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tv   Early Start  CNN  January 24, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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reference which initially sailed right over our heads, frankly. the artist also said some very nice things about mini cooper being a tribute to me, which i very much appreciate. to put it plainly, i'm touched and honored to be a dummy on the "ridiculist." that's it for us. "early start" begins right now. "early start" begins right now. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- oh, man, snow, sleet, ice, single-digit temperatures. millions hit this morning by a deep, deep freeze, including many places you would not expect. we're talking chaos on the roads, shutting down major interstates. authorities warning many just to stay home. we have what you need to know from the cold zone. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i know, you're going to have to close your eyes when you look at your heating bills this month! i'm christine romans. what a winter it's been. it's friday, january 24th. that's the good news, it's friday and it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> we need that friday thing. >> we sure do. up first, another day of
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arctic cold on tap for millions of americans, the deep freeze plunging into the deep south, even. hard freeze warnings along the gulf coast from louisiana to florida. in fact, every state in the lower 48 has temperatures below freezing, had temperatures yesterday below freezing, every state. in indiana, sudden lake-effect snow created whiteout conditions, leading to a horrific pileup on interstate 94. dozens of cars and semis involved in this. at least three people were killed. it's almost unimaginable, the backup that caused. meantime, the crippling cold playing havoc with air travel around the country. even more flight cancellations are expected today. cnn's nick valencia live in houston for us. nick, texas, along with many of these other southern states, smacked with freezing weather in the south! this is not the kind of winter weather these folks are usually used to. >> reporter: no. good morning, christine and john. this is certainly not the part of the country that's used to winter storm warnings, especially this time of year, but houston, texas, right now
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hovering in the low 30s. we did see a little while ago accumulations of some sleet, but it is expected to get much worse, so city officials are bracing for it to get much worse, i should say. the last time the city got hit really hard was back in 2011, a crippling ice storm really just causing havoc for the city's transportation system. it's not expected to get that bad, but you know, if you're waking up in parts of western texas or central texas or even southern, you know, more south in texas, you're seeing ice accumulations this morning. as far as what the texas department of transportation is doing to prepare for these icy road conditions, well, they started yesterday. they started laying down some antifreeze solution along the roads, a mixture of sand and mashed-up rock, just to start sort of create traction on those roadways. so, if you're waking up this morning in houston, you may look out your window, think it's not that bad, but you've got to drive slow on those roads out there. >> i'll say. i mean, these are parts of the country, there are no snow tires. you don't put chains on the
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tires of the truck, you know. that's something they do in the midwest, and even there you're seeing this deadly accident in indiana. they're used to these cold conditions. people know how to drive in it. but that just tells you how dangerous and difficult this very cold weather is. >> reporter: oh, absolutely! and i would mention, back in 2011, that's really jogging memories for houstonians here, you know, when they were watching the local news last night. every meteorologist was really talking about 2011, saying it's not going to be that bad, but if you remember if you were in the city at that time. and according to local affiliates, there was about 4,000 accidents between midnight and 4:00 a.m. three years ago, so it just gives you a sense of just how bad it could get here in texas. like you said, christine, this is not a place where people are really used to driving in those conditions. as far as flight cancellations and delays, i want to get this in here really quick. houston having the most cancellations, 113 canceled flights at bush international airport, another 35 canceled at hobby. all of those may not be weather-related, but the majority are likely
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weather-related. that's coming to us from flig flightaware. so if you're traveling today, go to to check if your flight has been canceled or delayed. >> and check with your airline, sign up for the text messages so you don't go to the airport needlessly. >> i'm not making fun, but nick looks really cold. they're not used to that down there. >> it's houston! the question is what will it be like this weekend in indra petersons is looking at that. >> this cold air will last to the end of the month, so brace yourselves. the temperatures are similar to yesterday, a lot of single digits. boston just 9 degrees, buffalo 6, pittsburgh right now only at 3 degrees. let's talk about what's going on where nick is. you can actually see, we have a cold front that kind of passed through the area. we have a low just to the south, so pulling this moisture off the gulf. the problem is, you're kind of in between the really cold air and the warmer air to the south. you do have iciing concerns fro louisiana stretching through san antonio. here's the good news, this will start to transition more into
