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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  April 24, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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existing laws to more effectively crack down on violent crime. >> we are getting out in front of a lot of shootings. we're still -- you know, it's hard to see success sometimes when you have, you know, a spate of shootings. >> reporter: an ongoing and seemingly uphill battle as police, community leaders and families take a stand, hoping to curb the violence. george howell, cnn, chicago. >> catch "chicagoland" tonight at 10:00 eastern right here on cnn. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@this hour with berman and michaela" starts now. down to the final stretch. the robo sub that's scanning under water for wreckage from flight 370, it's just about done. the bluefin 21 has only about 10% of the search area left to go, and it's coming up empty. so what's next? vladimir putin has fiery words for kiev. he says military operations in eastern ukraine may be a serious crime, and he's using that to
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justify taking crimea. and the father of the 15-year-old stowaway speaks out for the first time. find out why he believes his son ran away, risking his life in the wheel well of a jumbo jet. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. it's 11 kw:00 a.m. in the east. new video just into cnn. a dramatic standoff between families of those missing on flight 370 and representatives of malaysia airlines. the family members refused to allow airline officials to leave a packed conference room in beijing for four hours. they were demanding answers about what happened to their loved ones. family members plan to demand answers also now from airplane maker boeing. >> while this is happening, the submersible drone, the bluefin
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21, might be wrapping up its search for flight 370 very soon. the device only has about 10% of the underwater search area left to scan. and as far as we know, a search of that remaining portion is under way as we speak. >> something else we now know, the piece of metal that washed ashore in australia yesterday raising hopes that it could very well be from debris from the lean turned out to be nothing. not related to the missing flight. erin mclaughlin joins us from perth, australia. and 48 days now and counting since that jetliner vanished. where does the search stand right now? >> reporter: hi, michaela. well, as of this morning, the bluefin 21 still on that 12th mission. we're still waiting for an update to see how it went. as you mentioned, it's traversed about 90% of that very critical, narrowed search area. basically represents their best guess as to where the black box may be. and now with the majority of that ruled out, authorities are discussing next steps.
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australian and malaysian authorities right now trying to hammer out an agreement about potentially broadening out the search area and introducing more underwater submersibles. we understand that agreement may be finalized as soon as this week, michaela. >> all right, erin mclaughlin for us in perth, thank you so much. as she said, 90% of that search area has now been scanned. so far nothing found. so the question is, what is next? after 48 days of this search? >> we turn to our aviation analyst once again mary schiavo and jeff weise, kind of regulars on our program. good to have you both with us, as always. mary, malaysian and australian authorities say they are mapping out a long-term strategy, a long-term plan that sounds as though that it could go on for months, perhaps even years. at this point, once that last 10% is searched by bluefin, what is the next step in terms of expanding the search? >> well, that's exactly right. that's the key word, the next step is going to have to be
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expansion. the bluefin, you know, it gave its best shot, but it's not enough. there are parts of the search area that it cannot reach. it's too deep. and, of course, we need additional resources because the bluefin turned up nothing. so what they're going to have to do is bring in some of the deeper descending autonomous underwater vehicles. they have sight scan sonar, and each of those vehicles needs a support ship. there's needing to be more crew. i think they're planning an expedition or a search party for months, not years. i think they'll expand a mapping area with additional underwater vehicles and see what they can cover in the next few months, not in the next few years. >> jeff, we'll bring you in in just a minute. i want to ask mary one more question. we have learned that sarah bajc, the partner of one of the people on flight 370, so fed up with malaysian officials right now that she and others want to take
