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tv   Crossfire  CNN  May 9, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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she could get a great big check and be happy to go away. >> i'm not so sure about that. she seems to want to stay on. >> she said fight to the death. >> that's what i heard the lawyer say. fight to the death. >> lawyers say that kind of thing all the time. >> i'm not so sure she wants to move on. maybe i'm reading too much in between the lines when i did the interview with pierce o'donnell, her attorney. i got the impression he was hinting at least, according to my interpretation, that we may get some news on the marriage front in the next few days. did you hear that, rachel, or jeffliry? the same thing i heard? >> go ahead, rachel. i'm sorry. >> certainly as i said, jeffrey, you would know how long it takes to untangle a marriage in california. i believe you when you say it's long and not a quickie trip to mexico. i have to say timing is an issue here. because the fact that the nba has not officially moved on this yet has to be significant. they came out and talked about how, woet, quote, expeditiously were going to move.
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it's been almost two weeks and no official notification. this leads me to believe there's a lot of maneuvering and the divorce or potential divorce could be a factor here. there's so much to untangle in terms of this ownership issue. yet there's a rowdy crowd of players out there, fans, of other people and organizations who want this done. >> pierce o'donnell told me something interesting yesterday. he said as far as he's aware, don sterling doesn't even have a lawyer yet which is an additional level of complexity that no one has agreed to represent him which could slow the process down in every way. the divorce, if there is one, the sale of the team. it can't be done unless sterling has a lawyer. as far as pierce knows, he doesn't have one. >> all right, guys, unfortunately we have to leave this conversation right there, but it will be continued. no doubt about that. guys, thanks very, very much. rachel and jeffrey. remember, you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer.
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tweet the show @cnnsitroom. watch us live. always dvr the show so you won't miss a moment if you can't watch us live. that's if for me. thanks very much for watching. to all the mothers out there, have a happy, happy mother's day on sunday. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." now let's step into the "crossfire" with van jones and s.e. cupp. >> wolf, we're finally getting somewhere in our search for answers on benghazi. >> yeah, and the answer is it's all partisan republican nonsense. the debate starts right now. >> tonight on "crossfire," have the republicans gone too far in their hunt for hillary? >> if she wants to compete for the highest job in the land, my goodness. >> republicans double down on benghazi. democrats push back. >> this is a stunt. this is a political stunt. >> on the left, van jones. on the right, s.e. cupp. in the "crossfire" representative elliot engel, a
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democrat from new york, and representative morgan griffin, a republican. are the benghazi hearings a trap for hillary clinton or her republican opponents? tonight on "crossfire." welcome to "crossfire." i'm s.e. cupp on the right. >> i'm van jones on the left. today republicans are once again using the murder of four americans in benghazi to raise money, distract us from their nonexistent agenda and, of course, tear down hillary clinton. now, if you don't believe me, listen to senator rand paul speaking to cnn just a few hours ago. >> i think that's a dereliction of duty and it does go to management and if she wants to compete for the highest job in the land, my goodness. >> translation, the gop presidential front-runner wants hillary clinton and the potential rival of the white house called before a partisan
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me for a show trial. why are we still talking about this? we've had four congressional committee investigations plus more than -- more than four. almost 50 congressional briefings. 25,000 pages of documents have been released and there is zero evidence of any intentional wrongdoing anywhere. there's no smoking gun. there's just a cynical republican smoke screen. >> well, actually -- >> you know i'm right, s.e. >> there was a pretty big, fat, smoking gun and we discovered it last week and there are plenty of questions still to be asked. >> we're going to get into it tonight. >> in the "crossfire" elliot engel of new york and republican representative morgan griffith of california. let me start with you. i think democrats are acting indignant about all of these investigations and hearings but actually i think they look pretty har gaarrogant. we learned a week ago new information about the white house talking points. it seems like pushing on benghazi is finally after years paying off. what responsible person would
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stop now when there are still so many questions left to be answered? >> well, first of all let me say i think it's just a tragedy that republicans are using this tragedy to try to score political points and to try to raise money. this was the death of four americans. nobody wanted to see that including our ambassador, and it has been investigated. i'm the ranking member on the foreign affairs committee. we held a hearing. three other committees held a hearing. we know everything there is to foe. >> we're going to get into the fund-raising, but are you telling me there aren't any questions lest ft to be answere about benghazi? we don't have anyone in custody. >> you know what's left to be answered? why aren't the republicans creating jobs in america, extending unemployment insurance, why aren't they passing immigration reform? instead they want to do a political charade, they want to just play to their base and i really just think it's disgraceful. there was an investigation. mr. pickering and admiral mullen. they did a thorough
