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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  April 30, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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and then i said what i thought i and then we went right back to film. >> l.a. clipper's coach doc rivers talking before the game and after. that does it for us, our coverage begins next with cnn internationa international. the nba ban, now, they want to go further. >> i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team. >> capital punishment gone wrong. the botched execution of an oklahoma inmate and the questions it is raising about the lethal drugs. the aftermath, another punishing round of storms ravage the u.s. and only two years left to prepare for the summer games.
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a high-ranking olympic official says that rio is losing the race. >> in my experience, it is the worst i've seen, but again we just have to make it happen and that is the ioc's approach. thank you for joining us, you're watching cnn news room and i'm rosemary church. >> great to have you with us, i'm john vause. we begin where the l.a. clippers won against the golden state warriors. >> yes, but much more important than that. a stiff punishment for the team's owner for racist remarks he made to his ex-girlfriend. donald sterling has been banned for life and fined $2.5 million. >> yeah, clippers fans took the stand, showing their support,
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one of those signs said, new owner wanted? racists need not apply. >> you think it was just the players. it was the fans, too. everybody was going through this. and it was almost like everybody wanted to exhale tonight and it was good. >> so the clippers now lead their playoff series three games to two. but the future of the team's owner is anything but certain. >> yeah, the league's other owners could vote to force him to sell the franchise. rachel nicoles has more on how we got here. >> this audio posted on line friday night touched off a fire storm for the l.a. clipper's owner donald sterling. >> and tell you that i have black people on my instagram, and it bothers you. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to promo,
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broadcast. >> i'm not you, you're not me. you're supposed to be a delicate wife or latino girl. >> the commissioner confirms that it is his girlfriend. a woman named v. stiviano. >> do you know you have a whole team that is black that plays for you? >> i support them and have given them food. and clothes and cars and houses. who gives it to them? does somebody else give it to them? who makes the game? do i make the game or do ethey make the game? is there 30 owners that created the league. >> the league commissioner ron silver promised a swift investigation. >> mr. sterling, for life, from any association with the
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clippers organization or the nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices, he may not be present at any clippers facility and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. >> as fast as the condemnation came for sterling's comments, so too, did the praise of silver's decision. >> it was another prominent person in california, the former all-star turned mayor of california, kevin johnson, stressed how to strong message would reach way outside the world of basketball. >> i hope that every bigot in
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this country sees what happened to mr. sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you. >> joining us now from new york, rachel, the nba commissioner, adam silver has been on the job for a couple of months and received a lot of praise for a decisive action. but i guess everybody has been asking why did the organization take so long to take action nex
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wouldn't there be a concern if they forced him to sell the team they're seeing some kind of precedent that in the for which may somehow backfire them and force them to sell their teams? >> absolutely, mark cuban, the owner of the dallas mavericks brought this up yesterday, saying about it.
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in fact --
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>> yes, our troops do conduct training exercises but in a transparent way, upholding all existing international agreements, we don't have any aggressive pretensions against ukraine, they should not engage in activities in the southeast of the country where there are many russian citizens, as well. >> meanwhile, pro-moscow activists took control of yet another area in the city of luhansk. >> they are calling for a much
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tougher response. >> this is say u.s. officials is not what deescalation looks like. hundreds of pro-russian protesters seizing yet another ukrainian building in the east. local riot police tried and failed to diffuse the standoff. u.s. officials say every day there is growing evidence that russia is putting together the unrest, even as russian officials want to repeatedly deny it. >> they want to assert that the people moving in military formation to take over buildings and then bring the local separatists in to occupy the building while they move on to another building, they assert that these people are merely local activists. as we have made clear, those kinds of claims are absurd. they defy any common sense.
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>> with moscow continuing to brush off american and european economic sanctions, republican and democratic lawmakers continue to urge stronger action. including accepting repeated requests from ukrainian leaders for lethal military aid. in washington today, i asked senator john mccain what that support would look like. >> you send weapons now. what kind of weapons specifically? >> look, they don't even have body armor or night vision capability. if it is all they're asking for weapons, i would give them aenlt anti-armor weapons, as well and set up a long-term assistance program. it is a morale thing with them. >> one area the military is making clear its military commitments is its nato allies.
