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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  May 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so don't let some egg-sucking dog do it, call me, wade blazing game or my brother, duck, for a free consultation, and we'll get you justice. >> as for the brother, i'm going to tell him exactly what lou dobbs told me, back in the '90s. >> please stop pooping on the lawn, cooper. >> meanwhile, be sure to flush twice, that does it for us. we'll see you for a later edition of "ac360," that does it for us. cnn starts now. i'll bill weir, welcome to cnn tonight. it means something very different depending on your politics. on the right, a rallying cry for truth and justice that may just change the course of the election, on the left, a name brand witch hunt, an opposition
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tool that could of course change the direction of the election. the one denial event, four people died and they should not have. who is playing politics with the tragedy? meanwhile, benghazi or lewinsky, it would not be as fascinating if you didn't attach the name hillary. i will discuss her stature with a premier observer, frank rich, we'll get his comments. and we have another stranger than fiction story in los angeles, all about the man named donald sterling, a man who should assume right now somebody is recording every word he ma makes. and this time on tape he proclaims he is not a racist, and a recording that comes from radar on line. >> i mean, how could you think i'm a racist, knowing me all of
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these years? how could you be in this business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players or to get the best player he can get? >> i mean, i think they're probably trying to force you to sell it. that is the thing. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. >> the nba may test that idea. and was he caught on that tape or is it attempted piece of restoration hardware. tonight, i'll talk to a man who thinks the only color with donald sterling is legal tender green. but tonight, on the matter of benghazi, the republican-led house approved the creation of a committee to investigate the 2010 attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. cnn's chief political analyst, gloria borger, abogood to see y. check my math, there are several
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hearings already, reports, why now? >> well, look, this is clearly about politics as you pointed out. earlier as you pointed out, there were republicans who thought the white house was effecti effectively covering up the story on benghazi, that they were not truthful with the american public and that they had not really gotten to the bottom of it. but at the very base here we see a select committee that is formed with the majority of republicans on it. and you know they're playing a short-term game here and a long-term game here. the short-term game here is elections, mid-term elections in november. they're not about persuading voters. they're about getting your partisans, getting out your base. what gets out base republican voters? president obama and obamacare, perhaps hillary clinton and benghazi. so that is what this is about. and if they nick hillary clinton along the way, you know she is the favorite candidate to be the democratic nominee at this point. so be it. they figure that can only be
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good for them. >> now democrats are deciding whether or not to go along with this. i understand from dana bash and other reporters on the hill it looks like they might. i don't know what you're hearing. but you wrote a piece today that they should. >> look, i think the lesson you learn in politics is that if you're not a part of something you can't make your case. and if the democrats were to boycott this committee i guarantee you the committee would go on. and the committee would go on and it would call witnesses, perhaps hillary clinton, perhaps susan rice. democrats would be blindsided. they wouldn't know where the subpoenas were going or where the leaks were coming from of the they wouldn't know what documents were being uncovered. so i do believe even though they believe it is ill egitimate, they have to make their case to the american public. they have a candidate they want to protect in hillary clinton. >> gloria borger, we appreciate
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your in sight as always. have a great night. now, let's bring in a man who has written about benghazi and hillary clinton and perhaps anything we care about in this country. frank rich, writer at large for new york magazine and also executive producer for hbo's "veep." a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> you wrote last year, benghazi will be a non-factor in 2016 as it was in 2012, because most voters don't give a damn. >> it is true, because what she says, people don't give a damn, part of the problem is that iraq and afghanistan, those wars have gone on for so long they have turned off americans on foreign policy in general. even ukraine's story, the russian story doesn't really raise people's blood pressure in this country. it does people like us who follow this stuff. and benghazi, it just didn't work last time around. it certainly is not going to
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work when it is further in the past in 2016 in terms of bringing down hillary clinton should she be the presidential nominee. and it is playing with fire, i think for the republicans because after all it was the last republican president who was asleep at the switch when he got a cia bit of intelligence telling him osama bin laden was going to attack and that attack cost america many more than four people. so i think it is more than a dog and pony show as gloria said to rev up the base for this mid-term election. >> she brought this up with robin roberts talking about the latest move. >> despite all the hearings, all the information that has been provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. that is their choice. and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way. but they get to call the shots in the congress.
