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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 13, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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this hour. gaza residents are being warned to get out to avoid this. the death toll is climbing and many are fleeing gaza. we're there with the latest. plus, a sizzling hot car, a child left inside. we found out that turns into a recipe for disaster very fast. >> reporter: it's about 91 degrees outside. inside now it's 108 degrees. we've only been in here about 15 minutes. >> how often this is happening to children coming up. plus, a giant cruise ship lying partially submerged in the water for two years now. how officials are preparing if -- for a massive move straight ahead.
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violent bitter clashes between israel and gaza are getting more intense today and hundreds of gaza residents are trying to get out. the consulate in jerusalem helped 150 leave gaza and get into jordan today. that's after they dropped leaflets into gaza warning them to move away from air strikes. israeli says its forces have already hit what it calls more than a thousand terror targets, yet rockets from gaza keep coming. more than 800 have been intercepted and today israel intercepted two more over tel aviv. the gaza health ministry says at least 68 people have died in gaza and most are civilians. israeli prime minister netanyahu said today hamas is to blame. >> reporter: who is hiding in hamas. hamas. who is putting people in the hospital, hamas. who is putting control centers in civilian residents and kin
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kindergartens. hamas. they're using humans as a human shield. >> benjamin netanyahu spoke with secretary john kerry. kerrie said israel has the right to defend itself. wolf blitzer has been there in jerusalem and has the latest on the situation on the ground. >> reporter: there doesn't appear to be any letup at all between the strikes and counterstrikes between israel and hamas. israelis upped the antesending in commandos, going after specific targeting inside gaza, spending about a half hour there or sew and then heading back to sea, getting back to their bases. four israeli soldiers slightly injured in that operation. all of them managed to get back to their base okay.
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the israelis are indicating that more of these operations, more of these limited command o'strikes, boots on the ground, if you will, going in very likely and there could be an opportunity of a more robust ground invasion. listen to the spokesman for the defense forces lieutenant colonel peter lerner. what about tanks, armored personnel carriers, formal invasion of gaza as has occurred in the past? >> we're preparing that possibility. it's not something we've wanted do. but in the past five or six days we have bolted up the forces and inside there's a substantial force and if the order is given we are prepared for that type of activity. >> reporter: and lerner also makes it clear that israelis are going to continue to pound other targets including one town in northern gaza. overnight israelis have been dropping leaflets, telling residents and civilians, get out, get out as quickly as you can.
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a lot of those people unfortunately can't get out. they're stuck there. lerner makes it clear they're going out and engaging in these kinds of air strikes. i pressed him as to when they might take place and he said it could be within hours. the word "hours" very significant. so the israelis very clear they're going to step up their attack. they keep going into the populated areas but israel's so-called iron dome anti-defense missile system has worked exceptionally well so far. there have been no israeli deaths in the past several days of this continuing operation. let's see if there's any movement toward a cease fooifrmt doesn't look like any significant progress is happening right now but i know behind the scenes there are a lot of efforts under way right now get a cease-fire. we'll see if that can get off the ground. wolf blitzer, cnn, jerusalem. >> and stuck in the middle of this deadly conflict are civilians who are caught between
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hamas and israel. ben wedeman is live in gaza city. he's seen it all there. ben, what is the latest this evening there? >> reporter: yeah, fredricka. we just heard a very large blast just to the south of here. as far as the civilian situation go it's important that they're not leaving -- there's a big boom out there. basically they're moving from one part of gaza to another. now, we were in the northern part of gaza where irn deed those israeli leaflets were dropped and they said in no uncertain terms you must leave that area for your own safety and most people, indeed, are leaving. the clock is ticking. it's time to go. israel ordered the inhabitants of this area in northern gaza to leave by 2:00 p.m. sunday. hamas told them to stay put.
