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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 31, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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countries. >> what is yet to penetrate the walls is optimism about the new diplomacy between iran and the u.s. >> could you imagine american diplomats opening the embassy again? you cannot trust america, he said. cnn, tehran. >> that's it for me this hour. breaking news continues though right now with brooke baldwin. live on super bowl boulevard here in time square. excitement for the game is palpable. breaking news. two days before the super bowl, an envelope containing a suspicious white powder has been discovered at not just one or two, but three hotels near met life stadium in new jersey. cnn national correspondent susan canned lotiy is joining me on the phone. tell me what you know about the
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substance that has been found. >> brand-new information about two of the letters. law enforcement officials and sources as well had six letters sent to hotels in and around the super bowl. as well as one letter sent to routy giuliani. we don't know if there was a threat and we had brand-new information. this is according to east rutherford mayor that was in east rutherford, new jersey. that letter was tested and found it was cornstarch.
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in addition that, i just learned from new york, a little bit more about the letter sent to former mayor giuliani. this is a letter by eight people. they promised that the substance itself is not toxic. it's not toxic. they are doing further tests on all the letters of course, including this one. >> let me tell you because your cell signal is in and out. susan candiotti, we will pull away from her. the substances are tested and the substances is a cornstarch. we just heard our reporter.
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can you corroborate what she was hearing? cornstarch? >> yes, let me read what i received. cornstarch. we are clear from home and our incident management unit is out of town assisting fbi efforts. numerous incidents are going on in the area both sides of the river. >> so mr. mayor, i know we have the fbi and the state police and the state of new jersey investigating, but if this is cornstarch and a hoax, we have federal law enforcement wasting their time on this. >> correct. it adds to what is going on with the super bowl. there state troopers all over. fbi and federal authorities. the local police. it's been an intensive security operation. >> and of course we have to treat everything as if this is
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the real deal. let me ask you since i have you, the fact that this super bowl is happening in your back yard, walk me through. if you are attending this game on sunday and normally getting the nfl game pretty tough, but how much more difficult is it come sunday? >> it's very difficult because of the -- when you are talking about a worldwide event like the super bowl, since 2001, since 9/11, the security is extraordinary. way beyond what a normal football game is. normally you get patted down. you have to bring your belongings in a clear bag and that's it. there is a lot of troopers around and local police, but this brings in national security and the tsa. the fbi.
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homeland security. the state and local authorities. as i mentioned, the state has i think approximately 700 troopers that will be working the day of the game. so like a fortress down there, you can't get on to the property of the sports authority right now. >> understandably so. we have been covering the winter olympics in sochi. we have been talking a lot about the so-called ring of steel, mayor. is there a ring of steel, so to speak, around east rutherford? >> i don't know if you call it a ring of steel, but you can't go strolling on to the property. you will have dozens of troopers or agents surrounding you. you can't get anywhere near even the property. if you can see it from the picture, the stadium is on the
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sports complex property and that's the whole surrounding area. you cannot get into the complex at all. >> how long do you think it would take someone, one of the fortunate few who has a ticket, how long between entering that perimeter and sitting in that seat do you think it will take? >> i could go back, the last super bowl i was at was in 2009, pre9-11. it must have taken an hour to get through security and this was pre-9/11. i have to believe it will take an hour to two hours. i don't know. i'm sure they are going to do the best they can. what's going on in russia, you want to be safe. i know there will be moaning, but you know what, we need to enjoy the games and people have to know that there is security and they don't have to worry about anything but who is going to win the game.
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>> mayor from east rutherford, new jersey. let me bring in evan perez. what more do you have on what we have been reporting on this suspicious substance? >> brooke, one thing i wanted to add to susan candiotti's reporting at the top, the testing that is done is often inconclusive. one of the things that is going to happen is that the fbi and the nypd and state police are going to bring this to a lab where they determine whether or not it's cornstarch or anything else. it's inconclusive and often wrong. out of caution, they want to do testing back in the lab. that can take days and over a week. all of the resources that these law enforcement had to dedicate
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to this today is something that will continue and as you noted, there is a lot of security already in place. before they get in screening. you and i discussed a few days ago and the tsa will do a baggage check at a train station away from the met life stadium stop. there tons of agents and local police that are doing all of this. some of those resources had to be taken away to turn it into something like this. from all appearances may end up being nothing. obviously they respond to these things all the time. again, the resources will be expended on something that may or may not be worthwhile. >> if it's not worthwhile, it's frustrating with all these resources to be directed to
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something, but not the real thing. thank you so much for that. mayor james in east rutherford, thank you very, very much. coming up, amanda knox said she will run, she will hide. she said there is no way she is going back to italy. after being convicted of murder again, will she have a choice? stay here. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! . >> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin live here in the middle of times square. super bowl boulevard to take you inside in a bit. amanda knox found guilty of murder for the second time.
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the question today, how long untility low comes looking for her? they were convict and later acquitted of the murder of her college roommate. the accusation? that knox and her ex-killed kercher after this drug-fuelled sex game spiralled out of control. the acquittals were overturned last year. huge news. she came home to seattle and a retrial was ordered. it's in this retrial that they have been found guilty again. knox of course as i mentioned came back to the united states and home to seattle where she is right now, refusing to return to italy willingly. take a listen. >> i'm going through waves of emotion in response to it. my first reaction was no. this is wrong and i'm going to do everything i can to prove
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that it is. i felt very determined and my family felt very determined. but it was only on my way here that i really got my first cry. this really has hit me like a train. i did not expect this to happen. i really expected so much better from the italian justice system. they found me innocent before and how can they say guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. i will never go willingly back to the place where i -- i'm going to fight this until the very end. >> that was amanda knox reacting to this guilty verdict just this morning. joining me now, a dna expert and professor of biology and criminal justice at boise state university. welcome to you. >> thanks, brooke. >> here's the thing off the top. you have amanda knox who was
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initially acquitted and then convicted on the same evidence. you looked at the case closely. how does that happen? >> she was convicted first and then acquitted by science. then the supreme court sent it back down to the appellate level and said take a look again. this judge just like the last appellate judge ordered a new dna test and we thought that was great. we know the science will show she is innocent. that test came back and showed she was innocent. it is another test, the only test this judge ordered. this was a kitchen knife used for cooking and not killing. we thought the judge would rule on the new evidence. it was shocking to see that the science was ignored even though it was requested by the court. >> that didn't happen.
