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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the children's school fees. before hanging up, he said, i need to go rescue more kids. his wife never heard his voice again. a nation's hopes fading. prayers now comforting families of the lost. kyung lah, cnn, jindo, south korea. >> thanks for watching, everyone. my colleague, wolf blitzer, starts now. right now, malaysia airlines flight 370, the initial underwater search for the plane about to end. what happens now? also right now, tensions escalate. so do the words between russia and ukraine. president obama now threatening moscow with new sanctions. we're live from kiev. also right now, a land dispute. suddenly so much more. a rancher's stance rallying the political right. that was before his racist rant. today, he tries to defend himself in an interview with cnn.
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. the initial underwater search for missing flight 370 is now almost done and it's turned up, so far, nothing. the bluefin went down for its 13th mission today. if it keeps coming up empty, the search area will likely be expanded. in beijing, distraught families held a sit-down at the malaysian epbase for 17 hours. they marched there late thursday night and stayed until this evening demanding a meeting with the malaysian ambassador. following all the latest search efforts for us from perth, austral australia. >> reporter: wolf, as of this morning, the bluefin-21 was on its 13th dive, having completed about 95% of that narrowed search area. basically, their best guess as to wear the black box may be. the majority of that ruled out. plenty of people wondering what
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next in the search. today, australian authorities putting out a statement saying the bluefin-21 was going to, then, search the adjacent areas. no mention of any other under water submersibles which is something people have been talking a lot about considering there are submersibles out there that have better capabilities than the bluefin-21, that are capable of going deeper in the ocean and staying down there for longer. something that australian authorities aren't commenting on but we know they're in discussions with malaysian authorities about a longer-term prolonged search agreement. they're hammering out the details as we speak based on a malaysian proposal to broaden out the search area and introduce those additional underwater assets. that agreement should be wrapped up by the end of the week. perhaps we'll hear an announcement then. >> later this hour, our panel of experts will dig into the big questions the families have. why didn't the plane's emergency beacons send any signals at all like they're supposed to do when
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there is a crash? the u.s. may impose new economic sanctions against russia as early as today. that according to senior u.s. officials. both kiev and washington blaming moscow for stirring up trouble in the eastern part of ukraine. russian military drills just across the border had everyone on edge. president obama on a state visit to south korea said it's a carrot and stick approach to discourage russian aggression in the region. >> i think it's important for us not to anticipate that the targeted sanctions that we're applying now necessarily solved the problem. >> phil black is joining us from kiev. we just heard the president say sanctions won't necessarily solve the problem. are they having any effect based on everything we could tell right now? >> well, wolf, the sanctions so far are targeting individuals it the influential, the powerful,
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those close to president put be and his inner circle. individuals have largely laughed off the sanctions publicly. there's no doubt the broader russian economy is taking a big hit through economic and political isolation, through the loss of confidence in russia as a business environment. we're seeing that in the tumbling ruble, the many tens of billions of dollars just in the year to this point, in the last few months. the russian economy was already slowing down. barely any growth before the economy crisis. it is slower now still. considerable economic pain as a result of the international reaction to russia's actions in recent months but it's pain the russian government so far has indicated it is prepared to endure, wolf. >> what are the ukrainian forces doing to try to restore order in the eastern part of their country? >> what we're seeing from the ukrainian military there is the most assertive actions they have taken perhaps since the very beginning of this process. just in the last 24 hours, we've
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seen them deliberately challenging pro-russian checkpoints particularly around the town of slanask which is a pro-russian stronghold in the region. phase two, they say, is really drawing a circle around that town, cutting them off from supplies, ensuring that their control of the region doesn't expand any further. up until this point, the ukrainian military, its security forces, their response has been, well, less than sense less than strong. certainly not a great deal to seek confidence from, so it's the early days of this renewed operation, difficult to get a sense of just how committed it is, but the ukrainian military says they're determined to crack down on those they still continue to describe as terrorists, wolf. >> phil, what about representatives from the organization for security and cooperation in europe? these are monitors who were sent in to observe what's going on.
