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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 8, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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right now the veterans administration is ordering a review of all its medical facilities after cnn's reporting on deadly delays sparks outrage. it's been two months since malaysian flight 370 disappeared. they want officials to reexamine all of the information. right now, quote you know i'm not a racist, end quote, those words allegedly coming from los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. in new audio recordings he also says he won't sell his nba team. hello. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. big news today as the veterans administration orders a national face to face audit at all v.a. hospitals in the country in the wake of issues at the phoenix
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v.a. that moves comes hours after a house committee voted to subpoena e-mails from the veterans committee secretary erik shinseki, all of this from a cnn investigation not found 40 veterans died at the phoenix v.a. awaiting for treatment according to sources. our correspondent drew griffin has been all over this for months joining us from san antonio with the very latest. what about this audit? what's going on? >> reporter: we first heard about it through congresswoman ann kirkpatrick's office from arizona and confirmed through the veterans affairs committee and will be what they call a nationwide access review and will determine just how quickly or maybe not quickly veterans are getting access to their medical care. from what we determined, this will be a face to face audit at every v.a. facility and clinic across the country. that is going to be a pretty widespread and a lot of work to be done by the v.a.
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much called for i guess by the people who have been calling for this for over a year now at the house veterans affairs committee, wolf. today, that committee really brought up the angle of this whole secret waiting list that we've been reporting on, out in phoenix where managers may have hid the fact veterans were waiting up to 21 months for care. today, we learned from congressman jeff miller, the chairman of the house veterans committee, that he, he has proof that an alternate list did exist in phoenix and he believes evidence of that list was destroye destroyed. >> is that raising criminal questions? sn>> come to this decision but did not do this without some substantial justification. the last few weeks have been a model of v.a. stonewalling which precipitated the need for this subpoena. first on april 24th, our staff
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was briefed and informed on the existence of an alternate wait list and how that list was subsequently destroyed. yesterday, may 7th, i received a response from v.a. that does t not, does not fully answer the very simple questions that i asked. therefore, the time for request for this matter is over. today, we'll vote to issue a subpoena. it's historic vote. this committee has voted once before to issue a subpoena, the first time ever in the history, and we worked with v.a. and actually we did not deliver that subpoena but we ultimately got the information that we were asking for. but i trust the v.a. will have the good sense to not further ignore the requests that this committee has made. >> reporter: wolf, you mentioned just before we heard from
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congressman jeff miller, does this raise criminal allegations? i cans answer that. i can tell you immediately upon learning evidence may have been destroyed was when the director of that v.a. facility in phoenix and two of her staff were put on administrative leave. there is an inspector general's investigation going on there. everybody's kind of waiting to see what takes place there. but what they're asking for in congress now, what they're asking for in these subpoenas is all the e-mails, all the potential evidence that there may have been a full-on cover-up and evidence destroyed in phoenix, to hide the fact that thousands of veterans had been waiting and waiting and waiting for care. wolf. >> it's raising very very serious questions, as you correctly point out. i know secretary shinseki, starting to speak with other news organizations. he's still declining cnn's repeated request to do a sit-down, right?
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>> reporter: yeah. i don't know why he's picking and choosing to whom he's talking to and which kind of questions he seems to be being asked. we have very specific questions we want to ask mr. shinseki. i have never met the guy but we'd like to sit down with him. we've been asking for an interview for six months now. i've been asking for an interview again this morning, wolf. we're just not getting any response at all on that request. >> are any of his top aides at the department of veterans affairs willing to sit down with you? >> reporter: no. all we get is little brief statements every now and then from the public affairs department. we've been asking in phoenix. we did get a sit down interview with the director there before she was placed on administrative leave. she denied there was a secret list, said there was some confusion among the staff. that's as far as we've gotten. we have these questions in v.a. facilities across the country where we know veterans have died
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and died because of delayed care. 23 of them by the v.a.'s own accounting. insiders and sources are telling us the number is way higher than that. those are the questions we want to ask erik shinseki or quite frankly anybody at the v.a. who will talk to us. we just have not gotten a response. wolf. >> drew griffin, working this story as he has been for several months. thank you. a voice purported to be that of donald sterling is now talking for the first time about racist comments that got him banned from the nba for life. in a phone conversation obtained by radar online, the embattled owner of the nba los angeles clippers defiantly says he's not a racist and can't be made to sell his team. on the recording we hear sterling talking with someone else. we don't know who that is but for the first time we think we hear sterling in his own words. listen to this. >> you think i'm a racist! you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody?