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you saw amanda knox saying i will run and i will hide. i don't want to go back to italy. do you think she will be extradited? what are the chances? >> i'm not a lawyer and certainly not an international lawyer. there is an extradition treaty. the treaties are written for serious crimes like murder, but there are problems with the case that the lawyers pointed out. i'm sure there will be lots of litigation. he was tried. she was set free after an exhaustive look at all the evidence and after new testing. i think there a lot of arguments that we present easy extradition. she has the supreme court to go back to and the european court perhaps. the european court of human rights. what this means is a lot more litigation, dragging it out and rafael is in italy.
11:17 am
he's there in italy. >> he's in florence. >> they will come to get him when they decide that they want to. that hopefully won't happen. hopefully the supreme court will reverse this back and forth that keeps happening and i'm hoping they will say you ordered this dna test, why didn't you look at the results? that's the justice system. >> it's incredible watching the process and the stories all over the years and how different the justice system is in italy versus what we have here in the united states. thank you so much for joining me. we talk to dennis rodman on air. the star erupted. this morning he talked to chris cuomo again. this time from rehab. you will hear what dennis rodman does not regret and as someone
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. >> the bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin live in the middle of all the action in times square. hey, guys! this is super bowl boulevard. i took a walk around to see what this place is. here's the tease. i rode on the toboggan. need i say more? dennis rodman retired pro basketball player, friend to a dictator and admitted alcoholic
11:22 am
in his interview this mornin with chris cuomo. he talked about all kinds of issues. i want to hone in on one. dennis rodman's addiction. he has been in rehab less than a month. this exclusive interview is his first since he went in. it happened inside this rehab i want you to watch what dennis rodman told chris about why he drinks. >> for me, the reason why i drink is i'm bored. >> you drink because you are bored. >> absolutely. i need to be active. i need to be productive and keep my mind on life in general. >> so you heard that. dennis rodman said he drinks because he's bored. he said he doesn't have to. >> i have been in rehab, but it's like i don't have to drink.
11:23 am
i came to the realization 15 years ago. i don't really have to drink. i don't need to go in a bar or a restaurant and drink alcohol. that's not my job. i do it for recreational purposes like most people. i go to a bar and a restaurant, 97% of people have a drink. it could be anything. for me it's more like i love to have a good time. i love to be around people and have a good time. for me, yes, i drink and people know that. am i an alcoholic? absolutely. >> jane velez mitchell. hln host of addict nation. how many years have you been sober? >> i have been sober 18 years and if i make it to april 1st,
11:24 am
it will be 19 years. kudos to chris cuomo for this incredible exclusive because it shows us the face of addiction. dennis rodman clearly is. alcoholics are proud of their ability to sweet talk their way out of any predicament and they are good at rationalizing. he is rationalizing, minimizing and justifying and otherwise excusing his horrific behavior because of his pathological need for attention and being in the spotlight. he allowed himself to be used as a pr path for a horrific dictator and said i don't know anything about politics. one google search can point out that they say this buddy of his, this dictator of north korea is presiding over labor camps and internment camps that are torturing and executing and starving many thousands of people. but i didn't know anything about
11:25 am
that. that's nonsense. he is so driven by the need for attention, he will become a pr hack for a monster. >> his pathological need for attention and the fact that he is sitting in this rehab facility and hasn't been there i month and he said okay, i will talk to you. let me play more sound byte. >> because of this north korea and all this other stuff, it's the fact that i can't go out there and preach the 12 steps of being sober. i can't do that. >> you are not following them. >> it doesn't matter where i follow 1 to 12 or 6 to 12 or 6 to 1. i can do at least half of that and it's one. >> i top the see dennis rodman clean for his sake. truly, honestly i do. do you think he sounds like someone who is taking this seriously and following the 12
11:26 am
steps? >> he's wearing sunglasses in the daytime for one thing. why is he still wearing the sunglasses? a lot of times it's so you can't see their pupils dilated. maybe it's just a habit. i too wish him the best. he's a serial relapser and we have been covering him for years getting into trouble because of his addiction. really it does illustrate how he's not bored. he's a spiritually bankrupt. that's where addiction leads you. incomprehensible demoralization and spiritual bankruptcy. i hope he takes it seriously. as great as it was and i'm excited that he got it, when somebody is in rehab, they should be looking at the inside and not trying to talk to the world. >> we appreciate the interview, but focus on yourself. jane velez mitchell. happy almost 19 years, my
11:27 am
friend. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> much more on developing story out of new york here in new jersey. the envelopes with white powder was sent to several hotels near the super bowl. we are told containing cornstarch. think about the money and attention going into this investigation in the middle of a major security event. we are all over the breaking news next here on cnn. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier.
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. >> welcome to the cnn compound. we are working inside the cnn express. when you see us on tv, this is where we are looking high above down on times square. what is the super bowl boulevard really about? let's find out. we are in the middle of times square. a lot of people consider this the cross roads of the world.
11:31 am
this place is super bowl boulevard this weekend. the huge signs over there under the big super bowl 48 sign and over here near the police department obviously security is a priority this weekend. you can really feel the excitement out here and also as i discovered be either a bronco or a seahawk. i always wanted to know what i look like as a football player. obviously being perfectly jacketed. we have to give love to the broncos fans. yeah! >> new york's finest. good luck this weekend.