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these questions that they have to boeing who made this airplane. so mary, do you think this is a smart idea, and do you think boeing will be responsive? >> well, i certainly think it's a smart idea, and it's what other choices do they have? and the problem is that the malaysian authorities have put them in this position. so of course, they should be free, and they should ask anyone they can for answers to their questions. and, of course, boeing will know the answers. boeing knows the serial numbers on the black boxes. boeing knows the manufacturing process on many of these components. boeing knows so many of these answers. however, will boeing tell them the answers? no. what boeing will do is provide that information and has already provided that information without a doubt to the malaysian authorities because boeing's there working on the case. but i don't think boeing will directly respond. but the questions they have are so logical. they're so basically. and these are questions that they should have answered the first week of the investigation. >> it only seems that they should be given those answers. frustration from the families. us frfrustration i'm sure on tht
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of searchers, jeff. we know that they're likely going to look at expanding this search area as we talked to mary about. we've talked a lot with you about the northern arc. give us an idea of what all that would encompass. >> right. so based on the inmarsat data, they were able to determine very early on that the plan at 8:11 a.m. that morning, about eight hours after takeoff, it must have been located somewhere about 2,000 miles away from the satellite that was geo stationed over the indian ocean. now, that meant it was either over the southern indian ocean or along a northern arc that went basically through western china and into central asia. that northern part has largely been overlooked since the malaysian authorities announced in mid-march that they had determined, with the help of inmarsat, that it had to be in the south. we don't know really why they decided it was in the south. and i think, you know, as the next phase of this search gets under way, i think that part of it is going to be not only a question of where they look, but
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also how do they communicate with the public? we're seeing a lot of frustration not only among the families, but also amongst the press and the media and just ordinary citizens who are wondering, why is the search being conducted the way it is? what information do they have that they're not releasing? it's become really a critical issue. >> yeah, as we enter the next phrase, transparency i think would be a welcome addition. jeff and mary, great to have you. obviously we have so many questions. and we want to hear all of yours. we're going to stay on the story throughout the hour. if you have questions, tweet us #370qs. a lot of other stories this hour. three american hospital workers shot and killed in afghanistan, allegedly by a police officer who was guarding the place. authorities say the guard also shot himself, but he survived. cnn's learned that one victim was a pediatrician from chicago who moved to kabul nine years ago. afghan officials say the other two victims are a father and son. this is devastating. right now the motive not clear.
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russian president vladimir putin is warning ukraine. he says if kiev is using its army against its own people, it's a, quote, very serious crime, and the russian leader says it will have consequences. vladimir putin also pointing to events as justification for russia's annexation of crimea saying, quote, if russia had not rendered real support to people in crimea, it would have been impossible to organize a civilized process of the expression of people's will there. otherwise they would have witnessed the same events as eastern ukraine and surely even worse. so this is another proof that we have acted correctly and on time. vladimir putin. >> we've been following the story of that teen stowaway. it turns out that he might just have been trying to get home to see his mom. the 15-year-old survived subzero temperatures and oxygen deprivation as he rode in the plane's wheel well all the way from san jose, california, to maui. the boy recently had moved to california from somalia. he told authorities he was
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trying to get back there to see his family. his father told the voice of america that his son didn't have much of an education in africa and was struggling in school here in america. i want to play you a little bit of the english translation of the interview. >> translator: i was shocked. i wondered how my son went there, he says. he had a lot of education problems bothering him, he tells the voa. he was not good at math and science. >> the father says the family would like to get back to somalia, but they can't because of what they say are living conditions. that young boy is recovering now in a hospital in hawaii. >> needs help both medically and otherwise. pope francis rocking the catholic church again. so he called a woman in argentina who's married to a divorced man. and according to the husband, told her she could receive communion. this has very big implications for the church. a lot to discuss. and we will discuss this later this hour. then, the plane vanished. it disappeared. gone without a trace.
