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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 9, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> the breaking news this morning, new signals detected in the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. overnight, investigators revealing two new transmissions heard from manmade devices they believe could be the vanished jetliner's black boxes. now the batteries on those black boxes could go dead any day. really any minute now. so this morning, the search is intensifying as crews scour the ocean hoping to pick up more clues on where the plane's wreckage could be. we have a team of reporters covering every angle of this story this morning. >> happening right now. an example hero accused of murder on the witness stand for a third emotional day. can oscar pistorius convince this judge he didn't mean to kill his model girlfriend? we're live with the latest developments as they happen. good morning. welcome to "early start" i'm
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christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 in the east. we do begin with the latest on the flight for 370. and the news that broke overnight that once again, search crews have heard signals, possibly from the jet's black boxes. two noises were detected by the united states equipment on an australian ship. only for a few minutes this time. the signals were weaker than they had been before. that in itself could be revealing and it's being called a positive sign and likely at this point the best chance to find flight 370. perhaps within a matter of days. cnn's erin mclaughlin live with the latest. and it seems again from the body language from the announcement overnight that they seem fairly optimistic that these signals are coming from the black boxes and they are narrowing down that search area. >> john, this is very
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encouraging news. angus hughson is the man responsible for coordinating this search effort. he gave a press conference earlier today. hear how he characterized these new detections. >> i can now tell you that "ocean shield" has been able to reacquire the signals on two more occasions. like yesterday afternoon and late last night. the detection yesterday afternoon was held for approximately five minutes and 32 seconds. the detection late last night was held for approximately seven minutes. >> houston went on to say that the signals detected were noticeably weaker than the saturday detections and that significance, he said that's most likely because the batteries of these black box pingers are expiring. they have a self life of some 30 days and we're now on day 33.
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so the priority of this search operation right now, very much rests with the ocean shield, the australian vessel equipped with the american operate d ping locator. still scouring the waters trying to pick up any more detections. the more detections they make, the more they are able to narrow down a potential search field to try and find the source of that signal. and once they do that, they will then deploy the bluefin 21 which is an american provided autonomous underwater vehicle capable of searching the ocean floor for actual wreckage. and that's really what they say they need at this point to confirm that this is, in fact, from the missing plane, john. >> they'll keep listening until they are 100% convinced those batteries are dead. erin mclaughlin for us in perth with this new development. >> what they are looking for is any evidence, any evidence of what led flight 370 to make its
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dramatic turn away from its route to beijing. investigators in malaysia expressing optimism. nic robertson has the latest for us from kuala lumpur. >> well, we have heard from the acting transport minister on his twitter account since the third and fourth pings have been announced. he said he's cautiously more optimistic. he also says he prays this will help everyone move forward. and he's also praised ang was houston who is leading the search mission off the coast of australia. praised him as a professional. but what we continue to hear from officials here is that the black boxes are a vital part of the investigation, that they won't announce any sort of partial findings that they've had so far. we have heard saying that despite saying that we have heard from the police chief here saying he's been able to rule out all 227 passengers being involved in the disappearance of flight 370. but the investigators won't go
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further than that because they say that the information they have so far is essentially only partial. that the black boxes will provide more information that's important. and we also understand from sources here that it's very likely that it's not just the black boxes, if the plane is found and discovered for sure. that the medical team if you will, that's been formed as part of a commission by the malaysians here to investigate the missing aircraft, the medical component will be important. the pathology experts for what they may find aboard the aircraft. >> thanks to nic robertson for that. there was one american adult on board flight 370. philip wood, an ibm employee heading them to beijing. his partner sarah bajc tells jake tapper on "the lead" she thinks philip wood may still be alive. and she doesn't think that we're hearing the truth about what happened to the jet.
