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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 15, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and russia blame each other for this escalating crisis. is civil war imminent? we're live with what's happening right now. good morning. welcome "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm victor blackwell, tuesday, april 15th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. and we begin with latest on malaysia airlines 370. and breaking news overnight, that an unmanned underwater vehicle, the bluefin-21, found nothing of interest during its first search of the ocean floor, the indian ocean there. and that journey ended abruptly after just six hours when the unmanned sub had to surface after going too deep. and this morning, crews are preparing again to put the vehicle back in the water for another 16-hour trip scanning for wreckage from the jet missing for 39 days now. erin mclaughlin is live in perth with the latest on the search. erin, also, there was some news, aside from the bluefin, that aerial search and what that means moving forward. erin? >> reporter: hi, victor. well, i really don't think it's
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too surprising that they didn't find anything, that the bluefin-21 didn't find anything during that search. it really only lasted about two hours on the ocean floor, covering what must have been a fraction of the 15-square-mile area that was designated for the day's mission, that area being the most probable place for the black box, that according to officials based on those pings that were heard last week. this is going to be a slow and painstaking process, that according to officials here. nothing happens quickly in waters of this depth. and what happened in terms of the bluefin-21 in its first mission is it went down and it entered waters that were deeper than its capacity of some 2.8 miles, and it was simply then just resurfaced. and according to the company, that it's programmed to do that, it's programmed to behave conservatively. so, we understand that technicians aboard the "ocean
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shield" now are adjusting that search field to more shallow waters, waters that the bluefin-21's more capable of handling before sending it back down, but we understand that weather is a factor here and causing some delay. victor? >> also, air chief marshal angus houston, who's leading the search, says in the next two or three days, the aerial search for any possible debris is going to wrap up. talk more about that, if you will. >> reporter: that's right. we expect that to wrap up in the next day or so. despite hours and hours and hours, days and days of searching, some eight countries participating in that search, not a single piece of debris from this plane has been found. and i think many people here in perth are seeing that as increasingly unlikely. it's something that angus houston said yesterday that they're going to reassess in the next day or so, but again, would not be surprising if they decided to conclude those efforts. victor? >> and that's what i think to most people is shocking. 39 days, not a piece of debris.
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erin mclaughlin in perth. thank you. >> meanwhile, we're learning new details about what may have been going on inside the cockpit of that 777. a u.s. official tells cnn the co-pilot's cell phone was turned on during the flight and that cell phone tried to make contact with a cell tower over penang, some 30 minutes, 30 minutes after the plane made its turn off course. senior international correspondent nic robertson live for us this morning in kuala lumpur. he's got the latest on the investigation. nic, what does this new information mean about what might have been happening on board that jet? >> reporter: well, penang is on the western side of malaysia. and what we understand is that the aircraft, as it made that left turn, crossed back over the malaysian peninsula, we understand that once it had gone about 80 miles offshore, it was down to about 4,000 or 5,000 feet above sea level. it now appears that before it was even crossing over the shoreline over penang, it was already coming down, lowering in
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altitude. that appears to be potentially the reason why the co-pilot's cell phone was able to make a connection to the cell tower in penang, right on the coast there. we don't know at this time what the meaning of it is. was it trying to make a call? was it just sort of a handshake connection because the phone was on? phones typically will try to find the nearest cell tower to operate. but what it really shows is that the aircraft was potentially quite low crossing over the malaysian peninsula, far away from its cruising altitude. we're also learning details of the decision-making that's going into determining who will get the black box. the acting transport minister today was saying that it will involve the international civil aviation organization and other bodies as well. this is what he had to say. >> whether it is an icao practice, whether it is a
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challenge which involves diplomacy, because we must understand that it involves 14 nations, and when it comes to the search-and-rescue, in the beginning it involves 26 nations. so, we have diplomatic challenges, we've got legal challenges, we've got next of kin, and that is why we have established these committees. >> reporter: so, we've just heard from the transport minist minister's twitter account, that they say that the cabinet of the government here has just ratified the decision to form an international investigation committee here, so we're at 39 days after flight 370 disappeared. the government here now taking an official step to form what we've been told will happen all along, this international investigation committee. we don't know the composition of it yet, but again, this another step along that very slow process to figure out precisely what happened here. christine? >> a very slow process, no question.