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i understand some are being detained in the eastern part of the country. what do we know about that? >> there are reports, wolf, the organization for security and cooperation europe, these are the guys responsible for being aware of what's going on the ground, and the degree to which the ukrainian, the russians, so forth, are adhering to the terms of the geneva agreement, which is everyone give up their weapons, leave those occupied building, so forth. there are reports that organization, or those acting under the umbrella of that organization, have gone silent, have lost contact. we're pursuing that to try to determine just what truth there in for that. wolf. divers searching the wreckage of the capsized ferry off south korea make a heartbreaking and very brim discovery. a cabin packed with the bodies of 48 girls all wearing life
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vests. now incurring major obstacles in order to recover them. 185 bodies have been recovered. 117, mostly teenagers, are still missing. investigators are looking at a sister ship owned by the same company as the ferry to get an idea how it may have been operating. they found multiple safety concerns. 40 of its life rafts weren't working, emergency slides were inoperable and equipment to tie down cargo either was nonexistent or didn't work very well. four more crew members were issued arrest warrants today. 15 of the 20 who survived crew members have now been charged. we turn now to nevada where a fight over federal grazing fees is being overshadowed by racist remarks from the rancher center of the dispute. some of the right initially had some sympathy to the man who grazed his cattle on federal
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land for 20 years without paying fees, clearly was breaking federal law. support for him now dwindling because of bundy's racist remarks. >> the question is, are they slaves the way they are, the way they live, slaves do, charity and government-subsidized homes and are they slaves when their daughters are having abortions and their sons are in the prisons? and you know, this thought goes back a long time. >> dan simon is joining us from bunkerville, nevada, with more. dan, given bundy trying to explain his clearly racist remarks on cnn this morning doesn't seem to have helped his case very much if at all. what is he telling you? >> well, he's not apologizing, wolf, i can tell you that much. he had ample opportunity to do so. you and i both know the way these things usually goes down
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is when somebody says something incensensitive or offensive, th usually apologize and then shun the spotlight for a while. bundy is doing just the opposite. perhaps because he found this newfound fame enticing and felt like he had the opportunity to talk about race in america or social issues. he waded into these very inflammatory waters. as i said, he had the opportunity to clarify his remarks. he didn't really back down. take a look. >> reverend martin luther king wanted us to get over that type of stuff. and i said yesterday, i said it's time for a discussion about this. we need to get over there. i don't care what your race is, whether -- we need to get over this prejudice did i. so those words are not offensive. you can say those to me and i wouldn't be offended. >> well, it appears that mr. bundy is going to be holding another press conference this
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afternoon, so we'll see what he says. but at this point, wolf, he's not backing down. how we went from talking about land rights to black slavery is a mystery. and he really put his foot in his mouth and he's paying the price. >> what's the status of the federal government's case against him? >> well, in terms of the background, we know that federal authorities had two court orders to come to the nevada desert and take his cattle because he hadn't been paying his fees for 20 years. when that happened, you had these armed marshals come in to enforce this order. that's when you saw his supporters go nuts. you saw omilitia members come i from across the country to help mr. bundy. in the wake of that facedown, federal authorities, to got perfectly honest, they got spooked. they didn't want a bloody confrontati confrontation. they backed down. they're saying they're still going to continue to press these
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charges against mr. bundy through other means. they haven't made that very clear inner it er i terms of wh mean, they just say administratistly and judicially they'll try to go after mr. bundy. >> dan simon, thanks very much. coming up, more on this story. cliven bundy certainly lost support just about as fast as he gained it. one of our political commentators paul begala says conservatives should have known bundy was bad news from the very start. paul is standing by. some high-profile parents apparently not seeing eye to eye when it comes to what's best for their son. debate within a political dynasty over the 2016 presidential race. ♪
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returning to the controversy over the rancher bundy who is in a fight with the federal government over grazing fees. his racist remarks have clearly blunted that message, causing many of his supporters to bail out. >> you know, maybe i sinned, maybe i need to ask forgiveness, maybe i don't know what i actually said, but, you know, when you talk about prejudice, we're talking about not being able to exercise what we think and our feelings, we don't have freedom to say what we want. if i call -- if i say black boy or slave, i'm not -- if those people cannot take those kinds of words and not be offensive, then martin luther king hasn't done his job yet.
