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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  April 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i never miss one of those stories. >> she was america's sweetheart and then she was under his wrap. >> she's still cute and she's very talented. yeah.
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the first mission likely to cover about 40 square kilometers. and let's remember to keep that in context. this is in a narrowed search area of more than 1,300 square kilometers. so it will be taking a long time. >> very slow and painstaking. the point that came out of that news conference was the oil slick. talk to us about that. because that's being described as a lead. >> reporter: it is a lead but again, caution urged by angus houston as he always does. this is an oil slick buffered by the ocean shield. the australian navy vessel that has been towing that ping
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locator all this time. apparently according to mr. houston, it saw an oil slick in the general search area. a sample is being taken and then analysis will be done. here's what he said. >> the ocean shield detected an oil slick yesterday evening in her current search area. a sample of about two liters has been collected and it will be a number of days before it can be landed ashore and conclusively tested. i stress the source of the oil is yet to be determined but the oil slick is approximately 5,500 meters downwind and down sea from the vicinity of the detections picked up by the ping locator on the ocean shield. >> yeah. he is a man who deals in the facts only and does urge caution as we said. he is informing us this oil slick was seen. a sample has been taken.
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analysis will be done but say we don't know what that is. the other headline i suppose is that the air and surface search for floating debris will end in the next two or three days according to mr. houston. he said that the chances of any being found has been vastly diminished. they've been out there looking. a dozen ships every day trying to find any piece of the wreckage. they're about 400 miles west of the search area where the pings were heard. that's because of storms and movement of the ocean. that is where their best guess was that any debris would have ended up. they're now saying or now feeling that it won't lead to any results so they'll focus on being underwater. >> all right. and michael holmes reporting live from perth, australia. many thanks to you as always. also in perth, australia is a leading authority on aviation, he is editor-in-chief at the website airline and
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he joins us live via skype. thank you for speaking with us at cnn. we always appreciate it. i would be interested to get what you took away from the latest update we received from angus houston. >> reporter: well, the update was expected because it was quite clear that the battery life had been exhausted and there had been no more detection since last tuesday so that was to be expected that it would be launched. what was really interesting was the oil find. that could be one of two things. either engine oil from the two rolls royce engines. each engine has about 20 liters of oil in it or it could be a hydraulic fluid. again, so either one of those would be a very telltale sign that we had in fact found the airplane. that's what they're looking for. they're looking for some shred, some little piece that says we are absolutely certain that the
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plane is where we believe it to be. >> i spoke with an oceanographer in western australia. he doubted this oil slick had any relation to nh 370. what is the likelihood that there is any link at all? >> it could be. i've been talking to some officials as well and they're saying, yes, it is quite possible that it is. it could be a very, very slow leak of oil. we still see a leak from the arizona every day and we know how long ago that was destroyed. so it is very possible this is a very slow leak coming from the aircraft. and of course at the same time we have to acknowledge it could come from a passing ship so there are a variety of scenarios obviously. >> and it wasn't long ago that people were talking in material of something possibly being
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found in a matter of days. we really heard a difference there from angus houston. he was basically lowering expectations saying, they might not find anything. >> i think obviously he is very cognizant of the relatives, of those on board. very, very careful about the rhetoric. possibly we have not appreciated the interest from around the world. i'm talking about the politicians here that have been sort of saying, look, i'm very, very confident of this or that. i mean, we have literally hundreds of millions of people hanging over single word that is uttered by a politician relating to this disappearance. and the malaysians as we know have found themselves in a little bit of strife over this. so angus houston is very, very careful to keep a lid on
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expectations. because, and also, preparing us for the fact this could be a very, very long search. >> that's the way it is looking. many thanks to you for joining us and showing your analysis. i want to go to malaysia now for reaction to today's press conference. nic robertson is in kuala lumpur and joins us now. it was a couple hours ago now that we heard from angus houston. this update on the search operations. give us an idea what is being said there. how authorities are reacting and of course, the family members, particularly. >> we haven't heard anything official from authorities yet on these latest announcements. we have talked to a couple of family members of crew aboard the aircraft. they tell us as so many of the families have been telling us, this is a very, very painful period. this waiting. for some of them they really
