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tv   New Day  CNN  September 3, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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killing sotloff and james foley will bring major consequences for the cowards who committed these crimes. >> overnight our government determined that tragically steven was taken from us in an hon isk act of violence. whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans by steven, they have already failed. they failed because, like people around the world, americans are repulsed by their barberism. we will not be intimidated, and their horrific acts only unite us as a country an stitch our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists. and those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn we will not forget that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> strong words from the president there. also though, conflicting reports this morning about a possible cease-fire in ukraine. president petro poroshenko's
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office says a deal was reached with vladimir putin but a minute later a senior putin spokesman rejected that claim and there was doubt expressed any cease-fire would hold. president obama made clear any hope of peace lies with the russians. >> if, in fact, russia is prepared to stop financing, arming, training and in many cases joining with russian troops activities in ukraine and is serious about a political settlement, that is something we all hope for. >> because we have breaking news, let's unpack one crisis at a time. you can see we have a full field of coverage here. let us introduce them to you, john avlon, the cnn political analyst and editor-in-chief of "daily beast." major general james "spider" sparks, cnn analyst and u.s. army retired and new executive dean of the university of phoenix, mr. bobby ghosh and an
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anna coren and reza sayah. u.s. troops, more of them, headed into iraq. the president has authorized the deployment of 350 additional sets of boots on the ground. the white house sin sifting though they will not be serving in a combat role, so anna, you're tracking the developments for us. you're live in irbil, iraq. what does it mean there? >> reporter: well, chris, certainly authorities here welcome news that more u.s. troops will be heading to iraq. this obviously follows the barbaric beheading of second journalist steven sotloff overnight. this now brings the numbers up to more than 1,000. as you say, the pentagon stressing that this is not boots on the ground, that everyone here believes that they will be advising the iraqi and kurdish
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forces here who are taking the fight to isis to achieve that objective laid out by president obama in estonia to degrade and destroy isis. this morning more u.s. troops now heading to iraq. another 350 deployed to help bolster security for the u.s. embassy in baghdad, bringing the total of u.s. troops deployed to more than 1,000. the order comes only hours after the latest isis video was released. >> you, obama, have yet again for your actions condemned another american citizen. >> reporter: the executioner warning the u.s. to halt air strikes. >> with our air strikes, our knife will continue to strike your people. >> a very disturbing video. >> reporter: u.s. leaders and across the globe wondered what next as journalist steven
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sotloff was beheaded by isis. sotloff's execution less than two weeks after american james foley was killed. video released on the same day the u.s. conducted its 124th air strike near iraq's largest dam, destroying or damaging 16 isis armed vehicles. sotloff's family says they are now grieving privately. >> i ask you to please release my child. >> reporter: only a week after the 31-year-old's mother released a video pleading for her son's life. >> i've learned that islam teaches that no individual should be held responsible for the sins of others. steven has no control over the actions of the u.s. government. >> reporter: some politicians in the u.s. are slamming obama for a lack of strategy in dealing with the increasingly high-profile terrorist group. >> i had hoped that the president would realize that this kind of barbarity only brings home the nature of the enemy we face and the scope of it.
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unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. >> reporter: chris, we know that president obama is under pressure to react to this second beheading of a u.s. citizen and as we heard from the president this is going to take time, not only is he looking for partnerships regionally but also internationally. this is a complex situation. they just can't come in to iraq and syria and bomb these targets. they need to gather the intelligence. they need to know what they are striking, and as the president says, this is not going to be over a matter of weeks, this is over a matter of months. chris? >> well, said, anna. the situations are always ended on the ground, both with intelligence and action, so let's figure out politics and t the practicality with our panel of experts. we've got bobby ghosh and john avlon. the politics are obvious, we're
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angry, isis is beheading journalists and now we want to act. do you think there's a little bit of a rush here that may be going on? i know the president is hearing everybody say he's going too slowly but now that you're angry about this and rush in, what's the risk? >> i don't see a lot of evidence of rush right now. the president said his goal was degrade rather than destroy isis. he's russ lieutenant but muted in his resolution, the second beheading we've seen. this is a time to get angry in a focused manner to realize we are confronting evil and this is going to be a longer struggle but it's essential. >> you're talking only about the beheadings, right? they are dominating the discussion. and for the respect of the families and the fraternity of people who support the work, you want to hear that respect. >> yeah. >> but it seems to also be leading the intelligence with what you do and why, bobby, ghosh. 350 sets of new boots on the ground. i don't understand how you're on the ground and not part of what takes place there. what does that mean practically? >> we've seen when american air
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power combines with iraqi forces on the ground, it works. it worked to get isis away from the mosul dam t.worked to rescue the town earlier from isis. it shows that that combination works. we're putting more people there. it's to help the iraqis and yes to protect the embassy to some degree, but it's to help iraqis and provide them with intelligence and guidance to do some coordination between official iraqi forces and the peshmerga. they don't necessarily talk to each other and don't have credibility with each other. the united states does have some credibility with the persshmerg so there's lots of strategic and tactical support that the u.s. can and should be providing. if i can just say, there's no question of rush. this has been months and months in the coming. thousands upon thousands of iraqis and syrians have been killed for months, so if -- if we rush now, more fool we because we've not been preparing. i hope that's not true.