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>> let's bring in cnn's dana bash and cnn commentator paul begala who has just written a tough piece on some of it -- you're on fire when it compaes to this. >> i think the interesting thing is not this rancher has said this racist stuff, which is newsworthy and rep rerehenceable, it's how before that, conservatives jumped to his defense. they keep finding these folk heroes, ted nugent, joe the plum, the "duck dynasty" guy, more notoriously, zimmerman, and then they're shocked when they say outrageous things. they ought to know better. if they applied their real principles to this situation and just changed the facts a little, argue this in the piece what if, instead of a rancher out in nevada, it had been the new black panther party and they'd holed up in a city in a federal
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facility and for 20 years been taking federal property and not paying for it, do you really think sean hannity would be out there in sympathy with them? of course not. my interest is more in the right-wing politicians and pundits who seem duped every time. >> what's the political fallout? >> many of those, not surprisingly, those who want republican-based voters, amid those thinking about running in 2016, many of them ran to his defense. those are the people who are quickly saying that -- distancing themselves from him. the rand pauls, the rick perrys, leak that. the major republican organization, the rnc, the nrsc, which is the group that tries to get senate elections, i asked by reporters many tyimes and didn'
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want to talk about that yahoo. the other thing i will say, i got a lot of frustrated phone calls from republican sources saying, you know what, there's a double standard. we heard sean hannity say this on his program yesterday it some of my republican sources were giving me specifics. for example, a sitting governor in illinois, pat quinn, tweeted out something, an article which talked about jewish people collaborating with the nazis during world war ii and likening that to black voters who support his republican opponent. they had to apologize. it's not the same kind of thing because he wasn't saying explicitly racist remark, but it's not just a yahoo from nevada, it's a sitting governor. the point is they don't get the kind of -- democrats don't get the kind of scrutiny necessarily that republicans do. >> first of, it's reprehensible. governor quinn ought to be ashamed of himself. as a democrat, he is in my party
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as well. the difference is i don't think we ought to be running to either politician every time somebody says something crazy or offensive. conservative pundits and some politici politicians, they rushed to mr. bundy, they embraced him. once they do that, and they did it with ted nugent, greg abbott, the attorney general in texas, had nugent at one of his rallies, introduced him. once you embrace these nuts, you're going to have to take what comes with it. just as a strategist, people you talk to, the national party did the right thing. you could smell this guy's craziness a mile away. there's a lot of things that you can see coming and this thing you saw coming it it's going to happen again though, you watch. we'll have another right wing folk hero and the hannities of the world so blinded by hatred for the president or the federal government or whatever it is they hate, are going to step in it again, you watch. >> it's hard to understand all the sympathy. the fact is, he was violating federal law, didn't pay the g z
10:20 am
grazing fees all the other ranchers in nevada were paying those fees. in fact, he was being subsidized for his work by the federal government and a lot of folks said that's inappropriate. if he's complaining about subsidies going to poor african-american kids in america, why was he taking those grants in effect from the federal government which he barely recognizes at all. >> our colleague did an interview with him and called him a welfare queen in a cowboy hat. that's to your point. i think the answer to that, and you're from texas, you're from the area with big lands, unlike here on the east coast, you know better than i, but there's a definite kind of feeling out there, this is a real issue, it has been since the time of waco back when you were covering the clinton white house. that land issues are just kind of a different kind of beast when it comes to how people out there in the real world and big sky country and so on feel about the government. >> you want to weigh in? >> when there are those
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disputes, if you love your country, you obey the laws. the laws are determined by the courts. when they say you have to vacate that land or you can no longer graze, you obey that. to me, that's where the line was crossed. i think for all these pundits and politicians to have been embracing him, even before he said the racist stuff, was an enormous mistake. if you changed the facts ever so slightly. what if he was a muslim and wanted to set up a caliphate there, they would never embrace him. i think it is one, you hide and watch, as bill clinton said, you hide and watch, they'll make the mistake again. >> john boehner causing a little stir out there, immigration reform has sort of died lately, but i think he'd like to see it revived. he had some strong words. >> that's right, he was speaking in his home district of ohio, to a local group there, talked about the fact that his members don't want to take votes on
10:22 am
immigration. listen to what he said. >> here's the attitude. oh, don't make me do this, oh, this is too hard. >> now, he's getting some backlash from conservative groups saying, you know, this is inappropriate for hip to m to b saying this. i can now tell you because i got approval to do so, from somebody in boehner's world, that he does this a lot, off the record, and in private. that this is something he regularly says. i witnessed him doing this, talking about the fact his members don't want to take these tough votes especially on immigration. he does it all the time to their faces. for then, they're not going to be surprised. >> that's the issue with immigration -- let's see if immigration reform can be revived. we'll see if it happens. guys, thanks very much. up next, we'll have more on the search for flight 370. there's been a major -- one major thing miss, the beacons that you supposed to send signals in the crash did not go off, any of them, none of them. there were four that were supposed to go off.