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nic robertson. thank you, nic. now to ukraine, a country on the brink of civil war. pro-russian militants this morning continue to hold government buildings in the eastern part of ukraine. and despite calls for them to give up their arms and leave, they do not appear to be budging. president obama and vladimir putin spoke last evening. they traded barbs over who is behind the escalating violence. as ukraine's acting president is asking the u.n. to send in peacekeepers. phil black is live in kharkiv. what's the latest there, phil? >> reporter: well, victor, clearly, there is an ongoing trend here that the government in ukraine and kiev is powerless to stop, and that is, its authority leaking away here in this eastern region. across nine cities and towns, there are now key government buildings, pieces of infrastructure that had been occupied by pro-russian supporters, protesters, and indeed, militants. some of them are certainly armed. and nothing that the ukrainian government has said or threatened to do has shown any sign that it has the ability to
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dislodge these occupations to return its authority to this region. it has talked about threats, ultimatums, deadlines, anti-terror operations, of which, according to local media reports, there is said to be one that is beginning to get under way in the region surrounding the ukrainian city of donetsk just today. and the ukrainian government has also tried to talk peace and reconciliation and amnesties and negotiations, political inclusiveness going forward. again, no impact there at all. so, it is in this context that we've now heard this idea for an international peacekeeping force under united nations mandate. two big obstacles there, the idea that the foreign governments would like to see their troops on the ground in eastern ukraine, potentially facing off against russian forces across the border, but also the idea that such a resolution that would be needed would get through the united nations security council, which is where russia has a veto. it is very difficult to imagine that happening successfully. but what ukraine seems to be
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saying, certainly, is that it needs more international assistance in preventing the further fracturing of this country and overcoming the threat it believes still comes from moscow, victor. >> we'll see with all these hurdles if that international assistance comes. phil black for us in kharkiv. thank you, phil. all right, boston strong one year later. i can't believe it's been a year. marking the first anniversary today of the marathon bombings. we're going to tell you what the city is planning today to mark this occasion, next. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything.
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♪ a solemn anniversary today in boston. one year since a bomb destroyed the calm of the boston marathon, shattering hundreds of lives, leaving 3 dead and more than 260 injured. today the city is focused on remembering the fallen and also looking forward. the memorial ceremony this afternoon will pay tribute, and
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there will be a moment of silence to mark the time the first bomb went off. but "boston strong" banners, you see them here, they hang everywhere, and the marathon will go on as scheduled next week. and many of those running say they're doing it in honor of those who cannot run now themselves, and they want the world to know the city cannot be knocked down. all right, we could find out today if a man police say shot and killed three people at a jewish center and retirement community near kansas city will face state and federal hate crime charges. frazier glenn cross, also known as frazier glenn miller, is in jail. and federal prosecutors say they do have enough evidence to bring hate crime charges in federal court, meaning he could face the death penalty. cross is a former grand dragon of the ku klux klan. he has a history of racis and anti-semitic rhetoric. the three people he's accused of killing are christians. dr. william corporon and his grandson, reat underwood, were
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at there for a singing competition. terry romano was killed outside of the retirement community where she had gone to visit her mother. today would have been her 25th wedding anniversary. california police say a pair of sex offenders charged now with raping and murdering four women were wearing court-ordered gps devices during the crimes. the two were suspected in a string of attacks beginning last fall, and police say they are confident there is a fifth victim. both men had been ordered to wear the devices after serving prison terms for sexually assaulting a child under 14. a second mental health evaluation will move ahead in the colorado movie theater shooting case. a judge turning aside attempts by defense lawyers for james holmes to block this examination. the judge had thrown out an earlier exam, saying it was inadequate. holmes has entered an insanity plea for the july 2012 shooting, a shooting that left 12 people dead and injured 70 others. police this morning say the woman in utah suspected of killing six of her newborn babies has admitted to the killings. 39-year-old megan huntsman