11:32 am
>> that was awesome. thank you so much. yes! another. >> that was a little bit of what's happening behind super bowl boulevard on a much more serious note a short time ago, there was a fear of this possible suspicious powder and substance being sent to hotels near the super bowl. the latest according to police, this was found at five hotels near east rutherford, new jersey and also one here in mid-town manhattan. the former mayor rudy giuliani talking to the mayor. he told me that one of the testings came up cornstarch. let's begin there. my colleague is talking security to this mayor and incredibly frustrating. they have to take this stuff off
11:33 am
of the grounds and test it there. if it's cornstarch, you have to take everything seriously here. that's a waste of money and resources. >> yeah. you can never be too careful. it is a waste of money. 100 law enforcement agencies. let me show you the camera. camera, camera. there is a camera right here and a camera there. there is a command center for police officers there. it's well secured. see how secure the area is. from 34th to 37th street, probably the most secure area in the country. same with met life stadium. at least 4,000 officers are going to use on sunday to secure the stadium. 13.5 scare mile area they will be securing. it's pretty well secured. if they have this manpower going to -- >> to running off the hotels with cornstarch. >> fracture some of it.
11:34 am
>> listen, it's not just people with the presence here, but the reason is it is very important here. we are being watched every second. this morning i couldn't find my bag. i thought it was a fan and they said go ahead, i know you work for cnn. it was a security officer who looks like a fan walking around. >> they are invisible. >> you have no idea. they may be helping you up on your thing as you are going to be a seahawk or a bronco. >> with the stadium specifically, i know we are sitting here and there is a lot of security here. there is always a lot of cameras during the year. specifically it's the stadium. i know it's tough. they need to get in the game and it takes a long, long time. here come sunday, it's going to take a while. >> it's going to take a while and when you have a game in cold weather, it adds another layer.
11:35 am
there so many layers. people come in and they have the coats and we have to check every pocket. everyone will be bundled up. they are concerned about that. they think you carry something in your coat. if you go to the game and you don't need a coat. you have to have that to get to the stadium. mass transit has another level of security and another check point. you can't bring bags and purses and all of that. i would imagine they would say five hotels and one supposedly sent to the former mayor. let's hope, knock on wood it will be cornstarch and that's it. >> come back next hour. we will talk about something lighter. bruno mars. >> we thought we had a sighting earlier today. it was someone who just looked like him. >> thank you very much. what is the secret? we all watch the game for the game, not the ads. >> or the halftime show. >> or the halftime show.
11:36 am
think about the ads. what do you think about the secret success formula. >> it's like a secret source. a little something extra. >> we will talk about that next. >> you're nuts. you're crazy. so what's better, bigger or smaller? [ all ] bigger! now let's say a friend invites you over and they have a really big, really fun pool. and then another friend invites you over who has a much smaller, less fun pool. which pool would you rather go to? does the big pool have piranhas? i believe so. does it have a dinosaur that can turn into a robot and chop the water like a karate ninja? yeah. wait, what? why would it not? [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. bigger is better. and at&t now covers more than 99% of all americans. ♪
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>> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin here live in the excitement at super bowl boulevard here in times square. listen, even if you don't like football, you probably like the super bowl music and the parties and of course the commercials, right? one commercial in particular is putting the spotlight on a growing trend in america. here is miguel marquez. >> yes, governor, your ping pong theme, but like commercial teaser was a surprise. more surprising, ping pong is huge. seems to be getting huger. world leaders play and even royals. across america, bars and venues are dedicated to ping pong springing up.
11:41 am
>> i have seen a lot opening up. >> these are ping pong table tennis fanatics. >> you have to keep working your mind really fast. >> they are proing at spin, now a worldwide chain of hipster ping pong clubs. >> i made a mistake. >> lee who once played for the south korea national team is a table tennis ambassador. in leather and high heels. >> you are making ping pong glamorous, yes? >> i think so. i make ping pong trendy and fun. >> she also makes it look ridiculously fashionable. the public face of spin, one of the founders strangely enough is the actress, susan sarandon. >> it's kind of equalizing the
11:42 am
playing field that little girls can beat muscle bound guys. >> another quality, sarandon plays a table tennis guru in a film called ping pong summer. her choice as the director is obvious. >> who won an oscar and owns a ping pong club. >> on the big screen and the small screen and everywhere in between. cnn, los angeles. >> i love the leather outfit. who knew? no time to rest watching the super bowl and the action on the field is not quite appeal to you, the ads usually do. you know why. the standards are high. most people watch this particular game than any other event with the oscars and the grammys and the world series. here is just a sampling of what 43 advertisers are paying. up to $4.5 million a spot.
11:43 am
>> oh! take off your pants, greek boy. >> you heard the man. >> take those pants off. that's going to stain. >> don't leave me alone with him. ♪ and you let her go ♪ >> tim teebhere.
11:44 am
i can save these puppies. and i can tour the world. you might want to hold on to those donuts. >> robert tuckman joining me. so fun. i love talking about this. if they are forking out $4.5 million, why release the ad ahead of time? >> they look back to years ago, you never saw any snippets, but the companies realized is if you realize them months in advance, you get more media attention. you get the buzz going and the reason they do that, they can leverage the commercial the entire year. especially for $4.5 million. >> you get the buzz talking about it and the bang for the buck. >> the bang for the buck has changed. that's the ad we have been
11:45 am
talking about. they want to see it real and live. you can talk about that. ads aired on you tube that were never intended to be in the super bowl. >> let's get to that. there is one brand that they couldn't fork over the dough to play during the super bowl. it's incredibly popular. take a look. >> i was excited to make a commercial, but it turns out they don't have the money or permission. you can't even say the word. >> you don't even hear her say super bowl. it's the bleeping. why do this? it's incredibly popular. >> it is. the go daddy trends and say we are not getting that for centuries. come watch it. anyone in the country that was never -- you any to go daddy. others realize we are not going to spend the money and maybe not
11:46 am
as big, but for three months earlier and later, we still get it. >> can you talk about uncle joey and jesse. full house fame. roll the clip. oh, no clip. i just wanted to say the game. the point is it was for a yogurt. why do you think that so resonates? what's the secret. is it nostalgic? >> totally. look at the people who are watching the game. how old are they? they grew up with full house. when you look at that, you bring it back and it reminds you stuff like that when you do that, it resonates with the people who are watching. >> what are you looking forward to seeing? >> i want to have the one that you always go and watch and one commercial everyone is talking about on monday. i want to see something that didn't get the hype. what's it going to be? >> the clydesdales? >> that always gets me, but the llama.
