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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hopefully, you'll have some family time planned. and, everybody, stop to remember on memorial day, it's what we're supposed to do. thanks for watching. "wolf" starts right now. right now, possible conclusion to the donald sterling controversy. cnn has confirmed sterling is letting his wife shelly negotiate the sale of the l.a. clippers. also right now, a about his czar twist in a mississippi senate rate. arrested after one of them goes into a nursing home, takes pictures of cochran's very ill wife. and right now, an inside look at president obama's unique blackberry. the president can't play angry birds. hello, i'm whoolf blitzer reporting from washington.
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we start with what looked like the end for donald sterling. has agree to let his wife sell the team. now it's up to her to work out the details with the nba and prospective buyers. our brian todd has been digging into this story. he's got the very, very latest. it looks like he has capitulated. it looks like he has blinked. >> that is the appearance right now, wolf. we have, from a source familiar with the situation, that there has been a deal between the two sterlings, an agreement for shelly sterling to negotiate the volen tae untary sale of the l. clippers. this source tells us there have been discussions between shelly sterling and the nba. again, this does appear to be maybe the beginning of the end of the sterling's ownership of the l.a. clippers and maybe just some resolution, some final resolution to this case. maybe taking it to a point where the nba and the sterlings might be satisfied with the end of the agreement. maybe neither side necessarily
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wanted it to go further, however further it may go. again, a source familiar with the situation tells us there has been a deal between donald and shelly sterling for shelly sterling to negotiate a sale of the l.a. clippers. >> shelly sterling's lawyer seems to be suggesting for days now they were going to fight and fight and fight and challenge this. donald sterling himself in that interview, exclusive interview with anderson cooper, he seemed to be going back and forth, whether to fight or not fight. let me play this clip for you. >> sure. >> i got to maybe somehow make them believe i'm a good member who made a mistake. and i'm apologizing and i'm asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake? after 35 years. i love my league. am i entitled to one mistake? it's a terrible mistake and i'll never do it again. >> other parts of that interview, he seemed to be saying, okay, if they want me to leave, i'll leave. if he does, if this goes ahead
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now, she gets full control of the team. then the league would not presumably have to take a vote. 29 other owners would not have to vote. >> that vote would be coming up in june. maybe the league didn't want it to get to that point. maybe some of the league owners did not want it to get to the point where maybe something will be decided in court where donald sterling might have some information or uncomfortable things to say about the other owners. it could have been an effort to maybe preempt some of that. you're right, look, just a couple of weeks ago, shelly sterling said part of this is my team and i'm going to fight for it. donald sterling indicated that himself not too long ago. he just hired a prominent antitrust attorney, max bleker, which would presume he was girding for a legal fight here. >> the owners are scheduled to be in new york june 3rd to vote on the termination of his ownership of the clippers.
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i want to bring in stephanie elam. she's been covering the story from los angeles. also our cnn legal analyst sunny hostin in new york. so legally what to you think, this would be a very dramatic development if he hands over the team to his wife shelly and she agreed to what the nba and adam silver, the commissioner of the nba, have been demanding, that they sell the team. >> it's pretty masterful, i think, because no one wanted to see it in court. i think we all can agree that this was going to be an epic legal battle if there was one to occur. but i will say this, i've said from the very beginning that shelly sterling has always been the wild card. she's always been 50% owner of this team. and i think that it is very smart for donald sterling to transfer his ownership part over to shelly sterling. what still, though, doesn't make sense to me is this report that shelly sterling is so willing to sell the team because, again,
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web had every indication she's a fighter. every indication she's in love with this team. she's been front row center even after the scandal broke. she was attending all of the games. she was calling the coach, she was calling doc rivers and asking to be a part of the festivities. i think it's odd that all of a sudden she is just going to give up the team. what i see that seems to be more in line with what the sterlings have always done is for shelly sterling to remain an owner and to sort of be a passive owner. maybe not involved in day to day operations but somehow still to have some sort of involvement with this team. and so i think this is a step, it's a turn, but i don't believe at this point shelly sterling is just going to divest herself of this team. >> well, stephanie, you've been covering this story. maybe shelly sterling and her attorneys, they now recognize they're going to lose if they go to court on this, that they don't have necessarily a good case. on the other hand, they are
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getting ready to walk away with a ton of money. all of the sterlings, if they sell that team, for $1 billion, and some suggesting it could be even more than $1 billion. they bought the team in 1981 for, what, $11 million or $12 million. >> $12 million, yeah. >> maybe that's the incentive. you may lose. take the money and run. >> here's the thing, her quality of life as a co-owner has changed. she used to sit court side. in the last few games, she was sitting up in the box. not coming down to the court because i'm sure she knows there's a lot of people who don't want to see any sterling there at the helm. at the same time, i do believe the sterlings have enjoyed making money. that is what they've been about. they have done this together through the 50-some years they've been married. mainly through real estate. when you look at what this franchise is worth and what they'll be able to get out of it, you heard adam silver say this earlier. we owe it to the sterlings to
