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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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let me take this note before we leave to thank our long-time director chip, who is moving on. he has been in the seat for a long time. for all of us at cnn thanks for doing an excellent job. to all our viewers, thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- next breaking news we are live at the scene of the flight 17 crash. u.s. officials say they now know who likely shot down the plane. plus what we are learning about the passengers who died in the attack including a u.s. citizen and student at u.s. college. and details about the missile launch that took down the jet. does this prove that vladimir putin was involved? let's go "outfront." and good evening i'm erin
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burnett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. "outfront" tonight the breaking news, shot down, malaysia 17. many late breaking developments. the united states pointing fingers at pro russian rebels. these are the first pictures cnn is getting of the wreckage. our phil black is at the crash site in eastern ukraine. it took 24 hours to get to the site. it's remote and dangerous and controlled by rebel fighters. in short, this is a war zone. we're going to speak to phil in a moment and he's going to show you this horrible scene. first the late nest the shocking and fast-moving story. tonight the united states has says it knows who is responsible for the death of all 298 people on board the malaysia airlines boeing 777 shot down on the russian border on route between
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amsterdam to kuala lumpur. >> a group of separatists can't shoot down military transport planes or they claim, shoot down fighter jets without sophisticated equipment and sophisticated training and that is coming from russia. >> jim sciutto begins our coverage. >> reporter: the u.s. is already methodically piecing together who was responsible. today u.s. officials confirmed the missile came from within eastern ukraine most likely fired by pro-russian rebels andthy said the rebels almost certainly would have needed russian help to fire the missiles. >> because of the technical complexity of the sa 11 it is unlikely that the separatists could operate the system without assistant from knowledgeable personnel. we cannot rule out technical
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assistant from the russian personnel. >> it's strange to think it could be used by separatists without at least some measure of russian support. >> reporter: the missile that shot down the jet say u.s. officials came from this missile system, a russian made buk or sa-11. today, new audio recordings obtained by cnn from ukrainian officials describe how they received the same missile launcher from russia. [ speaking foreign language ]. and after the malaysian jet was shot down, ukrainian intelligence points to this video which shows a vehicle carrying the launcher back into russian territory, minus one missile on top. today, sergey lavrov said he
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hardly heard a single true statement coming from kiev in the past few months. as more suspicion falls on russian i spoke with the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. he said ukraine wants direct negotiations with russia but led by the u.s. but when i asked what is going it going to take to bring russia to the table he said blocking russia companies from the international financial system. as you and i well know, the big question is can the u.s. engine those sanctions and get european countries on board. >> that is the big question. thanks to jim sciutto. and now joining me is the spokesperson for the organization for security and cooperation in europe. that is the group monitoring the situation in eastern ukraine and are responsible for going to the site and seeing what is there at the crash scene, the first international monitors to arrive
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were from osce. what happens when you arrived? what were you able to see at the crash site? >> we had a very smooth trip all the way up to the crash site. what happened is once we arrived there things switched very rapidly and not for the better. we were met if you want to put it that way by inhospitable armed individuals. they were aggressive towards us. and also the amount of time we spent on the ground was only 75 minutes. they were very wary of us going close to any fuselage. the bodies are laid out there. they don't appear to have been touched since they fell from the sky. and also, very importantly, of course, to everybody involved is that there's very little security around the perimeter of the site. so really anyone can go on the site and tamper with the fuselage or whatever. so it's a very complicated, difficult and dangerous environment.
