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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 27, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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. all right. let's get you to the "newsroom" with carol costello down in washington. carol? >> thanks, guys. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning thank you so much for joining me, i'm carol costello in washington this morning and we do have breaking news. republican congressman trey radel of florida is quitting. back in october he was arrested for drug possession in a sting operation when he purchased over three grams of cocaine from an undercover federal agent. radel took some time off from congress to go into rehab. he apologized to constituents, trying to explain that alcoholism led to the cocaine
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use. we're following the story and more on the announcement in a few minutes. athletes are starting to arrive for the olympics in sochi, russia amid new terror threats in the country with more than 10,000 american athletes and their families expected. u.s. officials are taking no chances. they are moving war ships in and putting evacuation plans into place. our senior international correspondent ivan watson is live in sochi. tell us more, ivan. >> reporter: that's right. well, a massive russian security force presence here in sochi, the site of the upcoming games. i'll give you a little bit of a look around the area. we've seen russian navy ships patrolling right off the coast here in the waters of the black sea. very close to the olympic park that was just constructed at a cost of billions and billions of dollars by the russians for hosting these games, a show of force, perhaps in response to
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some of the terrorist threats that have come in recent days, in fact, to the olympic games, particularly from the troubled region of the caucasus. now the war ships have been patrolling here in the waters of the black sea as the sun is setting. now you can see we'll pan across the area of the olympic park the white dome of the fish stadium where topping and closing will be held and there you can see in the distance here the olympic torch, which is burning while athletes continue to carry the torch across russia, they have traveled today to troubled region of dagstan which is battling islamist insurgency where it was carried under intense security. i'll do this show and tell. panning across this area soft chi, past new building, hotels, residents built for athletes, journalists and entourages.
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panning up to the mountains within sight of the black sea there are snow in the mountains. there was a lot of concern perhaps it's too warm and not enough snow for the olympics. as you can see fortunately it has dumped snow which is good for these winter games. back to you. >> we'll check back with you next hour. ivan watson reporting live from sochi, russia. the federal aviation administration is taking action over concerns pilots could lose control of boeing 767s on takeoffs and landings. they are ordering safety checks on more than 400 of the popular jets that have carried millions of travellers across the atlantic over the last three decades. cnn renee marsh who joins me live. >> reporter: you know the 767 is one of boeing's popular jets for those flights across the atlantic but this concern surrounds a part in the tail of the plane that could jam canes the pilot to lose control. so what they've done today is mandated that all carriers
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replace that faulty part. but for some perspective here this potential issue has never actually caused a plane crash or any other incident and it has been a known problem since 2000. for the manufacturer's part they have largely address tishd through inspections. what is new today is the faa is mandating that everyone replace this potentially faulty part and by replacing it these carriers and manufacturers won't have to inspect the plane as often because the part won't be there any more. the big takeaway for the most part this issue has been address sod if you're boarding that 767 the chances are you're just fine on your plane. carol? >> thank goodness for that. renee marsh reporting live from washington this morning. imagine being stuck on a boat with more than 600 sick people all fighting a violent stomach illness. it's disgusting and happening
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right now and what can only be described as a nightmare vacation. a royal caribbean cruise ship is cutting its ten day trip early and bringing the ship back to new jersey. one passenger says the same thing happened to him two years ago. >> never come back again. not on this cruise line. we were here with them two years ago. the same thing. ship was overrun with this sickness. you know, sickness can happen but it's the most disorganized trip i've ever been on in my life. i'm almost 80 years old. it's sad. >> wow. cause of the illness is not immediately clear though the outbreak comes at the wake of another royal caribbean ship in the headlines last week for the norovirus outbreak. dye in columbia, maryland the shopping mall re-opens two days after a gunman walked into a store and killed two people and then killed himself. police are pouring through a
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journal left behind by the gunman, 19-year-old darion marcus aguilar. they are still not sure if he knew his victims, 21-year-old brianna been low and 20-year-old tyler johnson. today their families are struggling to make sense of what makes no sense at all. >> with tyler, we have lost a kind, positive son who reached out to help others in need and he made a difference. it's so unbelievable. our prayers are with him. the other victims. and all the people who have been touched by this senseless violence. >> police say aguilar legally bought the 12 gauge shotgun back in december. investigators say he was also carrying a backpack with two home made bombs but both were disabled. edward snowden is making headlines again this morning. lobbying out new accusation
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about washington's secret surveillance programs. he tells a german broadcaster that the nsa's spying included industrial espionage. he said companies were targeted even if there was no threat to national security and snowden says u.s. officials want to have him killed. he says quote, these people and they are government officials have said they would love to put a bullet in my head or poison me when i come out of the supermarket and then watch me die in the shower. end quote. investors are keeping a close eye on markets this morning after a brutal close friday. dow dropped more than 300 points topping the worst week since 2011. overseas stocks are plunging. how soon before the market bounces back? christine romans joins us from new york to tell us, because you are all knowing. >> reporter: oh, man if i were all knowing -- look it looks like we broke the cycle for now because the dow futures are up
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50 points opinion you saw this thing go around the globe and overnight asia started the week with these big ugly loss. for now it looks like things are stable. searching for stability. it's not going to be as easy this year as last year. last year you stood there and made money if you were in the stock market. the dow was up almost 30%. we haven't had a meaningful pull back since 2011? is this the beginning of that. dow is down 2.4% for the year. the tone has turned negative here and this morning as i go through all the notes from the stock market experts they are all trying to get a sense of whether this will don't feed on itself and get worse or whether these are buying opportunities. a lot of notes out this morning saying overall they think this will turn out to be a buying opportunity. carol, this bull market is five years old. the s&p 500, the broadest gauge of stocks in your 401(k), it has tripled over the past five years. look at that chart.
