we may find out later on that there have been behind the scenes negotiations going on. i can't see why justice would go so very public with this unless they had an indication from the snowden camp that something could be worked out. >> since i have you, let me tap into your legal mind on a different subject. this pertains to new jersey governor chris christie. we are hearing his campaign has been subpoenaed for documents by federal prosecutors investigating that the bridge gate, the debacle on the bridge back in 15e79. also the new jersey republican state committee has been subpoenaed. what does all of that mean for the investigation? >> it's very interesting because there was a hint that was out there recently that this might happen. the hint was there was a lawyer who was representing bridget
12:05 pm
kelly, his chief of staff. he said he had to step down on conflict of interest grounds from representing her. he holds the position by the way of a commission in new jersey that investigates finance campaign problems on the part of politicians. obviously he knew that the justice department was going to copy records relevant to campaign and campaign contributions. i'm not surprised by this. once a federal investigation has been opened, there wide varieties of subjects that a prosecutor can look into. certainly all kinds of things are going to be subject to public scrutiny and scrutiny by the justice department now that there is an open investigation. we have to say in the end just because subpoenas have been issued, that's no indication they are guilty of anything. it's an indication that you are going to have a thorough investigation done by a very thorough prosecutor.
12:06 pm
>> just an indication that people have a lot of questions for what's happened. both of these breaking news stories. thank you. now to justin bieber. he is one of the hottest pop singers in the world. this guy has 49 million twitter followers, a movie, hit songs, a following that might mike elvis jealous if he were alive today. this multiplatinum selling recording artist was arrested for dui and resisting arrest. here's the mug shot. he was pulled over early this morning and he was drag racing and looked high. bieber left jail just about an hour ago, free on a $2500 bond. our camera was there. is he waving? look at that. first time i am seeing this video with you. the singer is a teen music sensation, but the headlines as of late are of adult nature. i talked to former child actor
12:07 pm
donny bonaducci whoa said the negative attention has to be sinking in for the star. >> it's quite literally sobering. i don't think this kid is anity loti no matter what he has done. he has to look at what is happening of his career. another picture in an orange jump suit. totally different attitude than in jail with a smiling mug shot. he was getting bummed out and an idea of what it's like to be there. also arrested is the singer who he was drag racing with. i wanted to begin with that smiling mug shot, but i changed my mind now that i see the picture. did you see the picture of him leaving the miami jail? waving to his fans. when you see this, what do you think?
12:08 pm
>> it immediately remind me of michael jack in the middle of the child molestation trial on top of the black suv and danced and waved to his fans. of course this is a car cry. bieber is still a kid. he is. imagine this. a 19-year-old with an alcohol problem and a dope problem. when he was arrested he was bragging to the officer, man i have been smoking weed all day. that will go over well in court. the bigger concern for me though is a lot of people in america want to live in quiet neighborhoods with their children. you know what, i would not appreciate somebody in my quiet residential neighborhood with my children and other children playing, speeding up to 60 miles an hour. you don't want to live on the interstate for a reason. justin bieber can't fly by at 60 miles an hour. they had cordoned it off,
12:09 pm
blocked it off with black suvs so he and crazy khalil could drag race at 4:00 in the morning. he needs to go to jail. >> that's what i was about to point out. i read all three pages as i'm sure you have as well. this is what justin bieber has. >> the s on the cob. >> why the bleep are you doing this. what the bleep did i do. i ability got no wleeping weapons. what the bleep is this about. i couple of other things on the screen. i have a lot of questions about this one. when you see this officer, how do you get to this point? >> you know what, i think again he's only 19. i usually reserve my resentment for full-grown adults who do things like this, but if they ran over a kid, it wouldn't matter if he was 19 or 29. it wouldn't matter.
12:10 pm
when i started prosecuting, i had a dear friend, a rookie cop who pulled over a kid about this age and told him to take his hands away from his pants and he didn't and the kid shot him in the head and killed him. bieber would not keep his hands out of his pants and the cop put him against the car and he kept turning around. i'm surprised they didn't throw him down on the ground and arrest him right there. i'm stunned. he f bombed the cop over and over. if a cop stops me i am not going to curse at the cop. >> there has to be this sense of celebrity and a sense of celebrity narcissim. i'm curious in watching him with that judge today, do you think he thinks this is real? >> no. i don't. i don't think it sunk in. he did a couple of hours in the can. he got out and he is not being treated any differently. he got out on $2500 bond which
12:11 pm
is typical for that. he failed a field sobriety test. took a breathalyzer and i don't know the results, but there rumors swirling what it is. i don't know the answer to that. he was totally drinking and having a weed party all day. don't get me started on that. to top it off, out driving in a residential area. i think he has gotten away with too much bad behavior and never been called on it. he had a rough time growing up with the single mom. he got over a lot. i hate to see his career end like this, but i don't want for him to run over somebody and kill them when he is high on weed and drunk. >> we agree with you. he could have killed someone this morning. he could have. thank you. in about 20 minutes we will look at the business of justin bieber and his money and music and endorsements. coming up next, a shocking case that could impact hundreds of people. a sperm switch at a utah clinic.