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reportedly told police that she strangled or smothered the infants immediately after birth. seven tiny corpses were found saturday in a garage at huntsman's former home, one thought to be stillborn. she's being held on six counts of murder. no word yet on a motive. happening today near pittsburgh, students are being allowed to visit franklin regional high school. it's the site of a stabbing and slashing attack that left nearly two dozen people hurt, some critically. counselors and therapy dogs are going to be on hand at the school one day before classes officially resume. the suspect in the attack, alex hribal,s being held without bail, facing attempted murder and assault charges. new details this morning about the bus crash on a northern california interstate that left ten people dead, many of them high school students. officials say the driver of the bus and the fedex truck that crashed into it both had clean driving records. well, this morning, one of the students on board is being called a hero. officials say his -- his high school, rather, said ishmael
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jimenez died helping others escape that bus. the students were from southern california, heading north for a college tour. facing federal charges, a woman caught on camera throwing a shoe at hillary clinton during a speech in las vegas. police have identified the shoe thrower as alison michelle ernst from phoenix. but she and authorities aren't revealing any motive for why she threw the footwear at the former secretary of state. the new charges include trespassing, violence against a person in a restricted building, that on top of misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges, all of those from las vegas police. obamacare may not drive up health care costs as much as previously thought. new estimates from the congressional budget office and committee on taxation show premiums are likely to only rise about 3% in 2015, far less than many predicted. and the overall cost for implementing the law is expected to run about $5 billion less than expected. but less money in penalties will be collected because the administration decided to delay the employer coverage mandate.
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all right, european stocks right now slightly, you know, slightly lower, you can see, after asia closed mixed. futures pointing to a lower open in the u.s. today after we saw a bit of a comeback in stocks yesterday. the big story today, it's tax day! i'm sorry. good morning. it's tax day! it's the deadline for filing. keep your eye out for tax deals today. restaurants like arby's, hard rock cafe, sonic and boston market are offering deals today. if you're looking to buy -- there you go. if you're looking to buy a house, maybe take advantage of homeowner tax breaks. detroit might be the city for you. i want to show you this. the city is auctioning off houses. bidding starts at $1,000, right? you can bid online for a house for $1,000. the catch? buyers have to rehab the homes and move in within six months. detroit hopes the sale will boost property values, keep people in the city and help solve the problem of 16,000 vacant homes, trying to clean up some urban blight there in detroit. you can buy a house for $1,000, turn it around, rent it, you could live in it. got to have somebody in there
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within six months. >> i don't know if you heard it, but there was a national groan when you said "it's tax day!" and everybody went -- >> but check out the fast-food restaurants, because they'll have tax day perks. >> good arby's sandwich. extreme weather ripping through the south overnight. look at this. we have pictures from mississippi, not far from bil i biloxi. officials say the heavy winds caused all this damage. dozens of trailers flipped over at an rv park. at least two people were hurt here. >> that storm system moving east, i'm sad to say. indra petersons tracking the storm for us this morning. hi, indra. >> yeah, i mean, great video. it shows you, it doesn't require just a tornado to have damage like that. straight-line winds, that's the focus today, straight-line winds and even hail out there. the bigger story is the huge temperature clash, obviously the reason we're talking about severe weather. look at the warm temperatures ahead of the cold front, and notice what happens. rain switches over to what? snow. yes, snow, as temperatures behind the front are freezing, if not below. so, cincinnati already seeing the snow. and yes, it is spreading east. so, let's take each part separately. into the southeast, still seeing
2:18 am
explosive thunderstorms out there, so the severe weather threat is out there today, including those straight-line winds that caused a lot of damage yesterday. norfolk all the way down through jacksonville, that's where we have the biggest threat today for some severe thunderstorms. then comes the frontal system moving all the way into the northeast throughout the day, exiting overnight tonight. but as it exits, let's zoom in a little bit closer. again, do i have to say this, a chance for flurries, even in towards new york city. look at that, as the system makes its way in overnight. because temperatures are going to be dropping from cold air in the northeast, even all the way down into the southeast. we're talking about very chilly temperatures as the cold front makes its way in. so, yes, snow is going to be out there, even some heavy rain throughout the day today. just keep in mind, that also means we're talking about snow. temperatures not so bad just yet, but by tomorrow, 20 degrees cooler than what we saw today. almost 30 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. >> just say no to snow, indra petersons. >> i can't even say anything, but i love that slogan. >> just say no to snow. >> she's making t-shirts this morning. just say no to snow. >> say yes to indra.