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snow instead of the icing conditions as this low, that moisture source, starts to kind of move farther off to the south and that cold, arctic air moves in. that's going to turn ice into snow, but of course, that cold air will be moving farther to the south, bringing cooler temperatures to many more people out there. other thing we're going to be watching, we're kind of in the pattern of one, two, three clippers, these systems that make their way across into the northeast, so chance for showers over the weekend. really watching the third one in this system. it could bring heavy snow for next week and also could bring very cold temperatures, similar to a few weeks ago. >> there's a third one. >> so, it's bad and it's going to get worse. >> perfect! >> thanks, indra. >> sure. >> appreciate it. so, this morning, a lot of people are talking about the idea of a return to the u.s. for nsa leaker edward snowden. this is coming after snowden held court on the internet for an online chat. he answered a question from cnn's jake tapper, and snowden claimed it would not be possible for him to have a fair trial here in the u.s. and that laws
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protecting whistleblowers need to be changed first. this came after attorney general eric holder said that he's willing to consider snowden's return but only if he admits his guilt for spilling state secrets. >> if mr. snowden wanted to come back to the united states, enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. we'd do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty. and so, that's what -- that gives a little context to what i said. >> but no clemency. that's the key there. snowden is charged in the u.s. with espionage. he has been in russia since june after being granted temporary asylum for about a year. developing this morning, an eye-opening three-year pentagon study suggests some of the nsa's anti-terror techniques should be used to find nuclear weapons. the study found intelligence agencies aren't organized enough or equipped to detect when other countries are developing nuclear weapons or beefing up their
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arsenals. as if that wasn't troubling enough, the 100-page report concluded the potential new nuclear states are emerging in numbers not seen since the early days of the cold war. so, also developing along these lines, defense secretary chuck hagel is ordering an independent review of the military's nuclear force. this follows the latest in a string of embarrassing disclosures concerning officers in charge of the nation's nuclear weapons. earlier this month, nearly three dozen air force personnel at a nuclear base in montana were implicated in a scandal involving cheating on a proficiency exam. a pentagon spokesman says, "clearly, we have some issues," but he insists that the u.s. nuclear arsenal is secure. all right, to russia now. russia has been reluctant to accept outside help handling security for the sochi olympics, but this morning that door may now be opening. pentagon officials are said to be talking with the russians about counterterrorism measures, but so far, there's been no formal request for technology or
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assistance. concern about security at the olympic games has led some american athletes to tell their families to stay home. speed skater tucker fredricks is one of them. >> there are concerns out there for security, and it seems like every day there's another concern in all that. and tucker wants to be focused on the race, and he's asked us and his wife if we would, you know, stay home and watch it on tv just so he can stay focused and not have a secondary thing to worry about. >> wow. an interesting perspective from the athletes who are going there and don't want to be distracted by the security issues for their families. the state department has advised americans who are traveling to the games to "remain alert" regarding their personal security. >> great advice. breaking overnight in egypt, three separate explosions in cairo. the largest hit the city's police headquarters, two others apparently targeting police stations. at least four people were killed, more than 50 people wounded in these blasts. it was a chaotic scene for hours
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there, running into a few minutes ago. tensions running particularly high in egypt on the eve of the anniversary of the 2011 revoluti revolution. the muslim brotherhood, declared a terrorist organization by egypt's military, has called for a week of demonstrations there. all right, turns out, stocks don't just go straight up! >> i thought they did after last year. >> who would have thought? after a really easy year of 20%-plus gains in your 401(k), it's been a rocky start to the year. i'm not ready to say the bull market is over, but the market has not had a real correction since last summer and stock market experts have long said you won't see the kind of gains this year that we did last year. what's the problem? emerging markets trouble, earnings for u.s. companies are mostly unimpressive, dow futures are lower this morning after the dow industrials fell to a five-week low yesterday. the dow sliding 176 painful points. that's about a little more than 1%. worries about a slowdown in china's economy has the nasdaq and s&p 500 also fell. in europe right now, stocks in london, frankfurt, paris, all following the dow lower, all
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down this morning. in japan, the nikkei fell nearly 2%, also following the sour mood in the u.s. here in the u.s. right now, a stock to watch this morning, microsoft. it's higher, sharply higher, up 3.5% in the premarket. xbox was a big seller this holiday season, 7.4 million consoles flying off the shelves. overall, microsoft's sales were up 14%, helping the company bring in better earnings. another stock we're watching this morning, starbucks. it is also up 1.3%. stronger earnings raised its forecast for how much money it thinks it will make this year. microsoft, starbucks, two to watch this morning, even though the dow is looking like it's going to be lower. >> yeah, the dow, you know, down big. who would have thought we would have had a dow drop and justin bieber getting busted in the same day? >> maybe there's a connection. i'm not making that connection, but it could be that investors were bearish after bieber. >> the bieber bear. all right, who knows where justin bieber is waking up this morning, but it might very well be with a headache, because he is waking up facing criminal charges following his arrest in miami for driving under the
