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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 4, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this. jeanne moos, cnn. >> just trying to walk my dog. >> reporter: new york. >> if you wanted one, well guess what, sold out on in any color. all gone. all right. we have much more straight ahead in the "newsroom" which begins right now. hello again, everyone. i'm fredericka whitfield. topping the news this hour, eight acrobats dropped to the floor from at least 20 feet up when an apparatus holding them somehow gave way. just -- they went careening to the ground. about a dozen people were hurt including nine performers with the ringling brothers bar numb and bailey brothers. we'll show you the video of the incident. it is very disturbing. we're going to play it for you right now.
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>> here it comes. ♪ >> whoa! >> suspended. >> so you saw right there, it is being called a human chandelier. you saw that that shield around it or that curtain kind of dropped and then a couple of moves and then suddenly the performers careening down and hit there. no net. no pads as far as we can tell. nick valencia is following this for us. we have since received clearance to show the video, very distu disturbing but surely people were very seriously injured. do we know the extent of the injuries? >> without a doubt. it makes you wince, even the compression of a human falling from that height, 20 to 30 feet landing on top of another person, at least 11 people hospitalized, fred. nine of them we can confirm performers there at the circus downtown providence, rhode
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island. the circus got in town on friday and expected to do the shows until monday. this part of the show involved a hair hang apparatus where performers or acrobats were hanging, again, about 30 feet off the ground suspended only by their hair with no safety net to catch them underneath. earlier, we talked to a spokesman for the parent company of the circus and told us what happened. >> this apparatus was used for multiple performances for this show since launching in january and all of the equipment that's used by this performer, this group of performers as well as all the other performers is carefully inspected. we take the health and safety of our performers and our guests very seriously. >> at least 11 people hospitalized. we do know that one of them is in critical condition. earlier, we were told that nine performers were taken to the hospital, one of them on the ground. eight of them in this hair hang
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apparat apparatus. be forewarned, if you're sensitive to dramatic video or children in the room, now's the time to take them out. >> here it comes. >> whoa. >> suspended only from the strength -- >> amazing. >> this act had just gotten under way, this part of the performance. happened earlier as i mentioned in providence, rhode island. the shows for the rest of sunday, there was another two shows and have been canceled according to the circus. >> looks like structurally may have been some sort of failure there and we don't know what part of it. you could only see as that curtain drops, then they did what, two moves? like a straddle move and then a pike move and then, boom, that's when it went down. just to get better clarification, you say they are -- their hair is attached to the apparatus? >> that's right. married to the apparatus hanging
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from the hair and done 12 to 14 times per week over the course of the last several months since january without incident. it's still very unclear what happened to this part of the apparat apparatus, whether the cable snapped. we don't know. that's part of the investigation. 11 people in the hospital. one of them at least one in critical condition. >> those performers becoming one with that apparatus. we don't know if it's the cable, if it's -- >> that's right. >> you know, any portion of what is holding them in one uniform way. we don't know. >> we don't know. scary situation. houseful of people. >> yeah. >> i'm sure initially they may have thought it was part of the act but very clear now that something went terribly wrong. >> nick, thanks so much. appreciate that. all right. overseas we're also watching a volatile situation, the site of ukraine's deadliest clashes in months now seen more violence today. just two days ago, more than 40 people were killed after a riot
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ended in a fire in odessa. dozens of activists were detained after that. well, today, hundreds of pro-russian activists stormed a police station demanding they be released. police did end up letting dozens of people go, greeted with cheers and hugs right there is the moment. phil black is live for us now in odessa. phil, explain to us all the things that happened in detail. >> reporter: sure, fredericka. the day started with a large sorrowful crowd gathering at the building where that terrible fire took place. the clashes, the fire killed 46 people. now, the crowd part of it broke away and heading to the police station where dozens of pro-russian protesters have been detained since those clashes on friday. there was screaming for the people to be released and some of them wanted to do more than that and they really tried to break them out. they attacked the police building, smashes doors, windows, whatever they could. broke their way into the inner court yard of the police station
