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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 13, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. we begin with two new breaking news stories. first, shots fired outside kansas city and three people are dead. talking about overland park, kansas. a jewish community center of greater kansas city. it only happened a short time ago. straight to george howell here to tell us about this. watching the breaking developments right now. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, don, keeping in touch with the sources, what we know at this point, three people died in this series of shootings happening in two locations and this point investigators have a person of interest. taken into custody. want to point out that this happened at the jewish community center also an assisted living facility and we understand that a dance recital and competition was actually taking place at the time. there were several teenagers, people in the building. the building is on lockdown. told to be put on lockdown and
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the teens told to get on the ground, to go to the locker rooms, the floor, to seek shelter to get the safety as the shots rang out but again we're keeping in touch with the sources. three people kill in the overland park area. very busy part of kansas city and one person of interest has been taken into custody. >> all right, george. what do we know about this community center? is it an active place? there can't have been incidents there before. >> reporter: right. we don't know about incidents. we'll look into that as far as the history, the background. that is weekend. a lot of people were there. as i mentioned, a dance recital, competition was taking place at the time. we understand a lot of people were in the building. all the teens had to get out of harm's way. they were all ushered into the locker rooms, told to seek shelter as the shooting took place. >> all right, george howell joining us with the latest
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information. we'll continue to follow this from kansas. rabbi will join us. a chaplain for the overland park police department. he'll join us in a little while. three people involved in the shooting and believe a shooter is in custody right now and this is obviously the eve of passover beginning tomorrow and very odd it's happening now. again, we don't have many details. happening a short time ago. shots fired and according to george howell, at least three people involved in this incident, dead from this. i want to join rabbi mandell. what can you tell us? >> well, unfortunately, three people have passed away that have been shot. at least one was a teenager. from the jewish community center in the theater when the first shooting took place. we know that there is a suspect in custody who reportedly was
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starting the slogan and he was being taken away. by overland park police. both shooting scenes are now under control. there's nothing actively going on at this time. and that's all the information that we have at the moment. >> you said the -- >> there's been a tremendous amount of security build-up across the jewish community. the police is wonderful. police cars at every jewish facility now as a precaution at this point. until everything settles down. >> you said he was uttering neo nazi slurs as he killed the people? >> i was not at the scene but i was told he was yelling heil, hitler, being taken away in cuffs. >> three dead, are they -- can you explain -- >> in his 70s and incredible. >> the suspect you believe is a senior in his 70s? >> that's what i have been told.
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i was not at the scene. apparent lay older gentleman and asking people before he shot if they were jewish or not. person identified as the village he then shot. this sounds like a hate crime. >> everyone, again, you know, the information is just coming in. you are getting it as we are. speaking with rabbi mandl of a shooting. three people confirmed dead now and according to the rabbi, on the found, the man who is believed responsible for the this went through the center asking people if they were jewish. he says uttering neo-nazi slurs to people and then shooting them. is everyone that was hurt, is it all in the same part of the community center, rabbi? >> no, no, no. two at the jewish community center and traveled about a mile to the jewish retirement home
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where the third individual was shot and then killed. two different shooting scenes about a mile apart. >> gotcha. >> he took off and arrested a mile away and parking lot of an elementary school. all in overland park. >> okay. i'm -- again, just getting this information as you're telling me here. so there were tarchs at this community center when this happened. >> correct. there was an audition for a play going on at the time and i know at least one of the deceased is a teenage male. >> and this is the eve of passover? >> yes. tomorrow night's passover. >> yeah. what -- you know, it's just very strange that this would happen, and obviously, i don't know if it's -- if the passover holiday has anything to do with it but for someone running through the center and back to the retirement home or to the retirement home killing someone
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is very odd and you say this would appear in your estimation to be a hate crime, right? >> i only say that because of his utterings. apparently quoted to him being arrested and point in that direction. >> right. how many people were -- >> -- before you shoot. that also sounds very much like a hate crime. >> yeah. how many people at the community center were the teenagers? >> i don't know how many people were there. i don't know how many people. apparently sizable enough. auditions were going on. somewhat of an attendance. in the theater of the community center. >> yeah. and this is extremely out of the ordinary for the community? >> oh, unheard of. i've been in the community for 37 years and never had anything like this. very stable, friendly community. very, very unusual for kansas, metro area, overland park.