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>> lindsey graham has said that benghazi is just as damning as watergate. >> that is preposterous. first of all it is not an attempt to cover up actual crimes in a white house. obviously, there is a lot of incompetence. a lot of things went wrong, we know that. but sort of pin the tail on the donkey, assign blame. but watergate, i would bet if you gave americans a poll many people would not know, sad to say, where benghazi is. they knew where the white house was during watergate and what was going on there. >> what is interesting if you tie up a much more current story, the girls in nigeria, and boko haram. peter king is raising a storm, where we tried to get them to designate them as terrorists and they resisted because maybe it would fight the narrative that al-qaeda was on the run instead of turning into these other
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groups. could that be more damning, do you think? >> not really, because the big thing we've done to encourage al-qaeda and islamic radical terrorism is the war in iraq. we took a country where there was not al-qaeda and we turned it into a center for islamic terrorism. so what was officially designated by this department, er mistakenly or not -- i can't imagine it would have affected their irrational impulse to commit a crime like this. >> right, we did want to talk to you before this news broke today. the primary topic would be hillary in relation to monica. and you have been writing about how scandal loves a clinton. the conversation is always about the clinton, it will quickly turn to sex and always does and
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already has, and is. i wonder what your reaction to monica's piece in "vanity fair" is. >> i have no reaction, i think like most people, i am sympathetic to her wanting to get her life back. it is a nightmare for her. the whole thing was a crazy convulsion for the entire country. but in terms of its political weight, i think it is a mistake for republicans to bring it on. because first of all look what happened during the actual event. the more the scandal was heated up the more it became towards impeachment and impeachment itself, the more popular bill clinton got. they kept thinking oh, impeachment now, they will get rid of him but they did not. and the same thing will happen again. i don't think it behooves republicans to talk about women and sex in any context, clinton or otherwise. >> well, rand paul made the
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comment, maybe it was a rookie mistake, talking about how bill clinton committed work place predatory actions, monica answered that and said she would always insist it was a consensual relationship. does that spike any of this. >> i think it was a rookie mistake. i don't think he has anything to gain by bringing it up. look, what bill clinton did was terrible, and everybody understands that. i don't know what point you're going to make by bringing it up again, particularly since bill clinton is out of politics. it is actually hillary clinton who is running for president. and i would be shocked if rand paul, who is a very shrewd politician, would continue on the road. >> and reince priebus saying remember all the clinton scandals, that is not what america needs again. i don't know if america
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associates them with scandals. there was a poll by many, bill is america's favorite grandfather. right behind the pope and the current president. >> absolutely, and what the republicans feel partially because their own demographic is so what it is. it is an older -- they don't realize there are going to be people voting in the next presidential election who were not born when the lewinsky scandal happened. so it is very, very faded. and that is not saying that it was nothing or that it should be white-washed. it is just it doesn't have any heat anymore. and instead it pushes the right into talking about sex lives. and i don't think that ever turns out well for them. >> and what is it? mitt romney lost women by ten or 11 points, something like that? >> exactly, it will all be about hillary clinton next time, instead of a war on women, we'll have a war on woman, just what happened in 2012. >> great to have you, stick
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rich talking about politics in america, among other topics. writer at large for "new york magazine." one of the producers of "veep." are you an executive producer? >> i'm an executive producer of "veep". >> let's talk more about hillary clinton, you assume she is running? >> i assume it, but of course i don't know it. >> who do you assume would be her opponent, if you went through the odds? jeb bush? >> i am loathe to predict anything. i just feel he doesn't really want to run. he has been out of politics for a long time. he has positions more moderate than the party's base, particularly on immigration. and i guess it could happen but he has publicly said things like i only want to run if i can say what i really believe and do it in a decent way. well, forget that in this climate. and he is not loved by the electorate that votes in republican primaries.