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>> and the president seems to be trying to say that and -- in some respect when he said that early on, from the very beginning when we got involved, i said this was not going to be a one-week, one-month or even he said a six-month proposition. >> yeah. >> but he did also said at least try to make the case that there is a strategy in iraq. after the you can call it a gaffe last week when he said there was no strategy. spider, weigh in on this. play a little more of the sound from the president during the press conference who really almost directly takes on that criticism from last week when he says he was taken out of context. he was taking about a military strategy. listen. >> when this question was asked last week, i was specifically referring to the possibility of the military strategy inside of syria that might require congressional approval.
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it is very important from my perspective that when we send our pilots in to do a job that we know that this is a mission that's going to work, that we're very clear on what our objectives are, what our targets are. we've made the case to congress and we've made the case to the american people, and we've got allies behind us. >> so, spider, from your perspective has the president laid out a clear strategy? >> oh, no, not at all. the president's comment is really a distinction without a difference. you establish a strategy that includes all the elements of power, dipmatic, informational, economic, to include military, and then there is a military campaign to suprt w underpins that strategy and holds it up. what we don't have is an overall u.s. strategy and an alliance strategy, a coalition strategy that says this is how we want to try to attack and what we want to try to do with ungoverned
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space. oh, by the way, we happen to have this element called isis which is really taking advantage and has grown as a result of ungoverned space, and we haven't gotten our arms around that. now the piece of it that is working is the military campaign to go after isis. what needs to happen is it needs to really be much more persistent, much more aggressive. the air strikes need to just be so oppressive against isis targets that they don't get a chance to breathe, and they should include targets in syria. clearly that's based on great intelligence. it can be -- it can be acquired through technical means and we have agencies that can develop sources on the ground to really make it that much more precise in syria. that needs to be so dominating that isis can't breathe, and we haven't achieved that yet. we've had a lot of chat. >> spider, do you also -- is it important that the president, and ann compton i think asked a very precise and follow-up question during this press
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conference. she said when you're talking about taking on isis. are you talking about destroying isis, destroying them, containing them or simply pushing them back, why is it so important that the president lay it out, and do you think he answer that had question? >> words are very, very important. what's important to see in this is that the president has answered the question in that he said he wants to -- i think he said to degrade. >> yeah. >> make sure isis is not an ongoing threat to the region, and he went on to say that in a couple different ways. >> there are several ways you can parse that. the real issue you is want to destroy it. that's going to take an overarching strategy that's really dominating in the region with the elements of power. if you want to hold what you have and not let isis expand into iraq but right now we've allowed isis to continue to fuel itself so they can conduct operations, not only in syria but elsewhere in iraq, that's what we have right now. we're holding what they have -- what they have done. we've not rolled them back. we've not gotten into the destruction of isis.
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that's very important to discuss. >> and obviously the distinction that the general understands very well is that we could do these things very easily militarily, but it's about the mandate and about the authority, and that is the same logic that's being applied and scrutinized in the situation in ukraine. we should bring in reza sayah because we're really dealing with two major crises. what do you do with isis in light of the latest beheadings? what is going on in the ground in ukraine? >> we get what sounds like a headline. the question is is it a false headline, this idea of a cease-fire between russia and ukraine right here on the eve of very important talks about that situation. what do you know about it? >> reporter: there are still many details to sort through and confirm, but without question this is the best indication yet that in this conflict these two sides have reached some sort of breakthrough or a cease-fire. let's explain to you what we know and how we got here. several hours ago the russian news agency interfax reported
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that russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president petro poroshenko had a phone conversation, and in that phone call they agreed on a path towards getting out of this crisis. obviously we needed to hear confirmation from ukrainian officials here in kiev, and a short time later that confirmation came via the spokesperson of the president's office saying that the phone call had taken place, and, in fact, they took it a step further. they said that a crease fire had been established. a cease-fire had not been mentioned from the statement in moscow. we went back to moscow to confirm, and they essentially said that mr. putin could not authorize a cease-fire because he was not party to this conflict, that russia was not a party to this conflict, but, again, he reiterate that had moscow supports the framework that was in place for a cease-fire. we are also hear from the pro-russian rebels fighting in southeastern ukraine. they are essentially saying that we're doubting that a cease-fire can take place until ukrainian
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forces leave the region. that apparently hasn't happened yet, but it looks like we're on the verge of a breakthrough, a remarkable development because up until this morning these two sides, leaders in moscow and ukraine were hurling back and forth heated accusations an veiled insults. >> reza sayah on ground for us in ukraine. let's continue part of this discussion because this was also a big topic in the press conference. neither the estonian president for president obama seemed to put a lot of weight in the headline of a cease-fire. i mean, the president himself says, well, we haven't seen much -- we haven't seen this bear fruit in the past, any conversation of a cease-fire. what do you think this means, rita cosby. >> well, it seems quite transparent that this is an attempt by moscow to take some of the heat off of the nato discussions. the timing is -- just as president obama arrives in europe, there's talk of a new framework. i think we can go down the rabbit hole with the world cease-fire. it's a good thing they are talking. listen, putin and poroshenko are