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say no to snow. >> perfect. did you see it? did you see it? did you see it? if not, stunning pictures of a spectacular sight. it was more spectacular a little while ago, i have to say that. lunar eclipse turning the moon blood red, something scientists say is very rare, and it's all because of the way the earth blocked light from reaching the moon. okay, so, rather than blacking it out, the light was bent in the earth's atmosphere and then reflected back, and you can see the result there. at least you saw it a moment ago, the first of four lunar eclipses expected in the next two years. >> and paul vercammen was saying it was more copper red than vermilion. >> yes. >> it's beautiful, whatever you want to call it, it's beautiful. >> thank you for that, paul. happening right now, the emotional testimony for an olympic hero at his murder trial, breaking down in front of a packed room under questioning from prosecutors. got a major update there and we're live with what oscar pistorius is saying this morning in a moment.
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happening now at the oscar pistorius murder trial in south africa, the intense cross examination from prosecutors has just come to an end. after five days of detailed questioning about what happened the night he shot and killed girlfriend reeva steenkamp, including what he did once he realized it was his girlfriend and not an intruder that he shot. listen. >> i pulled her around on to me. >> yes, and then?
2:24 am
>> and then i heard her breathing, my lady, and so, i immediately tried to pick her up and get her out of the toilet. >> yes, and then? >> i wasn't able to pick her up, my lady, so i scuffled around with my legs, which is probably how i kicked the magazine rack. >> cnn legal analyst kelly phelps is at the courthouse in pretoria. kelly, talk a little bit about what pretorius said. despite all the consistencies, his story about handling reeva's body seems to match what he said earlier. what do you make of it? >> reporter: absolutely. and in fact, the state tried to use that to the advantage of the strategy they've been employing. so, we saw nel questioning him for far shorter period over that portion of the evening's events and then put to the court and to mr. pistorius that the reason they don't disagree on any of
2:25 am
this is because this is the part of the story that both sides say the same thing. but with regard to the crucial part of the story, that being the moments that he shot her and what he was thinking in those moments, the reason now so many discrepancies there, and therefore, cause for cross examination, is because mr. nel asserts he is not telling the truth. so, clearly, he was trying to tie up this very long process of cross examination by emphasizing the core contention that he has been maintaining the whole way through, that the only reasonable inference the judge can draw is that mr. pistorius must be guilty. >> so, what happens next? seven days, some of these very intense days, on the stand. the cross examination is over. what happens next in this trial? >> reporter: well, now mr. pistorius's legal team, barry roux in particular, has the opportunity to re-examine mr. pistorius. and i would expect him to take quite a different approach to
2:26 am
the approach that nel has taken. while nel has tried to keep pistorius on the stand for as long as possible and essentially show that he is confusing the matter, i think mr. roux will keep his re-examination short, sharp and to the point and try to use it as an opportunity to draw out key points for the court's consideration that cast doubt over the state's version of events. >> all right, kelly phelps for us in pretoria. thank you, kelly. breaking news overnight. investigators revealing what the bluefin submarine saw in its first day searching the bottom of the ocean floor for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. live team coverage after the break.