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get the best value that we can. they're going to get a lot of money. it's not like they're going to -- like 1983, right after they purchased it. the numbers they're going to get are much different here. i do, you know, when we looked at that interview before, she said, shelly sterling said she wanted to get the value -- she wanted to stay on as an owner because she had helped build up the team and she wanted to be -- a passive owner is what her lawyer told me. you're still looking at the sale going through because they do know the pressure is just so huge. we don't know what the nba completely uncovered in their investigation. for then, they're saying they know both sterlings have to go and they know pressure's there and that may be changings situation. >> you've been covering this in the formal legal document the nba released to us. the termination charges against the sterlings. one line says, if the nba board of governor sustains the charge, the ownership interest will be
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terminated. it later goes on to say, termination of the los angeles clippers entire membership, including mrs. sterling's interest in the team, is calleded for by the constitution of related agreements and is the only viable means for bringing mr. sterling's interest in the clippers to an end. the nba is making it clear they are no longer differentiating between mr. and mrs. steriling. >> which is new from that document. at the beginning of this, if you remember, mr. silver, adam si silv silver, the nba commissioner, left a little wiggle room. now they're unequivocal. they want both out. this seems to be what -- >> sunny, very quickly, if they both capitulate right now, accept the terms, make as much money as you possibly can, and walk away, there's no legal battle. they just sign the documents, sell the team, whoever wants to buy it for the highest bid. you would be surprised if that happened. is that what you're saying?
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>> i really would be. these are very litigious people. i think it would be very odd. that being said, i still think it's a masterful move. the nba commissioner says this is all about donald sterling. if you transfer the ownership, i would say that i don't know they have the basis for forcing the sale. that's why, even legally, this is a massive move. >> they have a history of lawsuits. a lot of that was done when they were in their 40s and 50s. he's now in his 80s. apparently he's got some serious illnesses he's dealing with at the same time. when you're 80, you see things
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differently. i've always thought if there was a way to take the billion and leave quietly and get out of here, they would take the money and run. we'll see if this is the final chapter. thanks very, very much. good reporting. >> we'll have much more on the sale of the clippers later this afternoon. ahead this hour, another near collision between two passenger planes. i'll ask our aviation panel how often this happens and how can it be prevented. up next, a contentious race for the united states senate gets downright ugly after an illicit photo of the incumbent's wife is posted online. ? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing.
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a republican senate primary race in mississippi has gotten especially ugly. the battle between the incumbent senator thad cochran and tea party challenger chris mcdaniel took a about hbizarre turn. several of mcdaniel's supporters were placed under arrest for alley conspiring to take an illegal photo of senator congrecochra cochran's wife who is in a nursing home. this is a very, very ugly story. give us the very latest. >> it is an odd story. i suppose we shouldn't be too surprised about things happening in politics. the plot seems to be thickening with these additional arrests. in connection with this political blogger who was arrested last week accused of taking this photograph of thad
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cochran's wife who is bedridden. we know mcdaniel campaign says they had nothing to do with this. we know kelly has been a supporter of the mcdaniel campaign. the campaign says he's not a volunteer, he's not a staffer. we know one of the additional three men arrested yesterday, one of them is a local lawyer. he's a local tea party leader. mcdonneaniel's campaign have go a lot support from the tea party. i can tell you mcdaniel's campaign says they're not involved. here's the statement. as we have said since day one, the violation of privacy of mrs. cochran is out of browns for politics. any individuals involved in this crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. i should tell you we just got a statement from the cochran campaign and they say this mcdaniel campaign has been changing its story virtually every day, sometimes several times a day, and these latest arrests raise even more questions that the mcdaniel
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campaign has to answer. it's not looking pretty. >> is theed th thad cochran cam suggesting it could go higher up? >> certainly suggesting the mcdaniel campaign must have some sort of involvement. there was a lot of discussion when the first man was arrested. about when the mcdaniel campaign apologized to the cochran campaign, did they apologize before the police report came out? is there have been a lot of accusations back and forth. clearly a lot of distrust in this very, very ugly and tight race. >> thad cochran, he's been the republican senator from mississippi for years. he's widely consider to be a real conservative. how close is this race in the polling that you've seen? >> we don't have any polling since the scandal broke over the last couple of days but we know the folks down there have been bracing for a pretty tight race. this was a race that the tea party hoped to make a real impact in. they were hoping if they could get rid of of this incumbent, a
10:17 am
six term senator, if they could get rid of him, they could make a big impact. we'll have to see what happens. we'll be watching closely to see. >> what an ugly turn of events sneaking into that nursing home like that. all right, thanks very much for that. allegedly. sneaking into that nursing home i should say. athena, thanks very much. up next, another close call in the skies. i'll ask our aviation experts about the latest near collision involving two passing en jer planes. later, the democratic congressman cumming, talked about race, politics, a lot more. explains why he's joining the committee to investigate what happened in benghazi. ive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive..