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and at some point there with the police looking powerless to stop them, a deal was struck where the police agreed to release the detained people if everyone else agreed to go home and that's what happened. some 67 or so of these detained people really public enemies of the ukrainian government allowed to walk free, greeted as heroes and incredibly emotional scenes there at the police station and since then, pro-russian, pro-ukrainian crowds marching around, chanting. no further clashes at this stage, fredericka. >> and so, is there a way in which to read this kind of violence that it is likely to spread at least from this city on to another or, i mean, what do people anticipate from this? >> reporter: throughout the ukrainian crisis, people worried
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about odessa. a long way to the russian border but there's a big russian-speaking population, historic ties to russia, as well. it is a port city, increedingly important to the ukrainian economy. there's always been concern and disturbances but nothing like this. the loss of lives in recent days, the legacy a bitterness, resentment. incredible ill feeling exists in this city. a great deal of anger and healing it will take a great deal of time. >> phil black, thanks so much in odessa. all right. back in this country, donald sterling's wife is making one thing clear when it comes to the l.a. clippers. she's a co-owner of the team. shelly sterling made that statement reacting to the decision of a new ceo to oversee the team's operations. well, that comes on the heels of the clippers emotional win last night game seven of the playoffs. they beat the golden state
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warriors, 126-121 and advanced to the semifinals. the team managing to stay focused despite the distraction. meantime, shelly is reacting to the upcoming changes in the front office. cnn national correspondent deborah feyerick is covering it for us from new york. shelly sterling put a new cog in the wheel making the legal road potentially even more complicated. >> absolutely. there's no question about it. what shelly sterling did in sending out this statement, she did two things. asserted her rights as a co-owner of this team and she distanced herself from her husband. she basically said, look, we didn't do anything wrong. we didn't make any racist remarks and we shouldn't be forced to sell a team, specifically under circumstances that might not be in our financial interest. ie, a fire sale. you have to remember, this is going on within a larger context. the nba renegotiating a media
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deal and it could be worth multiple times what it is worth now. so shelly sterling comes out very forcefully and not only that but established a direct connection to the nba commissioner himself. she said that had spoken with him, that she supported his decision to put a new ceo in charge of the team and she said sfaft in a statement she said i welcome the nba commissioner's involvement in the search for a person of the utmost character. huh. who does that sound like it's not? a person of the utmost character, proven excellence and a commitment to promoting equality and inclusiveness. i'm committed to make the clippers the best team in the nba, that's been my aspiration since 1981. so right there, she is letting people know that she is part of this for last 30-plus years and won't let it go, certainly not without a fight. she's put all the focus now on
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donald sterling and putting into context what his alleged mistress said to barbara walters on friday which he feels alienated, isolated that his family turned on him. well, you know, what greater sort of turning is there than for somebody to say, hey, this is his mess. let him clean it up. we didn't do anything. >> wow. this is interesting because she has a track record, too, as it pertains to the apartment discrimination cases. if the nba is talking about character being a criteria for ownership then i don't know. she may have a problem with that one, too. we appreciate it. >> reporter: yeah. exactly. >> yeah. thanks so much. keep us posted on all of this. vice president joe biden, he may not have actually been at the white house correspondent's dinner last night, at least not live and in person but he was there on tape. and wow, what a good actor he actually is. you might agree. you will see more of it after this.
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i'm going to be so star struck. >> i'm here because i came last year and i had such a good time. >> why are you making her work? should be in there with the president. >> you have your geek on? >> i've still got my geek on. >> what's up, chuck?
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>> thank you. nice to see you. glad to be here. >> lots of fun, lots of star power at the white house correspondents' dinner. vice president joe biden wasn't there live in person but he was there on screen with another famous vice president, julia louis dreyfus and this is their version of what it is to be vice president. >> hello? >> selina? what are you doing? >> god, i thought you were the president. hey, listen, are you going to this snore spondents dinner? >> no. it's politics trying to explain politics to hollywood. not worth it. >> exactly. who wants to see david gregory
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crying in the corner all night? hey, do you want to come and pick me up? yellow? seriously? yellow? >> get in the car. >> oh sh -- this is the west wing. oh, it's locked. >> just check for me. >> no. >> good. >> oh! i'm going to remember that! oh yeah. >> shh shh. >> oh. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. no, no. don't touch the desk. >> okay. >> okay. come on. let's go get something to eat. >> yeah. >> this is good. my granddaughters like the sprinkles. >> like, the sweetest thing you can get in the executive branch. >> hey, guys. what are you doing? >> nothing. >> what's in your mouth?