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>> and did you see any of that, michael? anybody -- were there people roaming around? were those armed individuals, i suppose the pro-russian rebels who were there, were they tampering with the evidence in any way you could see? >> they mad interesting preparations for us. they organized all the journalists in one group to make it look like they how about wandered around. but most of the journalists had roaming access through a number of the sites. but when we were there everything was contained and personal belongings from the wreckage was organized to indicate there was no looting. it was not only an intense situation but comical in the sense in which they tried to work stra orchestrate it. >> you said they hadn't touched the bodies. what were you able to see in
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terms of the plane itself? i mean, were you able to see the full wreckage? were you able to see all the personal effects or was that spread over a wider area that you were able to see given you only had 75 minutes. >> it is spread over about 6 kilometers but we were able to see fairly big pieces of the tail fin, what we thought was the cone end of the boeing 777. and then we counted dozens of bodies and the sad thing there is that we're starting to see the beginnings of decomposition. i know there was a big fire when the plane crashed. but also there has been some hot weather here. so these mangled bodies are starting to decompose out on the field. and that's the saddest thing that we're seeing. what's needed immediately are experts to come in, emergency workers, refrigeration is needed right away and a sense of organization and security so this recovery operation can get
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on its way. time is of the establisence rig now. >> it brings home the sheer magnitude of the lives lost. do you feel the investigation itself of what happened and what they could figure out from look at the fuselage, all of that, do you think from what you've seen that they're going to be able to do that in a way that is credible or has integrity or is it already too late to have a full fair investigation into the crash site? >> i don't think it's too late but every day that goes by where nothing happens is a day lost and another painful day for the relatives of the victims. we talked twice today the very high levels of the malaysian government and they mentioned two things they wanted. number one is that these bodies would be treated with dignity. and secondly that security be put into place around the
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perimeter. and of course the black boxes. i've seen plane crashes before but this hit everyone. everyone was ashen faced after the end of today. >> michael, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we go now to the crash site. phil black is there. you heard michael talk about being ashen when they were there and as they left. you are there at this moment. you have been looking an you've been seeing all of the horrific things there on the ground. what has it been like? >> it's confronting, erin. you are firstly struck looking at the large piece of wreckage by the sheer force that was responsible for tearing apart this aircraft in the sky and then when you look closer, you do see the human cost as well. bodies. some of them unrecognizable. you can't tell if they are man or woman, crew or passenger.
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and there are many of them scattered throughout the fields that surround me now on what is a very dark, cloudy night. even still you can see them in the long grass of these fields. some of them have been marked by small white flags. others not so. there is something of an operation here to at least identify the locations of these bodies and we're told that in some locations they have started to be collected that clearly many of them have not. it's interesting to note that some of the bodies bear little sign of obvious marking or injury. others, as i say, indescribable. so clearly did have different injuries and different forms of death. but what they all share up until yesterday they had no direct connection whatsoever to this conflict in ukraine. and that is what i have been reflecting upon a great deal. >> you are in a war zone right
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now, phil. you had to take more than 24 hours to get where you are right now. the investigator was talking about how difficult it has been for them and they have been threatened by the militia there. you had to fight for this access and you now have been spending quite a bit of time there. how hard was it to actually get there? >> it is tough. there's no doubt. this is a war zone as you say. it is in territory that is clearly under rebel control and there is no doubt here about who is in charge. there are workers from the emergency ministry of the ukrainian government, local workers who are here. but they are clearly taking orders or being permitted to work here under the orders or under the discretion if you like, of those rebels who are carrying arms and so forth. when you first arrived on the scene, the first thing the emergency workers asked us is if we had the permission of the rebels to be here.
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a pretty clear sign about who is giving the orders. and what we're seeing here, the scale of the operation here, there is the start of something. but is it clearly inadequate to the task to the scale of the catastrophe as is it here. in terms of recovering the bodies but also skurg and of course examining and investigating the wreckage itself to determine creditably, precisely what happened. >> phil black, thank you. phil will be live from the crash scene later on. if russian is behind the attack, what should president obama do about it? the republicans who call this an act of terror. and new information about the missile launcher that was used to take down a jet. and a man getting ready to