11:47 am
i don't know knows what that's all about. he is walking a llama into an elevator. >> awesome. let's talk monday. the post-game. thank you, guys. thank you very much. coming up here on cnn, we are talking about amanda knox. she said no way she is going to run and going to hide and she is not going back to italy. she has been convicted of murder again. remember she was convicted, acquitted and convicted again. incredibly disturbing investigation out of michigan. have you heard about this? bags of body parts found along a snowy highway. we will have the latest on the investigation as far as who police think they may belong to. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. how a victim died.
11:51 am
that has long since disturbed the investigation. they spot the bags and it's just about an hour's drive northeast of detroit. that's with this one. you know there is an autopsy for today. has that happened yet. >> we believe it's going on right now, brooke. the hope is that autopsy will shed light on the could have here. a call came in yesterday around 4:30. the report was something was dumping trash along the side of the road. they found body parts in several bags. they included a head and a torso and initially they couldn't identify it.
11:52 am
they believe it is a single male man who was disposed of after his body parts were separated into the trash bags. they got a call about a piece of trash outside of an off-ramp nearby. they reported in that bag they found clothing that was charred and paperwork that was related to the case. they hope with the information they have with the paperwork and the clothing and now this autopsy, they will be able to piece this together. at this point they do not have a victim identified. >> so incredibly gruesome. all these parts belonging to this one individual. it shows investigators are looking for a woman? >> the initial caller that saw the person dumping trash said that the person doing that was a middle aged heavy set woman driving a chevy blazer-type
11:53 am
vehicle. 1990s and light gray. they are zeroing in on that. hopefully they can identify the person who was dumping the body parts. >> thank you. coming up here, amanda knox said she will run, she will hide, there is no way she is going back to italy. after being convicted of murder, will she have a choice. >> when a woman is elected president, laura bush is giving advice to the first gentlemen. it involves his appearance. ♪ more than ever before, america's electricity is generated by it. exxonmobil uses advanced visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emissions by up to 60%. energy lives here. ♪ how much money do you think you'll need when you retire?
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11:56 am
. if anyone knows what it's like to be under constant scrutiny, it is laura bush. it happens when the day comes that the president's spouse is a
11:57 am
man. the role of the first gentlemen when she talked to c-span. >> you talked about the first lady seeming glamorous, etc. are we too obsessed with your hair and make up and clothes? >> yes. for sure. but i don't think we can get around it. maybe when we finally have a first gentlemen. maybe we should be that way about the first gentlemen also. critique the way they look all the time. their choice of tie or their hairstyle or whatever. maybe their weight. >> what's your advice for the first gentlemen? >> stand back and be quiet. i don't know. it will be interesting when it finally happens what the first gentlemen will do. i hope they will take on men's help. >> stand back and be quiet. mrs. bush said a first gentlemen might be less likely to stop
11:58 am
working when his spouse is elect and that could set a precedent for future first ladies to continue their career in the white house. we call it rapid fire. roll it. >> first up here to wall street where the markets are not doing so great, down about 78 points as we were about an hour away from the closing bell. not too far away from here. showing concerns about corporate earnings reports and that could be why we are seeing markets in the red. after stocks, this served as a reality check. persons on board the caribbean princess cruise liner back in the u.s. and heading home after officials reported norovirus. vacationers arrived in houston this morning. more than 160 passengers to be precise reported feeling ill. approximately five had active symptoms of the ghasto
11:59 am
intestinal illness. the ship is being sanitized. siena miller began testifying in the phone hacking trial. the key piece of evidence, this voice mail that she left for daniel perez telling him she loved him even though she was dating jude law. they are using that to show they did hack into celebrity phone lines with the editor's blessing. and here we go. toronto mayor rob ford gained a reputation for being caught awkward positions, but this looks like he is enjoying it. you know rob ford. he is the leader of the fourth largest metropolis and ended up smoking crack. the man on the left according to toronto sun reporting he is a fellow lawmaker. tickling is what's going on.
12:00 pm
he told his son he was not tickling, but it was football moves with him. apparently it's not tickling. >> and we continue on hour two. great to be with you here live at the cross roads of the world in times square. two days ahead of super bowl sunday and the crowds behind me. hey, guys. seahawks fans and broncos fans. ready for the game. the super bowl boulevard and the excitement is building up right across the river from me. we are talking everything from pot and the nfl to busts over fake merchandise. we will get to all of that over the next hour here at super bowl boulevard. first, two days before the big games, letters contaping this white powder sent to at least five hotels, that's the latest number we have near met life stadium in east rutherford, new
12:01 pm
jersey hosting the super bowl and mid-town, manhattan and mayor rudy giuliani. at one of the hotels there in east rutherford, susan, we know at least one of the letters contained cornstarch according to the testing here. what about the others? >> we know about the lesson and former mayor rudy giuliani as well. that is described as a nontoxic substance. therefore we know in at least two cases, one was cornstarch and one tested to be something that is not considered toxic. we also have additional information for you. i just got off the phone with the new york police department in regard to the letter sent to former mayor rudy giuliani. it was mailed to him from toronto, ontario, canada and the letter is described as being not
12:02 pm
threatening in nature. not containing language that would seem threatening and included the phrase always in my thoughts. always in my thoughts. of course initial field testing at the locations can sometimes prove to be wrongly odd. they will be doing testing just to make sure that at least in two of these instances they are not toxic. this investigation is considered to be routine. it is an annoyance, but being taken seriously as they have to check out things like this and frankly it's not uncommon in this area to get these on a fairly frequent basis. of course they are not happening on the heels of and the near eve of the super bowl. >> understandably not taking chances. if you get more information, let us know. thank you so much.