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secretary kerry issued a strong warning. >> most importantly, together we have to make it absolutely clear to the kremlin that nato territory is inviolable. we will defend every single piece of it. >> well, the russian deputy prime minister suggests that the new sanctions could hurt the cooperation on the international space station. >> right now, the russian space craft are the only vehicles that can carry iss. the concern comes -- >> they cope with the latest in a string of storm systems. we'll tell you where it is heading on the deadly path in the deep south. and questions and outrage over a botched execution in oklahoma. we'll tell you why it happened, and why the incident is keeping
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welcome back, a string of powerful storms that began on sunday that has left at least 35 people dead in the central and southern united states. and there is staggering destruction from dozens and dozens of tornadoes like this, in north carolina. >> one of the hardest hit areas was in central arkansas where a drone shot aerial footage of one neighborhood. and in escambia, florida, the local emergency team is in place after 32 millimeters, about nine inches rain fell in the panhandle. >> and there has been a staggering amount of rain in a 48-hour period. >> that is right, about 125 or
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so in the past two days. tuesday, one of the calmer days when you take a look at the activity on place. there is a tornado on the ground this hour, a tornado was issued across portions of jackson and also houston counties. this is in extreme southwestern georgia, just south of the town of dothen, on the border of georgia and alabama, the tornado near ellaville, across portions of southwestern georgia, take all the proper precautions getting away. if you're far away from the windows as the storm rolls through the region. the only tornado watch in place would be would be right there in the gulf and the florida panhandle, where it has been coming down in the past several hours. the rainfall diminished across the portions of metro atlanta, on to even birmingham as all the energy has bottled up. panama city, and destin have been just battered with upwards of three, maybe four inches.
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the rainfall should steppextendo the north, we expect it to be more southwards. tornadoes upwards of 90, now with the final report would make the number ten, ten reports of tornadoes across the country, 39 wind-related damages, 39 hail-related damages. and the flood watch extends a thousand miles to the northeast as heavy rainfall is expected to come down with the storm system even out to portions of new york city once it makes it out there the next couple of days. quickly, the satellite imagery coming out of oklahoma from sunday afternoon, we know a fatality took place in the town of quapaw, population about 800 people. they gave about one minute's notice for folks to take cover. pretty remarkable to see this. and the storm stayed on the
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ground for some 13 miles and moved onto portions of kansas as well, causing damage in that region, as well. >> also damage in tupelo, mississippi, where elvis was actually born. >> yes. >> all right, thank you, appreciate it. okay, the lawyer for a death row inmate in oklahoma says it was all very difficult to watch. >> yes, the man he represented died of a heart attack after a botched injection of lethal drug. the mishap capped controversy over the secret protocol for executions. and a cnn affiliate of kt ul has more. >> reporter: the execution was scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m., with the prison official standing by the telephone to receive word that it was done. but as the clock moved to 7:00, the call never came. it was shortly after 7:00 when the department of corrections
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announced something had gone wrong roughly seven minutes into the procedure. >> there was a concern at that time that the drugs were not having the effect. so the doctor observed the line and determined that the line had blown. >> unsure of just how much of the lethal cocktail the inmate had received, the director brought the proceedings at the time. but then, 43 minutes after the first injection, clayton lockett would die anyway. >> at approximately 7:06 hours, the inmate suffered what appears to be a massive heart attack and passed away. >> holding vigil at the front gates, father brian brooks stunned at the outcome. >> it is rather ironic because it is the whole issue about the legal battle that has been over the drugs themselves. and whether or not that they could be used in such an execution, that they would cause a quick death that would be compatible with -- that would not be a form of critical and
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unusual punishment. so then for his death to occur under these circumstances is certainly -- interesting, to say the least. >> there was another execution scheduled in that facility for tuesday night. >> yeah, but after clayton locket's death, the governor stayed the next inmate's execution. both were convicted of murder and rape. and why they reinstated the murder conviction of american amanda knox, the court say they reinstated the evidence because the evidence indicated more than one person killed meredith kercher. >> the ruling showed that they disagreed over the rent on the house they shared and that escalated. she and her boyfriend were convicted in meredith kercher's death. the verdicts were overturned two years later.