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welcome back to our breaking news coverage of flight 17 shot down. republican congressman peter king says that putin has blood on his hands and is responsible for this downed passenger jet. chris, what are officials in ukraine telling you? >> we spoke with the foreign minister today, erin. right now we are where the bodies will be brought once this
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investigation goes underway. this will be a pivotal point once people are able to access the area and do the job to give solace to the families involved. and the foreign minister was very aware of. that he knows that ukraine's government, ukraine's military does not control the eastern part of this country. he was very pointed in his credit similar of vladimir putin and russia for two reasons. it's not so much that the foreign minister said russia shot down this plane the way that russia said ukraine is to blame because they continued hostilities here but he does it by implication that is ukraine isn't continuing the hostilities, russia being open to the suggestion of these militants fighting for the homeland is what is causing this situation. and that's what peter king, the representative is referring to because russia is tacitly endorsing what is happening here at a minimum. the u.s. has a theory that the
4:18 pm
militants who may have used a rocket to take down mh17 they may have been given it or accessed it from russian authorities. so it is certainly what is being accepted by the foreign minister. they are pointing the finger at russia not in terms of you did this direct by li by by allowing the militants to continue this fight and not stopping the violence you caused what has happened here and hopefully from the ukraine perspective, the international community shames russia into stopping the condition because the foreign minister told us, ukraine cannot stop this conflict alone. >> thank you very much live in ukraine tonight. and joining me now is richard quest and military analyst, alyce labbit. richard, let me start with you. we have just been hearing the very difficult to hear, poignant
4:19 pm
and powerful words of phil black who is there right now in a field that has humans that lost their lives. and they are -- they are -- the bodies are decomposing and they are not being treated with the dignity they should be treated that moment. are we going to have this be treated the way it should be treated the human beings be treated and the investigation be treated as it should? >> we're not. and i can't see an obvious or easy way that you do scale it to what you would expect. twa, lockerbie, the scalability of the operation to get the authorities there to cordon it off to deal with respect, dignity, humanity for the remains. they're doing the best they can, maybe the few emergency workers but it's nowhere near enough. and i can't see an easy or
4:20 pm
obvious way that the ukraine government gets sufficient resources in there that will be allowed. where are they going to come from? russia's not going to be able to bring them in. >> and that brings me, general marks to the question of what the united states is going to do. if russia isn't going to be in there. the world is look to the united states here. and it's a fascinating situation. the united states has hold russia to back off out of ukraine. russia continued to do what it wanted to do. the united states let it happen. now you have an airliner go down with nearly 300 people on board only one person on it who was american. does the united states get involved or do they talk a big game but ultimately do nothing? >> no, they need to get involved. it's absolutely essential for the united states to take a leadership position right now. putin certainly could reach out and say we would like to assist and isolate the area and keep it from being corrupted more than it has been corrupted and invite
4:21 pm
in international observers and our national transportation safety board officials and do an official investigation. certainly no one anticipates putin doing it. i think he would remain silent. there are ways to go to putin and say, look, if you ask for this we'll lean in and give you a hand. but absent that, the united states needs to be able to work aggressively with kiev and figure out a way to get in there and get the agreement from the parties they can isolate the site. >> and alyce, why the hesitation from the u.s. government? what explains this? you have peter king on the republican side saying putin has blood on his hands and chuck schumer saying all fingers point to putin but president of the united states talking about prorussia rebels being responsible stopping short of
4:22 pm
blaming the kremlin and putin. why? >> they want to be methodical about the investigation and when day finally point the finger at russia they want to be able to make it stick and don't want any propaganda or any deflection. it started with sam power at the united nations pointing the finger at russia and president obama said the rebels didn't do this on their own. and our understanding is secretary hagel did an interview with bloomberg news and said russia has responsibility. as you see the investigation plays out, the united states will get stronger and stronger in pointing the finger at russia. but the question is does this become a tipping point for president putin. has he realized i created a monster here? no one knows. talking to officials they're saying, listen, he could come forward. he could start helping with the
4:23 pm
investigation. he could start cooperating with the west and negotiate. but if history serves itself he will dig his heels in. >> exactly. i want to go back to the scene. we now have the only live reporter right now around the world who is there at the crash scene tonight. our phil black is there. phil, tell us what you're standing in front of and also to this question of who is there? when you talk about the armed militants, how many were there? how well equipped where they? >> just starting with where i am, what you can see obviously a significant piece of the wreckage behind me. we can't be certain what part of the aircraft it is. it looks like a part of the fuselage. it appears to be tapering. but it is big and significant. it gives a sans of the disaster that took place in the skies above here.