12:03 pm
>> now to amanda knox. she is a convicted murderer again. she is vowing to fight tooth and nail to get her second murder conviction overturned. she and her former italian boyfriend were found guilty of killing her british roommate in 2007. this is as i said, their second conviction in the case, the first was with much attention in 2009. that guilty verdict is overturned two years later. and knox grabbed her chance to run. she returned back home to the united states to seattle. now she has been retried in absentia. they told "good morning america" today the latest verdict hit her like a train. >> i'm going through waves of emotion in response to it. my first reaction was no. this is wrong. i'm going to do everything i can to prove that it is.
12:04 pm
i felt very determined. my family felt very determined. it was only on my way here that i really got my first cry. this really has hit me like a train. i did not expect this to happen. i really expected so much better from the italian justice system. they found me innocent before. how can they say it's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. i will never go willingly back to the place -- where i -- i'm going to fight this until the very end. >> amanda knox just this morning. joining me now, analyst sun sunny hostin and cnn investigative correspondent. i want to talk about double jeopardy laws. you can't be convicted of the same crime twice.
12:05 pm
it's a different situation in italy. how mooit that affect it. >> i think legal opinions at this point have commit. some folks are saying this is not the classic double jeopardy. in italy while she was tried and convicted on appeal, she was acquitted and retried. it's not the classic double jeopardy and others are saying no, in the united states legal system, certainly this is that sort of thing. it is very different here and this would not have happened. double jeopardy would apply. i suspect this is going to be a long road for amanda knox. bottom line is we don't know how or why the judges came down the way they came down. the judges have about 90 days until they write their decision. at that time we can discern why they made this ruling and what the next steps would be. what the basis would be for
12:06 pm
trying to fight extradition. >> it was incredible because it was the same science and evidence that proved her acquittal a couple of years ago and now we have this guilty verdict. drew griffin, we saw this documentary and you and the team put together here at cnn, you looked into this and this prosecutor had a tarnished past. he was even found guilty of abusing his position. you talked to him in your documentary, murder abroad. the story of amanda knox. tell me what he was like. what did you find out? >> this is a prosecutor who was convicted of abuse of power in yet another murder trial which he claimed satanic rituals and such. he appealed and won his case. he was sentenced to 16 months in prison, but he doesn't serve any time. some of the charges against him expired because of the term
12:07 pm
limits on them. i think and interesting to get sunny's opinion on this. when you look at the case, there is no substantial or really any kind of forensic evidence that points to the guilt of amanda knox or rafael. behind it all in the beginning was this prosecutor who back in 2011 told me even before any forensic evidence was in, he had a hunch that it was amanda knox and rafael who did this and this was the driving force behind the original conviction. >> my question is coming off of drew. did he know this was the italy supreme court overturning the acquitaal if i am saying that right. is there an anti-american sentiment in italy? why? >> to drew's point, i'm having a bit of trouble hearing you, brooke, there doesn't seem to be any dna evidence linking amanda
12:08 pm
knox to this. experts said this is not valid dna evidence. if italy decided to try to extradite or put in the extradition request, the state department will look at that, the lack of evidence and the fact that italy had three bites of the apple to this. ultimately it will be up to the state to decide whether or not they will entertain the request. sometimes people are allegedly committing the crime and flee to the u.s. they submitted themselves to the jurisdiction of italy and spent about years in prison. then was acquitted and sent back home. that's a different posture for a case like this. i suspect they will look at it that way. >> let me hit pause on the conversation. i want to play a clip from drew's documentary.
12:09 pm
take a lock. >> prior to the forensic investigation and everything really, your intuition or detective knowledge led you to amanda knox rafael? >> translator: after the first few weeks, we were convinced because of the behavior of the two people and especially amanda that they were both involved in the crime. >> you were fixated according to the defense on amanda knox and rafael and kept imagining new scenarios that made these two people guilty. >> translator: no. absolutely not. i did what i did because i was convinced given the evidence that had been gathered that they were responsible. i am absolutely convinced. >> so drew i hope you can hear and i know it's loud here, but give us more context.
12:10 pm
that was the prosecutor and also the point on this case with lack of evidence here. >> what they were saying, it was a long interview. he spent maybe four hours with us. this was just before he eventually lot of the appeal in the case and the convictions were overturned. he was telling us that he could look at amanda knox and know she was guilty. he made that assessment prior to the forensics coming in. when the forensics came in and jumbled up and excluded certain people he also charged, he rae made the whole story and included amanda and rafael. we see this time and time again when prosecutions foul up. it's almost universally the same. they have a suspect in mind and they just get tunnel vision on that suspect and instead of using the evidence to rule out certain things, they see the evidence to rule into their
12:11 pm
particular suspect. it's very dangerous. i think that's what happened in this case. like sunny said, we will have to see what the judges say. the dna testing in the last two cases in the appeal and this current trial were done independently by the italians and they came back with less and less evidence that rafael or amanda were involved at all. i don't understand how this conviction took place. i can't understand it. >> stunning. thank you very much. leaving that there, i want to get you back to the story we are following on the substances, this white powder found and letters here. the office of former mayor giuliani and around met life stadium. they have been deemed nonhazardous according to a sweet from the fbi here in new york. nonhazardou
12:12 pm
nonhazardous. again, here you have us making this point. leaving no stone unturned with the massive event coming up here, think of all the resources and attention focused on something now that has come up to be nothing. thank goodness. dennis rodman speaks to cnn live from rehab. what he said about his treatment and his outbursts on cnn. that's coming up. plus the story that has a lot of people talking. administrators at the school taking lunches away from the kids because the money has simply run out on their accounts. which of course is humiliating for the middle kids. we will tell you what happened next. two days before super bowl sunday, we are live here on super bowl boulevard.