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the faa is now investigating another frightening close call between two passenger planes. in the skies near george bush intercontinental airport in houston. an air traffic controller tells united flight 601 to turn right. moments later, the controller appears to realize the united jet is on the path of another plane. >> just stop your heading. stop the turn right there, sir. 601, stop the climb and stop the turn. >> peter goelz is the former ntsb managing director. david soucie is a cnn safety analyst, accident investigate, author of the important book "why planes crash." peter, let me ask you, how does
10:22 am
this kind of stuff happen, because we're hearing more and more about these close calls. >> the numbers on this would belie that. there were 132 million flight operations last year. 41 incidents that made it into the record books as a close call. >> that's 41 too many. >> that is 41 too many. the system worked, but in this case, the pilot, the controller told the plane to turn in the wrong direction. >> so it was a human error by the air traffic controller. >> it was a human error. that's what it appears to be. they will retrain the controller. they'll look at the process. they'll move on. the key is we have the safest system. it works almost this way because it's nonpunitive. people who make a mistake, they don't get fired right away. >> a lot of people are going to be flying, especially this weekend. they hear these kinds of reports. close calls. midair close calls.
10:23 am
they get nervous. how nervous should the folks out there the be? >> well, remember, as peter was saying, it is a safe system. also the reason it's safe is not just because of the fact the -- they get retrained and put back into the system and because of the fact it's nonpunitive. in addition to that, there's collision avoidance systems on board the aircraft as well. when aircraft are heading into collisions with themselves, they get something that's independent from the air traffic control system that says you might be in danger of intersecting the path of another aircraft. it is a safe system. it doesn't -- still underscores the fact this system is overloaded right now and something needs to be done for the overcrowding of these air wave, and next jen is the abc to that and we need to keep pushing that through. >> what's next jen? >> jnext jen is the next generation. modernization of the airspace system. it's critical because the system we have now was designed in the
10:24 am
'40s. we're still doing it the same way. it needs to be modernized so we can put more aircraft in the sky safely. >> let me shift gears quickly, pete, get your thoughts on the malaysia airlines flight 370. we've been waiting for inmarsat to release all the ping data, if you will, all those handshakes, as some people call them. we thought they would be released earlier this week. what's the delay? >> i think they're deathly afraid that just putting out the raw data is going to generate thousands of more conspiracy theories, thousands of, you know, internet monitors who say they've got it wrong. i've rechecked with my sources. they say they have reached out. they've gotten the best people worldwide. the best satellite people. they've done the work. this is the right location. i think they're going to issue a report sometime soon that's going to give a lot of the background data and a lot of the
10:25 am
justification. >> but not all of the information. they're just going to release a summary. >> i think it's going to be a summary. all of the information is going to cloud the issue. >> but you know david the families won't be happy with another summary. they want access to the initial -- all that data out there. >> and they will get it. i talked with mclaughlin who is the vice president of inmarsat and he supplied all that data. they're analyzing it now. they will give some more information but it will not be be a summary from what they're telling me. they're telling meg they gave the raw data and it will out. there will be all dines of conspiracy theories but there's only one group that said we're willing to step forward and these are the real people and this is michael esner and his group. >> let's see what happens. all right, guys, thanks very much. just ahead, new developments in the benghazi investigation. the ranking democrat of the house select committee standing
10:26 am
by. congressman elijah cummings. later, the senate passed a sweeping immigration bill last summer so why hasn't the house of representatives followed up? speaker john boehner blames it on obamacare. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can.
