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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  August 29, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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"early start" continues right now. the hunt for isis, the terrorists leaving a deadly trail of destruction in syria and iraq. this morning, recruiting new members from here in the u.s. congress is weighing in after the president says the u.s. has no clear strategy to take the terror organization down. we are live in iraq now with new information on isis' latest mass execution. russian invasion. violence escalating in ukraine. russia accused of arming and fighting alongside rebels moving in to take over territory in ukraine. world leaders are outraged. right now, the united nations holding an emergency meeting. we are live in moscow. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is friday, august 29th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first, air strikes
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against isis in syria. president obama says there is no military strategy to attack isis in syria, yet. he is under pressure to punish them. he moving the threat needs to be a regional effort. >> as i said, ruling out a cancer like isil will not be quick or easy. we can and will working closely with allies and partners. it will be important for congress to weigh in and our consultations will continue to develop so that the american people are part of the debate. but, i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy, yet. >> we don't have a strategy, yet. he's meeting with the advisers in syria and iraq and sending john kerry to the region to
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build support. the militants carried out a mass execution of syrian soldiers. we are live in erbil, iraq. it's terrifying. the pictures are terrifying as well, tell us what happened. >> reporter: this video came on youtube yesterday. it shows syrian soldiers where isis claims it captured syrian soldiers in the desert stripped to their underwear many with their hands tied to their heads. they are filming them on the phones as they walk past. the next image is a pile of bloody bodies. the camera turns around and we see this horrific scene, the line of bodies, dead soldiers lying face down in the dirt. according to isis, these captured syrian soldiers from
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the battle to take the military base in rhaka province in northeastern syria was the last stronghold for bashir al assad's regime in that particular area. isis claims it captured 250 of them. they are prisons of war. this is what they do to them. they march them through the desert, knowing full well what their fate is and executing them and gloating about it on the internet. a short time after that video was posted, christine, there was another video from isis. this time showing kurdish forces all wearing orange jump suits, the same jump suit worn by american journalist james foley, who was horrifically beheaded in a video last week. one of the soldiers makes an appeal to his president here in kurdistan, to stop cooperating with the united states allowing the u.s. air strikes to be
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conducted here in iraq. it finishes with a soldier kneeling before a mosque in mosul. three isis militants standing above him. e grabs his head, the tuft of his hair and gets out his knife and beheads him. this is how the video ends. we have seen this time and time again. certainly, it's just a horrifying image that really shows that this terrorist organization has no code of conduct and certainly shows no mercy what so ever on people who do not agree with them. christine? >> anna in erbil, thank you. we are learning more about the man who could be the second american killed fighting for isis this week. the family of him says he was killed during terrorist clashes in syria. cnn is waiting on officials to confirm his identity. friends of the minnesota father of nine say his change to
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radicalism and sudden move to the middle east came out of nowhere. we are learning more about douglas mccain fighting for isis. his one-time best friend and minnesota classmate was killed fighting for the al-shabaab terrorist group in somalia in 2009. cnn spoke with his mother, who still, after five years after her son's death is struggling with his loss. >> i don't easily talk about it to people because i don't want to have to also defend him. my family is great, and my friends are great. just in general, in the world, i mean, it is, it's the hardest, the hardest loss that there is. i'm really grateful that i had him and that i knew doug. >> isis is recruiting people from the twin cities because of
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the large somali population. terrorists targeting young, di- affected people there using recruitment videos. at least 100 americans have left the united states to take up arms alongside extremists inside syria. >> think about it from the point of view of parent who is settled in minnesota and now to have them recruited to another battlefield. very sad. now, to the escalating crisis in ukraine. the officials say it's a full-scale invasion with russian forces fighting alongside separatist forces in southern ukraine. the u.s. and nato say there's evidence 1,000 or more troops crossed over into ukraine. president obama blames russia for fuelling the civil war and says their actions will have consequences. matthew chance is live in moscow. good morning. >> reporter: christine, that's right. it's a scene from the battle days of the cold war, isn't it,
