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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 1, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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he says he is in tiptop shape. he led the race. he was in the lead. he seems to be in pretty good shape for a 67-year-old. >> we will see you 4:00 p.m. on the lead. thank you very much. thanks it for me. thanks very much for watching. newsroom with pamela brown starts right now. >> i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with us. a huge development. a bomb shell revelation from the malaysians. not only did it take 17 min mut to notice a plane was gone but no one bothered to launch an official rescue operation for another four hours. families are hearing a newer clearer version of the communication between the cockpit and control tower
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including these, the final words spoken by the two men piloting this plane. >> so most experts describe that as normal and routine but it's what happened after the plane vanished. that is definitely not normal and definitely not routine. joining me to discuss this more is riply. this report looks like a chain reaction of missteps, oversight and con vugs. what's been the response so far? >> you had these five pages here which lay out the facts of this case as they know them and make a safety recommendation. then you have these supplemental documents that describe what happened. when you heard the voice say good night malaysia flight 370.
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there was no indication that that plane's transponders and devices that helped the plane communicate would be switched off and the plane disappeared from radar and 17 minutes before anybody noticed it was the vietnam air traffic control that checked in and said what's going on with 370 and that's when they realized hey, it's no longer on our radar screen. more troubling according to many experts is that four-hour period before search planes were launched. that was 5:30 in the morning even though they knew for hours that something was wrong. there was so much confusion. at one point, kuala lumpur was told that the plane might be in cambodia air space. there was a lot of wasted time before there was a plane sent up to get in the air and look for the aircraft with 239 people that was by then very far off course, flying somewhere.
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we don't have the answer to the biggest question of all which is where did this plane go? why? and where is it right now? that's the answer that the families need. >> after the relatives were told to go home, which i believe happened in the past 24 hours, what happened? they were clearly visibly upset. >> not to mention this report was released in english and there was not a mandarin translation. they were told within a week they would have to leave the hotels. they were told to get updates from the comfort of their homes. they were told that once they were home, steps would be home to start handing out preliminary payments.
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from a settlement that may come from this. obviously that is difficult news for any family. >> thank you for that report. how unusual is that? what's your reaction? >> it's direct streams of what might have expected but i'm not unduly concerned just on that particular point. i am concerned that but that
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really is, if you like, the fog of the moment you see something that you don't recognize. we have got to get a little bit of lee way. the hours go by, and you start getting the misinformation or the wrong information and nobody seems to ever get to grips with the fact that they don't know where this plane is. and having heard from it for some three or four hours. that's not a malaysia problem or a vietnam problem it's an air traffic control problem. >> it's understandable when all of the sudden the plane disappears from radar. it's hard to accept it when so many hours go by.
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i have been looking at the communication. they talk about how they believe the plane was in cambodia. it seems like some valuable time was wasted here? >> i really couldn't disagree more strongly. it's unprecedented that something like this would happen where either the crew or some skilled pilots who were aboard. and so, you know, the plane isn't where it's supposed to be. what you see is a series of increasingly worried and distressed calls asking one another where is this plane? have you seen it? and yes a rumor crops up that has to be quashed. this is what happens and they
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have to figure out what happened. so it takes that much time. do as you will. >> i disagree very strongly. the reason i disagree is air france 447 which took six hours before they did this. i agree that you don't call the cops straight away but certainly by the time you get to three hours in and four hours in and jeff look closely at these time s 16 minutes, 27 minutes. 44 minutes where seemingly nothing is happening. that plane is still flying somewhere else. are you suggesting that is reasonable? >> what if it has been two and a half hours instead of four, or whatever you think the minimum conceivable time is to go from noticing the plane is not where it should be to calling out a search and rescue operation which is a panic button worth
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millions of dollars. >> i'll tell you when. i'll tell you when they do it. they do it at 2:18. it is confirmed it was only three vietnam. had checked. no information, no contact. ho chi minh confirmed that radar communication was lost. >> let me ask you this because we talk about the search and rescue. clearly the search was underway not only after that plane went off the radar. don't they have to have some understanding of where that plane may be? during those four hours it was still up in the air. >> jeff has a point. if we're talking an hour, an hour and a half, two hours even and nobody really nose in the fog of the moment it's understandable that this happen s and nobody says we need to
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elevate this much higher. there isn't anything in this document that suggests a moment of crisis about this. >> can i suggest one other factor that i think is very important? remember, that this plane disappeared at a very convenient point where the radar coverage tends to drop off anyway. the plane starts to drop off from the land based radar coverage if someone was taking this, then this would be a very clever time to do it because it drops away from secondary radar because it's far enough away from land that that might expect to happen anyway. i think there's another factor here that they might have seen the signal, the symbol for the plane drop off of their radar
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screen and not assume that the transponder was turned off. >> that does happen and this is unprecedented. all i can say is if i was a passenger on a missing plane or something happened i would want to feel like there is a sense of urgency and that people were coming to look for me. thank you very much for offering your perspective. i look forward to continuing that debate. we have to move forward. just ahead a group of nba owners will be on a conference call to discuss the fate of donald sterling and now some of america's richest people are lining up to buy the clippers including oprah. but sterling reportedly says he's not selling. cnn did some digging. plus as dangerous floodwaters ripped through large sections of the country, three inmates missing after an explosion inside a jail. we'll take you there, live.
