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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 27, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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good sunday afternoon. i'm in for fredricka whitfield. our top story at this hour. the crisis in the middle east, where at this hour there is no cease-fire in place. hamas has said it has agreed to a 24-hour cease-fire. our sources on the ground tell us they are blaming a lack of support from israel. the united nations has been working with both sides to bring some kind of a deal that will bring an end to this fighting, even if it's temporary. yesterday israel said it was extending a cease-fire that began on friday but hamas rejected that extension. israel has since resumed its military operation after mortar fire from gaza and the death of civilians have gone up.
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now, we did speak in the last hour -- diplomats of the united nations have been working to bring an end to this fighting and just in the last few minutes the white house said that president obama worked with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he also added concern for the rising numbers of civilian deaths in gaza. as it was unilaterally extending the cease-fire that began on friday and that hamas had rejected that extension. again, it's the back and forth game between israel and hamas and the fighting is continuing there. more mortar fire from gaza killed civilians today. we want to go to atika shubert in the mid-east with the very latest. >> reporter: we're about 1 kilometer from the gaza border and all day today we've been hearing and seeing the
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explosions of the sound of the cease-fire failing. now, from this position here, we can actually see into gaza and there we can see the widespread destruction that the israeli military has brought. whole buildings flattened, huge chunks just raised to the ground. at the same time, we've been hearing and seeing rockets a rc rcing overhead. one of them injured a woman inside. up and down the border here, we've seen a number of military patrols and they've been using bulldozers to look for those tunnels. remember, one of the primary objectives is to destroy the hamas militant tunnel network. and so they've been looking for areas in which they have been infiltrating into israel and that's why we've been seeing these patrols on the israeli side. despite the calls for the
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cease-fire, this is the exaactiy that we've been seeing for today. atika shubert, cnn. at least 13 people, including two children, were killed today during the battle between pro-russian rebels and ukrainian government forces. halfway around the world in washington, tough talk today from the white house which is now pushing american's european allies to get tougher on russia. c nchl cnn's erin mcpike is joining us from the white house. >> reporter: ana, there has been some firing of weapons from inside russia into ukraine and along the eastern border of ukraine. we're going to show you those images now. they show from these multiple rocket launch sites and also some impacts on the ground there
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in ukraine. so ben rhodes was on cnn's state of the union this morning. he was discussing how this photographic evidence should begin to convince the european allies of the united states that they need to clamp down harder on russia with additional sanctions. listen here to him talk about just that. >> we think russia has crossed the line and, frankly, president putin has frequently said one thing and done another. the sanctions we've put in place have already driven down the forecast of russia's growth rate down to near zero. but if it's not been enough to change this calculus about the weapons going across the border. >> reporter: now, also, ana, we got a readout from the white house on a different matter. i'm going to read part of this
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to you. the president underscored the president's strong condemnation of hamas' rocket and tunnel attacks against israel and reaffirmed the growing concerns about the number of rising palestinian deaths and the worse denning humanitarian situation in gaza. obviously the president is putting even more pressure on benjamin netanyahu. ana? >> reporter: okay. talk is cheap. thank you. a hope for cease-fire is completely dead. karl penhaul is joining me. we know right now there is not a cease-fire in place. what have you seen there today? >> reporter: no, there is no cease-fire and any cease-fire talk has collapsed. but really that is not the news
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coming out of gaza or israel tonight. the many piece of news that we are tracking right now is a statement that is in the last few moments come out from the israeli military where they claim responsibility for that shocking explosion at a u.n.-run school. that was on thursday. according to the united nations and according to eyewitnesss and medics, 16 people were killed in that explosion and over 200 others were wounded. that's very important to get the language of the israeli military statement right the israeli military accepts that a single mortar dropped into the school courtyard. but the israeli military follows up by saying it is extremely unlikely anybody was killed in that explosion. it also goes on to say it rejects the claim that people were killed.