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never anything like this in the area. >> you say you believe the suspect is in his 70s. do you have any idea who he is? >> no, no. that's not been released to anybody. i do not know and that, you know, again, i heard this from one of my dispatchers told me they heard it was a gentleman who was 74 years old and makes it even stranger. >> and you don't know if he has any connection to the center or to -- >> no idea. no idea. it's too soon i think for the details to come out but the three people are deceased. that is definite now. >> how big of a jewish community in the kansas city, in this area? >> approximately 20,000 jews in the metro area. >> and no recent incidents that would lead to this sort of thing? nothing has happened? >> nothing, never. a friendly, quiet, stable city. just like the oklahoma city thing. came out of left field. you know? never would have predicted
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anything like that for our community. >> three people who are dead and you said you believe it's one of them is a teenager you know for sure. correct? >> yes, a male teenager i guess part of the audition program. >> you don't know about the other two? >> do not know. it was an older woman that shot and killed at the retirement home, coming out when he came swinging by. >> and do you know about -- he was going -- yes. he was going into the -- so you left the auditions at the community center and was going into the retirement home. >> cricket. >> and on the way in you believe he shot what you believe is an older woman. >> that's correct. jewish retirement home is about a mile away from the community center. >> he was trying to drive away? >> i think there was a chase. i'm not sure. he was afriended a mile away in the parking lot of an elementary
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school. >> okay. and what about the other injuries? i know at least two people injured? >> the two -- well, as far as i know -- i know the three fatalities. i'm not aware of anything else. one was seriously injured and apparently died. that was the one -- i don't know of any other injuries or anybody else. i don't know of anyone else in a life threatening situation i'm aware of. >> can you give me a time -- >> -- not released. >> can you give me a time? >> shooting took place at the center almost exactly 1:00 and the second shooting was about 15 minutes later. >> 1:00 and then 1:15. rabbi, don't go anywhere. if you're just tuning in, there's been a shooting at a jewish community center and a home in overland park, kansas. here's what we know from the rabbi who's also part of the police department. according to, there was a suspect in the 70s, maybe 74
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years old, went to a jewish community center. there was an audition for a play. young people there. it is believed that he shot two people there and killed them. got in the car and went to a jewish retirement home on his way into that home and being told by the police now the rabbi on the phone that he shot an elderly woman it is believed and killed her. three people here dead. initially one of the people had very serious injuries and died from that. according to, again, rabbi who's on the phone now, he got back into the car and apprehended at an elementary school. rabbi mandl joining us now. rabbi, update us again on this. this is a horrific event to happen on the eve of passover, any time, as a matter of fact. >> timing is terrible. timing is awful. and i guess more details will, you know, come out over the next few hours to names and details
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and hopefully this is -- from what i understand from my contacts, this is a one person event and hopefully that's under control now. with the person apprehended, the suspect. >> and rabbi, you said that this guy was uttering allegedly uttering anti-schmiemettic slur he went about the business of killing people. >> as he was being arrested. >> as he was being arrested. but didn't you say he was going through at one point asking people if they were jewish before -- >> that's correct. i understand -- i was not on the scene but i understand he was in the jcc, community center, asking if you're jewish or not. if you answered yes, he shot and same thing as village shilom. >> as a chaplain there, i would imagine that you are deeply connected to the community. how are people dealing with this? >> well, you know, the community will come together. we've come together when there
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have been other crises in the community. very tight, close community. we'll survive. this will move on. >> rabbi, our thoughts are with you. rabbi will join us throughout the evening here on cnn as he gets free. we know that he's very busy. we appreciate it. our thoughts with you. three people shot and killed in overland park, kansas, where according to the police a man, they believe in his 70s, went into a jewish community center. two people at an audition for a play, one is a teenager and then got into his car, went to a jewish retirement home, shot another woman, initially. these are the initial reports in her 70s. killed her and according to the police he was saying heil hitler asking people if they were jewish and shooting them and we'll keep you updated. this story involves ukraine
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. following breaking nulls. first story is coming from overland park, kansas. suburb of kansas city. three people shot and killed. two of them shot at a jewish community center. the other shot at a jewish retirement home. three people are dead at this point. according to the police, they believe it is a senior citizen who did the shooting. a man in his 70s they say. who was going about the community center and the retirement home asking people if they were jewish before shooting them and apprehended later in an elementary school parking lot according to the police the man was repeating heil hitler. we'll continue to following this breaking news story for you. and out of ukraine, a number of developments.
