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tv   CNN Special  CNN  April 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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work. we do not know the full story there. >> we don't know the full story. it's going to be tough, once you put submersibles in and don't know where they're go, the best hope were the pingers and it looks like they may have been lost. our panel will join us in the next hour. breaking news, everyone. i'm don lemon. you're in the "cnn newsroom." we're tracking three huge stories right now. in one hour, the u.n. security council's holding an urgent previously unscheduled meeting at russia's request to discuss rising violence in ukraine. ukraine's acting president won't stand for another crimea in his fajle nation. tragedy strikes on the eve of passover. gunfire erupted at two jewish centers in kansas city. three people dead, a suspect, bearded man in his 70s. hunt for malaysia flight
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370, search planes back in the skies near australia. hear how the search may shift gears very soon. breaking news right now. suburbs of kansas city a man with a gun started shooting at a jewish community center in overland park, kansas. killed two people there one a teenager. according to police the man then drove to a jewish retirement home where he killed one more person, an older whop. the police chief talked to reporters a short time ago. >> we have the suspect, this gentleman is in his 70s, he is a white male, he has a beard. the suspect in the back of the car made several statements, we are sifting through and vetting those for accuracy, number one, number two, we're looking at them from their evidentiary value. it's too early to tell you what he may or may not have said. but we're trying to determine what that was at this time. >> nick va len si gathering details. more about the suspect in a second. tell us about two places where
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he opened fire today. >> reporter: 3 1/2 hours into the investigation, don, little information is, as the police chief alluded to there first shooting scene a jewish community center in overland park, kansas, town of 173,000 people and we know that the shooting happened outside -- in the parking lot, where you mentioned two victims, two fatalities outside. we do know inside, a dance competition going on. a dance competition performances, as well as perhaps a performance of a play "to kill the mockingbird" a lot of children, younger folks inside, very scary situation for them. the shooter moved on a mile away to village shalom, that's a retirement center, assist living facility, earlier i spoke to somebody there, i called that facility and a woman answered said everyone inside was okay and that they would be preparing a statement for the media in the coming hours. but that's what we do know about those two facilities. both affiliated in some way to
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the jewish community and, as you mentioned, on the eve of passover, just very scary situation for those involved there, don. >> can we talk more about the suspect? they said he's a bearded man in his 70s. they don't think he knew the victims or he staked out the places where he opened fire, right? >> right. they know little about this man. some of the reporters at press conference asked if he was known to police before the indianapolis dent. they had no idea, that he had planned to do this, no indication, that this was surprising to everyone investigating. he's in his 70s. a picture released by local affiliates in kansas city. i spoke to the pio, press information officer, and could not corroborate what local affiliates saying was the image of the man but he's in is 70s, had a beard, not from kansas. we don't know anything else about the suspect. >> talk about the timing here,
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you know. religion of the victims, start of passover tomorrow. reported statements made by the suspect, you know, saying apparently heil hitler or asking people if they were jewish before he shot them. what's the hate crime angle here, if any. >> a hate crime investigation. the police made that clear, they haven't ruled anything out. that's the line they're going down. now interestingly, kctv, kansas affiliate of cnn and a reporter said, during the suspect taken into custody, she heard him say heil hitler. police chief was asked about that at the press conference, he says they're looking into the statements that the suspect made in police custody but did not go so far as to say he said those comments specifically. we did, i should mention, have a rabbi on earlier last hour who you interviewed said the suspect was shouting hate crime-type statements, sounded like a hate crime but we don't know exactly
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the extent of why he did this, don, and what the motive but was behind these shootings. but a day before passover, chilling scene, very sad situation there in overland park. >> that gentleman happened to -- he is -- works with the police department, a chaplain for the police department, happen to be a rabbi but, yes, they are investigating it as a hate crime. also investigating it as a criminal act. also vekiinvestigationing as terrorism. less than an hour, u.n. security council will hold emergency meetings and emergency meet on the crisis in ukraine at russia's request. unscheduled meeting comes after a sudden spike in bloodshed. pro-russian demonstrators in several cities in the east, crowds protesting near occupied buildings. ukraine's leader set a harsh
