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tv   New Day  CNN  April 25, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is friday, april 25th. 6:00 in the east. a pilot sent out a hijack alert on virgin airlines flight from australia to indonesia. >> it was all a miscommunication sparked by an unruly passenger. erin mclaughlin is live in perth, australia. erin, what more are we learning about what happened on this flight? >> reporter: kate, we understand the incident was caused by a disruptive passenger on board a virgin australian boeing 737 flight from bris bon, australia, to bali's main airport. there were those initial reports of a hijacking but that turns out not to be the case. virgin australia putting out a statement saying, at no point was the safety of the 139 passengers aboard that plane in question. now, by sheer coincidence a cnn producer was actually at the airport at the time the incident occurred. she described a scene that was actually far from chaotic. she said the plane was simply
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brought to the farther end of the runway. it was surrounded by four to five patrol cars. we understand the passenger was brought into police custody but he was unarmed. some flights at the airport were delayed, but everything, according to that cnn producer, was back to normal within the hour. chris? >> erin, thanks for the reporting. let's bring in richard quest live from kuala lumpur. we're going to talk to you about the flight for 370 and your exclusive interview with the malaysian prime minister. let's talk about this hijacking scare for a second. you're in the region. what are you hearing? is there in any way related or a goof ball on the plane? what do they think? >> i think you put your finger very firmly on it this morning. unruly passenger. there are plenty of them. when they are apprehended they feel the full force of law. and that's what's going to happen in this case. there are an enormous number -- large number of airlines crisscrossing the asia pacific region and this, of course, was
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a holiday flight from australia up to indonesia, up to bali. what you have here is maybe somebody who had been either a little too i'm imbibes or had taken the wrong turn. he's going to feel the full force of the law. >> richard, let's turn to your interview with the malaysian prime minister. you have something that is very unusual when you talk to a state official. you have news. you have things that came out of this that are new and actually help provide insight. i want you to toss to the sound yourself. you know it better than i do. interesting takes on why he used the word hostile early on, whether it was deliberate about the posture towards the families and disclosure. take us through it. were you as surprised that he was as candid with you as he was? >> that's a really good question, chris. and the answer is yes. this is the malaysia pm's first
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really big sit-down interview on this subject. and to some extent there was so much to talk about that if he just talked about the weather it would have been newsworthy in that sense. but what i needed to do, of course, is look forward as much as what had happened. so let's start with where we're going to go next. and i asked, bearing in mind that we're reportering this morning, bluefin-21 is coming to the end of the narrow search and that they will have to be looking further and they're going to have to go deeper and it's going to cost more and it's going to take longer, so the prime minister's question was, were they prepared for the long haul and the expensive costs. >> is malaysia prepared to put whatever it costs for however long into finding this plane? and we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars over many years if need be.
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can you give that commitment tonight? >> we owe it to the families. we will search. we will spend as much as we can, as much as we can afford, to find the missing plane. >> could i ask you for a yes or a no on that question? >> it would be a yes, but as i said, it has to be on the basis of our affordability. but we owe it to the families to find answers that they are looking for. >> now, i'm sure that there will be some who will say he used weasel words. he's giving himself a get out of jail free card by using the phrase "on the basis of our affordability." that is not how it came across to me, having been with the prime minister, chris. the prime minister is very much a man of the principle that they will do whatever it takes because he recognizes it and he chooses his words extremely carefully. for instance, he's only given
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two statements so far on the 14th and the 24th of march. in both cases the words were used in the case of the early statement that the plane had been flown deliberately. in the second, in the case that the flight had ended in the indian ocean. i asked him about his choice of words. >> you've given two statements, one i think on the 14th or 15th, one on the 24th. they are major statements of the direction of this. >> sure. >> when you describe it as deliberate action by somebody on the plane, that word deliberate is very carefully chosen. it doesn't tell us whether it's deliberate thnefarious or deliberate because of mechanical. you said it that. >> precisely. it was very, very carefully chosen because given the facts,
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and mind you, richard, the cardinal rule that we used from day one was always follow the evidence. and the evidence that was presented to us meant that there was precisely the right word for me to use. >> which do you believe it is, nefarious, mechanical, or are you prepared to say? >> not at this stage. it would be wrong for me to speculate because you need hard evidence, richard. >> and that's the problem, you need hard evidence. and there simply isn't any, chris. >> well, it's true, but you were pushing him on the right questions though, in my opinion, richard, because they had been putting out a lot of speculation, the notion that it might have been hostile, it seemed to take a deliberate turn and focusing on the pile t lot.
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it was sbrinteresting for you t put those questions to the prime minister, especially whether or not he was going to release more information to the families. he said he's going to but out the preliminary report and hopefully that will help the dialogue there. you did it very well. thanks for bringing it to us, my friend. get home safely. >> thank you, sir. kate? >> now let's turn to the latest on the crisis in ukraine. president obama said today that he will continue to talk with european allies about new sanctions against russia but he also made clear, once again, that sanctions are ready to go if needed but he admits they're not a quick fix. the threat of the sanctions are not forcing russia to change course so far. they're going ahead with military drills just outside the borders a move they say makes russia looks like it wants another world war. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is in ukraine with the latest. how is it looking from the ground right now, nick?
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>> well, kate, troubling this morning, two separate explosi explosions. one far to the west of where i'm standing at a police standpoint seems to have been caused by an explosive device and here near where i'm standing in do innocence and kramatorsk. we understand from a spokesperson for the ukrainian military a grenade was fired blowing up a helicopter there. despite the fact that no one was injured in either incident we are still seeing an area here extraordinary close to open conflict. tensions flaring in ukraine as the region teeters on the brink of war. bloody, fiery crashes erupting as the ukrainian military moves to reclaim cities taken by pro-russian militants, killing five of them, they say, and destroying three checkpoints around the eastern soun of slaviansk. they say it as a direct threat to russia warning of immediate
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consequences, saying, quote, if the kiev regime has started to use the army against the population inside the country, it is a very serious crime. >> russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the russian federation. >> reporter: russia's response was swift, conducting new military drills for 40,000 troops positioned along the eastern ukrainian border moving tanks into place and testing jet fighters to overcome any missile defense. running out of patience the ukrainian president inviss that russia retreat and end what he calls its blackmail. ukraine remains a country divided with those in the east carrying a strong allegiance to russia. the war of words between the u.s. and russia growing increasingly intense. secretary of state john kerry accusing russia of distraction, deception, and destabilization in the region. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be a grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake.
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>> reporter: new u.s. sanctions against russia could come as early as today if put tin refus to de-escalate the exercises. they're holding military threats of their own. parra troopers are the first of 600 soldiers deployed in poland, all russian allies. day by day the rhetoric we hear really heats up. we got a glimpse from barack obama moments ago talking in cole that while there could be some sanctions against individuals today they want to keep arrows in their quiver in case things get further out of hand here. that's the broad concern. washington does believe we could see significant intervention here by russia in the coming weeks. chris? >> that becomes the question, nick. are words enough in this situation? let's go to michelle kosinski.
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she's with the president. he just gave comments in south korea. he's continuing the war of words and the question therefore remains, can the u.s. make russia do anything in this situation that it doesn't want to? >> hi, chris, right, throughout this asian trip the world's eyes have been watching the ukraine situation and the u.s. response to it. i think it was interesting that president obama said that tonight he would be talking to european allies about that situation. you know, we've been hearing for many days now that the expanded sanctions against russia are coming soon, they're ready to go. the administration has been using words like watch and wait and coming days or through the wekend which has long since past. the fact that they're going to be talking about that tonight could indeed indicate that those sanctions are coming very, very soon. but today president obama also mentioned the possibility of applying pressure with more bite to north korea. remember, in this part of the world north korea is the biggest
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security concern. the south koreans expect another north korean missile test at any time. president obama said that the u.s. and south korea stand shoulder to shoulder against continued north korean threats and provocation, and said their refusal to give up their nuclear program despite the world's demands will only bring north korea, quote, nothing. michae michaela? >> appreciate that, thank you. while in south korea president obama offered his condolences to the families of victims in the ferry disaster before a private meeting with south korea's president, mr. obama held a moment of silence for those who perished. the coast guard says rescue teams have now recovered 185 bodies from the wreckage of that sunken ferry. 117 people remain unaccounted for. israel has suspended peace talks with palestinians in response to a unity deal made between rival palestinian groups fatah and hamas. the pact angered israel which
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hamas says is a terrorist information. this puts back peace talks in disarray. the secretary of state john kerry says talks could still go on the both sides make compromises. american airlines flight from tallahassee to miami was forred to make an emergency landing in tampa last night. passengers report smelling smoke in the cabin. some say they heard an explosion. the airline is not confirmed those reports. passengers were given hotel rooms and meal vouchers and they will be rebooked on another flight this morning. not the kind of thing you want to experience when you're flying. >> no, no at all. that's for sure, especially if you're flying this weekend, let's hope that does not happen to you and let's hope you have good weather. let's get over to chad myers to look at the weekend forecast. how is it looking? >> a little bumpy. >> looks a little bumpy in places. >> exactly. big storm moving into the west that will make severe weather in the plains for saturday and sunday. here's what you have to deal with first. this big area of rain into new york city, 10:00 to midnight tonight. into d.c., somewhere around 8:00 tonight. so if you have evening plans
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keep that in mind. windy in the plains if you're flying today. there will be some moderate turbulence out there. keep that in mind. it's going to bumpy, especially out in the west. 62 in new york city. 69 in washington. not as windy today as yesterday and not as windy today as tomorrow. there's a storm right here. here's today. 10:00 in the morning. raining in detroit. moves into pittsburgh. eventually d.c., that's 5:00, 6:00, just at the rush hour or just about later. there you go. no, new york, the rain coming in at midnight. by tomorrow afternoon it's all gone. there is a lot of rain. i tell you what, chris, this is for you to wash away more of your pollen. i know how much you love it. inch and a half of rainfall in some spots in the northeast. that will wash a lot of it out of the air and we like that. ic my northwest nostril went on strike on wednesday. there's the severe weather for saturday and it moves to the east on sunday. i, in fact will, be on an airplane to the midwest chasing the tornados this weekend. >> get those nostrils working.
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>> i would say i hope you can stop in indiana but it doesn't look like it's going to reach there and either way i don't want you anywhere near a storm so maybe you should get stuck here. >> my wife doesn't like it either. >> i know. >> have a good weekend to everyone. >> respect chad everett going there to make sure people are going if extreme weather hits and thinking of his buddy with the big nose that doesn't work when the pollen gets in it. that's a problem, too. a lot of rain, usually warms up the ocean, that makes it better for fishermen. got to see the positive. especially on friday. coming up on "new day," the search for flight 370 is getting bigger, much bigger. but is bigger better? ahead, ukraine's prime minister accusing russia of plotting world war iii. the rhetoric kicking up this morning as the u.s. continues to threaten new sanctions and with moscow planning more military drills is the violence about to
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the search for flight 370 is about to get bigger.
