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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  August 17, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> what were they yelling? >> well, first we were talking to them and just trying to get them to go home. some of them did. we let them know that, you know, this is not necessarily a government-imposed curfew, that we as community leaders have worked with them to we'll be back out here at 6:00 in the morning and we can protest all day. >> they were holding out and continuing to encroach this way. what was it they wanted to get across? >> some of the guys didn't want to be told to leave. they felt like it was a violation of their rights and i guess that's their right. >> do you think there was a use of force on the part of the police? >> no, compared to what we've seen earlier this week, i don't think so. it looks like they've been -- yeah, they've been pretty cautious i think. i think the use of tear gas from
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apar to get the last few to disperse was a lot better than going in with basically armed troops. >> did you see anybody hurt? >> i did not see anybody hurt. i wasn't that close, i guess to see if anyone was hurt. >> how many people were in the final group of protesters? >> maybe 50, 60. >> and a report someone was shot. you have not seen any injuries? >> i have seen something on twitter -- >> was there tear gas fired? >> i heard that too. it definitely burned when it was shot into the crowd. i was already in my car with the windows up. i know where to be. but she got a bit of it and i opened the door and she jumped in and her eyes were burning. i don't know if that is was the
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smoke or what. >> can you describe the tension in the midst of that? >> i mean, we worked -- we worked very hard on that group all day long. and you know, folks from the nation of islam and community leaders and religious leaders, we spent time with that group and there was no convincing them. they wanted to be out here. if they wanted to be arrested or if they wanted to do civil disobedience, you know, i think this is the best-case scenario. >> you get the feeling there is no convincing them? >> well, wanted to be here to make sure it was done properly and also you know, i wanted to make sure they were okay. >> working very hard to help
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make peace there tonight again, alderman antonio french who walked up to the cameras 45 minutes ago and gave that report. >> and now two minutes after the hour live pictures from ferguson, missouri where police confronted protesters defying the five-hour curfew. >> about 45 minutes into the curfew police used smoke canisters to disperse a group who refused to go home. we have seen some people in handcuffs led into a van. but no reports of any injuries. welcome back to cnn's special coverage of the curfew evening in ferguson, missouri. thank you for joining us. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. we are monitoring the live pictures from kmov. our newsroom is checking to find out how many people, who miegtd have been arrested in this situation.
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we saw people being load into a truck. we know that arrests did happen. trying to confirm a number of people and who might have been arrested. also we have steve kastenbaum who is on the ground to tell us what he is seeing. steve i want to let you know, just following social media so owe know as well there is a big debate over whether this is tear gas or smoke. but i want you to reiterate to our viewers -- we just lost steve. just to let you know, steve heard from police directly and police told him that smoke was used to disperse the crowds. >> only smoke, not tear gas. that is the word. even though antonio french said one woman jumped into a car. she was overcome by smoke, not tear gas. our reporter is getting new information. he is talking with officers, hopefully and can tell us hopefully some good news. we are seeing calm and not
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hearing anything on the streets two hours into this curfew. we want to remind you if you are just joining us what led us to this evening, the shooting of an unarmed black teenager over a week ago. 18-year-old michael brown, a recent graduate from high school heading off to college, shot after some sort of encounter with the police officer as he was walking with his friend down the street. if you've been following the story you know that police released video from inside a convenience store in the area on the day that they also released the name of the officer who shot and killed michael brown. many people upset that that video from inside the convenience store reportedly according to the police of michael brown walking out, stealing some cigars. inflamed the community as, perhaps, trying to point the
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finger at michael brown instead of just a short while later giving more information about what exactly happened on the streets how this officer encountered these two young men and what led to the shooting of mr. brown, who was unarmed. as we reported earlier, as far as the investigation itself as we see the first fire trucks moving out of the area hopefully. but also today as far as the investigation, some 40 fbi investigators arrived going door to door knocking on doors, gathering information and questions about whether this investigation should be taken over by a special prosecutor outside of the region because of the emotions and anger involved. >> days after this protest it's important to point out, police have released information but it's been very slow. there was outrage when police