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>> i do believe that there is some sort of cover-up by some sort of government agency. whether that's malaysia, the united states, china. i don't know. but it's impossible to me that all those governments' radars were so silent and so quiet when a 777 was flying over their air space. there's nearly something we don't know. >> most the people on board that flight were chinese. of course, they want answers. but they are saying there's been so much false information throughout these 33 days. at this point, they don't know what to believe. pauline shew has been spending the last 33 days with these grieving families in beijing. there was a meeting overnight between a group of americans and some of the families. so who were these americans? why were they there, and what happened? >> john, these were three american women who all lost loved ones in the past in plane accidents. and for the very first time,
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chinese families here were meeting people who could say sincerely, we know what you're going through because we've been through it already. and these three women came over on their own time. they are with an organization called it's a non-profit organization. and the three women answered the chinese families' questions for about two hours. questions about the airplane, questions about terrorism, how they dealt with that because one of the women's husbands died in 9/11. he was in one of theure ure tte twin towers on september 11th. they gave guidance and advice and pushed the family members to push for more answers and warned it could take a long time, even years. now as for some of the families who still hold out hope for survivors, i asked one of the american women what she would say to some of the chinese families here who still believe that the plane is intact somewhere, may have crash landed, and that there are survivors on board. i asked her what she would say
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to these family members. >> i respect every single family member and what they personally believe and the questions that they have. i think it's a very good question. there's -- we have no proof that this plane has crashed at this point. and we have satellites that can read the license plate on a car. don't tell me that after a month we can't find an airplane? >> now gail dunham's ex-husband was a captain of a united airline flight, and that flight crashed in colorado back in 1991. and since then, gail has been a huge advocate about safety improvements in the airline industry. now she and the two other americans are going to stay here in beijing until friday. they say they are here for the chinese families. they came with this non-profit organization. and they are willing to speak with them and answer any of the questions from how they
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investigated their particular incidents to how they emotionally tried to overcome all of the grief that they've been through the past couple of years, john. >> has to be such an important resource for the families. pauline chiou, thanks to you. there are 14 ships scouring the ocean. the weather has been a concern almost every day. indra petersons, how are things looking here? >> this is the best news we have. they are getting to this critical time period. you can see the search area. look how clear it is in the vicinity. seeing all the weather moving out of the region. very good conditions. you can see the bulk of the systems out there really staying down to the south. this is the good news. now that that search area is farther to the north. the weather is a lot calmer in this region. looking at the clouds and any potential for rain. can't say there's not a few scattered showers here or there. nothing in comparison to what they were deal with a few weeks ago. otherwise, yes, some light showers and even the winds.
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look at this. the bulk of the winds far down to the south. even these are clearing out. 10, 15, maybe 20-mile-per-hour winds. and that is it. you really could not have better news in such a critical time period right now than good weather for the next 24 hours. following the latest breaking news on the search for flight 370 all morning. two pings heard again. but first, happening now, oscar pistorius being grilled by prosecutors trying to tear apart his testimony at his murder trial. we're live with this very emotional testimony this morning. in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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with nothing due at signing. breaking news this morning from australia. officials say they've reacquired signals in the indian ocean signals that could be from flight 370's black boxes. now these signals didn't last very long. just five minutes and seven minutes, and they are weaker than they had been days earlier. that's a sign the batteries on those devices may be dying. but this gives new hope now that search crews may be closer to finding that jet. that jet missing for 33 days. >> we have more breaking news. it's a crucial moment right now in south africa at the murder trial of oscar pistorius. he is on the stand right now being cross-examined by prosecutors. and these questions, they are tough. a lot tougher than he received on direct examination. let's listen.