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you've only see a couple three or four meaningful pullbacks. is this another one or the start of a more difficult time for stock market investors. no one knows for sure. this morning things look more calm. >> okay. i'll take that. christine romans, thanks so much. we'll check with you again when the markets open in 20 minutes. the grammys titillating and entertained and beyonce and jay-z did perform together. ♪ >> oh, yeah. the big winners were record of the year, daft punk with "get lucky". they took album of the year as well. 33 gay couples, gays, straights,
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interracial got married to macklemore's album "gay love." >> it's not every day that queen latifa officiates your marriage. this mass marriage was not a political stunt but some conservatives took it that way. the drudge report gramdubbing t grammys the gaymmys. >> it's interesting this mass marriage took place very late in the show. do you think the producers did that on purpose? >> sure. if you got a hot button segment in your show, you might make sense to put it after what the kids are in bed or, put it after the 11:00 p.m. hour. that was no coincidence for sure. >> i ask that because some conservatives object to
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macklemore's songs because it's lyrics say in part, well they say it trashes right-wing conservatives. but i think it's not the grammy's audience anyway. >> right. i think the grammy's -- they know their audience. this is a bit that was going to go over pretty well and was really pretty well done whether or not you're a fan of macklemore it was a pretty sweeping segment to have on the show last night for sure. >> a lot of people touched in the audience as well. >> yeah. >> let's get back to the music because supposedly that's what really matters when you watch the grammy, supposedly. biggest moment of the night in your mind? >> i'll go with lord doing royals. this is a 17-year-old performer, someone who problemly a year ago was playing in clubs or small. now she's on one of the biggest
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stage. so totally poised. so totally in the moment. letting there be a long stretch of virtually silence. you saw such a confidence that was pretty amazing to see from someone so young. >> the other amazing thing about her, she was actually had clothes on. that was one thing. most of the female performers did not. right? you could see her singing because so many of the performers had that fake fog machine going and you couldn't tell whether the singers were singing or not and i wanted to know. >> yeah. lorde is giving you, stripping away -- look it's an act, it's a persona. she's no less interested in show business than anyone else but her version of it is a little bit more stripping away the artiface or the spectacle.
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she's getting dangerously good at it especially at an awards show where she stands out. >> dangerously good at it in a good way. the musician in your mind who lost out. >> i think i got to go with kendrick lamar, the great l.a. rapper, another young guy who was up for a ton of awards and lost them all including several to macklemore & ryan lewis which even after the show macklemore went on twitter and posted sort of an apology to kendrick of having taken the best rap album award from him. which he's right. kendrick's record was much more thoughtful, much more interesting, much more adventurous. i think he definitely kind of got robbed here. >> thank you so much for your insight. we appreciate it. >> happy to do it. still ahead in the "newsroom" why jay leno's wife
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it says here that increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
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keep heart-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shredded wheat. doctors recommend it. following that breaking news out of washington that i told you about at the top of the water, the republican congressman trey radel of florida is quitting. he was arrested for drug possession in a sting operation when he purchased over three grams of cocaine from an undercover federal agent. he took off some time from congress to go into rehab. he apologized to constituents explaining that alcoholism led to the cocaine use. let's go cnn political director
6:18 am
mark pressman for more on this. why did he decide to resign? >> reporter: we're trying to figure out the details why he decided to step down. we expected him not run for re-election in november anyway however i've been on the folks down in florida and they are telling me that, in fact, the investigation into him, into him buying that cocaine was moving along at a very quick pace. perhaps he wanted to get out of congress before other things more embarrassing could be unveiled. in addition we're told this was quite a strain on his family. he has a young child. his wife stood by his side when he gave that press conference, very bizarre press conference where he answered a lot of questions but seemed like a strain in end, carol. trey radel will step down. this will be a republican seat. we expect to it be a republican seat. for our viewers out there this is located just south of tampa down to naples a very affluent and conservative area. a lot of people will run for
6:19 am
this put one person who might have the front-runner status is the state majority leader. if she wins the race at a time when republicans are getting rid of their problems of trey radel they will bringing another woman into their fold. >> many thanks to you. it is open warfare in san francisco between haves and have notes and one quarter people like tom perkins who actually said demonizing the rich is like demonizing the jews in nazi germany. really? perkins wrote this in a letter to the "wall street journal," quote i would call attention the parallels of fascist nazi germany to its war on its 1% namely its jews to the progressive war on the american 1% namely the rich. in the other corner middle class san franciscans say they are being pushed out of san francisco by their wealthy neighbors. we have a contributing editor
6:20 am
from "vanity fair" to talk about this. we're glad you're here. you've written a series of in depth articles on the 1%. perkins not ashamed of what he said. he would say it again. seriously? >> tom perkins the last time i heard his name is when he wrote a book, a novel called "sex and the single zmp illionaire." he's very eccentric. the short letter he wrote to the "wall street journal" he goes on to talk not just about the war on the 1% but about how upset he is the way the "san francisco chronicle" has called his ex-wife danielle steele the romantic novelist a snub, this despite all her good charitable works. i think what you have to really see this as is an 82-year-old billionaire with a lot of time on his hands who has had a glass
6:21 am
of merlot at a dinner party and annoyed and expressing his irritation which is inappropriate and shows how out of touch he is with what's really going on. >> but why did the "wall street journal" print this guy's letter? >> they thought it was a gift. they wanted him to write longer. how often do you get an 82-year-old billionaire who is a name in the corporate world, you know, sending off missiles like this with incredibly offensive language. they probably said can you make it three times as long, we want to hear what you really think. it clearly will offend everybody and the "wall street journal" thought that, you know, let's hear what he wants to really put it out there. >> there's something strange going on in san francisco because perkins isn't the only wealthy san franciscan to enrage the middle class. the ceo of angel hack wrote on his facebook page about his homeless on a quote here. here's what he wrote. the difference is in other
6:22 am
cosmopolitan cities the lower part of society keep to themselves. they sell small trinkets, big coyly and stay quiet and generally stay out of your way. they realize it's a privilege to be in the civilized part of town and view themselves as guests. and that's okay. he came back and apologized for writing that but not all wealthy people are this clueless. what should we make of what's going on in san francisco right now? >> san francisco a bit of tom perkins it's a bit of a bubble itself. you have all of these technology companies with their own very strong cultures. i did write a piece about hewlett-packard when it was in the midst of its proxy fight back in 2001 and there was agony across silicon valley and san francisco as it had to confront change. you had all these people who aren't just rich bust into the technology sector. there's a lot of change going
6:23 am
on. it's their own little microworld, their own little microcosm and what we're seeing a little bit of reflection of that. it doesn't say anything else about the rest of the country. >> i hope not. thank you so much for sharing your insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom" the wind howls and the mercury falls. indra petersons has the latest blast of winter cold. it feels almost like 40 below in minneapolis but this cold air will not stay in the midwest. we'll tell you how far it will reach and for how long coming up next. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore,