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released surveillance footage of michael brown inside a convenience store and it inflamed the community. our own randy kaye broke down how this played out. take a look. >> reporter: a convenience store saturday morning. what you're about to see is what police call a strong-arm robbery. they say that's michael brown entering the store, white t-shirt long tan shorts and a red cardinal baseball hat. his friend dorian johnson right behind him. it's 11:52 a.m. and 58 seconds. the surveillance camera shows four seconds later brown is at the counter. watch closely see the store employee in the red shirt. she goes behind the counter. just 12 seconds later, police say brown reaches for a box of swisher sweet cigars and hands them to johnson without paying for them. what happens next is a bit
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obscured but watch closely here. police say there is a confrontation involving brown, a struggle. police say brown grabbed more cigars. he had been in the store now 32 seconds. seven seconds later, brown's friend johnson returns the cigars. but police say brown just seconds later bends down to pick up sfwars he dropped and looks a customer in the eye and then makes his way to the door. at the door about ten seconds later, a store employee who appears to have a set of keys in his hand attempts to put himself between the man believed to be brown and the exit door. still with the cigars in his right hand, brown grabs the clerk with his left hand and shoves him back into a display rack. but take a look at what happens next just about one minute into
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this. instead of leaving right away, brown turns back one final time advancing on the the store employee who tried to stop him. plils say it was an attempt to intimidate the employee who backs down. only then does brown turn to exit. he is in and out of the store in 1:02 minutes and ten minutes later, he's dead. randy kaye, cnn, new york. we are following the situation to find out what was used on the crowd here in the last hour or so. earlier our reporter, steve kastenbaum told us he heard from a police officer that it was smoke that smoke canisters were thrown into the crowd to disperse the crowd. it's important to point this out it's the process of news gathering it's the push and pull to give you the right answers.
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what we're learning now from kmov is initially police used smoke canisters. so smoke dcanisters were used initially then tear gas was used. cnn is taking time to determine this information for ourselves as well. but i do want to make sure to pass it along to you according to kmov tv police initially used smoke canisters to disperse the crowds, then they turned to tear gas. wanted to make sure you understand that distinction as we continue to push and pull and get the afgs finformation for y >> we hope to have more on what happened in the past two hours. also at the center of the situation is the police officer who fired his weapon and ended brown's life. so far the world has not heard from darren wilson who at 28 years old is not that much older
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than the victim. >> reporter: the ferguson police chief says this video shows michael brown engaged in a strong armed robbery moments before he was shot and killed. brown stole a $49 box of swisher sweet cigars and when the clerk confronted him brown a shoved the man into a display rack and walked out. ferguson police chief tom jackson released that information at the same time that he announced that 28-year-old darren wilson was the officer who killed the teenager, leaving the impression that the robbery and shooting were related. the announcement angered the residents. >> why we never hear about this robbery until just now? >> they have to get their lies together. >> i can't believe this is the tactic this police chief and his
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administration are using to try to make this young man be deserving to be gunned down in the street like a dog. this is crazy. >> a few hours later, chief jackson said the confrontation between michael brown and officer wilson had nothing to do with the robbery. >> they were walking down the street blocking traffic. that was it. >> danger wilson has been a police officer for six years, four years with the ferguson police department. he is described as a gentle, quiet and distinguished police officer. this man described the officer as a quiet guy. >> i can say without speaking to darren, without even having heard his statements that at that moment in time he was scared for his life. i am 100% positive of that. because i could never imagine him even in that situation
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taking someone's life, let alone taking someone's life with malicious intent, you know, he's just the last person on earth you would think to do something like that. >> reporter: officer wilson has an attorney and wilson has been interviewed twice by detectives one right after the shooting and a second more indepth interview later but the release of the name has done little to calm the anger over michael brown's death. >> all we want is the truth. >> fair to say it has been a very, very busy night. >> yes, it has. over two hours into the curfew. everything we're hearing, police are walking back helmets and shields in hands. hopefully this is the quiet they have been waiting to see in this
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community. we should be hearing from officials. we think they will be holding a news briefing for reporters. we'll bring that to you live if and when it happens. >> as we continue to get information we'll monitor the developments in ferguson, missouri. we are also going to bring you other news now in a few moments. we are keeping an eye on iraq where the efforts to reclaim a strategic dam that involves u.s. warplanes continues and we'll have the latest on whether it was successful. and fighting is getting worse in eastern ukraine. we'll take you to kiev, next.