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leads seem to be going cold at every turn. so is the search for flight 370 hit a dead end? will this mystery become one of those that we try to solve for years to come? we have so, so many questions. we'll try to answer them throughout the hour, so stay with us. to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck... ... good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year and first ever
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit desperate for answers after their loved ones vanished to flight 370, family members of the missing are now turning to boeing, the maker of the 777 that disappeared. the families are planning to submit questions directly to the company next week during a shareholders meeting. american sarah bajc whose partner phillip wood was on that
8:14 am
flight spoke to us this morning. she said the families decided to turn to boeing after the malaysian government gave the u.n. a report on the plane's disappearance but refused to release that report publicly. >> we haven't actually been given a reason why we are not being given the report. but i find it fascinating that they seem to be choosing to treat us as if we are the enemy as opposed to an interested party in helping to solve this mystery. >> so this is now a mystery. this stretches 48 days and counting. and really these families deserve answers. our jean casarez is here with us. she's an attorney. and jean, you know, we heard the families are now going to approach boeing and ask some of these questions to boeing, a publicly traded company. is boeing legally required to give some answers? >> no, no. and i don't think they will. it really puts them in a tough position. you know, we've got the emotional aspect. we've also got the investigation aspect and the legal aspect to all of this. if you've noticed, there have been no suits filed against
8:15 am
boeing because there is no information. there's no evidence at all. so there's not a basis to form a claim to sue. but that information could form the basis for a claim to sue, right? and so boeing's not going to give it out. furthermore, we heard yesterday they are putting together in malaysia an independent investigation team. they're going to look at maintenance records. they're going to look at aspects of the plane itself and even the human factor, the psychology, the medical aspect. so i think what boeing will probably say is that it's part of the internal independent investigation that's just about to begin and they can't release it. >> in terms of the search, 10% left of that search area they have left to search. we know that's going to get finished pretty quick here. once that's exhausted, obviously we've talked to -- >> they're talking about phase two. >> they're talking about phase two already. how is the best way they can proceed? new resources? >> i think more is going to be released next week, but they're talking about more planes, more
8:16 am
boats, possibly actually disbanding the air search but maybe more submersibles, even submarines. but here's the thing. they're talking about that other countries are getting involved, that they want to participate. they want to volunteer. but that actually with our experts is causing a little bit of controversy. >> to bring in more people at this point will simply complicate and extend the process. it's a very bad mistake in my estimation. >> there they'ds to needs to d spearhead, so to speak, a mission control that organized all these assets. otherwise we may be seeing different entities covering the same ground and therefore being inefficient and wasting a lot of time and money. >> now, here's one person we know is coming in next week. it was announced jean paul, the head of the air france investigation team in regard to that black box. he's going to malaysia next week. >> i think his experience will be welcomed. appreciate it. ahead, we're changing gears.
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so the pope has done it again with one phone call, he changed the life of a woman in argentina and may have changed things for the entire catholic church. jacqueline had had a problem. she was not allowed to receive communion because she's married to a man who had been divorced. so last year she wrote to the
8:21 am
pope asking for clarification. and what did he do? he called her. listen to what her husband had to say about this. >> translator: he called and asked for jackie. i asked, may i ask who is calling? and he said, father bergoglio. she spoke with the pope, and he said she was absolved of all sins and she could go and get the holy communion because she was not doing anything wrong. and well, this is very nice. >> let's bring in daniel, co-editor of cnn's belief blog. good to have you with us again, daniel. so we know that the vatican has confirmed the phone call, but they're only saying that this is part of the pope's, quote, personal pastoral relationships. that leaves me with a big question mark. what does that mean? essentially -- and this has happened a couple of times with this pope -- he's been called the cold-call pope by some because he just picks up the phone and calls people. essentially what the vatican says is these are private phone
8:22 am
calls. even though he's a very famous man, what happens is between the person he's speaking to and the pope himself. in this age very little is private. this person's husband posted something on facebook. the media picked it up. it ricocheted across the world. part of that it was addressing such a sensitive topic for the church. whether people who are divorced and remarried can receive communion. >> it seems to me they're saying it's not the official policy of the catholic church, but it seeps to me that if the pope is doing something, it probably carries a lot of weight within the catholic church, and we know that this is an issue that he's already addressed in some cases. he plans to address, i think, much more deeply when he has a meeting of bishops and cardinals coming in the fall. is this now on the table, do you think? >> oh, sure it's on the table. there are even some people who are saying that the pope essentially widened the debate. remember a couple years ago biden came out in support of same-sex marriage which essentially forced president obama's own hand.