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today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> okay. now to getting donald sterling completely out of the nba. first comes the announcement and now the action. the first move on bushing the 80-year-old billionaire out of the nba after being heard on a recording saying that his girlfriend should not be seen bringing black people to games. if sterling obeys, who will come
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bidding this is what magic johnson had to say when asked if he might buy the clippers>> i will be owning an nba team sometime. it has to be the right situation. is the clippers the right situation? of course. it's one of the premium franchise. despite what we think of him, he has done a good job with his business so we just have to wait and see. >> cnn is in los angeles for us. stephanie, magic johnson, who we just heard there, just one of the string of potential buyers we will get to that in just a moment. the clippers are in game six right now. the clippers had a great turnout tuesday. what's expected there tonight? >> you had a sell out crowd at staples, pamela, on tuesday. the issue now is that they go back to oakland where at the coliseum, they sell out all the time no matter who they're playing so we don't get a good
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barometer of how many clippers fans will be there. obviously clippers fans as well, the energy on the court on tuesday night was really electric in staples. the difference this time is they don't have this issue hanging over their heads they can focus on the basketball. >> let's get back to the buyers. that's what a lot of people are talking about. if sterling does cooperate, there are some rumors that there is a trio of billionaires that may give him an offer. >> there are people out there who are ritchchricher and maybe more money as well and may be interested. oprah wanting to work with a media mogel. more than $50 billion at ellison's disposal and all three of these people are richer than
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sterling. all three of them looking to put in an offer for the clippers. one thing i should point out is no matter what happens if donald sterling sells the team he will make a lot of money. he bought the team for $12 million and now estimated to be worth $575 million. it could go up to a billion. this number could get very high. >> of course, chump change for the folks you just nenmentioned there. stephanie, thank you so much. one lawmaker says the nfl could learn something about race from adam silver and the nba. we will debate this coming up. plus a general admits the u.s. military could have done more to save americans during the attack in ben ga zee and that has americans livid. we will hear the emotional back and forth next.
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>> the u.s. military could have done more to save americans killed during the attack in benghazi. that from one of the men in charge at the time and republicans are livid. four americans including an ambassador were killed in the 2012 attack. you may remember susan rice got a lot of heat for blaming the attack on a protest over an anti-muslim movie during her appearances on five sunday morning talk shows. now e-mails sent to rice before those appearances reveals the white house made a hard push for her to relay that account which later proved to be untrue.
11:22 am
today on the hill some fiery and emotional exchanges between lawmakers and a former obama administration official. take a listen. >> we didn't run to the sound of the guns. they were issuing press releases. we had americans dying. we had dead people. we had wounded people. and our military didn't try to engage in that fight. would you disagree with that? >> four indiviuals died. sir, we obviously did not respond in time to get there. >> could we have? >> the gentleman's time has expired. go ahead. we may not have been able to. >> how's the white house explaining why it never revealed these e-mails? our white house correspondent
11:23 am
joins me now to discuss. >> at issue is this e-mail that was obtained earlier this week by the conservative group judicial watch. it shows some of the talking points prepared for the u.n. ambassador at the time. to talk about what happened in the attack on the u.s. admission at benghazi and lawmakers up on capitol hill thought that all of these e-mails and talking points had been turned over to lawmakers and low and behold this e-mail surfaces and it says that one of the goals of rice's appearance was to underscore that these protests were rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. republicans were accusing the president and the administration of covering up the true nature of the benghazi attack, that it was more about terrorism and the obama administration was blaming it on an anti-islamic internet
11:24 am
video. seizing on this video today on capitol hill accused the white house of perhaps doing something criminal here in with holding and hiding the document. i asked jay about that at the briefing earlier this afternoon. here is what the white house press secretary had to say. >> what we have seen since hours after the attack, beginning with a statement by the republican nominee for president is an attempt by republicans to politicize a tragedy. and that continues today and yesterday. >> now what this new e-mail has done, pamela, is basically reignite the controversy over bengha benghazi. john boehner calling for john kerry to come and testify and explain the new documents and just getting back to what
11:25 am
exactly happened on september 11, 2012, white house press secretary, i asked him about this. the obama administration still does not have a firm grasp or understanding as to what happened, what led to the deaths of ambassador chris stevens and the other americans. they still believe there was an attack and there were extremists behind but they still don't have the details. >> jim, thank you. and just ahead, donald sterling's wife of 50 years and his mistress in a love triangle. what is the real story? we will sort it out for you. and next, new information for the missing flight 370 and what malaysian authorities say needs to happen. back right after this quick break. the was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people
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>> when they told me that i had cancer, i felt like i had been hit by a train.
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>> make to a major development in the search for missing flight 370 but first a pager doesn't let her disease keep her from pushing the envelope. >> for as long as she can remember, natalie has been passionate about heart. but when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 18, even that became a struggle for her. >> i can't keep my eyes open, can't focus. went to the doctor. they checked my blood sugar and sent me immediately to the emergency room. >> her blood sugar was seven times normal and doctors were surprised that she had not lapsed into a diabetic coma.
11:30 am
>> the way i ate, the way i lived my life was starting from scratch. >> not ong after her style of art changed. >> i was going to see a band and i put on my red lipstick and i blotted it on a piece of tissue and i saw the lip print. i was like awe, i can paint with that. >> natalie creates masterpieces. she says some of them sell for thousands of dollars and she's using that attention to help raise awareness about type one diabetes. >> i have a bit of an audience and people that like my work and then, like, okay, let's talk about this, too. you know? >> she says her biggest message,
11:31 am
fix the physical but don't forget about the mental. >> there is a lot of self-blame that can pop up in there every day is going to be different. it's not our fault. >> in addition to the report, the malaysian government released recordings of conversations between air traffic control and kual kuala lumpur.