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deadline, back down by monday or else. senior united nations correspondent is mr. richard roth, and he's there at united nations. what are your sources telling you about this urgent meeting from the council about to happen? >> reporter: well we know that the meeting will be a public session, and likely speeches by russia and ukraine. if it's like some of the other meetings, there will be a response to the previous remarks made by an ambassador, could be a very long, interesting, sunday night. several weeks have passed sense we've had a session like this. but as mentioned, as that ultimate tim deadline to act against separatists, russia requested a meeting. now the russia wanted it private. behind closed doors. other countries, likely the u.s., too, wanted it public. we will have this airing of grievances. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power earlier on "abc this week" said violence and
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takeovers, handiwork of russian authorities is all over it, according to her. >> it has all of the tell-tale signs of what we saw in crimea. it's professional. it's coordinated. there's nothing grassroots seeming by it. we've seen the sanctions can bite, and if actions like the kind that we've seen over the last few days continue, you'll see a ramping up of the the sanctions. >> russia says these people want to be with russia, and they are fighting for their own democracy to be connected with moscow. russia has hundreds of tanks, planes and other military armaments on the border, it insists it's doing military exercises. we've heard warnings for days from senior u.s. authorities and others concerned and there's concern here at u.n. about what might happen along the border and now we have this ultimatum regarding supporters of russia, coming up in five or six hours. >> richard, i spoke with the congressman, democratic congressman adam schiff, and he
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talked about stronger sanctions. but none of that's likely to come out of the emergency, if you call it, meeting, unplanned meeting. >> reporter: right. as we've seen with other crises, the u.n. could not agree on something like sanctions. in this case, russia, permanent member of the security council, has a veto. what you see is individual countries such as u.s. putting their own sanctions on russia or the european union as a group. the u.s. says there is a lot of sanctions still left to go, but will any of them really bite? that is unclear. >> richard roth at the u.n. thank you. now to the case of flight 370. the battery deadline is likely passed. the black box pings, cleomplete silent. families living in limbo. no one ready to throw in the towel. top malsian officials reaffirming we must find the black boxes if the missing airliner to be solved.
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planes in air again. search from listening to looking. panel of experts back with me now. cnn aviation analyst and pilot, les abend, author david soucie, expedition leader and explorer, fabian cousteau, cnn aviation analyst and pilot, miles o'brien and a former ntsb and accident investigator author of "air safety investigators, using science to save lives." fabian, how do they calculate the search area? what factors are they taking into account? >> well, expanding the area on the surface because of obvious factors such as weather, currents, and the fact that if there is a debris field on the surface, the things that are floating are probably dispersing and, therefore, you have to expand that search area. >> all right. alan, are we being too hard on malaysia? what kind of job do you think
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they're doing in the investigation. >> certainly they've made some very bad missteps early on, and we don't have to regail everybody with what they've done wrong. two things right that i see. first, they've got the em mer sat people involved. they located where the black boxes may be. and they turned the search over to the australians. so, we could be hard on them. i wish they had done what president mubarak did in 1989 and that is, ask for ntsb go team to take over the investigation. he lost a boeing 767 in the atlantic and it worked out very well with ntsb doing the investigation. >> sounds good to many people, but miles o'brien, how likely that is to happen? >> it's a little late for that i think. i do agree with that. i think it's important that countries, frankly, recognize where their expertise lies and does not. it's clear the malaysians do not
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have the depth of expert tease to do those things. very few nation dozen. very nations have had the depth, the ntsb is preeminent in all of this. i would say if you are going to buy a boeing 777 and fly it in your flag airliner, carrier, squlo airier, you should show you can conduct one of the investigations or sign away in advance memorandum of understanding who you're going to in these circumstances so there's no decision in the midst of this horrible tragedy. >> david, you know, failure's not an option here. if the black boxes are never recovered, i mean, can this investigation ever be complete? i think i'm getting ahead of myself. is what the likelihood now pingers are gone? >> i think it's very likely that the batteries have died. i do feel confident they're going to fine black boxes than