8:23 am
in this case the pope has laid out his position pretty clearly. he expects some sort of change to happen at this meeting. people are expecting some sort of change to happen at this meeting. >> it might seem like some he's going rogue, but in many ways it seems like he's forcing a hand. before we lose you, we know that a couple of popes of the 20th century will be declared saints this weekend. this is an historic occasion. >> the canonization will happen for two men, that's pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii. the vatican is expecting upwards of 1 million people. what's really significant is that the pope is reaching out to both the right wing and the left wing of the church who revered john xxiii. the pope is bringing them together in a really symbolic way on this sunday. >> i think this is a pope who has shown he is deft as a religious leader but also a political leader. and this just one more example of that. daniel, great to have you with us. this is a discussion we'll be
8:24 am
having repeatedly because it's fascinating. >> and many are talking about he's the people's pope. strategic moves he's making in a quiet way. of course, we'll continue to folkous flight 370, missing for more than a month and a half now. the search conditions. the question is are they looking in the right place? we'll take a look at that ahead "@this hour." life's an adventure when you're with her. and it always has been. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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half past the hour here "@this hour," the submersible drone bluefin-21 is conducting its 12th mission. that device has only about 10% left of the search area to scan. and as far as we know, the search of that remaining portion is under way as we speak. we'll have more on that missing jetliner in a moment. three american hospital workers were shot and killed in afghanistan today. allegedly by a security officer that was guarding the place that worked. it all happened in downtown kabul. authorities say the guard also shot himself but survived. cnn has learned that one victim was a pediatrician from chicago who moved to kabul nine years ago. afghan officials say the other two victims are a marry and son. this is such a tragedy. right now the motive is not clear. real concern about what's going on in ukraine. vladimir putin is warning ukraine over its military operations against pro-russian militants. he says if kiev is using its army against its own people it's, quote, a very serious crime and will have consequences.
8:29 am
he's also pointing to events in eastern ukraine as justification for russia's annexation of crimea. now to the mystery of flight 370. malaysia delivered a preliminary report on the plane investigation to the u.n.'s aviation arm but did not release it to the public, nor the families of flight 370 passengers. our reporter is in kuala lumpur with the details. >> reporter: malaysian authorities have submitted a preliminary report to a u.n. body governing international aviation, but they're not releasing it to the public. this is unusual because such reports are normally published. now, why the malaysians want to keep this confidential, that's still to be determined. but for the families of the passengers and crew members on board mh370, this is yet another example of how the malaysian authorities are perhaps not being transparent enough. they keep complaining that they feel the malaysian authorities are hiding something. now, the malaysian authorities,
8:30 am
meanwhile, say they don't have the answers themselves and that they are being as transparent as possible because malaysia has nothing to hide. john and michaela? >> a lot of the families would doubt that. you know, they wonder if they have something to hide. it's certainly a tough question, but what if all of those resources that are being used are being used for a wild goose chase? a deep sea explorer, fabian couste cousteau, raised that question earlier. >> an ocean search specialist joins us. so rob, that's the question. could they be in the wrong place? >> it's entirely possible that we're in the wrong place. but i don't think that is the case. you know, we're not here by chance. we're here because we followed a trial, a set of clues, if you like, to get us into this region. and then we were very lucky with what the controller believes
8:31 am
were the pingers, and although the bluefin has almost completed searching that first pinger location, there are others still to go. but, you know, we didn't hit it lucky on the fine-scale search. now we need to broaden it up and cover more ground. >> we know that's something they had to do with the search for flight 447, air france, they had to you have moo the search area. we know that that's reasonable. here's the question. do they change the pings they search around? do they expand? do they redo their math? their calculations? >> i think all three things, really. i think there needs to be a wider search of the pinger location area. you know, to actually take that part of the sea floor and sonify -- deploy sonar to search that whole area. and if that doesn't yield anything, accept the fact that it's not going to be a quick search, but start working our way back up the aircraft's flight path from south to north. but at the same time in the background, reevaluating all the data that's come in to make sure
8:32 am
that we actually are searching in the right place. there's nowhere better to consider. >> rob, i know you think they are probably honing in on the right general area, but if those pings turned out to be a false lead, really, i mean, how much of a problem is it? are they just nowhere, then? do they have to reexamine everything from the very beginning? >> well, you know, when we first heard that the pinger had been located or it had had been heard and the controllers had a great deal of confidence in those signals, i mean, it was almost too good to be true. and if it is too good to be true and it doesn't pan out, then the next logical thing to do is to follow the aircraft's flight path. and i'd do it in reverse. i'd start from the south and work my way north, both because the south is more likely, but also because as winter approaches, it's better to work your way north to better weather. >> that is an awfully big area that they would have to search pretty much from scratch there.