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someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. the search for missing flight 370 appears to be hitting a wall. there are still so many critical questions unanswered. a biggen would, why didn't those emergency beacons work? beacons are those emergency locator transmitters as they're called are supposed to send out distress signals if a plane crashes. there were four them on flight 370. they're designed to activate on impact. they're not designed to work under water. i'm joined by former fbi agent jorge unis who is the founder of
10:27 am
southeast consultants. also our cnn aviation analyst, former ntsb managing director peter goelz. peter, is there a logical explanation? i can understand one or two, but all four of them not working at all? >> it's unusual, but it's not out of the question. they're not accident proof. they're not like the flight data recorder or the vice recorder. they're not armor. it's not uncommon they'll lose their antenna, they'll lose their ability to transmit. in this case, where you had four of them, two built into the plane and two added later, i think on one of the life rafts, there's a -- it's unusual. >> because this adds to the suspicion that the family members have. they still obviously are clinging to the hope that their loved ones may be alive. maybe the plane landed some place and is being hidden for whatever reason. the fact that none of these transmitters, none of these beacons worked, is giving them
10:28 am
some hope. if you look at the questions they submitted to the malaysian government, probably almost half of them dealt with these beacons. >> they dealt with the manufacturing issue, whether it's honeywell or boeing. the family members are trying to find out exactly what happens. they're looking at the fact the beacons didn't go off. some of your experts said the fact it crashed into the water at such a high speed, there's a good likelihood it did not work because they were damaged upon impact. >> i understand there were so logical explanations. why one or two, maybe even all four of them, worked. it does raise, you got to admit, a lot of suspicions. >> it's part of a whole picture of a lack of clarity, a lack on the part of the malaysians. an unreal expectation on the part of the australians that they were going to find, you know, this plane quickly and it's left the family members in a very difficult situation. >> those family members, our hearts obviously go out to all
10:29 am
of them. they want to at least have some information, for example, what was the inspection records of these transmitters, these beacons, when were they installed? did they have it is a prop party battery power, life expectancy? were they on board? they're not getting answers to any of these questions. >> the family wants to know what happened with the maintenance records. they need to see a copy of this report. a lot of the information they're asking for until such time we determined exactly what happened. and maybe with debris coming u, that will be the time we can find out exactly what happened. >> is there a legitimate explanation why they wouldn't want to share this information about the maintenance records of these transmitters? >> not an this point. the maintenance records should have been secured within hours of the accident. the maintenance records should have been gone over by the investigators. just absolutely no reason why that can't be shared with representatives of the family groups. >> you know, it's like almost
10:30 am
exactly 50 days now that this planes did appeared. we have nothing -- there's not even a tiny little piece of wreckage. the only thing they had, maybe some radar handshakes from that satellite. you have maybe these four pings that may or may not actually have been pings. they assume they were picks. that's all they have so far. it's hard to believe. >> as an investigator, that really tugs at your heart for the families. the fact is usually you do find a little bit more evidence on some these plane crashes. here, we don't have debris, we don't have anything. so it's one of those mysteries i think will stick with us for a long time and hopefully we'll get some evidence. >> it's 1:30 a.m. in that part of the world right now. that was the last moment, the last moment malaysian radar picked up this airliner. you know, it's hard to believe it's gone on this long, peter, and you've been involved in a lot of these investigation, without anything. >> it's extraordinary.