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with the united states condemning the increased involvement. in the situation in eastern ukraine. nato, the western military alliance called an emergency session. the organization released satellite images that are proof up to 1,000 russian forces engaged in combat operations in the east of ukraine and the southeast as well. for their part, the russians, the kremlin denying there are any russian troops that have been officially deployed inside eastern ukraine. one pro-russian rebel commander in eastern ukraine saying there are russian forces fighting with the ukrainian rebels. on a voluntary basis, using their leave time to essentially volunteer and fight and in some instances die for the rebel cause in eastern ukraine. a certain amount of plausible deniability. just how plausible is under
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question. at the moment, the kremlin denying that. the united states saying there will be more consequences for this continued russian support of that insurgency in eastern ukraine. stopping short, president obama indicating exactly what would be done. there have been sanctions implemented in the past. they do not appear to have direct impact on russian policy except to increase support of the rebels in ukraine. christine? >> the vacation invasion is plausible deniability. they have to take a vacation, then borrow the military equipment at the same time. it defies real logic. >> reporter: absolutely. i don't think anybody seriously believes that. for the kremlin, it's an increasingly thinly veiled
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attempt to disguise it. they have been exposed. at least ten russian paratroopers were detained by the ukrainian authorities and shown on ukrainian television inside eastern ukraine. the kremlin dismissed that saying they were on a border patrol in russia and accidentally went over the border. it's been well known from western governments over the past several months, since the hostilities broke out in eastern ukraine in march. the insurgents have been supported by forces inside russia. he said there would be increased consequences if that support continued. >> matthew chance in moscow. thank you. time for an "early start" on your money. european stocks higher. asian mixed. u.s. futures higher. it will be a rally for stocks and could bring the s&p back to above 2,00.
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apple will make a big announcement on september 9th. john berman cannot contain himself. it was vague. it's expected they will roll out two versions of the iphone 6. they are expected to have a bigger screen to battle with samsung. there's speculation the long awaits i watch will be available. there's a heavy focus on health and fitness. it's going to go run faster, run faster. ten minutes after the hour. call it the audacity of taupe. i did not write that line, but i wish i had. president obama showed up wearing a tan suit or is it beige or khaki or all the above. >> stone? >> it may be. twitter went bonkers during this news conference because, the president usually wears gray or blue suits. he once said he only, only wears
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gray or blue suits. there are more than 4,000 tweets about this. people stopped talking about it once the president says he has no strategy, yet, to deal with isis in syria. >> it's usually the female politicians that get it. who cares about a pantsuit, i don't care about the blouse and the fancy clothes on whatever female cant. he got a lot of attention. >> you welcome this talk about the suit. >> equal opportunity fashion. i don't know. i thought he looked fine. he looked good. he never wears anything other than a blue or dark gray suit. >> can you imagine seersucker? it's his second term. >> only his second term. >> maybe he could wear seersucker. the audacity of taupe, that was good. >> best line of the morning. joan rivers in critical condition at a new york hospital. what her family said overnight, right after the break. straight. [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk?
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81-year-old exceed yan, joan rivers is resting comfortably in a new york city hospital. she was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during an outpatient procedure on her throat. she went into cardiac arrest. her daughter released a statement thanking everyone for love and support for her mother. the audio recording that captured the moment police opened fire has been authenticated by glide. it was created at the time the unarmed missouri teenager was killed. it bolsters a man's report he recorded the shooting. cnn has not aught ent kated this recording. a group caught up in protest in ferguson is suing the police, seeking $40 million in damages. they allege their civil rights
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were violated. authorities in arizona say no criminal charges will be filed in the gun incident where a 9-year-old girl shot her instructor with an uzi. he was killed when the weapon recoiled in the arms of the 9-year-old. it sparked a national debate over young kids handling firearms. thursday, hillary clinton weighed in calling it heart breaking and horrifying. >> what 9-year-old little girl is strong enough to manage an uzi submachine gun, which is what it was. the kick, the effort to control it. that's just the height of irresponsibility to say nothing of the choice of letting your child do that. >> the instructors family is grief stricken. the widow says the kids are taking it hard.