8:33 am
rob mccallum, great to have you with us. >> i was talking to chad myers earlier today. it's just so stupefying that there's no trace, no debris floating on the water, anything. >> if you have any questions about flight 370, please send them our way. there are so many great questions out there. tweet us or send it to our facebook page, which is @this hour. plus this ongoing search and how it's affecting victims' families. how they were in a conference for hours hoping for answers. this was a dramatic, tragic moment. we'll have the latest just ahead. the top-drawer, s scotts wraps each seed in a brilliant water smart plus coating, that feeds, protects, and holds in moisture to make growing thicker, healthier grass easier. now let's spread your newfound knowledge! seed your lawn. seed it! to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck...
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. today we learned malaysian officials will not release a preliminary report on the plane investigation to the public or to the families of flight 370 passengers. you can imagine that's adding to the immense frustration and
8:37 am
anger the families are feeling. >> yeah, and this comes just days after the families had a standoff with airline officials in a beijing conference room. our senior international correspondent ivan watson has these details from beijing. >> angry relatives of the chinese passengers of the malaysian airlines flight, they held a long standoff in a busy beijing hotel in a conference room, refusing to allow several representatives of malaysian airlines to leave that room for more than four hours while demanding a representative come from the malaysian embassy and meet them face to face. the chinese relatives have heaped criticism on the malaysian government that they have been left out of the information loop when it comes to the investigation into the disappearance of the plane as well as the search of that plane which is believed to be somewhere in the indian ocean. back to you, john and michaela. >> all right, ivan, thanks so much. i want to bring in psychologist dr. gail saltz. she joins us now.
8:38 am
gail, we were talking about the frustration the families are experiencing day to day. it seems to get worse. there was a false lead yesterday when they found this piece of metal that potentially could have been linked to the missing jetliner. only it turned out not to be the case. and then, of course, sadness at no answers. that sadness turns to anger. it's like this emotional roller coaster. >> you know, i think what people have to realize is that when you abruptly, for an unexplained reason, lose someone close to you, there's going to be, of course, terrible sadness and grief, but there also usually is anger. and people look for a place to attach that anger. and i think that obviously the airline, the government and so on are logical places to shoot it. whether there's anything in that report that will in any way make them feel better or have an answer is probably not even very likely because it's certainly
8:39 am
not going to bring back their relative. but it is really understandable that one's fantasies and a defense mechanism against this terrible grief would be anger and blame and a wish that there would be an answer. >> there's the anger. there's the blame. but gail, we're 48 days into this. and you still see some family members voicing not just their hope but their actual belief that their loved ones are still alive. now, this is 48 days. >> yes. i know. >> how healthy is that at this point? >> you know, denial is incredibly powerful. i think people often don't realize how, you know, grief can drive you to a place where you just need to believe something else because you're completely overwhelmed by the feeling. so it's not shocking to me, but the longer that that goes on, the more potential -- >> i just keep thinking about
8:40 am
the fact that it could take a while for them to get answers. and some people are saying is this going to be one of those mysteries that is ongoing forever? i can't imagine that for the families, having no closure. >> exactly. exactly. and sadly, it could be. and you think of people who have, for instance, a missing child, that they never find. it leaves you with this terrible, terrible, unresolved grief. for those who lost children on that flight, i would be very concerned about them. i hope that people are stepping in and realizing that those are people that need a lot of support and careful watching because unresolved grief can lead to terrible depression and even suicide in certain cases. >> it may not manifest right away, too, that's the thing. >> that's a very powerful and sad comparison. i hadn't thought of that before. but somewhat similar to those that have missing children that have never been found. not to mention the anger and frustration over the investigation. there are so many questions. and we do want to hear yours.
8:41 am
we will stay on the story throughout the hour. tweet us at #mh370qs. almost an entire sophomore class is gone. consider that for a moment. the south korean ferry essentially their tomb, and we still do not know why. but an investigation could help solve this mystery. what we know coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything. cisco. tomorrow starts here. salesgets up to 795 highwayal is the passamiles per tank.sel the internet of everything is changing everything.