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>> i don't dough what they same. i do what's best for us. he caught a taxi luckily. they took them away, and not a moment too soon. these children have heard the crash of shelling and air strikes for days now. but it still terrifies them. this is the third time in the last five years ahmed's family has had to flee their home. like almost everybody in the area, we're leaving too. it's dangerous. there's shelling. there's some people staying behind basically to guard their houses, but as the man back there told me, 80% of the people in this area already have left, and at this time, the deadline
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to leave ends in 35 minutes. on the drive in to gaza city, empty streets and rubble from the israeli air strikes. by taxi or mostly by foot, the people fleeing the north are heading to the united nations schools, more than a thousand in this school alone. food has yet to be provided. the only source of sustenance, a water tanker. this woman and her family of 15 fled their home at 2:00 in the morning. we told the kids get up, get up, she tells me. we walked all the way here. this baby needs milk, but we don't have any. nothing. not even safety. there's little to do here but wait until the fighting stops and they can go back to their homes, if they're still there.
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and according to the u.n., more than 10,000 people have fled their homes in the last few hours. if there's an israeli ground incursion, we can expect many more to do the saint. fredricka? >> all right. ben wedeman, thanks so much. all right. parents everywhere need to take special care in hot weather to avoid the kind of tragedy that we saw in the atlanta area, a child being left in a sizzling car. why it's more common than you may think. ♪
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a scary crash in indiana this morning as a greyhound bus and car collide. officials say at least one person is dead and more than a dozen hurt. the person who died was not on the bus. it's not clear yet how the crash
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happened. the bus was going from st. louis to dayton, ohio. colorado got hit by some deadly storms this weekend. lightning strikes killed two people in separate incidents at rocky mountain national park. meteorologist jennifer grey joins me now with more on this. jennifer. >> fred, it's been a deadly couple of days with rocky mountain national park. two people have died. 13 more injured. a lot of storms have been rolling through there. it's been especially dangerous when it comes to lightning. it's a popular outlook known for is breathtaking view but now it's also a place where dangerous weather can strike. >> we didn't see the bolt. it was just a white flash. >> it felt like something hit me in the head and i lost my hearing for ten seconds. >> mary iverson and her son dan
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were just a few feet away. >> we turned around and kind of assessed the situation there and went over to the man that was down and started doing cpr on him until help came. his t-shirt and stuff was burned from the lightning. >> saturday's fatality comes one day after a hiker, a 42-year-old woman from ohio was hit by lightning and killed off the trail park ridge road at elevations is of more than 11,000 feet. the area borders the tree line and that exposure makes it dangerous. >> they were trying to move quickly down the crossing trail to the trail head but that trail was completely exposed. it's completely above tree lines so there is no safe place. >> park officials are urging any visitors to check weather conditions and take precautions. >> it could have been any one of us, so i'm feeling pretty lucky. >> and here's a look at the preliminary reports for lightning fatalities for 2014. we have had 11 so far. of course, no surprise, florida topping that with four
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fatalities during the past year. we have also seen those two in colorado. the only two have been the ones that died yesterday and friday. fred? >> all right. jennifer, thank you so much for that. the soul survivor of a shooting rampage that claimed the lives of her parents and four siblings mustered up the courage to speak at her family's memorial service. 15-year-old cassidy stay suffered a fractured skull when the bullet grazed her head. she pretended to be dead until the alleged suspect, her aunt's ex-husband left and then she called 9/11. cassidy has been declared a hero. at the memorial she quoted her favorite movie. and in "the prisoner of azkaban" dumbledore says happiness can be found even in the darkness of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.
