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tv   Forensic Files  CNN  April 8, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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joined, but angus houston did join, and as always, provided us some great information. he says we're going to continue to search, look for another ping, as long as possible, before putting us a submersible on the ocean floor. that's it for us tonight. i'm don lemon. thanks for watching. good night.
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responsible for the search effort gave a press conference earlier today alongside the australian defense minister david johnston says so far the ocean shield has not been able to detect a third acoustic event. the vessel is currently combing the waters in a ladder-like formation. trying to pick up any potential
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signals. as i said no luck so far. this is really critical to this search effort. they are trying to narrow down this potential search field, and they need a third signal, they say, in order to be able to do that. row mary? >> erin, what are we to make of the fact that the signal detected by the u.s. pinger locater you not the standard beacon frequency and what are authorities saying about that? >> that's right. the frequency detected was 33.2 expected as 37.5 kilohertz. angus houston was asked about that in the press conference earlier. he responded by saying the manufacturer says the findings are consistent with what we would expect from a black box pinger given the fact they are deep waters, 2.8 miles deep, as well as the fact that temperature could be a factor. the battery life also a factor.
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they still consider in the most promising lead they have so far. >> of course the focus has been on the efforts of the ocean shield an the u.s. pinger locater, but there are other searches underway in other areas. why is that? and explain to us what is going on. >> that's right. you have the chinese find from days previous. they detected their own signals them hms echo out there investigating that. right now authorities in perth are saying the ocean shield's finds are the most promising lead. 14 planes and 14 vessels out there scouring the waters in search of di debris. no sign of the plane so far. the efforts continuing in full force here in perth. people are hopeful we will eventually find this wreckage. rosemary? >> indeed. many thanks to erin mclaughlin live from perth, australia where it is just after 3:00 in the afternoon. >> now we will have more on flight 370 coming up.
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anguished relatives mark one month since loved ones disappeared and more mixed messages on what may have happened to the missing plane. first other stories we are following for you. >> russia's foreign ministry is warning ukrainian officials they risk ask civil war if they use force to seize back government buildings stormed by pro moscow demonstrators. this was the scene on sunday. there were also clashes in other cities in the eastern part of the ukraine. demonstrators are demand thing that referendums be held on whether to join russia. a referendum three weeks ago paved the way for the takeover of crimea. the obama administration is
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sending a warning to moscow saying there is more than meets the eye on these protests. >> pro russian separatists, there's strong evidence suggesting some were paid and not local residents. >> if russia moves in to eastern ukraine, overtly or covertly this would be a serious escalation. we call on president putin and hi government to cease all efforts to destable ie ukraine and we caution against further military intervenge. >> the top u.s. and russian diplomate spoke on the phone on monday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry wants to convene talks on the crisis within ten days. the eu, russia and ukraine would be at the table but sergei lavrov accuses the west of hypocrisy. he says the eu and the u.s. are creating instability by pursuing their own interests in the former soviet bloc.
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>> this less than a half hour oscar pistorius is expected to testify at his trial. >> we have just gotten word the story has arrived at the courthouse. on monday, the defense presented its case and called him to the stand as the second witness. it falls on his team to show he shot her by accident. he began with an emotionally charged apology to steenkamp's family. listen. >> there hasn't been a moment since this tragedy happened that i haven't thought about the family. >> the defense spent much of the day painting pistorius as a dedicated athlete, deeply in love with steenkamp. at one point his childhood you brought up and hiss torous described how his mother would
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wake up their children thinking they were being robbed. listen. >> we grew up in a family where my father wasn't around much. my mother had a pistol and she would often get scared at night and phone the police. >> where did she keep her firearm? >> she kept it on her, under they are bed, under her pillow. >> you are not seeing oscar pistorius because he chose not to be on camera while giving testimony. stay with us for today's testimony. we will take you live to the courtroom as soon as it gets underway. now, we will have the latest on the hunt for flight 370 ahead for you. >> yeah, the search area is narrowed today as the malaysian government finds itself in an uncomfort able media spotlight. that's next. imagine if everything you learned
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>> the ariel search continues for malaysia flight 370. the real hope now lives beneath the waves of the indian ocean. crews are trying to recapture underwater sounds picked up over the weekend that may have come from the plane's flight data recorders. >> even though the batteries will soon go dead f they haven't done so already, the leader of search operations in australia says he is optimistic. take a listen. >> we are looking for wreckage, and there's still a long way to go. i think, without wreckage, we can't confirm that this is where the aircraft is. because we haven't been able to hold the transmissions constantly. so there's still a little doubt there, but i'm a lot more
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optimistic than i was a week ago. >> search chief angus houston talking there. if the detected pings happen to be related to flight 370, the big question is why are there no signs of debris seen in the region. >> let's bring in our meteorologist. there are a number of other factors at play here. >> we keep going back to what has occurred to try to track down where the aircraft debris maybe, if it is associated with the signal out there. showing you the search zones in place. dozens of search zones dating back several weeks. southwest of perth we know the energy then moved to the north. the regions where the search zone is in place at this hour and where the ocean shield came in with the ping is on the northeastern quadrant of that search zone two weeks ago. day 15 of the search.