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>> i would like to know what the family, the parents of the little girl think. >> i have read their take. it's very, very hard on them as well. authorities confirm a body found in the forest of jerusalem is that of aaron sofer. he disappeared hiking with a friend. police investigators have yet to determine the cause of his death. his family believes it was accidental and no foul play involved. the corruption trial of bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen are accused of taking $165,000 in gifts and loans in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement. the marriage was so broken, they couldn't communicate or conspire on anything. they are facing years in prison, if convicted. heavy rain leading to this rescue in lubbock, texas. fire crews needed a ladder truck
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to rescue a driver after the car was nearly submerged in floodwaters. look at that. indra petersons is here with a look at the forecast. >> she's having heart palpitations. >> it is labor day weekend. the place you don't want to be, we are talking the heaviest amounts of rain. we are talking two, if not five inches of rain around the gulf as we go through the holiday. labor day itself, possibly we get a less chance for showers in the forecast. cristobal still out there. look how quickly it is exiting off to the northeast. with that, yes, we are going to have higher surf and nothing like we saw yesterday. yesterday, we were talking 12 feet of surf, down three to five feet, improving for the weekend. still looking for strong rip currents, going downward to moderate. that brings a lot of concern into the water. many of you are going to the
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beach. a quick glance at the nation as we go the entire nation. the severe weather threat, we are watching it toward the plains. generally, everywhere else a threat of scattered showers for the weekend. day by day, what are the temperatures going to look like. cooler in the northeast. 77 new york city. scattered showers out there in the northeast. toward the tail of the weekend, sunday and monday, the bigger threat for showers. the first half of the weekend, if you have it off, enjoy the first half. if you are working, don't worry, it's raining anyway. >> done fast. >> thanks. nfl commissioner, roger goodell admits it was wrong. he got it wrong when he suspended ray rice for only two games after domestic violence case. he's now doing something about it going forward. andy scholes with details in the bleacher report, next.
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imagine my surprise, not my joy, when i turned on the television yesterday evening and there was college football being played. it's happening. it's happening. andy scholes is here. we have our first upset. >> yeah tharks's right, guys. texas a&m, a lot of people expected them to take a step back without johnny manziel. they did not miss a beat.
2:24 am
kenny hill lit up the gamecocks in his first start, hill threw for, get this, 511 yards. that broke manziel's single game record. three touchdowns in a 52-28 upset win over south carolina. everyone, including manziel jumped on the nickname, kenny football. he says he doesn't like that nickname. he wants something more original. a rough week were the usc trojans. anthony brown, who quit the team a week ago says he did so because the head coach is a racist. he posted, he treated me like a slave in his office. can't play for a racist man. that post was deleted. he was shocked to hear the comments. it couldn't be further from the truth.
2:25 am
nfl commissioner, roger goodell admitted to making mistake suspending rice for only two games. under the new plan, offenders receive a six-game suspension for the first offense and possible lifetime ban for a second offense. this new policy applies to all nfl personnel, not just the players. finally, the clock struck midnight for the young cinderella. cici bellis lost the match in three. she was the talk of the tournament after becoming the youngest player to win a match since 1996. she called it unbelievable and mind blowing and the best couple days of her life. >> 5% of her life at age 15. >> now, she goes back to high school. >> i'm sure we are going to hear
2:26 am
much more from her in the future. >> thanks. hunt for isis. the terrorists leaving a trail of destruction in syria and iraq, recruiting members here in the u.s. president obama may not have a strategy yet to stop them. we are live after the break.