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signal was distinctive, it's not confused with fishing boat signal or any other signal like before. >> it's not like that where you can find them. >> we're talking 560 miles. if you went from end to end. but that's probably not what they'll do. they'll recognize far pings as artifacts that are going through the transthermal layer. so if you focus on the two-mile stretch it only gives a couple of options where the boxes are. if you draw a circle around one option, you've got two miles, if you've got a circle around the other. there's a couple of places to start the search and look from there out. >> you said something i thought was very interesting earlier today. because they're hearing pinkers, what they believe two different signals from far away, it done mean that. two miles, three miles but that's the minimum range? >> that's what the faa does, set the minimum standards. we don't set the maximum
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standards. >> you're thinking that they're within two or three miles. >> it makes it much harder. it's 160 dessiabilities, as loud as a gunshot, it's the gunshot at frequency of a dog wising. humans can't hear it. that's how loud it is under water. think about being in the mountains and hear a gunshot and trace down where that gunshot went, not an easy thing to do. >> les abend, where do you think most of the assets should be devoted, air or sea? >> i think continue assets in both directions, in the sea and on the air because -- on the water because i think those fragments debris fragments are important to locate just by beginning, you'll agree with me, i think, david, first part of the investigation process and of course we know how important the black box. >> who was it, miles you said in another show, they're not going
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to hear pingers and start putting submersibles in the watt now. >> yeah. this is -- way on outside of the investigation, but my gut tell me batteries and done. they'll probably give it a couple more days because it's so much more efficient to be listening for pings, if you can find one more spot that would give you narrow it down, narrow down that box ever more the submersible vehicle is so much slower, it's six or seven times slower covering any piece of ocean compared to the towed pinger locator, it's probably worth a couple more days. >> quickly, alan, do you agree it's time to forget about the pingers and start putting assets in the water? >> i think so. also, get very quickly, get the british ship echo, a submarine rescue locator, start mapping the bottom before they put the
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bluefin in. >> more to talk about. the latest on flight 370 and our breaking news out of kansas, throughout this hour. but first, violence is spiraling in ukraine. now the country's acting president issues ul tim nato to pro-russian protesters. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it?
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>> following breaking developments out of ukraine. the country's acting president takes a stand, imposing a monday deadline for pro-russian militants holed up in government buildings and police stations to lay down their arms or face a full-scale operation. for russian forces seized several buildings in recent days. move is frighteningly similar to the scene in crimea. nick paton walsh reports on the violence in donetsk. >> reporter: donetsk a troubling escalation of violence in the past 36 hours. we've been to a number of towns
4:19 pm
which have been seized by pro-russian militants backed up by pro-russian protesters. the minister said they would be clearing with an anti-terror operation, that's very much in control of protesters and reinforced barricades, we understand from a senior security official the ukrainian attempt to move into that town to take on the militants didn't even get into the outskirts then got into a crossfire in a nearby road and one ukrainian security official killed, fibe injured in that shoot-out. n.o.w. another town, pro-russian protesters all over the police station and outside of the local administration building. very hard to see how these pro-russian protesters, backed by armed force, feel they need to move anywhere ahead of the presidential deadline given by turchynov, the interim president of ukraine to lay down their arms and they're receiving an
4:20 pm
amnesty, no prosecution, the threat being if they didn't do that the ukrainian military could be involved. tense hours ahead here. focus, whether kiev can muster enough manpower and strength to focus on the pro-russian protesters and suppress what's happening and if that does happen, will we see an intervention from russian forces 40,000 strong across the boarder? russia saying clearly, they think the west has to move now to prevent civil war breaking out here and ukrainian government has declared war on its own people. troubling rhetoric and a lot moving quickly here, a sense of real escalation. >> nick paton walsh. while the crisis grows worse in ukraine, the certain for flight 370 goes on. relentless hunt for clues for what happened to the airliner.