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hope and pray, continue to hope and pray that their loved ones will come back. one of the crew, one of the wives said she's used to them going away for a long time and she said they're telling the kids he's still at work. they're hoping and praying for that. people are finding ways to cope with this. that means they don't have to face and accept some very hard things. and of course they say as well this waiting period, the fact that the pings have stopped, that it will be down to this submersible vehicle. that it will take a lot more time. it is painful, aggravating, frustrating. they don't want to hear more information about the plane. they really, what they need to help them move forward is some tangible evidence. all of this is very, very difficult. we asked one relative of a crew member on board the aircraft about what he thought about the
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fact that there would be fewer, that there would be fewer aircraft searching the area. was he concerned about that? and he said that what he was concerned about was the fact that he felt his government hadn't been doing enough. that's interesting. because we haven't heard a lot of that up until now. obviously a lot of frustration from the families that they weren't getting the right answers but we're entering appeared where angus houston said the cost is big. it is going on perhaps longer than people participated. there would have to be another meeting later this week to consider the costs and how the operation goes forward. of course, malaysian authorities have said this search will continue for as long as it takes. they will keep pushing. but this frustration at the moment is an interesting development, rosemary. >> and at the same time the investigation seem to have come to a standstill. many thanks to nic robertson reporting live from kuala lumpur. we are going to take a very
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short break. just ahead as the crisis in ukraine appears to worsen, the west faces off with russia at the u.n. and tragedy on the eve of passover in the united states. a gunman kills three people at jewish facilities in the state of kansas. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world.
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the ukraine government said he will not let what happened last month happen in ukraine. they told an emergency session of the u.n. security council that kiev is preparing to launch a military operation of the pro russia group government buildings in the east. the russian ambassador called the situation in ukraine very dangerous and said further escalation must be swiftly stopped. the west said it is actually moscow that is creating the unrest. as the accusations flew at the u.n. the acting president warned action could be taken against pro russia activists as early as this hour. >> they took decision to launch the operation with the participation of the armed forces of ukraine. we won't let russia repeat the scenario in the eastern region
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of ukraine. >> i want to bring up some live pictures here. what you're seeing, these are live pictures. as we've been reporting they really want to break away. this is from the eastern part of ucla. they want to go with russia. they have been very firm. there is been a lot of violence. at this point there is a stalemate. a deadline has passed. the government has basically threatened the military action will be taken if these protesters in various parts of eastern ukraine don't put down their weapons. and basically step away. at the point a very dangerous situation. live pictures here from eastern ukraine.
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>> reporter: the hastily called meeting produced the same outcome as the nearly ten other sessions on ukraine. no progress. there were verbal duels with familiar argument but over this session was the announcement by ukraine that it planned to use military force against pro russian supporters who have taken over multiple buildings. russia's ambassador appealed to the security council to get ukraine to not use force. >> the protesters' opinions and interests have not been born in mind. there has been bloodshed in the southeast and the situation is very dangerous. a further escalation of this must be swiftly stopped. >> once again, russia was outnumbered at the table. western countries said russia is
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using propaganda and intimidation on ukraine. >> wednesday we know who is behind this. the only entity of these coordinated military actions is russia. >> russia wanted the session behind closed doors. by having it in open sessions before cameras allowed ukraine to make its case. >> this is not a war between ukrainians. this situation of could not frontation was artificially created to weaken and destroy ukraine itself. >> the next round of diplomacy is scheduled for thursday in geneva including love love of russia. there is a long time between now in new york and geneva on thursday. the united nations. >> so ukraine's leadership is telling pro russia separatists to stand down or face military action. and these are just some of the areas where protesters have occupied state buildings. the government says all of this
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cannot stand indefinitely. >> reporter: the government says it is retaking this town. while not in any hurry, a pro russian barricade blocking the main entrance. hours earlier they said elite police would swarm in to here but the helicopter was the only sign of that. calm on the streets. just more barricades on more roads. the interior minister declared an anti-terror operation and told everyone to stay indoors but life is carrying on as normal here. and just down this road the barricades have been reinforced around those key buildings. no sign apart from one police car of the ukrainian government and police here. this shows how far it got. just to the outskirts of town according to one security official who confirmed armored personnel carriers were there and shots exchanged.