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>> carrots. >> hey, don't talk. >> haven't you guys listened to anything i said about healthy eating? hand it over. hand it over. you guys, come on. let's move. >> okay. >> busted. >> you can say that again. >> oh, looks good. hmm. >> oh, i just forgot my purse so -- >> i'm sure there are raisins in here. it's a fruit. plus it's more than they give you at that correspondents' dinner. let me tell you. plus i work out every day. >> yeah, sure you do. i do, too. >> you want to arm wrestle? >> i don't really work out. >> yeah. i didn't think so. >> so where are we headed next? >> the real seat of power. >> we can write any headline we want?
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>> knock yourself out. go to it. >> the headline i'd like to write is, selina meyers sworn in as president, but all in good time. yes, we can all look directly into the camera, kevin. the point is, you're not supposed to. ♪ oh! >> hey, selina, hi, joe. >> what are you doing here? >> getting my tattoo done. you know the difference between a tattoo and a koch brother? >> no. >> they're both painful but you can get rid of a tattoo.
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>> i'm in. >> let's do it. ♪ >> bring it on. >> oh yeah. bring it on. >> hey, girl. >> hey, j-dog. are you going to the dinner thing tonight? >> hell no. i have important things going on here in the capitol. >> yeah. okay. right. thanks. you know what, joe? i'm going to need to go to the dinner. you see, the thing is, i'm not really the vp but you are. i'm an actress from hollywood. >> i know. >> so can you give me a ride? >> hey, the secret service doesn't let me drive off the property. >> that makes no sense. >> you can get a cab. >> yeah. i got my dress.
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and this hair. thanks a million, joe. >> good luck. ♪ >> oh, those veeps so cool. they had a lot of fun and enjoyed that flick put on by those veeps. coming up later on this hour, "state of the union's" candy crowley gives us a score card on last night's dinner. which jokes landed and which ones missed. stick around for that. k... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store
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all right. the next few hours could determine what the new phase in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 will look like. officials will attend trilateral talks in australia to discuss what direction in which to move. so meanwhile, three bangladeshi navy ships haven't found any wreckage. and back in malaysia, police are holding 11 suspected terrorists. they were arrested last week near kuala lumpur but police say there's no indication the group has any connection to that missing flight.
1:25 pm
meantime, more bodies have been recovered in the south korean ferry disaster raising the death toll to 248. government officials say 54 people remain missing. hundreds of divers have been part of the search since the vessel sank in mid-april. it's been difficult because they have had to break through cabin doors that are blocked by debris and no one has been found alive since the day of that disaster. for the first time since nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria more than two weeks ago, the country's president addressed the situation. people around the world have been taking to the streets demanding more action and nigeria's government is criticized for not doing enough but earlier in a televised address goodluck jonathan the president repeatedly promised that the girls would be rescued and he called for more cooperation in the efforts to find them.
1:26 pm
>> getting them out, what we request is maximum cooperation from the guidance and the parents of these girls because up to this time they have not been able to come clearly to keep the police clear identities. >> international pressure has been building for the nigeria government to do more to find the missing girls. an islamic militant group is blamed for the abduction of these girls and so far there's been no official claim of responsibility. the controversy surrounding donald sterling's racist rant is fueling a big debate about the state of race relations in the nba and the whole country for that matter. we'll take a look at that straight ahead. but first -- it's this week's cnn hero. when the long-time fitness buff learned about the limitations faced by the disabled in his community, he got to work the
1:27 pm
best way he knew how. >> when i'm running, i feel limitless. being in motion makes me feel free. when you really pushing yourself, that's when you really feel alive. but there are millions of people around the world that are facing severe physical limitations. they can't be independent, they can't live their lives. i spent years training olympic athletes, football players, bodybuilders, one day a young guy, newly spinal cord injured, came to the gym asking for help. at first, i didn't know what to do but just worked together. he made tremendous progress. take a breath. reach out, reach out. bring it back. before you know it, my phone rang off the hook people asking for help. bring it up. i opened a gym designed to fit their needs. ready to go to work? >> heck yeah. >> i provide strength and conditioning treatment for people with disabled.