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weeks after pro-russian forces seized buildings in crimea, we are seeing a disturbingly similar pattern to emerging now in eastern ukraine. pro-russian forces seized government buildings in several cities in the east and just hours ago ukraine's acting president set a monday deadline for those pro-russian militants to lay down arms or face a full-scale operation. and then there's a video of northeastern ukraine. it reportedly shows a citizen lying beaten at a subway station, pro-russians are scene attacking the activists but cnn hasn't been able to authenticate this video. united nations will hold an emergency meeting on the crisis tonight at the request of russia. we'll have more on that and then reaction of the white house in a moment. first straight to cnn's nick
2:18 pm
payton walsh in ukraine. nick, we have seen this before. what's going on now? >> reporter: it's been remarkable change in the tone of what's happening here in yeern ukraine in 36 hours, don. we are seeing a number of towns, if you look at the map, they form a circle around this, the main city of donetsk isolating it. but each of the towns pro-russian militants backed up by protesters taking on the government buildings there, taking over police stations. where the violence first started, there was supposed to be an anti-terror operation to remove those militants but that really didn't seem to get further than the outskirts and cross fire exchanged with the cr ukrainian security erpersonnel trying to get in.
2:19 pm
another place we visited, militants stormed the police station there. 9:00 local time tomorrow morning, we have this emergency session of the u.n. security council being called in new york just hours from when i'm speaking now. that's obviously a chance for russia to address the broader grievances. it blames ukraine for declaring war on its own citizens. many concerned they may intervene if the crew yanian army finds the man powuwer and e force. tense hours here. >> thank you very much. we want to go to washington and erin mcpike joins me now. how's the white house responding to the developments? are they stepping up sections or
2:20 pm
stepped up sanctions likely? >> reporter: well, don, the obama administration has been threatening encreased sanctions and officials more forceful about that this weekend. u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha power on "abc this week" and she address third degree. >> i think we have seen that the sanctions can bite and if actions like the kind of a few days continue you see a ramping up of those sanctions. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry repeatedly warned the russian counterpart lavrov that russia risks more sanctions if the military does not pull back troops and now that u.s. troops are vocal about blaming did government in moscow of backing and coordinating the attacks, kerry told lavrov by phone if they don't stop there will be additional consequences likely in the form of increased sanctions but the white house has yet to issue its reaction to this new news of the u.n. security council meeting tonight but the administration is
2:21 pm
stepping up the actions as kerry is headed to geneva to meet thursday with lavrov personally and leaders of the united nations to try to hammer out a diplomatic solution. vice president biden will go to kiev to meet with the government leaders to assist the preparations for may elections and he'll also provide council to ukraine trying to resist what they see as sabotage from russia in the efforts, don. >> all right. erin, thank you very much. we appreciate that. we'll have more on the breaking news coming up here on cnn. also our panel of experts to weigh in on the missing plane, day 38 now for the search of missing flight 370. what should be next? and is failure an option? i'll ask my panel. don't go anywhere. they think ab. and what they've been through lately. polar vortexes, road construction, and gaping potholes. so with all that behind you,
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breaking news. three people are dead at a shooting at a jewish community center and retirement home in overland park, kansas. a suburb of kansas city. we're hearing that the suspect, a man believed to be in his 70s, went into the community center where they were holding auditions for a play and shot and killed two people. one of them a teenager. got into his car and then went to a jewish retirement home and killed a woman on his way in there and then left and was apprehended by police at a parking lot of an elementary
2:26 pm
school yelling heil hitler and at the community center it is believed he was asking people if they're jewish. we'll continue to update you on this story. three people dead in kansas. now, the case of flight 370. the battery deadline, likely passed here. the black box pings, well, completely silent. the families living in limbo. no one is ready to throw in the towel just yet. top may lay shan officials reaffirming we must find the black boxes if the mystery is to be solved. search teams took a different approach today increasing the search area significantly by almost 40% and in less than an hour planes will take to the skies yet again in the -- as dawn breaks in perth, australia. the search shifts from listening to looking. we are back with the mystery of flight 370. panel of experts is here. les abon and ploexplorer, avon
2:27 pm
clouseau, miles o'brien, mary sciavo, and clive irving. okay. i got that out. mary, why the larger search area today? does that tell you anything about the people running the search? >> well, yeah. it does. it tells me they want to try a last couple of days of effort for a big look to see if there's any hope whatsoever of finding wreckage. clearly, if there is even wreckage, it's spread further than before and before they put the blue fins in the water to start mapping the ocean floor, i think it was one last-ditch effort to please, you know, send us some wreckage so we can know we're in the right spot. >> i said they increased the search area 40%. fabian, how do they calculate each day? what factors do they take into account? >> as far as the surface area of