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now the bluefin, mini sub, bluefin-21 is almost 95% done with the underwater search in that focused area. officials confirm they're going toe to expand it. joining us now with more, mary schiavo. mar mary, good morning. we kind of suspected this, that this may happen. >> good morning. >> they said this is an option. they're confirming this morning that they're going to expand it in their statement, how they they've described it, mary, is they're going to continue to examine the areased a j ed a ja that radius around the second ping. is that unusual or a typical next step? >> it's a little bit unusual because in this case these pings, these -- and handshakes, it's interesting how our lexicon has changed, but that's all they have. they really have to expand this. the prime minister's interview with richard, he re-enforced that. he emphasized that they believe
3:21 am
that that is the area and that's where they're going to continue to search. so really the next choice is their obvious step is they have to expand the area and go further to either side of that pathway of that arc and then also put some possibly deeper diving unmanned vehicles or even manned vehicles, underwater vehicles down to see what's in that last, you know, mile of the ocean that they could not reach with the bluefin. so it really is the only next step that they can take. >> do you think maybe without them saying publicly that they've already started asking other assets to move into the area, like the orion we know can dip deeper. if they're in various parts of the world it could take a long time for this equipment to get into place. >> oh, i believe they started asking some time ago because not only do you have to get the equipment and it's not like this equipment is in warehouse. for example, they're using this equipment on the ocean floor to secure oil pipelines, to make sure we don't have another spill
3:22 am
and like in the gulf. they use these for communications conduits, et cetera. these are busy out there working, so i believe they started requesting these some time ago. then they need support ships. not only do they need the underwater vehicles but the crew to man the ships. when they moved in the u.s. supply ship, the floating supermarket, i think that's when they started asking for these additional assets. >> i also want to get your take on richard quest's exclusive interview with the prime minister. it's been so important and we've all been trying and waiting and wanting to hear from the prime minister himself throughout this entire search and investigation. he finally sits down with richard. and this morning and in one bit of the interview that richard brought to us, they discussed that -- that line, deliberate action in the cockpit. and what i took from that, mary, was that they don't seem any further along in their determination if it was
3:23 am
nefarious, if it was mechanical, does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't because all along as people have been prying and i think richard's interview was great because it gave us so much information not just about where they are but inside the prime minister and what they're thinking. but i think it confirms they just don't have any evidence of criminal activity and they're searching to rule in or to rule out or to look for it. if they had any evidence of hard criminal activity, i think the prime minister would have said, yes, we have evidence of criminal activity because he wouldn't want to be out there, you know, being very, very vague at a time when he's been criticized by the families and others for not providing information. so i think they just don't have any information either way, really. >> one thing that the prime minister also discussed, richard also has asked him about the relationship with families and the fact that families do not believe they have been given any information or any of the information that they believe they should have. the prime minister said that he
3:24 am
believes they have been giving them as much information as they can but that he just doesn't believe that they're going to be able to give them what they want, which is exactly where the plane's location is. do you see that? >> well, that's true. that is what they want. >> right. >> and certainly that is what all of this effort wants to deliver to them. but, no, i can understand where they fight feel they've given him information. i don't think they were cognizant of how much briefing and how much information families want and usually get in accident investigations. and these family members have talked to families from other accidents. they know what the standard is. other family members have gone over there to help them so what they need to understand is they have been told they're entitled to a lot and they get a lot in other countries. daily or twice daily briefings from the united states ntsb, for example. >> 50 days in, they still don't
3:25 am
seem to have the recognition that families normally get more information. one thing that also is new that came out of the interview is that they will be releasing that preliminary report that we talked about so much mary. that will be released next week. do you think we're going to get anything new out of that, real quick? >> i hope so because if not it's going to lead to so much more frustration. it's going to be straightforward and loaded with facts that will buy them time to regroup, retool, and get assets back out there on the ocean to search. >> absolutely. mary, thank you so much. talk to you again. chris? coming up on "new day," ukraine's prime minister claims moscow's out to start world war i iii. the u.s. is promising new sanctions against russia but the question is will that hurt? was it tough enough or tough talk? russia's response, action. more troop exercises close to the border. we have experts to look to the future and what they see ain't pretty. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states
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half past the hour here on "new day." let's look at more of your headlines. breaking overnight, frightening moments aboard virgin australia flight headed to indonesia. unruly passenger tried to enter the cockpit forcing the pilot to send out a hijack alert lert. the plane was not hijacked and landed safely in bali. the passenger was arrested and taken into custody. officials are going to expand the search area for flight 370 now that the bluefin-21 is almost done with the underwater search. still no sign of the plane. in the meantime, in an exclusive interview with cnn malaysia's
3:30 am
prime minister says he will release a preliminary report on flight 370 next week. he says he's not ready to officially declare the plane is lost yet. at a news conference in south korea this morning president obama said the u.s. stands shoulder to shoulder with seoul against threats to security on the korean peninsula. north korea reportedly completed all the preliminary steps necessary for a new underground weapons test. the president offered condolences to victims' families in the ferry disaster. the fda approved alternative to the pap smear, longstanding screening option for cervical answer. a dna-based tool is the first u.s. approved alternative to dete detect hpv in women age 25d and older. the hpv dna test can be used as a stand alone option ahead of the pap test. in the past the tools were used alongside or follow up to a pap smear. develop iment there for you. chris, that's a look at our
3:31 am
headlines. ukraine's interim prime minister is sounding the aliving room saying it looks like russia wants to start world war iii. so the question is, is help on the way? the president of the united states is saying hess set to speak with european leaders about a response to the aggression in ukraine but he's indicating any action will take time that it's going to be slow before they can slow down the russians. russia seemingly dismissing all the talk is just that, empty words. now performing military drills on its border with ukraine. what does it all mean? what's going to happen next? we have major general james "spider" marks here on the map to explain. great to see you. glad to hear you had a good easter. >> thank you. >> look, how am i pitching it? i'm pitching it like talk is cheap. that's the response from russia. what is their message? >> totally provocative. we have formations that are appearing outside of ukraine that are us a stensively for
3:32 am
military readiness purposes. that's why you get this out of garrison and you train them and shake it out a little bit and you've got to do that. but with conditions as they are right now, these are truly strategic efforts on their part to be provocative and really make it difficult for the leadership in kiev and for the united states to do a proper read of what's taking place. >> you use the phrase lines of communication. and that's what we were just showing on the map but that's why you wanted us to design it that way. what does it mean? >> let me walk you through that a little bit if i can. forces in north of ukraine and russia in different locations. for years, for kdecades, soviet forces would use those lines of you communications to access sevastopol. they have routinely been using this to access sevastopol. now they have dispatch forces, which they done and they have russian forces ride now in east
3:33 am
ukraine. >> you say evarant and that takes us to donetsk. they have troop s outside and fullmenting inside. >> they are. >> they say it's not us. >> of course they do. the intelligence clearly indicates these are russian forces. these guys are not only supporters, pro-russian insiders. there are thugs and instigators but russians are controlling this activity. >> why haven't we heard secretary of state john kerry say what you just said. we all know it's you. admit that it's you. >> our administration right now -- two things. at the very start of our administration said this does not have a military solution. i don't know why an administration would take the largest element of u.s. power, military, and take it off the table. whether we intend to use it or not you never play your cards of priority like that if number one. number two, he just said yesterday not only will this be
3:34 am
grave, secretary kerry, but this will be expensive. >> expensive. >> are you kidding me? expensive for us but it's deadly in the case of the instability that's taking place in ukraine. >> see, at first when i was going through it, you know, as just like regular person thinking about it, i was like, oh, you know, expensive sanctions. obviously russia is not worried about it because they keep stepping up their game every time we say it's going to be expensive. >> we should read that. >> they're making a different calculation. they've got the inside outside game working. then, even though they keep saying it's a military solution, now they're stepping on it. >> right now they're moving forces from the 173rd airborne brigade which is located in italy. they put forces here. it's really a little more than a company so it's a couple hundred great troops located here. that's symbolic. >> they're in poland. playing the opposite border and they're in a nato country, also, making that point that we will defend. >> this is a message to nato. this is not a message that's been read by putin. >> oh, explain that. >> this re-enforces our
3:35 am
alliance. this says, guys, to our nato alliance partners guys, we're with you. we understand this. we're going to reach out. we're going to participate. we're going to exercise with you and work all those -- what i would call the command and control, necessary type of requirements. this message is completely death to putin. he's going, great, you t got a company in poland. have at it. that's irrelevant to me. i've got 40 plus thousand forces on the border wf ukraine, instigating inside ukraine. i've got, i putin, freedom of action, controlling the activitys here and i'm going to hold on to this until the election in may so i can establish something that allows me to feel comfortable that ukraine is not going to end up being west facing. >> so you're saying even though it sets up optically like this on the map this isn't two guys across from the ring staring at each other getting warmed up. >> not at all. >> and of course, what's the big concern is that the threats of force may lead us to what we saw in georgia in their early 2000s where he did go and there was bloodshed and nobody wants to see that.
3:36 am
>> absolutely. this borders nato. georgia does not. this borders nato. this is important. >> obviously change the stakes by international treaty. >> yes. >> spider, thank you very much. >> thank you, chris. >> kate? >> all right, chris. coming up, malaysia's prime minister admitting their radar picked up an unknown aircraft the day flight 370 disappeared but they didn't see the need to send up any planes to investigate? why? could that have prevented the plane's disappearance? and also ahead, a rancher that nevada rancher defending his racially charged comments about african-americans. he's become quite a celebrity, and now he's got a lot to say. are his political supporters going to support him? many of them are backing away. you won't believe what he said. he will be here to defend them.