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the situation in eastern ukraine seems to getting worse. troops are battling for control of key areas of are region. will ripley is in kiev. can you tell us about luhansk and donetsk where things are intensifying. >> each day it seems to be getting worse, george. this new amateur video shows fires burning in lieu havoc, the airport has significant damage. you see buildings that have been
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shot out and this has been taken from the vantage point of one of the more than 200,000 people, regular folks who have decided they could ride this thing out and are finding themselves in the middle of a war zone. donetsk, you know, as we have been saying throughout the weekend the shelling has been reported in all areas of the city. what is happening right now is the ukrainian military has cut off these two main strongholds for the pro-russian separatists and the goal is to shrink the area of territory that the rebels control and prevent them from transferring weapons back and forth between luhansk and donetsk. a key strategic victory is that they've now controlled the road between the two cities, a road that before was allowing things like personnel and arms to cross back and forth. but there's still a fierce fight
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going on right now. the rebels are living up to their promise to fight this battle streetly street and that does continues as we speak. 25 battles in the last 24 hours. >> talk to us about the humanitarian convoys. what's the feeling in kiev about the humanitarian convoys. do they believe that's what's happening? >> there's a humanitarian convoy delivered by the red cross with ukrainian supplies that continues to trickle into the luhansk area. it's still not what is needed to handle the huge volume of people but they're making headway and they've been doing that for a couple days now. the russian aid, the convoy of white trucks, that is still sitting very close to the border but on the russian side. we're told there is a preliminary deal between russian and ukraine but it could take another three to five days before that russian aid is
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allowed to cross in and get to the people of luhansk who have been cut off from the outside world for two weeks now. and another development in berlin ukraine and russia will be sitting down at the table with france and germany in a meeting to talk about all this and also talking about that armed convoy that allegedly crossed from russia to ukraine on friday night. so that will be a topic of discusses in berlin today. hopefully diplomacy can help to defuse this crisis. >> we appreciate your reporting. thank you. other news coming up here on this special coverage from cnn including this. >> i felt his life had just ended. he says he is dead because of the way he was speaking saying things like take care of my children. >> this iraqi man talks about the brutal murder of his brother
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gunned down by isis. more about that in a report coming up.
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welcome back. in northern iraq u.s. forces are trying to help retake the mosul dam from isis militants. u.s. air strikes hit the militants and a dam may be
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surrounded by up to 400 isis fighters. there are conflicting reports on whether the air strikes will be followed up by a kurdish ground assault. there is a growing concern that the mosul dam is not being properly maintained for isis and that it could rupture. it could be catastrophic causing flooding all the way to baghdad. it appears the scale of the isis massacres continues to grow. friday's isis attack near sinjar was the deadliest ever recorded. the militants killed more than 350 men and abducted 1,000 women and children and two months ago, hundreds of cadets at a military academy in tikrit were executed. we spoke to one of the relatives of the victims. the video you are about to see may be disturbing.
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>> reporter: in the heat they shimmer. men as long as it runs cueing in turn to die. cadets from a military academy overrun by isis militants in june herded to slaughter. isis filmed their murder. here they chant isis forever. anything to buy time alive. in the dusk, the masked men take turns in the anonymous endless killing of perhaps 1700 people. in baghdad's sadr city, for ahmed that's where he watched his brother die. the last time they spoke on this same phone he said his base was surrounded. would ahmed look after his
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children? i felt his life has just ended because of the way he was speaking saying things like take care of my children and i said to myself he knows he's going to die. it took three weeks before he could bring himself to watch the video. i was afraid to see it, he says, so i kept hesitating. my son would bring it up, i would pull it down. there's not one thing in that video that i do not remember. all of it is dark, murder, violence. all in my head. they knew it was him because of his green track suit, new. each murder casual here. each loss seismic. he can't understand why they let themselves be herded to their death. i was not afraid for just my brother, he says, for all of
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them. they were not supposed to turn themselves in, they were supposed to fight. why would one turn himself in and have fear in your hearts and torture your family and loved ones? the video hangs over this home. his wife doesn't know about it and the children will never see it. the body was at the airport after being found by tikrit locals. that indignity compounding fury. death is a solution to isis. the world needs to get rid of them. these people have no place on earth but understood it. the sunni, the shia, the christians, everyone. one of perhaps 1700 calls for blood vengeance, 1700 childhoods shattered. nick paton walsh, cnn, baghdad. we want to turn to the other main story we are following today in ferguson, missouri.
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we can show you live pictures along with new information that cnn confirmed. police in ferguson used mixed gases to disperse the crowd. police authorities used smoke bomb canisters and tear gas canters to disperse the crowd in ferguson according to a highway patrol lieutenant that affiliate kmov spoke to. initially the police used smoke canisters. that's what they said they would do initially. then they used tear gas canisters. ronald johnson initially told people they would not use tear gas. seems like they did use tear gas in this case. we will get more information as we speak with officials about this tonight, tomorrow and the next several days and we'll bring you information as we get it here on cnn. we thank you for continuing to watch our special coverage here as we follow this case in missouri. we'll be right back after this.