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you don't think that. you know i'm not a racist. >> i know that but i got t the -- i mean, when i heard the -- >> i can't hear you >> what about -- >> you know -- >> when i hear that tape, though, that tape i heard. >> i grew up in east l.a. east l.a., you die to get out of there. got it out of east l.a. i was the president of the high school there. i mean, and i'm a jew. 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. you ever been to boyle heights? >> yeah. yeah, i've been to boyle heights. >> so people must have a good feeling for me. >> did you talk to griffin or anybody yet? did you talk to -- >> i didn't talk to anybody. i'm in my house in beverly hills. >> yeah. >> i mean, how could you think i'm a racist, knowing me all these years? how can you be in this business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players?
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or to get the best player he can get? >> the best player he can get. >> i mean, you, i don't expect anything from anybody but i do from you. i mean -- >> you -- >> it breaks my heart that magic johnson, a guy i -- a guy i respect so much -- wouldn't stand up and say, well, let's get the facts, let's get him and talk to him. nobody tried. nobody. i'm here on beverly drive in sunset, across from the beverly hills hotel. you know. >> i mean, i think they're probably trying to force you to sell it. that's the thing. >> they don't -- you can't force someone to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer, that's my opinion. >> no, i'm just saying, i think they have sean combs, diddy, he's the one really seeking to buy, him and oprah. >> who? >> diddy, sean combs and oprah
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are the ones trying to -- >> you know -- >> let's talk about this audiotape. brian todd is here, also joining us our legal analyst, sunny hostin. another secret recording, brian. first of all, what do we know about this tape? how did radar online get it? do we have the details? >> radar online is not revealing its source. they said this is a secret recording. the source did say it provided an atf cffidavit the phone call made by donald sterling. that's an interesting nugget and we can't confirm that is donald sterling's and don't know who he is talking to but radar only says a long time friend. it's interesting when radar online says the call was made by donald sterling, it raises all sorts of questions, what was the purpose of the call? what was the purpose of the recording? who did the recording and what
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was the purpose? that raises a lot of questions about this and maybe implications everybody can see at this point. >> is he on solid legal ground, sunny, when he says he can't be forced to sell his team? >> i think it is very telling that he said that. he said, i'm a lawyer, it's just my opinion you can't force someone to sell their team. i think he is really letting the world know in many respects he is not going down without a fight. he intends to fight this. he is litigious by nature. he uses lawsuits as sport. there is no doubt in my mind we will see so many legal suits coming out of this. what i said from the very beginning is the real player we need to think about here and watch is shelly sterling, of course. >> that's interesting because she's spoken to the "l.a. times." the "l.a. times" article, brian, let me ask you to get information on this, i'll put it on the screen. her intention to hold onto the team is a wrinkle apparently not contemplated by nba officials
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when they moved to strip her estranged husband of ownership. how much of a potential problem is this if she wants to fight it assuming he doesn't fight it. he indicates he will fight. >> it he will fight. >> it she indicates she wants to hold onto the team and is half own sneer this could be a real potential problem. sources say she holds equal to the team of donald sterling and efforts to ban him and make him forfeit the ownership of his team, adam silver said this applies specifically to donald sterling and donald sterling's conduct only. that may be a loophole shelly sterling could exploit. you meant him an didn't mean me and i'm a co-owner of this team. that could be a loophole she could make to keep control of the team and maybe keep it in the family somehow and have that situation the nba clearly would not want. >> let's talk about the law a little bit. i've spoken to a bunch of
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experts that know the nba, know the nba constitution. they have full details on the agreement over the years since 1981 when he bought the clippers, the agreements he signed, morals clauses that were contained at that time he signed, several times since then including over the past decade or so. i assume they could get him up, but what about her? >> i'm not going to go so far they could get him out morals clauses not withstanding those clauses are often interpreted in a court of law. that still means there will be a legal challenge by donald sterling. in terms of shelly sterling, i've said it from the very very beginning when this story broke, she is not only a co-owner, also my understanding is an alternate governor of the nba on this team. so when you look at that set of facts and you look at what i believe is the misstep by commissioner silver in basically limiting all liability just to donald sterling she is a real player here. when you look at the fact this
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seem is held in a family trust that not only protects shelly sterling, it protects the family as well. once we find out the percentages of ownership in the family trust i think we're going to see shelly sterling has not only, i think, a very good chance of making an argument in court, i think she has a good chance of winning. >> if you go to the constitution of the nba, i know you have article 13 clause d, the whole article involves termination of ownership or membership. it says you can be terminated of ownership of a team if you fail to fulfill its contractual obligations to the owner's association, members, players or any third party in such way to affect the association or its members adversely. the argument they're making all those morals clauses and all those separate agreements he signed over the past 32, 33 years represents a failure of article 13 clause d. but we'll continue the legal
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aspects down the road. sonny, thanks very much. brian todd, i know you will have more later in the "situation room" as well. meanwhile the state department is issuing a warning to citizens about ukraine and the latest of the dead ly confrontations between pro military sources. and coming up, the relationship that almost brought down a presidency, monica lewinsky releases details. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. ♪ hiwe just love scouring flea markets for special treasures.