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happening now, a sea bed search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the bluefin submarine returning to the ocean floor now for a second day after hitting a big hurdle. what it found on its first day on the job, this as new questions are raised about what was happening in the cockpit moments before that plane vanished. we've got all these new angles live. pro-russian protests spreading this morning in ukraine, defying the country's demand they disarm. the standoff is escalating. will civil war break out and will russia officially get involved? we're live. welcome back to "early start." i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christine romans. 30 minutes past the hour. really nice to see you here this tuesday morning. >> good to be with you. there is breaking news this morning in the search for flight 370. the navy just revealing that an underwater search vehicle, the bluefin-21, didn't see anything
2:31 am
on its first trip scanning the ocean floor, nothing of interest, nothing related to the plane, and it was a trip cut short because this unmanned sub had descended to the maximum depth it could, some 15,000 feet below the ocean surface. now, the bluefin-21 is called the best hope yet for finding wreckage from this jet, and this morning, search crews preparing to lower it again, again into the indian ocean to look once more for the plane that's been missing now for 39 days. erin mclaughlin live in perth with the latest on the search. so, they got it out there, they got it down for a couple of hours, had to pull it back out. now they're going to try it all over again, erin. >> reporter: absolutely, christine. i think it's important to remember that nothing happens quickly in waters this deep, and certainly, this is indicative of that. authorities here saying that they found absolutely nothing from the two hours that it was down there searching the ocean floor. really, though, that two hours would only allow it to search a
2:32 am
fraction of the 15-square-mile area that was supposed to have been yesterday's mission, an area that authorities here had determined the most probable place to find the black box, based on the ping detections that they had picked up last week. now, in terms of what happened, well, the bluefin-21 went down there. it searched and it came across an area that was deeper than its depth capacity. it's only supposed to go some 4.5 kilometers or 2.8 miles beneath the ocean surface. it encountered waters deeper than that. and as a precaution, it just simply resurfaced. now, technicians on board the "ocean shield," we understand after they're downloading the data, they're also going to try and shift the search area to more shallow waters before sending it back down again, but here's the thing, weather is not permitting at the moment, has delayed everything. it's been some 18, 19 hours since the bluefin has been in the water. so, again, this is looking like
2:33 am
it's going to be potentially a slow and very painstaking process, christine. >> nothing happens quickly in waters this deep. that, i think, sums it up. erin mclaughlin, thank you. >> this morning there are also new developments in the investigation into why flight 370 turned off course. a u.s. official tells cnn a cell phone tower in penang, malaysia, tried to make contact with the co-pilot's cell phone about 30 minutes after the jet made its left turn and headed back over the peninsula. the phone was apparently turned on at the time. we go to kuala lumpur and nic robertson, covering the investigation. nic, walk us through what this means. what do investigators believe was going on at that time of contact with this cell phone tower? >> reporter: sure. i mean, what we've got here, penang on the west coast of malaysia, you have the aircraft crossing over the malaysian peninsula, passing out into the malacca straits, penang right on the coast there.