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the people in that shelter when the single errant mortar fell into that school. the united nations say that hundreds of gazans people were in that designated shelter at the time of the explosion. the united nations have appealed to the israeli military twice in a single day, during the day of thursday to, allow the civilians to be allowed to leave. the israeli military on thursday and friday said that it was aware that there were people in that school and it claims that it allowed those people to be evacuated but then suggested that hamas was preventing them from leaving and now, according to the new israeli military statement, it casts doubt on whether people were in fact
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there at all. cnn teams on the ground saw a dead and wounded being taken to the hospital in the near vicinity. a separate cnn team went down to the area after the school had been fully evacuated to look specifically at evidence and when we reported this on air they noticed a single debt nation point. that would be consistent with a single mortar round. we also observed a blast radius of shrapnel between 30 and 40 yards wide. that would also be consistent with a relatively small round that could include an 81 millimeter mortar. nothing larger according to our security consultants. they also add that they have not been spoken to by the military but consultants believe because of the pat tent of the shrapnel blast that the mortars were set
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to air burst. that effectively means that the mortar would have exploded a few feet off the ground rather than hitting the ground and then exploding. that technique is used to cause maximum damage to enemy soldiers or fighters. the israeli military is not spooki speaking to this except that a single errant mortar fell to the ground. >> we certainly rely on you to be our eyes and ears as to the facts of the situation since we're hearing reports of dif
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ren differentiating. we got word here of a conversation between president obama and netanyahu. anything on that side of things? >> reporter: no, certainly not during nighttime here in gaza. very few people stick their heads above the fire pits to make statements or analyze. a lot of people don't have access to those kinds of statements by the normal media if we're looking to those people and all eyes focus on an israeli military statement relating to the blast at the united nations school. in many senses, people watching this war unfold believe that the explosion could be one of those defining moments that finally persuading all sides in this war that enough is enough. but certainly israel accepting responsibility that it was their ammunition that exploded in that courtyard by rejecting any sense
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that they were to blame for the 16 dadead and wounded in that explosion, contrary to what the united nations and other media outlets are reporting. ana? >> karl penhaul, stay safe. as the conflict intensifies there in the middle east, we'll hear from the leaders of both sides and what they have to say. next, the prime minister of israel. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you?
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...the war of 1812. [ bell rings ] you get to point "b", and sometimes things change. but your journey is not done. capella university is the most direct path to what's next, because our competency-based curriculum gives you what you need to move forward to your point "c". capella university. start your journey at in the ongoing fighting in gaza, the body count keeps rising and each side is still blaming the other. israel says hamas is violating cease-fires. prime minister benjamin netanyahu appeared on "meet the press" and this is what he said to candy crowley. >> you're talking about
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broadening the and talking about the next phase. what is that next phase? what is broadening the offensive mean? >> look, i'm not going to talk about specific military operations, but israel is doing what any other country would do. if 80% of your country was under rocket fire and you had 60 seconds to get into a bomb shelter, if they exploded your kindergartens and massa occurred, if america was attacked by land, by sea, by air, you would take action. israel is taking action to neutralize this threat and i'm not going to get into the specifics. obviously we hope we can get a sustainable quiet as soon as possible. the only way to do that is by
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adopting the egyptian initiative which has no conditions except to try to begin to address how the cease-fire, a cessation of all hostilities and address the two underlining issues here, security for israel, which means demilitarizing gaza and social and economic relief for the palestinians. i think the two are intertwined. i don't think you can get social and economic relief for the people of gaza without having militarization because otherwise all of the money and concrete and cement that goes in will not be used to offer relief to the people of gaza but to build more terror tunnels. >> do you disagree with the character rye zags that israel is thinking about. >> we will take the action to
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defend our people, both in the tactical tense and trat stestra sense. >> is the goal for israel to shut down all of the tunnels and stop hamas from its constant firing of rockets into israel, sort of destroy their infrastructure? or is it something short of that? >> well, i would say we want to stop the flying rockets for sure but we also want to dismantle the terror networks that we've uncovered. our soldiers are dealing with that right now. just imagine, you know what these tunnels are? hamas received international aid from the qataris and they received a lot of money and an able and concrete and cement to go into gaza so they can rebuilt gaza and build the hospitals and so on.
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they took all of that cement and built this vast tunnel network so they could come into our towns, cities, schools, and explode our kindergarten. they took money that was cement and that was meant to build school for palestinian children and used it to dig tunnels to explode our kindergarten. this is a nonstarter. it has to stop. and i think that one of the things that we're dealing with right now is how to dismantle these tunnels. we won't have 100% but we'll have major success. up next, we'll hear the palestinian perspective as both sides resume their attacks. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve.
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israel is defending its renewed offensive in gaza saying it was needed after it endured an incessant round of hamas rocket attacks. but mahmoud abbas claims israel has a secret agenda in gaza. israel wants to, quote, keep gaza separate from the rest of
1:23 pm
the palestinian territory. he talked earlier with our cnn's candy crowley. >> what is the hamas responsibility here? and i ask you that because it does -- it has sent a couple of thousand rockets into israel since this whole thing started. it does it rather routinely over time. have the palestinian authority urged hamas to stop the shelling? has the palestinian authority told hamas, stop putting weapons in your schools, stop telling people to stay when they should go? has the palestinian authority done anything about it or urging them to do something about? >> not obanly that, not only th, president abbas has come to terms with hamas, they are accepting a two-state solution.