11:32 am
>> so there you hear it. we have an air safety expert with ohio state university who has worked in many air accidents. you just heard the audio recording there, listening to it, nothing really jumps out s . there is no signs of stress or panic. what do you take away from it? >> it's basically just that. there are two main ideas here. one, this is a normal routine conversation between air traffic control and these pilots. there is nothing abnormal about the words they are choosing and
11:33 am
the way they are speaking. i don't hear anything in the background. no alarms. sounds like a quiet flight deck. so between the two of those, sounds like a routine evening. >> and just to think right after that, the transponder turned off and it disappeared from radar. >> tell us how that would work. >> they changed satellite technology so it's a combination of not only tracking satellites but using gps location, extremely precise to be able to follow these aircraft as they go around the globe. >> so, in this case in the case of air france flight, it disappeared from radar. they couldn't find it. it took hours to sort of figure out what was going on. it seems like a no-brainer to have something like this in place. a gps for planes.
11:34 am
why isn't it in place? >> i think there are several reasons. one is basically the cost and the fact that these events so so extremely rare that it really doesn't jar the industry enough to mandate this i think that now that we have had two accidents fairly close together where this has played a significant role where this has increased heightened awareness and it has taken this to head us down this path finally where maybe we can actually do this worldwide. >> two accidents in five years, certainly this is becoming the center of debate, why isn't this in place. thank you so much for sharin your perspective. just ahead, la clippers' owner donald sterling's racist rant
11:35 am
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11:39 am
clippers after his racist comment comments to end a long time racial controversy. the name of the washington redskins. >> commissioner silver and the nba leadership have set the standard for how professional sports organizations should act in the face of racism. i wonder today how the leadership of the national football league, the nfl, that money making machine, wonder if they have taken note of the nba's decisive action. how long will the nfl continue to do nothing, zero, as one of its teams bears a name that inflicts so much pain on native americans? >> joining me now cnn political commentat commentator. >> do you think it's fair.
11:40 am
>> it's not apples to applesment donald sterling is in a position that is indefensible. everybody agreed that sterling was off base. the redskins thing is at least a conversation or a debate. what i do see as a similarity here is that the nba took the opportunity to deal with something that it didn't have to. they still dealt with something because it was bad for the league and because it didn't make sense. to have a team named the redskins doesn't make sense. it's bad for the league. it offends a big chunk of the population. >> so i want to point out we have reached out to the nfl and the washington redskins for a response to the senator's comments but haven't heard back yet. do you think the nfl should take a stand like the nba has done with donald sterling? >> i think it's time that we have some conversation with the
11:41 am
native american community and leadership within the community to make sure that everything is okay. there is a glaring difference here in donald steriling and the washington redskins organization. donald sterling has innate hate. the redskins organization, the players have an innate sense of pride about that logo, about that name, about that brand. they want to represent it well. so i think that's the main thing. i have never seen a team want to be associated with something negative. you will never hear the green bay cowards or the new england incapables. you want to be associated with something that you believe in and feel is uplifting and something that unifies your team and community. there is major major differences when you talk about the washington redskins and donald sterling. >> native americans have made it clear that some of them find the name offensive. do you think there is a disparity in the way that
11:42 am
certain ethnic groups are rad treated. >> the idea that a team in 2014 could be called the redskins is on its face absurd. but there are huge pockets of native americans who find it offensi offensive. some don't. i'm not saying that everyone is on the same page here. even if 10% of america were offended, if 20% of a fan base are offended by a team. if the president of the united states are saying this is an issue as well as everyday citizens, it seems to me that it's in our best interest to do it. the owner of the redskins says it's tradition. there are a lot of traditions we need to let go of including racism. too many people are upset. a disgruntled minority is not acceptable. >> dan schneider has said look, we're not going to change the name. he has visited indian reservations and created a foundation in support of native
11:43 am
americans. should that matter if native americans find it offensive, shouldn't it go? >> there are native americans who are not supportive of this name who feel it is offensive but there are also native americans within our community who find it to be fine and find that it's okay. i look at an example like the florida state seminoles. there are some people who are offended by that but florida state university has the blessing of the seminole tribe of florida. they have talked about it and understand that this is a positive thing that they wanted to be associated with. they have received the blessing. i think we can learn from a situation like that. >> that's very different. the seminoles self-identify as seminoles. there are not native americans who self-identify as red skins. that's different than saying the
11:44 am
seminoles don't mind being called the seminoles. it's like if there were a black team that we call the darkies. >> i say we use this situation to be a catalyst for change. do due diligence in the situation and see if it is truly, the intention is bad. if there is racism, then of course this has to change. i don't think that's the case but it's something that we have to look into. >> and no doubt about it, this debate will continue. thank you. >> pleasure. >> coming up, a plocloser look the women in donald sterling's wife. we will try to sort it out for you up next.