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investigation. they recommended changes. hillary clinton put forth all of those changes and they're still talking about this. >> congressman. >> we should put this to bed and move on. >> don't you agree we've investigated this thing enough at this point? now it's becoming just an abuse of the process? >> no, absolutely not. when you have new evidence that comes out, i have been on the resolution that frank wolf put in asking for a select committee for over a year and the bottom line is we still don't have the answers. we had four committees that were going in different dlirections, weren't looking to get it together in one package. the administration fail ed to t give in the requests made and documents mentioned tonight forgot to give them -- >> why would we trust them now? >> we have a committee of a handful of people, most of whom are lawyers, who are professionals who will look at this from a professional angle and try to figure out the truth. that's all we want is the truth. >> first of all, if you wanted
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the truth, if i put together a democratic committee, say i wanted the truth and put alan grayson in charge of it, would you think that was the truth? you put a partisan attack dog in charge of this committee, number one, but number two, i don't understand, you're hanging all of this on one e-mail that has come forward. the judicial watch, they were able to get ahold of it. it doesn't change anything. why does this e-mail -- >> changes everything. >> while i was unsatisfied, anyway, you had the four committees gathered all this information together. it shows us information was with held from congress and the american people. what we need now is some people who are experienced at getting through the document, looking at documents. you several prosecutors and number of attorneys on there who will wade through the thousands of documents and find out what the truth is. that's all we want is the truth. >> you know what was withheld from congress, we went to war in iraq and there were over 4,000 americans who were killed in iraq. we were lied to.
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we were told that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the documentation was faulty. why tnt the republicans investigate that? >> did democrats fund raise off the war in iraq? remind me. refresh me. >> i'd still like to know why republicans didn't investigate that. instead, they picked benghazi ad nauseam, never stopped with it and what's really important to the american people, suddenly -- >> seems like both of you guys want to deflect about benghazi. what we've learned in the past week has been crucial and game changing. it's not just information was released. it was the crucial information we've been asking for that was withheld. deliberately. >> a set of questions was asked. there was response to that. a different question was asked and a different response came out. >> you guys would not have this toll lance ferance for a republ administration if they played this game. >> speaking of republicans, krauthammer -- >> charles krauthammer. >> has put out a piece warning you guys that you are
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overreaching, this is actually bad for republicans going to blow up in your face. are you concerned about any of the overreach? here you have mr. krauthammer saying these hearings are a big political risk for republicans. if they're botched like previous hearings on this matter, the hearings could backfire -- >> could. >> as just like in 1998 when you overreached on the clinton impeachment. you concerned about that at all? >> you have to be concerned about that which is why i think the speaker picked responsible people with professional backgrounds to look into this who have experience going through -- >> why 7-5 disagreement -- >> because the americans -- >> why don't you have 5-5-5? >> not going to answer that. it's not an unfair advantage. the american people sent us here in certain proportions. we have a majority, 7 -5 is the right proportion pen you look at the way the american people sent the members to congress. it's about a 7-5 ratio. we've been very fair with the democrats. they have an equal number of representatives based on the number of seats they hold. >> congressman, let me ask you about that. it seems like there's confusion
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in your party. steve israel says the democrats should boycott these hearings. nancy pelosi seems to be dithering on what she believes. you think that the democrats should appoint people, if i'm not mistaken. what's with all of the confusion? where should you guys go on this? >> well, some people believe since this is a farce and the response is already preordain that we shouldn't participate in it. i happen to believe we should. >> why? >> well, because i think that if we don't participate in it, day after day, week after week, republicans will be there getting out distortions and mistruths and we're not going to be there to counter it. >> is nancy pelosi going to listen to you? >> well, she'll make a decision. whatever decision she makes i'll support. but i think it's very, very important we debunk all this nonsense. this is about raising money for the republicans, softening up hillary clinton and doing this ad naunauseam. we voted 50 times for obamacare