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the state department is urging u.s. citizens to postpone all non-essential travel to ukraine. it follows a spike where ukrainian forces are cracking down on pro-russian separatists
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and could deteriorate even further as the two regions prepare to hold independence votes. our senior correspondent is joining us. he's near the military stronghold. there have been several deadly confrontations over the last couple of days. what's happening now? >> reporter: there was much surprise today. people still reacting to the comments of vladimir putin, the russian president yesterday who said, guys, don't hold the referendum just now, delay it and you need to respect the presidential elections later on this day and that shocked many wondering what this turnabout could be for the kremlin head. today, they said the central body will go ahead and hold the vote on sunday. a sense of foreboding inside that town. you don't hear much other than pro-russian voices on the street. people don't want to come up and talk about how unhappy they are. not a universally content town,
10:19 am
far from it. but pro-russian militants parading guns shortly after they voted to continue with the ri ren dumb and they move in-referendum and they move in and a little bit of kern as to quite where russia stands on this. many see putin's comments to get distance between him and what washington and brussels say something which is russian created and fermented, the unrest in this first place but left some of his supporters inside that town wondering where he stands in this. they're going ahead regardless but uncertainty. >> any indication he has started to resome of those 40,000 troops from along the ukrainian border? >> he says he has but nato says they've seen know sign of it. the head of nato said he'd welcome any such move. there's been no indication. all signs point to no real change in the russian strategy
10:20 am
here. pro-russian militants are going ahead with their referendum as previously planned. there was a hiccup yesterday but seemingly convenient. they can say we tried to stop that referendum and it is an expression of homegrown popular will rather than something we created. yes, the troops are still there and a sincere threat and will be a substantial loss of life, then you have to worned did moscow keep their constant threat and will they support the compatriots here if there is loss of life. >> be careful over there as i tell you everyday, nick, thank you very much. we're getting word of an earthquake in mexico. chad myers is working the story for us, our meteorologist. what do we know? >> 6.8 along the coast of mexico, 188 miles from mexico city itself. there was shaking in mexico city about 40 seconds we know of.
10:21 am
this is likely an aftershock of 7.2 a couple weeks ago. let me zoom in, mexico city. there is the earthquake, not offshore, not a tsunami threat with this. as we zoom in along the shore here, the rough to poingraphy area, we will to poingraphy area, we will see one plate going under the other. there's mexico city. there's the earthquake. because there was rattling a couple weeks ago with the 7.2, some buildings already damaged. the 6.8 although probably aftershock on the same fault could still cause damage. a 6 point earthquake is a significant earthquake and called an aftershock because it's in the same place. if the earthquake shakes because it moves that way or moves too fast or moves too far it has to move back to get back into place so the 7.2 and 6.8 likely related >> you think the 6.8 is after
10:22 am
so shock to the 7.2? >> many times you can get an aftershock the same size or 1 magnitude bigger or smaller. the 6.8 probably gets adjusted by the usgs as they look at it. preliminary at 6.8. we'll see where it goes but right along the same fault zone. >> we will check in with our producers and producers in mexico city to see what they see. we'll have more coming up. thank you. other news we're following, new information about the school girls abducted in nigeria. stay with us. that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice.