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calling each other, that's a good thing, but as the russians -- as the separatists seem to have said on the ground -- >> one in the same, it seems. >> exactly. >> what the separatists have said we'll believe this when we see this. >> we're actually playing comedically with the main problem it is russia on the ground. >> of course. >> i've been there. they point guns at you. real russians and are really trained. it's their weapons. they are not old. they are coming in now. that's the truth. people understand it. russia is playing with it. that's okay. the problem is that everybody is playing the same game right now, so how do you make progress in a situation where you are enabling a lie? >> first by not enabling a lie but pretending that people changed their character overnight. we all hope for peace, but let's not be naive here. bobby is exactly right. this is transparently an attempt to take some of the energy out from underneath the nato summit which has the opportunity to revive the organization from being a cold war relic to something relevant in the 21st century if they feel the sense of urgency. clearly states like estonia do,
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but vladimir putin is the kind of guy who throws the first punch, calls for a crease fire, so let's be real about the actions here. >> funny if it wasn't so sad. >> right, because the sad part is when can you do about it? this is not isis. >> is that not where the role of nato does come in though? >> that's the other lie that is sort of circling around this. we're not going to war for ukraine. nato is not going to war for ukraine. estonia is a different kettle of fish. they are article v, obligations. we're not going to war for ukraine, and we shouldn't allow the ukrainians to think that we will because that stops them from making the bargain they have to make at the end of the day with russia. >> spider, jump in and have a lost thought on this. this was the whole point of president obama going overseas. he's going to this nato summit. this is going to be top of mind. nato, this could be the new age of nato is how a lot of people
3:17 am
have -- have kind of described this moment in history. what's the role of nato here? >> well, i need to take issue with what josh said a little bit tongue in cheek in that nato has not been a relic of the cold war, incredibly relevant all in the '90s and 2000s. it really is a coalition that has been well-defined and has modified and adapted itself to new realities. the issue with ukraine is an international concern that we all should have. it's not just simply nato's concern. we have the invasion of a sovereign nation by another, and we're sitting there going, well, i guess this is the new norm. it's really quite amazing to me that the united states frankly as a leader internationally -- the united states has the power to convene, and we have not convened a discussion of what's taking place in ukraine. we've simply observed. >> yeah. >> so there's a lot we can do in a very practical sense. we can provide great intelligence and provide advisers, and we must acknowledge that we can't get into a hot war with the russians.
3:18 am
we never got into a hot war with the soviets and we created nato so we could prevent that, but now we have this enterprise. let's use it appropriately. >> but there's a bright line in international policy in the post-cold war world and post-war world is that national sovereignty is sacred, whether you slow roll an invasion or you hot roll it, that there is a bright line there. whether or not it's article v or not in the world of nations. that's been violationed and violated slowly over the past several months and if we allow that to be downgraded that's a whole world of hurt in the 21st century we're unleashing. >> in total agreement. >> the point that spider made there. the president hasn't convened. who is international? ? the chinese don't care, the indians and africans don't care, latin americans don't care. the vast majority of the world doesn't care what putin is doing in ukraine. we've got to make them care instead of just sort of blustering across borders in europe. we've got to make the rest of the world hold put ton account and the president is not even beginning to try to make that
3:19 am
happen. >> true. >> and many european countries have also been slow to get on the bandwagon for any sanctions that could potentially have any hurt on their side. they have been really slow to impose any sanctions on russia, the ones with real teeth. >> talk about a theme that's often avoided here is, that you know, you talk about slow. europe is running like the road runner compared to saudi arabia and jordan when it comes to dealing with really isis as an extension of this movement for a sunni state. where are they on all of this? so a lot of themes to pick up on. >> really seeing the important issues that the president is addressing in his press conference. we'll continue to hear from him throughout the moment and coverage of that throughout the show. thank you all so much. thank you very, very much this morning. >> all right. we'll be digging deeper into this with the co-chair of the ukrainian congressional caucus coming up. is this a real cease-fire and what does it mean for ukraine? much more on that. >> and then politics and what's going on on the ground and that,
3:20 am
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following breaking news this morning. president obama speaking out for the first time about the isis video that shows american steven sotloff being horrifically executed. president says the country is grief-stricken by sotloff's death and the second beheading by isis after american james foley. mr. obama says the u.s. will not be intimidated by isis terrorists, and he also says justice will be served. >> bottom line is this. our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy isil so it's no longer a threat, not just to iraq, but also the region and to the united states. >> the president also addressed russia's role in the conflict in eastern ukraine and conflicting reports about a cease-fire deal there. let's talk about all of this, and there is a lot going on with the democratic congresswoman marcy captor, co-chair of the congressional ukrainian caucus. congresswoman, thank you so much. it's great to have you here on this very important morning.