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
11:48 am
>> when donald sterling's wife heard the phone conversation that has now gotten him banned she not only listened to her husband's racist comments but also had to listen to her husband argue with his alleged mistress. v has been seen wearing that infamous visor that covers her face and telling the world that she one day wants to be president. mrs. sterling already knew about her and her relationship with her husband. she recently pseudoed saying she
11:49 am
wants the gifts returned with interest. let's discuss this. i want to bring in family law taern. she is considered a tough business woman that has been sued very times. >> they are partners together in all things real estate. she is often a signature person at the game. she is sitting in the front row. she called the coach. they have that sort of relationship and was able to go to the games. i do think she is sort of a wild card in this. will she be running day to day operations and if she does have input isn't she really just a straw person? i do think that it's something
11:50 am
that you need to look at and i suspect that if he is stripped of his ownership of the clippers, one of the issues will be how do you deal with the sterling family and the sterling family, very much so, means his wife. >> and she's been known to be litigeous, suing his mistress. she continues to support him and not divorce. what about the ones like the sterlings who are so close to one another and share so many assets? >> well, i think she takes standby your man to a whole new level here. and we have seen it before with people like spitzer who recently divorced her husband is getting a huge settlement. there is definitely a psychology behind this. we're seeing that here. i really see that money is a
11:51 am
motivating factor and unlike sonny, i believe that she's a shrewd business woman and i would not be surprised if she takes over ownership of the team. in the wake of all of this controversy, she showed her face at the game and got permission to go to the game and was told it's not about you, it's about your husband. i see her moving forward to the forefront, taking charge of the family business, taking charge of the team. and we will see what she does in the future. i think this is an opportunity for her to come forward. >> all right. so i was just reading this oped on cnn and basically it just talks about donald sterling being somewhat of a victim. he is a victim, even though what he said is inexcusable.
11:52 am
>> he certainly isn't a victim. i think he certainly has. >> if he allowed the recording to go forward while she was recording and he knew about it, then that is implied consent. >> that would be consent. >> that may not be what happened here. that's what they are talking about. >> i got to tell you. let me respond to that. she is saying that she is an archivist, whatever that is. she is saying that she had permission and consent to take that. i really doubt that someone like donald sterling would consent to having this woman, you know, record the kind of rant that we heard. >> if he knew that she was an archivist, then he knew this was
11:53 am
something she consistently did. >> what is an archivist? >> that's a good question. >> what's that. >> this is someone who keeps these recordings. >> come on, you know? >> but i have to say, too, as a journalist, if i'm going to be recording someone, i'm going to record them giving their mer mission, too. >> just ahead, right here on newsroom, we're going to go live to newsroom. jake asked him if there is any chance we will see his brother, jeb in the running in 2016. his answer coming up. hey kevin...still eating chalk for hearburn? yea.
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>> former president george w. bush revealed hopes for his younger brother as he hosts a bike event in crawford texas. he sat down and spoke to us about the bush family, politics and his push to help veterans. jake is live in crawford, texas, for us. former president bush is very focused on helping the veterans, especially those dealing with post-traumatic stress. tell us about that. >> that's right. and in fact there are 16 wounded warriors who are on this 100 kilometer bike track on the ranch here. i have to say as somebody who joined them on the ride for about 12 miles in this rugged terrain, it's amazing that these individuals, some of them with prosthetics are able to do this very rigorous course. frankly, i fell off the bike twice doing it.
11:58 am
that said, there are people here in this race as well as hundreds of thousands of veterans who have scars that are not as visible as those individuals who have prosthetics and i did ask him about that in our interview. some of these scars are visible and some of them are not visible. some of them are post t-traumat stress or tbi. >> many men who have pts will tell you that biking has helped them recover. it's a -- pts is an injury, and which it means it's fixable over time. >> i noticed you have dropped the d. it's not ptsd any more. >> i have dropped the d. thank you for reminding the viewers of that. d stands for disorder. we don't view and a lot of the experts don't view it as a
11:59 am
disorder, it's an injury. it's important to eliminate stig stigma. >> but, of course, pamela, i also asked him about his younger brother and a possible 2016 presidential run. >> i have a little brother so i know what it's like to be protective of a little brother. my little brother like your little brother is much bigger than me. >> probably much smarter. >> he is much smarter than me as well. what advice are you giving him? >> you know, i really have not talked to jeb about the presidency. it's hard for people to believe. >> i was talking about marvin. >> my advice is marv, don't run. yeah. you know, i hope jeb runs. i think he would be a great president. i have no clue what's on his mind. we will talk when he's ready. i noticed he's moving around the country quite a bit.
12:00 pm
>> doing well in polls. >> that's fine. they don't mean anything for him. i can guarantee you he's not looking at a poll to decide whether or not he wants to run. he's checking his core. as he said pubically, i'm thinking about my family. and of course he knows full well what a run for the presidency can do to a family. he has seen his dad and brother run. i hope he runs. hey jeb, if you need advice, give me a call. >> so jeb, if you're watching, if you need some advice, give your older brother, george w. bush a call. we will have much more on veterans and issues like ukraine and comments by donald sterling coming up at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> we will be looking forward to that. jake topper, thank you very much. the next hour of newsroom continues right now.
12:01 pm
>> thanks so much for joining me. breaking news today, malaysia finally releasing that report on flight 370s disappearance but instead of ending questions it just raises more. not only did it take 17 minutes for officials to notice that the plane had vanished but an official rescue operation was not launched for another four hours. we're going to talk about this for this hour. this is the play by play. with 239 souls on board, the malaysian government accustomed to keeping things like this pretty under wraps officially released a cargo and passenger manifest saying where everyone was seated on that plane.
12:02 pm
experts thinks that shows how germane that is in this investigation from kuala lumpur. i was listening to you a little earlier and you were talking about just how much more this really brings it home for peo e people. >> the confusion about where the plane was. one thing that we did learn today is a little bit more about the human impact of this. when you see these names and you see where these people were sitting on the plane you know that there were children on the plane. you see 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds and older folks. you paint this picture on your head. you can imagine what it must have looked like in there. this is the red eye flight.