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influence while drag racing in a rented lamborghini. if i had a nickel for every time. the 19-year-old spent about an hour in jail and faced a judge via video link. bieber is also charged with driving without a valid license and resisting arrest. the police report reveals bieber's expletive-filled reaction when he was stopped by police. here is some of what he said in a dramatic reading. "why did you stop me? why the blank are you doing this? what the blank did i do? why did you stop me? i ain't got no blanking weapons. why do you have to search me? what the blank is this about? what the blank are you doing?" how did i do? did i do okay? >> that was good. that was good. >> all right, from the sound of it, bieber needs a good lawyer. i need a good agent. and he now has a good lawyer, apparently. defense attorney roy black. >> mr. bieber has been released on bail. both the state and i agreed that the standard bail would apply in this case, and they have not
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asked for any increased bail because of his popularity or fame. >> can you name a justin bieber song? >> i will have to take the fifth on that. >> isn't that the "baby, baby, baby"? that song he should have known. the standard bail, by the way, is $2,500. according to police, justin bieber told them he drank, smoked pot and took prescription medication before getting behind the wheel of that rented lamborghini, which he allegedly was drag racing. >> and he doesn't have a license. how old is he, like 19? >> 19. 19. >> wow. well, i mean -- i don't mean to laugh at the kid, but come on. get it together. all right, happening right now, the high-stakes, high-drama effort to find peace for syria. sparks flying as negotiators try to hammer out a plan. this is a really important, fragile place we are in the peace talks. we are live. and straight out of the movies, a major mob boss ust in of the country's most famous
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100% greek. 100% mmm... so mmm, you might not believe it's 100 calories. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to love it. welcome back to "early start," everyone. developing this morning, a fragile truce taking hold in ukraine. a top opposition leader urging calm after meeting with president victktor yanukovych. he says he's been assured that dozens of protesters will be released from jail and the tensions will stop. it's been a bloody week in kiev,
2:16 am
protesters clashing violently with police, leaving two demonstrators dead. also developing this morning there was hope today could be a major step forward in the effort to end syria's three-year, bloody civil war. in geneva, syrian government officials and members of the opposition are talking peace, but not with each other, with a u.n. mediator. cnn's nic robertson live in geneva with the details, where this morning, nik, it sounds like the two sides may never meet face to face. what's happening there? >> reporter: yeah, you know, christine, all the diplomats we talked to behind the scenes here, they're setting expectations so low, many of them saying they just don't see a way that this can be successful. the u.n.'s special representative here that's in charge of the negotiations, the veteran diplomat brahimi, we're told he will talk to both sides in the same room, give them a half-hour speech. then they'll go into separate rooms and begin discussions about the talks. but the opposition last night told us that they won't get it, they won't, and they're quite
2:17 am
clear on this, they will not get in the same room with the government side until the government says that bashar al assad cannot be part of this transitional government. i mean, this already seems like a massive impasse here, christine. >> in terms of progress, nic, expectations are so low. what can we hope to come away from, if anything, from this conference? >> reporter: this is a great question. i've been trying get a clear answer from a number of people. i mean, look, this is what diplomats are saying. they're saying, number one, you know, everyone's outside of this, the u.s., the uk, all the other nations. it's really on this lenka brahimi's shoulders here, and they say he's briefed all these other international diplomats that he doesn't really know how he's going to tackle this, that this will be sort of, you know, outside of the regular diplomatic playbook. what one diplomat told me is, perhaps the best that can come out of this is, when the talks fail, at least the opposition will have had some experience in
2:18 am
negotiating against the government who got a lot of experience and incredibly intransigent. but the difficulties are so complex. that's where expectations are being played down. it's almost we're being told here brahimi will just feel he is getting success, if he can keep them talking, even in separate rooms, christine. >> wow, unbelievable, and it's three years of destruction for the people in syria who really, desperately want some kind of a resolution. nic, thank you so much. good luck out there. >> pathetically low expectations, it seems. >> i'll say. here at home, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell faces corruption charges this morning. it stems with their relationship with a virginia businessman. prosecutors allege they received gifts and loans. we're talking about watches, clothes, shoes, in exchange for allowing the head of a health supplement company to promote his products. mcdonnell insists that he did nothing illegal. new developments in the chris christie scandal. federal prosecutors have subpoenaed his campaign and the state republican party committee
2:19 am
to assess their knowledge of the move to create traffic jams as political payback. a spokesman says the campaign and the state party intend to cooperate with the u.s. attorney's office. christie has denied knowledge of the plan and fired, swiftly fired two top aides. best-selling conservative author and filmmaker danish desousa will be arraigned on charges he used straw donors to illegally donate to a 2012 senate campaign. federal prosecutors say he persuaded others to give about $20,000, then reimbursed them for the donations. this is one of the easiest things to get caught doing. it seems like a silly idea. desouza directed the film "2016 obamas' america," an anti-obama film released during the final stretch of his re-election campaign. wise guys indicted for a string of unsolved crimes, including that featured in the movie "goodfellas," and it reads like a script. accusations of murder, racketeering, armed robbery, arson and extortion, all by