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erik shinseki has now agreed to testify next thursday one week from today before the senate veterans affairs committee responding to the request for the independent senator, bernie sanders in vermont. the democrats are in the majority of this senate, to come and testify. he will testify before the senate veterans affairs committee. so far the house veterans affairs committee that subpoenaed him to provide e-mails, all sorts of other information connected to the allegations of wrongdoing in the department of veterans affairs, when it comes to veterans waiting for treatment, the house veterans affairs committee has not formally subpoenaed or requested that he come testify there. that's the republican majority in the house veterans affairs committee but he will go before the democratic majority in this senate to testify next thursday on all of these issues, responding to bernie sanders, the independent senator from
10:27 am
vermo vermont. more on this story coming up later. meanwhile, dozens of the world's most influential economists are gathering for two days in nigeria, supposed to be a showcase moment for the country and its president. instead, it's been overshadowed by a series of terror attacks including the kidnap iping of 3 school girls. go goodluck jonathan said the brazen act will be the end of terrorism in nigeria. joining us from the nigerian capital, there on the scene for us and our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, has new information from her intelligence sources. first, barbara, what are you learning? >> a senior defense officials told mae short time ago intelligence has now led the u.s. to believe at this point those kidnapped school girls have been broken up into smaller groups, this official telling me they have in his words good
10:28 am
reason to believe the girls had been broken up. he is not willing to go into the details of how they know this. many u.s. officials are underscoring the fact the u.s. does not know where they are. this complicates any sort of rescue mission by the nigerians the u.s. is offering advice on. unless you know where they are and have ironclad intelligence and can go after all these locations at the same time, it is going to be very tough. boko haram would see this coming. and the nigerian officials are expected to land tomorrow, a small group of african specialists in the u.s. military coming out of germany joining other personnel already working at the embassy in nigeria.
10:29 am
they will all together form a group of about 20 or so specialists to talk to the nigerians and try and offer them advice and assistance. one thing we are continuing to hear is the u.s. wants to offer intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance assistance. that is key to solving that intelligence problem. where are the girls. that could include drones, tracking suspected boko haram militants or even trying to listen in on their television conversations. wolf. >> stand by. i want to go to arana, at the capital. more than 400 people slaughtered in a northern village and close to 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped and taken from their school because they were trying to get an education. i assume investors in nigeria are concerned what's going on. give us a flavor what's happening there.
10:30 am
>> reporter: i think they're very concerned. the world economic forum opened with a moment of silence for these girls and a big conversation with investors and some of the western nationals i spoke to are particularly concerned. they're counting on nigeria to be a place where there's stable fast growth. seems like it's falling more and more into sectarian violence. the president of nigeria, goodluck jonathan spoke today and said he believed they were at a turning point to combat terrorism. it's hard to believe that given the lax daisy call response of the government to the girls. there's a sense among big investors and oil companies and financial companies are going ahead with business. but those that focus on consumers, those counting on growing wealth in this area and also female empowerment which goes along with economic development, those two go
10:31 am
hand-in-hand, i think they're having worries about the future of nigeria. >> the economic future was seemingly very very good until this terrorist explosion erupted in recent weeks. a lot of oil exports, nigeria one of the most significant power houses on the african continent. this could really cripple a lot of that, couldn't it? >> reporter: absolutely. nigeria is actually now the largest economy in africa, one of the top six -- 6 out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world or africa. it is one of those. investors were counting on it to be a bulwark of the middle class and in order to have a middle class you have to have security. we can talk all we want about 7 or 8% gdp growth and oil money. when so much is trickling out who knows where, there's a lot
10:32 am
of corruption within the country and the government simply cannot provide basic security, education for its people you have a longer term economic problem that's nowhere near being solved. >> in nigeria for us the "time" magazine assistant managing editor and also a cnn global economic analyst. barbara starr is our pentagon correspondent. thanks very much. still ahead, a very different story we're following, monica lewinsky's essay in vani "vanity fair" may have done hillary clinton a big favor, one analysts suggests so. we'll speak with her when we come back. when 10. but i learned to live with my blindness a long time ago. so i don't let my blindness get in the way of doing the things i love. but sometimes it feels like my body doesn't know the difference between day and night.
