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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 10, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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nothing to do with who -- if there was a human being who is responsible. the criminal stuff, i totally get that. you want to contain that. but i'm curious. how would you make the argument if you were an investigator for keeping this under wraps? >> because it's part of the process, miles. that is really -- it gets tainted with too much information and you just have to trust the fact there is enough experts out there that are working in the same direction that ari is working in. >> well, i think we are in the post -- we are in the post trust era now. >> we have actually released a lot of this information in the charles and graphs they released but they haven't released it in a clear legible way. >> i would like to echo pa. we are here talking about whether or not we can trust the authorities and that is fine but that shouldn't be what the debate is about right now. this is what they are asking us to do. they are asking us to take on faith, to take on trust their conclusions. at the same time, that they are releasing this data that is supposed to lend us to trust that authority but the data doesn't back that up. it doesn't seem to show what they are saying that it's
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showing and it also hasn't led to any results. we haven't found the plane. we haven't found a scrap of debris so we don't have good reasons to trust it. >> yeah. we want to talk more about that and more certainly about what the families are trying to do and their efforts to try and get the malaysian authorities to release more of this information and talk about that other to side of this break. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. but if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care.
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back our panel. we were discussing whether or not the authorities searching for flight 370 in the right place or not. i want to pick you, miles, you were talking about this earlier and i guess the question is if the pinger locator we know had been down there and had sensed at least four responses what they believe is the pingers why they are searching in that area, if it wasn't the pingers what could have have been? >> well, you know, some people have said were they attached to a marine mammal, part of a
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research project. i'm very skeptical of that. most researchers would not have their devices ping every second. that's just a waste of batteries and, frankly a researcher would have said that is my whale or my shark, you guys should look somewhere else. that community has been thoroughly ner gated if you will or people have talked within that community and no one seems to think that is part of a scientific project. now, we have heard some reports that there are people, fishermen who use nets with these locators on them and the same frequency. i haven't been able to verify that one. that's a possibility. you know, it could very well have been -- remember the hms tireless, the british submarine that was there and, all of a sudden, well, nobody talked about it. were they somehow in the area enwere they doing some sounding at the time? i suppose that is a possibility as well. but i think going back to the
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simplest explanation this was on the arc of the last ping and that it matched the range calculations and guesses frankly that they had about range. and there there were pings. you have to operate under the assumption those were, in fact, from the black boxes. >> i want to talk about the families because they have shared this open letter to malaysia's government and i just want to read part of that to you, this open letter. we implore the malaysian government to share the data. we feel it is necessary that the data be subject to independent third-party review. it is our hope that with out of box thinking the whole world can help to look for the plane. les, you don't seem to think that is a good idea to release this information to the families? >> well, listen. i've been involved with an accident investigation on the peripheral side more on the -- but i've watched an accident investigation crew work and with the ntsb here in the states. the problem is if you start releasing too much of the data
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and everybody gets involved and too many cooks spoiling the brew, now you're going to really damage the well-being of these families by sending it off on another wild goose chase possibly. it doesn't mean i doubt there should be more experts involved but i think that is what this regroup is all about that these people understand that and i can tell you from firsthand experience that there is nothing more that these people want to do but to help these families and do it through their speaker teases whether it's the inmarsat data or the people looking out that airplane window trying to find debris. >> ari, what else do you think malaysian officials need to release? >> well, specifically, i mean, he just want to say i don't think we should simply be relying on their good intentions. i'm sure they have good intentions. i think they also have an interest in making it seem interjecting a confidence and the investigation has a forward direction and i think a lot of the information we have seen has been along that lines and it's
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been speculation presented as confident fact for the sense of giving that sense of direction. i think that to answer your question, the data that we would want to see is the raw data that was received by the satellite, not interpreted data like elevation angles or distance but the actual recorded signals that the satellite received from the planes so that you can check the distances and the frequencies and all of that. the other thing some sort of information about what model or what interpretation inmarsat was using to turn that data into their conclusion about a southern flight path. those are the two big things that would be important to be released. >> we want to talk more about this and continue this conversation because it is fascinating especially with this new report that we're getting much more information about. so we will continue this conversation and talk a little bit more about the search for mh 370 after this.