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one security officer dead. another is injured. and where they say he will save us from fash i am. the speed of change suggesting real preparation. but one man, vladimir, isn't joining the party. >> where are they? the mayor, the government. what are these people? this is madness. i'm not afraid. i built this country. my father fought to defend it and now they want to drag us back to the stone age. the police station was run by this but now it is under the control of pro russians. here's how that happened. the captain tries to stop these men, dressed the same as militants. a i'm pro russian.
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got pushed aside. shots in the air. he tries again but fruitlessly. more shooting. after weeks of restraint and the leaders measure how far they can respond, gun fire is becoming the new language of this crisis. >> the u.n. security council meeting, a number of nations, especially the united states, accused russia of fermenting the unrest in eastern ukraine. and diana joins me now from cnn moscow where it is just after 10:00 in the morning. so russia called the meeting. but was clearly outnumbered. was not it? how is it playing out there in russia? >> it is the same scenario we've
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been seeing. we're seeing it now. they accuse russia of the unrest and russia accuses the west of doing the same thing. they said in that united nations security council meeting yesterday that russia had a choice and it was up to russia to make the right decision. in turn, the russian ambassador to the u.n., placed the responsibility for a possible civil war in ukraine firmly in the court of the west. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> secretary kerry was genuinely interested in feigneding, fighting a political outcome. but whether or not this is the case, we'll see very shortly. whether they are going to put an end to this provocation from kiev, which has taken the shape of this announcement that military force will be used in
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southeastern ukraine or not. this is their responsibility. they are clearly chaperoning the powers that be in ukraine. >> the fact of the matter is, that nothing, the threat of sanctions, the impofgs sanctions against russia, and the continued reprimands of the west have not stopped. the inexorable course of events in ukraine. what we know is that on the ground there, you have these pro russian militias who very similar to the situation in crimea where uniform without any insignia seem to be highly tranl, highly coordinated with carrying russian weapons and prepared to do what they can to try and rest control of these various cities under a russian flag. now the deadline has crashed to make good on think promise,
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which was that unless amnesty is declared and these gunmen put down their weapons, they will move in with the earl. so now you have a potential situation where the ukrainian military may become involved and just 150 miles away from them you have these 40,000 troops on the border with russia. so a very, very worrying situation. one which seems further and further away. if force is used against these people in the south and east of ukraine, any kind of talks scheduled for this thursday in geneva between the four parties may be derailed. >> many thanks to you. due to be charged with first-degree murder, up next, the latest on sunday's deadly shootings in the u.s. state of kansas and the suspect police have in custody. plus, week six of the oscar pistorius murder trial. a live update from south africa on what the olympian will likely be grilled about today. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure.
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11:27 pm
supremacist grooms. three people are dead after shots were fired at two jewish facilities south of kansas city. a man in his 70 is in custody but did not release his name. knbc captured this video of police kufg a man at the scene and shouting from the car. >> the suspect in the back of the car made several statements. we are sifting through and vetting those for accuracy, number one. and number two, we're looking at them for evidentiary value. it is too early to tell you what he may or may not have said. >> at a press conference police said they were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. a rabbi with overland park police department said the alleged shooter was clear about here wants to see. >> he said an older gentleman and was asking people before he shot if they were jewish or not.