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but had four hearings it look at benghazi. republicans have to keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. they're not doing anything that helps the nation. >> okay. coming up, i'm going to teach some democrats why they might want to check their facts before they open their mouths. and here's today's "crossfire" quiz. how many democrats voted for the benghazi select committee? is it zero, 7, or 21? i bet these guys know. we'll have the answer when we get back. (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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welcome back. now the answer to our "crossfire" quiz. seven sensible statesmen-like democrats were brave enough to stand up to their port leaders and voted to form a special committee to investigate benghazi and the administration's response. but other democrats are shocked and appalled. offended and outraged that
3:46 pm
republicans would send out a fund-raising e-mail attached to benghazi hearings. here's just one example. take a listen to this. >> speaker boehner can set this fund-raising effort down right now and he should. >> i agree. >> he shouldn't be raising money with regard to this matter. >> i cannot tell you how ludicrous this is. just a cursory glance over the past few years brings up a laundry list of national tragedies that democrats have politicized and extensively fund raised on. iraq, katrina, newtown, and other tragic shootings. most recently the va deaths in arizona. so democrats, check your outrage and your hypocrisy at the door because no one's buying it. okay. democratic congressman elliot engel, and republican morgan griffith are with us tonight. congressman engel, explain the hypocrisy. are you willing to call a truce now on fund-raisings on national
3:47 pm
tragedies? because you guys do it just as much as republicans do. >> you know to do what the hypocrisy is? all the things you mentioned that were national tragedies, we didn't have hearings in congress to exploit them. >> we've been having hearings to get to the bottom of then so they don't happen again. believe me, believe me george bush was investigated, fema was investigated, the department of defense. i mean -- >> how about going into iraq on false pretense? how about 4,000 americans being killed? republicans didn't choose to investigate that, but benghazi? we're going to soften up hillary clinton. we're going to play gotcha on all these things. >> so, then, look, let me be honest. i actually thought it was fair of democrats to fund raise on those issues. you guys were passionate about those issues and you felt like they were betrayals and asked the american public to say, if you feel betrayed, too, come with us and vote in democrats.
3:48 pm
you seem to have a problem with it when republicans do it. >> no, we don't have a problem when republicans do it. we have a problem when republicans do it again and again and again and again. there have been four hearings in the congress. >> i'm talking about the fund-raisi fund-raising. >> i to move to another question. part of the thing is this is a question of credibility. seems to us somebody gave you guys the memo. wru guys used to talk about obamacare all the time, just beat it to death. suddenly, let me show you this chart, suddenly you switch topics and go from talking about obamacare all the time to benghazi. you had 19 mentions of obamacare this week and 110 of benghazi. where's the memo here? >> i'd love to talk about obamacare. the bottom line is the press sometimes picks what subjects s they think is the sexiest and that's where they go. ask me about benghazi, i'll talk about benghazi.
3:49 pm
obamacare, i'll be happy to talk about it. >> they didn't get a memo. we found an e-mail which is why we decided to talk about benghazi again. >> first of all, i think the e-mail vsz been completely explo exploited. there was a specific set of requests given to the white house specifically asking about susan rice and the state department. you guys got that in congress. a different organization asked a different question and got different documents. that's e-mail. there's no cover-up here. why to you guys exploit -- you have 25,000 dooms, you're going to make a whole thing over one e-mail? makes no sense at all. >> we don't know how many e-mails are out there. we have to phase it just right, determine what is is to get the right answer. if we don't ask you the exactly right question, somebody is going to say, we didn't have to give you that. if my children tried to tell me that, i'd say, you knew what i wanted, you with heheld that information, you're in trouble, buddy. dealing with our kids and the federal government,
3:50 pm
if you give too much stuff, you're in trouble too. >> it seems like there has been a cavalier attitude among democrats about this. i just want you to take a look at this. >> like so many of the conspiracy theories that have been promulgated by the republicans from beginning of this, this one turned out to be bogus. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> dude, this is like two years ago. we're still talk about -- >> dude? it's the main thing that everybody is talking about. >> we're talking about the process of editing talking points. >> i can tell you take this national tragedy very seriously. you're offended by the fundraising. are you offended by that cavalier attitude toward it? >> i don't think it was a cavalier attitude. i think hillary clinton was saying what difference does it make for americans that were killed? to get to the truth of it. here we are many, many months later. and again, another investigation. i mean, when does it end?