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welcome back from cnn world headquarters in atlanta. we're not going anywhere. >> a busy night. i'm george howell. let reset with the world headlines. police in ferguson, missouri have clashed with a group of protesters who defied an overnight curfew. they fired smoke canisters and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. at least one person has been arrested there have "been no reports of injuries. u.s. officials saying american air strikes in northern iraq have hit isis positions
12:33 am
near mosul and erbil in order to retake this dam you are seeing in mosul. fighting has intensified in the main eastern ukrainian cities held by prorussia rebels. the foreign ministers of russia and ukraine are set to meet in the coming hours. senior officials from germany and france will also attend the talks in berlin. we have pictures from ceo where pope francis is celebrating mass. 10% of catholics in south korea but they have all come out to celebrate a pope's visit. first time in 25 years.
12:34 am
on to iraq. the united states says its air strikes in northern iraq have hit isis positions near mosul and erbil. >> no word whether it will be followed by a ground assault by kurdish officers but the air strikes meant to drive off up to 400 militants who may be surrounding this dam. again conflicting reports on whether the kurdish officers will get involved. there is also growing concern that mosul dam isn't been properly maintained by isis and could rupture. it wasn't in good shape going into this. a failure of that structure could be catastrophic to the country causing flooding all the way to baghdad. let get the latest from anna coren who is in a northern city. >> i can tell you that the
12:35 am
peshmerga are on the ground. we are 25 kilometers from the dam. i'm looking over mosul lake which runs into the dam and this is the area that the peshmerga forces are trying to seize back. there have been many attacks this morning. we have seen artillery, tanks, certainly rockets being fires towards isis militants who are holding a village in front of it. over the space of several hours, they've managed to regain that town. there's a lot of smoke on the horizon from the attacks from the peshmerga forces. but isis militants are laying explosive tnt beside the road and inside houses in the hope of inflecting casualties on the kurdish forces. but from what we can see from our vantage point, peshmerga are
12:36 am
pushing ahead and we can hear the jets overhead as well. that has been the situation for the last several hours. the jets fly over from time to time. and they are obviously looking for those isis key positions whether it be artillery, whether it be vehicles, whether it be those mortar positions. but certainly from what we have heard from the commander we are with, the peshmerga special forces, he says they are makin grounds. >> we did not have that information a moment ago that peshmerga are there trying to flush out these militants. you mentioned the jets that are over the scene right now. are these iraqi jets? u.s. jets were involved in the air strikes yesterday. >> yeah, the air strikes have been happening now for some days
12:37 am
in relation to mosul dam. obviously the air strikes have been taking place for weeks in iraq but they intensified on mosul dam. this is a key piece of infrastructure. it's the largest hydroelectric dam in iraq supplying power for baghdad. there is a real push to get it back. there are concerns that i heard you mention about the sablt of this particular facility. the army engineering corps when they were here during the u.s.-led invasion they deemed it to be the most dangerous dam in the world. the reason being its foundations. it has to have grit pumped into the bottom layer, if you like, to keep it stable. there is concern, obviously with isis in control of the dam they
12:38 am
are not allows maintenance workers to do their job. we know there are workers on site. our people have been in touch with them to clarify that the dam is still operational. but certainly, if it is not looked after, if it breaks or is blown up, it could be a catastrophe because obviously the inundation of water would wipe out mosul and the waters would make their way all the way to baghdad. >> but as far as we know now they've just taken of the dam and haven't taken any action regarding the dam in any of these possible scenarios which you talk about. >> yeah, no. from what we understand the dam is still operational and there are people still working at the dam. that is -- that is what we can clarify at the moment. as to what isis wants to do with it and how they want to use it as weapon, there was concerns
12:39 am
that they could potentially blow it up or open the causeway in which case there would be an inundation of water to hit mosul and make its way all the way to baghdad like a tidal wave. i think the numbers that were given was, like, six meters of water to hit mosul. five -- beg your pardon, 30 meters of water to hit mosul and five meters to hit baghdad. obviously that would just wipe out the cities. it would wipe out towns and villages along the way. it would be disastrous. >> anna, we thank you. and anna reporting for us. the assault to try to take back this dam and push out these 400 isis militants that have taken control of the dam continues with jets overhead and peshmerga troops on the ground.