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happening now, isis slaughtering hundreds of soldiers. just the latest in a string of brutal executions. this morning, the president says he has no strategy, yet, on how to take down the terror group in
2:30 am
syria as it moves through the region. now, here in the united states, we are live with the latest. ukraine under attack. russia sending tanks and troops into that country arming rebels fighting ukraine's military. this, as world leaders hold an emergency meeting over the crisis. is there anything they can do to stop russian president, vladimir putin? live team coverage ahead, i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. more evidence of the isis reign of terror. president obama has no strategy for battling them in syria, yet. he asked john kerry to go there. that is a critical element in the isis threat. >> ruling out a cancer like isil will not be quick or easy. i'm confident we can and we will working closely with allies and
2:31 am
partners. it will be important for congress to weigh in and our consultations with congress continue to develop so that the american people are part of the debate. i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy, yet. >> isis not waiting for the cart or the horse. the militants claim to have carried out a mass execution in syria. they released a video to prove it. anna is live in northern iraq and erbil at the moment. this video is awful. >> it is. >> reporter: it's concerns about showing this type of video from isis because it's part of their propaganda, but we obviously feel it is critical to show the viewers, even though it is disturbing, just to give people an idea of what the world is really dealing with. the video they posted on youtube yesterday shows syrian soldiers
2:32 am
being marched through the desert, in their underwear, hands behind their heads. the next image is a pile of bloody bodies. the camera turns around and we see a gruesome seen of body after body of dead soldiers lying face in the dirt. it is sickening. it hits home that this terrorist organization has no moral code, no code of conduct, no mercy, what so ever on people they consider to be the enemy. at the end of the day, the syrian soldiers are prisoners of war. the military base in rhaka province was the last stronghold for bashar al assad's regime. isis is moving freely between syria and here to iraq. shortly after that video was posted, we then got another
2:33 am
video showing kurdish soldiers in a room, dressed in the orange jump suit. the same worn by james foley who was brutally beheaded last week. one of the soldiers making an appeal not to cooperate with the united states and not to allow america to intervene, referring to the u.s. air strikes, which is ongoing. the video ends with one of those captured soldiers kneeling in that jump suit in front of a mosque in mosul, iraq's second largest city seized by isis back in june. then he is beheaded. it's gruesome. it is sickening, but it really has come to define isis. this brutal and barbaric behavior. john? >> it's awful. as you see, it shows what people inside those countries in iraq and syria are up against.
2:34 am
what the united states could be up against if it gets more deeply involved in that region. thank you so much. this morning, we are learning more about the man that could be the second american killed fighting for isis this week. the family says he was killed over the weekend during terrorist clashes in syria. cnn is waiting on government officials to confirm his identity. friends of this man, a minnesota father of nine, his change to radicalism and move to the mideast came out of nowhere. we have been told about a one-time friend of doug last mccain who died fighting for isis. this man was killed fighting for the al-shabaab terror group in somalia back in 2009. cnn spoke with his mother, who still, five years after her son's death is struggling with his loss. >> i don't easily talk about it with people. i don't want to have to defend
2:35 am
him. my family is great and my friends are greacht. just in general, in the world, it is the hardest, the hardest loss that there is. and, i'm really grateful that i had him. and that i knew doug. >> isis is said to be recruiting people from the twin cities mainly because of the large somali population. terrorists are targeting young, disaffected people by using the recruitment videos. at least 100 americans have left the country to take up arms alongside militant extremists. president obama pointing the finger at russia for the brazen action in ukraine saying they are responsible for fueling the civil war there. u.s. officials say russia sent in 1,000 soldiers so fight inside ukraine alongside those pro-russian separatists.
2:36 am
the rebels agreed to a request from vladimir putin to open a corridor to allow surrounded ukrainian troops to retreat from the battlefield. president putin says russians are volunteers, they are on vacation. matthew chance is live in moscow with the latest. good morning, matthew. >> good morning, john. it's implausible, the latest line coming out of the kremlin is that the soldiers that have been engaged in fighting inside eastern ukraine and parts of the country as well are not there officially from russia. instead, according to a prorussian rebel leader, they are on vacation. they are taking their leave and choosing to fight and in some instances die on behalf of the rebel cause. essentially on their own time. that's thinly veiled kind of way that the kremlin is casting this increasingly apparent intervention by russian forces. officially, russians denying
2:37 am
there are any russian units taking part in fact fighting inside eastern ukraine. in the last few minutes, sergey lavrov went on television denying russian individuals are fighting inside eastern ukraine, calling it conjecture. despite the fact nato, the western military alliance has video showing activity across the border from russia into ukraine. the latest statement from the u.s. president saying russia is increasingly engaged, not just supporting materially but in the fighting as well. again, in the face of that, complete russian denial. john? >> even if the troops are on vacation, self-propelled heavy artillery doesn't vacation. if the photos are accurate, a lot of equipment has moved in. what effect has that had?