12:12 pm
this band worked there and it turned out to be biological patients of a patient's child. now a clinic said up to 100 other people could be impacted. they are offering testing to see who else could be affected. stay here. it's not complicated. a new smartphone for zero down is better with at&t next. ♪ what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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12:15 pm
. >> this is an identity crisis that could impact as many as 1,000 people. i am talking about couples 30b8ly being given the wrong sterm for intimidations that took place more than a decade ago. the university of utah said it is taking full responsibility. just held news conference urging victims to call this hotline. >> i would say it's in the hundreds to thousands. we are thinking what? we know his sperm switch did happen a quailiated with the university. the mom just wanted to do this random test and learned that the 21-year-old daughter sitting next to her shares no dna with
12:16 pm
her husband. the biological father is this man who is dead. this is tom lip effort who worked at the clinic at this facility under the university of utah. there is no proof he switched any sperm, but his widow said he talked about his kids even though they were not parents. >> he showed me pictures of kids. this is my girl or this is my son and all these kids out there. >> joining me now, senior correspondent. they were saying what? thousands have been affected. then hundreds of thousands? yikes. >> this guy was very busy. >> allegedly. >> he would have been busy taking sperm dumping it out and putting his in if that's the case. that's why there is a hotline
12:17 pm
and families can get free paternity test. >> it's tough because he's dead and the clinic is gone. the obvious follow-up, ivf is very popular. how do you safeguard? >> i can imagine people listening to this are going through the process, this makes them anxious. i will say two things. one, they do criminal background checks for people who work at labs. that would have helped in this case. >> he has a background. >> yes. they have the tops of the vials, if you tamper with them, you can see it. what we were told to doctors and lawyers, if they started the process, they would say no way, it's tampered with. are you saying it's impossible this could never happen again? it's not impossible if someone wanted to do this.
12:18 pm
it's unlikely because of the procedures they have in place. >> hopefully that will make people feel better. thank you very much. >> edward snowden holding a virtual town hall. the man who leaked thousands of security documents is now taking questions from the public. what are people asking? what is snowden saying? we are watching that? justin bieber arrested earlier this morning. bond is out of jail. $2500. not too much for this superstar. what do we know about the music and his merchandise? we will take a look at the business of bieber, next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: is your tv powered by coal? natural gas? nuclear? or renewables like solar... and wind?
12:19 pm
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12:21 pm
. >> we established that justin bieber was changed and resisting arrest. he is an international superstar. he has been in tv, the big screens and huge hit on social media. the business of social media is big. his arrest could drive the stock up and he is all of 19 years of age. how big is his bieber net worth?
12:22 pm
allison is live with a look at his portfolio. he's not only rolling in a heap of trouble, but rolling in dough. his estimated net worth is $130 million and he's only 19 years old. forbes is calling him the ninth most powerful celebrity. that may be up for discussion. you look at the albums and all three have gone platinum. the albums have sold almost 10 million copies. my world became the first since the beatles won since the first. that's the music part. the concert movie never say never holding 1 hundr$1 hundredn total. he has a perfume called some day. $60 million in retail sales and the first six months. let's not forget about the endorsements. he endorses adidas and proactive. that is up in march.