4:24 pm
what is also interesting to note is that although is it dark we are surrounded by fields as far as we can see, no other big pieces of wreckage but there are others some distance from here. indicating the sense that the debris field is so big. and the debris field is secured and under control of the prorusspr pro-russian rebels you have been talking about. they are here, they are armed and keeping an eye on the small amount of emergency workers who have been permitted to come in here and do some work and they are controlling the access points. getting here was really very difficult because this is rebel-controlled territory. there are many, many checkpoints and roadblocks between here and the area of ukraine that is in the control of the ukrainian government and the ukrainian military. they are still restricting who can get in and who can't. a telling sign of just who is in charge here is when we first
4:25 pm
arrived the ukrainian government emergency workers asked if we had the permission of the pro-russian rebels. >> i'm shaking my head in horror. there needs to be hundreds of people experienced recovery people that need to be investigators and people who are experienced in handling human remains with dignity, with respect. and ultimately they need to look for the black boxes which we believe are still on ukrainian soil. and instead you have a bunch of rebels that are holding this ground and i can't see any easy or obvious way that you scale this up. >> all right, thanks to all of you. and/ -- we will be going back live to the crash site with phil black. he's going to show you what he's been seeing. hard images to see. but important as we all try to grasp the scale of what happened. and as he said so powerfully
4:26 pm
earlier that all these people had no connection to this until that one moment yesterday. still to come, the sophisticated missile that took down the plane. if pro-russian rebels indeed downed this jet could they have done it without explicit russian help? that is the crucial question here. many other airlines have avoided ukrainian air space for months. malaysian airlines did not. why? ♪
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i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. . welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we have break news on malaysian airlines flight 17 that was shot out of the sky. u.s. investigators heading to the scene. evidence is mounting that pro-russian rebels were responsible for the attack. one american was on that plane. an american-dutch duel national. a surface to air missile fired from a buk anti- aircraft launcher that is russian made. but piecing together the remaining evidence is getting
4:31 pm
more difficult with every passing hour. looters are sifting through people's belongings in what is a true december krags. bodies are decomposing in fieldings. the wreckage is scattered over miles and miles. phil black is the only reporter there live tonight. i know it has been incredibly difficult to get there and in terms of what you are now seeing. right behind you appears to be a piece of the fuselage. what else have you seen? >> without a doubt the most confronting thing we have been seeing other the last few hours are those bodies. they are still very much lying -- it would see, either as they fell or were thrown not long after the moment of death for these people. these people who had nothing to do with the ukrainian conflict until that moment of death. some are caught up in the
4:32 pm
wreckage or what is left of it others are very much isolated, seemingly have fallen along way from anything else in the field that surrounds me. there are not many of them they are in various states. some almost no injury and some extreme injuries. there are many things here we can't show you and would be under any circumstances very difficult to describe. a real sense of the human cost of this tragedy. but then of course there is also -- i want to show you this and let you take a closer look at it, the physical power that was involved in this accident. the force that actually broke up this aircraft in the skies above us. this is what you see when you look at this large piece of wreckage just here. several large pieces i should say. it is difficult to determine just what part of the aircraft this is, that large yellow section is part of the fauusela.
4:33 pm
it is tapering toward the ending suggesting is it the rear of the aircraft but we can't be sure. and no one is really here to work it.definitively. there is no investigation taking place here on the ground more than 24 hours after this aircraft fell from the skies. and that is significant. more than 24 hours after this aircraft fell from the skies, most of the bodies are still scattered in the grounds around here. it would seem that none of this is going to be cleaned up, resolved or investigated any time soon. and that is because all of this has taken place in what is really an ongoing war zone. and the people who control this space, who occupy it, the pro-russian militants, the rebels, they do not appear willing to let in outside forces from the ukrainian government or any sort of major international force either to come in here and
4:34 pm
really do what is required for really a catastrophe of this scale, erin. >> and phil, you must be dreading what you're going to see in the morning. obviously when you first see this by daylight in just a few hours. >> we have observed that ourselves in casting some of our lots across the fields we have seen things, yeah. and indeed as the sun is due to come up here in a few hours and no doubt we are going to see many more as well. there is no doubt that what is here is confronting. it is terrible. it is difficult to describe. but, even more so, obviously, for the people that have been caught up in it, some of the work has gone on in identifying the locations of these bodies, marked with white ribbons and small flags but that is only some of them, not all of them. and at the moment there doesn't appear to be in effort or momentum to deal with them in a
4:35 pm
respectful way in a way that you would respect. what is becoming some time since that time of death since the time the aircraft fell from the sky. >> phil black live for us at the scene of the crash. also tonight questions about what caused that horrific scene that you saw behind phil. the anti-aircraft launcher that was used to take down the jet. ukrainian officials say that the rebels smuggled the launcher. that's what you are look at, with one rocket missing back into russia. tom formen is "outfront." what have you learned? >> while they can't get to the ground zero there to look at the wreckage all they can do is follow the electronic signature of the missile launching system to figure out who attacked this plane. how does that work? we all know the planes give off radar signals and they can be read remotely by things like satellites up in the sky.