11:28 pm
>> the shootings at the jewish community center and a jewish assisted living facility happened about 1:00 p.m. local time on the eve of passover. there were many children inside the community center at the time but the shooting took place in a parking lot outside. a shotgun was used and possibly a handgun and assault rifle, police said. no motive has been released. the fbi has been investigating. cnn, atlanta. a vigil has been held in kansas for the victims of the attacks. the dead include a grandfather and his 14-year-old grandson. the daughter of the grandfather who was also the mother spoke at the service. >> i am the daughter of the gentleman who was killed and i am the mother of the son who was killed. and i want to tell you how much
11:29 pm
i appreciate your being here. we all grieve in different ways. and i wanted to tell people thank you. i want you to know. i came to the scene very, very quickly. i was there before the police and before the ambulance and i was informed immediately that they were in heaven. and i know that they're in heaven together. >> the mother there of the man killed. the mother of the 14-year-old, and the daughter of the man killed there. just heart breaking stuff. we're going to take a very short break. you are watching cnn newsroom live. still ahead, we will take you live to perth for the latest on the search for flight 370. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪
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i want to check the headlines for you this hour. the head of the search for malaysia flight 370 says crews will stop listening for pings from the plane's two black
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boxes. instead an unmanned submersible will look for wreckage by mapping the ocean floor with sonar. he also says samples of an oil slick are being tested, or will be tested to see if it is from the plane. a government deadline for pro russian separatists to lay down their arms has been passed. theres no sign they've agreed to end it. at the united nations, russia faced off with western governments over the ukrainian crisis. a number of nations blamed russia fortune rest in eastern ukraine while russia blamed the new ukrainian government. oscar pistorius is scheduled to continue giving testimony in his trial in about an hour from now. the south african track star is accused of murdering his girlfriend. the prosecution will continue cross-examination after trying to disdown his version of accounts last week. the man suspected of
11:33 pm
shooting and killing three people in the u.s. state of kansas on sunday is due to appear in court in the coming hours. frazier glenn cross faces charges of premeditated first-degree murder. police say cross targeted people at two jewish centers. they believe he is affiliated with white supremacist groups. the search for flight 370 is taking a new turn. angus houston, the man heading up the search from australia gave a news conference just a short time ago. let's get an update now. he says searchers will stop using the system that listens for pings from the black boxes and instead begin using the so-called bluefin submersible sonar system. he also said crews located an
11:34 pm
oil slick in the search area. they took samples and will be analyzing them in the coming days to figure out whether that oil has anything to do with flight 370. in the meantime, the search is continuing monday with two dozen ships and aircraft looking at more than 47,000 square kilometers. take a listen. >> analysis of the four signals has allowed the provisional definition of a reduced and manageable search area on the ocean floor. the experts have therefore determined that the strand defense vessel ocean shield will cease searching with the tow ping locator later today and deploy the autonomous underwater vehicle, bluefin 21, as soon as possible. in another development i can report ocean shield detected an oil slick yesterday evening in her current search area. a sample of about two liters has
11:35 pm
been collected and it will be a number of days before it can be handed ashore and conclusively tested. >> angus houston there was talking in a news conference about two and a half hours now. let's get some more analysis of all of this. and jeffrey del has spent much of his career as an air safety investigator. he is now an associate professor of accident investigation and forensics at central queensland university in australia and he joins me now from rock hampton. thank you for talking with us. i would be interested to get your take on the search operations and how they've been run to date and what you made of that news conference today. >> i think it is encouraging. initially when the search began, there was very little in the way of facts and a lot of conjecture. a lot of assumptions being made
11:36 pm
and interpretation of different data that have resulted in them searching where they are. and like any good search activity, you need some triangulation in order to fix the point where there is the highest likelihood. it seems to me that the analysis of the returns from the flight recorders has given them a standard of a search area. and they stand to move. they're confident that it is accurate enough to start looking on the floor of the ocean for the wreckage. >> it will take a long time though, isn't it? and angus houston certainly seemed to downplay expectations. there had been earlier talk and the prime minister of australia had given perhaps more optimism
11:37 pm