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people come to me at their lowest. up, up, up. hold it. rack it. you come to the gym and all of a sudden you have a natural support network. >> in 1971, i broke my back and i've been in a wheelchair ever since. >> that's it, tom. >> thanks to ned, i keep my upper body strength at a maximum. i've been able to live a full life. >> i never worry about what they can't do. i worry about what they can do. >> i can do it, ned. >> yes, you can. good job. >> i did up to 10. >> i'm building them up to go out and live life like they're supposed to. >> each week, we honor a new cnn hero and every day person making a huge difference. if you know someone that deserve this is kind of recognition, tell us about them at ♪
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controversy surrounding donald sterling's racist tirade is generating a lot of discussion and debate about race relations in the nba and in this country as a whole. the owner of the l.a. clippers got hit with sweeping sanctions, including a lifetime ban from nba games after he was recorded making racist comments to associate v. stiviano. joining me here in atlanta, attorney and radio personality mo ivey and jason johnson, a contributor for cnn. let's begin with you, jason. this is something else and hit a nerve in this nation. it was enlightening to many and then a reminder to another segment of the community who, you know, of the population who says, i'm aware of this. you know? the only difference is this is a
1:33 pm
big, wealthy employer and it was recorded on tape. >> right. look. it's not shocking to most people who have ever had a bad boss and that's key about this. we can talk about the racial elements. he abused people, discriminated against people. used to take the girlfriends into the locker rooms after the locker room and say look at the black, beautiful bodies i own. the labor, the players have actually forced the owners to take care one of their own. >> is it perplexing or troublesome to get a lot of attention but perhaps his track record as someone who owned property and then diskrcriminat against blacks and latinos didn't get attention? there's a track record of bad behavior pertaining to race. >> yeah. like how do you answer that? >> what happened?
1:34 pm
why does this resonate and the other stuff didn't? >> this is the top of the center stage, the nba. there's sex. this has everything, every element that we needed for it to be, you know, attractive to people to start getting up in arms about and so i think that's the reason why. i'm with jason said about players forced the owners to think about this and for hard sanctions, i don't think the players did that at all. i think the tone and america and what would have happened to the nba if silver did not come down this way. this is about money. this decision was made to say, don't turn away from the nba. don't turn away from the sport that loves and embraces african-american men because this happened. >> they're under a new commissioner. >> right. >> what does this say? did the nba turn a blind eye? >> david stern knew. >> also, i have to be honest with you. i don't think it happens ten years ago, 20 years ago. if you look at the top players in the nba of 2004, i don't know that kobe bryant comes out saying that i think this is a problem and no place for this
1:35 pm
guy in 2004. and your dan in 1994. i think the players involved -- >> what do you mean by that? >> i don't agree. >> there's a collective action here. i think lebron james and dwyane wade and -- a lot of players, they didn't have to become involved in this. they could have said that's a terrible situation. >> because it was recorded and everyone got to hear it. >> sure, sure. we also have social media which sort of makes the heightened -- everybody got involved. they had to tweet and social media. nobody walked out on a game or lost any money. nobody -- to say, like, i don't think the jordans or those 10 or 20 years ago -- they don't have the same tools to make the message loud. what did they really do? what did they really do? >> they could have said that's a problem with that particular franchise. >> no. here's the other thing. >> jordan said the same thing about the sneakers and -- >> okay, but the truth about sit the players on the current clippers players knew and the nba stern knew about donald
1:36 pm
sterling's past racist issues. the settlements rs the lawsuits and accepted the contracts from this man and still allowed him to continue being an owner. only alarmed because he was caught and came on the news and all that. that's it. >> interesting. you still disagree with that. >> yes. there's a difference between the players on the team who obviously just chasing the dollars and the players not on the team and stood up for them. i have a lot of respect for the players outside of that team who said, look, we'll stand up for you. >> you have swift action or what appears to be very swift action by the new commissioner, siller, the owners potentially this week but then you have donald sterling's wife who comes out today particularly with a statement saying not so fast. he is not the only owner of this team. i am, too. >> legally when that announcement was made to vote to take away the ownership piece, i thought to myself. wait a minute. they can't decide on 50%. she is a co-owner.
1:37 pm
>> now donald sterling, this is about the ownership. >> ownership, the whole of the ownership. >> but the reality is, this is what was also interesting, none of us knew what the nba constitution was before. >> we didn't know there was one. didn't have to think about it. >> no one knew that the owners could kick him out of the club and that's key here. >> i don't know that they really -- >> if that can happen. >> i'm not sure if -- >> they can begin the action to vote to say this is what we want to do and he can hold it up and hold it up. there's a bunch of reasons and it could not happen. we are at such an early stage of believing that he will no longer be an owner. >> interesting. all right. we have so much to talk about and we will have to save it for another day. not because we're out of time but because there is so much an incredible situation and we know that they're continuing to be moving parts in the days to come. we'll have you back. good to see you. i appreciate it. all right. coming up -- >> good evening, mr. president.