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>> i've made a terrible mistake and -- >> you made a mistake? >> that's correct. >> you killed a person. that's what you did, isn't it? >> i made a mistake. >> you killed reeva steenkamp. that's what you did. >> i made a mistake. >> you are repeating it three times. what was your mistake? >> my mistake is that i took reeva's life. >> you shot and killed her. why don't you take responsibility for that. >> kelly phelps is outside the courthouse in pretoria. kelly, that was quite an exchange. what's the prosecution trying to do here? >> the prosecution is definitely trying to go after him with aggression, unnerve him and through unnerving him trip him up. they'll try and trip him up on two grounds. they'll first three try to get him to reveal a more aggressive side of his personality which is always the portrait of him
2:16 am
they've painted. that he's this very volatile and aggressive personality. and they'll try to get him to demonstrate that for them on the stand. the second thing they'll try to trip him up on is if there's any inconsistencies in his statement. the hope is by going in aggressively, he loses his train of thought and lets something slip that he was trying to hold back when he was more composed. >> on the facts themselves right now, where we sit as he testifies to the prosecution this morning, what kind of factual case did oscar pistorius lay out yesterday and factually speaking, sdwhat the prosecution need to do to undermine that? >> well, we always have to remember that, in fact, it's the state who has the burden to put the case on the record. and what pistorius needs to do is poke holes in that. and he has factually provided some basis to poke holes in it. and we saw a lot of that actually this morning. so yesterday's testimony was important with regard to his
2:17 am
state of mind. we know his defense rests on a mistaken belief, so that's what he was putting on the record yesterday. today he went on a much more factual basis to try to contradict key, pivotal parts of the state's case. for example, we know that much of the state's murder case rests on the supposed evidence of neighbors having heard a woman scream. so they used pistorius' testimony today to put on record the fact that most of the neighbors in fact if not all of the neighbors that were in closer proximity to pistorius' house, they all gave statements saying they did not hear a woman scream and one or two of them in fact, said in the statements that they need a man crying. so they are putting evidence on the record to suggest that there is a doubtful validity on the basis of the state's case. and they were quite consistent in doing this today because he was more composed and, therefore, more coherent and eloquent in the testimony he gave. >> the judge cut off the
2:18 am
testimony yesterday. he was more eloquent today. as you say, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. now cross-examining pistorius on the stand all morning. we'll stay on it. kelly phelps, thanks so much. there is more breaking news this morning. toyota recalling more than 6 million cars worldwide for problems ranging from air bags not deploying to steering columns breaking to seats not locking into position. in are a total of five different issues affect something 27 different models. 2 million of the cars involved are from north america. >> feels like the year of the recall. it's only april. gm deal with more fallout from the faulty ignition switch. they must pay $7,000 a day to the national highway traffic safety administration for being late to hand over documents. gm says it handed over two-thirds of the papers. more than 270,000 pages and is working hard to hand in the rest. stocks up today after the u.s.
2:19 am
stock market snapped a three-day losing streak yesterday. futures pointing to a higher open today. the big question on wall street right now, are we in for a correction? that's the 10% or more drop from market highs. the nervous nellies have been out in force saying we need one after a few years. we'll hear from the fed today and get earnings reports over the next few days. at least for today, some of the recent selling seems to have stopped. happening today, president obama and the first lady travel to ft. hood for a memorial service honoring three people killed, 16 wounded when a soldier opened fire there before taking his own life. investigators say specialist ivan lopez got into some sort of altercation. that may have sparked the shooting. he was being treated at the time for anxiety and depression. at camp lejeune, a marine is dead, a fellow marine in custody this morning after a deadly shooting there. authorities say it happened at a guard shack when one marine shot the other. both were on guard duty. but few other details at this
2:20 am
point being released. new developments in the search for victims from the deadly landslide northeast of seattle. the death toll has now reached 35. 31 victims have been identified, including a 2-year-old girl. 11 people still missing. president obama plans to visit oso washington april 22nd as he heads west for a trip to asia. the white house says the president will meet with families and first responders. real tough situation. the breaking news. new clues in the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. crews detecting new signals in the ocean that could be the vanished jetliner's black boxes. can the wreckage be found before the batteries on those black boxes run out? and could we finally learn why the plane vanished without a trace? we are live next. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome.