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new developments emerging on the investigation on the deadly attacks in benghazi, libya. the secretary of state john kerry has now agreed to testify next month, not necessarily before the new select committee set up by the republicans to investigate, but by a separate house committee. let's get some more details. joining us now is the ranking democrat on both of those committees, congressman elijah cummings of maryland is here. thank you very much for coming in. >> good being with you. >> here is the letter the secretary just sent darrell issa, the chairman of the other committee you're on, saying he's willing to testify either june 12, june 20th. he also says in this letter the secretary will not, if he testified before issa ace committee, you're the ranking democrat on that committee, he won't testify before the select committee that the republican congressman from south carolina is chairing. you're the ranking democrat on that committee as well. what exactly is going on here? >> think the speaker has lost control of issa.
10:31 am
police sa's trying to interject himself into select committee's business. keep in mind, wolf, when the select committee was formed, what the speaker said is everything comes under the select committee. and now here we have mr. issa try to bring the secretary in and the secretary is saying, you know, i'm going to come but i'm just going to come one time, this is it. >> he's just going to the issa committee -- >> it undermines the select committee. >> i thought if there was a select committee, that would supersede the other committees. on oversight and government reform. they've been holding, as you know, holding a lot of investigations, a lot of hearings be the benghazi terrorist attack. >> that's exactly right. >> i assumed once there was a select committee, the speaker put together seven republicans chaired by goudy, five democrat, nancy pelosi has agreed to
10:32 am
participate, that that would take precedent. but what surprises me now is that kerry's willing to go before issa's committee, not the select committee. >> he's trying to obey a subpoena. he hasn't gotten a subpoena from our committee because we haven't formed yet. >> you met with the senator. >> it went very well. i think trey would be a little bit upset about that. it's his committee now. now he sees issa operating on the outside. the speaker said it would not be a circuit. >> explain to me, you understand this, he was a senator during that tragedy in benghazi. he has no firsthand knowledge of the decisioning making process going on. >> that's exactly right. >> what is the rationale that you've been told? >> i don't know. i mean, i think what he's saying
10:33 am
what issa's saying is i want to bring him in and possibly embarrass him. he said in that heart, they told us, there are other people, the kous stodian of the records, that could get him much better information. all he wants to know is about the records. >> did trey gowdy say to you the most important question he wants answereded? >> not yet. that's one of the things i asked him to do. we're going to meet next thursday. come back and tell me exactly what the purpose of this select committee is and give me some kind of scope. you cannot do an investigation unless you have scope. of what you're trying to answer and where you're going. >> i want to play a couple sound bites on an unrelated matter. a sensitive issue. jay rockfuler, the senator from west virginia, making a pretty explosive charge against a whole bunch of republicans. the republican senator ron johnson, wisconsin, very upset about the suggestion that republicans are going against
10:34 am
the president on a whole bunch of issues like obamacare because of the president's race. listen to what both these senators said. >> i'll be able to dig up some e-mails that make part of the portable care act doesn't look good especially from people who made up their mind they don't want it to work becaus they don't like the president. maybe he's the wrong color, something of that sort. >> it was regrettable and i would say it was offensive. seems like the only one in the room really talking about opposition. that you would play the race card. that you would say opposition from obamacare must stream from racism. >> did senator rockefeller go too far? >> i can tell you, rockefeller is a friend. i have admiration for him. you know, i don't know that he went too far or not. i try to stay away from the argument. it distracts from the problem.
10:35 am
any time anybody even mentions race, what happens is we get caught up in the race issue but we don't deal with the problem. for example, all these republican governors that will not expand medicaid, so that hundreds of thousands will be covered, that concerns me. democrats have said over and over, let's expand medicaid. republicans have said no. >> you can be critical, disagree on a whole bunch of policy issue, but you don't have to bring race into it. >> that's why i don't raise race. because exactly what's happening here. our interview then becomes about race as opposed to people who are sick and who are suffering. i see them every day. i'd rather concentrate on them. because race becomes a distraction. it becomes a distraction. both senators are good men. i know both of them. >> they're both good men. >> i try to -- >> you can disagree with the president -- >> there are a lot of people who wonder why everything that this
10:36 am
president proposes, republicans go against him. even things that they believe in. even things that would hurt their constituents. they wonder, you know. and i leave it to them. >> when george w. bush was president, a lot of democrats would go against them, no matter what he was doing. had nothing to do with race. >> that's exactly right. that's why you have to be careful in the broad accusation judges politics. >> if you don't like politics, get into something else. thank you very much for coming in. up next, sharp words on capitol hill as the house speaker's grilled on why the house of representatives hasn't moved on immigration reform. his response may surprise you. our political commentator ana navarro, she's standing by. later, vladimir putin breaking down the unrest in ukraine, saying it's not his fault at all.