3:25 am
>> thank you, kate. >> of course. let's first, if we could, talk about that grisly video, the execution of steven sotloff, the american journalist in syria, the president speaking out for the first time about his death this morning saying that justice will be served and also talking about the goal of the united states to degrade, to destroy isis, to take them on. how does the death of steven sotloff changed the calculation and what the united states should do right now in your perspective? >> it's a very difficult situation, and our hearts go out to the sotloff as well as the foley families, and we thank them for raising such patriotic americans dedicated to truth and to liberty globally. what incredible men these were, and their memory will live forever in the hearts of the american people. they are symbolic of the struggle that remains in our
3:26 am
world for justice, for liberty and for truth, and we feel it very deeply in our hearts. i agree with everything that the president said there. i think that trying to supply and provide intelligence to those who want to bring some measure of order to that legion of the world is an appropriate role for the united states. we have lost thousands of lives and spent billions of dollars in that part of the world to try to create some form of modern order as these very rubbery states with imposed boundaries going back many decades try to -- try to reach the future, but the world simply can't accept the kind of death and ideology that pervades those who perpetrate these horrific acts against civilians.
3:27 am
>> with that in mind, do you agree with senator dianne feinstein that to this point when it comes to the president's approach against isis, when you talk about how terrible that terrorist organization is, do you think he's been too cautious? >> no. i think that it's been very difficult to penetrate those networks. they are not tradition military networks. they don't operate by rules that nations, normal nations that have militaries do, so i think it's been very hard to gather the intelligence to be effective. we are about that task. we have been for several decades now, but it has been extraordinarily difficult. they don't operate by normal procedures, you know. you sort of tamp it down here, it springs up somewhere else, so i think it has been a real task for those who understand this threat to penetrate, and many
3:28 am
nations in the region do not have militaries and intelligence networks that provide the kind of helpful information that would be valuable. >> congresswoman, as i mentioned at the very beginning, you were also the co-chair of the congressional ukrainian caucus. my goodness, if you were awake early this morning to see the back and forth it's a little unclear as to what is happening on the ground at this moment in ukraine. we saw -- heard of a cease-fire. we heard of a phone call between the presidents of russia and ukraine, and then we hear that there's not so much of a cease-fire. what is your understanding of what is going on this morning, and more importantly what do you think it says about the state of play? >> well, i think the fact that our president, president obama, has gone to estonia knowing russia's ability to manipulate propaganda, there needed to be some kind of a response on the russian side and so in a way it
3:29 am
looks like a convenient form of headline for the news globally to say that some sort of cease-fire is in the offing. >> real quick on that. >> you don't put a lot of stock into it? you need to learn more. what do you think? >> well, let's say i'm very doubtful. would i hope that we would be moving towards that, but the foreign minister, mr. lavrov, has talked about them times. it's never happened, and i don't think there's any evidence on the ground that anything has changed overnight in terms of russian supplies and troop formations and so for, tank brigades. i haven't seen any evidence that any of that has changed, but i do know that russia has enormous expertise in propaganda and with our president and with all of europe gathered for this very, very important nato gathering, where nato is going to be discussing a security umbrella for the new europe, i would expect russia would have some sort of response like this. >> you want to see more action to offer assistance in ukraine.