1:38 pm
or as paul ryan refers to you, yet another inner city minority relying on the federal government to feed and house your family. >> i know you guys saw a few clips of this and maybe you laughed, too. maybe in some cases a little nervous laughter. so who got the best of whom and what at last night's white house correspondents' dinner? were there any real political points scored? we'll break it down with candy crowley next. dear sun, meet your biggest competitor: philips slimstyle led bulb. beautiful quality light with a slim design, at a slim price. peace of mind is important when so we provide it services you bucan rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure.
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i'm almost done. [ male announcer ] now you can pay your bill... ♪ ...manage your appointments... [ dog barks ] ...and check your connection status... ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. at one point, things got so bad the 47% called mitt romney to apologize. >> president obama poking fun at himself at last night's white house correspondents' dinner. attending the annual dinner to raise scholarship money and of course rub shoulders with
1:42 pm
washington's a-list. cabdy crowley is chief political correspondent and, candy, some rather interesting jokes last night. want to get your take on a few and tell us if there are any political implications. the president took a rather racy jab sort to speak at house speaker john boehner. let's listen in. >> and i'm feeling sorry, believe it or not, for the speaker of the house, as well. these days, the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. >> racy, indeed. you know, this is the podium, the stage in which the president can really do anything he wants to be funny. >> yes, yes. and nobody gets to reply. i thought a lot of this was so interesting politically. the first bite that you played, he was actually talking about the affordable care act and what a mess the rollout was and it
1:43 pm
was interesting to me politically in a midterm election is what this white house dearly wants is for people to move on past that horrible rollout. he needs to really push obamacare to help strengthen democrats in 2014. they're not looking at a great midterm. even in the jokes, you can see a rationale for where he is going politically. >> i wonder, too, if that's because the spth feeling confident and wants to stick the finger in the eye of the many opponents because the registration, people have signed up -- so many people have signed up and feeling a little bit confident about it and can afford to make a little fun maybe. >> well, absolutely, but confidence breeds confidence so, you know, you want to appear that way even if you aren't. i think so. i think they're happy with the sign-ups. he didn't have a lot of fun last year tie comedian joel mchale took a shot at governor chris christie over the bridge scandal in new jersey.
1:44 pm
let's listen. >> governor, do you want bridge jokes or size jokes because i got a bunch of both. i could go half and half. i know you like a combo platter. now, i get that. i'm sorry for that joke. governor christie, i didn't know i was going to tell it. but i take full responsibility for it. whoever wrote it will be fired. but the buck stops here. so i will be a man and own up to it as soon as i get to the bottom of how it happened because i was unaware it happened until just now. >> kind of some awkward moments but that is what this dinner is all about. you have to come with a sense of humor. >> you do have to come with a sense of humor but you also have to sharpen your political skills because that, again, heading right toward chris christie's weaknesses if indeed he is to be a 2016 candidate and take responsibility and didn't know anything about it. mimicking essentially the press conference about that bridge so it was -- it's funny but inside
1:45 pm
don't you think, i'd love to know what he's thinking right now? >> i know. it is interesting because, clearly, chris christie had a sense of humor, laughing and sitting next to jake tapper, one of the guests for the cnn table and awkward for some of the reporters to feel like they can laugh, too, at the expense of their own guest. >> there's that and obviously the cameras are on you and donald trump, last year they made fun of donald and he was not amused. doesn't look good or joining in the fun. so chris christie played along. >> hillary clinton, of course, also the focus of some jokes. here's mchale said about her if she does indeed decide to run for the white house. >> hillary clinton has a lot going for her as a candidate, experience, a natural leader and as our first female president, we could pay her 30% less.