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in an exclusive interview with cnn's richard quest, malaysia's prime minister admitted an unidentified aircraft was spotted on their radar the day flight 370 disappeared. but they did nothing to investigate. why didn't they investigate? joining me now is michael kay, retired lieutenant colonel with
3:41 am
the british military and former adviser with the uk defense ministry and cnn aviation analyst. i thought i would get all? >> it's a mouthful. >> it is. this is your specialty. i wanted to talk through the flight path, what we know happened, we believe happened, and then what the prime minister said because in the interview richard asked him, what happened around the time that this plane was seen on radar. and he said one thing that they knew for sure is that the aircraft that they detected on radar was not deemed to be hostile. and that is why they did not put planes in the air to investigate. let's show the flight path -- we already did. let's show the flight path if we can one more time. at what point in this flight path though, michael, do you think, suspicion should have been raises? >> i think the key word you just raised there is suspicion. if it's not being hostile we know from all this information about changes in altitude, something suspicious about that. let's rewind a little bit, shall we? there are checks and balances
3:42 am
that should have raised alarms and initiated emergency procedures that should have started something going long before aircraft would have been called to go and check the airplane out. >> walk me through that. >> do you remember the timeline? let's walk through that. 1:07, acars gives the last transmission. 1:19, there's that kuala lumpur looking forward to. and 1:21 is the last transmission from the transponder. the transponder is key in this. it was sidewalking the numbers 2157. that drops off the radar screen. that is the first point when area radar controllers should have started raising alarm bells. why is that squawk gone? why is that transponder no longer working. the next call is the radio call. they never received the radio call. when they don't receive a radio call and they're expecting mh370 to come into the airspace from
3:43 am
the flight plan that's when they should have initiated overdue action. it's going into a distress cell. and in this distress cell you've got high frequency radio. you've got phones that can get in touch with the aircraft. >> continue going through this. i want to show this just zoomed in animation with the radar that would have been scanning the area at the time. >> the civilian radio radar should have gone, hang on a second, something is not going right here. the malaysian peninsula there should have been conversations going on between time military radar tracking this, military civilian radar and malaysia to say, hey, we've had something drop off and malaysian military radar would have been looking at this and they said they've seen this. >> let me ask you a more basic question. when we see this and when we hear from the malaysian prime minister, can you, from just radar, determine whether or not
3:44 am
an aircraft is hostile or not? >> this you can't. this wasn't wearing a squawk. it's dropped off. it's not flight planned in the direction that it's going. ifr or vfr. this is a suspicious airplane. remember all the information we've got about a climb to 39,000 feet and then over on the western side of malaysia we have this information about it dropping to 4,000 feet and then climbing again. that to me, if it's not hostile, it's very suspicious. >> the prime minister, even when richard quest pushed him to say, isn't thaechb more of a reason to put a plane up there to investigate, all of this put together, he said, still, planes were not put up to investigate because deemed to not bes hostile. if this had happened, if this change in flight path, if this lack of communication happened anywhere else in united states, over the uk, how would this have been different? >> i think that's a great point. what we can't do is we can't
3:45 am
judge our standards against malaysian standards. the reason for that kate srksz that the u.s. and the west have been involved in a cold war since world war ii. so they've had russian aircraft coming in and prodding at u.s. airspace around alaska and uk airspace around the northern cape of norway. >> they're just not as sensitive to airspace as we are? >> yes, we are very sensitive. then 9/11 happens and you get the conventional piece which is the conventional threat happened since the cold war. and now you've got this asymmetric threat that airlines are being used as missiles. that's the point here that the malaysian prime minister and richard quest was trying to interrogate was, how did you not know that this aircraft was now being used for something sinister? was it heading to jakarta, was it heading to kuala lumpur. he's got fourth generation advanced fighter aircraft, he's t got those, malaysian prime minister could have launched those. he's also got f-18d, americans
3:46 am
have them, they're also very advanced aircraft which should have been launched at this point in the absence of any information. you've got a 777, you've t got a blip traveling across the continent. no one knows who it is. at that point alarms should have got the aircraft. >> michael, if jets had been put up or any aircraft had been put up to investigate this suspicious aircraft, could that, would you take the step to say, that would have changed the course of how all of this has played out? >> absolutely. i mean, absolutely, kate. the first thing is, is that we would have known where the aircraft is. you would have got a couple of aircraft up by the side and they would have been trying to talk to the airplane. the pilots would have got close enough to try and see if there was something odd because -- >> there would be more concrete evidence of something one way or the other. >> absolutely. the fact that they've been called up against an unidentified object, not going in the direction that it's supposed to be going in, that's not talking to them, there are a whole heap of -- >> from your point of expertise
3:47 am
you do not accept this reasoning. we've deemed it not hostile so we decided we do not need to put planes up to investigate. >> i think it's a key piece of the puzzle. i thought richard's interview was brilliant. the big question is, how could the malaysian authorities come to the conclusion that it was, quote, unquote, deemed not hostile without checking any of those initial alarm bells and emergency protocols in the first place. you can't just come to a conclusion looking in a blip on a radar and say, it's deemed not hostile. you've got to try and get in touch with it. you've got the look at the hotel box and all the distress call and all information and all the communications in the air traffic control authorities and then you've got to speak to the military, the thai military, the malaysian military. all the events should have culminating in the quick reaction i lert airplanes getting up and having a look at it. there could be two options here, kate. >> what? >> they didn't actually see anything in the first place.
3:48 am
politically and geo politically it looks better for the malaysian authorities so say we did see something but we deemed to do nothing about it. that you can argue is equally as poor. >> the prime minister did say that they are now doing an internal investigation to figure out if standards of protocol needs to be changed and what could have gone wrong in terms of how they reacted in those initial hours that were so key. michael, very important and very good perspective this morning. chris? >> all right, kate. coming up on "new day," are you ready or a battle of right versus wrong? nevada rancher was for many a righteous man standing up for big government, that is until those racist remarks that black people would be better off as slaves. he will be put to the today this morning on "new day." plus, it's vatican, two people about to become saints at the same time. it's never happened before. why now? are they pulling a fast one? predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do.
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boy, oh, boy, you've been watching the games? i had your pacers. i thought they were probably the most complete team i was seeing in the east. now i don't know if you've been watching but the pacers are in jeopardy of being eliminated after losing a game to the underdog atlanta hawks. better bring in joe carter before kate punches me in the face with this morning's bleacher report. >> i'm just thinking weird flailing motions with my arms. >> what happened to your pacers, kate? >> you know, if they -- >> unbelievable. >> if they would do a better job of ringing me up and asking for my advice i could help them.
3:53 am
>> hibbert needs to wake up. go to indiana and wake him up. indiana is the number one seat, the team supposed to challenge miami the right to go to the nba finals but they may never, i should say, see that opportunity if they don't wake up and play better basketball because the pacers last night did not look sharp. again, look at larry bird. team president. that body language says it all. keep in mind that atlanta is the eight seed in this playoff series. they finish the regular season six games under 500 yet they continue to prove their doubters wrong. 13 points. the pacers are on the ropes down two games to one. memphis glizlys blew a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter but still won the game in overtime. that story is trending this morning on westbrook hit a huge shot with 26 seconds left. that tied the game and erased the grizzlies huge lead. that momentum did not carry into the overtime session. memphis went on to win by three.
3:54 am
they lead in this very exciting series, 2-1. and look at this. the greatest swimmer of all time is back from retire m. michael phelps, of course, won an olympic record 18 gold medals but he hasn't completed in 20 months. since the 2012 london games. phelps though was the fastest in the preliminary races and he came in second in the finals. he lost to his rival ryan lochte. he hasn't committed to the games in rio yet. i have a feeling that after he swam so well yesterday, he intends to swim again today, he's going to get the itch and urge to do it again. right now he's saying he's only doing it for fun. >> testing the waters, you could say? >> great pun. >> sorry. i was thinking of it. >> you were going hillary on it.
3:55 am
>> i was. thanks, joe. >> you bet. whatever. this morning republicans are backing away from cliven bundy. you know the name, the nevada rancher turned conservative hero who faced off with the government over land rights. well, bundy is now under fire not for really the land rights fight but for racial comments that he made questioning whether african-americans were, in his words, better off as slaves. politicians are now scrambling to distance themselves from bundy's remarks but some supporter rsz standing by him. here's cnn's dan simon to explain. >> i'll tell you one more thing i know about them, they have young children, put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. >> this is the rancher who just a few weeks ago was branded a conservative hero for standing up to the u.s. government. now he's garnering all the attention for his racist rants. >> were they better off as slaves picking cotton and having a family life and doing things or are they better off under
3:56 am
government subsidy? >> two weeks ago cliven bundy went head to head with federal authorities over his cattle grazing on public land. >> the federal government is here with an army stealing my cattle, is what it is. >> reporter: bundy's antigovernment crusade skyroc t skyrocketed him to gop stardom. >> the government maybe thankful for cutting the law for free. >> reporter: backed by presidential hopefuls. >> it is government over reach, government gone amok. >> reporter: now supporters are running the other way. senator rand paul tweeting, c f clifen bundy's remarks on race are offensive and i disagree with him. bundy appearing to backpedal on "cnn tonight." >> i didn't mean unsavory but i meant to compare it with maybe a life on the farm or life back in the south where they had, you know, some chickens and gardens and they had something to do. >> reporter: so who still stands by bundy's side? >> i would take a bullet for that man if need be. >> reporter: jason is a former army infantry man who a few weeks ago came to the remote
3:57 am
nevada desert to become bundy's bodyguard. >> you're protecting this man and he is wondering whether african-americans would be better off as slaves. how does that strike you? >> it doesn't strike me any kind of way. the same old mr. bundy i met the first day of all this this happenings. >> aren't those offensive comments to you? >> not at all. >> reporter: dan simon, cnn, bunkerville, nevada. >> dan, thank you very much. and you're going to hear from cliven bundy himself. he will be live on "new day" in the 8:00 hour. is he changing his position or sticking by it? chris? all right, kate. big stories going on, suggestion russia is trying to starred world war iii, a hijacking scare, and the prime minister of malaysia speaking exclusively to us on flight 370. us on flight 370. let's go. -- captions by vitac -- incident was caused by a disruptive passenger on board a virgin australian boeing 737
3:58 am
flight. we will search, we will spend as much as we, can as much as we can afford, to find the missing plane. what do you concretely want from the malaysian government right now? >> the truth, what they are hiding. >> what you've seen is the government in kiev doing what it said it would do. >> reporter: tensions flaring in ukraine as the region teeters on the brink of war. >> russia continues in this direction, it will not just be a grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." s friday, april 25th. 7:00 now in the east. and breaking overnight, a pilot cents out a hijack alert on a virgin airlines flight from australia to indonesia. let's get to cnn's erin mclaughlin live from perth with more. erin, what do we know? >> reporter: chris, the incident was caused by a disresultive passenger on board a virgin
3:59 am
australia 737 flight to bali. local media is reporting the plane's emergency transponder had been turned on more than twice, triggering this hi jacking scare which of course tund out not to be the case. virgin australia putting out a statement saying at no point during the flight was the safety of the 137 passengers on board in question. now, by coincidence cnn producer was there at the airport. the time of the incident. she said that the plane was brought to a far runway, four to five control cars responded. we understand the passenger was brought into custody and was not armed. some of the flights at the airport were delayed as a result of this incident, but as of now everybody back to normal. kate? >> thank you for that update. now let's turn to the search for flight 370. it is going to get bigger with the bluefin-21 at under water drone about to finish its under water scan.
4:00 am
officials are saying that f. they don't find anything there, they're going to expand the search zone. and in a tv exclusive malaysia's prime minister sat down with richard quest to talk about the plane's disappearance and everything that has happened since. aviation analyst richard quest is live with us in kuala lumpur. richard, you hit on all the important aspects of what has happened here. the disappearance, the investigation, and, importantly, the perception of how that t. malaysian government has handled this whole ordeal. and to that point you asked him about how the discussion has been, how the relationship has been and the communication has been with the families of those missing passengers. you pressed him on that. what did he say? >> well, here's the interesting part because although facts are very few and far between about what happened to the plane, we really don't know much more than we did on day one. the relationship between the
4:01 am
families, the airline, and malaysian government has consistently got worse. it's been a deteriorating relationship. the families are angry. they believe they've not been given enough information in some cases any information. the airlines say they are providing information. if there's one part of this entire sorry tale that really does go to the heart, it is the relationship with the families and i wanted to know from the prime minister how he viewed their accusation that malaysian -- that malaysia hadn't been providing sufficient information. >> prime minister, continue to ask questions and they believe they're not getting the answers. they believe that various technical fak facts are not bei given to them. can you tonight reassure they they are being given the
4:02 am
information. and if they believe you are not that you will? >> i know there is a very, very excruciatingly painful time for them. i understand that. and we've done our best. we did many, many briefings. we gave them as much information as we could in terms of information that could be -- that were corroborated. and as i promised, nek week, we will release the preliminary report that we sent to icao. but the most important information that they want, and sadly the one that we cannot provide, is where is the plane. >> i think there's a certain truth to what he's saying, in that they want the answers to what's happening. the government simply doesn't have them. and, therefore, the families in
4:03 am
their search, in their own searching are coming up with theories, coming up with requests which they believe will show an answer but the government does say they are providing information, in some cases, kate, the families are not listening. >> i also found it interesting, richard, in your interview, the prime minister, you asked him very directly, but the prime minister, he hesitated. he's not ready to say that the plane and the passengers are lost. and you asked him about that kind of again and again. because i -- the surprised me because he essentially, i felt like, said that in that first major announcement when he declared that flight 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> right. we had a saying where i come from in england calling a spade a shovel. in other words, more than one way to skin a cat. you don't have to sort of call it as it is and some would arguably say ending in the
4:04 am
indian ocean is give lequivalen saying that the plane is lost. of course, there are technical reasons why you sometimes have to actually say the plane and its passengers are lost and those reasons are it allows compensation to be claimed by the relatives. the fact is malaysia as the authority that has done the investigation in many eyes has done a pretty poor job. to put it bluntly, its reputation has been kicked around the world. and that was something the prime minister had to be worried about. >> do you believe that there is a long-lasting damage to the reputation of this country as a result of what's happened? >> i think, given time, we can recover, richard. and i believe the world will look at us and judge us in a sense that it was hugely complex
4:05 am
matter to deal with. and i think on balance we did a lot of good things and one of the biggest things that we did was to put together 26 nations in the largest ever search operation conducted during peace time. and that's a huge success for malaysia. admittedly, we made some mistakes. there were shortcomings. but the world must realize that this is totally unprecedented. >> and when you do take a step back and, believe me, going to talk to the prime minister does involve you taking a step back and researching the entire history and looking at the facts and who did say what, where, when, and why. kate, it is true that actually there are very few mistakes, real hard mistakes in the
4:06 am
investigation that have been made. and quite a lot of myths about who said what that never really happened. >> well, one important step in trying to repair any damage to the country's reputation is opening up, really opening up, not just saying they're going to open up and be transparent. sitting down with you and answering questions without restriction is an important step in that process. richard, great interview. we'll continue to talk about it throughout the morning. thank you for coming on. breaking overnight, ukraine's interim prime minister saying flat out russia wants to starred world war iii. moscow is not doing much to convince people otherwise, starting military drills just outside ukraine. president obama says he is ready to level the most aggressive sanctions yet. let's bring in senior international correspondent nick paton walsh in ukraine with the latest. nick? >> chris, we are a ways away from world war iii but it's a sheer amount of political weight around the tension here that's got everybody so worried.