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16 years after she was involved in a political sex scandal that stunned the nation, monica lewinsky recounting the affair that almost brought down president clinton's presidency, impeached by the house of representatives but the later completed his second term in january of 2001. certainly made monica lewinsky a target. with every marital indiscretion that finds its way into the public sphere many of which involve male politicians, it always seems like the woman conveniently takes the fall. and you wrote an op-ed.
10:37 am
monica lewinsky does hillary clinton a big favor. what do you mean? sn>> possibly not her intention. if hillary clinton is going to run for president, the subject of mandeonica lewinsky is going come up. not as a big topic or election altering event but it will come up. to the extent it comes up, monica lewinsky answers it now, asked and answers. inoculation is the best thing in politics, we can have that discussion and move on. second, monica lewinsky said something important that responded to some things rand paul has been saying about bill clinton as a sexual predator. she said, look, my boss did take advantage of me and she's not excusing him. she also said, i'm not a victim. i was a willing participant. to the extent there is some in the republican party who, i think this is a probably a political mistake but to the extent there are some say iing
10:38 am
bi bill clinton, sexual predator, monica lewinsky helps rebut that narrative as well >> she ran for the democratic nomination in 2007, 2008, we didn't even talk about monica lewinsky at that time in the democratic context. your argument is if she would have gotten the democratic nomination john mccain and republicans would have gone after her? >> possibly not john mccain himself. a general election campaign is a very different event in bothan democrat and republican primary. we won't get to an election in which hillary clinton is the nominee in which we don't have a discussion about bill clinton and the role he would have in a hillary clinton white house. >> you were there when it happened. >> yes. and we're pretty freaked-out that monica lewinsky is 40. >> during the briefings and details we had to go through, we remember it very vividly. you read this article. ruth marcus, you're a columnist
10:39 am
now, not just a regular white house correspondent. >> some of us have moved up to greatness, wolf, sorry. >> what do you think? were you sorry for monica lewinsky? >> i really did feel sadness for her, looking at it partly as a more. everybody else involved in this escapade, scandal, whatever you want to call it, has thrived. bill clinton was impeached and he was humiliated. he is remembered for having had a successful presidency and an extraordinarilily post presidency. hillary clinton, injured party, went on to become senator, secretary of state, she may be president. who is -- i said road kill and i don't mean to take her not seriously, but who is the victim here? monica lewinsky is the road kill of this event and she has not managed to move on from it. hasn't managed to find a job, isn't married. her life is defined by the lewinsky scandal more than anybody else involved in it. >> people asked me over the past couple of days, what did you
10:40 am
learn from reading this long essay she wrote in "vanity fair"? i did learn some things including the fact her more for mont months, stayed with her at night because she was afraid she had been so humiliated as a 23, 24, 25-year-old she might commit suicide. >> we really tend to forget the humanity involved in these tragedies and behooves us all to remember it a little bit more. >> thanks for coming in, ruth marcus of the "washington post." the debate of sanctions is getting hotter on capitol hill. is the u.s. doing enough to contain the crisis in ukraine and keep vladimir putin from fueling the flames. take a look. there are growing concerns right now.
10:41 am
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the performance review. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. here in washington on capitol hill the call for stronger sanctions against russia is growing louder as more
10:44 am
question moscow's intentions in ukraine. lawmakers question the president's response to crimea and eastern ukraine. state department officials were adamant, current sanctions are, they say, having an impact. they also say the u.s. is ready to do more, if needed. listen to this. >> our message to russia is clear. nato territory is inviable. we will guard every piece of it and mounting an effort to any russian efforts to test that. >> michael crowley the chief correspondent for "time" magazine, the co-author of time's new cover story, what putin wants and jane harman, head of the wilson center, former member of congress. are these sanctions working? >> i believe they are working. not just our sanctions, u.s./eu sanctions and the combination is
10:45 am
better more important than either of the parts. when angela merkel, the german chancellor was here on friday she and president obama had a press conference pledging there would be tougher sect or al sanctions against the financial or energy segments if the elections happ elections occur on the date set. the organization for cooperation in europe is on the ground again. monitors have been released from kidnapping and is making a real difference in getting the sides together. i'm becoming bullish on this thing. really? >> what about you? you have a cover story on putin. has putin blinked a little bit? these latest comments seem to be a softening although u.s. officials say they see no evidence yet he's pulling the troops away from the boa board -- border.