1:46 pm
that's a savings this country could use. >> oh my gosh, fair game whether you're there or not. >> yes, yes. >> never a funny topic but somehow he kind of made it funny or poked fun at it i should say. >> it is not about her, right? >> right. >> at the whole wage differential. >> disparity of money. >> it was great. >> candy crowley, thanks so much in washington. appreciate it. >> thanks, fred. all right. and you might remember this. an entire street collapsing following last week's severe weather. no one was killed thankfully. why do residents feel desperate and frustrated? but first, he's won six medals in the winter olympics. the most of any u.s. skier. now fresh off the bronze medal win in sochi, downhill ski champion bode miller is making an impact. chris cuomo shows us how he's helping disabled athletes take port part in sports. >> bode miller was inspired after a close friend suffered an
1:47 pm
accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. >> i was trying to help him be revolved in sports and watch him to go through that, i saw how hard it was and how little support there was for him. people in a wheelchair are handicapped, we provide the sporting event for them and sort of an environment to allows them to participate in whatever sport that is. >> once a year, skiers flock to bode-fest in new hampshire for a day of fund raising and a chance for kids to race the ski icon. >> he is really cool and really fast. >> these are the super-g skis. for those of you that watch the world cup this year, that run was the best i skied all year. >> also a chance to test out the latest equipment the foundation helped develop. >> the program's changed my life. i never thought that i'd be able to ski and the program changed my opinion on adaptive sports. >> we built some of our ski equipment and you give it to a kid who never had a chance to go
1:48 pm
up and experience what it is to ski down a giant mountain and you watch how life changing that can be for them, it's really pretty incredible. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
1:49 pm
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president obama will meet those affected by did deadly tornadoes. services were held for six of the 15 killed in that state. one of them was 22-year-old college student jeffrey hunter. before he died, he sent his mother a text saying good-bye. >> my god. >> no! >> that was an incredible moment, wasn't it? days after the baltimore street came crashing down, cars and all, residents are frustrated about what will happen next. city officials say they may not be able to go back for up to 40 days citing safety concerns and putting them up in hotels and they want to know why trains are running below the homes and how the street passed an inspection a year ago. let's check the rest of the
1:53 pm
country's weather outlook. cnn's karen mcginnis is in the weather center. >> rain for the great lakes and northeast and new england. keeping the rain skies and the rainfall moving in. some areas could see up to an inch of wet weather but if you remember back a few days ago it was the panhandle of florida that just got soaked with astounding rainfall totals. well, we are still looking at some pretty heavy rain but over florida, two to four inches from tampa to vero beach and now the next several days, the temperatures are really going to b rising ail cross the south central united states. oklahoma city, is it possible we could see clous to 100 degrees by monday? computer models say plenty of sunshine, not too much to interrupt that. and certainly it is the possibility. and the santa anas were really
1:54 pm
ferocious in southern california. we'll see those temperatures in some of the desert regions top out at in the triple digits but it looks like by monday we'll see those temperatures back off a few degrees so not so bad as we go into the beginning of the work week. still a little on the toasty side but near normal temperatures from boston to new york. readings mostly in the 60s. >> all right. thank you so much, karen. a dramatic scene unfolded in a ukrainian city ripped apart by violence. why they're trying to break into a police station coming up at the top of the hour. mportant whn you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind.
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a sports medicine expert offers a few tips today. >> i'm going to show you exercises to do a few times a week. >> all right. >> simple squat. spread your feet a little wider than shoulder width. arms straight out here and keep your chest up just like me. you will squat down below your knees. lower there. good man. with this one here, i'll come down and do an easy jump and then come right back down. the benefit of these is that you're both strengthening your knees and the heart. >> yeah. >> give me five more and see what happens to your heart and breathing as you start to go here. number two exercise to give you is an isometric. basically get right into a plank position just like this. what's happening is the muscles in the front and back of the spine are being worked even though they're not moving. can you feel that?
1:59 pm
>> oh yeah. >> watch me. turn this way and you can give me 30 seconds just like this. try this and face this sway. there you go. maybe a minute forward and 30 seconds on each side and do these every single day. all right? finally, we're going to talk about exercising some of the muscles around the chest and nothing as good as a push-up with maybe a little bit of rotation. let's kind of face this way. the classic push-up down to the ground, back up. let's put in a rotation in this and if you get better, use weights, too. rotate left. push up. rotate right. push-up. strengthen your whole body. and again, it is not strength training or cardio. we can do them together and do that a few times a week to get you ready for the race. all right? >> awesome. >> you are going to be great. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> great tips on staying fit. that's going to do it for me. next hour of "the newsroom"
2:00 pm
begins right now with randi kaye in new york. hello, everyone. you are in the cnn "newsroom." i'm randi kaye. beginning this hour overseas where people are dieing in a country appearing to be on a fast track to all-out civil war. ukraine. the army trying to quash an uprising making them russian. it started and spread along the two country's border and now spreading more. the port city of odessa far from the border and now the center of the deadliest violence. nearly 50 people killed there in street fighting and in a fire witnesses say was started by activists throwing molotov cocktails.