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
. just in, the state department releasing a final report on the controversial oil pipeline project according to critics would damage the environment. supporters say it would produce imports of foreign oil and add jobs in this country. this is a pipeline that would go all the way from canada to texas. could the findings get the obama administration on board. let's go to the senior correspondent, jim acosta. jim, the study has been done. what does it say? >> i think the study basically puts this project in the pipeline to approval. what it out lines is the impact that the pipeline would have. according to the report and we
12:17 pm
have been going through it for the last several minutes, it concludes that it would not have an impact on climate change. that was the threshold that the president set forward on whether or not he would want to recommend approving or not approving this project. that is a big blow to environmentalists. we should point out there is a 90-day review process with all the federal agencies and they will have a chance to weigh in on this. that was the message of the white house press secretary with the environmental impact statement. it's not the final word, but certainly one of the last words in the process. listen to what he had to say. >> i would note that when that document is released, if it's not or will not represent a decision, but eye step in the process. to go to your question about that process, there will be an
12:18 pm
opportunity after the release for both the public and other agencies to comment before the state department makes its final determination. >> because the project would take oil from the production areas in alberta in canada down to the gulf of mexico, this environmental impact study said that about 42,000 jobs will be created. that is why republicans have been talking about this project so much, urging the president to approve it. here's a quote. a statement from mitch mcconnell that came out this afternoon. mr. president, no more stalling and excuses. pick up that pen you have been talking so much about and make this happen. americans need jobs. americans need these jobs. now that this impact statement is out, can you rest assures that republicans will be putting more pressure to approve the project. >> thank you very much.
12:19 pm
>> now to utah. school gave a very troubling punishment against students and their parents who could be to blame. staffers at an elementary school snapped away lunches from dozens of the kids. their meal counts were too low. now they are under fire for doing this. some parents say their kids were brought to tears. miguel marquez is following the story for us today. we should say, miguel, some of these kids are low income. apparently some of the kids are victims of bad accounting to have all the money on their cards on that given day. their parents didn't know their accounts were zero. >> this is akin to the school bully saying hey, kid, give me your lunch money and the bully is the school itself. it applied across the board to anybody regardless of income status. what the school district is saying is that a manager from
12:20 pm
the district went to the school to look into arrears in the accounts on monday. they made calls and started telling families they were in arrears and on tuesday, 24 hours later, the kids get their lunches and walked up to the cashier and swipe their card and say you are in arrears and we are taking the lunch away because they can't give it to another student and all they got was milk and some fruit. here's how kid and her mother described the situation. >> i took my lunch and they come back up and i said what's going on? she said you don't have money in your account. you can't get lunch. >> lots of tears and it was pretty upsetting for them. >> keep in mind, this is an elementary school. these lunches were denied to elementary school students. the school district said that district manager and the
12:21 pm
cafeteria manager are on paid leave. all investigations under way and they expect results from the investigation and into the processes and policies of the school lunch program there. brooke? >> the kids in tears, those poor kids. miguel marquez, thank you. coming up here, dennis rodman currently in rehab for alcohol addiction talking once again with chris cuomo and told him why he likes to drink. we will talk to a psycho therapist who knows dennis rodman quite well and coupled his ex-wife. do not miss this conversation.
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
. >> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin live in times square which has been transformed into super bowl boulevard. from someone who knows a sing or two about the super bowl. that's tease for that. let's talk about dennis rodman. it only has been a couple of weeks since he went to rehab after that explosive interview from north korea live with my colleague, chris cuomo who went to the rehab facility for an exclusive sit down with the former basketball star and they talked about everything from rodman's odd friendship with the dictator of north korea to the alcoholism that landed him where he sits today in rehab. >> for me, the reason why i drink is because i'm bored. >> you drink because you are bored? >> absolutely. i have been saying that since
12:26 pm
1993. i need to be active. i need to be productive and try to keep my mind on life in general. >> throughout this interview, it's a lengthy interview, whenever the subject turned to problems about alcohol, he vacillated between admission and denial. >> you create this monster and all of a sudden you can't get out. i said i can get out. it depends if i top the get out. if i drink two or days in a row, i am an alcoholic. no shame in that. i told dr. drew on the show, he asked me can i stop drinking? i don't think so. i can curb my addiction. believe me. curbing it. you have to start somewhere. the first thing people are going to say, we saw him at a hotel and he had a drink. he's doing this. really? >> can you not drink?
12:27 pm
>> let me play this. can i not drink some. >> can you not drink. >> water? >> i have been looking forward to talking to you. a psycho therapist and author of the book law of sobriety. she was on that season of dr. drew celebrity rehab that dennis rodman referred to. good to have you on. >> hi, brooke, how are you? that was very telling. >> dennis rodman in his sunglasses sitting down in the rehab facility. you heard all the bits and pieces. what's your reaction now? >> when he said he can curb it, that's an unusual statement in recovery. in recovery it usually means ab sti nens. you need sober living. it's great that he is in rehab, but he needs long-term recovery. that will work for him. the way he lives his life, there
12:28 pm
will be a lot of yes people that will continue to say yes to him in terms of the alcohol. it's around him everywhere. he needs to be around sober people in a sober community like sober malibu. he needs to be around a fellowship. i didn't see a lot of emotional sobriety in the interview. >> emotional sobriety? >> right. he was blaming chris for the questions instead of taking responsibility. drinking is just part of it. it's also looking at the consequences and the wreckage of your behavior underneath the drinking. drinking is just the symptom. i would agree with you completely. a lot of shades of denial there. >> what about when you talk about his overall lifestyle here. he says he can't follow the 12 steps. he believes following half of them means he's won half of the battle. does that even make sense to
12:29 pm
you? >> so it may mean he's half in, half out which means he will continue to drink. he's not completely embracing sobriety. we have to start where somebody is. i don't see a lot of willingness. i want to give him credit. he is in recovery in a rehab right now and i wish the best for him. i worked with him on celebrity rehab. he's got a big heart and i hope for the best. the deal is you have to embrace it fully. you have to give your to it really. it has to be your or there is no life. >> in 20 seconds since you worked with him, do you see a different dennis rodman at all or is he the same guy you knew? >> i think he's pretty much the same guy. he's pretty much the same guy. >> thank you very much. we wish him well. truly do. thanks. >> yes, of course. >> of course. coming up, here's a question.