4:36 pm
that is also true of the buk missile launcher. the buk missile launcher uses a powerful radar system to send out a signal and paint the sky to find targets. that can be read remotely by other devices that are not associated with this. when it fires a missile that gives a heat signature that can be read remotely. when that missile is in flight it turns on its own radar trying to narrow down its flight toward a target. when you talk all of that being read by other governments and people remotely that is what investigators are look at. you can hook tell all together and create a very clear line from the plane back down to the ground. this, erin, is what has allowed them to change the search area. remember, yesterday, we were talking about a search area that went all the way into russia. now we are talking about one that is very narrow in terms of
4:37 pm
where this video came from. you add to it the video from the ukrainian minister of the interior showing what they say is one of these being removed with a missile gone. until they can get to the wreckage site it's what they have to work with and they are working with it and it's helping them narrow their search. >> thank you. "outfront" next, many other airlines have been avoiding ukraine's air space for months. why didn't malaysia air do the same. would you get on flight 17 right now? a man who lost a close friend in this tragedy is getting on that plane in just a few hours. he's "outfront" tonight.
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4:42 pm
rene marsh reports on the red flags. >> reporter: the signs of danger were all around. this also follows a pattern of actions by russian backed separatists. >> reporter: june 13th pro-russian rebels shot down a ukrainian transport plane killing 29 people. june 24th rebels shoot a ukrainian hermit shoot nine. and this week monday, july 14th, a cargo plane shot out of the sky. wednesday, a fighter jet shot down. the next day, flight 17 suffered the same fate. were red flags ignored? malaysia airlines says no. >> the flight path taken by mh17 was approved by the national civil aviations and by the countries whose air space the route passed through.
4:43 pm
and international air transportation association. >> reporter: ukraine authorized flights above 32,000 feet, an altitude that was considered safe. nonetheless some airlines did avoid the area unless the air space is restricted it's their call whether to fly through. carriers like british airways and air france flew around the conflict zone altogether. so did qantas, asiana, and china airlines. carriers likeless airlines flew directly over the war zone. >> you can't simply take every air space that might have a problem and say we're not going to fly there because as i say, the global scope of that would be enormous. >> reporter: late this week the dangers of the air space now abundantly clear. the aviation authorities took action. the aviation arms of the u.n.
4:44 pm
and europe recommending that airlines avoid the air space and the u.s. and ukraine prohibiting flights there. but for flight 17, it's too late. rene marsh for erin burnett "outfront." >> i want to bring in miles o'brien. you know, this is one of the things that regulators can tell you do do something and you can obey it to the letter. and some airlines chose to use their judgment. so they could have avoided it is the bottom line. >> you know, there are laws. there's the letter of the law and then there is plain common sense. any pilot would tell you they always want to have a fallback option, a way out, an option. if you are flying 1,000 feet above a no-fly zone because of a shooting war what happens if you have to make a rapid descent.
4:45 pm
why would an airliner not take a course deviation which might amount to a matter of a few minutes over a 12 hour flight and a little more fuel burn than go right through this zone? some airlines are smart and avoided it and others have flown through it. as a pilot i would never fly through there. >> miles o'brien, thank you. >> still "outfront," malaysia's plane is making the same journey tonight. a man is about to get on that flight from amsterdam to malaysia. and the 298 lives lost on flight 27, we remember the victims. you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips
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break news on malaysia airlines flight 17 shot down over eastern ukraine. family and friends of the 298 passengers who lost their lives are struggling to make sense of the tragedy. at the same time, this haunting image. this is flight 17 leaving amsterdam today. malaysia keeping the flight number in service for now. that's what a malaysia airlines spokesperson told thus afternoon. that flight has arrived safely in kuala lumpur and in less than 12 hours, malaysia customers will board in amsterdam to make
4:50 pm
that same journey. one of this is "outfront" tonight. roger, thank you for being with us tonight. i know you're getting ready to get on that plane but you lost a friend on yesterday's flight who was traveling with his family. that must be so hard for you to accept or thanks for having me and arranging this in such short notice. it's quite surreal, actually, if you ask me. this is a very good friend of mine that i know for about 20 years now, and the sad news this morning and it's just trying to cope with it to make some sense out of it all. especially, taking into account i'm flying in 12 hours on the same flight, back home. >> did your friend have any hesitation over getting on that flight given obviously, the coverage this year of mh 370.