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a third person was also convicted and is serving a 16-year sentence. well, the 17th mission of the bluefin underwater drone has been halted because of bad weather. >> and there is widespread skepticism over these images that an australian company says could be the wreckage. they say the images are from something in the bay of bengal, thousands of kilometers away from the search zone. >> malaysian officials say they will investigate this development even though most officials associated with the search discount it. but how exactly did geo-resonance come up with the images? tom foreman has more. >> all the searching above the water has largely been focused
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owner the visual spectrum, the light you can see. what this company is talking about is the things that go beyond that. all sorts of energy that is emitted from all sorts of things out there that are part of of the electromagnetic spectrum. some of the waves are shorter than the light we can see. some of them are longer than the light we can see. and this company is saying by looking at this information they have found things on the ocean floor that were not there before the plane disappeared but they found it there afterward. things like this. large collections of aluminum in one place, which will assemble the outline of a plane, what this company is saying. also titanium, laid out as it might appear in the construction of the plane. beyond that, there is also copper out there that is sort of the configuration that could be the wiring of the plane. and even something that is similar to the engine pods, the
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alloys that are used in that. does science believe this? they don't know what technology could actually read all of this information through the water. and these are people who do it for a living. and beyond that there is a question among the critics that if this all lays out to look like the plane then that would suggest the plane hit the water and went down intact, which many experts have said from the beginning would be almost impossible from a plane of this size. and secondly if it did, how come nobody got out. why were there no life rafts? no sign of anything even to this date? >> yeah, a lot of good questions there from tom foreman and just adds to the ongoing mystery of this plane. it just keeps going, doesn't it? all right, we'll take a short break, but twitter racked up sales of a quarter of a billion in the first quarter. coming up, why the stock fell in double digits in after hours trade. if you're a fan of the original star wars trilogy that
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imagine that. welcome back to cnn news room, and shares of twitter took a hit after the company released the first quarter earnings, coming after the closing bell. stock is down 4% after the after honors trading. >> we have more details now from new york. >> reporter: yeah, i think it is safe to say that twitter
12:27 am
earnings results are not impressing investors. the company's shares took an immediate tumble. twitter actually reported better than expected sales, okay, of $250 million in the first quarter. however, its losses grew to $132 million, a lot bigger than people were expecting. now twitter said that the number of monthly active users jumped to $255 million, a bigger increase than two years ago, but still less than wall street hoped for. so for a lot of social media investors, using those tricks seemed to be more important than finances. one of the big troubles that they struggled with, a lot of people don't seem to know what the site is for. there is a lot of perception that it is for media people, there is a huge speculation that they tried once, and completely abandoned it. this comes from the site, complicated layout, it can require a lot of clicks even for
12:28 am
experienced users. so that is something the shareholders really want the company to address. twitter shares are down 33% for the year. and it is one of the items that have recently taken a beating. i'm zane asher in new york. all right, so we have new details on the next eagerly anticipated star wars. >> absolutely, filming is under way on episode 7. more to come at london's pinewood studios this coming may. >> yeah, filmmakers say the new movie will be set about 30 years after the film was made with the jedi. 2015. >> i wouldn't have picked you as a fan. but of course, being a fan you will be very excited about just who is in the cast, right? >> oh, yes, absolutely. you can see here the official
12:29 am
star war's website revealed this photo. if you look carefully you will see the original cast members, harrison ford, mark hammel, cary fisher to reprise their roles. >> max von sydow, and a few others just thrown in for great measure. >> absolutely, it will be huge. >> when we come back, the clippers owner donald sterling fined 2$2.5 million for his racist remarks. plus, these are words no host city wants to hear. one insider said that rio's planning for the 2016 games is the worst he has ever seen.
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welcome back you are watching cnn news room.