2:28 pm
the water, probably take into account, of course, the currents, the weather patterns and of course the wind and maybe carrying that debris that may be floating at the surface in different directions. >> okay. we have much more in a little bit. again, we'll continue to follow this story and the breaking news coming out of kansas where three people have been shot at a community center. first, bloody clashes? ukrai ukraine. the u.n. security council will meet to talk it over and a deadline of tomorrow. ♪ [ male announcer ] even more impressive than the research this man has at his disposal
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breaking news update for you right now. three people are dead and the community in shock after police say a gunman went on a shooting
2:32 pm
rampage. it is overland park, kansas. witnesses say a man with a gun opened fire after asking feem if they were jewish. the gunman drove to a jewish retirement home where police say he shot and killed an older woman. make sure you stay with cnn for more developments. and again, here's more. we are getting more now from the overland park, kansas, city hall. they posted this on their official facebook page. giving us details saying it happened around 1:00. police received multiple calls regarding a shooting on the campus of the jewish community center giving the address of the center and saying additional calls received by police of another shooting at the village shalom community center and victims confirmed deceased.
2:33 pm
there will be a news conference at 5:00 p.m. at the fire training center. if we get it and the information we'll bring it to you. three people are dead from a shooting in overland park, kansas. two people shot at a jewish community center. other person at a jewish community home. breaking news out of ukraine to report. the u.n. security council will hold an urgent meeting at russia's request. the unscheduled meeting after a sudden spike in bloodshed in the fragile nation. ukraine's acting president's sent a harsh warning to separatists. the message, back off by monday or prepare for violence. russia's foreign minister says ukraine authorities must stop the war against their own people. i want to bring in our senior united nations correspondent mr. richard roth. richard, thank you so much for joining us. what are your sources telling you about this urgent u.n. security council meeting? >> reporter: there's interesting
2:34 pm
concern for weeks about developments in ukraine. violence, takeovers of buildings by pro-russian supporters as ukraine soldiers stand by and now a deadline about the government ready to use force to stop them. who's backing who. the widening crisis in ukraine. and so here at the u.n. in a few hours we'll have an urgent security council meeting. maybe behind closed doors. some countries want it to be an open public session to publicly make the case and lodge accusations against other countries. the u.n. is not able to take coordinated action because russia is a permanent member of the security council and has a veto. there's widespread interest in having this event, this could be like the tenth i think u.n. meeting over the last five wreaks but not done anything to resolve this crisis. the u.n. provides a forum. ukraine is pushing for the meeting. we'll see what the russian ambassador says. will moscow verbally make its case for why it has to take action of its own?
2:35 pm
there are thousands of tanks, planes and other armaments on the border for weeks now and the u.s. is the ambassador, samantha power said on sunday morning in new york and washington today that the trouble at one town coordinated professional, don, and earmarks of what russia did in crimea. back to you. >> what sort of sanctions could the council take? sanctions or troops? >> reporter: there's no way there's any sanctions as long as russia would have to approve. the russian veto already used several weeks ago on a resolution which was milder than sanctions. as for troops, so far no country has been willing to have their own forces go to ukraine in support. there's been many verbal promises of aid and ugly, tough kons yeconsequences and then so president putin is emboldened with that. the russians said they don't have an intent to go into
2:36 pm
eastern ukraine. >> thank you very much. the president of ukraine said he won't stand for another crimea situation. he said separatists in eastern ukraine have until monday to back down. are they on the verge of a bloody civil war? joining us on the phone is josh rogen. do you think the u.n. security council will emerge with a tough action plan or just tough talk? >> the u.n. security council meeting is largely symbolic. the real action here is behind the scenes both inside the obama administration and between the u.s. government and the eu. the obama administration had previously been waiting until a thursday meeting in gentlemen knee gentleman between the u.s., the eu, russia and ukrainian governments and over the weekend they have shifted strategy. we have reported today and now they're contacting the eu partners to try to ready new and tough sanctions to release
2:37 pm
against the russians as early as monday or tuesday. this is a reflection of the grave and worsening situation in yeern ukraine and also an acknowledgment by the u.s. government they believe that the forces are not only being aided by russia but actually russian special operations forces are inside eastern ukraine wearing the same uniforms in crimea with advanced weapons, crossing another line that the obama administration hope it is russians would never krosh. >> josh, if -- richard roth said no sanctions probably. no troops definitely. if nothing will happen, why have the meeting? >> the meeting is a show of support in the international community. likely that almost all of the security council members will condemn the russian incursion into eastern ukraine ongoing and not produce a statement requiring consensus and one more way to put pressure on vladimir putin to reverse course.