2:34 am
now, we're told that the co-pilot's cell phone was on. we know that cell phones try to reach out and connect to the nearest cell phone tower to prepare themselves to be ready to make a call, to get that connection to show the signal strength on the cell phone, and it appears to have been part of that connection between the co-pilot's cell phone and the nearest cell phone tower in penang on the coast there, as the plane passed overhead. what does that tell us? it potentially means that the aircraft was at a relatively low altitude as it came back across the malaysian peninsula. we know from sources here that about 80 miles further out to sea, the aircraft was down at about 4,000 to 5,000 feet above sea level. so, this information is sort of adding to the picture that we've been getting, that the plane was flying low back across the malaysian peninsula. we don't know, was the co-pilot trying to make a cell phone call? was his phone automatically reaching out to try to sort of
2:35 am
handshake, make a connection with the nearest cell phone tower? we don't know that. what officials here are saying, though, is that until they get the black box, they cannot piece together all the pieces of information. malaysians have said they do not have the technology themselves to extract the data from the black box. we talked to the acting transport minister today. he said it doesn't matter to him who is the person who actually extracts that data. this is what he said. >> i don't think it's important who gets custody as far as i'm concerned, and this is my own personal tradition. it's finding out the truth. and when going to find out the truth, definitely, we have to review what is in the black box. so, there is no question of it. >> reporter: now, we do know that the malaysian cabinet here has now authorized an international investigation committee to be set up here, so that's going to begin the process of putting together different international experts
2:36 am
under what appears to be malaysian leadership to sort of oversee and coordinate the whole of the investigation here. >> all right, so no indication of a dirty custody fight over the black box, once they are retrieved. nic robertson in kuala lumpur. thank you. ukraine this morning is teetering on the brink of civil war, the government asking for international peacekeepers to help it deal with pro-russian militants who have taken over government buildings and refuse to stand down. despite promises that ukrainian security forces will move to and force them out, no major operation has yet begun. now, last night, president obama and vladimir putin, they spoke, trading barbs over who is behind the escalating violence. phil black is live in kharkiv, ukraine, with the latest. and phil, you know, this morning the international pressure on russia building. the german foreign minister in a newspaper interview saying that russia should distance itself from the unlawful actions of those pro-russian demonstrators in ukraine. and then you've got the
2:37 am
secretary-general of nato just with a statement, a tweet, well -- "russia should stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution." this is an impasse that every day gets more and more dangerous. >> reporter: christine, that's right. and in the face of that very strong and growing international condemnation, russia remains defiant, insisting that it has no role in anything that is taking place here in the east, that its operatives are not on the ground, that it is not orchestrating these small, seemingly coordinated uprisings, which is the claim by the ukrainian government as well as western governments. they very strongly suspect that moscow has a hand in all of this. no doubt, this will all come to a head on thursday when russia, ukraine, the united states and european union are scheduled to hold talks on the fate of ukraine in geneva. but in the build-up to that, what we are seeing here on the ground is these pro-russian militants and supporters very much consolidating their control
2:38 am
in towns and cities across ukraine's eastern frontier, up close to the border with russia. and to the point where the ukrainian government seems to be at a loss on just what to do next. its authority is leaking away. it has tried to talk tough, talk of force, threats, ultimatums. that has not worked. it has also tried to be more conciliatory with talks of amnesty, and indeed, negotiations and political inclusiveness going forward. that has had no impact as well. and now we've had this suggestion from the ukrainian acting president for an international peacekeeping force, which would see the fairly extraordinary circumstance of international soldiers here in eastern ukraine, potentially facing off against russian forces across the border. that's what he's talking about. you've got to say it seems pretty unlikely. it is difficult to imagine other governments wanting to see their forces in that situation, but of course, it would need approval from the u.n. security council. that's where russia has a veto. but what the ukrainian government is clearly saying is
2:39 am
that it does need more international support to stop this country from breaking apart even further and to deal with the ongoing threat it believes is coming from moscow. christine? >> all right, phil black this morning. thank you so much, phil. breaking news overnight, severe storms tearing down homes in the south, and the danger does not stop there. indra petersons is tracking the latest, next. [ male announcer ] this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto. like warfarin, xarelto is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring.
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♪ ...who work with regional experts... ♪ ...who work with portfolio management experts, that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. boston and the nation pause today to mark a solemn anniversary, one year since a bomb attack on the boston marathon, an attack that left three dead and more than 260 injured. a memorial ceremony set for this afternoon, bringing together survivors, the people who helped them, and their families. there will be a moment of silence to mark the exact time when the first bomb went off. still, the city seems more focused on moving forward than looking back. boston strong banners are everywhere, and the marathon
2:43 am
will go on as scheduled next week with many runners taking to the course, they say, to honor those who were affected by that bombing. it could be another dangerous day of weather from the south to the northeast. severe storms are marching their way east now. and take a look at these pictures. these are from mississippi, not far from biloxi. officials say the strong winds here caused all this. flipped over some trailers at an rv park there. dozens were damaged, two people hurt. >> indra petersons tracking the storm for us, and the big differences you can expect today, indra. >> a lot of them. we're talking about severe weather, we're talking about rain and even snow. yes, you can actually see it right now. take a look at current conditions. you're talking about very warm temperatures where we had the warm front ahead of the cold front. look at the difference behind it, talking about snow already towards cincinnati, and yes, those temperatures quickly dropping to the freezing mark, if not below. so, let's take it one step at a time. look at the southeast, still talking about the threat for severe weather. you can actually see the explosive nature of all the instability out here, all this rain spreading into the northeast today.