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i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm john vause. we would like to welcome our members from around the world and the united states. and members of the nba are applauding the commissioner's decision to ban donald sterling for life who was said to have made racist comments. and pro-russia fighters have seized another area in luhansk. the u.s. state of oklahoma has suspended executions after an inmate died during a botched injection of lethal drugs. clayton locket suffered a heart attack, the governor stayed another execution pending an investigation. and the controversy over the
12:33 am
racist remarks by the l.a. clipper's owner donald sterling. >> coach doc rivers is pleased with the decision to ban him. one reporter asked him how difficult it is to be working for a person who expressed such racist views. listen. >> over the last three or four days it has been very difficult. it doesn't matter the wealth to be honest. you could be making nothing, you want to work for someone that at least shares your values or respects them. they don't have to actually share them but they have to respect them. and that is difficult. you know, especially when you're working in a company that when you do your job you have it on your chest. you know? i think that is hard. like i got to wear a suit and tie the other night. but i had a sense that that was very hard for the players. they had to wear that. and i think that was hard for
12:34 am
them. i really do. >> okay, donald sterling is a very wealthy man, estimated about $2 billion in his bank account. >> yeah, incredible. but some say his charitable contributions have not kept pace with his earnings. >> reporter: billionaire donald sterling opened his wallet for charity and let people know it. ucla tells cnn this ad in sunday's l.a. times touting his gift for kidney research was actually placed by sterling himself. not the university. ucla is returning sterlings $425,000 donation and rejecting the rest of his $3 million pledge. >> he likes to portray himself as a charitable man. i would say on a spectrum he is one of the least charitable billionaires out there. >> sterling amassed a fortune,
12:35 am
largely with real estate, the nba's $2 and a half million fine, the maximum allowed, is a drop in the bucket. he bought the l.a. clippers for a reported $12 million in 1981. some estimates put the assets at between half a billion dollars. there is no saying exactly how much sterling has given to charity, but tax returns shows that the foundation has donated nearly $1.4 million since 2007, with thousands going to minority organizations including the united negro college fund and the naacp. >> how much money did donald sterling give to the naacp? >> it was not a significant amount of money. >> sterling even received a humanitarian of the year award from the black business association and a lifetime achievement award from the l.a. chapter of the naacp in 2009. >> we have to be careful about the money we take.
12:36 am
we have to make sure that the color of the money does not taint us and that we can still carry out our mission. we cannot sell out just to get the money. >> sterling's foundation donated $30,000 to the museum of tolerance, but the leader is appalled and says it will not accept money from sterling ever again. >> we used that $30,000 to combat the kind of racism, hatred and anti-semitism that symbolizes what sterling said on that tape. >> cnn's calls to sterling's representative representatives have not been returned. and some organizations that have benefitted from his fortune want nothing to do with him now. >> philanthropist has a tendency to do good. >> sterling's foundation gives less than his total nba fine.
12:37 am
poppy harlowe, cnn, new york. and we'll move on, it is not what the international organizers wanted to hear. >> the vice president says that rio is in critical condition as it prepares for the 2016 games. john coats says the committee has been force d to take unprecedent the measures to tackle construction problems. >> in my experience it is the worst i've experienced. but again we have to make it happen. that is the ioc's approach. we have not had to as an ioc send people like this in before. we have been struggling to get them to understand the problem. testaments are starting this year. and yet in the test department there are two people working. >> now rio's olympic organizers are downplaying this warning saying everything will be ready on budget on time.
12:38 am
>> yeah, we'll see. more on the challenges facing rio two years from the olympics and just weeks away from the world cup. >> reporter: rio de janeiro says they will deliver excellent games within the agreed time tables and budgets. now, they didn't go into particulars but say there is good news on the launch of the park. that is a sore point because eight events we' s will be play there and yet construction has not started. this is not expected to quiet critics. the ioc's john coats says that rio is in a worse condition than athens was. in fact, they sent a local envoy to work alongside the officials saying that was an unprecedented step to help to speed things up. now, at the time the mayor welcomed the special envoy.
12:39 am
but he did say the sporting f federations were demanding too big ticket items that they would not use after the games. now, they are preparing for the world cup in june as well as the olympics in 2016. and that means hundreds of thousands of fans will descend on rio. they have to keep up construction on the major sites for the olympics. another big issue for rio has been social issues, something that john coats also mentioned. and in fact, rio has had a hard time bringing in violence and crime. they sent in police and army to some of the shanty towns that were long controlled by the drug trafficker. but as far as we can see they still have a lot of work on that front. >> and john coats has been working for 40 years on this. so when he says this is the
12:40 am
worst? >> he has a lot of experience and he knows what he is talking about. >> all right, well just ahead here on cnn news room. ukraine prepares for the worst. >> trenches similar to this one are being dug by the ukrainian authorities all along the border with russia as they continue to get ready for a war ukraine hopes it will be able to avoid. >> coming up we'll look at the drops and the ever-increasing challenges ahead. and despite nine months of high-level talks, israel and the palestinians failed to reach a peace deal. and now both sides are blaming each other. we'll be right back in a moment. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee.