12:40 am
we'll continue to bring your developments on that story. much more ahead here as we take a quick break. q.
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straight now live to ferguson, missouri. we are hearing from an officer for the first time since the curfew took place two and a half hours ago. >> ron johnson will be conducting the briefing here and have several individuals with him as michael o'connell gave you. i will turn it over to captain johnson again. he's going to give you a brief summary and give you a chance to ask brief questions but we're going to be pretty limited on that. thanks. >> good morning. tonight, the highway patrol in st. louis county and st. louis city pd have responded to a few incidents on west floresent.
12:43 am
we made seven arrests tonight. what initiated our response is we got a call of several subjects who were inside the red's barbecue located in the area near the quick trip. we were told there were subjects on the roof awaiting officers to enforce the curfew and come toward that area. we got that information through some intelligence. before we were going to have our officers go out and walk the streets, we feared for their safety. we brought out the tactical unit. they got on the street. at which time they looked through the binoculars and a subject came out on the street holding a handgun. they deployed tear gas. first they deployed gas just gas
12:44 am
initially. we call it smoke. they deployed smoke. several smoke canisters to assist in moving the crowd backwards. they kept moving forward. at the time that the team started moving forward they continued to deploy smoke. as they moved forward then we got a report of a shooting victim near the quick trip and red's barbecue. as they approached red's barbecue they did deploy tear gas at red's barbecue at that point. that was the first canister that was deployed was there in an effort to move back and get to the shooting victim. also, a police car at that location was shot at. we can't confirm it was shot just yet but the police car was shot it and retreated back
12:45 am
towards chambers. the shooting victim has been transported to the hospital in critical condition. st. louis county will be investigating that shooting. the operation tonight because of our initial response was going into red's barbecue and the shooting were operational responses and the response was not related to the enforcement of the curfew. we made seven arrests. i can tell you i was disappointed in the actions of tonight. as many of you know, the crowds were -- the crowds we've had for the last two nights, citizens obeying, protesting, earlier
12:46 am
today it was decided that we'd take a different approach. we deployed teams of officers along the street in front of the businesses. part of our commitment is definitely to public safety but also to the health of those businesses along the street. we utilize a plan and an approach that is utilized by the st. louis city police department and many of the large parade events. it was effective. we sustained the health of those businesses and we also sustained the safety of the protesters that were out tonight. i will answer any questions. yes? >> the rain didn't make -- [ inaudible question ].
12:47 am
>> i will answer any questions that you have. >> so much criticism about the military style tactics. that's what that looked like out there tonight. are you satisfied that that was the appropriate response to the threats that you saw? >> i tell you we have a shooting victim in critical condition that may lose her life. we have a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. and, yes, i think that was a proper response tonight, to maintain officer safety and public safety. so we did have more victims where whether that was law enforcement or some of our citizens. >> do you have information on the victims? >> we do know the victim was in critical condition. >> any idea where the gunshots came from? >> no. >> is the person that was hit -- >> we were -- no. we were responding to the victim that was shot.
12:48 am
so that shooting, we were responding to provide assistance to the person that was shot. so at this point that's an investigation i wouldn't have answer to. >> to -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> is the shooting on -- >> it was on west -- yes. >> you don't know whether it was a protester or not? >> a protester? >> you don't know if the individual injured was -- >> at this time i don't know that. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> excuse me. >> any information on the shooter? >> we do not. i have given you all the information on the shooting i have at this time. [ overlapping speakers ] >> a gunshot victim was transported in a protesters car to the hospital the same person who was shot? >> yes, yes. by the time we responded down there, some other protesters that were there had loaded the victim up in the car. they did call us. we were -- our command center was in contact with them and
12:49 am
they told us where they were taking the victim. >>. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the charges will be failure to disperse. stacht 574060. >> all were failure to disperse? >> did you apprehend the man with the gun? >> we did observe him running off as we -- >> [ inaudible question ]. the incidents you responded to were not related to enforcing the curfew? they just happened to coincide with the curfew approaching. >> yes, they were in conjunction with that. >> so if you had not had the people who broke into the barbecue establishment would we not have seen the same type of response to the demonstrators who were defying the curfew?