2:44 am
so, where do we have the severe weather risk? remember, we showed you the video of the strong straight-line winds? look for those again today from norfolk back down through jacksonville, florida. heavy thunderstorms will be out there, even large hail is possible. then heavy rain, even filling into the northeast, but behind it, what is the white? we're talking snow this late in the season? yes, we are. we're going to zoom in a little closer, bulk of this happening in the overnight hours. look at this, we even have the threat for flurries out towards new york city, even philly tonight. and notice that cold air fills in, look at that, going towards the freezing mark and even down into the southeast we're talking about that huge temperature drop out there. here we go. who's going to see the most snow? yeah, of course, upstate new york, places like vermont, but again, flurries, philly, new york city, yeah, don't be surprised. heavy rain will be the big story, but behind it, it's all about the big temperature drop. looks good for about another day in the northeast, but it goes, oh, down so quickly. >> i come to visit for just a couple of days, and this is the welcome -- >> here comes what i was talking about. >> thank you, indra. >> you're welcome, victor. >> just the facts.
2:45 am
she just has the facts. >> i get it. all right, let's look at what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan joins us. >> good morning, guys. we're following the new developments in the search for flight 370. search crews are putting the submersible bluefin back into the water today, as the first day of searching hit a snag when it reached its maximum depth much earlier than expected. so, will this technology really work, or is this going to lead to another dead end yet today? our aviation experts are going to be joining us to help break us down, better understand the technology and better understand the topography of the ocean floor. we're also watching the tense standoff in ukraine this morn g morning. pro-russian demonstrators continue to occupy government buildings in the eastern part of the country and president obama and russian president vladimir putin spoke on the phone yesterday about the violence. we're going to analyze and talk about what they said, what was said to each other and if it will have any effect on ukraine and the situation that continues to escalate there.
2:46 am
christiane amanpour will look at it as well as military experts to see what will happen. >> thanks, kate. happening right now, a sigh of relief from oscar pistorius. his cross examination at his murder trial ends after several intense days. we're live next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly.
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in south africa right now, oscar pistorius is testifying for a seventh day at his murder trial, being questioned now by his own attorney, now that the intense cross examination has come to an end. prosecutors spent the morning trying to catch the sprinter in inconsistencies over what happened the night he shot and killed girlfriend reeva steenkamp. listen. >> you said we should blame you for having a life. that's what you said yesterday, right? >> that's correct, my lady. >> who should be blamed for you having shot her? >> my lady, i believed that
2:50 am
there was a threat that was on my life. >> so, once again, we shouldn't blame you for the fact that you shot her. am i right? >> i agree with mr. nel, my lady. >> that we shouldn't blame you. then who should we blame? we should blame somebody or something. who should be blamed? >> i'm not sure, my lady. >> should we blame reeva? >> no, my lady. >> she never told you she was going to the toilet. should we not blame her? >> no, my lady. >> should we blame the government? >> i don't know who one should blame, my lady. >> i'm asking -- you must be blaming somebody for this. >> i don't, my lady. i believed there was a threat. >> cnn legal analyst kelly phelps is at the courthouse in pretoria. kelly, so, the cross examination is now over and it was
2:51 am
contentious at many points. looking at it over the five-day span of this cross examination, what is your feeling, your perception of what was accomplished during those days? >> reporter: well, it's really too soon to tell what was accomplished, because we can look at cross examination in and of its own right, but that's not the way the judge and assessors will be looking at it. they'll be considering his portion of testimony in consideration of all the evidence in the trial. we can infer how pistorius's legal team thinks that they've fared in this, because they have just completed their re-examination of pistorius. and in stark contrast to all of the days spent on the stand poring over details by the prosecution, pistorius's legal team essentially stood up and finished within a matter of minutes, picking on just four key opponents that they chose to re-examine and emphasize from the court. so, they clearly don't feel too rifled by how things have gone. i think what nel did manage to