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that could be from the jet's black boxes. two sounds were heard in the indian ocean lasting just five minutes and then seven minutes. the signals were weaker than they had been. that's a possible sign that the batteries on those flight recorders are starting to run out. let's bring in jeffny thomas, an aviation expert and editor in chief of airlines he joins us from perth via skype. the question we have here, it seems like an incredible stroke of luck that they were able to hear these pings in the first place over the weekend at that location. now they've heard them again. do you get the sense that they feel that they are closer than they are letting on? >> luck indeed, john. it may be described as an incredible stroke of mathematics. there's been a lot of experts from the united states, united kingdom, australia, malaysia and china working on the mathematics of this flight path of this
2:25 am
airplane from the inmarsat pings, plus radar data from various countries that track this airplane momentarily. so they are looking on the right flight path. they are looking exactly where inmarsat, the satellite provider, said that the last known transmission came from this airplane. the last acknowledgment came from this airplane. so it certainly is -- there's also a sense that there's a little bit more to it -- to this than they are telling us. for instance, there's a british nuclear submarine out there. we asked about what that is doing and we're told no comment. we can't discuss it. so there's, i think, a bit more intelligence to this man meets the eye. >> they certainly seem more confident as john was saying. the body language of angus houston was more confident than we've seen from officials in some time. when you talk about the
2:26 am
overengineering. you told us about the overengineering of some of these parts in aviation, including the black boxes, we are very concerned those batteries are showing signs of dying out. you point out we could have a 40-day window. how long these batteries are certified for and how long they actually work in many cases. >> look, indeed, christine. i don't think there's anything in aviation today that's designed to fail at the actual certification date. so much of it is overengineered. the 777 itself, the boeing 777 is probably one of the most overengineered airplanes that are in the sky today. and we saw that last year in san francisco with the asiana one. hit the sea wall. that airplane spun and bounced and still stayed intact which is extraordinary structural integrity of the airplane. so, look, it's a great airplane. overengineered. and i do think they've got another four or five days, possibly, of battery life left in the pingers.
2:27 am
>> jeffrey thomas, thank you so much. coining the phrase of the day. an incredible stroke of mathematics in the search for flight 370. we're following the latest on that breaking news. the search for this flight. again, pings heard again overnight. more live team coverage right after the break. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this morning. new clues in the search for missing malaysia jetliner 370. new -- two new signals detected under water from what investigators believe could be the plane's black boxes. right now we've got an intense search under way to find those
2:31 am
recorders before their batteries run out. search leaders are now saying they may find this flight, this plane within days. we have live team coverage breaking down the very latest. >> also breaking this morning, happening right now in south africa. this could be the most crucial moment in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. he is on the stand facing blistering questions from prosecutors. how is he holding up? we're live with what he's saying this morning. welcome back to "early start." a lot going on. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. let's get try to the breaking news in the search for flight 370. search crews have heard two new signals, possibly from the missing jet's black boxes. these signals were weaker -- weaker than they'd been just a few days earlier. they only lasted for a few minutes but now the head of the search is optimistic. this could be the information they need to track down the wreckage in a matter of days.