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"@this hour," some possible answers why a ferry filled with high school children sank to the bottom of the yellow sea. a lawmaker in south korea says the boat was renovated last year so that it could carry about 120 more passengers. the suggestion is that the expansion made the ferry top heavy, throwing off its center of gravity and making it fu vulnerable to sinking. >> they are investigating the company that inspected the vessel. klaus is a master deep ocean ship captain and a maritime attorney. so klaus, do you think that this renovation may have played a role? >> well, it's possible that it played a role. these super-structure modifications definitely affect the outcome of the stability of the vessel. but they are typically conducted under the auspices of a classification society, naval architects and the like. so they're closely monitored,
8:46 am
and it's likely that it didn't have a direct impact on the outcome of this incident. however, as a ship's master or a chief officer when you're loading the ship, considering that perhaps it's a little bit more top heavy, you have to somehow counteract that. and the easiest solution would be to load water into the lower ballast tanks. now, when you do that, it increases the depth of the vessel, the draft of the ship. and considering that this ferry was potentially overloaded, there have been some theories about that. it hasn't been verified yet. but with an increased draft, you would have to release some of that ballast. and it would decrease the stability of the ship, particularly in that narrow channel. >> so let's talk about the weight. as you mentioned, there's no evidence that the boat was too heavy, but even if a boat is under its load capacity, a shift in the weight of the cargo really could be a problem still, could it not? >> yeah, it could be a complete disaster. you have to ensure that anything
8:47 am
that's loaded on board that vessel is secured down to the deck properly. there has been some anecdotal evidence that perhaps some of the cargo aboard this ferry wasn't secured properly. and as soon as you encounter a compromised stability, the ship lists over, that cargo will immediately slide, not to mention some of the water in the ballast tanks, and it's like a pendulum swinging to one side. >> yeah, and that makes it very dangerous. like a rocking chair. i've heard you use that analogy. it probably goes over too far one last time, and this is what happens. you also think there could be a mechanical issue at play here. >> well, it's been submitted that the master of the vessel two weeks prior to the incident had requested that a repair be conducted on the steering gear of the ship. and that's a critical repair that needs to be immediately addressed. now, the word out there is that it wasn't addressed. the company did not do anything about it. and i can tell you as a deck
8:48 am
officer, traveling this part of the world frequently, it's critical that the steering functions properly. and the company should have addressed that immediately. >> obviously, there's lessons that can be learned the world over. here in the united states says, we certainly have our share of ferries operating out of various ports around the states. what can be learned for us here? >> well, what can be learned is that these types of incidents can occur anywhere in the world at any time. and the advantage we have here is that we have very highly trained american officers aboard many of these vessels. the cruise ships that ply our coasts don't necessarily do that. we have american cruise ship companies that use the benefit of cheaper foreign labor so that if an incident like this does occur, we're not assured that there's an american officer aboard managing the incident and making sure people reach safety. so that could be a concern. but overall, it's a possibility anywhe
8:49 am
anywhere. >> lessons important to be learned, of course, klaus, thank you so much. we, of course, will be following this story throughout the day and throughout the week here at cnn. we really appreciate you being here. now to this. a daring jump lands these two guys you're about to see in the record books! >> i can't even watch. >> where they jumped and why, why. that's coming up. >> what you don't know is that's actually john and i last weekend. then, building a stronger chicago. how a principal in the city is working to keep children safe and in school. we take a look at the terrific cnn series "chicagoland" next. just to get beat up. and walk back, now i've got to get chased back. >> every day. when he agreed to cosign for his daughter's credit card... he thought it was the end of the conversation. she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up. or that she maxed out her card during spring break. when the satellite provider checked his credit, he found out his daughter didn't pay her bills.