than there have been in expectations that something would be found. now we're hearing from angus houston, don't expect necessarily that something will be found. >> i guess angus houston has got the tough job of actually finding the wreckage. whereas the prime minister is basing his comments on input from different sources. the reality is that it is a really difficult task to find the aircraft wreckage on the ocean floor. and it is not necessarily flat terrain, for one thing. it could be hidden on crevices. and all of those features make the search more difficult and critical components of the two flight recorders could be actually under silt. so it is still no easy task. >> we're hearing the possibility
11:38 pm
of 20 meters of silt. i did want to ask you about the oil slick. and they've taken samples of that. it will have to get back to shore and then they'll analyze it. what did you make of that part of this? do you think there's possibly a link? >> well, possibly, absolutely. i mean, in terms validating all the assumptions and best guesses for where to search, you know, you're striving for some positive link to the aircraft that is beyond all data. which is why all of the people involved in the search will be hedging their bets and trying to suggest, let's not get tired. the oil, any of the fluids on the airplane would be unique. so validating that the oil slick
11:39 pm
came from the airplane would be actually one of the first tangible confirmations that they're actually in the right area. >> we shall have to see. many thanks for joining us from queensland, australia. appreciate it. although the search is entering a new phase, now it is going to be even more painstaking, of course, as we have been telling you. we want to turn to michael holmes had a is live in perth, australia. it is 2:39 in the afternoon there, michael. people have to time to digest what has come out of that news conference. angus houston explaining the next phase, this new phase of the search operations. what is being said there on the ground? >> yeah, well, i think a lot of people around here. we've been speculating for the last day or two, if they did not get another of those pings from the black boxes, they would move on to this.
11:40 pm
i suppose in some ways it is expected on day 39. those pingers are meant to last for at least 30 days. so we're well past that use by date for the batteries on those black boxes. i think a lot of people were expecting we would get to this phase. they've been desperately hoping to get another one, two, or more pings. they use them to triangulate, if you like, to narrow down the search area. the ping locator that is being towed along behind the ocean shield or has been until now. it is not a directional receiver, if you like. it is omnidirectional. so it gets an idea but not to pinpoint it. the more they got the more they could narrow it down. it seems they are not going to get anymore so the bluefin goes down. as we've been discussing, angus houston making the point that you know, the bluefin phase of this operation, while they have
11:41 pm
homes that it will find something. it will be a very long process. a very tedious one. the bluefin moves literally at walking pace. for a cycle of it going down and coming back up takes 24 hours and in that time it covers about 40 square kilometers. this in a narrow search area of 1,300 square kilometers. so they're hoping it will find something. it tries to find wreckage. it takes 3d photographs of the ocean floor. they're hoping but they're certainly not getting ahead of themselves in optimism. >> reporting live from perth, australia. many thanks. of course, the families of those on board have been in anguish since the flight disappeared on march 8. she joins us now from hong kong. and pauline, although you are there in hong kong, you have remained in touch with those
11:42 pm
family members. i would be interested to get some sort of reaction to this news, this information from the news conference. the change of face. >> reporter: i received out to a couple of family members after that news conference in perth. the reaction has been muted and cautious which is pretty consistent with the reaction we've been seeing for the past couple weeks. one person whose sister was on the plane said i'm tired of this. they're playing games. he is clearly very frustrated. he reiterated what he's said many times before. he wants more specific information, more concrete data. we talked with a man whose wife is on the plane. and he said i care about the new developments and the news every day. but this kind of development is not what i'm most interested in. he said my wife was on the plane. what i care about the most is concrete developments like finding some sort of debris and finding where the passengers
11:43 pm
are. my colleague is in kuala lumpur and she reached out to the mother of the chief steward. and she said that the fact that the searchers haven't heard pings in about six days makes her very sad. she said only evidence will release us. our sadness is now prolonged. she said i cannot express what i'm feeling. i feel like they the passengers are somewhere. i just don't know where. just praying to god miracles can happen. >> and we are along with her too. many thanks. reporting there from hong kong. still to come on cnn newsroom, tough talk at an emergency u.n. security council meeting as members try to stem a worsening crisis in ukraine. and oscar pistorius returns to the witness stand in less than an hour. how this prosecutor is trying to destroy his credibility. the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball.