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hold tight. we're not going far from our two developing news stories, one in kansas, one in ukraine. first, flight 370 and the task at hand, find the black boxes and find the missing plane. search teams are taking a different approach. let's go straight to perth australia, where it's already monday. what's the plan for today? >> reporter: don, we received
4:25 pm
today's search update from the joint agency coordination center. big headline there, there have been no new acoustic detections in the past 24 hours but the search for the elusive pings continues. australian vessel, ocean shield, combing waters with american towed pinger trying to detect any signals. hsm echo by its side. efforts by air as well, stralgian sstralg i australian surveillance planes over head. it has to be said it has been silent since tuesday. no new pings since tuesday. authorities have said they will exhaust efforts until they are absolutely certain that those black box batteries have completely expired, given the fact that it's been some 37 days since this plane went missing. and the black box batteries have
4:26 pm
an operational life of 30. the question becomes when are they going to feel comfortable to make that assumption? no timetable from the australians so far. also according to the press statement from the joint agency coordination center this morning, search field for the debris, two searches going on here, underwater search for pings and search for debris. the debris search field narrowing today by 3,000, 3,800 square miles, yesterday increased by 6,000 squares mile. a moving search field. it's based on calculations ma that have been made on oceanic drift among other things and it has to be said, despite days and days and hours and hours by searching by air and sea by any physical seasons, they have yet to see anything. >> thank you. coming up, experts on the missing plane are here on this day, 38, in the search for
4:27 pm
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i'm don lemon. updating breaking news near kansas city. three people dead, two at this jewish community center in overland park, kansas. witnesses say a man with a gun started shooting at people after asking them if they were jewish. one of the people killeds a boy in his teens. . the gunman drove to a jewish retirement home and killed an elderly woman there, an older woman there, i should say. >> you don't see state troopers on the side streets blocking off entrances and everything. that's unusual. by any means. there's no other words to describe it, just panic. >> police have a man in custody,
4:31 pm
a white man, in his 70s, and they say he used a shotgun in one of the shootings. . arrested without incident in the parking lot at the retirement home. hear this, i spoke with an overland park rabbi, not long after the shootings. a rabbi also a police department chaplain. he told me about some things witnesses say they saw and heard about the suspect. these things were not confirmed by the chief but i want you to hear what the rabbi told me, listen. >> well, unfortunately, three people have passed away that have been shot, at least one a teenager. in the jewish community center in the theater when this first shooting took place. we know that there is a suspect in custody who reportedly was spouting neo-nazi slogans when he was being taken away by the overland park police. both accident scenes and shooting scenes under control.
4:32 pm
there's nothing actively going on at this time. and that's all of the information that we have at the moment. >> you said the suspect -- >> a tremendous amount of buildup of security across the jewish community there, police have been wonderful. i mean, police cars at every jewish facility as a precaution at this point until everything settles down. >> you said he was uttering neo-nazi slurs as he killed these people? >> yes. i was not at the scene, but i've been told he was yelling heil hitler as he was being taken away in cuffs. i also -- >> three dead. can you -- can you explain -- >> in his 70s, incredible. >> the suspect, you believe, is a senior in his 70s? >> that's what we -- that's what i have been told. i, again, was not at the scene. he's an older gentleman and asking people, before he shot, if they were jewish or not.
