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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  May 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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packard. the company has lost revenue for 11 straight quarters and after earnings came in below expectation, hewlett packard announce it would cut 16,000 jobs worldwide. the company trimmed 24,000 jobs in a restructuring plan two years ago. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@ this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. >> you have absolutely no clue what she went through to say things and say that she was lying or she's doing this. >> michelle knight was held prisoner for almost a decade voicing her support for another girl that allegedly kidnapped and held for years. you'll hear her emotional response. then -- >> we were all prejudice in one way or the other. >> no secret recording. no v. stiff annaian stiviano fo.
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more debate than outrage over the comments. >> how a climber found himself trapped in the ice. >> it hurt bad. hello, everyone. great to see you this morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. happy friday. we have those stories and more right now "@ this hour." >> a young woman who was held captive and abused for almost ten years has been reunited with her family but questions they continue to swirl this morning. many people wondering why she didn't just run. >> those critics have infuriated another very brave, young woman. michelle knight was held prisoner for a decade and chained to the floor and repeatedly raped after kidnapped in cleveland. she and two other women were freed from their own house of horrors a year ago. she spoke about the california case earlier today on "new day." >> people shouldn't judge people
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by what they see and what they hear because there's a lot of people out there that go through pain and they can't stop it. they don't know how to cope with it. they don't know exactly how to go through it. people shouldn't say anything about what they can't explain because it may be difficult for that woman. that woman that went through this. and it's very hard for her when people are saying bad things about her and saying that she's lying. you don't know what went through her head. you don't know what that dude was doing to her. you have absolutely no clue what she went through to say things and say that she was lying or she's doing this. you're making her life not able to function or heal properly when you do these things to people. you're making people not want to come out. not want to say anything.
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you're making people want to sit there and keep it to themselves and go through abuse when you say stupid crap like that. i need a break. >> so sorry, michelle. >> michelle's emotions are so raw. it was very important to her, however, she wanted to continue talking about this because she wants people to see the truth about what happened to her. she also was very forceable about this notion that people are passing judgment on this woman in the case in california. >> this young woman in california has now been reunited with her family as we said after almost a decade. police say she was kidnapped at age 15. joining us to talk about this is a clinical and forensic psychologi psychologist. she just listened to michelle knight there. this struck a nerve.
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>> absolutely. in some ways she's being retraumatized because she's overidentifying with this young woman in california as is absolutely appropriate. what she's saying is absolutely true. a lot of people are judging this young woman from california. let's go ahead and believe what it is she's saying. this is what's coming from her mouth. she says she was traumatized. she was raped. we know that most likely she was brainwashed. we know there is stockholm syndrome. people don't understand. she had every opportunity to escape but actually she didn't. when we look at the psychological trauma, when we look at the psychological bondage, we see this every single day. we see this with pimps and their prostitutes. they tell them nobody cares about you. they lull them into a false sense of security and they constantly threaten them. the police said that this young woman in california was actually sexually traumatized, physically traumatized, psychologically
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traumatized, all of the things that happen to a young person in this case a young woman to get them to feel absolutely helpless and hopeless. >> you add to that the fact she was a young woman new to the country and didn't have a lot of english at her availability. she had trouble communicating in english at that point. it adds a whole other layer to it. we'll play a little bit more sound and we want you to react again, jeff. let's listen to more from michelle knight. >> just because you're not chained up and you're not locked in a basement, doesn't mean you ain't trapped. i know exactly what it feels like to be trapped in your own mind, in your own emotional mind and told that you can't do anything about it. nobody will care about what you say. i had that happen to me. and it's the worst feeling to feel like nobody cares. nobody understands. for a girl like her, the
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emotional torture is so painful that she chose not to hurt other people because he may have threatened to hurt her. he may have threatened to hurt the people that she was talking to. and to have that, a person is not able to break the chain of cycle. not unless they were really, really strong. and they really, really knew that nothing would happen bad because that's what happened to me. i was threatened to be killed. i was threatened that nobody cared about me. i was told that nobody in the world would understand or care that if i kill you today, nobody will look for you tomorrow. and that's what you got to think about is how she felt. she was there. nobody else in the world was there. they don't know exactly what she
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went through. and not unless you were walking in her shoes, you have no reason to talk. i would like to tell her that i love her and i care for her even though i don't know who she is. i never met her. i'm there 100%. and every judgment she makes, make it a beautiful judgment. make your life beautiful now. don't dwell in the past. go for a future. your life will be so much better. >> there still needs to be an investigation right here. investigators are looking at this case right now and what's happening in california. that much is clear. but michelle knight makes the case, makes the argument that when people are in captivity like this, things happen to you psychologically. we have to be willing to accept that your thought process is fundamentally different than it is for the rest of us out here.