1:24 pm
they have a long-term quietness. it brings quietness to israel is to bring peace. we have formed a palestinian government with the listening of hamas and the palestinian authority was taking over gaza. so we were designing a well-orchestrated palestinian reconciliation on our terms, not on hamas terms. it's the whole world welcomed the palestinian government, the only country that has ejected it, that has worked against it, that had fought to destroy it is israel and this is the most important point in the israeli hidden agenda. >> but has hamas recognized that -- >> you know, hamas has launched 2,000 rockets into israel. i would like to ask the israelis, how many civilian israelis have been killed? one single person and the other
1:25 pm
person was an asian worker. 30 of those who were killed are israeli soldiers that were killed in gaza. so let's not exaggerate the israeli fear and they have 60 minutes to go into hiding and so on. >> so just quickly, sir, are you telling me that hamas -- that the palestinian authority has said to hamas, stop the shelling, stop putting your weaponry in schools and has it recognized israel's right to exist? >> by all means, we wanted this situation to be very quiet. we wanted these and we wanted to come to terms with the israelis. unfortunately, i should be frank here and tell you that the israelis who have totally pushed these talks to failure on the 29th. the israelis who shifted the west bank into gaza, israel wanted to get out of the
1:26 pm
political corner that it was put into by the international community by the diplomatic offense and wanted to drag us into a situation where a political square. so this is what is happening now. the israelis wanted to sabotage the situation. it has been in total seize for seven years. people have not been able to move out of gaz gla. palestinians and gazas don't know what the rest of the world look like so there have been under tight siege. if you put any human being in a siege, he will react. so what is the way out for all of this misery is that israel should end its siege on the palestinians, whether in the west bank or gaza or jerusalem and allow these talks to continue, israel has to
1:27 pm
accommodate the palestinian demands and aspirations for ending occupation and the establishment of an independent palestinian state. that is the only answer. the israeli aggression on gaza does not bring peace to gaza. we know that. israel may enjoy another one or two years of cease-fire. that is not what we want. >> again, that was the senior adviser to mahmoud abbas. heavy fighting in eastern ukraine is getting to the crash site of the malaysia flight mh-17. when will investigators be able to get there? our "name your price" tool helps -- oh, jamie, you got a little something on the back of your shoe there. a price tag! danger! price tag alert! oh. hey, guys. price tag alert! is this normal? well, progressive is a price tag free zone. we let you tell us what you want to pay, and we help you find options to fit your budget. where are they taking him? i don't know.
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welcome back. i'm ana cabrera. here are the big stories of the day. "costa concordia" will be
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drydocked and then scrapped. and it's the largest salvage operation and we've learned a second american in africa has tested positive. and this comes just after word that an american doctor is also infected with ebola. 33-year-old doctor kent brantley is being treated in isolation at a hospital. this is the deadliest ever outbreak in africa. the group responsible for kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls in nigeria has struck again. they stormed the vice prime minister's home in the northern
1:32 pm
part of the country. they killed at least three people and kidnapped the vice prime minister's wife. and in eastern ukraine, investigators want to get to the scene of the plane where malaysia flight mh-17 was shot down. deadly violence is getting in their way. this is fighting between pro-russian rebels. 13 people, including two children were killed just today. this blood shed comes after 298 people on board were killed. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is there in ukraine. nick, you talked to observers today. what did they tell you? >> reporter: well, it was clear today that despite the fact that dutch police made potentially a very dangerous journey, they
1:33 pm
flew into donetsk. and they said particularly there was artillery as they travel down towards the crash site and that meant on two occasions they have to turn back and i should point out that we're in the middle of a civil war. it's a much more intense pace. in the last few days you mentioned before we spoke, the ukrainian army is pulling south towards this city of a million people and into the south of the city it seems like the ukrainian army are pushing towards the crash site itself. violence is intensifying around there. ana, let me explain to you the scene here in donetsk, the city of a million people on a sunday night absolutely silent. i've seen three or four ambulances pass this way. they are silent, too. it's a real sense of not siege but anticipation of something
1:34 pm
worse happening. why is this massive for mh-17? as this violence continues to rage, police and investigators are trying to get near that crash site. the relatives need them to get there to get the personal possessions and i'm sorry to say human remains to get some kind of closure. >> nick paton walsh, thanks. it's a grim anniversary today. it was exactly 33 years ago that the young son of cnn's john walsh was abducted and later found murdered. walsh tells us how this tragedy has changed the course of his life, next. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active.