2:20 am
alleged members of the ma nano crime family. in the famous heist at jfk, thieves got away with $6 million in money and jewels. four of five defendants have pled not guilty. the fifth will be arraigned today. here's the attorney for the alleged mob captain, vincent asaro explaining why his client couldn't have possibly been involved. >> pretty much most of the people that did it got murdered, from what i read. so, the fact that my client didn't get murdered would suggest that he didn't have anything to do with it. >> that jimmy "the gent" burke, he mentions, was the inspiration for robert de niro's part in the film. rescue crews in quebec sifting through icy rubble, which is all that's left from a deadly fire that killed at least five people and injured ten others. 30 people who live in the facility are still unaccounted for. >> my mother, she's blind. he's handicapped, you know, and
2:21 am
she's supposed to move this person first, okay? and she's still there. i can't believe it. >> tragic. officials still do not know what caused this fire. they're hoping some of the residents who are unaccounted for might have been away with their families, but they are expecting the death toll to climb significantly higher. arizona state university has excelled the tau kappa epsilon fraternity for throwing a racist party over the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. pictures hit social media with them holding gang signs and watermelon-shaped cups. they have called for all the students involved to be expelled. arizona state university has not decided on discipline, but hey, plenty of evidence to sift through right there. >> love to hear their thinking on this. 21 minutes after the hour. coming up this morning, a career-defining match between two of the greats of tennis. so, could this rivalry years in the making come to a conclusion
2:22 am
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headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. all right, let's talk about some of the best rivalries in history. we have ali/frazier, sox/yanks, "manning/brady, but on the tennis court, there is one now for the history books. it's all about rafael nadal and roger federer, and these two
2:25 am
mega stars are renewing their rivalry right now, down under, in australia. andy scholes gives us the all-important update. how's it going, andy? >> hey, good morning, guys. whenever these two face off in a grand slam, it's just must-see tv. federer and nadal absolutely dominated the world of tennis for more than a decade. now, federer has 17 grand slam titles to nadal's 13, but when these two superstars collide, nadal is the one who holds the edge. he's won 8 out of 10 against federer in grand slam matches and they're engaged in another thriller. nadal won the first in a tiebreak 7-6 and right now is up 3-2 in the second set. all right, in case you missed it, justin bieber was arrested in miami yesterday, and some of his neighbors in calabasas, california, they're celebrating the news. former nfl wide receiver keyshawn johnson, who allegedly chased the biebs down tweeted "they finally caught him!
2:26 am
glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. everyone grows up at some point. hopefully, he learns from it." hall of fame running back nate dickerson, one of the biebs neighbors as well, tweets "it's about time. nobody's above the law." cnn's rachel nichols got the first sit-down interview with the seahawks' richard sherman following his epic postgame rant and one of the topics they discussed was sherman being labeled a thug. >> i think it used to be the "n" word. now they're using thug instead of the "n" word. and you know, as a more accepted way of saying it. and it's still sad, man, because what was thug about what i did? because i said something about one guy, about a football game. you know, i didn't go talking about i'm going to fight the guy after the game, i'm going to go, you know, blow his car up or anything like that. >> you can catch the whole interview tonight on "unguarded with rachel nichols" at 10:30 eastern on cnn. and rachel also caught up with david stern to talk about his,
2:27 am
of course, last season as the nba's commissioner. that should be another great interview. >> comes full circle, back to justin bieber. a lot of people yesterday when bieber was busted were saying, shouldn't we be calling him a thug? >> very true. >> so, richard sherman has some interesting points on race there, for sure. andy scholes, good to see you. all the top headlines, what you need to know for the day, including the latest on the deadly weather. tens of millions of you waking up to bitter cold. r giant idahoo truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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deadly winter weather across the country, millions waking up to ice-covered roads, bone-chilling temperatures. people in some areas being warned, it's dangerous out there. they should stay home. ind indra petersons tracking the worst of the weather for us and what's still to come this weekend. and folks, it's not just in the usual spots, down south, too, very cold. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. it is 30 minutes past the hour. nothing to do but stay in bed and turn on "early start." that's what we like to say. this morning, chances are, you are waking up to dangerous cold, and as romans said, it's hitting
2:31 am
everyone, even places you couldn't expect, like deep in the heart of texas. the map never lies. look at it. most of the country still in the grip of the arctic freeze. there are hard freeze warnings up along the gulf coast, just below your screen there, the map would show it, talking about louisiana to florida. >> blizzard conditions are being blamed for a horrific pileup on i-94 near michigan city, indiana. look at this, 40 vehicles, 15 semis involved in this thing. >> oh, my goodness. >> three people killed, two dozen others injured. drivers were simply blinded by the heavy, blowing snow. >> the collision was just like boom. it was like louder than a gunshot. i mean, you heard it, and it was, this is crazy. >> outrageous pictures from the accident. so, just how cold was it in the twin cities? you saw there, that cold, 22 degrees below zero on thursday in minneapolis. that's really cold, folks, in case you need to be told. and it's not even factoring in the windchill. 22 below before the windchill.