12:23 pm
he is really, really busy. if you wonder how he is spending the money. he reportedly dropped $75,000 at a strip club in miami earlier this week all in $1 bills. >> uh-huh. okay. it does make you think when you heard the judge saying it was $2500. i have that in my pocket. >> he is investing in social networks? >> a lot of people forget about this part. bieber and his mom used to post the videos that caught the attention of his manager who flew him to atlanta and the rest is history. it remains something close to his heard. he recently investd in shots of
12:24 pm
me. in twitter he is making his mark. bieber had been the most popular person on twitter with almost 49 million followers. a lot more than me. >> crazy. on instagram and he has been sweeting not in several hours. i have been checking. thank you very much. today's court appearance is not bieber's appearance. here are the more notable incidents over the past year. >> january 2013. new year's day, a photographer was killed crossing the street while taking pictures of justin bieber's ferrari and the star was not at the scene. flash forward to april. he got flack after visiting the ann frank house in amsterdam and saying he hoped the teen who died in a nazi concentration camp would have been a believer. may, neighbors up in arms up in arms accusing him of reckless
12:25 pm
driving in their neighborhood. the biebs relieving himself in a bucket at a restaurant and all the way shouting f bill clinton. body guards carry him up the stairs of the great wall of china. november, bieber reportedly seen leaving a brothel in brazil. and just last week, his mansion raided in the investigation over the egging of his neighbor's house. during the raid, a bieber pal tested for drugs. >> tomorrow night, justin bieber's wild ride. the olympics just two weeks away and a time for spirited competition and patriotism and symbolic of the world coming together, but terror threats plagued this year's games in sochi and one is asking do we need the olympics? we will hear his argument, next. ...and let in the dog that woke the man
12:26 pm
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? . just about the bottom of the hour. what is happening in the ukraine right now is unthinkable. what you are now looking at is
12:29 pm
something you have likely never seen. a police officer in full riot gear lighting a molitor cocktail before throwing it at protesters. one person capturing the moment and police used batons and beating people as they run from them in the streets of kiev. watch this closely. at least have been shot dead and injured protesters have been going missing from local hospitals. these slashes are all over the decision by the president to reject trade deals with the european union and turn to russia instead. americans are beginning to trickle into sochi, russia and
12:30 pm
with just 15 days to go to the opening ceremony, the hunt continues around the olympic village for these women. the terrorist bombers who are on the loose and a poll reveals half of the americans, 50% here say they believe a terrorist attack at the winter games is very or somewhat likely. the question that has been posed is are the olympics worth it? let me read a piece of the column from the l.a. times. this is a part that jumped out at me. all this for what? this being the olympics. the good people of earth can watch ice dancing and downhill skiing and a half pipe competition? sorry, it's just not worth another munich or atlanta, 1996 or $51 billion either. the man who wrote that is an editorial writer for the times and joins me now. nice to see you. reading your piece, let me
12:31 pm
begin. when you say not worth it, but it's the olympics. >> you are right. yes, you are absolutely right and i know that's an argument that a lot of people one thing. if the world won't end and if the are held. it could end for spectators and athletes and is that the price we want to pay? >> if the world said okay, paul, no olympics? doesn't that mean the terrorists won? >> you can make that argument, but here's my argument. the trysts have already won. every time you go to the airport and go through screening, every time you go to a ballpark and have to open your bags, we live now in a world in which we are aware of terrorist threats. to say that the olympics should
12:32 pm
go on because that here's has left the barn. >> you bring up football and it was interesting. you don't think we should call them off too. using your arguments, what makes the super bowl different? >> the size is a single event and a single country like soccer matches and so on. it's easier to control that situation, but the olympics have been the premier target for people looking to make a statement. we saw it in munich in 68 with american sprinters and in 96 in atlanta. i think the olympics are simply
12:33 pm
too big of a target to be worth the cost and the threat. >> l.a. times, thank you so much. i'm curious what you think. should the olympics go away. send me a tweet. new york city, the mayor versus the governor. they are going to toe against a topic that impacts that parent. plus speaking of the super bowl, are you ready? in ten days? here's a tip. don't wait until the last minute. the game may be sooner than you think. how does super bowl friday sound to you? we will explain, coming up.
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
12:36 pm
mike huckabee made comments about democrats, women, and libido. the former governor and republican presidential candidate said democrats do not trust women to control their libi libido. take a listen. >> our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. that's not a war on them. it's a war for them. if the democrats want to insult the women of america boy making them believe that they are helpless without him coming in and providing for them a prescription for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive
12:37 pm
system without the help of a government, so be it. let us take that discussion all across america because women are far more than the democrats will play them to be and women across america need to say enough of that nonsense. >> his remarks came up in today's white house briefing when a reporter asked a question to the press secretary, jay carney. here that was. >> not that long ago, the rnc winter meeting here in washington, they said the democrats's message to women is that they are helpless without sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the respect of government. is that the president's message? >> i haven't seen the report, but whoever said it, it sounds offensive to me and to women.