4:33 pm
person identified themselves, as an example at village shalom as being jewish, he then shot. sounds like a hate crime. >> en, again, the information is just coming in, we're speak with rabbi mandl about a shooting at a jewish community center. three people confirmed dead now. according to the rabbi on the phone, the man who is believed responsible for this went through the center asking people if they were jewish. he says uttering neo-nazi slurs to people, and then shooting them. is everyone who was hurt, everyone involved, is it all in the same part of the community center, rabbi? >> no, no, no. two at the jewish community center, and then he traveled about a mile to a jewish retirement home, village shalom, the third individual shot and killed. two different shooting scenes a mile apart. he then took off, and was arrested about a mile away,
4:34 pm
parking lot of an elementary school. all in overland park. >> i am getting this information, as you're telling me here. yeah. so, there were teenagers at this community center when this happened? >> correct. an audition for a play going on at the time. i know at least one of the deceased is a teenage male. >> and this is the eve of passover. >> yes, tomorrow night's passover. >> we'll continue to follow that breaking news coming out of the kansas city area. coming up on cnn, a congressman back from a trip to ukraine, he says u.s. and international community needs to do a whole lot more. how can you just stand there? what do you mean? your grass, man. it's famished! just two springtime feedings with scotts turf builder lawn food helps strengthen and protect your lawn from future problems. thanks scott. [ scott ] feed your lawn. feed it.
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california congressman says a u.s. must do more in ukraine. representative adam schiff, democrat who visited the country, says one of the big of the ways america can act is through sanctions against rush sla. i spoke with the representative last hour and says it won't be easy but doing so could prevent another invasion by russia. >> i think the u.s. needs to do a few things. step up our sanctions, and that means really trying to get europe together around sector wide sanctions, if the russians further enkir into ukraine. sanctions on energy industry, mining industry, banking industry, things that would cripple russia's economy. if we want to prevent a third
4:39 pm
kind of territorial invasion after georgia, now ukraine, we're going to have to get serious about imposing substantial costs and repercussions. we have the power to do it. we and europe have the power to do it. do we have the will to do it? i think putin right now questions whether we have the will to step up to the plate. >> what tougher sanctions would hurt the u.s. and europe, but is it needed? i want to bring in general spider marks, cnn military analyst, and eli lake, senior national security spoent correspondent at "the daily beast." you wrote friday that nato's commander calling for the west to do more, too. but this is a split with the white house. how much would this hurt the u.s. economically? >> well, i think on the sanctions question, there's also a big question mark about whether germany and other european countries will go along with the more biting sanctions,
4:40 pm
that would also hurt them in terms of russia's energy sector. what general fill hephillip bre wants to do is share more details intelligence with ukrainian military but also to give them the kind of command and control equipment such as secure communications equipment help them in the infiltration of special operation forces into eastern ur crane. >> the invasion of crimea, putin threatened to seize american assets in russia and threatened to take the resources of american companies in russia, it appears it done matter for him. he is hellbent on doing what he's going to do and sanctions may not make one bit of difference. >> i think it's important that sanctions are put in place and that the international community
4:41 pm
especially the eu and nato nations can galvanize around the in state needs to be vis-a-vis the sanctions. what we have to recognize now is that as frustrated as we are relative to crimea, we need to take that off the table. that's a done deal, we're not putting that genie back in the bottle. what happens important, and general breedlove indicated this, there's needs 0 to be more military sharing of intelligence and there needs to be some additional force plus ups within nato so putin understands that if any more aggressive action were to take place on his heart, nato's in position to be more aggressive and possibly do something more about it. when you look at what we did in 2002, we built up forces in kuwait and prepared and executed the liberation of iraq. what we're seeing in russia right now is not dissimilar to what we saw in kuwait back in 2002, then with the invasion of
4:42 pm
2003. why we're not paying attention to that military i don't know. i don't know why we've taken that opportunity to do something that's very dem month strative that can putin can understand off the table. >> if there are stronger sanctions and i hear what the general's saying, can have that an immediate, can that make an immediate difference or is this something that's going to take time? >> any kind of sanctions that would further separate elements of the russian economy, particularly banking sector, could potentially destroy the economic coalition that has isolated iran. i mean, russia's participation not just in voting for the sanctions but playing along with an effective embargo of buying iranian oil is credited as one of the reasons i reason yans are in a negotiation now. a huge part of the obama
4:43 pm