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we want tea these live pictures from eastern ukraine. there are russian troops along the border. there are quite few, a pro
11:46 pm
russian protesters and separators who say they want to be part of russia, not ukraine. they don't want any part of kiev. and what you're seeing there, live pictures at the front of a police station. and these pro russia separatists have taken over this area since saturday. and they're barricaded up. we're keeping a very close eye on that. this is what is happening in various cities along eastern ukraine. people who do want to basically move away. secede from ukraine and move to be under the auspices of russia. the ukraine government's deadline for those pro russia separatists to lay down their arms has now passed. there is no sign they have agreed to end their occupation of state buildings in eastern ukraine. we're seeing it there with those live pictures we brought you.
11:47 pm
russia called an emergency session of the u.n. security council but they clearly blame the prices on moscow. they said they would not let what happened in crimea last month also occur in eastern ukraine. they went head to head during the session and afterwards. we were under the impression that the contacts we've had with the united states, with secretary kerry, that secretary kerry was genuinely interested in fighting a political outcome. but whether or not this is the case, we'll see very shortly. whether they are going to put an end to this provocation from kiev, which has taken the shape of this announcement that military force will be used in southeastern ukraine or not. this is their responsibility.
11:48 pm
they are clearly chaperoning the powers that be in ukraine. the people that came to power after the coup of february 21, 22. so it is their responsibility to prevent the further escalation of this crisis. >> we are trying to avoid any clashes. we do not want blood on our territory. this is not our war, as they stated today. not our. the conflict is on our side. >> ukraine's u.n. ambassador. what might russian president vladimir putin and his adversaries in kiev do next? we posed that question to experienced trouble-shooter christopher hill. a former u.s. ambassador. >> it has gone pretty far down the tracks. ukraine has had a lot of crises in its first 23 years. people need to be in touch with each other. i'm not sure how the phone lines
11:49 pm
are working in moscow right now. but clearly, that statement by the u.n., the russian ambassador to the u.n. offered really not a lot of room for hope. there was not a lot to work there. so i think what we can hope for is that there will be some calls to putin himself. to the russian side, to make sure they don't move into ukraine. i think it is pretty clear the ukrainians will fight back at this point. >> what do you think putin's end game is in. >> i'm not even sure. he knows but it is quite possible that he's hoping to hive off eastern ukraine from the rest of the country. this is a crisis. not just ukraine but for all of us. and i don't think it is anything the international community can walk on by. as to some extent they did with crimea a few weeks ago. >> do you think vladimir putin
11:50 pm
has any concern about stiffer sanctions? >> i think he probably has some concerns down the road. the russian economy is not that strong. were the europeans prepared to put up with a lot of hardship on their own, you can imagine a situation where russian oil and gas would be cut off. and down the road, that would really hurt putin but it also hurts the western europeans which is why i think the white house has had to be very, very careful on that. i think the strongest card we have right now is that everybody has been together. that would symbolize tonight's security council meeting where everybody, everybody spoke out against what the russians are up to. we do want to turn to south africa now where the oscar pistorius murder trial is set to resume in a little more than half an hour.