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chains don't have to be made of iron. >> that's what we talk about human bondage, psychological bondage. it's worse than the actual physical chains because now you are talking about someone's cognition being changed over the years. remember, according to the police, she was kidnapped at 15. she was drugged. she was raped. this individual allegedly was grooming her while she was still in the relationship with her mother taking her side and manipulating her even then. put her in a garage. tortured here in the garage. we see a lot of the parallels with the young women in cleveland so that's why if you have the chance to escape, you don't see it as a chance to escape because all of the threats and the long-term intimidation wears you down. it's a brainwashing. >> we should point out the 41 year old is held on $1 million bail and charged with forceable rape, kidnapping and other crimes. his lawyer for the most part says the alleged victim is
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lying. thank you for joining us and walking us through this. thanks so much. ahead "@ this hour," another near collision of two airplanes. wow. are the describes extra crowded? what's going on here? he fell 70 feet and lived. his amazing survival caught on camera. this is amazing stuff. this is honestly one of the most stunning things you will ever see. >> my right arm is seizing up. i can't use it anymore.
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>> not what you're supposed to see when you're flying two big planes there. a couple pilots talking there trying to figure out why two two united airlines jets packed with passengers almost slammed into each other mid air. >> this happened may 9th shortly after the jets took off from bush intercontinental airport in houston. they were just 400 feet away from each other top to bottom and less than a mile apart end to end. >> this is the third near collision in recent weeks after close calls in new jersey and hawaii. that sure seems like tle three times too many. three times in just a few weeks. are we just reporting it more? >> well, it's partly that. i have to admit it's partly that. after 2010, they used to have a three strikes and you're out for these air traffic controllers. when something like this would happen, they would try to hide it and be careful.
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they said it's more beneficial instead of punishment to learn from it and share this with other people so in some cases, yes. i think this is beyond that. there's more happening and more happening because of overcrowding. more pressure on every single one of these controllers and there's more airplanes in the sky than there ever has been. >> is this a question of too many planes in the sky or too much traffic right around those airports? >> well, no really. that's not going to change. we have to have a system and we have a system that right now and system that can handle the traffic. what is occurring and official of inspector general looked a at this question deeply. david is partially right. as always he's right. they did find separating for increased reporting that these air traffic control mistakes, near misses and near mid air collisions are dramatically on the rise in one year alone a 50% increase and what they found out
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is this being this kindler gentle faa where nobody gets fired or discipline ed means the are no consequences. that's why the hudson mid air controller is back on the job despite terrible lapses in judgment and performance. i think it's a combination of things. the faa has got to get tough on these underperforming controllers to get better ones. >> it seems like that is necessary if we'll keep seeing three every few weeks here. david, we're lucky to have you with us right now. you just had a very, very interesting meeting. unprecedented in some cases. you were in canada meeting with president of the international civil aviation organization. this is the group that oversees commercial flight worldwide and you were talking about flight 370 and some of the changes that should be made going forward. >> right. one of the things i thought was very interesting out of the conversation is that they decided they worked with this group and what they're doing is
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learning what will happen and how will we move forward and get flight tracking immediately and what's the quickest way to do it that airlines will do it that's affordable. there's 11,000 airplanes with equipment on them but now immarsat says they can use this equipment. they expect by the end of the year to have flight tracking on all 11,000 aircraft. >> that's something we talked about with you. all aviation experts have talked about the need to this and fact it's almost onboard. it couldn't come soon enough. >> it couldn't come soon enough and it's important that they are onboard with this. the initial reports they put out is they weren't going to require unless a plan was manufactured after 2020 which means current fleet wouldn't have the same requirements. this new schedule is vastly improved. the important point here is each nation, ours, europe, malaysia,
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each country has to adopt their own regulations. even though it is recommended, we have to keep pressure on our government just as everyone else does to make sure it's made into our laws and then it's required of our pilots and that's how it works. they can only beg but the nations have to act. >> you put the call out right there, mary. we appreciate it. always a pleasure. thanks for joining us. coming up for us, racism or just straight up honesty? another nba owner reveals his personal prejudices so should he be condemned or congratulated? that's next. new car! hey! [squeals] ♪