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this morning the eastern half of the country is divided into two groups. it even sounds cold. millions of people are shivering in the latest blast of winter and millions more who are hours away of plunging into a deep freeze of their own. right now temperatures are as much as 30 degrees below normal in the northern plains and midwest. in some places like chicago today's high temperature won't even break zero so chicago shut down schools for the day and that arctic air is heading south. cnn meteorologist indra petersons is in our "weather center". really? >> forget 30 below normal, try 30 below zero on top of that. minneapolis feels like almost 40 below. if you're waking up in chicago right now 22 below zero. that's the wind chill. unfortunately this cold air is spreading farther to the south
6:28 am
today and tomorrow straight into the northeast. another round of frigid arctic air is already gripping the midwest. today it moves down the east coast and bipartisan tuesday it flows into the deep south. the bitter cold system will bring another round of subzero temperatures. this morning schools in chicago, milwaukee and parts of minnesota and iowa closing their doors and asking parents to keep their kids home. wind chills of 30 below in chicago are forcing officials to action. >> there's too much of a danger of them getting frostbite or hypothermia. >> in northern texas mother nature is leaving many with weather whiplash. it was in the 70s on sunday and 24 hours later temperatures expected to plummet around 30 degrees. these cities saw subzero temperatures way below average this month and the worst is yet to come, a mounting concern for families in the midwest who rely prone pain to heat their homes. shortages and price increases making it hard for 12 million
6:29 am
americans to stay warm. >> people are down 5%, 10%. with this cold weather coming up they are will be out. >> in new jersey the seattle seahawks and denver broncos are arriving for the super bowl game. they need to decide by the end of the week whether to move up the date of the game or change its time. as of today the forecast is a chance of snow for the weekend but just cloudy conditions during game time. a lot of people have been asking is this the coldest air we've seen? no. we're far off from the records. regardless if it feels cold you know we're still dealing with it in the next 48 hours. remember that huge ridge on the east coast. anchorage, kaye looking for a high of 40 degrees. chicago temperatures at 1 below. >> that just isn't right. >> nothing we can do about it. thank you so much, indra petersons. let's head to wall street. you're looking at live pictures
6:30 am
of the opening bell. investors are holding their breath as stocks tumbled friday, closing the worse week for the s&p 500. christine romans and alison kosik are at the new york stock exchange. the bell just running? what are traders saying is now >> the bell is ringing and it looks like we'll start with some red arrows although it was expected we would see green. on friday the markets are holding a temper tantrum ahead of the fed meeting. another said this is a reality check. investors are hitting the reset button now that the fed is moving full steam ahead on cutting back on dollars of stimulus that it's pumped in the past several years. that stimulus has been propping up markets here and smaller players in the global economy like argentina and turkey and now that the stimulus and lower bore roger rates could be ending
6:31 am
what you're seeing what's happening with stocks is readjustment of prices. fourth quarter earning season right now not a real stunner for investors. the thinking is if companies aren't doing well they won't grow, they won't hire and won't invest. now after stocks made incredible gains it's hard to take when you see 300 point selloff from the dow but the good news is we're starting off with some green arrows. a bit of a recovery. >> is this just a correction, christine? >> reporter: you can't go straight up forever. last year markets went straight up. for months now the smart insiders have been saying this just can't keep moving higher and higher. there's going to be some news that's going to spook investors. 30% higher last year for stocks. incredible. when you look over the past five years, stocks hoof tripled. it has been a bull market that has been, you know, four, five little pullbacks, but, you know,
6:32 am
due for a pause that refreshes. stability today is good news for us. we didn't want to see that stumble into the week with big losses. this is good to see the stability. >> alison kosik, christine romans, many thanks. still to come president obama readies for his state of the union. in a town often weighed down by gridlock the president is vowing to take action. we go the white house this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we learned president obama will lay out his plan to tackle income in equality even if he has to go it alone with executive actions and public/private partnerships. we'll have more on it after our break. it says here that a woman's sex drive
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6:36 am
of the union address. the economy is expected to be front and center. officials telling cnn the president will outline new executive actions including one focused on job training. the speech comes as the president's numbers are rebounding slightly and i mean slightly. a new cnn poll shows the president's approval rating sits at 21%. a majority still disapprove of how the president is handling his job. >> reporter: it's crunch time for president obama. making final edits on a speech he hopes will be the start of a turn around. >> i think the public ended 2013 very frustrated. >> reporter: obama's approval rate cigarette slowly recovering but still more unpopular than any of his past state of the union addresses due in part to the botch roll out of his hearth law. on tuesday he'll tout a new plan to narrow the gap between rich
6:37 am
and poor. >> he won't tell the american people he'll wait for congress. he's is going to move forward in areas like job training, education, manufacturing, on his own to try to restore opportunity for american families. >> reporter: that means executive actions and public/private partnerships. >> this is a year of action. it sounds vaguely like a threat. >> reporter: the go around congress plan rejected by republicans saying obama is abusing his executive power. >> it has a certain amount of arrogance in the sense that one of the fundamental principles of our country is the checks and balances. >> reporter: one major legislative item obama has his eye on is immigration reform despite house republican opposition to a comprehensive plan. it was one of obama's big agenda items in last year's state of the union but stalled along with expanding background checks on gun sales and increasing the minimum wage which he'll push
6:38 am
for again tuesday night. >> presidential power is something that's fought out every day and one speech isn't going to fundamentally change his position. but what he can do potentially is begin to lay out some themes, define the 2014 legislative and electoral battle. >> reporter: as you know, carol, part of the whole state of the union process is the post-address road trip selling the sales pitch for what the president says in his address and to that end he'll be going on that trip. he'll visit maryland, pennsylvania, wisconsin as well as tennessee. >> interesting. stay with us because i want to bring in peter hamby. peter the fireworks could begin after the president stops speaking with the gop response -- actually there are three gop responses. do we really need three? >> reporter: there are three technically republican responses, carol but there's only one official one, the
6:39 am
response from kathy mcmorris rodgers. she's a 44-year-old congresswoman from washington state. a mother three. a fresh face for the republican party. in this era of different media platforms and partisan fracturing you have two other responses we're watching. one is from mike lee, the senator from utah a tea party figure. the tea party express political action committee in 2011 started to do response. senator rand paul is doing his own response to the state of the union. we'll look at that too. i talked to a poll ad viesor one reason they had so many interview requests after the state of the union this is a way to check a lot of boxes at once. there's a lot of danger. there's not a ton of news that happen on state of the union nights. so in a news vacuum any single gaffe or misstep that any of these folks do after the speech
6:40 am
will be remembered in this era of, you know, viral content and internet means. remember marco rubio's water sip last year. they have to be on guard tomorrow night. >> i think that helped him. remember michele bachmann's stare off into nowhere. i'm just wondering if anyone will get to the response because, brianna, i'm thinking it will get difficult to get a mass amount of people watching the state of the union. >> reporter: this is the president's sixth address, fifth state of the union but he gave an address as soon as he came in and that's the name of the game. when you're in your sixth year of giving such a big speech people just kind of aren't paying attention as much. you mentioned, carol, his approval ratings. i think people at this point, disapproving of president obama
6:41 am