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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well, the u.s. and eu tried to find a diplomatic solution to the fighting in ukraine, fears loom large. >> there are fears in the battle with the separatists in the east. they are getting ready for a conflict that may or may not come. here is arwa damon. >> reporter: all the indications there is that the nation is readying itself for war. but at the same time the pro-russian camp appears to be digging in and gaining more ground, despite the build-up. in a soviet-era abandoned tractor warehouse, the men are
12:43 am
called to attention. they are part of a troop build-up that began in march after the speed of crimea's annexation from russia caught them by surprise. there are also fears it could escalate. these border guards, the first line of defense deployed from their base in central ukraine. half of them are still in training. border crossings throughout have been reinforced with massive concrete barricades and sandbags. a gaping trench snakes to the landscape. in that direction, this trench extends all the way to the sea about 100 kilometers or 60 miles. and trenches similar to this one are being dug by ukrainian authorities all along the border with russia as they continue to get ready for a war ukraine hopes it can avoid.
12:44 am
up on the hill top, a paratroop of units. less than a two minute try down the road one of the barricades set up by the pro-russian camp. the threat from within ukraine's borders more immediate. and menacing. as we were out filming, kiev lost control of yet another government building, this time in luhansk. the police doing nothing to stop the pro-russians as they smashed windows and declared themselves the authority. for the people living along the border it was a boundary in name only. now, potential these scenic tranquil hills could become just one of many front lines. and actions by key players are really not helping the situation, only seeming to further polarize it. the government and camp deciding to fire the police chiefs in
12:45 am
luhansk and danetsk, rather than seek a solution. well, a rare public appearance by the syrian president assad and his wife. >> this was a meeting for families who have lost their own son in the three-year long war. families with one son are usually exempt from military service. this comes as the violence intensifies across the country. opposition activists say a car bombing killed at least 40 people in the city of homs on tuesday. mortar strikes killed 18 people in and around damascus. they hit a school and killed a number of children. well, iraqis are now going to the polls under heavy security. but just a few hours into voting there have been some reports of violence in several cities
12:46 am
there. and choosing a council, prime minister nouri maliki is seeking a third term. >> candidates and women have been campaigning to fill 328 seats. >> this is one of the polling stations in baghdad, more than 21 million iraqis are eligible to vote although militants have been trying to derail this process with a series of suicide attacks over the last few days. well, the april 29th deadline for a middle east peace deal has come and gone. and with it nine months of negotiations with the palestinians and israelis fell apart. >> but the u.s. state department is putting a positive spin on all of it secretary of state john kerry has no regrets. >> we reached a point where he continues to feel this way. where a pause is necessary and we're in a holding pattern where parties will figure out what they want to do next.
12:47 am
>> both israel and the palestinians are blaming each other for the failure to secure a deal. at the u.n. tuesday, the palestinians accused israel of reaffirming its role as occupier and opprsser. >> and he accused the president mahmoud ahmadinejad of abandoning a chance to tan fwgl with him, and move off with hamas. they agreed to form a unity party. and the u.s. insists that secretary of state john kerry will continue his efforts. >> there are fears on both sides that this will just grow further apart and with that will come some dangerous consequences. >> blessed or the peacemakers says the bible, but would be u.s. peacemaker secretary of
12:48 am
state john kerry after nine months of grueling talks and exhaustive travel has not felt any blessings. the effort he launched last summer and he hoped would bear fruit by the 29th of april is in shambles. recriminations are happening fast. and prime minister netanyahu looked at the agreement between hamas and fatah, the movement led by abbas. >> i called the cabinet members, i said we're going to take time to try to figure out alternative paths to peace. but the simplest way to get back to peace is to come back to negotiations. >> the chief palestinian negotiator brushes this off as an excuse, saying he made a
12:49 am
mockery with secretary kerry. >> i think he needed to meet every minute with netanyahu. just to convince him of uttering one sentence, 1967, in hebrew, i will accept netanyahu saying this number is in chinese. but you know what? he never did it. and i don't think he will. he wants to be the blame assigner and the finger-pointer. that is what this man is all about. >> with angry accusations flying in all directions, the stage is now set, perhaps, for worse things to come. there is an old maxim in the middle east that in the absence of a peace process, imperfect though it may be there is the danger that the exact opposite happens that when the two sides stop talking to one another they may start fighting one another.