12:03 pm
they thought they were going to beijing. they had people waiting for them in beijing and they never made it to beijing. where did they go? we just don't know. we don't have answers because we have not found one single piece of the plane and we don't have any verifiable proof that the plane is sitting in the search area. so you have these families in beijing who were told today that they basically have to get out of the hotels they have been living in for nearly two months because the airline wants them to go home and take in information from there. for some of these people, you can see on the video just how devastating physically it was. people were rocking back and forth. they were shaken by this. they don't have the support network of being able to get together and meet with the other families going through this. now they have to go back to their houses but they are being told that we will start sending out payments to you in the
12:04 pm
interim. a devastating blow on many levels and so many unanswered questions. >> we appreciate the report. thank you and i want to bring in our experts. let's talk about this with aviation analyst jeff wiess and a retired air force pilot. michael, when you look at this, it took officials six hours to say that air france had gone missing but when they issued a report a month later, it was 128 pages long. as i read this report this morning, i said what else. why don't we know more or why don't they admit that we know you have questions and this is why we can't answer x, y, and z. >> there were lessons identified that were brought up by the french civil aviation authority. one of them was it was the apparent unwillingness of air traffic control units to accept responsibility for the declaration of an emergency. that's what we're talking about
12:05 pm
here. we are talking about an almost five hour span of when 370 disappeared to when it was activated. if you imagine a lost point of contact, it travels about 300 miles an hour, five hours, that's a 1500 mile radius and then you draw that circle. that's an area of about 6 million square miles. so the quicker the search and rescue authorities can be alerted, the faster the recovery. >> you are not surprised that it took that four hour time span between when they realized it was missing to officially launching search and rescue. >> it takes a center amount of time to realize that it was missing. remember, they slipped away over
12:06 pm
a stretch of ocean where radar coverage was spotted because they were very far from land. i don't see that as such a surprising thing. to get to your question, look, if they had done it super quick and managed to make all the calls that had to be made and cross all the t's and dot the i's before you push the big red button, it's not something to be done lightly. if you had done knit tit in two instead of four. >> there is a guideline and it's 30 minutes. the faa have a 30 minute protocol. >> you start making calls and say where is it. >> if the aircraft does not pitch up on frequency at ho chi minh or a geographic location, phone calls start to be made.
12:07 pm
>> first of all, air traffic control in ho chi minh should have been contacted at that point in time. there is no mention of the military's roll if anything that night. you think that the fact that they released the passenger list and where they were sitting is critical in how they're looking at this investigation because you said you haven't seen that before in reports like this? >> it's not something you normally see. it indicates that they said all along that they feel like it was an intentional act. did the captain do it? co-pilot? one of the passengers? and if so where was that person or persons sitting. at this point it's just opening a question rather than answering that question. >> i want to get to your point. you don't think malaysia should be held to the same standards or is held to the same standards as the united states in a situation like this. that surprised me. why?
12:08 pm
>> malaysia has a defense budget and it will apportion its money in areas where it has assessed the risk. if you looked at america and the uk since world war ii it has had russian aircraft prodding its air space for years. that means america and the uk will have developed their integrated air defense systems to the point where it will expect that to happen on a daily basis. if you overlap on that 9/11 and the new world order, malaysia has not had any of this. why would they spend billions of dollars? >> we have to wrap up but the one thing that does come out in terms of a recommendation is calling for realtime tracking of airplanes. in a word, is that a good idea? >> personally, i think it's hard to justify making any recommendation, especially an expensive one. we don't know what happened to this plane. >> so that's a no in one word? >> the problem is it goes through a transponder and that
12:09 pm
is a single point of failure. let's work out a way. >> can we do the realtime tracking? >> it's happening. >> it wasn't happening here. >> look, the technology is in the pipeline but the transponder, which can be turned off, is the single point of failure that it uses. >> so that should change? >> absolutely. >> all right. we appreciate the time and expertise. wish we could go much longer. thank you both. >> all right. coming up here, charming with a short temper. that is how one woman who has dealt with donald sterling describes his demeanor to me. next why sterling chewed her out over the phone. and the search for three missing inmates after a powerful explosion at a florida jail. did they escape? are they dead? or are they trapped. inside, what police are saying next.