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let's bring back our expert panel, miles, to you first. what do you make of those poll results? do they surprise you at all? >> not particularly. i think, you know, that sort of jibes with the conversations we have been having here. you know, we should point out, though, there are a fair number of people and certainly among the families who still hold out some hope that somehow, some way, their family members are alive somewhere. i guess that is a question you might want to pose to the malaysian authorities via inmarsat. if there is really that potential and this is a search operation in essence that would be kind of a desperate search operation, why would you hold back any information at this point? this kind of thing might help, and, you know, i understand les's point and there are sensitive aspects of investigations, but, you know, this aspect of just finding if there was a crash and where it might be, i think that in a different realm.
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>> jeff, what is your gut instinct tell you? i mean, is this the wrong area? where do you think the plane is now? >> well, i mean, really this has been a ground breaking story that ari came out with, you know, questioning the frequency analysis that inmarsat apparently did but there is a much -- a point to be made even that i think ari made which is, you know, back in late march, the malaysian prime minister held a very stunning press conference in which he told the world and in addition to the passengers families that this analysis that inmarsat had carried out determined that the plane had to be in the southern ocean, therefore, that regrettably there was no hope for their survival. he didn't use those exact words, of course. this is really the major point. can we trust inmarsat's analysis that it is in the southern ocean? and, you know, i think what ari piece really brings to the floor is if we don't trust them to
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carry out the correct analysis of the doppler ship can we trust them to reach a more fundamental conclusion it had to have turned up in the southern ocean because that requires a very sophisticated even more sophisticated kind of mathematics to rule out the northern path. >> ari, spu to a lot of scientists on this and experts on this. what do they think? if not the indian ocean where is their top theory this plane might be? >> well, they all have different interpretations, they have offered different theories. many of them say that with the data as it looks, you can't rule out a northern path over asia. i don't think any of those conclusions are warranted. i think the most we can say from this information is that we don't really know. we can't know much of anything from it and the point i've been trying to get across. when i've been talking to inmarsat authorities and asking them for information they keep hiding behind well, this is an ongoing investigation. but the cat is already out of the bag. they released this analysis as jeff mentioned this is the analysis that led the prime
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minister of malaysia to say that the flight has been lost and they are releasing this analysis as evidence for that but they are not actually explaining that. we are not, in saens, we are not asking them to release much more than they already have. we are asking them to explain what they have already released. >> ari, miles, les, jeff, stay with me. much more to you take about this. malaysia airlines flight 370 isn't the only missing plane missing. pin recent memory, remember this man? his plane vanished in the desert and drove searchers crazy for more than a year trying to find it. we will talk about lessons learned from the search for steve fossett. that is next. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase.
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and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. welcome back. since flight 370 disappeared, many comparisons have been made to air france flight 447. that flight crashed into the atlantic ocean in 2009 and was not found until nearly two years later. another tragic air mystery was the story of steve fossett. he was a legendary plane and adventurer when he crashed his small plane in the nevada desert. no one found his wreckage and his remains for more than a year. let's get to my aviation panel back here. miles o'brien, you're the perfect guy to ask about the steve fossett mystery. you've even spent some time looking for him yourself, from what i understand, back in 2007. in this case, they spent a year
4:51 pm
and it turns out right where they were looking in the beginning, that's where he had crashed. and then they got a tip from a rancher who said the plane flew overhead and everybody moved the search area over to that area. meanwhile, that was the wrong area. so what did we learn? >> these things happen all the time. in the case of air france 447, there was a mistaken hydrological analysis of the currents, which put the search on the wrong location for a couple of months and set back the search for quite some time. david gallow will tell you chapter and verse on that one. it still makes him angry to talk about it today. in the case of steve fossett, that was one of the areas where they initially thought the crash site, it was heavily wooded, it was up a box canyon scenario, and there was no, you couldn't see any sign of the wreckage, given the thick canopy of trees there. and it was ultimately some hikers who found pieces of his i.d. near the site of the wreckage that put them on the site two years later. and looking for that was a great
4:52 pm
example. here you are, over solid land. i was able to fly a couple of search missions out there in my aircraft. and here we are, flying over the desert. and it was absolute -- the amount of stuff that is left behind by mining interests there led to all kinds of, you know, false positives and stray and dead ends and so forth. so this -- so imagine all this, and you're talking now, you know, several miles beneath the sea. and that's why, perhaps, what we're talking about here is just our lack of patience for a search that is just very, very difficult. >> so, les, what do you think? should we buckle in and prepare for a year or two? >> well, i think, miles aptly pointed out that this really is part of the process. it may take that length of time, but, you know, this is part of the -- this accident investigation process is a very -- can be a very frustrating situation. and i think we're in that frustration stage right now.