12:50 am
the israeli negotiator worries that with talks at a dead end, the other dynamic now looms large. >> there is never a status quo in the middle east. it either moves towards the negotiations, peace process, partial agreements, full agreements or towards deterioration, violence, conflict, hamas, hezbollah, regional war. today, we took the turn in the wrong direction. >> and as this region has seen many times before that turn in the wrong direction can come at a very high cost. ben wedeman, cnn, jerusalem. >> we'll take a short break here, but coming next, the college graduate who quite literally flipped over his diploma. >> but the flip was a flop. we'll explain. ere
12:51 am
12:52 am
welcome back, well, a deadly combination of severe heat and extensive droughts are impacting pakistan.
12:53 am
and pedram javaheri has more. >> you're looking at the out skirts of central portion and south central portion of india. they're using mortars to pump the water to the pipelines laid out to provide the water because of the serious shortage of water in this part of the world. and you look at this temperature, five of the top ten highest temperatures occurred here in india. 115, the hottest we can find, well known here for its extreme heat. also sitting at 113. 106 out of delhi, you bet, the pre-monsoon sale is out there. the air conditioning units, some of the street vendors out there trying to sell air conditioning units.
12:54 am
and of course, the monsoon, and the forecast the season is for rainfall. about 96%, falling in line for below normal rainfall. we know about 14% of the national gdp comes from the agriculture industry, as well. so very serious situation when you talk about limited rainfall in the area. but plenty across the gulf coast states. tornado watch still in place across areas such as panama city and pensacola, the strongest storms around dothen, alabama, there is an indication of a tornado in the portions of southwestern georgia around the town of cottonwood. but the forecast for the next 24 hours as such, about 36 million people, in line for severe weather, at this point it looks like tornadoes will be few and far between. we went from 90 reports on monday to about ten on tuesday, could be even fewer than that come wednesday afternoon. but at this point looks like large hail and winds will be the
12:55 am
prominent concern with the next active forecast. >> all right, it is a real problem, isn't it? >> we'll have everything clear by thursday. >> sun will come out across the southeast. it looks actually like the next several days, sunshine and seasonal spring-like temperature. >> thank you. and few things in life are worse than looking foolish in front of all of your peers. >> do tell. what could be worse is when that embarrassment is on line and goes viral. and to add to the humiliation, here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: it was pomp and unfortunate circumstance, graduation at davenport university in michigan. grads dealing with the hard to pronounce names. a sea of caps from which -- >> robert jeffrey blank. >> reporter: bobby blank tried
12:56 am
to stand out with a back flip that back fired. >> oh, okay. i don't know. i don't know. we're just going to give it a minute. >> reporter: instead of landing on his feet he landed on his face. >> my hands were holding my diploma and my cap so they didn't do a great job of catching me hence the loud thud. but i'm okay. i'm standing here. >> reporter: now bobby, here is what you meant the jump to look like, this guy got a pat on the ba back, but all bobby got was startled stairs, he graduated to internet immortality. if he stuck his landing it would have been just another opportunity. like the grad who stripped off his gown to reveal a superman outfit, or the guy who did the worm. or the nyu grad who took off his
12:57 am
pants and took off of the field when graduation was happening at the stadium. at least he didn't pull a patch adams. wearing a graduation gown like a hospital gown, davenport university had no comment on bobby's back flip. but they didn't seem overly concerned. >> it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, so i apologized to the people behind me that it may have taken away from their shine in the light. >> reporter: bobby says his gown and having his hand out holding things stopped him from getting the full rotation. but just to prove that he can do it, take it from a pre-school graduate. >> i don't want to grow up. >> reporter: grads will be grads. >> i know you're going to be successful in everything you do. >> reporter: well, maybe not everything. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> he did get his 15 minutes of fame. >> i was going to say, enjoy
12:58 am
your time in the spotlight. >> came with a price. >> and that does it for this hour of cnn news room. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause, thank you for joining us, stay with us for world business today. an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto. like warfarin, xarelto is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine. [ gps ] proceed to the designated route. not today. [ male announcer ] for patients currently well managed on warfarin there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. xarelto is just one pill a day taken with the evening meal.
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