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i know that my mom, dad, brian, emily, becca, and zack are in a much better place and that i'll be able to see them again one day. >> police found the suspect ronald lee haskell near her grandparents' house. they arrested him after chase and a three-hour standoff. all right. many of us have been riveted by the justin ross harris case, the atlanta area father facing charging now after his toddler died in a hot suv. police have charged him with murder and the toddler's mother, though not a suspect, has hired a defense attorney. that case is just one in a disturbing trend this time of year. here's cnn's miguel marquez. >> reporter: it's happened again, this time el paso, texas. >> this is 911. what is your problem? >> a 2-year-old. >> reporter: a 2-year-old left
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in a car left to suffocate overnight. it keeps happening. at least 20 incidents involving 26 children. two died raising the number of children killed from heatstroke this year to 16. all of these cases in a few short weeks since most of the nation was laser focused in the sickening case of 22-month-old cooper harris in georgia, the child left by his father justin raz harris who spent the day working at home depot, having lunch with friends and sexting women all while his son spent seven hours strapped in car seat, scratches to his head and abrasions, the toddler struggling to escape the heat. >> you still have a child that's strapped in car that's exposed to extreme heat that i can assure you no adult would be able to endure. i certainly couldn't endure it. >> reporter: cars can heat up very quickly, even in cooler
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temperatures. it's 91 outside. inside, we even only been in here for 10 or 15 minutes. it's 108 degrees. i can tell you i'm suiting through my shirt. i'm sweating just about everywhere. these cars can go from uncomfortable to deadly very fast. and then there's this case out of washington, d.c. >> did you leave her in a car? this 29-year-old charged with abandoned her severely disabled mother in a car on day when temperatures rose to 92 degrees. police found her and rescued her after she was trapped in the vehicle for 16 hours. police say she suffered from severe dehydration and was sitting in her own urine and fecies. >> why was she covered in urine and fecies? can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: as unimaginable as it may seem experts say there will be more cases as temperatures across the country continue to rise. >> all right. miguel marquez, thank you so
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much. at least one company is marketing a sensor attached to the car seat that warn as driver if a child is left in the car. all right. the world cup issen to hit a fever pitch with germany going up against argentina in the final and we're monitoring all the action from world cup global fan zone. didn't know we had that, huh? we'll take you inside the action. oh, yeah. there's a lot of action going on there right now. hopefully there'll be action when we come right back. i've had surgery, and yes, i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. go to for savings.
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okay. germany and argentina in the world cup fial and we're monitoring it all from's global fan zone. joining me right now dayne schultz from the bleachers and money tech laurie segall. let's go you do first. >> reporter: i am here. you hear lots of people yelling every time there's almost a goal. they're this morning everything. everything happens on line, they're looking at it. you can see data visualizations all over. i want to take it to andy scholes. talk to me. >> we're 21 minutes into the
12:22 pm
game. argentina has had great chances to score so far this year. they would like nothing more than to win the world cup. that would be a great story line for them. germany is the favored. argentina has twice as many mentions right now on twitter than germany, so it's very interesting. it might be because they've had better chances to score but that's where they are right now. of course, the world cup, it's been a phenomenal on social media. the germany/brazil game, it blewny sport we've seen so far away. there was 35.6 million tweets during that brazil game. it was destroying brazil in the field. it was incredible. that's way more than we saw in the super bowl. so that's how many are getting into the world cup and jumping on the world cup to join in the discussion. if you want to join in on the discussion use the #cnnworldcup. we'll be posting pictures and reaction throughout the day. >> also, fredricka, i want to
12:23 pm
take you to anna gonzalez. >> do you know how many can predict the winner? >> reporter: i have no idea. >> the top two trends right now have to do with argentina. if you look at chart beat which helps us manage key words that are being used online right now argentina is much bigger than germany but if you look at facebook, facebook is the only place where germany is winning right now. it looks like the social odds are in argentina's favorite right now. but we want to keep seeing your photos and celebrations so please keep sending them with the #cnnworldcup. >> i want to let you know, fredricka, here we take the world cup very seriously. if you bliejd me, chris, our setup operator, he's wearing leader hosen.
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you can see he's pretty excited about the game. it's under way. please join in the conversation. #cnnworldcup. we're going to be watching it throughout. >> like the getup back there. bottom line in terms of the social media it looks like facebook against twitter. that's interesting that the two have kind of made their picks by way of their followers. thanks, laurie. very fun. appreciate it. in the fan zone. so you want to follow all of the latest world cup news at c n as the crisis along the mexico border gross, we'll take you live to the texas border ale tell you just how dire the situation is for those trying to make twhar in make their way into the u.s.