12:38 pm
>> huckabee's remarks came today with the winter meeting in washington. some republicans have been grappling over how to reach out to more women. >> two of the most powerful new york politicians are dukeing it out over prekinder garden money. in one corner, mario kuomo and bill deblazio who promised this in the winning campaign. he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and he pledged to reduce -- andrew cuomo, governor. i want to bring in the coast and what is this really about. >> it's about a lot of things. first of all, you have the fact that governor cuomo is up for reelection and trying to cast himself as somebody who wants to lower taxes providing tax relief. you have the new mayor who was elected on a platform of wanting
12:39 pm
to raise taxes on the richest new yorkers, saying he wants to use that money to fund pre-k. there is a legitimate philosophical difference and the difference between a city politician with the governor and the state politician, complaining that the state never funds anything that they say they will. also you have two very different visions of the democratic party. throw into the mix the possibility that the governor is exploring the possible run for the white house. it gets combustible. >> let me turn the page. we look ahead to the state of the union. the republican response learned it is congresswoman kathy mcmorris. me more about her. does this surprise you? >> she is the only woman in the house leadership.
12:40 pm
the republican party. it does not surprise me at all. she is a good speaker and she is a nonwhite male face for the republican party. >> speaking of women. >> that is something that they need to be doing especially when they talk about reaching out to women. she is a conservative. she is a strong conservative. it's not a question about politics, but a different messenger. we talked a lot about the republican party feeling the need to reach out beyond older white men and reach more women voters. they apparently realize that they have a number of women in party in congress although the democrats have many more. trying to put a different face on the response. the mid-terms are going to be very, very important in the women's vote and it will be key. >> thank you. see you in 20 minutes on the lead. super bowl sunday days away, but it can be super bowl friday.
12:41 pm
could be super bowl monday. they said it may change the date of the game. what does that mean for the fans? players in the city? the musical act and your super bowl party? we will talk about that. you know him from picture pages, picture pages. jello pudding pages and "the cosby show." bill cosby is coming back to tv. does america want a feel good family comedy again? that's coming up. fiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. when i'm training, i always listen to music. for the gym, it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical.
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12:44 pm
. want to scare a football fan? tell them to look at the farmer's almanac. the northeast forecast calls for an intense storm with rain, snow, and wind. the nfl can only wait and pray that met life stadium in new jersey will not look like this on the second of february. the denver broncos and the seahawks played the biggest game of the year. days away, jennifer gray looking into your crystal ball here, how snowy white will it be? >> we are basically going in blind folded. no way we know the forecast this far out. models are very inconsistent and inaccurate ten days out. i will give you a couple of scenarios with the forecast models we look at. they could change, but this model shows there will be a system moving through and pushing offshore. so maybe it will be ahead of the
12:45 pm
game. the other model is a super eastern model suggesting that something could be in the vicinity weather before or after the game. it is just so far out. >> we tried. we will keep asking you out. prepare yourself for that. it leaves nothing to chance except for the weather. how about super bowl monday or friday? the radio host for espn and two yem. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. thanks for having us. >> let's begin because we will pivot and i want to get to the stories out of seattle. to you. if they change this thing to let's say super bowl friday. it is going to be a big old mess. >> how can it not be a debacle. the the travel and the rental car and the food.
12:46 pm
what about the fans from seattle and denver that have to go you will the way out there. how are they going to change their flights. this costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. it is a mess out there. plus what are you going to do about the star time. you have to move it back and you can't have it at 6:25. 3:25 on the west coast. they are not home from work yet. didn't you know it was going to be like this when you put it in new york? it should be like the post man. the post man delivers the mail. rain, sleet, snow, everything. play the game. >> on the whole what were they thinking thing, what do you think the nfl was thinking? this is the second of february. bad weather is not a surprise. >> in my opinion, they were not thinking too much. the nfl thinks otherwise and they deserve a lot of credit. they do a masterful job of marketing the sport throughout the year. they replaced america's national pastime as our present and our
12:47 pm
preference at the bottom line. they know what they are doing. this is much a do about nothing. this super bowl is going to be played on a sunday. first of all, friday traffic in new york city without a super bowl. it's a night maybe. could you imagine how it's going to be if that were to happen. people are not home. people are coming home from work and advertisers and the boat load of money because of the commercials and everything. they want people at home sitting on their fannies watching the super bowl and that would not happen on a friday. this is much a do about nothing. a story line that is popular to talk about for the moment. there is no way on earth that the super bowl is going to be played on a friday. cancel that. it's not going to happen. >> let's talk about a story line that has been viewed since the game this weekend. let me just -- if case you have been you should a rock and did not see this rant, let me play this for you and on the back side, this is what i want to talk about when these two
12:48 pm
players are miked. roll it. >> when you try me with a sorry receiver like crab tree, that's the result you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> steven a. smith. you get the first. there was sherman. he was saying good game or hell of a game to crab tree who then everything ensued afterwards. what do you think he was trying to do by saying hell of a game. did he mean it? >> of course he didn't mean it. he wanted to show him up because he feltly locked him down and seattle ended up win the game. when crab tree wouldn't shake his hand, that was a further
12:49 pm
insulting thing and he reacted. i thought he reacted classless in terms of calling out michael crab tree personally because that goes beyond and you don't need to do that. at the same time i do think it's considerably overblown. it's in the heat of competition. to me it's not a reason or a cause for people to denigrate the way people tried to in that particular moment in time. it's smack talk and it happens and you don't need to do it that way. he did it and at the same time there is a lot more good than bad that goes with it. i think everybody is learning to remember something like that. >> i am watching you listening to . if peyton manning scored a touchdown and starting kissing his bicep or tom brady went like this and we'd be talking about it until the cows came home. richard sherman shouldn't have said it. he's making it worse.