2:38 pm
again, this is largely symbolic. we'll see whether the u.s. and the eu can agree to broad sanctions against broad sections of the eu economy. the u.s. government is likely to move forward with more targeted sanctions against politicians, business men and the institutions that they frequent. so this is an ongoing diplomatic game. it is playing out in realtime. and it will play over a few days. >> josh rogen of "the daily beast," thanks much for that. the plane mystery sparked many rumors. was it hijacked or on the ground in afghanistan? on and on. we'll break down the conspiracy theories. on: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive..
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all right. breaking news update for you. three people dead after police say a gunman went on a shooting rampage in overland park, kansas, near kansas city. witnesses say a man with a gun opened fire on people at a jewish community center after asking them if they were jewish. and then one of the people killed at the community center is a teenage boy. the gunman then drove to a jewish retirement home and police say he shot and killed an older woman. the suspect in custody. police say he is an older man and shouted heil hitler while being arrested. stay with cnn for more of the coverage. we're awaiting a news conference soon. people have a tendency to
2:43 pm
try to explain the unknown. that's why the missing airlines jet let to many of the conspiracy theories. it landed in diego garcia. it's on an island at the south indian ocean. the u.s. denies the claim. another theory, the plane and passengers are on the ground in afghanistan. everyone is alive. i have heard that, as well. a russian newspaper says unknown terrorists are holding them hostages. could this be the first cyber hijack? expert claims cyber terrorists hijacked the security software and redirected the jet. radar engineer rick costaldo joins me now. what is your take on the conspiracy theorys? >> i think the argument that a cyber terrorist hijacked the plane is ludicrous. those 777s, you are not allowed to upload anything from down on the ground. there is no data link to allow you to get directly into the fms
2:44 pm
and hijack the aircraft. that's beyond the realm of possibility to me. >> the 777 pilot we have here as an analyst is shaking his head in agreement saying, absolutely, right? >> probably very smart guy flying a 777. >> yeah. >> thank you, sir. >> he would like to think so. anyway, and so what about the whole diego garcia thing? >> well, you know, i was on a few weeks ago and i said do not discount the fact that the plane could have went north. the focus at that time was on a very poor picture of a chinese satellite. far away from what would have been the maximum extent the plane would have gone with a full tank of fuel. after they took a look at the sta da that, they looked at the north and south route and frankly, i'm not -- i haven't looked at diego garcia. heavily with u.s. navy, military base, i find it hard to believe
2:45 pm
that a 777 could land there without the americans knowing about it. >> yes. and we've looked into that and highly unlikely. most people say impossible. >> indonesia, don, would be more likely as well as pakistan. and the theory that the radars would have picked him up i disagree with. vehemently. >> really? >> a trained pilot would know where to fly. >> that's the most logical explanation other than the bottom of the ocean is it's in pakistan and why don't you believe radar would have picked it up? >> the radar infrastructure over in asia is maintained terribly in my opinion. i find it hard to believe an altitude scanning radar used for air defense or air traffic control is maintained to the same standard at the united states. we had airplanes in this country in 9/11, we have over 450 search radars and we lost them.
2:46 pm
these are first-rate maintained radars by technicians and u.s. military and not unusual that an airplane could evade search radar. >> yeah. we lost him for a short period of time. this is prolonged over -- go ahead. >> yeah. but frankly, it was only lost for a short period of time over there. what we don't know is whether or not the plane really made a left turn after it left malaysian air space and contacted hanoi control. we have a report from an undocumented source from somewhere in malaysia from one radar. frankly, i discount this. >> you are not believing the data, the guy with the calculation of possibility of where the plane down, you don't believe that? >> well, i believe it's very difficult. it is not new math. it's a common processing technique, doppler signature. that tower is 23,000 miles up. they fly tangentially to that.
2:47 pm
to record cigsignatures of direction, very difficult. i frankly am skeptical. >> all right. rick, stick around. we want to talk more about this with our panel coming up right after a quick break along with the latest on the shooting in overland park, kansas, and the crisis in ukraine. all coming up after a very quick break. gunderman group is a go.