2:32 am
but honestly, does it even matter at that point if it's 22 below with the windchill? you know, schools in minneapolis and st. paul were closed, so the kids probably happy and not frozen. >> the writer who lives there says, you know, cold doesn't hurt anybody if you know how to dress. even at minus 22, you can dress as warm as you want and you'll still feel it. people in a coastal wisconsin town are getting a treat here. look at this, below zero temperatures causing ice caves on lake superior. it's the first time in years that lake has been frozen enough to walk on and people are making the hike to the apaso islands to witness these spectacular ice caverns. >> those are beautiful! never seen them before. >> haven't had them in five years. >> the question, is what's going to happen next? will we get any relief over the weekend? indra petersons is here with the answers. >> i think we all know, the month of january says it all. it's been a rough january, and unfortunately, we're talking about more blasts of cold air making their way, especially at the end of the weekend.
2:33 am
let's talk about what's going on today, very atypical, going all the way down south through texas. we have a chance for wantry mix out there. you can see some of this wintry mix this morning, even icing concerns are there. why? that cold air went all way down to the south, a cold front pushed through, and it pulled that moisture off of the gulf. you can actually see the low here that pooled all that moisture and enhanced the rain and snow in that region. that's going to be pulling off, which is good in the sense that we're talking about high pressure building in and lowering those chances, of course, for the snow and moisture to be out there. bad news, high goes down, meaning colder air is filtering farther down south as well, so that's the concern. up to the northeast, three clippers, this is the pattern now, making their way through, each one bringing chances for light showers as we go through the weekend here. we're talking about snow showers. keep in mind, the third one, this is going to bring that big, bitter-cold arctic air. again, want to show you these temperatures, especially as you look at minneapolis. notice going down to a negative 11. >> oh, my! >> that's their high for monday. new york city looks good. watch it drop.
2:34 am
chicago sunday to monday, 28 to 0. so, that third clipper is going to be another huge drop we're all going to feel next week. >> those are ugly numbers, indra. >> sorry about that. >> snow boots and parkas, my friend. >> they're not fake. >> thanks, indra. u.s. attorney general eric holder making edward snowden an offer he reportedly could refuse. the nsa leaker in an online chat said he won't return to the united states because it's not possible to get a fair trial here. snowden says the whistleblowers laws have to be changed. holder says they could discuss his return to the united states if he pleads guilty. >> if mr. snowden wanted to come back to the united states, enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. we'd do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty. and so, that's what -- that gives a little context to what i said. >> snowden's charged in the u.s. with espionage. he has been in russia since june after being granted temporary
2:35 am
asylum for one year. developing this morning, an eye-opening, three-year pentagon study suggests that some of the nsa's anti-terror techniques should be used to find nuclear weapons. the study found that american intelligence agencies are not organized enough or equipped to detect when other countries are developing nuclear weapons or beefing up their arsenals. and as if that wasn't troubling enough, the 100-page report concluded that potential new nuclear states are emerging in numbers not seen since the early days of the cold war. and of course, this is important with these negotiations going on with iran. >> and raises so many questions about the priorities of the u.s. intelligence and analysis. all right, also developing, defense secretary chuck hagel responding to a series of embarrassments involving military officers in charge of the nation's nuclear weapons. he has ordered an independent review of the nuclear force. earlier this month, nearly three dozen air force officers at a nuclear base in montana were implicated in a scandal involving cheating on a proficiency exam.