2:38 am
>> there are claims about the extent to which they were supporting the rebel movements inside eastern ukraine. obviously, there are huge questions over the latest claim as well. it's having an impact, it seems on the battlefield to get to your question. the ukrainian government had been making advances against the rebels over the course of the past several months. that may have been the reason why russian forces moved in, because they needed to stem that military advance. to some extent, they have achieved that, halting the advance around certain areas and making military gains in the southeast of ukraine, the city of mariopol. also, a call fwi kremlin, again, indicating the extent of influence. a call by the kremlin by the rebels in ukraine to allow the safe exit of ukrainian soldiers
2:39 am
from the battle zone to return to their families. you know, a lot of activity taking place on the ground. the question is, what the west, the united states and nato can do about this is very much remaining open. there's a special emergency session taking place soon. try to look at possible steps forward. >> matthew chance in moscow, thanes so much. there is an emergency meeting among nato. karl penhaul is there monitoring that. we are going to check in in a few minutes. >> european stocks higher. asian mixed. u.s. stocks pointing higher. malaysia airlines is slashing jobs. 6,000 jobs, 30% reduction in the work force as part of an overhaul after two major disasters. the government owns 70% of melee shah airlines. it plans to buy the rest. the airline fwhuz trouble before
2:40 am
the tragedy. a $97 million loss last quarter. it's been losing money. it will need an entire overhaul. really, remaking the brand, even. comedian joan rivers rushed to a new york city hospital after she stopped breathing. what the family said just ahead. tony stewart's return to racing weeks after he hit and killed a competitor walking on the track. that story, after the break. [ ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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comedian joan rivers in critical but stable condition. the 81-year-old was rushed there yesterday, thursday, after he stopped breathing after a procedure on her throat. her daughter says her mother is resting comfortably and thanks them for overwhelming love and support. tony stewart makes his return to the track at the atlanta motor speedway. he's not raced since his car struck and killed driver kevin ward jr. during a dirt track race in up state new york earlier this month. police found no evidence of criminal wrong doing. the investigation is ongoing. heavy rain in texas triggering flash floods and leaving this motorist stranded in the water. look at that. the water up to the doors. he drove in, couldn't get out.
2:45 am
they used a ladder truck to get to him before it was too late. >> indra petersons has the weather forecast. >> where is it going to rain? everyone wants to know. around the gulf, more rain is expected. two to five inches of rain. anywhere from brownsville, corpus christi and new orleans, a two day total here. sunday, monday, you will see a chance of showers diminish. you have one day out there that will feel better. otherwise, we have, yes, we have cristobal out there. it's making its way off to the northeast quickly. but, that doesn't mean we are not seeing the effects on the atlantic. we had 12 foot swells. today, three to five foot swells. rip currents high as well. that is diminishing ahead of the weekend, which is good news with the beach gou goers heading outdoors. severe weather threat is up through the plains and the ohio
2:46 am
valley and of course we talked around the gulf, corpus christi. new york city, cool from the beginning. it will warm up as you go through the weekend. the warmer temperatures to the south. tomorrow, shower chances increase around the south. look for more scattered showers making their way into the ohio valley. the northeast, sunday into monday is when you are going to look at the chances for more rain. everyone has a mixed bag. it's which day is best. >> the northeast get your fun in, soon. >> now, today. >> thanks. let's look at what's coming up on new day. allison joins us. happy friday. >> happy friday. great to see you. president obama's labor day weekend is off to a shaky start. his administration is trying to clarify what he meant about having no strategy yet to fight isis. how can the west slow russian aggression in ukraine. nato pictures appear to confirm russian troops crossed the
2:47 am
border thursday in what is called an invasion. all that plus all breaking news when john, christine and i see everyone in about 14 minutes. >> it's going to be a party. we are all going to be there. >> a news party. a news party. thanks. we are also following these issues, the russian invasion inside ukraine. more on that. world leaders holding an emergency meeting. what can be done to stop russian president, vladimir putin? we are live after the break.