11:51 pm
he is set to take the stand for more grueling testimony today. let's head to south africa now for more on what's expected. and cnn legal analyst kelly joins us now from outside the courthouse in pretoria. so let's talk about what we can expect. we've already seen this cross-examination take its toll on oscar pistorius. so what will occur on this day, do you think? >> reporter: well, really, we can expect more of the same. there is some ground left to cover in terms of parts of the night he hasn't yet got to. for example we haven't yet got to the immediate aftermath of the shooting and the contestation on who he called when and what was said on those phone calls. but equally we can expect more of what we saw last week. of bouncing back between different aspects of the
11:52 pm
charges. and certainly going in preaggressively in trying to unseat his confidence further. >> how successful has the prosecutor been? his reputation is for being a pit bull. and on that cross-examination some people determined he had crossed that line. he is clearly moving in a very certain direction as far as his concern and seems to be having quite an impact. >> well, how successful he's been in term of the verdict is really too soon to tell. this batch of testimony in his cross-examination of pistorius at the end gets considered by the judge in the context of all the other evidence at the trial. she won't just look at this one piece of testimony in making her decision. in terms of how successful he's been in pursuing his strategy, i think it speaks for itself. if his strategy has been to
11:53 pm
aggressively unseat his confidence, get pivot orrious to talk around in circles, leave his train of thought, that has occurred. i do agree it looks like at times he's pushed the line too far. we've seen that when the judge has repry imagineded him on occasion. >> and we've already seen reeva steenkamp's mother come out. what is the strategy for that? is there a sense on the part of the family that perhaps they need to get in and start working on the fact that as far as they're concerned, he is a liar? >> reporter: i'm be sure there is a strategy. she seems to have taken a lot of control in terms of her own public contribution to the discourse around this trial.
11:54 pm
so i wouldn't necessarily see the various media statements in terms of one whole strategy. i think each one of them has decided to deal with the media and engage with the media as they see fit and appropriate. and the overriding theme in terms of reeva steenkamp's parents that has come out has always been this quest to want to know the truth. in a sense even outside of the criminal process that has taken place. that is a very common instinct that you would see from survivors, victim of crime. >> all right. cnn legal analyst, many thanks to you. we will talk to you in the coming hour, of course. all right. as we mentioned, court is expected to begin in a little more than half an hour. 9:30 a.m. in pretoria. 8:30 in london. do stay with cnn for live coverage in the courtroom. coming up, search crews for flight 370 are getting ready to look underwater.
11:55 pm
and we will tell you how the weather may affect the operation. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense.
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from td ameritrade. conditions are as ideal as they could get. we could see tropical activity. we're in a break so that is very good news. high pressure in place. there will be clouds moving through film. becoming breezy and the swells will be increasing. right now we have waves up to around six feet. they should be close to double that. when you get into the next 60 hours or so as the winds start to pick up. some 30, 40 kilometers per hour.
11:57 pm
as we head toward wednesday, waves picking up. for now we are calm. this is the hms perth. down below the hms earth that we have a lot of water to explore here. the he is made depth of where the signal came from is down in between 4184 meters down to over 4,500. and of course, the bluefin 21 only can get down to around 4,500 meters. that's about what the alvin got down to. to give you a point of reference to, how much space they're having to examine. the titanic was found at some 3810 meters. and the average depth of the indian ocean is right at 3890 meters. of course, we heard angus houston say it is a rolling terrain on the ocean floor and it is also highly, a lot of sediment here. a lot of silt. when you take a look at the
11:58 pm
sediment silt, we're talking about 50 to 250 meters in depth. the sediment itself. so once they do find what they're looking for, rosemary, they'll have a lot of muck that they may have to dig through. >> when you talk about 20 meters or so, unbelievable or so. many thanks. another hour of cnn newsroom is straight ahead as the oscar pistorius trial is straight ahead. -- captions by vitac --
11:59 pm
12:00 am
ocean shield detected an oil slick yesterday evening in her current search area. >> a new lead in the search for missing malaysian air flight 370. it could take days of testing to know whether or not this oil is connected to the ill-fated flight. we will get the latest on where the oil slick


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