more than they ever have at any other time where he's given a state of the union address. it's going to be really tough for the president to grab that attention but he's definitely going to do it and i think one of the ways we've heard -- i think he's going to talk about trying to go around congress and talking to more of the american people. >> all right. thanks for the insight. we appreciate it. be sure to watch cnn special coverage of the state of the union. that starts tomorrow 7:00 eastern on cnn. still to come in the newsroom it was supposed to be a dream vacation. passengers aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship are heading home early after 600 passengers have come down with a mystery stomach ailment. what caused it and how did it spread so fast? t idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere
6:42 am
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a dream vacation turns into quite the nightmare. more than 600 passengers are sickened after a mystery illness takes over a royal caribbean cruise ship. this morning the ship is heading home early and health officials are trying to find out how that illness spread so fast. elizabeth cohen has more for you. >> reporter: another cruise ship cutting short its planned caribbean island hopping and a maritime version of the walk of shame. this one royal caribbean's explorer of the sea, now heading back to home port after hundreds of passengers and crew members fell ill due to a fast spreading virus whose origins remain a mystery. one passenger said her gastrointestinal symptoms came on suddenly. >> it was vomiting and diarrhea. almost had no warning. high fever, chills, aches, dehydration. >> reporter: by the next morning she said the infirmary was
6:46 am
packed with sick passengers. >> as soon as i got down there the nurse walked out and looked at everyone and said if you're not sick you have to leave right now because this is spreading faster than we can contain it. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention is fwating why so many passengers got sick but the typical cause is norovirus. >> you have all those people in a confined space over a long period of time. and this is an easily transmissable virus "person to person". >> reporter: unfortunately this cruise ship scenario has happened before. >> we were here with them two years ago. the same thing. ship was overrun with this sickness. >> reporter: last year according to the cdc nine cruise ships reported illnesses among passengers, the year before that 16. royal caribbean said in a statement that once stopped the ship underwent an extensive and thorough sanitize. >> they were sanitizing the
6:47 am
hallway, ceiling to floor nonstop for about 24 hours. >> reporter: infected passengers and crew were advised to stay in their cabins until they were well for at least 24 hours. can you go on the cdc's website and see the scores the different ships have gotten on their health inspections and explorer of the seas has done really well which kind of goes to show you you can have a clean ship but if a sick person boards it you can still have a situation like this. carol? >> awful. elizabeth cohen, many thanks. a terminal illness leads to the adventure of a lifetime. a former teacher's cross country journey. he's traveled 8,000 miles to follow up with former students. why he says finding out he was going to die has helped him live? that's ahead in the next hour of "newsroom".
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checking our top stories at 51 past the hour. a 19-year-old russian man is being held at a pennsylvania jail. they were investigating a reported pot growing operation when they found a homemade bomb. the man first told them he was going to blow things up and then said he intended to set the devices off field. in alaska, an avalanche has
6:52 am
cut off 4,000 residents in the town of valdez. the only highway into the town is expected to be closed for a week. food and fuel can be brought into the town by barge if needed. here is something you don't see every day. on sunday, two white doves were released from the pope's official residence during a prayer of peace. that's when a large black crow swept in for the attack. this happened as tens of thousands of people were watching and as two children stood by the pope as side. we hope the doves got away. jay leno finally opened up about the 2009 failed experiment of bringing in conan o'brien as host of "the tonight show" and moving jay to 10:00. in an interview, jay says he wasn't happy about how it all went down about you it turns out, his wife was even more unhappy. >> there was this perception that for some reason, jay had decided to give up the show. it was like he gave the show to
6:53 am
conan and he took it back. that was not what happened, okay? >> not. jay says it was never his decision to leave or to push conan out to come back. he just followed nbc's wishes virginia state senator, creigh deeds, is speaking out about the attack at the hands of his own son that left him physically scarred. he is trying to change the way mentally ill patients are treated. two months ago, deed's son stabbed him in the chest and head before taking his own life. hours earlier his son had been under a six-hour emergency custody order at a hospital. he was later released because there were no beds available inside the psychiatric treatment center. he told "60 minutes" the system failed his son. >> the whole afternoon, gus didn't sit down e paced the floor. he would look at me and smile. i had this sinking feeling that he wasn't going to be hospitalized. >> if you didn't find a hospital bed in six hours, gus was coming
6:54 am
home? >> he was coming home. i was concerned if he came home, there was going to be a crisis. >> you were concerned that your son was suicidal. the clock has run out on the emergency room and he comes in and says, sorry, you have to leave. >> he said gus wasn't suicidal. i guess he made that evaluation. >> based on his evaluation that gus wasn't suicidal. >> what did you say to him in leaving the emergency room? >> i said the system failed my son tonight. >> deeds, a democrat, has introduced legislation that would create a psychiatric bed registry and expand the time limit for emergency custody orders. he will be talking about cnn's anderson cooper tonight on ac 360 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. still to come. the broncos and the seahawks land for the super bowl. could the big game be the last for peyton manning? andy scholes? >> that's the big question. will payton retire and go out on
6:55 am
top. we'll hear his answer after the break. it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical. and for jumps, i need something...special. so i use my citi thankyou visa card for music downloads and earn two times the points... plus a little extra inspiration. [ ♪ music plays ] the citi thankyou preferred visa card. earn two times the points on entertainment and dining out with no annual fee. citi, with you every step of the way. [ sneezes ]
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6:58 am
the broncos and seahawks have arrived in new jersey for super bowl week. peyton manning and his denver teammates were the first to land. there has been some buzz over whether manning could retire if the broncos win on sunday. andy scholes is here with more. good morning, andy. >> good morning, carol. i think, win or lose, payton is definitely coming back. there are a lot of people that say, hey, he is 37 years old. he is the oldest player in this year's super bowl, he has had all those neck surgeries. what better way to retire than to go out on top. payt peyton was sxwd this yesterday. he said he hasn't made plans past the super bowl. he does feel he has plenty of football left. >> i enjoy playing football and i feel better than i thought i would at this point coming off that surgery.
6:59 am
as soon as i stop enjoying it, if i can't produce, if i can't help a team, that's when i'll stop playing. if that's next year, maybe it is. i certainly want to continue to keep playing. >> so the seahawks also arrived in new jersey last night and all eyes were on richard sherman. the seahawks cornerback has been thrust into the spotlight after his epic rant after the nfc championship game. sherman says all the craziness from that rant has helped his team prepare for the big game. >> i definitely think it helped. everybody getting a chance to see the camera, see the tons of media and the press conferences and things like that has helped everybody kind of evolve and get to the next level of understanding the media and what they want to give and the messages they want to put across. >> carol, the rant helping his team and his agent telling cnn that the rant has actually helped his endorsement deals. he said, interest in his client
7:00 am
has been booming ever since the nfc championship game. >> isn't that something? i wonder how he will act during the super bowl. do you think he will chance another outburst? >> he said if they win, he is not going to dial it back. he told rachel nichols, he said, i'm going to disney world, like everybody else says. >> that's not taking any chances, andy scholes. thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. stories we are watching right now in the "newsroom." athletes are arriving in sochi, russia for the winter olympics as new terror threats are surfacing. u.s. officials are taking no chances. they are moving warships and putting evacuation plans into place. our senior international correspondent, ivan watson, live in sochi this morning with more.