4:07 am
we just heard from the ukrainian government through a state news agency that they want to introduce the second phase of the antiterror operation here. and that seems to involved surrounding one of the hot spots of the pro-russian militants and protesters here, a town called slav slaviansk. far to the left in odessa, nobody injured. also here a helicopter blowing up at an airfield taken by ukrainian troops in a town called kramatorsk. they say a sniper's bullet or grenade they may have caused it but they said it could have been technical. continual drip of violence and tension feeds into this broader fear that eventually the kremlin will seize upon the unrest here as a reason to send in those 40,000 troops. their exercises fully under way. ukraine giving them 24 hours to
4:08 am
explain why the exercises are happening. just another ratchet up of the tension here. michaela? >> nick paton walsh in ukraine. thank you for that. clearly the president has a lot on his plate right now while he is on the second stop of his asia tour. at a news conference this morning in seoul the president said the u.s. and south korea stand shoulder to shoulder in refuses to accept north korea's nuclear program amid reports pyongyang is about to conduct a nucleare nuclear test. the family offered condolences to the families of the ferry. we now know a chicago pediatrician was among the three americans called in a shooting at a charity hospital in afghanistan. dr. jerry umanos moved to afghanistan in 2005 after he practiced in chicago. umanos trained afghan doctors. the guard turned the gun on himself but survived and is
4:09 am
being questioned. two of the other victims were father and son. israel has called off peace talks with the palestinians because of the agreement made between two rival factions. israel says it would freeze negotiations until the palestinians new pact is reversed or collapses. palestinian factions intend to form a new unity government in the next few weeks but israel says it would not resume talks with any government that backs hamas. did you sea this? a little girl took dad's job hunt straight to the first lady. 10-year-old charlotte bell was with her mom at the white house's annual take your daughters and sons to workday. mrs. obama called on one of the girls for a question. >> my dad has been out of a job for three years and i wanted to give you his resume. >> how about that? you saw there the first lady reacted by giving charlotte a hug and she took the resume, we're told, with her when she
4:10 am
left the event. out of work for three years. that's got to have a severe affect on the family. little one taking the job into her own hands. chris? >> nothing harder than someone out of work than what it does to their kids. what do we know? more than a million pilgrims headed to the vatican this weekend to witness history. two giants of care going to be declared saints this sunday by pope francis. vatican two-fer is not without controversy. let us discuss. joining me now is father edward and religion commentator, host of "the sunday mass." good to see you, father beck. rebirth and renewal. i hope you had a good easter. >> i did. >> let's talk about this. why is it special? two at the same time, that's new. rare for us to see saints being nad of people we've seen alive, right? >> right. >> so we've never had a cannonization of two popes together. so that's new. the fact that so many people can
4:11 am
remember these two popes, now, remember, john paul, john 23rd,i23rd, i ushered in vatican two. a lot of people remember good pope john. john paul ii, 27-year papacy. we're going to witness the cannoization of people we revered in our life sometime. >> poke a it a little bit here. put in vatican 2, good pope john. still work implemented, by the way. it's not as much f. it's because of the successful legacy of vatican two. more specifically john paul ii. there is controversy about how he handled the early development of the scandal and now it seems he is being raised to sainthood. is that to try to avoid that issue? is there some type -- something afoot here? >> now, remember, pope benedict is the one that fast tracked john paul ii and he worked under john paul ii, revered him.
4:12 am
when john paul ii died, remember the funeral. immediately santos, the cry of the people, that means sainthood now. so for the first thousand years, chris, there was not a vatican that said who should be saints. it was popular acclaim. the people said this person is holy, they should be given sainthood. again, they're saying that john paul ii was so holy he we deserves this sainthood. >> supposed to be a devil's advocate though when someone has to be given the charge of coming up what's against you. was any of this discussed about the scandal and how john paul ii handled it? >> it is. but the point is saints are not without sin. it doesn't mean that every policy, statement, or everything they ever did is without reproach. they're sinners like everybody else. it's in the greatest game of things that this man's life attribute to something that was holy and blessed by god. remember, god makes saints. not the church. the church recognizes saints. but nod makes saints.
4:13 am
we look at njohn paul ii and sad his life was testimony of holy and god and revered. >> you like it. you think it's progressive and re-enforcing the right things? >> i wouldn't have put him on the fast track myself. john 23rd ushered in something so new with vatican two. some would say john paul ii closed him down a little again. there are some controversy with john paul ii that he tried to undo some of the advances of vatican two and more progressive, more liberal leaning catholics don't like that. >> they say you're supposed to wait five years after the death before you start considering it. interesting that you say you would have been led to take its normal course. very interesting to see how your man francis portrays this development and what it means to him. >> and he's the one that put these two together. he wanted to balance conservative and liberal and satisfy both. >> he is not afraid of breaking with tradition.
4:14 am
father beck, great to see you. >> great to see you. coming up next on "new day," a critical point in the search for flight 370. australian now saying they're going to expand the search area if they find no signs of the plane in the next days. so how big could that search area get? we're going to look at the possibilities. oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable!
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4:18 am
welcome back to "new day." we wondered what would happen if the under water search nor flight 370 came up empty. now we're finding out. the search for the flight is expanding greatly. the mini sub bluefin-21 has completed 95% of the search and obviously there is nothing to show for it. bets bring in the analyst of choice that we have this morning. cnn safety analyst david soucie, author of "why planes crash" and ms. mary schiavo, former inspector general for the u.s. department of transportation and many, many other worthy things. let's do this first though. the reason that we like to see big shots like a malaysian prime minister interviewed is because it allows us to confirm suspicions. mary, what did you learn from this interviews that allowed you to solidify your thoughts about where the investigation is and why it is there? >> well, i think because one of the things he said that just
4:19 am
stood out is when they t. plane first we understand missing they identified it as a noncriminal or as a civilian aircraft, commercial flight. and yet there wasn't any reason for that conclusion. they didn't say how they concluded that or why they con clued that. that let us know that, you know, other than the four handshakes and the pings, that's really all that we have. everything else is conjecture and that's why we're going to have to expand the search area because that's the best information that we've. >> david, what was your response to the prime minister saying, look, we want to be sensitive to the families. i'm not going to say that people are lost yet. i don't think it's the right time. but isn't that exactly what investigators did toell the family members that you need to move on and plan for the fact that they're lost and stop asking us technical questions? did you get some double speak there? >> definitely did. but i think that it's good effort on his part to try to at least expose what he knows, which of course isn't a whole lot. but he is, i think, making some
4:20 am
steps by saying we made some mistakes in our communications, we could have done better. he's trying to show his human side. but then what makes me curious about that is because he's relying entirely on this third-party group, everything is being run through them. it appears his distancing himself from the decision making by putting this third-party group in there. that's what i took away from it mostly. >> he made it clear that they don't know what happened to the plane. people can stop wondering if they know things and not seeing, evidently in the prime minister that's not the case. david, i want to you use two to indulge the optimist and the cynic. the new information is they are expanding the search area. 95% done with this sub they have right now. going to look broader. you be the optimist here, david. why is that a good thing that they're expanding the search area? >> well, because they're able to now explore some of the areas that couldn't with the bluefin. bluefin only goes down to 4900 kilometers. and rest of the search area
4:21 am
where the long ping was, the two-hour ping, is much deeper than that. so what i'm encouraged about here is they're going to bring in new equipment and start looking deeper which is most likely where the airplane is going to be. >> mary, there is another side to looking at this decision, which is when you don't know where it is in the specific, you start looking in the broad and that means you have less of a sense, not more of a sense of where the plane is, right? >> right. the pessimist tick side is, well, we've all looked at the area where the dings were. angus houston and others have already said that is the best chance to find the plane is the area right around the pings. that's been done except for about 5% of that area, which is, i think, too deep for the bluefin. so now where do we go? we've exhausted the best parts of the ocean. >> you're right, pessimist is a better word than cynic because we believe this is all being done in good faith. another thing that came out last night with the prime minister was that the inmarsat data, when
4:22 am
he heard about it he was skeptical but he now believes to trust this. to your point, mary, do you believe that they are operating off the best information available? >> well, yes, i believe they are operating entirely off that inmarsat data. something in addition to the inmarsat data. if that doesn't pan out we are back to that data and that's it. it's good that the prime minister trusts it because the rest of the world has to also. >> mary, david, thank you for the take on that this morning. interesting to hear from the prime minister to be sure. kate? >> chris, thanks so much. coming up knice g uing up n" would president obama saved vladimir putin if he was drowning? strange question. the president was asked and he answers, ahead. and also, this sunday on "parts unknown," anthony bourdain heads to france. it airs sunday at 9:00 p.m.