2:36 am
cheating. nuclear weapons. yeah. a pentagon spokesman says "clearly we have some issues." >> indeed. >> but insists the u.s. nuclear arsenal is safe. developing this morning, united nations officials confirming that the syrian government and members of the opposition will meet separately with a u.n. mediator today in geneva. there was some hope, slim as it may have been, that the two sides would meet face to face for peace talks aimed at ending syria's 3-year-old civil war in which more than 100,000 people have died, but they will not sit and talk directly to each other. the expectations there alarmingly low this morning. all right, breaking overnight in egypt, explosions rock cairo, the largest hitting the city's police headquarters. two others apparently targeting police stations. at least four people in cairo killed, more than 50 wounded in these blasts overnight. tensions are running particularly high in egypt on the eve of the third anniversary now of the 2011 revolution. all right, it's not a bear
2:37 am
market but a scare market. that's according to one strategist, jeff klein tap of lpl financial says growth scares are likely to happen many times this year. where are they coming from? emerging markets trouble, earnings for u.s. companies that are mostly unimpressive or worse? dow futures lower this morning after the dow industrials fell to a five-week low. i want to show you the dow, down 176 points yesterday. that's about 1%. yesterday the trigger was a slowdown in china's economy. the nasdaq, the s&p 500 also lower. in europe right now, stocks of london, frankfurt, paris, following this trend, all down. in japan, the nikkei index falling nearly 2%. here in the u.s., a stock to watch this morning for you, microsoft. shares are up about 3.5% to premarket trading. xbox a big seller this holiday season. 7.4 million consoles flying off the shelves. microsoft's sales were up 14%. that helped the company bring in better earnings. watch msft. another stock we're watching this morning, starbucks up 1.3%.
2:38 am
it's the world's biggest coffee chain, of course. stronger earnings raised the forecast for how much money it things it will make this year. starbucks and microsoft, two stocks to watch, but you'll see red ink on the dow if trends hold over the next four hours. >> has not been a good week. it is my favorite time of the day, time for the justin bieber update. probably the biebs waking up with a headache today as he faces criminal charges this morning following his arrest in miami for driving under the influence while drag racing in a rented lamborghini. i should say that properly, because it's just too good to mispronounce. he's arrested for driving under the influence while drag racing in a rented lamborghini. there, i said it. the 19-year-old spent about an hour in jail and faced a judge via video link. bieber is also charged with driving without a valid license and resisting arrest. the police report reveals bieber's expletive-filled reaction when he was stopped by police. here now, a dramatic reading of what he said. "why did you stop me? why the blank are you doing this? what the blank did i do?
2:39 am
why did you stop me? i ain't got no blanking weapons." >> well he's got that going for him. >> "why do you have to search me? what the blank is this about? what the blank are you doing?" an expansive vocabulary from the 19-year-old from canada. from the sounds of it there, justin bieber could really use a good lawyer. he now has a good lawyer, defense attorney roy black. >> mr. bieber has been released on bail. both the state and i agreed that the standard bail would apply in this case, and they have not asked for any raised bail because of his popularity or fame. >> can you name a justin bieber song? >> i will have to take the fifth on that. >> he loves this client, you can tell. the standard bail, which was set at $2,500. according to police, bieber told them he drank, smoke ed pot and took prescription medication before getting behind the wheel, which is no joke, folks. >> but he didn't have any blank
2:40 am
weapons. >> did not have any blanking weapons. that's the blanking truth. coming up, major moves in the 2016 race for president. new signs that hillary could be ready to run for office, and the controversial speech that's raising new questions. did you see the mike huckabee speech? >> i did. >> that was unscripted, right? >> it appears so. >> mm-mmm, let's talk about mike huckabee and how women are responding this morning after the break. good job!
2:41 am
2:42 am
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. this morning there are some raised eyebrows after the republican party's rebranding efforts towards women had an interesting twist yesterday, shall we say, thanks to some comments from former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. let's just listen to what he had to say. >> the dorantemocrats want to i the women of america to make them believe they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in each month to provide a prescription for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, so be it. >> paul steinhauser is here with more in our washington bureau. paul, as part of the gop rebranding effort to women, this does not fit into the playbook that party leaders have been trying to follow. >> reporter: there has been a controversy over these comments since he made them yesterday, but mike huckabee, remember the former republican senator who ran for the white house in 2008. he was trying to say that
2:44 am
democrats have furbished this war on women and they are the bigger supporter of women. this comes as the gop is trying to rebrand the party to reach out to more female, minority and younger voters, but the inartful way in which he said it, the use of the word libido, that's what's caused this minor controversy and gave democrats instant ammunition to say republicans haven't changed one bit. in fact, that comment coming from debbie wasserman schultz, a woman, of course, and the chairwoman of the democratic national committee. listen, all this comes, of course, one year, or little over a year after the presidential election. take a look at the exit polls. this is 2012, the presidential election. you can see the democrats doing much better. 55% of the female vote going to barack obama, only 44% going to mitt romney. well, what have the republicans done to try to capture some of that female vote back? who's going to be giving the gop response next tuesday to the state of the union address? cathy mcmorris rodgers. she's a congresswoman from washington state.