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all right. bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. here are some of the stories crossing the cnn news desk right now. actor comedian tracy morgan is back home. he continues to recover from the car crash that left him critically injured last month. officials say a walmart truck rear-ended morgan's limo on the new jersey turnpike. the crash killed his friend and injured two others with him. morgan is suing walmart over the
12:28 pm
incident. in australia, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is engaged in damage control. he met with the foreign minister to try to smookts over relations. he called the two countries, quote, great friends that will continue to work together. nevertheless germany is kicking out the station chief in berlin. and nasa is sending international supplies to the space station achlt supply rocket launched this morning. more than 3,000 pounds of food and cargo are on board. it is expected to arrive and dock at the space station on wednesday. all right. did you get a look at this? the super moon last night. these are some of the amazing pictures that you sent us. our best i reports. it's larger and brighter than the full moon. it happens that it becomes bigger than a full moon when it
12:29 pm
gets closer to earth. nasa says it happens about once a year. beautiful. perhaps it would be a beautiful thing, right? bill cosby may have a new sis come next year. he's developing a new family comedy. he will star in the show and play a father of three married daughters who have children. it has been more than 20 years since the original cosby show ended its run on nbc. and guess what? we might be able to see this new show as early as next summer. in washington this week congress will continue to weigh president obama's request for help with the border crisis. he wants almost $4 billion to help boost a border patrol and help deal with thousands of immigrants. the head of the house appropriations committee said that amount is too much but as the political battle escalates, federal law and local enforcement try to stem the tide to people crossing over into the
12:30 pm
u.s. alina mer cha dough has more from the rio grande river. >> reporter: fred yreka, there's a significance presence. keeping up with what's going on here isn't easy. this is the rio grande. nearly 1,900 miles long. it's where a flood of undocumented immigrants are crossing into texas every single day. we wanted to get a firsthand look, so we headed out on a boat with johnny hart who has lived on the river for more than three decades. >> it's just a routine deal when we tourn the crossings. >> it didn't take long. a man in the heavy brush even appears to hide from us. >> it's mainly adults that we see. lately in the last several months it's been women and children. >> reporter: you've seen them all on this river. >> yes.
12:31 pm
>> reporter: on rafts. >> yes. >> reporter: they're never too far away, but when they are, we see this, people on rafts hurrying to cross the river. in this case, they seem to be headed back to mexico after a drop-off on the u.s. side. while we can't say for certain what they're up to, it's clear the men on the rafts are not happy to see us. we wanted to see where those rafts were coming from, and just a few feet away look what we saw on the u.s. side. several border patrol agents, two vehicles, and four people who appeared to be detained. not long after a bus shows up, perhaps suggesting that four were now in the hands of u.s. border patrol. locals describe the situation here as a constant battle of wit between mexican smugglers and u.s. authorities. they say what we saw on the river they see every single day. fredricka? >> all right. alina, thank you so much. let's take a closer look at what is happening on the border.