6:17 pm
but the establishment of the party which has been buffeted by the tea party and the radicals in the party want a candidate. and he is the foot of the last man standing after chris christie's troubles. i mean, possibly i guess marco rubio, another floridaian. he seems untested. it is hard to imagine he would get the nomination. >> when he said jumping the border illegally is an act of love -- >> even if rick perry couldn't get away last time with a moderate statement about immigrants or illegal immigrants, i just think it is going to be a big problem for him. and yet, the establishment really wants him. the traditional republican party obviously views him as an adult. someone who is not going to frighten the horses. and could get elected. whether that is true or not, that he could get elected i don't know. >> well, on the plus side for
6:18 pm
immigrants is when they take the nationalization test they really only have to remember the names clinton and bush. >> i know. but i have to say -- i think -- i hope i speak for most people regardless of their political party or politics. do we really want another bush/clinton race? it makes you just want to get in the bid and pull up the covers, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative in the democratic party. and the republican party, there could be -- look, the most interesting republican candidate and i mean it sincerely is rand paul. i don't agree with much of what e he stands for, i'm not sure, i would want him as president. but he is kind of independent-minded and kind of hard to categorize, and some of the stuff he says is ridiculous. but he is not stupid and doesn't seem like he is entirely taken over by consultants. and this may change within a
6:19 pm
year. but there is something flakey i find interesting. >> i spent some time with him, and he -- his convictions, i had lunch with ron every day, and when he talks about how we should reform prison sentencing in this country given former felons the right to vote. >> right, he says some things that are not the usual talking points. and look, his position about privacy, you know, invasion of intelligence into people's lives in america. strikes a bipartisan chord. he is completely at odds with much of his own party on that and in some places he is to the right on the party. but at least he doesn't bore you to death. >> what about chris christie? >> i think he is done. i always felt he would have a lot of the problems jeb bush would have with his party and more so because of guns, too, and on a bunch of issues he is
6:20 pm
liberal by the standards of that party. but now he has a pandora's box. that will keep on coming up. no one believes the answers. and it is too difficult, i think. >> and you have been a foil of the tea party for a long time. how would you characterize their stature these days? >> well, i think what is technically calling itself the tea party is actually waning, the actually tea party organizations. but what i would call the radical right of the republican party is alive and well. everybody talks about how in north carolina this week, in the republican senatorial primary, the establishment candidate, backed by the chamber and congressman karl rove won, still a conservative candidate. he actually split the vote with the candidates that divided the even further vote. it is a right wing vote -- >> we set our boundaries
6:21 pm
culturally by scandal, a lot of times. a racist rancher pops out. we decide that is bad. and donald sters is going through that, as well. after obama's win, we thought we are now in a post-racial society. with hillary, where are we? >> i thinking everything is a work in progress in america, certainly on these two issues. certainly race, we've seen besides even the ridiculousness of somebody like sterling we've seen race being a constant issue throughout the obama presidency, including supreme court rulings. laws about voter's ids and stuff like that. in the case of women, the fact is that women do not have at the highest level of american society starting with top fortune companies, the power that men do in the hottest area of economic growth. silicon valley. women don't have the clout that men do. so there is a lot to be done.
6:22 pm
in the political arena there has been a lot of improvement. and hillary clinton focuses on that. >> and when it comes to women in power, selina is the most competent woman in power. when we come back with frank rich, we're going to talk about "veep" and other topics of the day. and also the very latest on the donald sterling new recording, whether that was intentional or another got you! stay with us. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. new at&t mobile share value plans. our best value plans ever for business.
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. this is where i love to speak my mind on this campaign, can you imagine if i did that? mississippi is chock full of [ bleep ]. i don't trust the chinese. i don't think i'll be able to pass any type of legislation that makes any difference in your life. so what you is that for your platform? >> the one and only, julie dreyfuss, and frank rich is back with me, we hope they talk like that in private. or maybe they shouldn't. i think it is the way it is. >> the way it is. >> this past week we had a little video, with joe biden to cooperate with. the cast who lives in los angeles, came there for the dinner and it was so funny to watch. >> here is what you're talking
6:27 pm
about. >> so where are we headed next? >> going to the real seat of power. >> the real seat of power? where is that? >> we can write any headline we want? >> knock yourself out. go to it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> uncle joe, he has an hbo show waiting for him after this. so tell me about your developments, you were at hbo, and was the show your idea? >> the show was an idea that somebody went after. a brilliant long-time british
6:28 pm
television person, comedy writer and director. and back in the day once a performer. he did a very successful show in british television, on bbc called "the thick of it." and did a movie called "the loop." that was nominated for screen play. he came up with the idea of a woman vice president who was in the second most powerful job in the world and in fact has absolutely no power. and they conceded in the show, she has no power and can't get anything done and the staff around her has even less power but they're fighting for every square inch of influence that they can. >> exactly, it is that exact lack of power -- now she is running for president. >> i'm there for weeks at a time. it is fun i mean, because it is a really great group of people, great cast and writers and crew and everything else.