7:01 am
good morning, ivan. >> reporter: good morning, carol. russian security forces numbering in the tens of thousands in the sochi region, you can see over my shoulder, the olympic torch burning over the very recently constructed olympic park here with russian workers still putting the final touches on that. meanwhile, the torch relay continues across russia going today to the turbulent caucuses reege avian of dagestan, which has been, according to the international crisis group, the scene of one of the deadliest conflicts in europe. take a look. this morning, the olympic torch made its way through dagestan, a region plagued by islamist insurgents, promising more attacks like this recent bombing in russia, though not specifically mentioning the sochi games. as olympic athletes begin to arrive, the u.s. state department issued another
7:02 am
warning last week urging american athletes not to wear their uniforms outside the game's ring of steel. >> if we need to extract our citizens, we will have appropriate arrangements with the russians to do this. >> in the event of an attack, u.s. officials say they have contingency plans at the ready. helicopters on stand by on two warships in the black sea at c-17 transport aircraft in germany could be on the scene in two hours. russian officials hope these emergency plans won't be needed. assuring their security forces will be vigilant. >> i am certain, because we are doing everything that is needed in order to make sure it is going to be safe. it will be as safe as any other olympics that can be held currently in the world. >> reporter: others like u.s. congressman, peter king, said on
7:03 am
ab skrch abc this week, he can't give the same promise. >> i can't give that same guarantee. these will be very much threatened olympics, more than any we have had in the past. >> reporter: the u.s. continues to offer counter terrorism information to russia with detecting software, jamming equipment and warships. all russia needs to do is to give the green light. >> whatever we can do, we want to do to help. right now, there has been no request from the russian government. >> reporter: carol, just today, we've seen russian navy ships patrolling right off the coast of sochi, very close to the olympic park. another one of the security measures the russians are doing is they are limiting cars. if your car is not registered in sochi, locals tell me, you can't drive in from other russian cities. that works both ways. if your car is registered in another city and it didn't leave by january 7th, you can't drive out of here either, forcing some drivers to strand their cars here until the games are over. >> oh, geez.
7:04 am
ivan watson, reporting live this morning. normally, at this time, we would be talking about who might land a quadruple axle in the men's figure skating. instead, we are not talking about the athletes at all. everything is about black widows and terror threats. cnn's becky anderson picks up that part of our coverage from london. >> deadly terror attacks. russian authorities are on high alert after another deadly blast hits the southern russian city of volgograd. >> violence against two women kissing in public. and claims of heavy handedness. >> they are butting heads if you would like to put it that way, with the russian coast guard and it got a little ugly. >> these are the kinds of reports coming out of russia. ahead of the sochi winter olympics, an event designed to promote sport, solidarity, and peace. >> the ioc sits there, waiting, praying for the games to
7:05 am
actually start and the focus to turn on to the athletes z but, rather shall the focus is these so-called black widows, women, authorities fear, are preparing attacks on the games. >> the already tense run-up to the winter olympics in russia just got down right terrifying. >> reporter: russian police have stepped up their crackdown on islamic militants. broadcasters are voicing people's concerns. >> it is a bit of a leap of faith. you hope that the security is there. i hope that they share information more than they have with the u.s. >> reporter: the russian government has promised the safest games ever but those who speak out against russia's anti-gay laws could be on thin ice. >> i must say, there is a part of me that would be very alert, very alert, because you just never know. >> reporter: london hosted the most recent games. many say those were the most successful ever. in the run-up to 2012, ticketing transports and security dominated the headlines. it was only when the athletes
7:06 am
got here to the olympic park that the legacy was created, records smashed and new ground broken. now, the question is, whether or not that olympian motto of faster, higher, stronger, will be enough for the sports men and women to steal a spotlight in sochi. >> when it actually happens, they see the opening ceremony, they see that they are not protesting in the street, i think people say, what was all the noise about and get on with enjoying the sport. >> the u.s. olympic committee has reportedly told the 230 or so american athletes that wearing their team colors at the games may make them a target in sochi. earlier this month, the state department issued a travel advisory warning some 10,000 americans planning to go that they should remain vigilant. let's be absolutely clear, though, an attack on the athletes orphans of these games will be as much personal as a political blow to putin. he has staked his hereputation
7:07 am
a successful event. his mantra should be, let the games begin and let them be safe. carol? >> becky anderson reporting for us this morning. also new this morning, the florida congressman that pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last fall is stepping down. sources tell cnn tray redell will submit his resignation. he was caught buying cocaine and acknowledged a separate struggle with alcohol. he completed a stint in substance abuse program last month. a decision on a special election for his seat will be made by florida governor, rick scott. today in columbia, maryland, this shopping mall reopens just two days after a gunman walked into a store and killed two people and then himself. police are pouring through a journal left behind by the gunman, 19-year-old darian marcus agular. we are not sure if he knew the
7:08 am
victims 21-year-old brianna benlolo and 24-year-old tyler johnson. today, their families are struggling in disbelief to make something that makes no sense. >> with tyler, we have lost a kind, positive son who reached out to help others in need and he made a difference. this is so unbelievable. our prayers are with him and the other victims and all the people who have been touched by this senseless violence. >> police say agular legally bought the 12-gauge shotgun back in december. investigators say he was also carrying a backpack with two homemade bombs that were later disabled. edward snowden making headlines again this morning lobbying out new accusations with washington's secret surveillance programs. he tells german public broadcaster, ard, that the nsa spying also included industrial
7:09 am
espionage. he says companies were targeted, even though there was no threat of national security. u.s. officials want to have him killed too. barbara starr in washington. they want to have him killed? >> well, that's what he is saying. that's the latest, carol, in a very lengthy interview that edward snowden gave a german broadcaster from where he is currently residing in moscow. now, i just want to get right to it and read you part of what snowden told the germans. he said, quote, these people,and they are government officials, said they would love to put a bullet in my head or poison me when i come out of the supermarket and then watch me die in the shower. we have no real understanding of who exactly edward snowden believes wants to kill him. the united states, of course, has charges against him. he has talked about the fact
7:10 am
that he would come back to the united states if he didn't have legal jeopardy, the whistle blower protections don't cover him. there is no indication at this point that the obama administration wants to give him amnesty, forgiveness or any of that. they want him back. the official word is they want to prosecute him. on this question of whether the nsa is targeting american companies for industrial espionage, the administration has said that they are only engaged in this kind of collection and surveillance when there is a national security threat to the united states. another lengthy snowden interview and still a lot of questions about what he is really talking about. carol? >> barbara starr, reporting live from the pentagon this morning. let's talk about the 56th annual grammy awards definitely kept viewers entertained starting with jay-z and beyonce, something they have never done before, perform. ♪
7:11 am
>> at times, the fog machine kind of got out of control. it was hard to tell if anybody was actually singing but we think they were. it was a fabulous performance. 17-year-old new zealand native, lawyer la, took home the song of the year. daft punk took home record of the year for their smash hit "get lucky." ♪ ♪ i'm up all night to get lucky ♪ >> daft punk also took home album of the year for "random access memories." in a surprise appearance, the beatles two surviving members, paul mccartney and ringo starr performed "cut me some slack" which went on to win best rock song. the cnn's presentation of the '60s british invasion chronicling the beatles first tour of the united states airs this thursday, 9:00 p.m. eastern
7:12 am
high stakes at the state of the union, the challenges the president faces in his speech in the year ahead. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel.