4:23 am
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4:24 am
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4:28 am
welcome back to "new day." it's almost half past the hour. here's a look at your headlines. breaking over night, a pilot was forced to send out a hijack alert on a virgin airlines flight from australia to indonesia after an unruly passenger was reportedly pounding on the cockpit door trying to get in. a spokesman for the airline says the plane was not hijacked. it was able to land safely in bali. the passenger was arrested and taken into custody. meanwhile, 370 is expected to widen dow that the bluefin-21 has almost finished scanning its area with no success. meanwhile, malaysia's prime minister says his government will release a preliminary
4:29 am
report next week. prime minister telling cnn he is not ready to declare the plane and its passengers lost out of respect, he says, for the feelings of the family. breaking overnight, president obama is set to speak with leaders about more sanctions against russia. cnn has learned they could move today. tough talk a ramping up on both sides. ukraine's prime minister boldly saying the russians want to start t another world war, this as moscow proceeds with military drills just outside ukraine's borders. president obama offering his deepette sympathy for families of sprvictims in the ferry disaster. 117 people remain unaccounted for. we are learn that the sunken ferry sister ship has numerous safety concerns of its own including life rafts and emergency slides that didn't work. the ship has also been modified to add passengers. investigators are looking at the ship operated by the same
4:30 am
company for possie clues as to why that ferry capsized. chris, kate? >> they're going to take a much harder look now. >> such loss of life. there is a lot going on in the world of politics. both at home and abroad. and lucky for you we can get deep inside politics on "new day" with mr. john king. and there he is. looking good. >> good morning to you. happy friday. we'll spend time talking about politics as i'm not going to talk about the red sox/yankees series with you, mr. cuomo. politico, let's start with the president overseas. second-term presidents also seek refuge in foreign policy as things are tough at home but on this trip he can't negotiate a big trade deal because democrats in congress don't want to give him a long leash to have a trade deal with japan and other asian partners this then because of the agreement between the palestinian factions, middle east peace talks on the verge of collapse. the president is conceding as he
4:31 am
presses europe to do more today than so far sanctions are not working. >> i think it's important for us not to anticipate that the targeted sanctions that we're applying now necessarily solve the problem. >> so he goes back to the europeans today, trying to get more sanctions. there's the specific issue of that. when you step back more broadly the president is having a hard time finding something that works at the moment. >> absolutely. that's a pretty bold admission for him to make in the middle of a press conference when he should be there projecting optimism and, you know, saying that they're taking steps that are really going to have some kind of force but it doesn't seem like putin is responding to anything at this point and that the obama administration just doesn't have a lot of good options right now in terms of stopping everything that's going on in that region. >> and that's the key point. they don't have a lot of good options. number one, putin is not listening, period. and i'm not sure that he would
4:32 am
listen with tougher sanctions. they say arm them but the ukrainians are not quite ready for that? >> everyone is virtually divided. right now the president wants to bring the yup european community on board. they're not sure going the route the president wants to go at this moment. interesting thing here, john, is that remember when the president ran for re-election he really leaned pretty hard on his foreign policy as a reason why he should get re-elected. iraq, afghanistan, getting osama bin laden, now going forward, foreign policy has been a black eye in the second term of his presidency. ukraine being the latest example lu also syria, questions about iran. the mideast peace process. the president is having a tough time on this trip and is clearly showing from this press conference today. >> tough time abroad, tough time at home if president though, let's give him credit here. he acknowledges his relationship with vladimir putin has turned south. you might remember last week in an interesting exchange, i'll call it interesting, with edward
4:33 am
snowden, the nsa leaker. vad min putin said he was convinced even though their relationship isn't great even though he were drowning, president obama would save him. >> first of all, i absolutely would save mr. putin if he were drowning. i would like to think that if anybody is out there drowning, i'm going to save them. i used to be a pretty good swimmer. i grew up in hawaii. >> let me start with our pacific coast woman here. i don't know what to make of this. in some ways it's funny and in some ways it's bizarre. >> it's bizarre and it says a lot about how complicated that relationship is with putin. hillary clinton has also talked a lot about that in recent weeks. and you have, you know, the former president bush's for straight of putin as well. but i'm glad that our president would save someone who is
4:34 am
drowning. >> good to know if you ever ask him a question that he doesn't like, out there floating, come and save us. he does have that hawaiian swimming experience. let's move on to another leader. john boehner is the speaker of the house. we talked about for months about his on again and off again commitment to advancing immigration reform. one reason he can't do it is because tea party conservatives can't do it at all but a lot of boehner's friends didn't want to do it a month or two ago because they were worried if they cast that tough vote they might get a primary challenge at home. speaker boehner at home speaking yesterday at a town hall. memo to the leader, the speaker, probably not the way you want to talk about your colleagues. >> but here's the attitude. oh, don't make me do this. oh, this is too hard. >> again, it's funny. we like to see humor in our politicians. however, a lot of people, a lot of conservatives circulating
4:35 am
petitions saying let's try to pete beat him in a primary or strip him of his job. that's not going to help. >> no, it's not. the boehner knows he's going to run away with this primary. he's going to win this primary. probably going to hold on to the speakership, too. there will be a vocal, minority of the minority trying to get rid of him but there's not the support to get rid of him from the speakership. it's interesting because in washington boehner blamed the president for the reason why they're not moving forward with immigration reform. but privately he knows it's husband caucus that won't let him more forward with immigration reform and clearly he's made that clear back home. >> it's also just a much more defiant tone that we are hearing from boehner and from mcconnell a few weeks ago saying, you know, that he was going to crush his republican opponents as they went after him. and so maybe we are seeing sort of a party that feels strengthened and not as much threatened by the tea party even if they can't accomplish some of
4:36 am
those goals like immigration that they've been trying to get to for such a long time. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall when boehner returns the first meeting next tuesday when they're back in town of all the house republicans. that will be a fun one. see how much baby talk goes on in that room. here's another interesting one. you've heard jeb bush, the former florida governor, thinking at run for president and he likes to make jokes in public because his mom, barbara bush, has said repeatedly enough. we've had enough bush presidents. but barbara bush, mom, says no. listen here, neil bush, jeb's brother, says dad has a different opinion. >> if you ask dad the same question, should jeb run, he would say yes. >> barbara bush says no. george h.w. bush, the former president says yes. if you're jeb bush you just call eight draw and move on? who do you listen to? >> who do you think has the most power in that family? right? i would say barbara. but obviously this is a really
4:37 am
fun talking point for jeb as he tries to deflect questions about whether he will run while he's obviously thinking much more seriously about it and getting a lot of courting from donors on that front. but, you know, it's a nice that his father at least is on his side if he doesn't have his mom, right? >> i think it's been evident for some people george h.w. bush wants his second son to run for president but to have neil talking about it publicly and openly, they feel in the family to counter mom. >> the perception that there is a push to get him to run. i think that there is a significant push within the family. the question for jeb will always be, does he have the stomach for it. that was the question, well, when he was considering running for the senate and decided not to do it and let marco rubio open the door for him. i don't think he knows that yet. >> certainly it will come down to his wife who has expressed a lot of reservations about that. >> that's another -- a few more
4:38 am
private meetings we would like to be flies on the wall. as we get back to new york we like to play it light sometimes as we end our segment. a little foreign policy analysis of the obama administration this week from jimmy fallon. >> president obama visited a science museum where he actually played soccer with a robot. yeah. biden is negotiating with the prime minister in ukraine and obama is playing soccer with a rob robot. like the white house version of "freaky friday." >> that's just our inside politics version of "freaky friday," kate, chris, and michaela. >> that's not fair. he can walk and chew gum at the same time, right? >> do you want to get into the business, you've got to be willing to take the barbs from the comedians. that's a good thing. >> fallon does a good job. >> that's the least to deal with. that's why mama bush is worried about having her sons exposed to
4:39 am
it. i know that family dynamic. i thought when the robot kicked the ball back to the president i thought somebody was going shoot the robot. see his reaction? whoa. >> really the robot looks like a cute small kind of child -- >> until it kicks the ball at the president and then you see the guys with their hands. >> red sox could use that robot. they keep dropping the baseball. >> i'm still boston strong. >> i thought you weren't going to bring this up. >> thank god it's april. >> especially with my yankees being just such dastardly cheaters. that's why i'm wearing black. >> i didn't know he could brick in das dard ldast dardly on a f. finally you've come around to it. >> a little pine tar right here today. >> you should have done that. >> tomorrow. >> missed opportunity again. coming up next on "new day," the current under water search for flight 370 is nearing its close in this focused search area they had but with only a
4:40 am
small piece of it remaining and no leads. they could expand the area even further. we're going to show you how big it could actually get. what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear.
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4:44 am
welcome back to "new day" once again. this morning we have learned that the search for flight 370 is set to expand. now that the bluefin is nearly done with its under water search area that focused search area they had set for it. crews were hoping to find evidence of the plane in this final stretch, but it's turning out to be a major challenge, this final stretch, for the bluefin. let's talk about that and what it could look like going forward with cnn meteorologist chad myers. chad, there's a lot to discuss with what they're facing now and also the what's next. let's talk about what the bluefin is up against right now. they say they finished 95% of this search area. it's a six-mile radius around the second ping. 5% to go. what about this last 5% is going to be so challenging? we've got this animation to help us. >> it's shallower than where we were on the north side. that's something good because this bluefin doesn't really have that great depth problem.
4:45 am
we're at 17,000 feet on the north part of the pings. we're at now 13,000 feet deep. this is really great coverage with the bluefin right now. but it's a little bit more topographic. a few more bumps for things to hide in so the bluefins that to do a nice job moving around the bumps to see it and it doesn't even know -- this is not realtime in is not a video game where somebody up on top of the ship is looking at everything. they have to bring this thing back up, download all the data, and then look at it. we wish it was realtime but it's not. >> with the different topography there is a challenge. if you dip into the canyon, if you will, that you can really damage the bluefin. and you wouldn't know until obviously you came back up. with this last 5%, with the challenge -- the fact that topography is more of a challenge, that to me says it's more time consuming. >> right. let's think about this. if we have a dot, the ping, the strong ping, we went six miles around it in a raid yudius arou.
4:46 am
127 square miles. other pings in other places. that's the rub. they weren't clustered. 15 miles apart north to south. we don't have one ping, we have a number of them and we have to make this circle bigger and bigger. >> let's talk about the challenges of what the next phase could be if that last 5% doesn't bear fruit. we've got the four pings and why the four pings? everyone wants to know. it could be refraction of sound on the water. >> it has to be. >> has to be. you don't have four black boxes to be picking up. so if we go from a six-mile radius, we're now talking about a much larger area that they could possibly search. how long could that take? >> talking about the size of los angeles. we're talking about the square footage of los angeles proper. 484 square miles. this thing does about eight to ten square miles a day. do the math. that's 50 days just on the expanded search. >> correct me if i'm wrong. this search that we've done in the six-mile radius, 120 square miles, right?
4:47 am
that's taken about a week and a half to search effectively. >> right. >> i'm not going to do the math. but it's going to take a whole lot more time to search the size of los angeles. >> if -- of course. ten miles per day, 480 square miles to cover, that's 48 days. >> and the terrain continues to change. >> and the problem is when we go farther north, it gets deeper and deeper. 18,000 feet farther up and the bluefin can't look down that far. it can't get down that far with good resolution. >> the suggestion the area adjacent would be more north. why they're very likely going to need different technology to help out. okay. so, if this doesn't work we go to search the size of los angeles. if that doesn't work, we hesitate toechb talk about that because that is down the road. there is a suggestion that they start searching the entire southern arc that we've been looking at. >> do we even want to approach that? >> that's the size of massachusetts. >> let me do the math on that one. you're talking about 11,000 square miles.
4:48 am
if you want to do a nice arc, if we have to do a nice arc, ten square miles a day. that's 1,110 days to aersearch whole arc. >> 4.5% is the animation of the size of the los angeles portion fitting within the massachusetts portion. >> that's hope we find it before that. >> we have to find a strategy before that because that's not a search area that seems a good use of resources. >> right. >> chad, thank you have much. chris? >> all right. thank you very much, kate. coming up on "new day," malaysia's prime minister responding to tough questions from cnn. does he know what happened on this plane? is there a good reason for keeping information from the families? you'll get to hear his answers and response from a man whose wife was aboard the flight. at your ford dealer think? they think about tires. and what they've been through lately. polar vortexes, road construction, and gaping potholes. so with all that behind you, you might want to make sure you're safe and in control.