6:29 pm
we shoot in baltimore, as does oddly enough "house of cards." in fact, we borrowed their oval office in the second season for a scene. and we shoot on a stage outside of baltimore. >> so between vice president joe biden and between the two ferns with the presidents, what do you make of the pop culture? >> i think it is just a done deal and really has. it took off in '92 when bill clinton went on the arsenio hall show and played the sax. and dan quayle, and murphy brown. and even people incredibly uncomfortable in entertainment television, politicians have to go on every late night show. they have to talk to the afternoon hosts. they have to go on "the view" whether they like it or not. that is how they reach people.
6:30 pm
>> chris christie wouldn't be chris christie if he didn't wear that fleece on saturday night live. i think it is the funnyist comedy on tv. >> thank you. >> if you thought that donald sterling would go quietly into that night, well, another recording comes along. and the political ad that proves hell might have just frozen over in texas. >> what you're going to say. ♪ ♪ ♪ lying never bothered me anyway.
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. for years, donald sterling sat courtside at clipper's games and very few people found a good reason to put a microphone in his face and get his thoughts. amazing how one time changes everything. he has been quiet since his world came crashing down. but now radar on line released a new audiotape and captures him
6:35 pm
talking to an unidentified man. cnn's jason carroll has details. >> you think i'm a racist? you think i have anything in the world but love for everybody? >> reporter: call it a tale of two audiotapes. the embattled clipper's owner, donald sterling, reportedly defending himself speaking to an unidentified man. cnn has not confirmed if it is authentic. >> i got out of east l.a. i was the president of the high school there. i mean -- and i'm a jew. and 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. you ever been to boil heights? >> no, i haven't been. >> so people must have a good feeling for me. >> a much different tone than what happened with v. stiviano, where sterling criticized her for posing in pictures with
6:36 pm
african-americans. >> you can do anything. >> that was then, what is he allegedly saying now? >> it breaks my heart that magic johnson, a guy that i respect so much wouldn't stand up and say well, let's get the facts. let's get him and talk to him. nobody tried. >> sterling also questioned how any nba owner could be a racist. >> i mean, how could you think i'm a racist? knowing me all of these years. how could you be in this business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players? or to get the best player he can get. >> the best player he can get. >> maybe not white players, former clipper's player elgin baylor saying that sterling wanted black kids, he tried to release information about the
6:37 pm
african-american players in an effort to reduce their value. sterling denied the allegations and baylor later dropped the racial discrimination suit. the new information suggests sterling may fight to keep the clippers after the nba's decision to ban him for life. >> you can't force somebody to sell property in america. well, i'm a lawyer. >> if he can't keep the team, sterling's wife, shelly, says legally she can. she has retained an attorney and the community is part of a trust and community property. analysts say she may have a case. >> when we're dealing with community property it means that both spouses even all the property. not a half and half situation. they both own all. >> and jason, this year now, we also heard from the wife's lawyer today right? >> oh, yeah, much from him had. first of all he wanted to point out that shelly sterling in no way supports any of the racist comments he made. that is first, and secondly, he
6:38 pm
says that shelly sterling is the only one that should be the owner of the clippers today and later on. listen to more of what he had to say. >> a passive owner not involved in management. not involved in deciding what the trades are but just retaining for now a 50% interest that she spent three decades nurturing. she was there in the dark days and now is here in brighter days loving this team and hoping they can win the next round in the playoffs. >> so again, the attorney there is saying that shelly sterling is the owner of the clippers. that the clippers is part of a trust. and that it is community property. and in short i think what we're going to look at here, bill, is that the nba will have a tough fight on its hands. >> right, you listened to the whole thing, right? >> yes. >> and is there any dialogue with the man record iing this? >> it is clear, the two of them have been friends for quite sometime. there is a part of the tape
6:39 pm
where you hear him say, you have known me for a long time. it is clear this is a person that he has known for a long time. something that is interesting to me. what is unclear was this tape intentionally released? and we just don't know. we just don't know. >> well, let's get into it with the panel. jason carroll, thank you for joining us. and an unending tale of the tapes, carl douglas, represented elgin baylor when he unsuccessfully sued for wrongful termination. and lee steinberg, author of "the agent." and a.c. green, good to see you all. and let me ask you about that idea. let me ask you, lee, if you were a -- i don't know working with damage control, olivia pope type person and you wanted to get out in front of this, do some damage control. you could call a press conference for donald sterling or you could leak a tape where he is really not a racist.