10:37 am
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testy exchange up on capitol hill when the house speaker john boehner was confronted on the sensitive issue of immigration reform. specifically, why the speaker has not allowed the house of representatives to vote on the immigration bill passed last june by the u.s. senate. listen to this. >> mr. speaker, we came here to ask you why are you blocking immigration reform? it's been almost a year since the senate passed -- >> me? >> yes, you could bring it to a vote and you haven't. it's been almost a year -- >> well, actually -- an issue that i've talked about for 18 months. starting the day after the 2012 election. the fact that congress needs to deal with this. and i made it clear we're not going to deal with the senate bill. 1,300-page bill that no one has read. and we're not going to do it. think moving in a piece by piece
10:41 am
fashion in a commonsense way is the way to do this. but the president, the president has responsibility here as well. when he continues to ignore obamacare, his own law, 38 unilateral delays, he reduces the confidence of the american people in his willingness to implement an immigration law the way we would pass it. so the president has to rebuild the trust if we're going to do this. >> -- has to do with immigration reform. the senate passed it almost a year ago and you didn't move on that -- questioning your leadership -- >> i just gave you an answer. there's nobody more interested in fixing this problem than i am. >> but you can do it and you haven't done it. you can do it, mr. speaker. you really haven't done it. >>cy appreciate your opinion, thank you. >> let's bring in our cnn political commentator ana navarro.
10:42 am
what did you think about that exchange? >> know both of them. i look both of them. i spoke to jorge ramos this morning before doing this interview. he told me he'd been seeking an interview with speaker boehner for months, had not gotten it, so he decided to show up to the speaker's press conference and ask the question, sat in the front row, sitting there next to dana bash. jorge ramos is a tough interviewer. he's also more than just a journalist. he really speaks for the community. i think he was expressing the frustration there is in the community. then he went to the other side of the capital and had a somewhat heated exchange with harry reid and a group of democrats as well, saying to them, why do you continue offering false hope and why aren't you pressing the president to stop deportations? so he is an equal opportunity tough interviewer. >> that's what journalists are supposed to be, tough with
10:43 am
everyone. going back to that house side, there's the so-called hastert rule that the majority, the republicans, need to support it before the speaker would even allow it to come up for a vote. is that still part of this right now? >> i think the hastert rule is greatly exaggerated. when dennis hastert himself has said there is no hastert rule. certainly, look, when a party is in the majority, they want to put bills on the floor that will pass with the support of the majority party. in the same fashion that nancy pelosi didn't bring up bills that would have passed with 90% republican votes and 10% democrat votes, speaker boehner's got the same issue. he's also in a very difficult situation, with a caution, a republican caucus, that frankly is like herding cats.
10:44 am
i do not doubt his willingness, his desire to want to move on m immigrati immigration. i have confidence in him. i trust him. i don't know if he will find the way. if he will find the right window. i hope he keeps trying. he's got a commitment made with a lot of people. i think it's something that needs to be done. >> we're told the president later today will make some major cabinet changes, encluding the san antonio texas to become the next secretary of housing and urban development. what do you thing? he's 39 years old. he had a big speech at the democratic convention last time around. >> i think it's a good thing for the administration. there is not much enthusiasm amongst latino voters this time around and as midterms approach. i think they've got to do some things. i wouldn't be sush priced if we see more executive action on immigration, on stopping
10:45 am
deportations before the elections. i think, you know, naming castro is something that means something to the community. i'm not sure it's all that good for castro. who is one of the most personable, likable people in politics. he has been all over the country, speaking at democrat events and raising his profile. you know, who wants to be in the obama administration cabinet? er that i know who's been in it tells me it's a prison, micromanaged by the white house. so i think he loses his independence, he loses the ability to choose what he says, where he says it, where he goes. you know, it's a step up for him. i hope it works. but i also think he's going to end up losing a lot of his own voice and i hope he doesn't get lost in that cabinet. >> ana navarro, helping us appreciate the world of politics a little bit. thanks, as usual.