2:32 am
cnn's erin mclaughlin is live in perth with the latest on the search. we just had a guest who thinks these searchers, that the investigators, that this team, that they are close. they may be even closer than they let on, erin. >> that's possible, christine. this is certainly very promising news. angus houston is the man responsible for coordinating this international search effort. he's only been on the job over a week now, but he says he is more optimistic than he's ever been before. take a listen. >> if you had asked me, let's say, when i arrived last sunday night, i would have been probably more pessimistic than i am now. i'm now optimistic that we will find the aircraft, or what is
2:33 am
left of the aircraft in the not too distant future. >> houston went on to say that these new detections, the signal, was actual lie wely wean the detections made on saturday which he said is significant. most likely because the batteries associated with the black box pinger are expiring. they have a shelf life of some 30 days and we're now on day 33. so this search effort currently focusing on the australian vessel the "ocean shield" that's still out there searching 24/7 with that american-operated towed ping locator trying to detect this signal. if they are successful, they'll get more information. that's really the goal here is to get more information that they can use to narrow down a potential search field. only when they are sure that that battery associated with the black box pingers has expired will they deploy the bluefin 21,
2:34 am
the american-provided underwater autonomous vehicle that's capable of searching the seabeds for any signs of wreckage. and then, only then will we know for sure if these signals have anything to do with the missing plane. >> great reporting, erin, from perth. 30 days is the certification for those batteries. but aviation experts telling us this morning, maybe they could last for 40 days with the way that 777 is overengineered. >> they'll use these next few days to try to detect more pings because that will be key in narrowing down the search area. all this matters in the investigation to piece together what happened to flight 370. and now, this new information does give some new optimism to investigators in malaysia. let's get the latest from nic robertson in kuala lumpur. >> well, we have heard from the acting transport minister on his twitter account since the third and fourth pings have been announced. he has said that he is
2:35 am
cautiously more optimistic. he also says he prays this will help everyone move forward. and has also praised angus houston who is leading the search mission off the coast of australia. praised him as a professional. what we continue to hear from officials here is that the black boxes are a vital part of the investigation. that they won't announce any sort of partial findings that they've had so far. we have heard saying that despite saying that we have heard from the police chief here saying he's been able to rule out all 227 passengers being involved in the disappearance of flight 370. but the investigators won't go further than that because they say that the information they have so far is essentially only partial. that the black boxes will provide more information that's important. and we also understand from sources here that it's very likely that it's not just the
2:36 am
black boxes if the plane is found and discovered for sure. that the medical team if you will, that's been formed as part of a commission by the malaysians to investigate the missing aircraft. the medical component will be important. the pathology experts for what they may find aboard the aircraft. >> certainly difficult -- a difficult subject but just beginning of trying to figure out what happened there. there was one american adult on flight 370. philip wood. an ibm employee. he was heading home to debe jing. his partner sarah bajc tells jake tapper on "the lead" she sdnts think we're hearing the truth about what happened. she's holding out hope that wood may somehow have survived. >> i am convinced he's still alive because i still feel him and because there's absolutely no evidence to tell me contrary to that. i mean, we really don't know anything except for circumstantial things that's different from the day it went missing. so that tells me that all of the
2:37 am
supposed pieces of data have all been wrong so far. that means the plane can still be intact and the people can still be alive. so both my heart and my head are telling me that that is a very real possibility. >> many of the families of those on board have similar feelings saying they're not going to believe those pingers are connected to the plane until they see the wreckage for themselves. pauline chiou, you have been reporting to us for weeks that they haven't seen a seat cushion. they've seen no piece of this plane. it just disappeared. they can't believe it just disappeared. >> right. and many of these relatives, christine, are in the same corner as sarah bajc, who you just heard from. they believe something is amiss. that they aren't getting all the information. and because of this lack of information, you hear theories from these relatives. i heard recently one man saying,
2:38 am