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4:52 am
welcome back to "new day." overnight another sign of how angry the families of flight 370 are. a massive sit-in at the malaysian embassy in beijing. the families demanding more answers from authorities as to what happened to the plane. this comes as malaysia's prime minister tells cnn he will release preliminary reports on the investigation next week. is that enough? shan dreek ka sharma's family have gone without answers for more than six weeks. joining us is her husband to give us his reaction to the prime minister's comments. we understand it's in the afternoon there. thank you for joining us on "new day." we'll talk about the prime minister in a second. first of all, i understand your family is dealing with this in various ways.
4:53 am
your mother-in-law feels your wife is going to return home. your daughter is struggling to figure out if she goes back to college and rebuild her life. how are you managing? >> personally for myself, at a loosened for quite some time. the weight has in some sense been difficult. >> prime minister razak said admittedly we made mistakes, there were shortcomings. i have to image thain is a tough thing to hear. >> it is. we've known this for quite a while now. i'm happy he has taken the trouble to speak out on this. one can hope this is the beginning of the next few weeks where we can see a lot more transparency, a lot more
4:54 am
directness. >> i want to ask you about the prime minister stopping short of saying that the plane is lost. he said -- he insists he's refusing to do that out of respect for the families. does that feel respectful to you? >> as much as i am upset and angry, it's not easy to remain angry. when a man is attempting to in a sense open up and to be able to speak about things he has not spoken thus far, i'm willing to listen to him. at the same time, we have to understand the families believe 45 more days is not a very long period. to come to a conclusion or declaration that the plane is lost is, from the family's perspective, a little premature. i'm happy that he's beginning to listen to that argument.
4:55 am
>> before we lose you, i know your wife works for the support of fish workers traveling to a u.n. conference. can you tell us a little more about your wife shandeka. >> they're telling me there's not much time. she was a fantastic person. again, the difficulty is to refer to her in the past tense, even today after 45 days. that's a struggle that i go through day after day each time i meet people. she was a warm, compassionate person. a lot of her work and life has been to in a sense bring about a certain betterment for groups which has traditionally and historically been dealt a raw deal. >> i think you said it beautifully. she sounds like my kind of lady. thank you so much for sharing
4:56 am
your wife and her story with us and sharing your perspective on this on going investigation. our thoughts are with you, my friend. you be well, okay? >> thank you so much. thanks for having me on your show. thank you. >> absolutely. chris, it's so important for us to put faces on those names. they're not just all of these 200 and something passengers aboard flight 370. they're loved ones. >> that's true. 293 families thinking about them. we keep talking about how long the search can go on. the process for them is going to be so much longer, especially if their loved ones never come up. coming up on "new day," a nevada rancher who became a conservative hero over his land rights battle with the government is under fire for making rationally charged remarks. how will he defend his position when put to the test on "new day." we'll see. -- captions by vitac --
4:57 am
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we will search, we will spend as mch as we can, as much as we can afford to find the missing plane. >> happening now, the search area for flight 370 is expand g expanding. that's the word from the prime minister of malaysia speaking exclusively to cnn. will he give the families the information they so desperately need? breaking overnight. fear of war. ukraine's prime minister warning russian actions could lead to world war iii as the u.s. warns russia not to make a grave
5:01 am
mistake. what will vladimir putin do next? pushing back, the rancher who became a hero taking on the federal government. now he's under fire for racist remarks. he joins us live this morning. does he stand by his comments? your "new day" continues right now. good morning and welcome once again to "new day." it is friday, april 25th, 8:00 in the east. the search for the malaysian airlines flight 370 is set to expand. this as the bluefin-21 as now scanned more than 95% of the search zone. still there is no sign of the plane. also this morning, more of cnn's exclusive interview with malaysia's prime minister who tells our rich chart quest he will authorize the release of the preliminary report on flight 370 next week. richard joins us live from kuala
5:02 am
lumpur. it's good to have you. this was an important interview to set things straight. do you believe that malaysia's government, while not giving out all the information to the families, do you believe that they truly just don't know what happened here? >> reporter: i have no doubt whatsoever, none. the prime minister said in blunt terms the only evidence they have gotten is the pings under the water and the inmar sat handshakes. when i asked him about why -- what he thought had happened, he said he has his own theories, but has no evidence. i've talked to too many people, chris, that any idea that there's a secret agenda or an unknown fact just isn't true. the big question, of course, is malaysia prepared to continue paying the bills and prepared for an expensive long search as bluefin-21 now has to look wider?
5:03 am
that's something the prime minister did address. >> is malaysia prepared to put whatever it costs for however long into finding this plane? we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars over many years if need be. can you give that commitment tonight? >> we owe to it the families. we will search, we will spend as much as we can, as much as we can afford to find the missing plane. >> can i ask you for a yes or a no on that question? >> it would be a yes, but as i said, it has to be on the basis of our affordability. but we owe it to the families to find answers that they're looking for. >> reporter: on the basis of our affordability. the prime minister chooses his words very carefully, whether it's using the phrase the flight ended in the indian ocean or that somebody deliberately flew
5:04 am
the plane. the prime minister is careful with words. >> when you describe it as the word deliberate by someone on the plane, it doesn't say deliberate nefarious. you didn't want to say that. >> precisely. it was very, very carefully chosen. but, of course, given the facts -- mind you, richard, the cardinal rule we used from day one was always follow the eviden evidence. the evidence presented to us meant that that was precisely the right word for me to use. >> which do you believe, nefarious, mechanical? are you prepared to say?
5:05 am
>> not at this stage. it would be wrong for me to speculate. you need hard evidence, richard. >> reporter: everybody has a theory. the prime minister has his. he's not prepared to discuss them openly. >> another issue that came up that i want you to take on, richard, he says he's not ready to say those on the blane are lost, primarily out of sensitivity to the families and that will have to come at a later date. however, that's exactly what we're told from family members that members of the government told them in response to their technical questions. stop asking these technical questions, deal with that your loved ones are lost, move forward on that level. how does he reconcile the two? >> i don't think he would ever say that they've said they are lost. it's a very delicate balancing act. he's got to tell the families stop trying to ask questions as if the plane has landed somewhere facing the reality as many would see it, that it has
5:06 am
ended into the water and start to move forward. you see the difficulty there. the family -- many of the families' questions are not geared to finding out what happened, they're geared to proving a point that the plane may have landed somewhere, and that as the government would see it and the airline would see it is not helpful to the overall situation of coming to terms with what took place. >> if you're going to be sensitive, be sensitive. a lot of the questions aren't geared toward the plane landing somewhere else. hopefully his conversation with you, richard, is a step in the right direction of khan done. the families deserve it. great interview. thank you for bringing it to us, my friend. kate? breaking overnight, ukraine's prime minister sounding the a.m. alarm claiming russia wants to start world war iii, his words. moscow adding to the tension this morning going ahead with military drills just outside ukraine's border, and now president obama says he will
5:07 am
talk with european leaders about leveling more sanctions against russia. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is in ukraine. the question is, will any of that have an impact and change the direction of things on the ground where you are, nick? >> reporter: kate, a very tense morning here. we heard from the ukrainian government that they want to start what they call the second phase of the security, surrounding it, blocking entrances in and out, and also, today, two reports of explosions, one in the far west of the country at a police check point. no injuries there. and another seemingly taking out the helicopter at an airfield. ukrainian troops have taken back from ukrainian pro-russian protesters. these continued reports of violence keep everybody very worried. >> reporter: tensions flaring in ukraine as the region teeters on the brink of war.
5:08 am
bloody, fiery clashes erupting as the ukrainian military moves to reclaim cities taken by pro-russian militants, killing five of them they say and destroying three checkpoints around the eastern town of slov yensing. president putin seizing on the action as a direct threat to russia warning of immediate consequences saying, if the kiev regime has started to use the army against the population inside the country, it is a very serious crime. >> russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the russian federation. >> reporter: russia conducting new military drills for the 40,000 troops positioned along the border, moving tanks into place and testing jet fighters to overcome the missile defense. running out of patience, the ukrainian president insists russias military retreat.
5:09 am
those in the east carrying a strong allegiance to russia. the war of words between the u.s. and russia growing increasingly intense. secretary of state john kerry accusing russia of distraction, deception and destabilization in the region. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be a grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake. >> reporter: new u.s. sanctions against russia could come as early as today if putin refuses to deescalate the situation. u.s. forces in eastern europe holding military exercises of their own. these paratroopers are the first of 600 soldiers deployed in poland, lav via, lithuania and estonia, all worried about where russia could strike next. the ukrainian prime minister says russia is trying to start world war iii. that's, of course, rhetoric. on all sides that talk is heating up out of proportion in many ways.
5:10 am
it's because how politically tense and important what's happening here is. the unrest is in small towns not involving muj numbers of people. it's a possibility of drawing russian troops across the border and the consequences with nato. >> we have to expect the rhetoric to grow more inflammatory as the situation fails to be resolved in any way, right, nick? that's why we'll be watching it so carefully and the question will remain, can the u.s. make russia do anything in this situation? will the president's planned sanctions make a difference? let's get to cnn's michelle kosinski traveling with the president live in seoul. what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, chris. this has been an extremely busy trip for president obama. this is supposed to be about firming up trade ties and strong relapgs ships with allies here in asia. inevitably the ukraine situation comes up again as it develops. we've been talking about sanctions now for many days, the administration using phrases
5:11 am
like, we'll watch and wait, see in coming days, through the weekend. that weekend has come and gone. so the question has been when will these sanctions happen and do they do any good? can they change behaviors? we've heard from president obama repeatedly that, no, it won't necessarily, as he put it, change the calculus of the russian presence in that area. the administration has really been focused on the long term, isolating russia. now we find out tonight after meeting with south korea, the president will get on the phone with the leaders of four european countries, the u.k., germany, france and italy and talk about ukraine. that could indicate that these sanctions that have been ready to go for a while now could indeed be coming any time at all. but in the same sense that we've been talking about russia, we heard president obama now speak about north korea because, of course, in this region, that is the biggest security threat. he used some strong language today saying that the u.s. and
5:12 am
south korea stand shoulder to shoulder against continued north korean provocation and threats, and that, interestingly, there might be additional pressure that bites, as he put it, coming against north korea. michaela? >> michelle, we also know the president made comments offering condolences to the passengers that were lost in the south korea ferry accident there. let's take a look at more headlines now. breaking overnight, a scare in the air for passengers on board a virgin airlines flight. a pilot was forced to send out a hijack alert after an unruly passenger was banging on the cockpit door trying to get in. a spokesman for the airlines says the plane was not hijacked and all 137 passengers and seven crew members are safe. another scare to tell you about, this one in the u.s. an american airlines flight from tallahassee to miami was forced to make an emergency landing in tampa after the smell of smoke was report in the cockpit.