6:40 pm
what do you make of this tape? >> that the cow or horse has already left the barn. had he done something initially when all of this broke on that saturday he might have had a chance of combatting public opinion. but the tsunami wave that has made him the largest villain in sports i can recall since michael vick, lance armstrong, is too strong. and the dye has already been cast. they're on the way to having a hearing and then voting to take the team away. and those attorneys who argue that she -- the wife somehow can own the team as part of a trust, this is not a private business. it was granted to donald sterling. he was the one who has accepted. he was the one who was thrown out. she may have rights if she filed
6:41 pm
for divorce to her half of the community property. it has nothing to do with ownership. the minute they vote by 75% in a week or so to take the team from them, the ownership immediately will transfer to the nba itself. and all he is entitled to is what they sell the team for. >> a.c., what was your impression of sterling in your years in the league? did you have a sense of what this guy was really about? >> i think for the most part it was just one that was a business investment. being the clippers itself. you know, it was one thing over the decades that he has had the team from san diego and then bringing it obviously up here to los angeles. that it was just more of a business deal, a real estate deal. but not really paying attention, not investing into the business itself. and then from a personal standpoint you really didn't get a take because as you said earlier there was not a lot of microphones in his face to
6:42 pm
really state his opinions. you just saw him at the games. he enjoyed being there, and enjoyed being the owner of the clippers and unfortunately as we know that has been taken away from him at this moment. >> well, carl, you know of a different side. you brought the elgin baylor suit. and when you hear him say i'm not a racist, boy, what goes through your line? >> well, bill, that was the same line that he spoke repeatedly when i accused him of being a racist and when i confronted him with various racial allegations that had been made against him over the course of the last 30 years. he was very adamant then as it concerned elgin baylor. how could i possibly be a racist when i hired elgin baylor a and when i continued to employ him for 23 years? so i am not the least bit surprised that he takes this tack, because it is the same one
6:43 pm
when i sued him three years ago. >> all right, stay with me, fellows, if you would. when we come back we'll talk more about the wife, shelly sterling, who says she wants to hang onto her half of the l.a. clippers. we'll hear more of what her attorney has to say next. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. but if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease...
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6:47 pm
. strange not living together for over a year, okay. and while they share business properties he is out of the team. has nothing to do with it. and she is the owner in charge. >> that is the attorney for shelly sterling. wife, estranged wife of donald sterling, trying to stake a claim. lee steinberg, a.c. green, carl, what do you think of it. we heard the legal take on it. she owns half of it. she is not a racist. >> i'll tell you, bill, i think this is a plan by donald to
6:48 pm
enhance the value of his commodity. he is a trial lawyer. i happen to be in trial myself right now. and i know as a trial lawyer the best way to enhance the value of a commodity for a settlement is to put forward a fierce prosecution. to say i'm not going to sell. and what that will do, i suggest, will get all of the suitors to enhance their offers so that donald can leave a disgraced by very wealthy man. >> interesting, if by some legal quirk, a.c., she was to take over the team and you were playing for the clippers would you play for her? or do you think the guys who are there now would? >> i still think the guys would have a hard time doing it. it is more palatable being mrs. sterling as opposed to mr. sterling, but i still think they would have a hard time because
6:49 pm
even though she is not the owner/operator of the team, she has been there with him. we know it was not all separation of the estranged wife, i think she is guilty by association by a lot of guys' standards. >> let's take another look at this tape, where they talk about potential buyers for the clippers. >> i think they're looking at sean coombs, and oprah -- >> who? >> diddy, sean coobs and oprah. >> shock iing that mr. sterling rap knowledge is not up there. paul anka, i'm sure he would be into. but who is the odds-on favorite to buy the clippers? >> well, first you have to laugh at the fact that the biggest event . >> yeah, i appreciate you being
6:50 pm
here. >> fundamentally, this is a golden opportunity for the clippers to finally take back some of the turf in southern california. this is going to be an extraordinary franchise. i think what will happen is the nba will pick one deep pockets owner and then will layer african-american, latino, asian community, consensus group, movie star, entertainment. think about this, the lakers will be down for the next two or three years. clippers have two great stars. the franchise, which he bought for $12 million and shelly's only argument is diminished value, well, it's not diminished. it's skyrocketing. this franchise will be worth between somewhere between 800 million and $1 billion and they can do a new tv contract.