why have you abandoned the land search? it's possible this plane could have crash landed somewhere in malaysia. can you go back and look there. you hear the families asking these kinds of questions. and, christine, the families every day hear from the media, hear from the searchers. but today they heard from a new group of people. they heard from three american women who came over to beijing on their own time because they wanted to talk directly to these relatives. these three women lost loved ones in plane accidents in the past. they met behind closed doors. they answered questions. they advised the chinese families. and they pushed them to ask for more questions and to pressure the governments and the searchers for more information. and one of the chinese relatives told us, steve wang, what he thought was the most valuable piece of information from the americans. >> one of the ladies told us that it took her 20 years to know what finally happens to the plane. and she told us that the truth
2:39 am
will come. just stay strong. >> is that difficult to hear for you? >> yes, of course, but we will wait. and we will do what we can do. >> so they realize it's a long wait. one of the american women, she lost her parents on an airplane in north carolina when she was just 5 years old. the plane had exploded over north carolina. and she said it took more than 20 years for her to get some sort of answer as to what may have happened. so again, they were stressing to the chinese families here this could take years. christine? >> pauline chiou, thanks. 15 planes, 14 ships out looking for the jet. could the weather be a factor in that search? it's been a weather factor nearly every day. indra petersons is here. >> one of the best things we have right now is the fact the
2:40 am
weather has been quite calm. take a look at the last 48 hours. the bulk of the weather staying north of the search area and farther down to the south. it's really helped these search parties get out there and get into the conditions that sometimes can be rough in this region. looking again now forward in time, you can see any weather systems that are developing staying south of the region. this is the good news. we're not talking about that low visibility. barely some clouds in the area. yes, light showers here and there. they've had turbulent weather several weeks ago. now things are really calming down. this new search area is farther to the north. conditions are improving. barely some rain and barely wind out there. conditions are great for the next 48 hours. that's key as they try and hear these pings. >> thanks, indra. we're following the latest breaking developments in the flight for 370 all day long. there's other big news as well. perhaps the most crucial moment yet in the trial of oscar pistorius. prosecutors cross-examining pistorius at his murder trial. they are not holding back.
2:41 am
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happening right now at the oscar pistorius trial in south africa. the sprinter facing blistering questioning. they were not holding back. listen. >> let's talk about in the past. before you killed reeva -- >> that's correct. >> you have a responsibility to now tell the truth. let us get to the truth. >> i think i have a responsibility for myself and reeva to tell the truth. >> and you -- >> i'm here to tell the truth. i'm here to tell the truth as much as i can remember on that night. >> the testimony temporarily on hold as the judge considers whether to allow prosecutors to show a video. cnn legal analyst kelly phelps outside the courthouse in pretoria for us.
2:45 am
kelly there haven't been many questions yet. tlrd looks like prosecutors really trying to shake things, shake pistorius up. what's the latest? >> yes, we always expected that the prosecutor was going to come after pistorius in cross-examination. incredibly aggressively. much of their case rests around how effectively they managed to shake pistorius during cross-examination. but another interesting feature that we've seen very early on in cross-examination is essentially the side battle that we expect to see going on between barry roux on one hand. they are both essentially titans of their profession here. they've met each other on a number of occasions. barry roux will know what to expect from harry in cross-examination and he'll constantly be waiting to step up and try and mitigate some of that aggression that kerry nell will be trying to throw at
2:46 am
pistorius and try to unsettle him. >> that testimony continues, that cross-examination continuing now. >> what a morning. dramatic testimony in south africa. the discovery of new pings in the search for flight 370. so much going on. let's get a look at what's coming up on "new day." kate balduan joins us. hi, kate. >> hi, guys. >> what do you have going on? >> she's so busy. >> still looking at our rundown. we're going to be following the breaking news on the flight for 370. overnight officials detected two more pings under water. could they be the plane's black box after all of this time. now officials are saying the flight could be found in a matter of days. if this is flight 370, how deep could the plane be and what would crews face trying to recover the wreckage? we'll take a look. and we'll also break down the very latest with our top-notch aviation experts, of course. once you find it, that's the big thing we need, right?
2:47 am
but they also need to figure out how to get it to the surface once that happens. >> so many questions. looking ford th ining forward t. >> sorry to surprise you. >> not your fault. it's mine. more news developing this morning. crisis in ukraine. pro-russian protesters taking over buildings, demanding independence. the question is, could this be a pretext for the russians to move in? important questions. we're live next. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you.