12:10 pm
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12:13 pm
>> now to getting donald sterling completely out of the nba. first the announcement, now comes action. today the first formal move comes into play to pushing the 80-year-old billionaire to sell his clippers. the members of the nba owners advisory finance committee, owners of the ten teams you see on your screen, they are the people whose teams are having a conference call this afternoon working to officially put sterling on notice and if
12:14 pm
sterling come pplies, who will e bidding? this is what magic johnson had to say. >> i will be owning an nba team at some time. is the clippers the right situation? he had made money. despite what we think of him he has done a good job with his business. so we just have to wait and see. >> wait and see, sound words to follow. i spoke with one woman who interviewed the woman over the phones. we have a contact with forbes wealth and told me she was once a bit of a target. listen. >> he can be charming. he also has a very short temper. i have had the experience of being chewed out by mr. sterling on the phone because he
12:15 pm
disagreed with our network estimate. he said the team is worth more than forbes has valued and that his real estate is worth more. >> forbes' value on sterling's wealth is $1.4 billion. appreciate you coming on with us. talk to us about what is happening this afternoon with the ten team owners. what have you heard. >> if anyone valued me at $1.9 billion, i wouldn't quibble over decimal points. i can tell you that the advisory committee which is roughly about one third of the ownership, they are having a call to discuss giving sterling formal notice. they have a certain amount of time to give him notice. and within ten days they have to hold this vote. that's a process sent out in the
12:16 pm
nba constitution. they need a 75% three quarters vote to separate from his team and there are ten different criteria to do that. adam silver has obviously put a ton of public pressure on these owners. they are expecting owners to vote donald sterling out. many have said we expect this to actually be unanimous. here is the issue, even if they do get the three quarters vote, donald sterling is going to try to do some lobbying. he has been an owner for more than 30 years. you certainly expect him to pull a couple of favors from some of his old friends but even if he is completely unsuccessful, then this could move to the courts and donald sterling doesn't have a great chance of winning but he does potentially have enough of a case to tie this up for a very long time and he has a history
12:17 pm
of doing this. >> if anyone is going to make this long drawn out litigation some would say it would be donald sterling. >> absolutely. courts are very reluctant to get involved in internal sports matters because those are all subject to arbitration. we have seen sterling do this before. you can go after the anti-trust issues here which goes outside of the arbitration and the other thing is he goes ahead and does what he wants. when he bought this team they were the san diego clippers. they were based in san diego. here is something you can't do. you can't just pick up and move your team on your own, and yet that's exactly what he did. even after he had been expressly been told you can't move your team to la. once he did move the team, the nba fined him $25 million.
12:18 pm
what did sterling do? he counter sued them for $100 million. the rules were all clearly there. he just decided to tie this up in court and it became such a problem for the league to have one of their franchises that they ended up settling with him for six million dollars. he got what he wanted and ended up only paying $6 million. that was a long time ago. obviously, this is a much bigger deal. >> thanks for being on it. also, folks, remember to catch rachel covering the week's top
12:19 pm
stories. this story on unguarded friday night 10:30 eastern. next in the newsroom, more crack allegations against toronto's mayor. there is new video with rob ford holding a pipe and today the embattled mayor announced a major decision about his future. also three inmates at a florida jail missing after a powerful explosion. did they escape? did they die? where are they? police don't know. that's next.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
>> it has been almost a year since the national spotlight hit
12:23 pm
rob ford. he is finally doing today what many predicted he would do for a long time. he is seeking help for alcohol abuse. he was doing a drinking and driving pantomime aimed at competition. also plowing down a fellow council member. he later apologized for that incident and admitting to reporters that in the past he has smoked crack cocaine. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but no -- do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors approximately what? a year ago? >> but a report appears to be what may have pushed ford to get help now. the paper reports a new video. they report on a new video allegedly shot on saturday in which ford is seen allegedly smoking crack cocaine. we of course here at cnn cannot
12:24 pm
verify what was in the pipe he's holding or whether he smoked it. but shortly after the report surfaced, ford announced he's going to get help for alcohol abuse saying quote, i have tried to deal with these issues by myself. i know that i need professional help and i am now 100% committed to getting myself right. ford's brother choked back tears during a news conference. >> i love my brother. hold on. i'll continue to standby my brother. and his family throughout this difficult journey. please join me and keep rob and his family in your prayers and the interest of rob's family. i asked the media to please
12:25 pm
respect his privacy. >> doug ford says he feels a quote, sense of relief, that his brother will get help. in the meantime, three inmates are missing after a deadly explosion at a flood damaged jail. the sheriff doesn't know if the missing inmates possibly escaped or if they were hurt or even killed. we do know that two inmates were killed. authorities are carefully investigating the unstable jail. coming up next, malaysia releases its first report of the missing plane. we're learning new information about what happened that fateful night. the report also details one recommendation to possibly help something like this from happening in the future. and some big names with big bucks lining up to buy the la clippers potentially. what does it take to be approved to buy an nba team? money? reputation? a sports background. we're going to ask a huge sports
12:26 pm
agent who thinks he might know who the next owner of the clippers may be straight ahead. i couldn't sit up because it burned so much. as first lady of our church we have meetings. we have activities. and i couldn't do any of that. any time anything brushed up against this rash it would seem like it would set it on fire again. it was the worst pain i ever had.
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12:29 pm
>> the bottom of the hour. i'm in today for brooke baldwin. malaysia releasing its long awaited preliminary report. we learned that no one noticed the plane was missing from radar for 17 minutes and that it was four hours before a search was launched. in addition to the report, the malaysian government released a couple of other things. the full passenger list and also the assigned seats where everyone was, also the plane's cargo manifest. it released audio recordings of conversations between the cockpit and air traffic control.
12:30 pm
>> what experts will tell you is there is really nothing abnormal about that recording that last recording. but i want to go to our cnn international correspondent who is in atlanta and in kual
12:31 pm
kuala lumpur for a month or more. jim, i want to talk to you most about the 17 minute gap before anyone realized that the plane was no longer on their radar, had not checked in and that four-hour gap trying to figure out where it wias. >> the 17 minutes was crucial. that was a period in time in which if they wanted to take action, they could have taken action and alerted everyone for the plane. but we have to be realistic. who would do that? there was no distress or signal that there was something wrong on board. no one noticed that it had suddenly disappeared, though. it came right at that exact moment when the plane was transferring over, good night from kuala lumpur's tower, getting ready to go to vietnam but never checked in with vietnam. then vietnam calls and says we don't have that.