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president obama looks to reboot his agenda with the state of the union address. he will face challenges even within his own party. more from cnn's candy crowley. >> reporter: this year, state of the union night features a second-term president looking to his legacy and a supporting cast looking to get reelected. advantage to president obama, who will be immediately elevated by the grandeur of tradition and one of the handiest tools in a presidential arsenal, the power to set the agenda.
7:15 am
>> the most important time to set that agenda is at the state of the union speech. it is the most important day with he know about that's coming in 2014. so he'll use that to reviv i phi his second term. >> we can go et this done. >> reporter: the president could use some reviv ify kags. there were victories but most of 2013 got away from him. after his convincing re-election, the president thought congressional republicans would be more aminable to his agenda. they were not. the early months were consumed by deficit and spending arguments. the boston marathon bombing in the spring dominated the headlines and rea wakened that post 9/11 system of vulnerability. some were brought to collect phone da ta in most calls in and out of the u.s. and a response to a coup. october brought -- >> this isn't some dam game.
7:16 am
>> reporter: a government shutdown that hurt republicans mostly but everybody a little and the granddaddy of all agenda busters. >> that's on me. >> reporter: the incompetent rollout of the affordable care act which hurt the president a lot. >> there was a time when i was a young invisible. after five years in this office, people don't call me that anymore. >> reporter: politically, 2013 was the coolest year for the president. he has the poll numbers to prove it and an agenda that mostly didn't happen. >> i will faithfully execute -- >> reporter: presidential second terms are so often down hill trips. there is a name for it. second term first. this president is in dire need of a better economy and a clean run for his health care law to bolster his poll numbers and then a changeup. in politics, either double down on your efforts or pivot. sounds like the president will choose both, work with congress to get what he can. go around them with executive
7:17 am
power to go and get what he wants. >> he will go everywhere he can to try to move the ball forward. >> reporter: tuesday night, president obama walks up to the house podium and into american living rooms to outline his agenda under the shadow of weak approval ratings and a ticking clock. seated in the house cham per bill be progressives, previously known as liberals, disappointed with the president for not being more aggressive with republicans and moderate democrats facing re-election battles in conservative battedle that is the president work and republicans that might win a senate majority this year. all of that would mean during the last two years of his tenure, president obama would be dealing with a republican-controlled capitol hill. no pressure. candy crowley, cnn, washington be sure to tune in to cnn's coverage of the state of the union, tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. checking other top stories. two toledo, ohio firefighters
7:18 am
have died in the line of duty. they were seriously burned white battling a fire at an apartment building sunday. no one else was hurt. no computers, phones, wi-fi, some of the tight rules in place for the public as jury selection kicks off in the corruption trial of ray nagan, a former new orleans mayor. they are worried some people may not respect the court's rules. he is accused of taking more than $200,000 in bribes from city contractors after hurricane katrina. in alaska, an avalanche has cut off 4,000 residents into the town. the only high wa in is expected to stay closed for two weeks. food and fuel can be brought in by barge, if needed. this morning, the eastern half of the country is divided into two groups. everybody is feeling that frigid cold wind. the millions of people shivering
7:19 am
from the latest blast of winter that would be that and the millions more who are just hours away from that, from plunging into a deep freeze of their own. right now, temperatures are as much as 30 degrees below normal in the northern plains and the midwest. in some places like chicago, today's high temperature will not even break zero. so chicago shut down schools. also, there are several other districts across the region that have shut down schools, hopeful school kids take note that arctic air is saiding south along with the threat of a major storm. cnn meteorologist, indra peter sons is in our weather center with more. >> that's where i come in, always to give people the bad news. one of these days, we are going to flip this, i promise. for now, as you are waking up this morning, look at these temperatures. minnesota feeling like almost 40
7:20 am
below. take a look at chicago. this air is going to be spreading to the south and to the east. the question everybody has been asking, is this the worst it has ever been? no, believe it or not. it is cold but we have seen temperatures way cooler than this before. chicago, seeing a high of 1 below. that's that contract across the country. a clipper system making its way in through the northeast. lake effect knsnow and a light dusting into new york. this is the bigger story. let me tell you how unusual this is. we are going to be talking temperatures so cold into the south, the threat for icing,
7:21 am
winter mix. places like louisiana and new orleans could have snow tomorrow morning. it is going to be tough to decide where we are going to see the icing and the snow. that will depend on how far south that cold air moves. you are talking about the deep south, several inches of snow or icing. either way, it shows a perfect picture of what january has been looking like around here. >> it is so weird. in atlanta, it was almost 65 degrees yesterday. a huge drop. >> thanks so much. minutes ago, the commerce department announced new home sales dropped more than expected. zain asher explains what it means for your money. hi. >> new home sales dropping by 7%, because mortgage rates are up, home prices are up. i'll explain why that might make it easier for you to get a loan coming up after this break. because no other mouthwash works like listerine®.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
according to a new report, new home sales slipped down. if you take a look at the numbers over the past year, new home sales are up quite a bit. let's bring in cnn business correspondent. zain asher. >> if you look at the whole, they reached a high but if you look at december, they dropped 7%, partly because of the cold weather. overall, there are a couple of factors happening in the housing market right now that are affecting buyers. prices are up. inventory is tight. mortgage rates are increasing. let me show you what home sales, where they are expected to go this year. home prices, where they are expected to go. oakland, california, expects to increase by 9.3%. ft. worth, texas, expected to go up by 8.9%.