12:50 pm
just shut up, go away, don't worry about making all of these appearances the it's a disgrace. just move on and get ready for the game. >> what do you think of the race issue being brought up because of social media imploding. >> first of all, let's understand something. number one, when you talk about issues of race, it's not like a majority of folks, particularly white folks out there who bring race into the equation. it's always the few ignorant fools that are heard more than anybody else. that's certainly not emblematic. it's not representative of what our saturday is at all. still, if you're richard sherman, we don't know the types of e-mails or tweets that he's gotten where people have questioned him not just because of what they perceive to be his class, his behavior, but treating him as a lot of black athletes, treating them that
12:51 pm
they would be nothing if it weren't for the play that they were on. richard sherman came from the street of compton. he went to stanford. he had a 3.9 gpa. he's an all pro. maybe it was a classless move, maybe something he shouldn't have done. there's nothing wrong with what arnie is saying on that level but other people are far more insidious that come across and they use it to try and a lot of folks in the world of professional sports and athletes or executives and whomever, or commentators such as myself. listen, we get things all the time. i'm told that i would be nothing if it weren't for my mouth talking smack or whatever. i graduated with honors.
12:52 pm
this is the kind of stuff that we're subjected to a lot. it's by a select few individuals. the majority of people in america, they are not like that. they are not like that at all. >> steven a. smith, i'm ending on what you just said. and arnie, thank you very much. super bowl, ten days away. coming up next, tv has changed a lot of courses so is america ready for this guy? bill cosby makes it back to your tv. sis, comparing my prices to my competitors', so you know you're getting a good deal, even if it's not with me! pretty rad, right? what is she talking about? i have no idea. [ bell rings ] i'll take everything. what?! man on p.a.: comparing rates since back in the day.
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many are wanting to see the return of a feel-good comedian like bill cosby. i love that show. the 76-year-old returning to tv next year for a new sitcom on nbc. he is not hollywood's only attempt who, of course, starred in "family ties." uncle jesse, all grown up, 20 years later. but the show's about american families on tv right now that
12:56 pm
are hits don't exactly feature the warm and fuzzy cosby vibe. >> my back is killing me, my hemorrhoids are flared up. >> what are you going to do? >> go around me, you idiot. >> just because be yourself. >> actually laying on a table and actually getting an x-ray of her ass, this is iconic. >> okay, brian, our -- >> i wanted you to keep playing that. i'll watch it at home.
12:57 pm
>> the idea of the cosby show is nice. but do the younger audiences today care? >> well, the thing about the cosby show is that it's online and on channels like tv land if you want to go back and watch it now. that's why i'm a little skeptical that a reboot, coming into a new show. people tend to forget that bill cosby didn't do as well as the original. >> what about for african-american families? the cosby show was a big, big deal. >> it was. >> you have the tyler perry shows but other than that there really aren't other sitcoms on major networks featuring black families. so how does cosby go? >> you're right. there are strides to make in
12:58 pm
that regard. nbc may do that. it's in development. because it has a show as big as bill cosby attached, it will probably go forward. but as you mentioned, the fox show hasn't done very well this season. people gravitate more towards shows like "modern family" on abc and i have to think that it's maybe a more representation of modern-day life. >> i wonder if cosby show would represent issues in 2014. >> i'm sure they will. it's much like a character like he's played before. but like you mentioned, everything in tv, old is new again. there's no such thing as a truly new idea in television. >> he's coming back as a grandfather.
12:59 pm
we all love cliff huxstable. >> anybody in his age group coming back to television, whether he's got it or not. what i've seen from his speeches and public events, he does. i would not be surprised if he has that same energy on nbc. >> okay. brian, thank you. we'll let you get back to your keeping up with kardashians. thank you. >> thanks. ♪ ♪ keep us together >> the hit tongue that made captain & tennille did not ring true for the couple. they are divorcing after 39 years of marriage. their song, "love will keep us together" in the '70s was a hit. rumor fix that tennille filed
1:00 pm
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