12:32 pm
they talked to one another, veem vietnam talked with cambodia, china, kuala lumpur. they literally waited until it was supposed to pull up at the gate. >> tim, looking at this from the perspective of the families, the close friends, the loved ones waiting for answers. here they get some answers, not a lot. looking at what these family members have been asking for, do you think they're getting any answers here? >> it's a glimpse into the frustration of the families. five pages tells the full story. it's really nothing. they really know nothing. they only know that the plane took off normally and then it vanished into thin air. it took an incredible course and
12:33 pm
they published the flight path that it took. all of these things very interesting. i think the kick in the gut has been the announcement that malaysian airlines is going to close the family centers where at least the families felt they were coming together with other family members and they had strength of their voice in numbers and now they feel, perhaps, that they're being splintered and sent home. >> at the end of this report, we all notice the recommendation and cnn reported this, they are recommending tracking planes in realtime. to a lot of us non-experts we think oh, that isn't happening now? how feasible is that? >> it's feasible. we have the technology but it would cost about $100,000 per plane or more to retro fit them all. we are talking about an entire system, something that would check every second or every few seconds. that's a lot of data when you
12:34 pm
have tens of thousands of planes in the air every single day. a lot of people are saying if you look at this right now and the inability to find this aircraft, it may be worth it. >> yeah, interest iing i think this certainly brings that to t the. >> the la clippers now tech titans, entertainers, athletes and even oprah are possible buyers for this team. it's more than money that the nba is going to look at before proving a sale. we're going to dig into it with a super agent next.
12:35 pm
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12:37 pm
>> the nba moving ahead this afternoon with the first formal
12:38 pm
step to try to force donald sterling to sell the la clippers, but will he sell this team? there is a very intriguing list of people that are reportedly interested in buying the la clippers. you have oscar de la hoya, diddy, dr. dre. the competition is steep and there are more heavy hitters who want in. reportedly larry ellison. also oprah working with david griffin. let's bring in someone who knows a whole lot about this. >> all of those.
12:39 pm
>> you look at the financial vitality and ability of the ownership. then through any scandals, they will have investigators out there probably interviewing kids that the guys went to grade school with to see if they made any racist remarks. they are looking for a group that can reunite southern california, that can reach out and be reflective of the different elements here. you will see an entertainment part of it and you also want to see astute ownership that has got the ability to do what's possible here, which is to take back part of los angeles from the lakers.
12:40 pm
>> you wrote an nba team is a business. it also carries the imagery of representing a city. when you look at the possibility of larry, david, and oprah winfrey coming together. if this happened, she would make history being the first african-american female owner of a team. how important is it to have an owner who can help this city heal in the wake of this? >> i think you undoubtedly see african-american ownership, if not the lead, as part of the package. you will probably see racial mix. you certainly will see people from the entertainment business. the decisive action of the commissioner earlier in the week popped that massive balloon of
12:41 pm
anger, frustration and hurt. so healing has begun. now, if we're going to move very quickly here, three days to figure out if someone files charges, five days for sterling to respond in response to your earlier comment, he doesn't have a choice but to sell the team. if they vote and put together three quarters of the owners, the team automatically shifts to the commissioner's responsibility. he loses that ownership. they have to pay him but he loses and he agreed to a set of rules in which he said if there is a revocation, he won't file suit and he won't try for arbitration. >> you know, although -- >> so it will begin. >> although rachel nichols did a report that he has filed before. when you look at ownership and players and willingness to play for this owner, have you ever
12:42 pm
had clients who were hesitant or didn't play for the clippers because of sterling? >> i haven't. but then again we didn't have this kind of public statement. normally players look at who the coach is, who their teammates are going to be. the owner doesn't play that big a role in it. this is so dramatic. such a tsunami of racism, that it forced this issue. there are many owners with all sorts of skeletons in their closet and it introduces the whole issue of what is it in private behavior that is going to influence the ability to own a franchise? >> it not only represents the team but the city of that team. appreciate you coming on that team. thanks so much, lee. >> my pleasure. >> donald sterling's racist comments have put cnn back in the spotlight. it asked will racism and when the older generation is no
12:43 pm
longer around. what do you think? we're discussing straight ahead.
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
title of a new opinion piece. will racism end when the old guys die off? doubt it. in it recent howard university grad writes i also see others around me who may roll with a similar crowd, listen to the same music and say the right things but who are slowly being infected with the american disease of racial bias. so great to have you both with us. >> i was about ten or 11 years old and we just moved to a nice neighborhood in chicago. a neighbor of mine who i had been playing basketball with. we were rough on the court and he hurled the n-word at me. an altercation took place and it was a big situation. our parents ended up
12:48 pm
intervening. the craziest thing was our younger brothers were the same age and we didn't see each other after that because there was so much tension between the families. it kind of ruined their relationship. >> you write in this article about the fact that we have got a black president, right? isn't it all good. you talk about the fact that you think your generation has to take a lot of accountability and action and unlearn what you talk about as learned behavior. do you think your generation is not stepping up? >> i don't think we're stepping up. today we live kind of free. mainly because of the music that we listen to, some of the athletes, when you see a movie like 42 with jackie robinson where black people weren't allowed to really play baseball and now you can go to a sporting event and sit next to a white and a black person and then you have that false conscious in your mind that everything is okay until something happens and then you start looking at the person next to you and think
12:49 pm
does he feel like this but he doesn't say it? >> there is no real coming together any more, not in a real sense. everything is 140 characters for this generation. and then you feel like therefore i have got it out. i'm generalizing here. but that happens with the younger generation. >> the two of you were joking about age. he called you sir. he said i'm going to take your job when you retire and my god, i feel old now. >> don't feel bad. what do you think looking at your generation. >> i think there is a lot of work. i loved your article. this generation, the generation of millinials, you have to remember that there is progress.