7:26 am
mortgage rates, after seeing historic lows back in may of last year, possibly could reach 5% this year. for some context, home buyers do need to make sure if you are looking to lock in a loan, go for it right now. partly because banks, they need to drum up business. they are going to try and lure potential home buyers any way they can. take a listen to what one economist had to say. >> as mortgage rates rise, banks have to get more creative about getting new business. they tend to get more creative by lowering the amount of down payment they require or accepting a lower fico score. >> a fico score is your credit score to lock in the best possible rate. you probably need something in the range of 740, carol. zain asher, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," his letter to the wall street journal sparking a firestorm. he says a tax on rich people like him are just like nazi attacks on jews.
7:27 am
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and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. wealthy among us being persecuted? that's what this man believes. he is silicon valley venture capitalist, tom perkins, a billionaire. he blasted a rising tide of hatred against the 1%. in a controversial letter to the wall street journal, he compared hatred of america's wealthiest
7:31 am
citizens to the nazi's persecution of the jews. dan simon has more. >> reporter: he is worth an estimated $8 billion, owning one of the world's largest yachts. >> this whole area is wide open and very airy. tom perkins built his wealth as a founder of one of silicon valley's most prominent venture capital firms, which made early investments in google, amazon and aol, among many others. >> i started back in 1972 with a fund of only $8 million, which, believe it or not, was the largest in the world for high-tech venture capital. >> reporter: the 82-year-old said this recently, when asked what makes a good technology investor. >> judgment, which comes from experience. >> now, perkins judgment is being questioned after penning a letter to the wall street journal in which he compares the criticism of wealthy americans to the holocaust. writing from the epicenter of
7:32 am
progressive thought, san francisco, i would call attention to the parallels of fascist nazi germany to its war on its 1%, namely the juews to the progressive war on the american 1%, the rich. he says there is a demonization of the rich singling out occupy wall street and also recent protests in san francisco over the buses that carry technology workers from the city to silicon valley. some say it has caused a surge in the city's home prices. this is a very dangerous drift in our american thinking. he says kristalnacht, referring to the nazi atrocities on jewish community was unthinkable in the 1930s. is its descendant, progressive radicalism unthinkable now. rehacks has been ar shall. steven greenhouse wrote, as someone who lost numerous relatives to the nazi gas chambers, i find statements like
7:33 am
this revolting and inexplicable. others accusing him of being insensitive and tone defendant to the killing of 6 million jews to the super rich. they said tom perkins has not been involved in kpcb in years. we were shocked by his views. >> the views were extraordinary. >> perkins has always seemds to be open, including giving this tour of his high-rise condo. in had is 2008 autobiography, he says, he is not a religious person but mentioned a few instances of going to church. >> that was cnn's dan simon. in an e-mail to dan, tom perkins defended his remarks writing, quote, dear dan, i stand by my comments in the letter to the wall street journal. as for criticism of the letter, everyone is entitled to his or her on opinion. let's talk more about mr. perkins and class warfare and the larger implications. with me now, ross, cnn political
7:34 am
commentator and maria, democratic strategist, political commentator. welcome to both of you. maria, what is it with the nazi comparisons? >> mr. perkins isn't the only one to have compared nazis to whatever. >> they should stay away from it. the same as republicans should stop talking about women's reproductive systems. they should stop making comparisons to anything the nazis do and it takes focus away from what could be a real debate. his comments were not only offensive but absolutely off the mark. if there is a war on the 1%, they are winning it. the 1% is doing better now than they ever have been. what this president and the administration is trying to do is to make sure those same opportunities that are give frn given to the 1% are given to middle class workers.
7:35 am
>> ross, why would the wall street journal print such a letter? >> well, he is a famous and highly successful and extremely wealthy person. someone thought it was newsworthy he would express himself in this fashion. if you are writing a letter to the editor section, i can't think of anything that would make you happier than to have a letter published in your section to be discussed on cnn. i think it is pretty obvious why the journal decided to public the letter. i don't think you have to look to some idea like the journal's editors agree with this. it had a certain kind of news value. i don't think there is a lot to be said about it except it is the idea of a fairly elderly man expressing this. >> i have heard his charge
7:36 am
before, the demonization of the rich, ross. is there a demonization of the rich going on in this country? >> well, sure. the politics of class warfare are always part of american politics. this is something that frankly, rich people in the age of obama should have a better handle on. i think you have a lot of wealthy people who aren't used to being criticized in any way, shape, or form. i don't obviously always agree with the things the president says. i think the campaign the white house ran against mitt romney was somewhat despicable at times and some of the attacks they ran. but, it is nothing remotely like the jews and nazi germany. what it is like is american politics basically going back 250 years. the rich have a lot of money and a lot of power. with great wealth and great power comes the reality that people are going to criticize you and you have to learn to deal with it graciously. >> mr. perkins isn't the only wealthy person not dealing with it graciously in san francisco, maria. maybe our viewers don't
7:37 am
understand what's going on there right now. middle class americans an lower middle class americans in san francisco are angry at the wealthy techies in san francisco for pushing them out of the city. the wealthy people aren't exactly apologizing,ite? >> i think to ross's point, he is right. this has always been an issue in american politics. what has been so fantastic about this country is that you could always count on the fact that you could, by working hard and getting a good education and playing by the rules that you could think to do a lot better than what your parents did. the problem is, right now, the way the infrastructure has been set up and the way the government has been functioning for the last 20 or 30 years starting with triple down economics, is that that infrastructure or that promise of going away of making sure you could do better if you played by the rules is going away. this is what the obama administration has been talking about.
7:38 am
it is not class warfare. it is to make sure there is no deficit of opportunity which has been happening for the last 20 years. it is not class warfare against the rich. the rich are doing better than they ever have been. >> when presidents say things like spreading the wealth and the wealthy have to do their share and those with more have to do more. >> that's just liberalism. look, again, i would just say there are aspects of things that liberals and democrats say, including what things maria just said about san francisco and so on that i fairly strongly disagree with but that doesn't justify invoking nazi analogies that are just ludicrous. what's difficult, these are more complicated than rich versus poor. if you look at the case of san francisco, for instance, when people talk about rich people pushing poor people out of san
7:39 am
francisco, it has some of the strictest zones laws in the united states of america. it is a heavily regulated city in which it is very difficult to build in you housing. what that means, since it is also a city lots of people want to live in, the price of housing keeps going up. the answer is neither for the rich to whine about how they are persecuted nor for the poor to demonize the rich, it is to build more housing in san francisco. some of these policy issues are not really right versus left. they are just sort of, you need more housing in a city that people want to live in. >> maybe we all need to grow p and be more mature about talking about stuff like this. >> and focus on the real issues. >> maria, ross, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. still to come, public scandal and private heartbreak. we are telling you why hillary clinton may face political potshots over her husband's affair with monica lewinsky. yes, that's come up again. it's hip-hop.