10:46 am
wall street, investors hope to start their long holiday weekend on a high note. stocks have gained ground for most of the day and they're near another record high. the dow jones industrials up about 150 points. 16,594. now to a disturbing new trend in emergency rooms all across the united states. a new federal report says the anti-anxiety drug xanax is responsible for a huge number of patients overdosing. just six years later, that number doubled to more than 123,000. doctors say patients too often mix xanax with alcohol or other prescription drugs like oxy codeic codone, an interact which could be dead. i up next, ukraine and president putin what he plans on
10:47 am
doing after the vote. later, when the president took office, there was one thing he couldn't give up. what was it? we'll explain. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented.
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10:51 am
interest and letting his wife take charge. she is negotiating, we are told, to start the process of selling the la clippers. we just got a statement in from mike bass, the spokesman for the nba. we continue to follow the process set forth in the nba constitution regarding termination of current ownership and are proceeding towards a hearing on this matter on june 3. that's when all of the owners of the nba are supposed to get together and vote. they need a three-fourths vote to terminate the ownership of the sterlings. now this is suggesting maybe the sterlings will have to sell the team and they will not have to fight a legal battle with the nba. other important news we are follow i
10:52 am
followi following putin blamed the united states for all of the unrest. >> troy: with the support of the west and now there's civil war. so as far as crimea, this is our position. we have nothing to hide from the crimea. we are assuring the possibility of free will for the people. they voted at the referendum and voted for their future. >> putin referring to crimea. he went on to say that he will respect the outcome of sunday's presidential election in ukraine. what can you tell us about the new clashes between ukrainian troops and pro separatists,
10:53 am
pro-russian forces. >> it has been another remarkable day of violence. we now have reports of ukraine officials claiming that perhaps 30 pro-russian separatist officials, there along with two ukrainian soldiers and in separate clashes, potentially another one person killed and nine injured as well. that comes on top of yesterday's six dead ukrainian soldiers. and today, hours ago, we heard ten explosions and it sounded like an exchange of artillery fire. it is said quite clearly that he is not going negotiate with the authorities.
10:54 am
>> they will of course have a lot more in the coming hours and days as they get ready for the upcoming elections. >> still ahead he was a well known blackberry addict. when president obama took office he didn't want to give up the habit. we will take a closer look at what it took to keep the president connected. card. citi thankyd now earn two times the points on dining out with no annual fee. go to those little cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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10:57 am
>> all right. so many of us cannot live without our smart phones. the president wanted to keep his blackberry but security was certainly an issue. >> let's talk about the blackberry. you got to keep it. >> i did. >> can i see it? do you have it? >> i didn't bring it down here.
10:58 am
it's like inspector gadget. if you touched it, it might blow up. >> one person was tasked with protecting president obama's blackberry. tell us how a retired nsa technical director came up with a secure blackberry for the president. >> hey, wolf, when the president was elected and he asked for a smart device it actually got the nsa really nervous. and the reason why is because it's really difficult to secure a commercial device. the president was actually a well known blackberry user at the time he was elected but choice of model was not up to him. that was really up to the nsa. and that's where this guy, richard gorge, he goes by dicky, that's where he comes in. he was tasked at looking at the algorithms and figuring out a way to make them secure.
10:59 am
>> he can send a text or an e-mail. but we do know this, every app is an opportunity. there is probably very limited apps on this thing. he cannot use it to play angry birds and probably not too many oval office selfies. >> he will use it to send e-mails and get e-mails and presumably use it to make phone calls. >> probably to a very small group of people. we were talking about ten, maybe a dozen people that he could communicate with. >> he's not communicating with me or you. i assume he is communicating
11:00 am
with valorie jared among other top aids. newsroom with don lemon starts right now. good afternoon, everyone. top of the hour. don lemon in for brook today. a private conversation with donald sterling's girlfriend got him into this mess. now it looks like the nba owner is going to have to go to his wife to clean this mess up. shelly sterling is in talks with the nba to sell the los angeles clippers. she is esstranged from her husband. he has been under pressure to sell his team after recordings came to light nearly a month ago in which donald sterling told his girlfriend not to bring black people to the game. i'm going to turn to stephanie in