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dreams... there's no monsters down here, [music fades out] dreams...dreams...dreams... it's just mr. elephant. come on, let's get to bed. i have decided to offer a $5,000 reward for any information about adam's whereabouts in confidence. if people want to call the hollywood police department here and offer information, we'll follow it up. >> this is one of those tear jerkers. that was cnn's john walsh 30 years ago after he was pleading for help after his son was abducted in florida. two weeks later, adam was found dead. since then, john walsh has helped capture criminals on behalf of others and hopes to do so again with the new series "the hunt." we talked about that today as well as the horrific anniversary. >> this is the date that our 6-year-old son adam was
1:39 pm
kidnapped when he was with his mom in a store in hollywood, florida. so it was a -- it is a very, very tough day for us but it is also the day that president bush signed the adam walsh act which allows law enforcement to go worldwide to prey upon the creeps. it's a day that we sort of reflect on what a wonderful, beautiful little boy that 6-year-old boy was. >> i cannot imagine being a parent and going through what you have gone through with your son adam. let's talk a little bit about that transformation in your career since that day turning such a horrible tragedy in your life into something good, if you could say it that way. i know you were a marketing executive in florida when adam disappeared. but you decided to change careers after that. what was it that made that decision for you? >> well, i didn't have much
1:40 pm
choice. we had three partners who were building a $26 million hotel, project of our dreams, i had a gorgeous wife and an incredible 6-year-old son. but after adam was murdered, it is a place i just can't describe. as my wife has said it many times, it's a color she hopes no one will ever see and it's a color that is impossible to describe. so she was the one who really channelled us -- i couldn't work, couldn't function, you know, you just can't do anything. and all you have in common with your wife is this horrible murder of this little boy. but she was the one who said, we have to make sure we remember who the real victim was and that was adam and to make sure that he didn't die in vain. in '81, there there was no help,
1:41 pm
no missing or exploited children. the fbi refused at that time to get involved in adam's case. that was not part of their mission in '81. i think we've tried very hard to make sure what we didn't have available to us is now available to others with missing children. >> you went on to host "america's most wanted" and brought up all of these missing persons cold cases. do you have any regrets? i imagine it has to be very emotionally difficult to live and breathe these types of situations after what you've been through. >> but it was a great platform. you know, i was on "america's most wanted" for 25 years and caught almost 1300 bad people of all different walks of life in 45 countries, 17 of them off the fbi's 10 most wanted and we recovered 61 missing children.
1:42 pm
it was an incredible platform. my agenda has always been the legislation, to change laws. and you know, i took the last year or so off and just couldn't sit still. i'm thrilled to be back in the saddle hunting these creeps down and with cnn, which is a great partner in, a great international partner. and tonight we're featuring one of the world's most wanted. he's wanted on the interpol red list because he's been seen in many countries, brad bishop. and i've been looking for him for 20 years. but this show gives me the platform where i still can try to lobby to change laws and make america and the world safer for children and women, primarily. >> you're right. "the hunt" is tonight. we look forward to your show. before i let you go, because we want to honor your son's memory today, tell us a little bit about adam. >> he was the most beautiful little boy. we waited a long time and wanted to be sure that we would be good
1:43 pm
parents. he was a 6-year-old gorgeous little boy and so kind and so sweet. we've had three children since adam. they all wished that they had met adam. i think his legacy is a good one. he was just that old soul, we call him, that beautiful little boy. and tonight i'm hunting for a guy who's alleged to have murdered his own children. i can't even conceive of that but i hope tonight on "the hunt" that the world will be a much smaller place for brad bishop. >> we hope so, too. you can take part in all of this. catch an episode of "the hunt with john walsh" at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. a ufc fighter is going from fighting in the cage to the front lines back home in israel. he's standing by and he'll join me live, next. but first, this week's cnn hero.