3:51 pm
john boehner just a few weeks ago said that's it, we're not going to do it anymore. and then all of the sudden -- >> got some new information. >> they used the memo to hang their hat on. >> let me ask something. this is different, isn't it? i remember with beirut, right, back this the 1980s. reagan made horrible mistakes, hundreds of people wound up getting killed. there was one aggressive attempt on tip o'neill's part to bring the country together, get an investigation done, get recommendations done. there was no attempt to politicize it, hang it over reagan, make it a huge issue. usually when americans are murdered by terrorists, the country comes together. why are we not coming together on this? >> i think the company would have come together if we hadn't been told a video about it immediately after that is a bogus story. >> there are 50 protests around the world. >> that was entirely made up. that there was a protest outside the benghazi consul. >> if it was made up, it was
3:52 pm
made up bety cia. >> immediately that it was terrorist attack. yes. >> we will be argue about this for a very long time. >> it was a confluence of several things. again, mr. pickering anded a murrell mullen, there are no patties for one party or another. they made recommendations to the state department. hillary clinton implemented every single one of them. >> i want you guys at home to get in on this. weigh in on our fireback question. should democrats participate in this benghazi select committee? tweet yes or no using #crossfire. we're going give you the results after the break. also, we have the outrages of the day. s.e. and i are actually outraged about the very same thing. >> what? >> but for a very different reason. >> okay, that makes sense. >> when we get back. we've never sold a house before.
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welcome back. now our outrages of the day. mitt romney, i thought we were friends. this morning the former presidential candidate broke with fellow conservatives and basic economics to suggest that raising the minimum wage would be good for the country. why? because we need better outreach to minority voters, he says. i'll remind our viewers that this comes after romney opposed raising the minimum wage in 2012, which came after he supported raising the minimum wage in 2008. now, i don't understand republicans like romney and tim
3:58 pm
pawlenty and rick santorum, guys i know and respect choosing to abandon principles and ignore simple math in order to seem warm and fuzzy. they know raising the minimum wage will not create jobs. they know it will slow hiring. so what is with the pander, guys? >> well, believe it or not, s.e., i am outraged about the very same thing you are, but i'm actually outraged at you. >> what? >> and all the republicans who are mad at mitt romney and tim pawlenty and rick santorum because they're right. and more than half of the republicans actually agree with them. now, the rest of you republicans, wake up! you're saying no to giving a raise to hardworking americans, no to extending unemployment insurance. you don't want to stretch out the runway for active job seekers? no? no wonder the gop is about as popular as hair lice, okay. republicans with national perspective and national ambitions understand this. romney says, and i love this, i think we ought to raise it because frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better
3:59 pm
pay. see? that sounds pretty good to me. republicans, give america a raise and it might raise your poll numbers. what do you think? are you with mitt? >> i love mitt romney, but not on this. what we need is an environment to create jobs. the regulations are just killing us. i come from coal country. you know what is happening to our economy. we are getting killed by the war on coal. 188 jobs just last week that paid $75,000 a year, not $10.10, $75,000 a year, those jobs are gone because of regulations. >> because of fracking. >> it has nothing to do with fracking. >> we need to raise the minimum wage because nobody should be working full-time and they can't afford to put food on the table. that's a national disgrace. but will republicans raise the minimum wage? no. will republicans create jobs? no. will republicans look at immigration reform? no. what do they look at? benghazi. >> okay. let's check on our fireback results. should democrats participate in the benghazi select committee? right now 54% of you say yes. 46% say no.
4:00 pm
>> well, i want to thank congressman eliot engel and morgan griffith for being here. the debate will continue online as well as facebook and twitter. from the right, i'm van jones. >> from the right i'm s.e. cupp. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news. an american airlines passenger plane in a near collision with a drone. plus two brothers ousted from hosting an hgtv reality show. they say they were argued the because of their religion. is faith under fire in america? t.d. jakes is "outfront." and searchers may be looking in the wrong ocean. let's go "outfront." >> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking news. a passenger jet nearly colliding with a drone. this is the first