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we are now at day 32. a tropical storm cyclone. winds 160 miles an hour and waves up to 30 feet. across christmas island we know significant. the forest is receiving significant damage across that region with the storm system. two days later it moved where the location is at this point nar ping directly over the wind point. i was reading a fascinating study by a meteorologist who did a case study on storm systems and debris. i read one about a mattress displaced 50 miles from a storm that came through the region in boston.
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we have had checks displaced 150 miles away from oklahoma. such objects have been known to move with storm systems. reports of mailboxes, street signs. this particular storm, of course, we know if there was debris here what would it be, aircraft debris designed for lift, designed to get air under it such as wings or tail and it could be shattered in to many pieces, lofted in the at mos fear and moved many miles from the system. when the storm began to move the wave heights were 20 feet high and then factor in 160 kph winds, and goiz goes to support what happened in the region. i want to show you the ocean shield. the ping detections. one at 300 meters. about 1,000 feet beneath the surface. this recording was once every second. they drop theed the signal to 1400 meters. they measured a signal across this region. that was lasting about two hours. they brought it back down to
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3,000 meters and the signal lasted 15 minutes. a lot of questions why the signals are intermil mitt tent and not consistent. you have to keep in mind the acoustics in the ocean work differently compared to over land. in fact, over the water, the sound travel is faster. 1500 meters a second which is four times faster than the way sound carries over the air. the sound bends in the water, dependent on the temperatures at the sea surface temperatures, at the levels where they are searching the temperatures are two to three degrees celsius or 35, 6 degrees fahrenheit. there are thermal vents across the sea floor that send temperatures shooting through the roof and depth and pressure can go to play on why this is happening here where the sounds are not consistent. also be difficult to locate again. >> you get an idea when you run
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down that how enormous this task is to try to locate the plane. as you pointed out, if they find the debris it doesn't mean the plane wreckage is underneath. >> i don't believe in any aviation search we have come across where a tropical cyclone, a category five equivalent moved directly over where the search is taking place. this would be a first but a lot of things with the search are a first. >> appreciate it. we are about to enter day 33 since flight 370 vanished without a trace. >> we have seen that for the relatives of passengers each one of those days has been just agony. of course they don't know what happened to the people on board. look at what took place in beijing. that's where the boeing 777 was scheduled to land on march 8th from kuala lumpur but never did. see relatives gathering for an overnight candle light vigil on monday. 154 of the passengers on board
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the plane were chinese. >> these are heart-breaking scenes, of course. many of the families in beijing expressed frustration over malaysia's handling of the situation. the disappearance of flight 370 has put the malaysian government in the spotlight and some say the way their country is portrayed is negative. we have more on that from kuala lumpur. >> a malaysian government source tells cnn new analysis of the plane's flight path suggest it flew a route designed to avoid radar detection, flying off course to avoid indonesian air space. asked by a journalist to confirm the report, the acting transport minister denied and confirmed that radar had been avoided. >> it's untrue. i've got the chief of defense force militia and they have confirmed they had no sighting of the plane. >> this is a sensitive issue
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because the pilots are both malaysian and raises more questions than answers about what happened in the cockpit. peter chong, a friend of the fielt's captain said the leaders are in a tough position as they try to communicate about things they don't know. >> authorities are walking a very tight rope. it's very much a balancing act of pe giving the reality and sensitivity. but all that will come if we find either the black box or wreckage. >> not surprising then that the acting transport minister, who's become the face of hi country during the search has ventured in to mixed messages trying to strike a delicate balance. saying one thing about evidence that everyone has lost. >> what we have received from satellite images and other sightings did not indicate or show survivors. >> while still grasping at holm hope that someone might have survived an apparent crash at
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sea. >> i have always said, especially to the families, miracles do happen. we are hoping against hope. we continue to hope and pray for survivors. >> here in kuala lumpur, as they mark one month since flight 370 went missing a candle light vigil was held, organized by one of the opposition political parties here. but it still showed how concern for the passengers, the crew and their families cuts across all of the lines in malaysia. ♪ >> joe johns, cnn, call la lum purr. >> we will keep you updated on the search for flight 370. at this point, we want to get you up to speed on some other stories we are following for you right now. it's about 12:20 in los angeles where a police officer has been injured after shots rang out at a police department traffic bureau late monday night. >> an individual described only as a male black walked in to the