2:45 am
she's the highest ranking republican in the house of representatives and the first woman to give the response in almost 15 years. and one other thing, the only person ever to give birth to three children while serving in congress. >> that's impressive in and of itself. >> yes. >> on the uj of women in politics, there is a certain woman named hillary clinton. >> i haven't heard of her. >> who may or may not be running for president, paul. turns out that she's considering a run for office in 2016. >> reporter: really? >> i don't know if you heard. but there is this cover on "the new york times magazine" that everyone on the internet was simply buzzing about overnight. explain, sir. >> reporter: take a look at this. this will be in "the new york times" sunday afternoon magazine section. it is quite a vote, isn't it? what "the new york times" said is, well, their article's about hillary clinton's influence of various people within her political universe. so, this is the idea they came to. hillary clinton as a planet in the middle and those people around her in the universe. you know, this comes just a few weeks after that "time" magazine cover. take a look at that.
2:46 am
remember that one? that was also generating a lot of buzz. "can anybody stop hillary" and you can see someone hanging on to the heel of her shoe. guys, you put hillary clinton on the cover of your magazine or whatever, you're going to get more readers, you're going to get more clicks, no doubt about it, but there is a little bit of hillary clinton news out there. priorities usa -- flash back to 2012 -- that was the big super pac that supported president barack obama. they announced yesterday they will now start fund-raising, raising money for a possible, probable, likely, who knows, president hillary clinton run in 2016, and they also announced that, mike, jim messina, the chairman of the guy who ran the president's re-election campaign, is coming on board to help out priorities. that's actually a big deal. these super pacs very influential, raise a lot of money, put a lot of ads out there. >> this is obama people and money getting behind clinton. very interesting. before you go, paul, because a lot of people were sleeping last night when this happened. house speaker john boehner sitting down on the couch with jay leno and some very interesting comments. let's watch.
2:47 am
>> you ever think of running for president? >> no. i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. you know? i do drink red wine, i smoke cigarettes, and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> right, right. that's right. that's not worth it! >> a man with his priorities in check, paul. >> there you go. he says it like he is. he is a big smoker and does love to play golf and i guess have a drink. two things here quickly, this was his first ever appearance on "the tonight show," got in there just before leno retires. and guess what? he got second billing in this last night to who else but joey, matt leblanc. so, he may be speaker of the house, but you get second billing to joey. >> i always say, it's spinal tap, then puppet show. paul steinhauser in washington for us. thank you very much. in just a few hours, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be in court to face federal corruption charges. the indictment of mcdonnell and his wife stems from their relationship with a virginia businessman. prosecutors allege they received gifts and loans, rolex watches, luis vuitton shoes, all in
2:48 am
exchange for access, allowing the head of a health supplement company promote his products. mcdonnell insists he did nothing illegal. new developments in new jersey. the investigation surrounding chris christie. federal prosecutors have subpoenaed his campaign and the state republican party committee to assess their knowledge of the move to create traffic jams as political payback. a spokesman says the campaign and the state party intend to cooperate with the u.s. attorney's office. the governor has denied knowledge of the plan and, of course, fired two top aides. in santa cruz, california, they're gearing up today for a big surf competition. organizers of the body glove mavericks invitational given the go-ahead for their big surf competition. the 24 contestants from around the world are expected to compete. they'll ride waves forecast to be in excess of a whopping 20 feet high. the winner takes home a cool $50,000. >> you want big waves? let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan joins us now. we were just talking, you guys, i'm going to get to our
2:49 am
tease quickly, but that big a wave gives me the heebie-jeebies. there are few things scarier than getting caught in a wave like that. >> 20-foot wave, you're right. >> oh, my gosh! so, coming up on the show, we'll dig deeper into "the new york times" article you were talking about, about hillary clinton that has a lot of people buzzing, and that's why, this wild and bizarre cover showing clinton as a planet. we'll talk to the author of the article, talk a lot about that. also coming up, imagine going to college, you expect to meet new friends, right? instead, not only do you meet new friends, you find the sister that you never knew you had. we'll meet these two girls who realized that they were just too similar for it to be a coincidence. they found out they have the same father, and we're going to talk with them about how they figured it out and how this has changed their lives. it's really amazing. >> it's such a sweet story, and fact that they found each other is so sweet. >> it's not a sad story, so everyone knows.