12:32 pm
jose is was. a pulitzer prize winning fighter and in 2011 revealed his status as an undocumented immigrant in the united states. two beweeks after this very iss and your personal plight all in your film which aired on cn, what are you seeing in mcallen, texas? >> it was fascinating listening to the report you did. i wonder if you interviewed the undocumented immigrants who are actually living in the mcallen, texas. i'm the most privilege d one. i'm stuck here. i got here on thursday. we actually got here to document what is happening with the refugees, the central american refugees for these young children at one of the shelters
12:33 pm
here in mcallen and because i don't have pieces of -- i don't have any i.d. because of my filipino passport, it's going be hard for me to get out of here at some point in the next couple of days. so if you talk to the undocumented residents who actually live here, they're stuck. >> what are you finding from them? >> they're basically confined in a 45-mile radius. there's a checkpoint -- if you ever wondered hour secure and safe the border is, come down here. >> i've been many mcallen, texas. i'm familiar with the city. as it pertains to this plight, you know, this situation where a number of people are coming across the border, in many cases central america, but they're from mexico as well. and then blending in some living in mcallen, texas, what are you
12:34 pm
finding as far as if this joern has opened their experience to new opportunities, if it's enlightened their lives or if they feel like the word you used "stuck." >> first of all, i met a woman named tania chavez who's 28 years old. she's been here since she was 14 years old. she has two master's degrease. she's undocumented. she can't leave the area. she hasn't left in years because there's check points everywhere she goes. >> what is she expressing to you that she wants? >> this is why we need immigration reform to happen. this is why we need president obama and an executive action to thing as boldly and as big as he possibly can. fredricka, this is a really important point. i think the media is largely conflating two issues here. we have a humanitarian crisis with the central american children and i've been to the shelter. i've met some of the kids. we were talking about the young
12:35 pm
people. we actually released a video. this young american when she was 8, 9 years old, what e sh walked in there, her ponytail -- there's a piece of plastic holding her ponytail together. there's people showing up with no shoes. >> people understand, you nknow the measure of the crisis and what's on their backs. >> what's on their backs. >> but in terms of executive order as you speak to that, whether the president is going to carry that out or whether there is a measure that congress can agree upon or work on what is the hope of the executive order from that measure in your point of view, from the point of you. >> again, i don't want to conflate the two issues. the first is let's talk about the central american refugees, right? what are we going do with these kids? rick perry has been going around the state. this is the same rick perry three years ago that said you don't have the hearst if you
12:36 pm
don't want to provide in-state tuition for undocumented students. where is governor perry's heart when it comes to these refugee children? do we really want to deport them? is the only legislative action that congress is going to do is deport children? is that what they're going to do? outside of that it's what's happening to me. our lives are in limbo. you're on the border. you're literally stuck here. what's going to happen us to. what kind of action can president obama do to make sure we can aleleviate the struggle f the people who are here. i not a national security threat. tania who's lived there since she was 14, she's not a national security threat. >> so the question remains what will be done. >> what will they do. thing we've had way too much rhetoric, way too much political ping-pong going on here, and we're conflating the two issues and we're never coming up with a solution. how is it that governor perry is
12:37 pm
blaming president obama when it's the same president obama who has deported nearly 2 million people in five years. >> therein lies the problem. >> there's the problem. >> jose antonio vargas, thanks so much for bringing your point of view from mcallen, texas. >> thank you. thank you for having me. neither has announced they're running for president, jose bringing up the texas governor. but a war of words heating up between two possible candidates. the story coming up. ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets.
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hard to believe but midterm election are right around the corner and sparks are already flying between two republicans who could face off in their party's 2016 presidents dayal primary. governor rick perry wrote an on ned the "washington post" in which he takes kentucky senator rand paul to task for his views on foreign policy. from the white house lawn there, so, erin, what was said? >> what perry basically said is rand paul has been misguided in his approach to u.s. foreign policy, that we should be taking a noninterventionist approach to the conflicts abroad.
12:41 pm
he said he was blind to the threat posed by the radical group isis in the middle've. rand paul said he wouldn't send his son into those conflicts. here is how rick perry responded to that on ""cbs this morning."" >> i understand as well as anybody the concept of putting young people in harm's way. we need a strategy that's sound. we need a strategy that when we say we're going to do something, we do it. and our allies again can trust us and our enemies fear us. >> reporter: now, as part of this back and forth, a rand paul adviser also responded. his name is doug stafford. he said 60,000 children just invaded texas and their governor has time to write an op-ed in a washington newspaper miss characterizing rand paul's idea of foreign policy. obviously that's referring to some of what's going on in texas and the comments rick perry has
12:42 pm
made recently. we know that immigration will be a big issue in 2016, but also in that primary, the direction that the republican party chooses to take on foreign policy will be a big issue there, fred. >> erin mcpike at the white house. thanks so much indeed. john walsh has helped law enforcement capture over 1,300. in a few hours his new series debuts. a preview next.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
john walsh the driving force is teaming up with the original series called "the hunt." it premieres tonight on cnn at 9:00. each week he'll solve crimes. his own soul-crushing loss is what compels him to fight for justice.