2:52 am
do, finally, for the first time in the trial, really was put a very clear version of his narrative of what the state, in essence, accuses mr. pistorius of actually committing that night, which up until now we haven't been exactly clear how they've said that evening played out, and he did put a clear version of that on the record. but the defense knows they still have other witnesses to put on the stand, and they clearly feel that they still have a case to present. >> we know the burden is on the state to prove its case, but are you surprised that after five days of cross examination that the redirect was just a few minutes? >> reporter: no, i'm not surprised at all. in fact, it's entirely what i expected. and the reason i say that is that it provides a counterbalance from a strategic perspective to the strategy that mr. nel put forward, and these two gentlemen know each other's strategies very well. this is not the first time they've appeared in a case together. so, while mr. nel's strategy was all about drawing it out for a
2:53 am
long period of time, essentially confusing the issue and then trying to trip pistorius up, mr. roux took the exact opposite strategy. he went in for a short, sharp re-examination and simply highlighted to the court, essentially trying to rise up from the white noise, what they believe are core, key contentions that cause trouble for the state's case. >> interesting. one more thing, can you explain for us or describe what we're not seeing and who we're not seeing, especially, obviously, oscar pistorius, who's decided not to appear on camera, but give us an idea of his disposition, his posture in this courtroom. >> reporter: well, today his posture was a lot more composed than it had been yesterday, but throughout his period on the stand, we have seen him veer at times from quite composed and very focused and determined, directing his evidence straight towards the judge, not looking
2:54 am
back once at mr. nel speaking to him. we've seen it veer from that to be very emotional, sort of crunching down into himself again, hands on head, and then also at times, probably quite understandably so, we've seen some signs of frustration and sighing and his head going back as he sat through an endured that grueling cross examination from mr. nel. so, we've seen him veer from all different states throughout this very long, over a week that he's been on the stand. >> and it continues. kelly phelps for us in pretoria, thanks. six minutes to the top of the hour. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
2:55 am
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welcome back. we're watching futures today. european stocks are lower right now, so are futures. we have several hours before the opening bell, so things can always change. that's the way the markets look right now. but it's tax day! have you filed your taxes? today is the deadline. and you can find lots of tax day deals out there. a free snack-size curly fries, hey, at arby's, special chicken deal at boston market. >> nice. >> and look at this, stress relief, hydro massage offering
2:59 am
free sessions. hand & stone also offering a discount. i'm not sure what those are, but if you know what they are, stress relief. speaking of stress, maybe the social media and pr departments at us airways needs some stress reli relief, because the airline is apologizing for a very big, bad twitter blunder. yesterday, us airways sent out a lewd tweet when responded to a customer complaint. instead of including a link to the customer help site, us airways tweeted a pornographic image. the company said the photo had been tweeted at them and tagged for removal, but obviously, they messed up and somehow retweeted it. they're currently reviewing procedure to see how it failed, #fail. i guarantee you all pr people this morning are saying, oh, wow, we've got to morning on "early start." "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> it went to 4500 meters. once it hit that max step, it said, hey, this is deeper than i am programmed to be. >> breaking overnight, what went wrong with the first underwater mission to find flight 370. is the ocean too deep to search? plus, more mixed signals from malaysian investigators. now they say a cellphone signal was picked up on board and it was the co-pilots. president obama and putin talking about the situation as it worsens. are they any closer to a diplomatic solution? boston strong. today marks one year since the marathon bombing. we remember those who were lost and those whose strength helped the city bounce back. your "new day" starts right your "new day" starts right now. -- captions by vitac --


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