3:30 am
>> yes. >> what more do you want to see done, because to this point the president in the press conference, he says that the sanctions that have been put in place, they have had an impact. they were hurting the russian economy, but they sure are not slowing vladimir putin. so what can be done to turn his direction? >> well, sanctions are long term. we need short-term actions that help the ukrainian people defend themselves, and against the russian military, that is a very great hope, but i do believe with a bill that i've introduced, along with congre congressman gurlock of pennsylvania, will allow military supplies to be provided as well as intelligence capabilities. i think that that's something we should support. we have equipment coming out of afghanistan. i think it would be very easy for this to happen. the ukrainians have to fight their own battle, again, against
3:31 am
russian forces without intelligence. it's very, very difficult, and my goodness, they didn't even have equipment to stop tanks that were coming over their border so europe left them defenseless. the nato structure was not effective in terms of allowing nations like ukraine to easily come into a security um blast. i think we need that new security um blast. i think it will involve nations like estonia, obviously nations like poland and hopefully ukraine. there was always a division in ukraine as to whether or not the political parties there wanted to support accession to nato. there was also a reluctance on europe's part to take on some of the economic and military and social challenges of ukraine, but this is one of those moments in history where that kind of decision has to be made. >> this is a moment in history. it absolutely feels like it this morning. congresswoman marcy captor, thank you very much for your time. thank you very much. >> okay. the video of steven
3:32 am
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announced tuesday that one of its doctors in liberia had tested positive for the virus. cdc director dr. tom frieden who is just back from a visit to the region warned tuesday that this outbreak is gaining momentum and becoming harder to stop every day. human tests of an experimental ebola vaccine begin in maryland. a group of three healthy volunteers are the first to get this vaccine. apple says the hacking that resulted in celebrity nude photos being leaked online was not due to a breech of its icloud storage system. the company says it appears that individual accounts were targeted. in the meantime, home depot is investigating a possible large-scale data breech following reports by security firm of stolen credit and debit card information being posted for sale online. beginning today, all of the 7,700 cvs stores nationwide, they will be tone co-free. this move fulfills a pledge that the company made back in february that includes changing
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its corporate name to cvs health. customers that are looking to pie cigarettes will now find only products designed to help them quit smoking. cvs is the second largest drug store chain in the u.s. behind only walgreens. all right. let's talk weather with meteorologist indra petersons who is keeping track of the weather forecast for us. t approaching the weekend. too early for autumn? >> showers concentrated down in the southeast. jet stream still stays well to the north and severe forms isolated around minnesota and maybe the dakotas there. here's the pattern on the tail end of the cold front that brought the heavy rain around the ohio valley yesterday. that's kind of heading southeast. that will bring more widespread showers. high pressure builds into the northeast. a much better day for you. into the midwest, another storm by the end of the week will bring a return of more of those showers. today, only 1 to 3 inches in the southeast. that will be your hot spot other
3:38 am
than where the severe weather is. what everybody has been talking about is, yes, the heat. look at all the record breaking temperatures. talking triple digits in the northeast and down to the southeast and back in through texas so everyone is wondering when is this going to get better. should feel like fall but the temperatures still five to ten degrees above normal. what do we need? we need a cold front to finally cool off. we won't see that until thursday or so starting off from minneapolis. we'll see the cooling and then by friday, yeah, maybe we'll start to see more towards the ohio valley and temperatures knocking that back down but not until the weekend itself do we see the jet stream still kind of sag back where it should be bringing that heat and retreating back down to the southeast. we'll feel a little bit better, just in time, i may add, towards the weekend. guys? >> indrarks thank you so much. u.s. intelligence officials are analyzing the video showing the execution of steven sotloff and perhaps prior to match it to the james foley killing video. what are they hoping to learn? that's next? >> plus, a daring rescue
3:39 am
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president obama lashing out at isis this morning over the beheading video that's emerging overnight of american steven sotloff, the president vowing justice saying the united states' objective is to degrade and destroy the terrorist group. this new video shows sotloff being killed by an isis fighter cloaked in black. he appears to be the same person who killed james foley last month. what can be learned from this video? joining us this morning to talk about what we might glean from these horrific videos, gary berntsen former director of operations at the cia and the managing editor of a think tank dedicated to ending extremism. gentlemen, thanks for joining me today for talking about such a
3:44 am
bleak, buick subject, revisiting this, another journalist beheaded. horrifying to watch and horrifying to know about. beyond the horror and barbarity of this video, what strikes you the most about this video? what stands out to you? >> well, first off, sort of when you talk about analyzing the video, you're depending on how it was introduced into the media. there are ways that you can do technical forensic to see maybe what type of camera it was done, time and date stamp, things like that that may be able to ascertain. they will do that and then they will add that, what they learned from the video to all the other intel out there, the human, everything together to sort of come up with a picture to sort of, you know, glean what they can from that. >> break this down for me so that i can understand that. >> we're talking human intelligence. >> yeah. >> signals intelligent, overhead, satellites, drones, all of those things. all of these things will be put together with that photo as they
3:45 am
attempt to ascertain where this act took operation and who the people were that were involved. >> gafar, i want to ask you. what can we learn about this? you hear about some of this intel and you want to look at the background. there are things you will pay attention to, that the analysts will pay attention to. we know they are on the move. isis is not sticking to one spot. they are on the move. >> yes. isis controls a landmass the size of the united kingdom. this is a very well-financed organization that controls a lot of land and a lot of territory both in iraq and in syria so that can be in any number of places holding these hostages. we do need to look at picture picture. >> okay. >> as much as we want to focus on helping these particular hostages. the key here is to roll back isis as an organization, reduce the influence in the region, support iraqi and peshmerga forces that are fighting isis directly with air strikes and with weaponry support and