administration's broader foreign policy is having russia cooperate on getting rid of syrian chemical weapons, eventually helping put an end to the syrian civil war and of course trying to pressure and negotiate with iran enough so they give up their nuclear program. turning around and seeing our ally and economic partner on those things has to be sanctions at another point is a huge 180. it's going to be very difficult to get to to the point where those kind of sanctions can be biting. >> general marks, u.n. security council emergency meeting at top of the hour. it's -- there it is. we'll carry -- we'll have information for you. this is happening at top of the hour. what can we expect from this meeting? will this meeting be of any consequence to vladimir putin? >> frankly, i think the short answer is no. it's one of those essential steps that we have to take. but i think we need to keep expectations very low in terms of outcome that would look
4:44 pm
positive. what needs to happen now, all elements of power need to be implemented to isolate and punish, we're looking to pun herb putin to get him to reverse current activities. the united states is in the midst of a national security study and new strategy that defines what our military's going to look like moving forward. we need to kind of relook that thing considerably and without getting into details, there are efforts that are being pushed right now in our military shape that run contrary to what we're seeing now in ukraine. i think the third thing to eli's point, is we need to loosen up and get lng, liquid natural gas, available for export. if eu finds it hard to get their gas and oil out of russia, they will stop paying for it. and there has to be an alternative, that can be the united states. >> thank you, gentlemen. emergency security council meeting at top of the hour at
4:45 pm
the united nations. another developing story, watching search for flight 370. panel of experts here with me now. day 38, what should be done next? and is failure an option here? i'll ask the panel in a moment. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. i just got , and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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every day questions for the
4:49 pm
hunt of malaysia flight 370 come pouring in. tweet me at don lemon, h370 qs. ocean experts here with me. so, alan, first to you. what rick asks. if planes were on floor, relatively intact, would integrity of fuselage tend to prevent/shield emission of pings. >> no, transmitters work in water. once hit by water, the signals will emanate from the wreckage even if it's intact. >> right. he's asking if the plane could block the pinging of the black box. >> not likely but one thing that might, is if it's silts up real bad, or sinks in muck. the fuselage itself should not
4:50 pm
does a pilot have any control over how much fuel is put on a plane? >> yes, absolutely. but mostly it's a dispatch function. they plan the fuel initially. if we want more fuel because of weather or other situations that we may anticipate, we can add -- we can add more fuel. >> sarah asks why does a flight voice recorder only record for two hours? i can probably record more than two hours on voice memos with my iphone. >> it's one of those things that you can but maybe you shouldn't. the pilots' ability to not be -- have retribution for anything during the flight is very important because during that flight they have to have control of what happens but at the last two hours is what they agreed to the pilots unions, the lpa, what was a reasonable amount of time that can still help the investigation. in this case, i wish it had been longer. >> here's my question. what were you going to say? >> i have a question for you,
4:51 pm
david. is it possible with your experience with these units that it can actually record more than two hours, or do you know for sure it's strictly two? >> it records over it again. they made sure what was on there before is not retrievable. >> here's my question. how long before they find the black boxes? >> you know, i hate to speculate on behalf of the families. i want to qualify this and say -- >> you have done this before. you know a reasonable amount of time. >> absolutely. what i would say at this point being that i trust the pinger location is a real ping, i would say within the next four weeks or so, four to five weeks, we will probably have identification as to whether that's the black box, if the debris is around that black box. getting it out of the water could be easily months. >> i tend to agree. if the weather cooperates, which it doesn't always cooperate in that part of the world. it may take longer than four weeks. beyond that, once you dispatch the rovs and especially the
4:52 pm
manned submersibles it has to be really good weather to be able to go down there and visit the site and eventually bring back up some of those items. >> you are thinking four weeks at least? >> i think much longer than that to bring anything back up from the bottom. >> miles o'brien? >> i think that's all targeted and the thing i want to caution people on is this two hour loop on the cockpit voice recorder and shame on the pilots union for blocking longer recordings. i think that's silly. it would be safer if we had longer recordings, of course. i will get a lot of bad tweets on that, but so be it. the other issue is, that two hours will probably not tell us much, likely, and then you have the flight data recorder with 80 parameters and that's good but if it's a perfectly good functioning aircraft and the flight data recorder indicates that, then what do you have? you have a cockpit voice recorder that is capturing
4:53 pm
engine noise at impact and you are no further toward figuring out this mystery. that's my biggest concern, that after all this time, we may be left with that. >> yeah. you can probably hear, according to our audio expert, miles, you can probably hear which engine went out, if the rudder was shaking, that sort of thing. he said there are things you can learn just from the noises in the airplane but the best information will come from hey, we are having trouble, mayday, however. that's the best information and if that went on for seven, eight hours, that's not there. >> well, it's all got to be used in conjunction with the flight data recorder. it may not be there but back to miles and the unions being responsible -- >> that's why you were shaking your head. >> i was shaking my head. the unions weren't totally responsible, pilots unions weren't totally responsible for the two hours of data. there were a lot more factors involved with that. >> the unions blocked this repeatedly.