7:40 am
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should hillary clinton decide to throw her hat into the ring in 2016, it could put a different spin on the battle between democrats and republicans for female voters. they require they are in a war on women with issues like abortion and birth control. they say republicans have set women back in these areas. one prominent republican and possible 2016 contender, senator rand paul, disagrees wholeheartedly. he says, the party of bill clinton isn't the best one to deliver that message. cnn's peter hamby joins me with the latest. >> rand paul did the sunday show rounds this weekend on state off the union here with candy
7:44 am
crowley, he said republicans are winning, the quote, unquote, war with women because there are more women in the work place. he probably made a little more provocative news on "meet the press." he was asked about recent comments his wife made in "vogue" magazine calling bill clinton predatory because of his relationship with monica lewinsky. listen to what was said on "meet the press," carol. >> i think the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. he took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old and an intern in his office. there is no excuse for that. that is predatory behavior and it should be something we shouldn't want to associate with people who would take advantage of a young girl in his office. >> those comments are kind of a blast from the past but, look, two takeaways from this real quick, carol. one, this part of the clinton biography is always going to be
7:45 am
there. rand paul doing frankly what the republican base probably wants at this point, if he does run for president, which he says he is thinking about, which is to be completely pugnacious and go right at the clintons. he did make clear, though, carol, i want to make clear, that he wasn't associated hillary clinton with this. however, in the same breath he said, it is kind of hard to separate the clintons from each other. a little bit of double talk there from rand paul. >> bill clinton wouldn't be the one running for president. hillary clinton would be the one running for president. number two, when you talk about politicians in inappropriate relationships, that cuts across all party lines, doesn't it? >> it certainly does. we have had our fair share of republicans, democrats, anthony weiner, mark sanford, to whomever else deals with these issues. the thing about bill clinton, hillary clinton will be running for president if she runs on her
7:46 am
own terms with the frankly really impressive resume. however, as we saw last time, bill clinton for good or bad is an inescapable force in politics. he certainly would be in a potential clinton campaign. i think you are seeing a little bit of a preview of a playbook that republicans will have if they run against hillary clinton in 2016. >> peter hamby, many thanks, as usual. still to come in the "newsroom," sports fans checking weather reports as much as stat sheets. cnn's laura bonasora, is at the sight of the super bowl. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. will this be what metlife stadium looks like on sunday or will it be blanketed in snow? contingency plans are in effect as the nfl is gambling on this cold weather super bowl. more to come in just a moment.
7:47 am
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nwas the most watchedage otelevision event ever.s so, what's next? the upcoming winter games from sochi. where every second of nbc universal's coverage
7:50 am
will be available on every device. on tv, online or streaming on the nbc sports live extra app. beginning february 6th, experience the winter games everywhere. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal hi, super bowl week is underway. both the seahawks and broncos have arrived for the big game. like every other super bowl, there is a lot of talk about before the teams hit the field. a lot, a lot of talk. unlike every other super bowl, the weather is a huge topic this year. cnn's laura bonacera is outside metlife stadium with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
7:51 am
carol. the nfl is taking a big risk. this is the first super bowl to be held in a stadium with no roof. there is the potential for a blizzard to strike. it could be postponed or moved up a few weeks. just last week, this was blanketed in 13 inches of snow. it needed massive cleanups, including a jet-engine power vaporizer. it has front end loaders, haul trucks and plows on stand by to get rid of all of the snow. other things is that the field itself, the actual turf, is a big concern. it has actually been covered in tarp for the majority of the time since around christmas with heaters blowing hot air underneath the tarp to keep the field nice and warm.
7:52 am
now, the field is mostly uncovered except for the end zones. even if it doesn't snow, it could still be very, very cold. the nfl, they are going to be providing fans in attendance with a warm pack. that's going to include earmuffs and a scarf. roger goodell says he is going to be braving the weather, sitting with the fans, not in a fancy, heated suite staying warm in there. the players, they arrived last week or last night, rather. when peyton manning was getting off the plane, you could see he wasn't exactly freezing. all he needed was just one little scarf. i'm sure he didn't have very far to go. afterwards, he spoke about how much him and his team are looking forward to sunday. >> the super bowl is a big deal. i know how hard it is to get here. i know how much time and sacrifice our team has made in
7:53 am
order to have this opportunity to play in this game. so we were excited getting on that plane. we were excited getting off that plane. we're looking forward to being here all week and hopefully playing a good game next sunday. >> reporter: now, manning has often been criticized for not exactly being a cold weather quarterback or player. it is not exactly completely fair criticism. he does have a 4-7 record when the kickoff temperature is at freezing or below freezing. that doesn't bode well for him. i'm sure that on sunday, if him and the broncos do manage to win this game, that will certainly put some criticism to put, carol. >> absolutely put it to bed, lara balance de sara, thanks so much. a teacher with an inoperable brain tumor america's an 8,000 mile journey and finds out how much more he has to live with. his story next. i'm beth...
7:54 am
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7:58 am
"today's american journey." >> reporter: in the city that care forgot, it is hard to find anyone with fewer worries that david manashi. >> at times, i have felt a lot like huk fin just floating down the river free. >> reporter: odd, because for seven years, he has had an inop perable brain tumor. his terminal illness has led to the adventure of a lifetime. >> that's one of the perks of being told you are going to die. >> reporter: he was a teacher that loved lit yur, poetry and shaping young lives. he wondered if he really made any difference. he set out to visit as many former students as he could through 8,000 miles of buses, trains, and hitch hiking. i repeatedly got the question, what are you doing it in seattle? how did you get to san francisco? >> oregon, illinois, new york,
7:59 am
pennsylvania, florida, georgia, louisiana, alabama. >> reporter: a lot? >> a lot. ladies and gentlemen, the pacific. >> reporter: the adventure became a book, the priority list. friendships became a new reason to live. >> even in this state, mostly blind and crippled, i'm alive and i'm doing things with my life and i am very happy about that. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> i did make a difference and i'm very proud of that difference and the people that they had become. >> reporter: some of his old students now help him get to the doctor, run errands and read books. >> there was a time in high school where i didn't know if he would be there to see me get into college and graduate and to know that i wanted to be a teacher. >> reporter: that has all been more than you expected? >> absolutely. >> we are all going to die. we both know this. it is an inest ability if you just spend your time dreading and mourning, you miss out on
8:00 am
the good stuff that happens before then. i am very much about living. >> reporter: he pushes on, not to the end but to whatever comes next. tom foreman, cnn, new orleans. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. the florida congressman caught buying cocaine from an undercover agent apparently giving up the fight to hold on to the coveted seat. word on the hill, tray raidle is about to resign. crossing police lines for a look inside the columbia maryland mall. the scene of this weekend's deadly shooting. what have police learned about the young gunman's motive and what does the journal he left behind reveal? he stormed into