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2:50 am
the latest now on the breaking news overnight in the search for flight 370. officials in australia say a
2:51 am
ship has again heard signals, signals that could be from the jet's black boxes. two sounds were heard in the indian ocean lasting just five and seven minutes. and the signals were weaker than they had been. that's a possible sign the batteries on those flight recorders are starting to run out. still, officials hopeful. they are hopeful this will finally point them toward the jet that's now been missing for 33 days. meantime, protesters in eastern ukraine are not backing down. they have taken over government buildings in donetsk and elsewhere saying they deserve a vote so they can break away from ukraine and join russia. the ukrainians in the u.s. are blaming moscow saying all of this is orchestrated by the kremlin as a pretext for invasion. moscow, for its part, is urging caution. senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh rting it all out in donetsk,
2:52 am
ukraine. what's the feeling on the ground? do people feel as if the russians are orchestrating this as a precursor for its next move into ukraine? >> i think that's very much the pro-ukrainian sentiment here. and those protesting for russia are small in number. isolated pockets but a much greater significance, obviously, because of those 40,000 russian troops on the eastern ukrainian border that russia -- sorry, that nato and washington believe could be sat there waiting to intervene in some way if moscow feels it wants to. it seems though, here as the tension grows and then suddenly dissipates. we heard from the ukrainian interior minister saying if things aren't resolved in these three cities where buildings have been taken over in 48 hours through negotiations, then force could be used. overnight, we saw what ukrainian security officials called a tense hostage situation in luhansk where they claim
2:53 am
pro-russian have taken over. and had taken hostages and wired the building up with explosives. that seems to have dissipated overnight. if there were hostages, those people have now been released. but here in donetsk, i've just been back to the local administration building held by protesters. they are peaceful. they don't seem to have any weaponry there apart from sticks and stones but they've built up quite impressive walls, barricades of ties and bricks. organizing themselves. a list of the various different parts of this area of donetsk who now have offices in that new administration. almost like a rival government trying to create itself. still small in number but huge in significance because of how this is playing. the geopolitics of eastern europe. >> yesterday the national monetary fund slashed its growth forecast for russian economy because all of this is playing out very dramatically in the economies of the region as well. small numbers, yes, but very big significance for geopolitics and for the economies there. thank you nick paton walsh.
2:54 am
toyota recalling millions of vehicles this morning. more on that right after the break. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying
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2:58 am
breaking news this morning. toyota announced one of the largest car recalls ever. more than 6 million cars affected for problems ranging from air bags not deploying, steering columns breaking, seats not locking into position. 27 different models are involved in the five separate issues. all revealed out this morning. some 2 million of the cars involved are here in north america. global stocks higher this morning taking the cue from yesterday. u.s. stocks snapped a three-day losing streak. futures indicate we could do that again today. the nervous nellys have been out fretting the market is due for a correction. a correction is a drop of 10% or more from recent highs. that is still the backdrop any of kind of advance today. meantime, wall street giant goldman sachs feeling the fallout of best-selling author michael lewis' new book "flash boys." a report from "the wall street journal" says goldman may close its dark pool. what is the dark pool? dark pools are private stock
2:59 am
trading venues where big investors can trade stocks hidden from public view. lewis criticized those dark pools, those exchanges in his book saying their secrecy is unfair to regular investors. about 14% of stocks trade this way. goldman's pool is one of the biggest. biggest. a lot of scrutiny -- captions by vitac -- there's no second chances. the batteries are starting to sglad breakings news. search ships detect two more pings over night. officials much more optimistic they'll find flight 370. but the challenges are still daunting. also, breaking overnight, blockbuster day in court. oscar pistorius back on the stand. the intense cross-examination has begun. we have the dramatic back and forth. speaking out.
3:00 am
the married congressman caught kissing a staffer. now her husband is talking, breathing new life into the scandal. your "new day accou" starts rig. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate balduan, and mikial. >> the final resting place of flight 370. let's look at the map, shall we? look down here. you will see thes australian ship ocean shield. these four spots with the pings they've picked up. these two are the new pings. you can see they're in the same area. that's what's giving the optimism that they believe they're in the right place. the duration of them not as long. about 5 1/2 minutes. the other one about 7 minutes. but that is four separate signals deteched since saturday. okay. they're optimistic


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