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lobby of the west traffic division you see behind me. for an unknown reason began to shoot at the officer that was assigned to the front desk. that officer was struck multiple times by gunshots from the suspect. >> all of this took place a short while ago. the los angeles police chief also says the injured officer was very lucky and brave. despite being hit, he returned fire. both men are hospitalized. and we are learning more about the suspected ft. hood shooter ivan lopez. the u.s. army specialist asked for a transfer claiming he was being taunted by fellow soldiers. officials say lopez killed three people and wounded 16 before taking his own life last week. the u.s. military tri is looking in to his mental health history and his relationships with fellow soldiers. >> at this point in the investigation, we can confirm the alleged shooter, specialist ivan lopez was involved in a
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verbal altercation concerning his request for leave and the processing of his request at his unit's administrative office. >> now this, peaches has died and we are beyond pain. that was the message from live aid founder bob dell doff when confirming the death of his 25-year-old daughter. she was a model and tv presenter in he u.k. they call her death sudden and unexplained. peaches was married with two young children. in less than three hours, british businessman shrie shrien dewani is expected to be charged in his late wife's murder trial. after a three year battle he was extradited to cape town on monday. he's accused of ordering the kill canning of his wife in what was allegedly a staged carjacking during their honeymoon in cape town back in 2010. he has denied the charges.
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>> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is on a state trip to china. he met his chinese counterpart in beijing within the past few hours and welcomed with an honor. he will deliver a speech at the national defense university. on monday he toured china's only aircraft carrier. two former presidents were among the 79,000 fans who watched the huskies beat the kentucky wild cats 60-54. here's how fans reacted at uconn. >> this is unreal! we're number one! >> i was here freshman, they won it, senior, full circle. >> some fans took the celebrations too far. police said they have had to make more than a duen arrests. time for a short break.
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when we return, the tearful courtroom apology. >> i wake up every morning, the first people i think of, the first people i pray for -- i can't mention the pain and sorrow i have caused you and your family. >> what we can expect when the so-called blade runner goes back on the stand any minute.
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start of the testimony in the oscar pistorius trial. >> the olympic track star arrived at the courthouse moments ago. you are seeing the footage there. hee expected to return to the stand. the defense attorney will continue to ask about the events that led to reeva steenkamp's death. >> monday's testimony had an
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emotional outpouring as he addressed steenkamp's family. we recap the grueling day in court. >> he does look exhausted and sound exhausted. >> reporter: with that, oscar pistorius' much-anticipated appearance on the stand came to an end. after two hours of testimony, the judge agreeing with the defense that a day of emotion deserved an early adjournment. >> i'd like to take this opportunity to apologize mr. and mrs. steenkamp. to reeva's family. to those of who knew her here today. >> mr. pistorius, i don't like
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doing this to you, but i can hardly hear you. >> even before beginning his testimony, a teary-eyed pistorius turned away from the judge toward the mother of reeva steenkamp. >> i wake up in the morning and you are the first people i think of and pray for. i can't mention the pain and sorrow and the emptiness that i've caused you and your family. >> the olympian telling court he still replays the night he shot and killed steenkamp. >> i wake up at night and i smell -- the smell the blood and i wake up to being terrified. >> they are clearly laying a foundation for symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. this speaks to the manner of the the events of the night in question have profounded affected him. >> pris torous said he is on anti-di press sants and sleep aids because he is scared to sleep and has terrible nightmares.
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the defense is painting an image of a young boy growing up afraid. hi mother alone with children, acutely aware of south africa's high crime rate. he remembers her calling police in the middle of the night when she'd hear noises. >> she would call us at night to go and sit in her room and many times we'd wait for the police to arrive. >> where did she keep her firearm? >> she kept her firearm under her bed, under her pillow. >> we know from hi affidavit that pistorius kept his firearm under his bed. it's how and when he used that gun on valentine's day that is likely to be the focus of hi second day of testimony. cnn, pretoria. >> we are moments away from oscar pistorius' continued testimony in pretoria. >> after the break we will be there with live coverage. do stay with us. she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up.
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