5:13 am
some passengers said they even heard an explosion. no one was hurt. florida congressman mario diaz ball lore tweeted he was on the flight and thanked the crew and first responders. learning more about the victims in the deadly shooting in afghanistan. a chicago pediatrician was among three americans killed. he moved to afghanistan in 2005 after practicing in chicago saying he felt called to be in afghanistan. officials say two of the other victims were father and son. israel suspended peace talks in response to a unity deal made between fatah and hamas. the pact angered israel which considers hamas to be a terrorist organization. this puts peace talks in disarray. secretary of state john kerry says talks could still go on the both sides make compromises. those are your headlines, guys. let's take a break. coming up next on nude need,
5:14 am
russia conducting new military drills along its border with ukraine. ukraine's prime minister accusing moscow of trying to start world war iii. is the crisis now at a breaking point? we'll take a closer look. close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks.
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5:17 am
welcome back to "new day." a stern warning this morning from ukraine's interim prime minister. he says it looks like russia wants to start world war iii. president obama is having phone calls with european leaders tonight to discuss further
5:18 am
sanctions. moscow has stepped up their presence performing new military drills along the ukrainian border. let's discuss the implications of all of this. cnn military analyst major general james "spider" marks here again with us to discuss. the president is making news today talking about the new sanctions he would like to push. let's get to that in a second. i want to talk about what is happening on the ground right now in ukraine. in ukraine where all the focus has been, the tension and really where we've seen the violence flare up is the donetsk region in eastern ukraine. hopefully we can pop that up on the first animation. why is this so vulnerable? >> for years, the soviet union and russia now have been supplying sav voss poll, the only warm water port that russia owns has to be accessed through eastern ukraine. this is active because there's
5:19 am
routine activity of russian forces, normal reply activities down here. what's been normal we're seeing abhorrent behavior, they can push forces out and that's exactly what's happening. that's why this is so active right now. >> let me ask you this -- obviously we don't know if it will stay status quo. let's assume, if everything will stay status quo, do you believe ukraine can successfully push back whichever one really believes is this russian-backed inkrurgs? >> short answer is yes. there's an election in may. if a federation is established and east ukraine is affiliated both with kiev and can have all their relationships, let's say, with moscow, this is a solution that kiev should be happy with. because any other alternative is going to get much nastier, going
5:20 am
to escalate and is going to spin in directions that we can't predict. >> the fear is it won't stay status quo, that things will going to get out of control even more. one of the things that has been happening throughout, since the very beginning, it almost began with it, i believe, russian military drills right at the border, them stationing what's believed to be 40,000, 50,000 troops on the border with ukraine. why is this so provocative? >> it's a huge deal. clearly russia can exercise within its territories and do what it wants. >> nothing wrong with that under normal circumstances. >> not at all. it happens to be proximate to ukraine. it happens to be the sipz of a u.s. corps with tanks and artillery, heavy armament. lots of excellent troops miles north of the ukrainian border with all this instigation taking place. it's strategically important what they're doing right now. russia can say this is all tactical, this is what we do.
5:21 am
we have every right to do this. >> i think another part of this animation are the communication lines that you say are so important. that's what you're talking about. >> absolutely. those are routinely used lines of communication. russian vehicles routinely run up and down those things. as a result they have free access to this part of ukraine. >> at the same time you've got these russian military -- russia conducting these military drills throughout there, every one, united states and nato saying you need to back down, you need to back up. they have not done that yet. can this whole situation do you think realistically deescalate if this doesn't stop? >> this is the first move. this should be a priority effort for united states to say, look, putin, you've got to back off here. you have every right to do that. let's not talk about legalities. back off. this is very, very provocative. step two is we know you're completely involved with what's taking place. you've got to pull those forces
5:22 am
back. what we've been doing is we've been talking about it. we've been talking about it. there are four elements of power. you've got diplomatic, informational, military and economic. we've piled on the economic, but it has a long tail. it's going to take a while for that to take effect. the president and his administration took the military off the table from day one. >> even if they ever, ever planned on using it. >> absolutely. why would you expose that card? it's the most pourful military in the world. amazingly professional. our administration says this doesn't have a military solution. you've got to be kidding me. this is real politicking. putin understands one language and it's force. we've chosen to speak another language. >> right now they're talking about more sanctions. the u.s. has put a small amount of troops in some of our nato allied countries. we'll see what happens next as we have to with this story. spider, thank you so much. >> thank you. russia has chosen to speak the language of force.
5:23 am
we have chosen to speak a different language. prophetic words. coming up on "new day," the bluefin sub looking for flight 370 is now 95% through the search area. now we're told that area will be expanded. where and why? the answers coming up. the passat tdi clean dieselon #s gets up to 795 highway miles per tank. salesperson #2: actually, we're throwing in a $1,000 fuel reward card. we've never done that. that's why there's never been a better time to buy a passat tdi clean diesel. husband: so it's like two deals in one? salesperson #2: exactly. avo: during the first ever volkswagen tdi clean diesel event, get a great deal on a passat tdi, that gets up to 795 highway miles per tank. and get a $1,000 fuel reward card. it's like two deals in one. hurry in and get a $1,000 fuel reward card and 0.9% apr for 60 months on tdi models. ♪ no matter what kind of business you own, at&t business experts can help keep it running...
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here are the five things you need to know for your "new day." the bluefin-21 underwater drone wrapping up its mission with still no sign of the missing plane. president obama getting set to talk with european leaders about sanctions on russia. one of the ukrainian officials says russia looks like it's going to start world war iii. they're now conducting drills right along the border. pilots sent out a hijack alert aboard a virgin ar lines flight after an unruly passenger tried to get into the cockpit. spokesman for the airline says the plane was not hijacked and was able to land safely. on his visit to south korea, president obama held a moment of silence for the victims of the ferry disaster. in a news conference, he say it is u.s. and korea stand shoulder to shoulder. the dual canned dags of pope
5:28 am
john xxiii. updating those five things to know. go to for the latest. as we have mentioned, the search for flight 370 is about to expand now that the bluefin-21 is almost done with its underwater mission with no sign of the plane yet. so let's discuss this and all of the latest developments with flight 370. david soucie, cnn safety analyst and author of "why planes crash" and mary schiavo, cnn's aviation analyst and former inspector general at the department of transportation. good morning to both of you. news this morning coming from the australian officials that if nothing is found in this final 5% of the high probability area, they're going to expand the search. how they termed it was they're going to search in the adjacent areas to this six-mile radius. what do you make of that?
5:29 am
>> i think it's the logical next step. we had some good credible pings. we ruled out that it was not something nad natural. these pings are real. the logical step is to continue to look. i hope what that means by expanding is they're not only expanding it laterally but also going to expand it into the deeper deaths of the ocean by bringing in new tools that can reach that far. >> mary, we hear in the interview with richard quest the malaysian prime minister says that they have decided now to release this preliminary report, and they will release it next week. i want to get your take on what you think could be in it. because you have said that these are the basic facts that we know. i've also seen a report by the associated press that they're also likely to release the cargo manifest and the seating arrangements in the plane. what can we glean from that?
5:30 am
>> again, these are things that are routinely released in accident investigations, at least in countries like the united states and britain and france, et cetera. in the report i do anticipate it will be just kind of the facts. it will read a lot like a police report, factual event by factual event. there are a lot of things they don't know yet. and the passenger manifest, where everybody was seated and who was on the plane, that's usually released within a couple days of the accident. and then the cargo manifest, while that's not always released, it is something that the passengers' families have very much wanted. i think it's important here because so much has been made about the shipment of batteries that were on the plane. it's important to know who put them on and who packed them and secured them for shipment because that's the only way in which they're supposed to be taken on the plane as cargo, if they're properly secured. people will be very interested as to who shipped them, who secured them, who made sure they were good to go on an airplane. that shipper will probably be
5:31 am
under a pretty intense amount of skrut any. >> beyond that information in the cargo manifest, do you think mary at this point we're putting too much weight into what we can gain from this preliminary report, because in the absence of any new information, people are going to gobble up anything they can get? >> they are going to gobble up everything they can get. preliminary reports are usually extremely basic. they won't have the causes. this one we learned is going to have a recommendation which is pretty rare. they usually wait until the very end of the accident investigation to make the recommendations. but people will latch on to that. that's good because, if you want to get change after an accident, you have a pretty short window in which the world is focused on your accident and iko and congress and various governments are posed to jump on it and act. if we want to get some changes, malaysia is actually smart to put the recommendations in the preliminary report because by the time the final report that
5:32 am
comes out, often the public scrutiny and the media and congress and others have gone away. pretty wise move. >> david, i asked mary earlier her big takeaway which she had taken from richard quest's interview with the malaysian prime minister, did anything really stick out to you? i think the way he reacted when he was initially presented with the inmar sat data leading the plane's track down to the southern indian ocean. he called it a bizarre scenario. he didn't want to seem to be able to believe it to begin with. that was refreshingly honest or surprising to me. >> it was honest. it's kind of how we all felt when we first heard that. it shows his humanity. it shows that he's a real person. he's not just some iconic person that's sitting there watching this all go on. he has emotions and feelings and i think that's a good start towards gaining the respect and the credibility that he's been lacking. the interesting thing about the report, about releasing this
5:33 am
preliminary report to me is that he also said that it's going through the joint committee, this independent committee of international group before it gets released. so that is unique in this preliminary report. typically it goes through maybe a redactation of the pieces that are personal. to have a third party do this is a step back from his role as leader in this and to say, now it's not my responsibility. these people are going to decide what happens, not me. >> maybe an acknowledgment that malaysian authorities are realizing and acknowledging that they aren't necessarily the best experts in how to handle this unprecedented situation. mary, david, thank you as always. chris? kate, it is time for this week's cnn hero. baltimore's homicide rate hit a four-year high in 2013, schat d shattering hundreds of families.
5:34 am
annette marsh greer is helping pick up the pieces. >> chicken nuggets, french fries and a milkshake. my daddy ordered the same thing as me. that is my daddy. >> my son's father, he was murdered. they had a bond, it was a bond a lot of kids don't have with their father. >> a child's grief can be very different from adults. they can easily lose their identity and their security, and that shift can be very dangerous. >> there you go. how are you feeling today? >> our program provides that safe place for a child to recover after the death of someone close. our volunteers help the children explore their feelings. >> why did you choose red? >> i was angry when my dad passed away. >> talk about healthy ways of coping. >> get that anger out.
5:35 am
>> we teach our children it's okay to die. >> his father died so he's feeling very sad. >> grief is truly a public health problem. we've got to begin to address it. >> coping is how we deal with our feelings. >> we're helping to heal wounds. and bring families back together again. >> important work done by a very special woman. let us know who you think needs to be nominated. go to up next, the nevada rancher who became a celebrity amongst the right wing of the republican party. he says black party would be better off as slaves. he suggests that a couple of times. will he be standing behind those comments? those who supported him are clearly trying to distance themselves from him. cliven bundy coming up on "new day." one of the most prolific film and tv careers in hollywood. there's much you don't know about mr. rob lowe.
5:36 am
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welcome back to "new day." how do i look? >> fabulous. >> not as good as the next guest, do i? >> rob lowe is a household name. you know him from the brat pack, parks and rec.