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>> we're all prejudice in one way or another. if i see a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night, i'm walking to the other side of the street. if i'm on that side of the street and there's a guy that has tattoos all over his face, white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere, i'm walking back to other side of the street. >> let's talk about the conversation that mr. mark cuban stirred up. the dallas mavericks owner since apologized for some of those comments you heard. i should have used different examples. i didn't consider the trayvon martin and i apologize for them for that. however, he is standing by the words and substance of his interview. >> mark cuban is rich. mark cuban is loud. mark cuban is opinionated and well known. he's making a point about racism in america. he was talking about the prejudices that everyone has, himself included. the question now is do these prejudices, which he admitted
8:22 am
to, and does that statement make him a racist? we're joined by mark lamont hill and sports attorney dominique ramano. mark cuban said this. he had this conversation. does he deserve to be condemned or congratulated here? >> i am not someone that rush to congratulate people for saying things in public that some might find offensive. just because you say it publicly doesn't mean you should be congratulated. i appreciate his candor and honesty. i like to know how people stand on issues. i don't think he engaged in bigotry. it's about hatred and denial of access and resources. he's not a racist. he said something that's disturbing. i think if you do run from black kids in hoodies, that might be informed by racism. and there's no equivalency between a black kid in a hoodie and white guy with tattoos and a
8:23 am
bald head. they're not opposite sides of the same coin. he chose very poor examples. >> the one thing it has done because we talked about it on "new day," it has brought up that whole thing again of the importance of having discussions about race. dominique, it's a tough one. no matter when you talk about it, where you talk about it, it always is fraught with land mines. you have to be careful what you say. you want to be sure that you're honest but also want to make sure to respect other people's feelings. how do we go about it? >> you have to respect mark cuban's intent. he intended to start a dialogue. he intended to get people talking about the subject. i think -- he's right. people can be educated. people can change. they can in certain cases they must. however, actions have consequences. you can have bigoted views but just not as an example setting owner of a major sports
8:24 am
franchise or of a mayor of a major city. >> i think mark cuban has proved his own point here and the point you just made, dominique, people can be educated. mark cuban said something that he probably wish he didn't say because it was clumsy talking about kids in hoodies which is a loaded statement in our society because of what happened to trayvon martin. but do you agree that this is part of a larger discussion that we should be having which is what mark cuban says? >> we absolutely should be having the discussion. i'm glad he brought the conversation up. i'm glad he mentioned it and that we can push back. mark cuban is open to the dialogue but also open to be critiqued on what he said. the trayvon martin makes the hoodie thing such a hot button issue and a terrible choice of words but i'm glad we can have the conversation. don't want the nba to punish mark cuban. i don't want him to be disciplined. i appreciate his honesty. if we overpunish or overdiscipline mark cuban we push bigotry to the underground
8:25 am
where people are afraid to say what they believe and they operate in secret. the issue here is that mark cuban doesn't have a history of enacting his prejudice in the boardroom or corporate world and he's not denying black people access to jobs or housing like donald sterling. these are different cases. i'm happy mark cuban had the conversation. i will challenge him. >> all right. always a pleasure to have both of you with us "@ this hour." thank you so much. have a great weekend. coming up, donald sterling's comments. they could be changing more than the nba. could they have an effect on the national football league? how some united states senators from the situation will cause redskins to change their name. do you think your life is stressful? what's the bigger culprit? your job or your home life? we'll show you which one research says is to blame ahead. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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8:30 am
>> good luck selling idea to roger goodell. a pointblank question earlier this year about that very issue. >> would you feel comfortable calling an american indian a redskin to his or her face? >> jim, i have been spending the last year talking to many of the leaders in the native american communities. we are listening. we are trying to make sure we understand the issues. let me remind you this is the name of a football team. a football team that's had that name for 80 years and presented the name in a way that is honored native americans. >> snyder has been steadfasting the nickname is tradition and that's important to fans. marc lamont hill and dominique ra ramano we bring you back to force you to work more. we understand the issue. the team has had the team for 80 years. i would argue, dominique, that
8:31 am