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we certainly know the violence seems to be an ongoing problem in chicago schools. >> and in this series, chicagoland we visit high schools where students and teachers are literally wrestling to find and end to the bloodshed. watch this. >> it's wrestling day by rock star billy corrigan. >> hi. how are you? sn>> cool. nice to meet you. >> thanks for having us. it will be really good. >> the kids love wrestling day. i was shocked. i didn't think i wanted wrestling there. >> this wrestling exhibition may seem counter intuitive but four
8:54 am
of these wrestlers are teachers. >> these days you can't go outside like it was in the past. you're afraid to go down to the streets of the park. some kids will grow up angry. when they can find something like boxing or professional wrestling you start to see like a change, now they're not so aggressive. >> i want to bring in robert spicer, culture and climate specialist in chicago. robert, thank you so much for joining us. so many people are eager to find a solution to some of the challenges going on in chicago. we know the principal is working hard, struggling hard to save this school. is it working? >> yes, it is. as you saw from we have to think outside the box literally how to engage our young people. we integrated a variety of different programs. because of budget cuts it's been very difficult. we are still working to manage
8:55 am
our school. our principal is still fighting the good fight and she's put together an incredible team at fenger. we still need support and still need help. bringing in the wrestlers and all these different innovative ways see hough we can interact with our young people is really key how we will save our young people. >> i love me some pro wrestling. i'm a super fly guy. >> me, too. >> he was the best. super fly jumped off the top rope. what's the reaction in that high school when that's going on? >> it's incredible. the young people see, you know, violence, right? but they've never seen something like that up close and controlled. then, to have them to be actual teachers, to speak to them and talk to them and say, yes, i'm in the classroom and i know how important it is to have physical education and to have opportunities to be able to
8:56 am
relieve some of that stress using physical interactions. it's a great way to open up an opportunity for young people to see a different side oppose to wrestling when it happens in terms of violence >> let me play on the other shied. i hear you, i really do. let's play devil's advocate, and what do you say to people that say it's teaching kids the wrong message using aggression to work out their problems instead of sitting down and having a conversation. what do you say to them? >> i know the culture and that is definitely key in bringing together young people and adults alike to seek justice as a form of healing instead of punishment. we have to find ways to hook young people into a conversation. as you saw from the clip, after they did wrestling, they talked to the young people and engaged in a conversation. they told them this process we learned is something that's helping us and maybe it may help you.
8:57 am
i know those watching "chicagoland" saw the young lady doing the boxing league out of the church. there's so many ways we can hook our young people into positive things. in chicago we have a war going on and violence running rampant in many communities. it's important to get a hook to bring the young people closer so we can have that conversation. >> you hooked me at super fly. robert spicer, great to have you here. appreciate your time. you can impact your world with five ways to make chicago safer, tune in for this. >> be sure to check it out. i want to give you a little cable outrage. >> i missed it. >> last night, a pitcher was thrown out of the game. he had pine tar on his neck, smeared on his neck he used to put on his hands to throw a baseball you're not supposed to do in baseball. a lot of people are upset at him for cheating. >> not me. >> sure. >> i'm frankly impressed, make
8:58 am
that astounded. i am astounded any could cheat so badly. this is a large man. he's 6'7". he could have hid that pine tar in a couple dozen places. >> where? >> h >> in his hat, his leg, his foot. no. he puts it on the part of his body where 35,000 bystanders are watching and talking all week about the fact that michael pineda had been using pine tar. this takes incredible effort what he's done, incredible enterprise to do so little to pretend you were not cheating. he clearly went to the gary hart school of not cheating. >> you did not. >> several hundred thousand of you in the demo too young to remember this, that is not mrs. hart and that is a t-shirt that actually says monkey business. michael pineda, not only did you
8:59 am
make michael hart look like a deft cheater but alex rodriguez, he allegedly went to great ends to cover up his use of performance enhancing drugs. not you, mike pineda. you are too good for that. too good of a bad cheater. michael pineda, we take our hats off to you. >> no. >> especially because we know you would never think you would never think to hide your pine tar there. >> i need time to recover. >> all yours? now, i get to follow up. no pine tar abuse here. academic out something bananas. two skydivers jumped off the world's tallest building in dubai. they get a record for base jumping from a building 2700 feet, people. that's a half mile straight down. they practiced. where did they do that? jumping off a swiss mountain. >> i like the way they hold
9:00 am
hands, so polite as you're plummeting. >> jumping off a building in dubai. i guess that will wrap it up for us. >> we're back at 8:00. "360." don't miss that. >> you need a nap. >> we will talk to some family members on flight 370. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to a special edition of a legal view. after 48 days, a horrifying prospect in the flight 370, the flight missing. what if we are simply right back at square one, not just this fragment that washed ashore yesterday and not being ruled out as a piece of the missing plane and not just the bluefin, whoseon


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