4:53 pm
>> yeah, certainly are. all right, our thanks to miles o'brien, les abend, jeffwi wise and ari schulman. thank you all. great discussion. appreciate it. the nfl draft was in its final moments. then the st. louis rams made their final pick. we'll tell you got drafted 249th, making history in the process. there he is. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. new at&t mobile share value plans. our best value plans ever for business.
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with the 249th pick, in the 2014 nfl draft, the st. louis rams select michael san, defensive end, missouri. >> so the st. louis rams go ahead and choose michael sam. >> that was missouri's michael sam drafted last hour by the nfl's st. louis rams. this was his reaction, he got the news by phone from the rams team officials. so the nfl has its first openly
4:57 pm
gay player. terence moore is here, sports contributor to terence, you can see the emotion there. what a big moment for michael sams. what do you think the reaction is going to be? >> well, you know, this is going to be one of those things that's going to be a big deal for a little while, but as time goes on, is going to kaup down, particular if he makes a team and particularly if he does well, and again, you look at the st. louis rams, this is a team that likes to have pass rushers blitz a lot. he's been getting a lot of criticism, michael sam, for being what they call a tweener. a guy who's not quite a defensive end, not quite an nfl linebacker. if you blitz a lot, you can get we with that. but let me tell you something else here. and i hate to be somewhat of a killjoy here, but this could be just a little bit of a publicity stunt in this sense. the st. louis rams last year were second to last in the
4:58 pm
national football league in total attendance. only the oakland raiders drew less than the rams. and they've got that big old dome in st. louis to try to fill. so what better way than to get michael sam from nearby university of missouri, a why who was very popular with his teammates, very popular with the public there, university of missouri is huge in that entire area, so they cannot be discounted here. >> i want to bring that up moment where she was celebrating there at home with his family and certainly with his boyfriend there. i guess, i have to ask, you know, it's not something we see every day among a football player, an openly gay football player. how do you think this is going to play in terms of, you know, the locker room, the team. this is a guy who wanted to be recognized for his football. >> well, you bring up a very good point. i was sitting here wondering about that myself, and i'm sure people out there are wondering the same thing. we have never seen this before on television. i mean, let's face it.
4:59 pm
this is something we have never seen before. how it's going to play out in middle america, you know, back in places where i was born and raised, south bend, indiana, i don't know. >> but he wants people to talk about him as a football player. >> yeah, and again, we're in uncharted territory here. and that aspect of it is something that we're just going to have to see. if you look in the history of television, you had, you know, so many situations where you've had groundbreaking firsts, you know, archie bunker kissing sammy davis jr., for instance. and that was a big deal. this is one of those things, we have to take it a step at a time and see where it carries us. from the football side of it, that's going to take care of itself. this other thing, the other side of it, the social part of it, we just don't know. >> terence moore, certainly great talking with you about that, as we've been saying. it's such a big moment for
5:00 pm
michael sam, certainly for the nfl as well. and i'm sure this will continue to be a big story in the days ahead. we'll continue to follow it as well. terence, thank you. i'm randi kaye in new york. "anthony bourdain: parts unknown" begins right now. have a great evening, everyone. one of our roles here has always been to take away excess money from people who don't know what to do with it, and who can't think of a better idea about how to spend their money. in the old days, the mechanism for doing that was you throw it on a table. put that into the context of throwing away a bottle of 7-up in a club, that's what we do, we're just slightly more honest about it. >> you're talking class commercialism, in the very best sense of the world, this is it. is this the cultural center of the country? we may not think