goodness knows we've evolved in the 80 years as a society, have we not? >> you would think so. the comments sound tone deaf. the time has come for a change. when members of congress are ahead of you in thinking, there may be something wrong there. >> daniel snyder earlier set up a foundation to raise awareness for native americans. is that enough for the owner of the redskins to do? is that some kind of token, do you think? >> i think it speaks to his intentions. i don't think that he's trying to offend the native american community. i don't think that he's trying to upset anyone. he's being stubborn on this point. opening the foundation and raising money and awareness is a good thing. it doesn't let you off the hook for the redskins name. i'll say this a contentious issue. this isn't cut and dry. there are people in native american community even who have the belief that this is okay and feel honored by it. my point is if you have a
8:32 am
minority of people, i don't care 5% or 10%, larger than that in this case who are upset by the name and hurt by the name and offended by the name, let's change it and to michaela's point, we've had the name for 80 years but i would like to think we progressed over the last 80 years. kudos for pushing them on this and using donald sterling moment to get the conversation going again. >> is it going to take congressional weight to force this change? don't you think that they're going to hear from enough people that say it's time for us to move past this and get a different name. it doesn't have to change the support of the team or the essence of the team. >> people have remarkable ability -- >> so what. 80 years. the point is this. the time is here. there is momentum. there is precedence for this. look at the washington nba team. the bullets changed their name
8:33 am
in '97. it's not a minority. it's the majority of native american groups opposed. if you look at the american webster dictionary, it's an offensive name. >> the senate may have more important things to do than worry about the name of a football team. it was democrats that signed the letter because republicans say that no one asked them. john mccain said if they had asked him to sign it, he might have signed it because he's been vocal on this issue. marc, i don't want to ask for daniel snyder here. why do you think he is being so stubborn? >> i think people have remarkable ability to convince themselves that the things they do don't hurt people even when people tell them they do. many times people say i'm not sexist because i did this or racist because i did that. it's not about your intentions are but how your intentions are
8:34 am
felt by other people. i don't think he's taken that distinction in enough care. also, i think it's good old fashioned stubbornness. to some extent he says no one will tell me what to do with my team. it's rich guy ego. >> if someone could tell them what to do with the team, they might win some games one of these days. >> i knew that dig would come. i will tell you and big thanks to dominique and marc, now you can have your weekend gentlemen. thank you for sticking around "@ this hour." i'm adopted. all four of my sisters are part of the first nation and if anyone called my sister by that name it would have upset me greatly and we may have words so the idea that a team is named that, i can't reconcile with both of those things. it's a very sensitive word for me. >> people feel what they feel. >> absolutely. up ahead, the drum beat bgettin louder.
8:35 am
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but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. moments ago we were talking about the nba. breaking news. shelly sterling apparently is negotiating with the nba according to a source familiar with this situation. we want to bring in our brian todd who has been watching this situation unfold. what can you tell us, brian? >> we do have confirmation from a source familiar with the situation who i spoke to a short time ago that there is an agreement between donald and shelly sterling for shelly sterling to negotiate the voluntary sale of the l.a. clippers. the source says there have been
8:39 am
discussions between shelly sterling and the nba. that's about all this source could tell us at the time. we do have it now that there has been an agreement between donald and shelly sterling for shelly sterling to negotiate the voluntary sale of the l.a. clippers. as far as we know, no new owners have been finalized. no new owners have been found. this would be an important step in the ongoing process of how to dispose of the l.a. clippers when the time comes to finalize this whole situation after donald sterling racist comments on that audiotape. >> it could be the beginning of trying to get out of the situation somewhat gracefully. i want to bring in stephanie elam in l.a. covering the sterling fiasco for weeks. you have been working sources with both sides of the sterling family. shelly sterling has said for some time that she doesn't want to sell the team. she said nothing racist, she says. she wants to be in charge. this would be a change for her. >> right.
8:40 am
and even still from what we have seen of some of this reporting, it still would look like she's still trying to negotiate the sale but on her own terms. we've seen reporting from "l.a. times" one place there. what is interesting here though is that throughout the beginning we heard adam silver say from the nba this was not about shelly and about donald and that he was the controlling owner, not shelly even though it was owned by the family's trust. so this would change things on how they would proceed. it seems to imply here that there is room for negotiation and just that she wants it done on her terms but the sale is very much in play because they know that this issue is not going to go away. >> dominique joins us once again. sports attorney. we heard from a lot of voices there are people who have said that nobody with the last name sterling should be involved with the clippers going forward and many are going to wonder is this just a clever work around of the situation so that donald sterling can still control the strings of the organization?