5:40 am
you want a deeper glimpse, his life, hollywood experience is in a new book called "love life." here with a new do. why, sir, why? >> part of it is there were a number of stories i didn't want to put in the first book because frankly i thought they were a little too provocative. as i got comfortable with the reception of the first book and my writing style, i felt the confidence, frankly, to tell some of the stuff that i wanted to tell but didn't really have the wherewithal to do it in the first book. >> there's a real range in here. you get the rob lowe who had an almost late night rendezvous with madonna in the '80s, to the rob lowe who cried like a baby when his eldest son went to college. >> pretty broad spectrum. >> is that the point, to just it's not just the one image you think of you? >> i always think it's interesting to read books as a
5:41 am
fan that take me behind the curtain, for example, not many 19-year-old young men get invited to the playboy mansion for a super bowl party. that was a pivotal developmental chapter in my life. >> how did that go? >> there was a lot of scoring in the first half and then the defense stepped up, defensive battle the second half. >> but there are also ordinary things you want people to know, such as, it's how we all share our common experiences together. husbands, fathers, brothers, all that stuff we all share. it makes us relatable together. and my son going to -- off to college is a really good example. really painful for me. didn't see it coming. i was like a spastic mess. i'm thinking why? this is good news. he got into a great school. this is what you hope for. why is this so painful for me?
5:42 am
by writing about it i was able to come to terms with it, and i found that people who are going through the same thing are relating to it. that's really why one does this. >> that's helpful because there are a couple of topics you touch on in the book, as a friend, that i don't know why you touched on. the idea it is tough for people who are good looking to be taken seriously. you know what the reaction is going to be. >> with the predicate that it's not unfair -- i don't believe anything in life is fair or unfair. >> especially in hollywood. >> life is life. people's success in life is based on their ability to take life on life's terms. i've been told a lot of times, you know, a regular pta dad would never look like you. that's a little insulting considering i am a regular pta dad. i actually am one. and i've never been told that i don't look right to play a good looking jerk. it's a cultural bias.
5:43 am
it's all good. >> you look too good, doing too well. >> such an unattractive cover. i'm sorry. you need to work on the photo. >> well, thank you. >> rob lowe, thank you very much. it's going to be a great read. always good to have you on. >> the book is "love life." >> i love it. we do love life. come v. coming up, the nevada rancher who became a conservative folk hero is under fire for suggesting african-americans were better off as slaves? we've got questions. we'll ask him all about that when he joins us live. ♪
5:44 am
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5:47 am
cliven bundy is a rancher from nevada. he say it is government is too big, reaching too much into our lives. he's fighting back and people applaud him, especially on the right. then he said he wonders if negros were better off as slaves. his supporters are running for cover. does he stand by what he said? why is he refusing to do what every other rancher in his state does which is pay for the use of the land he uses. cliven bundy joins us live. i see in your arms that you are holding a dead calf. what happened? >> well, this dead calf died this morning. he's been without his mother two weeks, and we found him -- actually fish and wildlife
5:48 am
people down in overton, nevada, found this calf and called us. we picked this calf up last night and tried to save his life. he's been too long without a mother. he's been badly abused -- you can see his tongue here. let me lay the calf down -- >> that's probably a good idea given it's a little early. a lot of families are watching. we don't want to upset them too much. >> well, you know they ought to be upset. what's wrong with america? they can't stand a dead calf. we have a lot of dead calfs around here. i want to show you these bottles. these bottles right here, they're going to feed calfs that their mothers are dead or gone somewhere. we've got about 27 calfs. this dead calf represents only one of many. americans are too darn soft-hearted to see a dead calf? >> let's talk about that, mr. bundy.
5:49 am
who is being soft-hearted and who is being hard-hearted. why do you think that calf is dead? is that calf dead because somebody killed it or is it dead because of your reluctance to follow through with the laws that every other rancher in your state complies with? who is responsible for the death of the calf? >> i'll tell you who is responsible for it. this calf would be -- produce something for america. now it's dead. that's what i and the rest of the channers produce for america. we're not out here having fun and having a party. we're out here trying to produce food for you people. that's what we're doing. i had a legitimate business here in clark county, nevada, followed all the nevada state laws in trying to produce for you people. now you're hollering about i'm not equal and keeping up with the rest of the ranchers. the rest of the ranchers are tired of this, also. >> i understand what you're saying in terms of rancher's
5:50 am
frustrations about the government. i'm not hollering. i think you know that. what is the point of complaint about you, mr. bundy, is that you don't do what the other ranchers do, you haven't done it for 20 years. you're spofd to pay for the use of the land. your state constitution says you should pay for it. the constitution in your pocket that you have inside your jacket says that the government, the federal government can own land. you know all of this but you're resisting the rules -- >> okay. how much land does this say they can own? how much land does it say they can own? you tell me. that's a very good question. in five minutes you can figure out how much land they can own. you tell me. >> the constitution in article 1 section 8 and in the fifth amendment gives the federal government the right to appropriate and purchase land. your state constitution recognizes -- >> for what person? for what purpose?
5:51 am
>> for purposes it deems appropriate. >> for what purpose can they do it? no, it don't say that. >> it absolutely does. you should read the book as opposed to just hold it in your pocket maybe. if you look at your state constitution, it says it respects the federal law. that's why your ranchers, your brother and sister ranchers pay the fees that you refuse to. you come on the show, you hold up a dead calf and that makes everybody upset. but you should look at yourself for why the calf is dead. if you paid the fees, this wouldn't have happened. isn't that a fair point? >> no, it's not. >> because? >> not a fair point at all. this is the united states of america. i live in a sovereign state, the state of nevada, and i ab bid by all the state laws. i'll be damned if this is property of the united states. they have no business here. they have no business harassing my cattle, abusing this calf to the point he's dead.
5:52 am
they left this calf for two weeks without a mother. now we happen to find it and we wasn't able to save it last night. >> mr. bundy, nobody wants to see a dead calf. i'm sorry you lost the livestock. nobody wants to see a loss of animal life. the question is how did we get to this situation? you have to be honest with yourself about what the law is. i don't want to spend all morning reading from your state constitution. but it says very clearly that the law shall be and remain -- the constitution says very clearly of your own state, there's nobody saying this is illegal, what the federal government is doing. only you are. that's your position, but it's not shared by the other ranchers. they're paying the fees. >> i'm the only one -- i'm the only one that's saying that and you see hundreds of people here saying the very same thing. we're tired of them pushing us around, tired of them poking their guns down our throat. we're not going to put up with that. i want to talk to you about being prejudice a little bit.
5:53 am
you haven't asked me that question this morning. >> it's buz you held up a dead calf. you came on my show with a dead animal in my arms. i had to address that. i'm happy to talk to you about that. you want to talk about what you said, talk about your support s supporters. i want to give you the opportunity. i understand the government was very aggressive with you and many people think it was wrong. i understand people are upset with the government. the question is what is our reaction? your reaction was that you wonder if negros aren't better off as slaves. are you a racist? >> no, i'm not a racist. but i did wonder that. let me tell you something. i thought about this this morning quite a bit. >> please. >> and thought about what reverend martin luther king said. i thought about rosa park taking her seat at the front of the bus. reverend martin luther king did
5:54 am
not want her to take her seat in the front of the bus. that wasn't what he was talking about. he did not say go to the front of the bus and that's where your seat was. what reverend king wanted was that she could sit anywhere in the bus and nobody would say anything about it. you and i can sit anywhere in the bus. that's what he wanted. that's what i want. i want her to be able to sit anywhere in the bus and i want to be able to sit by her any where in that bus. that's what he wanted. he didn't want this prejudice thing like the media tried to put on me yesterday. i'm not going to put up with that because that's not what he wanted. that's not what i want. i want to set by her any where many that bus and i want anybody to be able to do the same thing. that's what he was after, is not a prejudice thing, but make us equal. >> mr. bundy, nobody -- >> you understand what i'm saying? >> i kind of do. i'm not sure that i understand it.
5:55 am
i understand that martin luther king's message was one of peace and freedom. and that when you suggest that you were wondering if blacks were better off as slaves, that's the opposite of freedom and very offensive to people. i think you probably know that. >> well, let me tell you -- i took this boot off so i wouldn't put my foot in my mouth with the boot on. let me see if i can say something. may i sinned and maybe i need to ask forgiveness and maybe i don't know what i actually said. but you know when you talk about prejudice, we're talking about not being able to exercise what we think and our feelings. we're not freedom -- we don't have freedom to say what we want. if i call -- if i say negro or black boy or slave, i'm -- if
5:56 am
those people cannot take those kind of words and not be offensive, then martin luther king hasn't got his job done yet. they should be able to -- i should be able to say those things and they shouldn't offend anybody. i didn't mean to offend them. >> sometimes things are -- >> i didn't say it to offend them. i was trying to ask a question, and maybe i said it wrong. i'm sorry if i said it wrong. the question was a good question, and it come from my heart, not done with prejudice. you guys try to make everybody in the world think i'm prejudice. i'm not prejudice. >> no. mr. bundy, we bring you on to speak your peace. we bring you on to give you the opportunity to apologize for the offense. i don't think you're helping yourself by making a joke by taking your boot off so you can't stick your foot in your mouth. >> that's what you said -- that's what you said yesterday. >> i didn't talk to you yesterday.
5:57 am
>> that's what you said yesterday. excuse me. that's what the media said, is i stuck my foot in my mouth. >> i don't know what you did. i'm saying when you use the word negro, when you use some of the phrases you just said, they're offensive. it doesn't matter how you mean them. they're not supposed to be things that you use because they're inherently offensive. i think we should move past the language. >> let me tell you something. that's what i'm talking about. reverend martin luther king wanted us to get over that type of stuff. i said yesterday, i said it's time for a discussion about this. we need to get over this. i don't care what your race is. we need to get over this prejudice stuff so those words are not offensive. they're not offensive to me. you can say them to me and i wouldn't be offended. >> say what words to you, mr. bundy? they don't apply to you. that's the whole point. >> whatever word you want to say, that i'm not paying my grazing fee, that don't offend
5:58 am
me too much. it sort of makes me understand you don't understand. >> i'll tell you what i understand, we're living in age where we expect the right of people to be free and live in the nature of equality that you're talking about. the irony is you're trying to extend that to your own situation, looking at the law and saying is the government over reaching, are they taking my ability to do my business of raising my livestock. this is about fundamental freedom. you touch on interesting points which is why you got some very respectful people on your side of the political issues. but then when you talk this nonsense and negros and whether they should be slaves, you ruin that legitimacy. maybe you should avoid that and stick to what you know and deal with those issues. >> you know, i would do that except that -- i don't even know how to talk about these ethnic groups. >> then don't.
5:59 am
>> but i'm going to because i'm interested in those people. i think they should have freedom and liberty. >> good. >> i don't care if i'm helping my cause or not. i'm here to try to help their cause. their cause, they don't have equal rights and equal liberties in the united states and around this world. i'm eve saying they deserve it and they better get it bags that's what our heavenly father wants, that's what our constitution wants. i'm definitely going to fight for their liberties and freedoms and agency to say what they want. i'm not going to have them locked in a first amendment box. >> sometimes words matter. sometimes what you say matters and sometimes just having the right to say something doesn't mean it's right to say it. if you want to help people of color, don't call them negros and don't consider whether or not they should still be better off as slaves. i think that will go a far way. i want to end that part of the discussion and ask you about
6:00 am
something else. you're carrying the constitution around. i want to make sure we're on the same page of understanding what the law is here. the federal constitution allows the government to own land. you know that. they charge a lower fee than market rate, what private landowners own. it's kind of like a subsidy you get for using their land. you refuse to pay it. >> you're wrong. you're wrong. >> how? >> this is a sovereign state. sovereign state of nevada. >> every state is a sovereign state. >> the federal government has nothing to do with public land here in nevada. the united states government has nothing to do. very limited, maybe something to do with, like, ellis air force base, maybe lake meade recreation office buildings. them are the two things they purchased from nevada under the


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