4:51 pm
>> no, not at all. my friend was a frequent traveler, especially to holland here because his headquarters is based in the netherlands, and he flew very regularly as i do, as well. >> roger, you know, we've seen videos and pictures from passengers who were afraid of flying yesterday. this is a video believed to be from a passenger before take off. he wrote quote with the name of allah feeling a little nervous. these words when you read them now, it's hard to think about it. you have been flying this particular route over 20 years. you're an incredibly frequent flier for malaysia air. how worried are you? do you have hen testatioesitatie plane? >> when the news broke, it took awhile to understand what really
4:52 pm
happened because when a plane goes down the first thing you think about is most probably technical or mechanical failure or something of that sort but after listening in and paying very good attention for eight hours and looking at you guys at cnn, we figured out that it was shot down over ukraine, and that somehow makes it a bit better for us to fly, but it's still -- it's a difficult period to fly. >> of course, it is. you also have that personal loss, as well. did it -- >> exactly. >> did it ever cross your mind to change the flight, or are you just full steam ahead. >> yeah, yeah, that's the first thing we tried to shift to the klm flight at night for tomorrow night, but it wasn't possible, so we thought well, you know, lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, so let's just
4:53 pm
be tough and be strong and go for it, yeah. >> all right. longer. >> not easy, though. >> i'm sure it doesn't. we'll be thinking of you and good luck and thank you and i'm sorry for your loss. still to come, the people who died on flight 17. we celebrate the lives and mourn the loss of those victims. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. at every ford dealership, you'll find the works! it's a complete checkup of the services your vehicle needs. so prepare your car for any road trip by taking it to an expert ford technician. because no matter your destination good maintenance helps you save at the pump. get our multi-point inspection with a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation,
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you're looking at a live picture of the crash site for malaysia air flight 17. 298 human beings on board. phil black is there and says words are unable to express the horror of what he's seen in the fields of eastern ukraine. we remember those people on a routine flight to continue their lives who will rest in the fields forever. 298 human beings, 80 children, three babies. here is jason carroll. >> reporter: in the charred wreckage left behind are sad reminders of the 298 souls lost on flight 17. signs of who they were and why they were on board. for nick norris, a grandfather, it was his chance to take his three grandchildren back to perth, australia so they could be home in time for school.
4:58 pm
one was heading back to school in australia, as well. the 77-year-old was a teacher and roman catholic nun. >> she radiates what it means to be a sacred heart educator. she shows great love for students and staff. >> quinn was a dutch citizen, a student at the international business school in amsterdam. the netherlands bore the greatest number of victims, many were touched like a 25-year-old championship rower from amsterdam who took a break from pursuing her phd at indianaers i havety. she was headed for vacation and posted a picture, should it disappear, this is what it looks like, a reference to maylaysia air flight 370. core was traveling with his girlfriend. her facebook page saying it
4:59 pm
would be closed for vacation. also on the doomed flight, 100 aids experts heading to an international conference in melbourne, uaustralia. bill clinton calling the loss i'm measurable. >> those people are the people we're going to australia to talk about. >> world health organization spokesman glen thomas and lang described by many scientists as the preeminent expert on hiv, aids. >> he really had the training of a scientists but in the end he had the heart of an activist. >> 29 malaysian passengers and 15 crew perished on board including this flight attendant, her best friend says she loved work and would never miss a flight and passengers like the paulson family on vacation
5:00 pm
heading back . all the pictures, all the stories, now gone. jason carroll, cnn, new york. thank you so much for joining us. our news coverage of flight 17 continues now with anderson continues now with anderson cooper, 360. -- captions by vitac -- good everythining. thanks for joining us. a reality in darkness breaks your heart of the notion how this came to be, turns your stomach. a large piece of the 777 flight 17 inside the wreckage that remains no life. human remains are everywhere. white ribbons mark the place they came to rest after a missile blew the plane from the sky. they lie in a war zone and because of that, because of that fact, more than a day after the fact, they lie there still, another horrifying reality. so is the reality that a weapon of war brought down a civilian jet and due to that, america's


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