10:31 am
i think the problem is -- part of the problem is we haven't set the expectations correctly. this was a devastatingly difficult accident to begin with. i think we've raised expectations, the investigators have, unfairly, and it has led to this atmosphere, now, with the families simply don't trust anybody. >> can't blame them. all right, guys, we'll have you back. peter goelz, our other guest, they'll be joining us in a little while. you've been sending us your questions. tweet us if you want to send us more questions @wolfblitzer. use #qs. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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10:36 am
they're holding 24-year-old american and they're calling him miller matthew todd. it's very possible because asians, you know, use the last name first before using the first name so it's possible his name is matthew miller todd or matthew todd miller, we really don't know. all they said is he was exhibiting rash behavior. when he went through immigration, he tore up his visa and said he was going to seek asylum in the north, he wanted to have shelter in north korea. u.s. officials are telling me that they are aware of the case, theme been working it for a few days. all the state department just said moments ago is that they're aware of reports. we do know the swedish government which protects u.s. interests in north korea is try to find out more information. >> no official statement yet from north korea, other than an individual with this name was trying to seek asylum? any further explanation coming? >> all they said is he was exhibiting rash behavior at the
10:37 am
border and the authorities picked him up two weeks ago. that's very curious timing, wolf, because that is, you know, right -- you see now president obama is in south korea today, amid fears that north korea could be launching another nuclear test. those north koreans have been holding on to this news for two weeks and it does seem to be timed to president's visit to south korea. >> as far as you know, had the state department received any requests for information about a missing american citizen in north korea during these past two weeks? have any of his friends or relatives asked the state department for assistance in locating this individual, whatever his name is? >> they don't, wolf, they've had virtually no information. it's very unclear how the state department came upon this information, but they have not even been able to confirm there's an american missing or there is an american in north korea. all they know is there is -- what the north koreans are saying and they're working with the swedes to try to get more information that the north koreans actually have this guy.
10:38 am
all we know is the north koreans are saying they have an american. we don't know for sure he's actually in custody. >> interesting. usually they go with a group. if one individual left, that group would notify the state department right away about a missing friend or colleague. we'll learn more, i assume, in the coming ur hows. as elise pointed out, the president of the united states is in south korea. north korea, though, very much on his mind. he said threats there will get the isolated nation nowhere. we'll have more when we come back. also coming up, should jeb bush made a run for president in 2016? it depends on which relative of his you ask. his mom or his dad. guy: hey captain obvious, watch this! captain: when i'm looking for a hotel with a wet pool, i go to you can get up to 50% off with their private sales. that man's privates are no longer private.
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we don't reward bad behave crow. that's the message president
10:42 am
obama is sending north korea. he arrived in seoul, south korea, today, just as news surfaced bepyongyang may be counting down to another nuclear missile test. our correspondent michelle kosinski is traveling with the president to face some serious questions about ukraine and north korea. >> reporter: even along this asian trip, what comes up again and again is the situation in ukraine. inevitably, that's going to be a topic of discussion. the president answered questions about it just today. keep in mind in this region, the biggest security threat has been and continues to be north korea. and even before this presidential trip, we heard from south korean officials worried about an imminent nuclear missile test. because they say what generally happens is they get two warnings in success from the north koreans that they're going to do something like that. at this point, they've gotten the two warnings but they haven't seen the missile launch. they feel like that could come at any time. and president obama ig acknowledged that in answering
10:43 am
questions today. he emphasized the close relationship between the u.s. and south korea, saying they stand shoulder to shoulder against continued north korean threats and provocation, something we hadn't heard before, almost in parallel with talking about expanded sanctions against russia on the situation in ukraine, he said maybe something more needs to be done along those line in relation to north korea. here's part of what he said. >> in light of what we expect to be further provocative actions from the north koreans, whether in the form of long-range missile tests or nuclear tests or both, that it's important for us to look at additional ways to apply pressure on north korea. further sanctions that have even more bite, as well as highlighting some of the human rights violations that make north korea probably the worst human rights violator in the world. >> president obama mentioned
10:44 am
that the world has been calling for north korea to give us its nuclear program. it has refused to do so. continuing to make these provocative actions. but it's almost like what we hear in relation to both north korea and russia, is that imposing these sanctions, enacting these resolutions, it doesn't necessarily do much in the short term, and president obama, again, acknowledged that on the situation in ukraine during this trip. what the administration has focused on is the long term, looking at the isolation and the economic destruction that result, essentially these countries doing that to themselves through their own actions. wolf. >> michelle coskoe sisinski rep for us from seoul, south korea, traveling with the president. after the break, will 2016 see another bush/clinton matchup? there's debate coming from within america's biggest political dynasties as well. and the underwater search