2:50 am
>> against all odds. that is the feel-good story of the day. >> i'm not going to tell you what chris just said. not going to tell you. >> on a different type of story, to be sure, french president francois holland and his companion, valerie tree wiler reportedly plan to issue a formal clarification concerning their relationship. wow, that is some terminology. it comes on the heels of the alleged affair between hollande and a french actress. a french newspaper's quoting the attorney saying she wants to resolve the manner in order to come out of it in the most dignified way possible. >> it's so french. everything about this story is so french, you know? it's just, he wants it to be private, but it isn't private. everyone's asking questions. let's just say francois holland, if he had a facebook page, it would be "it's complicated" for his status. and he was supposed to be mr. normal. coming up, new developments in a crime caper nearly 30 years old. the plot straight out of a mob movie! that's next. when you have diabetes like i do,
2:51 am
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all right, welcome back, everyone. a fifth accused mobster expected in court today to enter his plea to a string of unsolved crimes, including the infamous 1978 lufthansa heist. four other men accused in the crime pleaded not guilty on thursday. the caper, which took place at kennedy airport, netted the thieves $6 million in cash and
2:54 am
jewels. this was immortalized in the martin scorsese film "goodfellas." murder, racketeering, armed robbery and extortion, and it alleged that one of the wise guys was a captain for the bonanno crime family. those are the allegations. his attorney says there is no way he was involved. >> pretty much all the people that did it got murdered by jimmy burke, so i read. so, the fact that my client didn't get murdered would suggest that he didn't have anything to do with it. >> in the fimm, robert de niro played a character based on jimmy the gent burke, and played him marvelously. >> interesting defense. we'll see how that turns out. coming up, when will the bulls start running again on wall street? what is going on? it was so easy last year. it was so easy, just the 401(k) going up, up, up, and now that's not happening. "money time" is next. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
2:55 am
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all right, you've got less than three minutes to the top of the hour. welcome back to "early start." it's "money time" on this friday morning, investors looking for stocks to pull out of that tailspin today, and i'm going to tell you quite honestly, so far, the signs are not good for the morning. dow futures are sharply lower
2:58 am
right now, another 85 points is what the futures gauges here. that's after the dow industrials fell 176 points yesterday, coming out to about 1.1%. it's a five-week low. the nasdaq and s&p also closing lower. berman, i like to look at the whole year for perspective. last year was awesome. this year has not been. the dow is down just about 2.3%. the nasdaq is up. tech stocks have done better. this is for the year, the yearly numbers. the s&p down about 1%. it's been a slow start to the year. it's got a lot of people asking this question, hey, wait a minute, we did so well last year, is that over? is the bull market over? this bull market is already one year longer than your average bull for the past, i think 60 or 70 years. so, a lot of people questioning whether it's got some good mojo here. i'm not too worried about it yet. it's only -- you know, we showed you those numbers -- it's only 1% lower for the s&p, so don't get too worried. >> can i force you to give people one bit of good news? i was surprised to see microsoft doing very, very well. >> yeah, microsoft had good xbox sales over the holidays.
2:59 am
>> and the surface doing well, too. >> and surface. when you look at microsoft shares, i think you'll see that one higher today. you'll see some stocks higher based on earnings news, but the momentum is lower. europe down, asia closed lower in stocks and dow futures lower, too. >> also, it's i am just too cold to function right now. >> iced out. the cold is deadly. this horrible 30-car pileup just one of the problems stretching across a huge part of the country. the cold is setting in and communities are shutting down. >> new details inside bieber's bust. bieber's salute to his fans and whaps next. we're live in miami. a couple leaving their california home not noticing a bear lurking right beside them.
3:00 am
repeat. a bear lurking right beside them. >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "new day." it is friday, january 24th, 6:00 in the east. the frigid cold is fun issuing people -- punishing people from florida to texas. we are tracking a big ice storm raging havoc. the deep freeze still causing major problems in the midwest as well. three people killed in this huge pileup you're looking at right now. we're in houston this morning with more on this blast of snow and ice. nick? >> reporter: good morning, chris. it's not every day that this part of the country is under a winter storm warning, but that's what you have here in


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