12:50 am
>> our response was in relation to what was happening at red's barbecue. >> what time did the shooting -- >> i don't have that time line here. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> excuse me? >> you were responding to a 911 call? >> i don't know how that call came in. but we got the call. we were in contact with the parties that were there with the victim. >> any response -- >> was there any looting tonight at all? >> not that we know of. those businesses were sustained. we had officers along both sides of the street. and we did not observe any broken glass or any businesses or any alarm calls or damage to the buildings. >> did the tear gas come before or after the shots were fired? >> excuse me? >> did the tear gas come before or after the shots were fired? >> it came as we approached
12:51 am
red's barbecue. as we got closer we deployed the tear gas and he ran off. >> the operation began -- >> the operation began because of the intelligence that we had that several subjects had entered red's barbecue and they were armed. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> when we got there, several subjects ran from that as we approached that and got close to that building, yes. >> were there other reports of shots fired? we heard something that sounded like gunshots. >> i did hear several gunshots fired in the air when we were standing out there. >> [ inaudible question ]. any other private property how would the -- >> i'm not going to answer what ifs. i'm going to tell you what happened. >> following the tear gas being applied at the beauty shot on --
12:52 am
there were some canine units crowding around the door. was there anything that followed up -- >> say that again? >> at the beauty shop on -- near ferguson, where canine units were responding around the door were they responding to a call inside or intelligence related to -- >> we have a lot of officers out here. as you know if you know the police culture the officers are assigned canines and that's their partner. that just happens to be his partner. it had nothing to do with the response to that store. >> what time were these incidents reported to you? watching the operation it appeared you started to move forward ten minutes after midnight which is why it appeared you were responding because of the curfew. how much before that were these calls coming in about the man with the gun? >> when we responded it was in
12:53 am
reference to what was going on at red's barbecue. it coincided with the curfew time. that's where we responded and that's where if -- i know most of you stayed back in the -- under the yellow rope. but some of you found a way to be out there just a little bit. and for you reporters who were out there, i know that you saw that there was a difference in that those teams responded to red's barbecue. >> two more questions. >> [ inaudible question ]. they say they couldn't do that was the police wouldn't let some of their people in to meet at quick trip. was there a barrier tonight that stopped people from coming and going? >> there was not. >> it is 3:00 in the morning right now. what are you expecting the rest of the night?
12:54 am
are we expecting calm from here out until daybreak? >> i expect that we will still patrol the area. we'll have officers patrolling the area throughout tonight to make sure that our citizens are safe and our businesses remain healthy. our businesses have to remain healthy. i talked to many citizens who said they have nowhere to go and get the things they need. they have to remain healthy. i can tell you prior to tonight when we -- i was there earlier. what time? about 10:00 or 9:00 we walked down there and several people were standing there talking to protesters saying let's leave and they were standing in front of the businesses. and i can tell you if they are willing to protect those businesses we're going to also protect those businesses. thank you very much. >> we'll be back tomorrow for a detailed briefing. >> we'll put the information out tomorrow at the time and location. you will get that. >> were there bullets fired from
12:55 am
law enforcement? >> you are looking at live video there coverage hearing from ronald johnson explaining what we have seen over the last several hours of police working to clear the streets. we now understand that police used tear gas and smoke and we also understand that several people were arrested. >> we learned new things from the officer just two hours into this -- almost three hours into the curfew that we brought you live coverage for two hours, seeing these police slowly move down the street. we thought it was related to the curfew. obviously not according to captain johnson. it was directly related to reports of people in a barbecue restaurant. >> red's barbecue. >> near the quick trip which we have come to know. one person in the street holding a handgun. he got away. one person was shot. he's in critical condition. no -- not identified.
12:56 am
and seven people were arrested for failure to disperse. but again, we brought you two hours of live coverage and you saw the smoke and the gas. but it was all apparently related to this one incident and not to the curfew. >> that was important that he pointed that out. not directly related to the curfew and pointing out how we got the information. initially we reported we saw tear gas. but the reporter heard it was smoke. we reported the fact it was smoke as well. and we got information from kmov it was a mix of smoke and tear gas. that was used to disperse the crowd. >> and the tear gas was used because someone was in the street pointing a gun at police and a police car was shot at. that is the latest. as far as ferguson, missouri goes, you can tell captain johnson is very tired. he has been quite the trooper in
12:57 am
all of this and report on the calm streets now after a couple rough hours. >> we thank you for watching our continuing coverage here on cnn i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. we have another hour of news. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. thank you for joining us. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. we are following breaking news out of missouri, ferguson, missouri. we have pictures to show you. violence erupted overnight after a curfew went into effect. we understand police ended up using first smoke can terse