12:30 pm
should nfl players be allowed to smoke marijuana to deal with concussions? the commissioner addressed that point today. we will talk live to an nfl legend and get his thoughts. you are watching the special coverage live from super bowl boulevard.
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
12:34 pm
would you be willing to randomly test for marijuana? >> the first answer to your question is i am randomly tested and i'm happy to say i am clean. >> the commissioner says he's clean, but what about the players in the nfl barred by contract to smoke marijuana. thing that a lot of people are throwing around is should that change? first, i want to bring in a guy who braced the field before super bowl sunday and on super bowl sunday a couple of years ago. so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> the first thing i said is where was your super bowl bling? >> i wore it time and it was so
12:35 pm
gaudy i put it in my pocket. you love to have it, but once you get it, you don't wear it out. >> it doesn't go with a lot. >> it goes with a lot, but -- >> they go with a lot of things. big game in 2008. undefeated and undefeated new york giants. nice work. take me on the field when you guys won. >> we lot of the super bowl earlier. i knew what it was like to lose. my first instinct is we are going back to the super bowl? >> was it really the first time. >> when you lose it's such a traumatic thing. i feel sorry for those who lose, but we played the patriots the last game of the season and did really well against them. we thought we matched up well and let them off the hook. we felt like we had a great opportunity and everyone said we couldn't and they would have an undefeated season. we had a little say in that.
12:36 pm
>> that's interesting the first person to bring up losing, we think so much about winning, what does that feel like when you are walking off the field and you lot of that big game? >> you have a madge tgical seas. you are a hero. you lose the game and they are popping congety and it's a crime and you have confetti on your c for you. >> i saw like 110 million eyeballs watching the game. do you feel that or once that whistle is blown, it's game o. >> the first super bowl i really felt that and it was distractioning, but the second super bowl, the fear of losing again had me focusing on the game and what i had to do. i was blocked in. that's what helped the team, the experience and the players that had been through the other side
12:37 pm
of it. they realized it's really a football game. with all the pageantry and for your fans and family. you had a job to do playing football. >> i have to ask you about this. he was asked with these questions among other things, would it help players, i can't imagine being slammed by folks on the field. this is what roger said today. take a listen. >> we will continue to follow the medicine. our experts are not indicating we should change our policy in any way. we are not actively considering this at this point in time. if it does, that's something we would never take off the table if it benefits our players at the end of the day. >> here is something with the two states. washington state and colorado. legal. do you think once the next contract is negotiated, that should be an issue and should be discussed? whether players using it medicinally or recreationally?
12:38 pm
>> i never tried marijuana, but i talked to darrell strawberry who had a substance abuse problem and i interviewed him on my radio show. he said it was a gateway drug for him. i don't know if it would be a good idea so you are exposing a lot of people who may not try it or may have already and make it more accessible. i think it may cause more harm than good in the future. >> let's talk live from buffalo here in the great state of new york, joining me now, we talk with football and he is ready to rock 'n' roll. we talked before. yes. we talked before with this super bowl happening. it's not too cold right now. this is a first outdoor super bowl in a cold weather state ever. you are looking at the forecast for sunday. the weather forecast doesn't look horrendous. do you think this is turning
12:39 pm
into a good idea? >> it looks like it's going to turn out okay. if the weather will be somewhat normal, it's not going to be torrential snow and rain and sleet. people will have a good time and a comfortable time and most important, the weather won't affect peyton manning. i don't want excuses. i want him on his best and to win this game. >> guys, forgive me. amani stood up and i just lot of. i cannot hear you. can we put them on? >> it's okay, brooke. >> work on your passing games. plug me in. here we go. are you with me? >> i'm with you, brooke. >> forgive me. i missed your answer, but i will roll along quickly. did you say yes or no? >> you know what, like i said it's going to work out. there will be no excuses for peyton manning and terrible
12:40 pm
weather. no snow or sleet or rain. good for him and i'm glad it will work out. >> let me ask you now and i was asking amani because he lived in new jersey playing for the giants in new york. he said it's the people's super bowl and the whole debate over is it a new jersey or new york super bowl. what's your answer? >> it's a new york super bowl. new jersey, isn't that where they dump nuclear waste. it's like the little sister. new york, new york. we know what it's about. nobody knows about new jersey. if you poled ten people maybe one out of ten will say is it really in new jersey. is that in the united states? come o. it's a new york super bowl. >> the good people in the great state of new jersey. probably using language i can't use right now. thank you so much for joining me from buffalo. we will see how it goes on sunday. coming up, the super bowl two days away. a lot of people are gearing up for it, including criminals.