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60 years ago there were probably half a million lions and today and maybe in 10, 15 years, who knows. i spent a year living in the community to understand why people were killing lions. it brings a huge amount of prestige to the warrior and they were killing lions in retaliation for livestock that were killed. they started opening up and telling me stories. and that's when it clicked. if he with want to conserve wildlife, we have to integrate communities. it converts lion killers into lion guardians. >> when we first hire lion
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and i voted for decisive military action. ♪ america, you cast your votes. now, go to xfinity on demand and select the people's hotlist to see this summer's top 100 shows and movies. i voted! i want to bring you up to date once more of what is happening in the middle east. at this hour, there is no cease-fire between israel and hamas. there was a fresh exchange of fire between israel and gaza overnight. and today, diplomats from the united nations have been trying to broker some kind of peace deal. now, just in the last hour, we've learned that the president, president obama had a phone call with israeli prime
1:50 pm
minister benjamin netanyahu. he stressed the need for an immediate cease-fire in gaza that would lead to a permanent end to hostilities there. this deadly conflict happening between israel and hamas is very personal for one professional cage fighter here in the u.s. his family lives in israel. he says his grandma has had to run for cover during this latest round of fighting and for that reason he says he must go back home and fight for her and his people. and i want to bring him in right now, getting ready to jump on a plane from california. noad, first of all, congrats on your fight and thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you very much for having me. >> let's talk about your next fight. we know you're a member of the israeli defense forces or the idf, a reservist, you tell me. how are you feeling about returning to your old unit? >> well, i'm feeling -- i'm excited for seeing my friend and
1:51 pm
everything but i'd prefer to go home for a different reason. >> i can understand that. i read you were dedicating your win last night to peace, not war. why go back to battle, then? >> because you can't achieve peace without being ready for war. these people are attacking you and they are not going to stop until you're dead and you have to go and fight. there's no other way. >> were you called back by theize sthe israeli government? >> well, it's by choice. they can call me if i'm not there because if i'm not there, they can't call me but the second they call my friends, i right away got my ticket and i said i'm ready to go back. >> what do you make of what is happening there right now? >> it's just another round of
1:52 pm
this ridiculous game. hamas shooting at all, we try to respond but we can't because most of the world have twisted it and don't let us finish the job and take hamas down. so we start and then the shooting again. >> you know, i think a lot of people would agree that hamas is not necessarily a good organization. they are viewed as terrorists by the united states. that being said, a lot of people who are dying in the fighting are innocent civilians. a lot of lives have been lost there in gaza. what's your reaction to that? >> well, first of all, you can't say they are not good terrorists. they are terrorists that are evil. and unfortunately, they are using their kids and they are using their schools and their hospitals and their women as a human shield. and that's why we got accidents. in every war, there's accidents.
1:53 pm
people die. just like in england when they bombed berlin, the nazi germany, kids died and just like when the united states bombed hiroshima. a lot of kids died. that's what happens in war. there are casualties. they are in tunnels and kids are protecting their missiles. it's the truce between our kids and their kids. there's nothing we can do about it. >> if you do have to choose between your kids and their kids, you're saying you would choose your kids? >> of course. every day. if someone's shooting at you, you have to shoot back. every attack, it's almost like a surgical plan. every attack by airplane you see there's only the one room, the one car. everything is after a lot of planning. there's no a lot of collateral damage like it usually happen. we try to pick our fight.
1:54 pm
the only reason our troops on the ground right now is because we're trying to avoid a lot of heavy bombing, a lot of air strikes that we could just do it from behind and keep our troops safe. but we risk our troops and lost a few friends right now in the round of fighting and just because we try and protect their kids more than they are trying to protect their kids. >> i know your family is very important to you, as you've just mentioned. what is your message to them? >> be strong. we will win. >> all right. noad lahat, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back. so our business can .. be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close.
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we have now learned that a second american in africa has tested positive for the deadly ebola virus. this woman is an aide worker who is helping patients. unfortunately, this comes just after word that another american, a doctor, is infected with ebola. he is now being treated himself in isolation at an african hospital. the current outbreak of this disease is the deadliest ever in africa. the group responsible for kidnapping more than 200
1:59 pm
schoolgirls nigeria has struck again. this time in cam maroon. boko haram stormed the vice minister's home and killed at least three people and kidnapped the vice prime minister's wife. a wildfire is causing 4,000 people to be evacuated today. this is called the sand fire. they are dealing with low humidity and strong winds making it tough for firefighters. more than 700 are on the scene. that's all for me now. let's head over to miguel marquez, my colleague, and deborah feyerick holding down the fort in new york. you are in the "cnn
2:00 pm
newsroom." i'm miguel marquez. >> and i'm deborah feyerick. right now, two enormous stories growing in scope. >> fighting in ukraine and the middle east show few signs of slowing down despite diplomatic pressure or talks of cease-fire. at least 30 people died in eastern ukraine, including two children, as government forces advanced on a rebel-held city. still, the malaysia crash site remains out of reach of investigators. and in the mid-east, is it a cease-fire or not? both sides ratcheting up the rhetoric and the fighting as israeli forces look to expand their offensive. speaking to cnn,


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