3:46 am
intelligence and anything else that can be helpful to them. i think we need to focus more on that. it's very unlikely in my opinion that we'll track down this individual or we're going to find a building where these hostages are being kept and rescue them in a daring raid. highly unlikely to happen. >> last time around we heard officials in the uk say we are going to get him and we are going to search him out. i understand what you say, that you have to zoom out and look at the bigger picture and that is obviously what's going to be done, but in terms of the significance of this, this -- this brutality, this beheading, help us understand the messaging that isis is trying -- gary, i'll get to you in a second. help us under, ghaffar, the messaging, and you're having to deal with it on your end of what they are trying to terrify the world with. >> i think this is their way of trying to put pressure on western audiences, to say, look, we are going to behead your citizens in this very brutal almost erratic fashion in order
3:47 am
to make you put pressure on your government to not intervene in the region. i think that is -- from their point of view that's their plan. they live in a war zone. these are blood thirstygy halfists. beheading with a blunt knife is no big deal for them. for the victim it's horrific but for them it's no big deal. i think they hope to showcase ability and that they are a strong organization, that they have a plan "b," et cetera, and that obviously attracts more recruits and more support from the people that they are targeting. in my opinion i think that will backfire. i think these videos will strengthen the resolve of both people in america and the uk saying we need to take these guys on. can't afford not to take these guys on. this is our problem. they are killing our citizens. before that they were killing innocent women and children from the yezidi community, christian community and shiia community in northern iraq and this is a group focused on global domination. they will hit western targets anyway. >> to his point, you are poking,
3:48 am
if you will, a sleeping bear. they have got to understand that the uk, united states, other countries around the world are not going to stand for the senseless and brutal barbaric killing of journalists or anybody else and that they will strike right at the core of the organization. >> clearly the murders of these two journalists have been done to intimidate, humiliate and discredit u.s. national leadership. the result though is going to be -- and i agree with the other guest. it's going to strengthen the resolve of the u.s. i mean, the u.s. has a lot of internal divisions, but one thing we'll all agree on is defending our citizens and taking on groups that are killing our people so i think that their strategy is going to backfire, and ultimately it will end up in that group's destruction. >> well, we certainly know there are other journalists, held, other journalists being held by isis and other rebel groups. gentlemen, thanks so much for joining me and looking at this tape and sort of analyzing what authorities will be looking at. appreciate it this morning.
3:49 am
we're going to take a short break. another life threatened by isis terrorists, this one of a national -- a british national. we're learning the uk tried to rescue him but failed. how is britain going to respond to this newest threat? we'll take a look. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi to cars, trucks and crossovers. hi mom. you made it! anncr: it's the new independence. remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any flower shop. sure thing. remind you when you get to flower shop. i can't do that either. cortana, it's gonna be a great night.
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3:53 am
balance. in the new video in which american steven sotloff is beheaded, a british citizen is also threatened by the executioner in the video, and this morning we've learned from british officials that an unsuccessful attempt was previously made to rescue that captive. british prime minister david cameron is set to hold an emergency meeting today on the isis situation. a lot going on clearly. joining us now to discuss all of this is sir edward garnier, a member of the british parliament. sir edward, thank you so much for your time. it's horrible that we have to be speaking under these circumstances. as i just mentioned in the video, showing the horrible exaccuse of steven sotloff a british citizen was also threatened, but now we're learning there was an unsuccessful attempt to rescue that british hostage. what do you know about that effort? there's a little of a lot going
3:54 am
on of the government that don't get to the public at large let alone the media, but clearly from my own experience in government during the time of the libyan excursion the government and in alliance with the united states government is cooperating both on intelligence and also no doubt with relations to special forces activities, but all those going on is not all that we see. >> absolutely right. what this really does is bring into very sharp focus what a huge threat isis is. we often talk about it here in the united states to mesh citizens, but also in the uk. the prime minister has said as much, and he's now pushing for a major crackdown, a change in policy really, a major crackdown to try to stop and stem the tide of support in isis crashing down on passport holders. do you support that move? how is it being received? >> i do. what we must not do is i have a promise. we're dealing with an asymmetric
3:55 am
problem. we're not dealing with a military uniform and tanks that we can recognize that we used to recognize in the second world war or korean war or any other, if you like, conventional war. we're dealing with essentially a collection of psychopaths who take pleasure indeed in executing people on video and taunting us with what they have done. we don't need to descend to their level, but what we do need to do is to make sure that our own citizens, british citizens, don't go across to syria and to northern iraq in order to become radicalized and in order to commit acts of terrorism, and we need to make sure that those whom we can keep out of our country, both your own and ours, are not permitted to return. we are -- because we are a civilized nation just like ours we have to abide by civilized norms and the rule of law. we cannot render people stateless who have only one nationality. nonetheless, all of these things will contribute towards
3:56 am
inhibiting a radical activity and terrorist activity in our own country, but more importantly i think we need to make sure that the people of iraq and the people of syria defend themselves against these psychopathic tyrants. >> that also gets to the role of nato. i want to get to that in just one second. one estimate -- i've heard from a couple of experts that there's some 500 british citizens over fighting with isis at this point. those numbers obviously squishy because they change all the time. very simple police how did it get so bad in britain? >> well, it's not that bad in britain. it's very easy to exaggerate from outside. britain carries on. the united kingdom carries on. it is a resilient and buoyant economy. >> of course. >> it's a resilient and buoyant and cohesive country. but as in any other country in, france, in germany or in italy there, are the odd lunatic who