12:46 pm
obviously adam's murder changed my life forever it. it was a real horrible "wake-up call" that there weren't the resources that there are now to find missing children. there were no amber alerts. there was no national center for missing and exploited children. there was no age-enhanced photos. there was nobody who knew where sex offenders were. i didn't know that my son had been grabbed by a serial pedophile who roamed the united states because law enforcement didn't exchange information and he was somewhere outside of that little town. he was 120 miles way, part of him was thrown in a canal. so when i was feeling so badly for myself, couldn't work, our house was slipping into foreclosure, all the things that happen to crime victims, we for
12:47 pm
goat who was the real victim. adam was kip and decapitated. maybe we can do something in his name. so that's what we've been doing for the last 33 years. >> wow. courageous. this sunday, cnn welcomes john walsh and the new cnn original series "the hunt." walsh picks up right where he left off with "america's most wanted" tracking down bad guys. the episode features a man shane miller of killing his wife and two children but walsh says the violence didn't come out of the blue. >> he weshe went to a safe harbd took her children with her. our detectives learns that mr. miller had an extensive arrest record and a federal offense record in which he was sentenced to federal prison.
12:48 pm
>> when sandy came in to our office, she appeared very tired. the girls were very tearful, red-eyed, exhausted. they'd had a long morning trying to get down the mountain to come here. she said shane had been very agitated for about three days. she'd had hardly any sleep. she said shane had assaulted her, tortured her, choked her, threatened her with guns. you know, he was threatening to kill her whole family. >> there's one detail about shane miller that investigators say makes him so elusive. deputy marshal brandon mcmullen told me why miller has been able to evade capture so far. >> he's pretty well known be a survivalist type. he grew up in the woods. it's home for him. he's a marijuana cultivator so he's somebody who's obviously
12:49 pm
very comfortable in the woods. but along with this case, everyone we've talked to, whether it be friends, family members, acquaintances said he's a creepy guy, scary guy, very violent. he's just sort of the type who's -- he's definitely somebody that we wanted to get off of the street and that is, you know, willing to do violence if it's going to keep him out of jail. >> so he is profiled in "the hunt," this new show involving john walsh. how do you hope this program broadcasting this crime that he is alleged to have carried out will help in facilitating his capture? >> well, in this case, you know, he's somebody who can stay out in the woods for a long period of time. but especially now, it's been over a year. he's going to need supplies. he's going have to come back in and actually have contact with some people. so we're hoping being on a show like "the hunt" is going to
12:50 pm
bring him back into the news and get his face out there, so if he does come in and try to buy something or steal something, hopefully somebody comes in contact with and help us find him. >> "america's most wanted" with john walsh helped promote more than 1200 arrests. how were you hoping the hunt might be an extension of that or something even bigger or broader? >> the u.s. marshals have obviously had a long relationship with "america's most wanted" and john walsh. with "the hunt" just like with "america's most wanted" did, this will bring his face back out there and get him pushed into an area where he otherwise might not have been seen. we put out flyers and talk to people, but more people watch this kind of tv show than they do look for a flyer. hopefully this is something where they see him and somebody has seen him recently or seen him at all and they're able to
12:51 pm
supply? sort of information. ♪
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
more than 300 people on board a united airline flight are safe, but a bit rattled, after the plane was forced to
12:54 pm
make an emergency landing on a tiny remote island in the pacific ocean. cnn's alexander field describes the terrifyi ining ordeal. >> reporter: an emergency landing for 348 people. cell phone video captures their arrival on the kind of island you don't usually visit. >> midway is not an island that has hotels and things. it's just a diversion airport. >> reporter: the moments before touchdown terrifying united airlines passengers. >> we were all thinking of people at home and our own little ones we had with us. we had a family next to us with a 3-year-old and a real tiny baby. >> reporter: mechanical issues delayed united airlines flight 201 from the start. after 3 1/2 hours it was cleared for takeoff. the plane left honolulu and was headed to guam, but three hours into the flight over the pacific ocean the pilot was suddenly forced to reroute to a remote island because of a strong electrical odor. >> any time there's anything going on in an aircraft that's