6:51 pm
better than the one they have. they can make tons of money and that's the team that is a growth stock. so it ends up working out well for clippers' fans. they end up with enhanced ownership and a new outlook. >> richard sherman of the seahawks said recently that the nfl wouldn't have done this. they would not oust an owner for these. what do you guys think? >> yeah, they would. >> you think they would, lee? >> i spent 40 years representing 60 draft picks. they would knock this owner out up front immediately. >> yeah? ac, you agree with that? >> i agree with that, too. it wouldn't even be a long process at all. >> i think he's making the case that with the team named the redskins, you know, still a sensitive topic for those, that there's somehow less -- >> a different issue. >> -- sensitive.
6:52 pm
>> it's still sensitive. i consider it part offensive myself. >> but bill, there hasn't been the uproar about the red skin name to the same level that there has been this international uproar about donald sterling's comments. if there had been this kind of pressure, even roger goodell would be forced to act. >> so great hearing from you guys. thanks for being with me on draft night. when we come back, politicians in the deep of the heart of texas. this will make you laugh. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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i've never seen anything funnier than texas politics. those are the words of the late great loan lone star state and she's not around anymore for the current lieutenant governor race. >> we have run ads in the primary and we have ran -- >> did you or did you not? >> that's not the point. >> that is the point. >> it is the point. your pattern of deceitfulness.
6:57 pm
>> that is incumbent over on the left there and dan patrick, these guys used to be buddies. patrick endorsed him when he ran but then he lost to ted cruz and then lost support of texas conservatives and then lost primary to his old friend patrick. so what's a guy to do? unleash the attack ads. >> we know dan patrick has been caught pocketing employee withholding taxes, caught hiding assets from his creditors and stiffed them for $800,000. >> whoa. whoa. that is a really damning photo they dug up. this dan patrick looks like a party monster with the shirt and -- only one hitch. that picture was taken at a fund-raiser for disabled children and patrick was literally selling the shirt off his back for disabled children.
6:58 pm
duhurst apologized but the ad kept running which made for classic fodder in the last debate. >> he's addressed that. he apologized multiple times including right here, too. >> jason, he ran the ad after he apoll jitzed. >> why did that ad continue running after you apologized? >> because i called and apologized because i chose to run it. >> and as long as he's choosing to run attack ads on his old pal, might as well point out that dan patrick is not his real name. no, he was born danny gohb and declared bankruptcy. due hers says that he changed his name before the bankruptcy but he says that his boss did not like the name danny gobe. any former radio host is bound
6:59 pm
to have embarrassing video floating around and because danny gobe rhymes with let it go. ♪ aim to cover my past, to cover my bankruptcy ♪ ♪ now the voters know my secrets they know i had unpaid tax liens ♪ ♪ i want to keep it hidden and heaven knows i will try ♪ ♪ danny goeb, dannie goeb ♪ that's my name and i've got lies to answer for ♪ ♪ because dannie don't care what you're going to say ♪ ♪ let my lies rage on,
7:00 pm
lying never bothered me anyway ♪ >> you just know it's going to spawn a whole slew of frozen-themed attacks. can't wait to find out what rhymes with. ♪ do you want to build a snowman ♪ >> that's all for us tonight. i'm bill weir. don lemon is here right now. >> this is "cnn special report." i'm don lemon. another tape alleged donald sterling saying, what, me, racist? ridiculous. i have expert attorneys debating the issue of race in america and the impact of the donald sterling saga and they will be answering your questions as well. plus, this infamous moment, the birth of reality tv. remember this, everyone? i certainly do. it's 20 years since o.j. simpson's riveting bronco chase down