10:45 am
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10:49 am
australian officials say the next step would be expanding the search area. we're also hearing today the british ship, the hms echo, is heading back to perth to get replenishment. uk officials say it will be ready to go back out to search area when it's needed. joined once again by the former fbi agent who is the founder and ceo south asia middle east consultants. also our analyst, former ntsb managing director peter goelz. let's get right to our question from a viewer. stacy asked this, it's been 50 days, surely a piece of the plane would have surfaced by now. are >> i would say their best judgme judgment, and it's got to be 90 plus% is that the plane went into the ocean and it went into the ocean off of perth. but remember that area has been hit by at least two cyclones and it didn't get there until after the first cyclone had passed
10:50 am
through. it is absolutely challenging that they have not found a piece of wreckage. >> as far as expanding the search area for you, this could go on forever is there a for at what point they will have to pause and stop for a while? >> they may narrow down, in terms of looking there. you keep getting better, you keep seeing what is needed but at some point, you keep searching so hard i'm sure there will be less and less resources available. >> australian resources they will never give up? >> there may be a contraction of some of the other countries stepping out but they have to find this plane. commercial aviation cannot stand a mystery like this. >> is it time for you to bring in a new team with fresh eyes
10:51 am
and fresh thinking and take a new look from scratch? >> you do need some of the old investigators but you definitely need fresh eyes. bringing new ideas. and any investigation you need to keep changing what you're doing. the inmarsat, some of them have been going over land as far as the southern india ocean. a lot of viewers say why not reexamine the northern ark? >> i have quizzed the investigators very carefully in that. now a new team -- but the investigators both in malaysia
10:52 am
and in the united states, in the uk are convinced the plane turned south. >> all right, guys. >> coming up, barbara bush doesn't necessarily want her son to run from president but now we're hearing from other members of the family about whether or not they agree with her. guess what? they don't necessarily. we have some investigating that has been done on this. standby for her report.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
>> new insight today about what some members of the bush family really feel about whether jeb bush should really run for president. we have more. gloria, tell our viewers what exactly you have learned. >> in doing a piece on the bush and clinton families and how after all of these decades in
10:56 am
politics they actually might face off each other again, i spoke with jeb's brother and he shed some light on the internal family debate on whether jeb should run. he described a scene in a hotel room as the family watched barbara bush say jeb should just stay out of it. >> we're sitting waiting to go to the bush library event. we're all watching jeb and we're looking over him like what's your response to that? but it's not going to affect jeb's response to the question. if you ask dad, he would say yes. >> have you asked him? >> i have heard him answer that question. >> that pretty much sums it up. it's pretty clear from listening to neil bush that president bush 41 would certainly like to see his son throw his hat in the ring. >> the key question is the
10:57 am
former florida governor jeb bush, does he have that fire in his belly? does he really want to run for president of the united states like his brother and dad did? >> i think when you talk to people who are close to him, they honestly don't know the answer. last summer people were saying absolutely not. and chris christie seemed to be having his trouble and there seemed to more talk among fundraisers. he's got a while before he's got to make his decision but he has the same problem in many ways that hillary clinton has. these are families that have been around for decades. and they have to prove that they can be candidates of change even though they come from these very well known families. the bush people admit that he would have a problem because he differs from his own party on
10:58 am
issues like immigration, for example, core education curriculum. they have different challenges on the basis of their party. one other thing that is so interesting, wolf, is that the families over the years have grown really close. bill clinton is now very close to bush 41, and how would those relationships be affected if hillary clinton ran against jeb bush? >> but if the republicans want to win the white house, they have got to carry states like florida, jeb bush is pretty popular there. s >> his big problem would be winning the republican
10:59 am
nomination. >> yes. >> good work, excellent work gloria. one million pilgrims and tourists are expected in rome for something that is evoking joy and controversy. two of the most popular popes in history will be canonized. he orchestrated huge changes that have impacted the catholic church to this day. and pope john paul ii who served from 1978 to 2005, his trips around the world made him visible but his legacy is scarred on his inaction on clerical sexual abuse crises. she is known for her beauty and body sense of humor. we shine the spotlight on cameron diaz. and anthony bourdain eats his way through france. it is all part of a new parts
11:00 am
unknown. after bourdain, morgan spurlock goes to the dogs. go inside america's pet culture. that's it for me. see you at 5:00 p.m. eastern. newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> let's begin, shall we? it's friday, top of the hour. count with me now, 50. it has now been 50 days since flight 370 vanished with the 239 people on board and nearly eight weeks now, no trace of this plane. but searchers are not giving up hope on this blue fin 21. after 13 trips to the near bottom of the southern indian ocean, the sonar scanning drone on loan from the u.s. navy has, thus far, covered almost all of that