12:50 pm
there are donald sterlings and racist people and we're going to have these people forever. but we have to look at and i sound like my parents here. there has been progress made. you know? i walked up hill 50 miles to school. there has been progress made that you're able to sit next to someone in a movie theater. it's not perfect. i think this generation will have a big hand in changing those things. i don't think racism will necessarily die out when older people like donald sterling leave this earth as well. >> i'm interested with be this just went up on within a matter of hours, what has the response been so far that you've gotten on social media, people calling you. what's the reaction been for you, chuck? >> oh, wow, the reaction is crazy. my mother, brother, father, they're all calling me. everyone wants to talk about it. some of the things i put in the article, mainly the fact that i built the article around the
12:51 pm
fact that the older generation when they die off, will racism just end? i think it makes people from the younger generation, some of the fellow students at howard, it makes them look at themselves and their situation and go, what am i doing to better the world, preventing stuff like this from continuing to happen. >> chuck walton, don lemon, thank you. kudos to you. putting yourself out there, it's not an easy thing to do, to write op-eds. >> thanks for having me. >> watch don lemon, 10:30 eastern tonight, cnn special report. do not miss that. a major announcement for one of the country's big automakers. the man crediting for turning ford around announcing he'll retire later next year, next, alan mulally explains what led what to one of the most scrutinizing decisions of his career, straight ahead. we've forgotten just how good good is. good is setting a personal best before going for a world record.
12:52 pm
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fraud could mean lower credit scores, higher mortgage rates... ...and not getting the home you really want. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to an era is about to end at ford motor company. ford announced today the man who turned the company around, chief executive officer alan mulally will retire on july 1st. ford was the only one of the big three automakers not to take a government bailout. mulally will be succeeded by a ford veteran who turned an important role in turning around that country, chief operating officer, mark fields.
12:56 pm
cnn spoke with alan mulally about his decision not to take part in the bailout. >> that was one of the most important decisions that we made, but in addition to that, as you well remember and reported, we decided to actually testify on behalf of our competitors that were bankrupt. we did that, which is very strange in itself but we did that because of the importance of the industry to the u.s. economy but also the u.s. economy and the world economy. we knew that if they kbwent int free fall, we could have taken the united states into a depression. >> mulally says he's laser focused on a transition in that country. is he going to go to washington and run for office? we shall see. also, a new shock today for the 239 people aboard malaysia airlines flight 370 for the people that are waiting for them -- waiting for answers about them, they have been told
12:57 pm
to go home, to wait for the news about the missing plane. and their loved ones. cnn's david mckenzie is in beijing with that. >> reporter: for the family members of those on board mh-370, it wasn't about the interim report, it was about the news that they are going to be pushed out of this hotel and sent home. and that the assistance from malaysian airlines will no longer be here for them. and the reaction to that was emotional. some people getting on the floor, wailing, saying what has happened to our loved ones? this felt like a book end to the story. the people just wanting some kind of clarity, some kind of closure that they haven't gotten all this time later. while the report might give some more details, it certainly doesn't bring them any closer to finding out what happened to their loved ones. family members are worried that they might not have the leverage to get information if they go
12:58 pm
back home. they certainly want some kind of clarity, some kind of closure after these painful weeks of waiting, these weeks that have led to nothing concrete about their loved ones. poppy? >> of course they do, they want answers. david mckenzie, thank you. we appreciate it. meantime, the u.s. could have done more to save americans killed during the attack in benghazi, that coming from one of the men in charge at the time and republicans are livid. four americans, including ambassador chris stephens were killed in that 2012 attack. you may remember susan rice who was u.n. ambassador at the time, got a lot of heat for blaming the attack on a protest over an anti-muslim movie during her appearances on five sunday morning talk shows. now e-mail sent to rice from top white house aide ben rhodes reveal the white house made a hard push to her to relay that account which later proved to be untrue. today on the hill, some fiery
12:59 pm
exchanges, some emotional exchanges between lawmakers and a former obama administration official, including this one. >> we didn't run to the sound of the guns. they were issuing press releases. we had americans dying. we had dead people. we had wounded people. and our military didn't try to engage in that fight. would you disagree with that? >> four individuals died, sir, we obviously did not respond in time to get there. >> could we have? >> the gentleman's time is expired. go ahead. >> we may have been able to, but we'll never know. >> that from washington earlier today. so how is the white house explaining why it did not release these e-mails? jay carney saying the e-mails
1:00 pm
were not explicitly about that situation in benghazi, rather situation with the muslim world at the time. that will do it for me. thanks for joining me. appreciate it. "the lead with jake tapper," special edition from crawford, texas, begins right now. we're coming to you live from crawford, texas, where it is a lovely day for a bike ride with the 43rd president of the united states. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." >> i'm not going to be trying to beat you, just so you know. >> this is not a macho contest. the national league, george w. bush rides again, the former president leading wounded veterans on an odyssey under the hot texas sun. before he pedals off, he talks with me about his legacy, vladimir putin and his brother, jeb's, own potential hopes for the oval office. >> jeb, if you need advice, give me a call. >> the politics lead, if jeb bush does decide to