12:55 pm
abnormal with smells, with smoke, anything of that nature, particularly when you're halfway across the ocean, it's of great deal of concern and it has to be responded to immediately. >> reporter: in order to make a last-minute landing on the island, aviation experts say the pilot would have had to dump fuel before reaching the runway. passengers became more alarmed approaching the island because of turbulence. >> after that 40-foot drop it got really silent in the cabin. people prayed. we all prayed. i prayed. there's nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: midway island known for the battle of midway in world war ii was once the home of a naval air station. recently used for other emergency landings including a delta airline flight which touched down there in 2011. united airlines says it's still investigating the mechanical issue that forced the pilot to divert. >> this smell would be a smell from a spark, a wire that had come loose, a wire that had arced against the airframe of
12:56 pm
the aircraft, something along those lines. >> reporter: the aircraft, a boeing 777 is the same type of plane as the missing malaysia airlines flight and the same kind of plane that was involved in last summer's asiana crash in san francisco. the ntsb says that crash was caused by pilot error. aviation experts consider the 777 among the safest planes. >> nice to step on the land. >> reporter: united passengers spent seven hours inside a gymnasium on the island waiting for united to send in another plane after a harrowing ride. alexandra field, cnn, new york. and now we're closing in on the final chapter in the costa concordia saga. it began when the ship capsized more than two years ago killing 32 people and leading to charges against the captain. well now in the midst of his trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship, the costa concordia's almost ready to be
12:57 pm
refloated. here's erin mclaughlin. >> reporter: it's been almost ten months since the costa concordia was pulled upright. in a maneuver hailed as one of the greatest engineering feats in maritime history. >> a relief because it's been a struggle. >> reporter: now the costa concordia is finally ready to float again. it's a phase that engineers say is just as tricky and dangerous, the next chapter in a tricky story. january 2012 when the massive cruiseliner carrying thousands struck some rocks off the italian island of giglio. >> i looked and said this is it. we're going to swim or we're going to die. >> reporter: 32 of the people on board were killed that night. the body of a 33-year-old waiter has never been find. the captain, francesco shchettio
12:58 pm
is still on trial. last week italian police released this video. it shows staircases, seating areas and a reception desk. the extent of the costa concordia's sunkle, mangled interior. if all goes well, it's soon to be above water. some 30 metal boxes have been fitted to the ship's sides. the plan is to pump the boxes with compressed air to refloat the decaying concordia. one deck at a time. erin mclaughlin, cnn, london. now, some good news. a mystery man walked into a california grocery store on a mission. he didn't need milk and eggs. he was actually looking for something else. in concord, california, a man waited at the register. he waited until the clerk scanned every item from a random customer, then paid cash for it. he did it several times, spending over $600 on about half
12:59 pm
a dozen shocked shoppers. >> we have people hugging him, people were asking him if he won the lottery. like if he had a good job. but he didn't really want to give any information. >> very nice. a store surveillance camera did capture the mystery man in action, but the store says they're going to respect his wishes to remain anonymous. some shoppers were disappointed they missed out, but they still left with a cartful of appreciation. >> of course it breaks my heart that i wasn't here and didn't reap the rewards, but really it's pretty amazing and kind of makes you have faith in humanity again. >> i wish there were more people who had that kind of, you know, joy. >> aw, so nice. then a woman had some car trouble and actually had to pull her vehicle over to the side of the road in santa fe, new mexico. and this would be why. it's because of this.
1:00 pm
a 7-foot 20-pound bowe a constrictor wrapped around her engine. she wanted nothing to do with it. so a man who had pulled over to actually help her out is the one who called 911 for animal control. all right. hello again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. these stories topping our news. we'd begin with what would be any mother's worst fear. mexican police think they may have found the man of an american missing for the last six months. harry deaver disappeared in a violent part of mexico during a motorcycle trip. his mother is there to try to identify the body. our alexandra field is following the developments. after all this time,