3:57 am
goes abroad to be seduced by the enthusiasm of the moment. once these people go abroad, if we can capture them and arrest them and bring them back to this country for trial, assuming they are british citizens, all well and good. these people need to be locked up for a very long time but if they go abroad and get themselves killed, good riddance. we don't need them back here and don't have any sympathy for them if they go abroad and get themselves killed. many are idiots and naive who go across and hoping to find some great course of support but they end up, as i said at the outset, associating with a collection of psychopathic tyrants. >> just a moment ago you talked about the need to help the citizens of syria and of iraq to be able to defend themselves, and that is to a perfect point, especially this week where david cameron will be hosting the nato summit. what is the role of nato, do you believe, in taking on isis? >> well, nato is the west's only
3:58 am
and strongest defense organization. your president is in esstonia right now having discussions over there, and the nato summit will take place in wales in the united kingdom starting tomorrow. they will have to look at the big geopolitical problems that we face, both on the russian-ukraine border but also in the middle east, and i think the middle eastern problem is almost more intractable. i'm afraid there will be more deaths and more bad news from the middle east before we clear this thing up, and it may not be cleared up for many years to come but essentially what we need to do is to provide the defense support to the iraqis and the -- the kurds in order that they can have the military fighting them to defeat isil at home. >> it seems like that is going to be a protracted effort to say the very, very least. sir edward garnier, thank you
3:59 am
very much for your time. >> not at all. >> of course. >> okay. from isis, the fight in isis in iraq and syria to what is going on on the ground in eastern ukraine. we're following a lot of news this morning let's get to it. we will not be intimidated. justice will be served. >> a second american journalist steven sotloff brutally behead by isis. >> the executioner appears tonight same individual who we saw in the foley video. >> we think this is a real moment where the president can show that leadership. >> the president is either in denial or overwhelmed, i'm not sure which. >> russia must admit that it is a party to the conflict and take genuine steps that will lead to a de-escalation of the conflict. >> good morning, welcome back to new day. following two major fronts. first, president obama speaking out after isis beheads another
4:00 am
american vowing the terror group will pavement the government confirmed overnight that the video of steven sotloff's murder is authentic. the president says the killers will feel the long reach of the u.s. >> overnight our government determined that tragically steven was taken from us in a horrific act of violence. whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans like steven, they have already failed. they failed because like people around the world americans are repulsed by their barberism. >> the question is what will he and the u.s. and the west do about it? we have full coverage on these breaking developments starting with jim acosta. he's traveling with the president in estonia. jim? >> reporter: chris, president obama offered his first words on the killing of american journalist steven sotloff at a news conference here in estoneia. the president said that the united states would not be intimidated by what he called a horrific act of violence. he was also asked about a
4:01 am
comment that he made last week that the u.s. does not have a strategy for dealing with isis in syria. the president at that point said it is his goal to destroy isis. here's what he had to say. >> bottom line is this. our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy isil so it's no longer a threat, not only to iraq, but also the region and to the united states. >> reporter: now the president is here in estonia to reassure the baltic states and other nato allies that the united states would come to their defense. people here are seeing what's happening in ukraine and are worried that they might be next. as for what's going on right now between russia and ukraine, the ukrainian president, petro poroshenko, tweeted out earlier this morning that he had reached a cease-fire agreement with russia. the russians are telling cnn that, no, that is not the case, that they are not a part of a cease-fire agreement because they are not militarily involved in ukraine right now, so the
4:02 am
president and white house officials are sort of holding back comment as to whether or not that cease-fire will hold. the president is expected to have more comments on the situation in ukraine in a speech here in the baltics later on today. chris? >> all right. jim acosta, thank you very much, traveling with the president in estonia. >> just on that topic of ukraine, we're following break news out of ukraine. there are conflicting -- those conflicting reports about a possible cease-fire there. ukrainian president petro poroshenko's office said a deal was reached with russian president vladimir putin, but then the putin spokesman rejected that claim. speaking in estonya, president obama made it clear it is the russians who will decide when there will be piece. >> if, in fact, russia is prepared to stop financing, arming, training and in many cases joining with russian troops activities in ukraine and
4:03 am
is serious about a political settlement, that's something we all hope for. >> reza sayah is live this morning in kiev, ukraine, with the very latest. reza, president obama seeming skeptical, to say the very least, of the announcement of a cease-fire. what more are you learning? >> reporter: we have to be cautious in reporting this agreement because we're still sorting through and confirming some of the details, and there hasn't been any kind of formal announcement. still, this is the best indication that perhaps we're on the verge of a brewing or maybe even a cease-fire has already been established. let's explain to you what we know. earlier this morning the russian international agency reported that russian president vladimir putin had a phone conversation with ukrainian president petro poroshenko, and in that phone call the two leaders agreed on a framework with which they would end this conflict in southeastern ukraine. obviously we needed to hear confirmation from ukrainian officials here in kiev, and a
4:04 am
short time later we got that conversation from the office of president poroshenko. they confirmed that a phone call indeed had taken place and, in fact, they took it a step further indeed saying that a cease-fire had been established. the word cease-fire was not in a statement from moscow so we went back to moscow to ask about that, and that's when mr. putin's spokesperson said that mr. putin could not authorize a cease-fire because he's not a party to this conflict. however, they reiterated out of moss to you that they supported the framework for an agreement. we're also hearing from the pro-russian rebels fighting in southeastern ukraine. they are aware of this report, but they are doubtful that a cease-fire can hold until these ukrainian forces pull out of southeastern ukraine. that hasn't happened yet, so a lot of details to work through, but perhaps the best indication yet that in this conflict we're close to a breakthrough, kate. >> all right. a lot of moving parts this morning.