12:41 pm
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12:44 pm
. i stand by my leaf based i think on the scientific evidence that marijuana for casual users, individual users is subject to abuse just like alcohol is and should be treated as a public health problem and challenge, but as i said in the interview, my concern is when you end up having very heavy criminal penalties for individual users that have been tried unevenly in some cases with a racial
12:45 pm
disparity. >> those comments as you saw, cnn exclusive with jake tapper in waukesha, wisconsin. i like that you asked him because of the comments from the new yorker and definitely a change in the president's tone. would you qualify that as walking his words back? what did you make of that? >> it was standing by his words. what's interesting and what a lot of people who are experts on this debate whether it's the drug czars on the right or the people who want to legalize marijuana on the left. what a lot of people are suggesting is that there is an inherent contradiction between what the president is saying and what the policy of his administration is. the president is saying that he thinks of marijuana as something along the lines of cigarettes or
12:46 pm
alcohol, things that can be abused. there is a public heelth crisis, but also a legal issue with racial and class disparities when it comes to sentencing and he thinks the experiment as he calls them in colorado and washington should go forward. that's just not the administration policy. the policy beyond what the president said about not going after people in colorado and washington for smoking marijuana because their states have legalized recreational use, the policy is marijuana is a schedule one narcotic along the lines of heroin or ecstasy. according to the white house office of national drug control policy website, they don't support legalization. there is this contradiction. something else from the interview that wasn't aired is i pointed out to the president that the drug enforcement agency and the obama administration more generally can decide
12:47 pm
whether or not marijuana should be a schedule one drug. i asked him if he supported removeing it from the list and he didn't answer that question and suggesting that congress makes that decision. congress certainly has an influence, but he also does too. it's a very interesting situation where he is not completely in line with official policy of his own administration. >> that is just a piece here from super bowl boulevard. i know you asked a question about hillary versus biden and broncos versus seahawks. we will wait for the answer. you hit that. >> i wanted to give him a choice. >> i loved it. >> i knew he didn't want to weigh in on either one. this is my interview. you can pick one. you can pick one. it turns out by the way, brooke, that just because it's my interview doesn't mean necessarily that he has to play by my rules, i learned. >> that is true.
12:48 pm
that is true. that's the tease for the good people watching. you have to watch the entire sit down with the president in a couple of mondays on the lead. bravo, mr. tapper. thank you so much. coming up, we are talking super bowl here on super bowl boulevard and the counterfeiters are selling fakes of everything from tickets to the merchandise. would you know how to spot a fake ticket? we will talk about that next. instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. ♪ [ all ] bigger! now let's say a friend invites you over and they have a really big, really fun pool. and then another friend invites you over who has a much smaller, less fun pool.
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12:52 pm
and super bowl tickets. this undercover agent is texting an unsuspecting seller. >> he said, yes, i have them. it's ready to go. >> reporter: feds found this. >> it's going to be at least 500 pieces. >> reporter: are these real? >> no. >> reporter: did you know that they were not real? >> i just wanted them. >> reporter: for sale in plain sight. >> this should have been lasered on instead of stitched on. very substandard product. >> reporter: about how many did you sell? >> probably about 100. >> reporter: raking in heavy profits. he bought these for 15 bucks a pop online and sold them for up to 70 bucks. but the real deal will often cost you hundreds. >> why is this worth taxpayer money? why would agents take this guy down? why so worth it? >> reporter: it's taking money away from the american's pockets and it's being funneled back for
12:53 pm
use in drugs, weapons. >> reporter: why are they getting involved in counterfeit game, not just drugs anymore? >> because of the profits involved. >> reporter: higher than -- higher profit margin than drugs? >> absolutely. >> reporter: higher profits and sweet sweetening the deal for criminals. >> harsher penalties will always be a disincentive. >> reporter: she leaves the nfl's fight against counterfeit. this is a bronco jersey we bought yesterday. is it real? >> reporter: i'm not seeing the nfl halogram. >> so this is fake? >> yes. >> if you heat up the ink, it will disappear. >> reporter: online, the fight is even harder with a virgining
12:54 pm
multibillion dollar market for fakes. >> it's a fast and safe delivery. anybody who is selling genuine product would not be worried about safe delivery. if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> 28 bucks? >> 28 bucks for a jersey that is typically $300. >> reporter: and some sites selling fakes is doing so with the sole purpose of stealing your credit card information. it's an uphill battle for agents against a fierce black market seemingly unafraid of the consequences. why risk it? >> money. it's about greed. >> reporter: and the money is huge. this is that jersey. look at this. >> this is not the real deal? >> reporter: no. and look at it. that's what it is missing, the halogram. the profit margins are absolutely huge. it's kind of like whack a mole for the feds. they are trying to get a handle on it. it's one thing to buy a fake jersey. imagine buying a fake ticket.
12:55 pm
the nfl says do not buy anywhere on the street. ticket exchange or from someone you really trust because if you get ripped off for thousands -- it's a huge, huge multibillion dollar business. >> good to see you, poppy. back after this. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! what's in your wallet? side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. [ rattling ] that's one smart board. what else does it do -- reverse gravity?
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before i let you go, terrorism is not the only crime that we are trying to prevent before the big game. it demands prostitutes, many who are forced in sex slavery. you're here, obviously, to shine a spotlight on this. it happens 365 days a year. >> right. >> but why especially around the super bowl? >> the super bowl is an
12:59 pm
opportunity for every venue that it has to make their area have less trafficking. so they get a lot of change ahead of time. they gather law enforcement and other people. awareness is made. services are provided and so that's -- >> i was watching the local news last night in new york city and one of the big stories was a bus in brooklyn. they are out and about trying to stop this. what are the signs and these prostitutes born right here in the u.s.? >> i like to call them trafficking victims. >> trafficking victims. >> they are forced into prostitution as trafficking victims, although there are some who actually choose prostitution. and the signs would be -- and this isn't for the prostitution. this is for sex trafficking. >> yeah. >> the signs would be somebody who is timid or afraid to look at you, maybe controlled by
1:00 pm
somebody else, somebody who is being watched all the time, somebody who they are not going to be able to ask for help. they are tram mat clee bonded to that trafficker. >> you are here and working with the state attorney general, nita bells, thank you so much for calling attention to this major, major problem. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. making headlines and prompting conversations all day, our exclusive interview with president obama. and now for the very first time this hour you can see the whole thing in its entirety right here. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." >> i can't wait and the american people, more importantly, cannot wait. >> the national lead, the lead exclusive with president obama. his first interview since the state of the union. the