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welcome back. don lemon here. breaking news, three people dead after shootings at two jewish facilities in the kansas city area. one of the people killed in the center, a teenage boy. overland park news conference scheduled in less than ten minutes. we'll take you there live preparing to update us on this shooting in kansas. panel is back, experts to talk about flight 370 and conspiracy theorys and on and on. we've added a radar engineer, miles o'brien, with us as well. mile, you, first, your reaction to conspiracy theories? do they have any legs? you heard what rick said, he goes, hey, listen, pakistan is a viable option here. >> here's the thing, if you buy into inmarsat, though we haven't seen data, it propry ta tear, part of an investigation, nice to see what underlies it, but if
2:52 pm
you buy into that, inmarsat, rings, you're limited as to where the plane might be. you know, coupled, the rings with the pings, and you're left with, i think, a pretty good case that the airplane is at the bottom of the sea. people continue with theories, they will continue with theories. we're talking about the grassy knoll, don. >> absolutely. mary, i know you like to deal in facts. very -- the only fact we know is the plane is missing. these are what we're dealing with mathematical probability here. >> right. absolutely. but you know, we are to deal with what we have. you know, conspiracy theories, no matter what happens in the country, we come up with conspiracy theories, there are still people -- i get mail every day from people still saying we were wrong about september 11th. >> flight 800, you and i were in the green room. >> yeah. >> in the green room, a gentleman who just went on and
2:53 pm
on about the conspiracy theorists for 800. i wanted to save you but i had to go on and do my show, but, yes. >> so, i mean that kind of thing goes on all the time. what's important is for investigators to just, you know, stick -- stay the course, stick to straight and narrow and stick with the facts. inmarsat, data are facts, pings are facts and they will eventually sort through all of the facts and get to the bottom of it. conspiracy theories are, sort of entertaining and make great books someday, novels, not factual books, but, no, i don't buy into the any of the conspiracy theorys. >> i'm going to get rick back in here. you don't seem to think that the pakistan theory, you don't think it's a conspiracy theory. you think it's an option because what we have is a mathematical possibility right now that we're going on all of the searching, all of the searching is going on over. >> i apologize answering the
2:54 pm
question like an engineer. you did not ask me about the pings, sorry. if you have reliable ping data, in the general area from the southern route predicted by the inmarsat data, that's absolutely viable and credible. if it's from a credible source. for instance, the malaysians have given us different stories, the public, as well in their own country, and throughout the world on what happened. frankly, i don't trust anything the malaysian government says today. >> okay. all right. let's move on now. i want to talk -- get past the conspiracy theories. again working on the reality that we have, reality that we do have is the mathematical data from inmarsat, which most believe here, and the search area expanded we have sat here for days say, the search area's big, they've honed it now
2:55 pm
they've honed it in. clive, what do you make of the expansion of the search donzone rather than it condensing? >> it's important to acknowledge the search area is expanding and contracting at the same time. it's expanding in order to look for floating wreckage on the ocean and it's contracting as a result of the work being done on the ocean shield and what -- i think we have to accept the pings are probably over, but that's not too tragic, because after the all the information flight recorder will be preserved for at least two years. the other thing that's fascinating, the combination of the ocean shield, the vessel, it's doing something that's really vital, it's mapping the ocean floor. there's no accurate -- so the combination of two ships together has done more to advance the search in the last few day than anything else that happened so far and accept the
2:56 pm
australian beacon and they don't believe that failure is an option. or anyone should accept failure is an option. the sent has got to go on until the wreckage is found and it include the recorder and anything else at the bottom of the ocean. >> thank you very much. other panelists, we'll continue on. we'll continue to follow, of course, the plane, but also following the breaking news coming out of the kansas city area, three people shot and killed at two area jewish facilities there. one of the shot and killed, believed to be a teenage boy. we'll be back after a quick break. ♪ [ male announcer ] how did edward jones become one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more than halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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to kick things off, he's going to india. >> side of the road food stall. there are countless to choose from the town but this is legendary. i like it. eat around this part of the world, punjab, in particular, get used to eating a lot of vegetarian. india, one of the few places on earth where even for me that's not a burden what's that? i'll take that, right here, my good man. mmm, that's good. in the punjab, meat or no meat, almost guaranteed a free for all of intense colors, flavors, and spices. "parts unknown" 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. >> this cnn breaking news.