8:41 am
>> i think this is an expedited resolution. the story does not surprise me at all. silver has a history for being someone who favors settlements. ever since his days as a law clerk. i think you're seeing it. his influence is apparent. they want this resolved quickly. if that means control is transferred to shelly sterling and she's negotiating a sale on behalf of the family on their terms but on expedited basis, that's good for the sterlings and good for the nba. >> among other things which i don't know for sure but it's possible it might mean owners don't have to take a vote to expel the sterlings which would expose them in some ways and make them uncomfortable. could that be part of the situation here? we'll discuss that right after the break.
8:42 am
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breaking news just into cnn is word that donald sterling, the owner of los angeles clippers, has turned over control of the team to his wife, shelly. shelly sterling is beginning to negotiate with the nba to set the terms to sell this team. i want to bring in brian todd who broke this story for us. stephanie elam in los angeles has been covering the whole mess for weeks now and our sports attorney in toronto. brian, i want to start with you. i was wondering just before the break what the nba's stake is in
8:46 am
this now. by reaching an agreement now. does this put the nba in a position that they will not have to vote? owners will not have to vote to expel the sterlings from the league? >> it could. we don't know of any deal reached by the nba and mrs. sterling only that there are negotiations going on. the deal we heard about is between donald and shelly sterling to negotiate voluntary sale of the clippers. you're right. the league may very well not want this to come to a vote. donald sterling hired a prominent antitrust attorney to handle his affairs in this case. that may mean he was ready for a fight in a court of law. if that happened and this got to a vote and then got to some kind of legal maneuvering in court, then donald sterling may have been able to bring out some things about other owners that they didn't want to get out. this could be a move at least preemptively by all sides to avoid this getting to that point.
8:47 am
>> just another bit of this mess that came to mind just now and i'll bring you in, stephanie elam, is the fact that we've been talking about referring to shelly sterling as the estranged wife. there's been reporting in "l.a. times" that they're not so estranged. depending on who you ask you'll get a different answer. this makes it more messy. >> it does. when i met and interviewed her lawyer earlier on, he said they are estranged and they've been living apart for a year and planning to file for divorce. when i talk to people when i was at staple center and i would talk to people who had been around the sterlings, they imply they are not as estranged as this new statement has been given. they stuck by the story that she's been estranged. she filed that lawsuit against v. stiviano. showing that, look, they had a rift growing between them but they have all of these business dealings together. in some ways they couldn't be separated. they were seen together on his 80th birthday.
8:48 am
they said they have family together. that's why they were together. again, a lot of people saying that wasn't that rare for them to do and now if this is true, i think this is true that everyone wants to see this go away. players want it to go away. keep in mind we have the draft at the end of june. all of these things they would like to have wrapped up before then. if they can find a way to do that, they'll go after it. they still own the team together in this family trust. they would have to change all of that as well. >> let's bring in our sports attorney. stephanie said that the league wants this to go away. owners want this to go away. players want this to go away. what do the sterlings want, do you think, and as we say they're beginning to negotiate with the nba, they're negotiating for what here? >> probably the maximum prize. if you're the sterlings, you have to step back and ask
8:49 am
yourself, look, what is this team going to be worth if we're the owners? sponsors are heading for the exits. people have said they're going to boycott, fans are going to boycott. the players possibly could walk out. certain players won't renew their contracts. what's the team worth if they stay on as owners? a lot less than if they sell it now. i think they probably come to that realization and they're acting. from the nba's percespectiveper sooner, the better. they need to put this matter behind them. >> i have read some reporting that shelly sterling had said she was going to sue the nba if she was forced -- if they were forced to sell the team and she wanted to do it on her own terms. it's interesting because in the end it makes you wonder how much further ahead they'll get by jumping the gun, if you will. >> that does make you wonder.