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2:51 am
nato ministers meeting in an emergency session today prompted by evidence of russia's military advance in ukraine. they are blaming moscow for the hostilities. cnns karl penhaul is live in london for us. the foreign minister of russia, sergey lavrov is speaking right now about russia invading ukraine. what is he saying? >> reporter: absolutely. russia is deny thing that it is mounting incursion into eastern ukraine as nato is suggesting. a few moments ago, he said the satellite pictures that nato ambassadors are poring over have been pulled from a computer
2:52 am
game. we have to say the satellite images that have been shown to us by nato are commercial satellite pictures, not military. it raises the question why they are showing these pictures and not from their own intelligence. maybe we will get answers to that. the emergency meeting with nato has gone long. we were expecting a statement a few moments ago. that has not come through yet. that's delayed another 45 minutes. right now, the evidence that we are told that the nato ambassadors are poring over are pictures showing 1,000 combat troops inside eastern ukraine pulling heavy weaponry and heavy artillery pieces. add to that claim that is up to 4,000 russian troops on vacation volunteered to fight in ukraine. that brings this picture that a
2:53 am
full-scale russian invasion is under way. they say it's more like an incursion. what can nato do to stop this? ukraine is not a member state. military involvement is really not on the cards. christine? >> karl penhaul in london with the latest on that. thank you. the death toll from the ebola outbreak passed 1500. many cases are still not being reported. the world health organization says it could strike 20,000 people before it's brought under control. a road map for stopping the spread of ebola in nine months. researchers taking samples report it's mutating rapidly as it spreads. the national institutes of health will start human tests of a vaccine next month. even if the vaccine works, it won't stop it from killing. >> have you seen the places in
2:54 am
west africa? it's difficult to get from point a to point b. this is not going to be the final answer. the final answer is still stopping the outbreak, going to the bureial sites, counseling families, making sure they are not spreading the virus more than they have. >> other tests are being set up in the uk and mali. a labor day weekend, perfect for a road trip. we'll explain why when we get an "early start" on your money, next. is straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
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all right. welcome back. let's get an "early start" on
2:58 am
your money. taking a look at stocks, futures higher. dow up 28 points. nasdaq futures up as well. yesterday, the s&p 500 ended a three-day winning streak and closed below 2,000. it could be a good morning and month for stocks. the dow and s&p 500 up more than 3% for the month. nasdaq is up more than 4%. could be the least expensive holiday weekend in years at the gas bump. gas prices will be the lowest since labor day of 2010. they are expects to move lower into the fall. crude oil prices have fallen despite the turmoil in the at least and russia. new day starts right now. damage control. the white house under fire after president obama suggests he has no strategy for dealing with isis in syria. republican critics pounce the
2:59 am
administration, fighting back this morning. breaking overnight, vladimir putin giving orders to forces in ukraine, but not asking pro-russian troops to slow their incursion. we have the latest from the ground and the photographs that prove his troops are on the move. new information on the audio tape allegedly of the moment michael brown was shot. the new evidence that verifies the audio was made at the time of the shooting. we have the latest on the investigation. your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate balduan and michaela pereira. good morning, everyone. great to see you. it's friday, august 29th. it's 6:00 in the east. i'm john berman. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. chris and kate are off. happy friday to you. >> a lot going on. the white house really now in desperate damage control after the really surprising remark
3:00 am
from president obama. he's giving a press conference at the white house and he told reporters flat out we don't have a strategy yet for fighting the surge of isis in syria. a senior administration official clarifying the president was only talking about isis in syria, but that comment now has the president's critics asking how he is dealing with this terror fight, whether there is a plan. white house correspondent michelle kosinski joins us now with the latest from the white house where they have been doing a lot of cleanup. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning, john, right. well, of course, everybody kind of waits with bated breath, especially with the national security meeting in the situation room wanting to know what is the decision on hitting isis in syria? i mean, u.s. hostages are still there. one was just murdered but the president has made it to some surprisingly clear we're just not there yet.


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