4:54 pm
it would really be nice to have video in the cockpits. this would help the safety of aviation. come on, les. get real here. >> camera in the cockpit. >> safer for aviation. why can't you guys let a camera in the cockpit? we have cameras where we work all the time, right, don? >> absolutely. > it doesn't enhance your safety. but then again, for two hours, what do we really capture on tape? this is after the fact -- >> in this case it would be nice to have seven or eight hours, wouldn't it? >> we don't know. we really don't know. >> i can tell you it would be better than two. >> that is the only job in the universe that i understand that people will say no, i don't want cameras there and allow it. everyone else, too bad. every athlete, every news person -- >> everybody who works -- >> police officer has a dash cam. everybody has a camera, even judges in the courtroom. >> does everybody have 300 lives on their hands in the back and subject to pilot fatigue? >> that's why it's more important. >> no, it's just the opposite.
4:55 pm
it increases pilot fatigue. we have done a lot of work in the cockpit. >> how would it increase pilot fatigue? >> because just noise. you are in the aircraft for six or seven hours flying, you are constantly bombarded with different things going on. it's a huge burden. >> i got to run. we'll be right back. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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we're following breaking news this evening from the suburbs of kansas city, where a man with a gun started shooting people today outside a jewish community center in overland park, kansas. he killed two people, one of them a teenager. police say the gunman then drove to a jewish retirement home and killed an older woman there. the suspect is in custody. they describe him as a white man in his 70s and say he used a shotgun and at least one of the shootings. authorities say it is too early to use the words hate crime, but because all three people were killed at the jewish facilities, it's an angle that they are
4:59 pm
considering. the united nations security council will be meeting in emergency session minutes from now on the escalating crisis in ukraine. russia requested the meeting after ukraine's acting president issued an ultimatum today demanding pro-russian militants hold up in government buildings and police stations in ukraine, lay down their arms or face a full scale operation. ukraine's former president, yanukovych, says the new government is the leading -- is leading the country towards civil war and it's up to the west to stop it. it is day 38 and 12 planes and 15 ships are scouring for clues in the disappearance of flight 370. search teams continue to look and listen for debris in the elusive -- and the elusive pings. top malaysian officials reaffirmed today we must find the black boxes if the mystery is to be solved. they insist no lead has been ruled out just yet. i'm don lemon. make sure you stay with cnn and for the very latest on those three big news stories.
5:00 pm
meantime, it is a night of premieres on cnn. next, bourdain "prime cuts." at 9:00 eastern, punjab followed at 10:00 eastern with a new season of morgan spurlock, inside man. i will see you back here at 11:00 eastern. i'm a man of simple needs. >> i want a golden unicorn. >> like a country where people have a sense of humor. you know, when i was chef, i would have stabbed you in the neck with a fork. >> i would never do that as a responsible journalist but i'm interested in investigating. >> so that's where potatoes come from. certainty is my enemy. i'm all about questioning oneself and the nature of reality.


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