8:50 am
it makes you wonder where they're going to go from here and when this will be finalized. not too long ago shelly sterling told barbara walters she would fight for the team and half the team was her and she would fight for it. this is in a trust. the trust is divided equally between the two sterlings. that has to be resolved. a lot is in the works. also, this notion of whether they are estranged. and that both them have voiced their intention to divorce. so that is also kind of a factor that plays into all this. again, there seems to be a change of heart from shelly sterling when a couple weeks ago she told barbara walters, this is half my team, and i'm going to fight for it, to now, we've been told she's at least ceded some control or at least there's
8:51 am
some agreement, some change of heart has occurred. >> you know what's going to happen to the sterlings, they're going to make a lot of money on this deal, no matter what. great to have you here, really appreciate it. cnn going to stay on the breaking news all day. up next, democrats in high-profile races are calling the veteran affairs secretary eric shinseki to resign. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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8:55 am
calling for his resignation. >> all running for office this year, they're adding their voices to the phrase, saying the veterans affairs secretary must go. want to bring in our cnn political commentator duo. republican consultant margaret hoover, editor of the daily beast, mr. john avlon. are democrats trying to distance themselves here? >> democrats south of the mason dixon line sure are. i mean, no, it's not an accident these folks, alison grimes, running in kentucky, against mcconnell, charlie crist, now a democrat, running in florida, and michelle nunn, trying to pull off a win in that state. frankly, it's a question of accountability. if you're protecting the president at this stage of the va scandal, it looks like you're a lock step democrat.
8:56 am
>> john hints at something here, which is these candidates may actually be looking for subjects to distance themselves from the president on. i'm wondering if there will be more democrats who sees this as an opportunity to create some space from the president, when the president is not polling well -- >> i think you can look at senator pryor in arkansas and these other key swing states up in november. i think it's very, very likely. it didn't need to be this way, john. i think the president, by waiting a month to speak directly to the issue, and by letting the secretary sort of be out there, but really it fell on deaf ears, his very tepid testimony. by not tackling the situation much dlocloser to when it happe, it's become this political football. everyone is going to now have to try to demonstrate that they support the va, they support veterans and they don't support the president who really hasn't been strong enough on this until it was maybe too late. >> it's interesting to watch what is happening on the
8:57 am
political front. we also want to bring up this poll, a cbs news poll. let's show. it's interesting, a third of americans surveyed think that eric shinseki is the one to blame for the va problems. here's the question. is it the buck stops here with him and his head needs to roll or is he being made a fall guy here, margaret? >> this is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. this is a system that has been broken for decades. i don't know why we're suddenly just outraged about it. there's plenty to be outraged for a very long time. to increase accountability, increase quality care that veterans were going to be getting, and look what's happened. i'm not sure that actually firing the secretary is going to fix the problem. >> look, the problem is the administration knew that there were problems with delays, that actually were leading to deaths. the administration says, look, we've increased funding 58%.
8:58 am
it's not that we're ignoring the issue of how to modernize the va. the question is how quickly have they confronted this? for the time being, shinseki should keep his job. if it does look like the ball was dropped and there was evidence and there was nothing done, at some point that accountability has to come in. >> as we heard john boehner yesterday talk, he said he still is not calling for the secretary's resignation, but he's getting closer. i think that's where a lot of people in washington are right now. >> he's a very respected guy, shinseki, too, over his career in the military. >> that goes without saying. he had a very, very long honorable career at many level, in the military. great to have you here. got an interesting story for you here. talk about luck. an american professor hiking in the himalayas survived after plummeting 70 feet into an ice crevasse. >> thankfully, i didn't keep
8:59 am
falling that way. i got trapped here instead. this ledge. my arm, i can't use. i'm going to have to somehow climb out that way. >> that fall left him a bloodied broken mess, bloodied face, broken arm. he still managed to crawl out. even had broken ribs. he was able to video the entire ordeal. apparently it took him something like four or five hours to get out and it was another 16 hours before a rescue helicopter came to get him. he is fine. some bruises and breaks. >> the whole thing in focus. that's a guy who knows how to shoot video, amazing stuff. a quick programming note. coming to cnn, a new series from executive producers tom hanks. the '60s. a decade that reached american's lives in ways still felt today. next thursday night, 9:00
9:00 am
eastern and pacific on cnn. you can tell me about those days. >> i'll harken back ton my favorite moments of the 1960s like when i was a zigote. we'd like to say thank you to all the men and women who serve. have a great time. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. just because you're not c b chained up and you're not locked in a basement doesn't mean you ain't trapped. >> new allegations, new questions, new doubts even emerging this hour in the sudden reappearance of a california woman who disappeared a decade ago. the woman tells police she was sexually assaulted, kidnapped at the age of 15, and held against her will by her mother's live-in boyfriend. more on that in a


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