10:46 am
>> it's a real head fake that i did with me co-worker who took a butt in the haead. this isn't a guy who blinks, a guy who has had the advantage throughout. there have been moments earlier we thought he was open to diplomacy he was stepping back a little bit. the kern is this is a faint to further confuse the west and pause sanctions and potentially create what may be the illusion of distance between moscow and separatists in ukraine who still land to go forward on this referendum of independence this weekend >> and trying to create daylight between the u.s. that may want tougher sanctions and europeans and germans pay a tougher sanction and their economy is linked more than the u.s. economy. >> no question but angela merkel said secular sanctions are in russia's future. i also think there are other telltale signs. >> telltale signs of what? >> that it's not a head fake.
10:47 am
i'm not sure he controls ev everyone on the ground in ukraine. i think the signals are going out, i heard a few hours ago, to roll this thing back. what he has to gain is his economy is tanking. $64 billion has left his country. the stock market is down by $25 million -- 25%. the polls in ukraine show that 70% of the people in east ukraine, a pew poll want to stay part of ukraine. putin doesn't have a strategy that will work for him >> i think jane is correct. i spoke to high ranking officials that say the ruble is in trouble right now and some of the billionaire olli gashingsig around mr. putin saying, mr. putin, calm it down >> and the economy is not particularly healthy. the russian economy has been roughly propped up by high oil
10:48 am
prices over $100 a barrel. there are people that think the sanctions we put in place so far really are not that serious. a lot of market drop and ruble drop has to do with general uncertainty will a war break out but is there another round of tougher sanctions. is he blinking because he is feeling pain now and maybe if he is blinking because he's worried about the next round the hammer blow that could knock his country off his feet. it's a guessing game. >> and free advice from me, there are other areas he could play productively. in syria, why not help the syrians fashion an election other than bashar al assad. it's in russia's interests to have a government more stable and stay in the game with iran. >> very sensitive moment right now. jane harman. thanks very much, michael crowley. thanks to you. good cover story in "time" magazine. still ahead, two months of
10:49 am
hunt hunting has failed to find any sign of the massive jet and families want searchers to consider looking elsewhere. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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10:53 am
vanished on a routine trip to beijing. not a single shred of the plane has been found. today an open letter from the frustrated passengers asked for all data to be released. . we have more on what you need to know about what's going on. >> in australia, some of the best minds in the world have taking a hard look at the facts of malaysia airlines flight 370. they fall into three kwat gorryes, the known, the assumed and the unknown. 35,000 feet, less than one hour into the flight, the final words from the cockpit. trackers are switched off,
10:54 am
causing the plane to disappear from civilian radar. a senior malaysian air force official says the plane went off course but nothing was done even though it appeared something was wrong. >> no planes were sent up on the night to investigate. no, simply because it was deemed not to be hostile. >> it took more than four hours to activate search and rescue teams. if allhis is known, one huge fact has to be assumed. the flight path calculated from satellite data and fuel estimates from the plane. that data used to determine the plane's most likely flight path thousands of miles off course, leading the malaysian prime minister to make this stunning statement. >> flight 370 end ed in the southern indian ocean. >> an international team here
10:55 am
spent countless hour hours comi with what is essentially their best educated guess. 60,000 square kilometers. 60 million dollars, up to 12 months focusing on the area where searchers heard noises they assume are from the so-called black box. >> this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. this is the most promising lead so far it's probably the best information that we have had. >> and now the facts we simply don't know. the facts yet to be discovered. what caused the plane to go off course and who, if anyone, was at the controls during the flight's final hours?
10:56 am
>> we will do everything to solve this mystery. we will not let people down. >> finally back to the one fact that is known and undisputed. still no answer to the question, will they ever find the plane that carries so many secrets? cnn, kuala lumpur, malaysia. >> i will be back 5:00 p.m. eastern. among my gusts today, later today, the president's counter terrorism advisor will speak about what is going on with the kidnapped schoolgirls in nigeria and what the united states can do to find them and bring them home at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. thanks for watching. newsroom starts after a quick
10:57 am
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>> we start with the fall out from a cnn investigation. for months cnn has pursued the secretary of veteran's affairs over allegations that veterans were dying from the deliberate cover-up. some have called on the secretary to resign. there was this message for veterans. >> they want you to resign or be fired. will you resign? >> i serve at the pleasure of the president. i want them to know this is a good, quality health care system.