4:05 am
reza on top of it for us in kiev, ukraine. reseda, thank you so much. chris? >> let's get back to the situation in iraq, syria that's been driven by isis because the president said this morning it's now time to act. let's figure out what that means. we have rear admiral john kirby, assistant press secretary. they will feel the reach of justice and that's what they said about the killers. the question is what does that mean to you? have you been told what to do to react to isis? >> isil is already feeling the reach of the u.s. military inside iraq, chris. we've been hitting them pretty hard, more than 110 strikes since we started flying air strikes as well as trying to disrupt their activities on a humanitarian front so we're very much engaged against isil. we're still working, as you know, still working on options for the president to consider for potential military options and air strikes inside syria. no decision has been made on that. there's some work to be done, but believe me, isil is feeling
4:06 am
the heat from the united states military and from the isf, the iraqi security forces as well as kurdish forces. >> now, we all know that nobody fights like the u.s. on the ground or in the air. the question is when are you told to fight and how? has the u.s. military been told to take down isis to its roots yet? is that your mission? >> our mission inside iraq is really threefold. one is to help the iraqi security forces take the fight to isil and that's an important point, chris. this is their fight to fight, and we have to remember that. we're also there to help with humanitarian missions, and, of course, we're there to protect our u.s. personnel and facilities. the president said they want to disrupt their capability to operate inside iraq and we believe on tactical level we're having that effect. >> obviously the concern of the american citizen will be mission creep for our service men and women, that now there are 350, the news this morning. 350 new sets of boots on the ground in iraq, but they are not going to be fighting. that's hard to accept.
4:07 am
it's hard to understand. if you're on the ground, isn't it just a matter of time before americans are swapping bullets and swapping blood with the enemy? >> not really, chris. mission creep means that the mission itself, the objectives change over time, they expand. it doesn't refer to intensity of operation. it doesn't refer to the number of troops. these extra personnel are going to go in to provide additional security assistance in and around baghdad, particularly around our embassy facilities, and that's all they are going to be doing. it's going to be security and defensive work just to help protect our diplomats and our civilians that are working there in baghdad. >> so to be clear, from the military perspective, you believe you've been given clear direction, you know what you're supposed to do and you believe it will be effective in taking out isis. >> there's been nothing but a critical clear understanding in the pentagon of the mission and the objectives inside iraq. they are the three that i stated for you. everything that we've done, every air strike we've taken has been within the authorities that we've been granted inside iraq.
4:08 am
>> we have seen that the u.s. military goes in and cuts down the bad guys only to see them grow back again, whether you call them the taliban, al qaeda, isis, al shabaab, new names, same game. do you believe from the military perspective that it's not enough anymore to just go in and beat somebody down, it's about what happens after. >> actually, you're right. it is what happens after, but it's also what happens during as well. we've long said and long maintained that there's not going to be a u.s. military solution to the situation inside iraq or frankly inside syria. isil has to be defeated only through the defeat of their ideology, and the only way you're going to do that is good governance. good governance in iraq, unity government standing up, that's promising. good governance in syria where obviously things are not so well with the assad regime but that's the long term answer, political, diplomatic, it's providing a future for young men and for young women so they don't have to turn to terrorism. that won't be solved through air
4:09 am
strikes, we know that. there's a military component and we're very good at executing that component, but it won't be enough. >> what happens next? has anything been added to the mission, added to the resources based on these horrible beheadings that we're seeing? is there a change? >> there hasn't been a specific change with respect to the tragic murder of mr. sotloff yesterday, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, of course, but there's been no change. the only change recently, and you've mentioned this, was the addition of the 350 or so additional security force personnel. again, would i like to remind you that the missions are clear, the objectives are set. we're executing them every day and we're being joined more and more by international partners. you saw over the weekend when we did airdrops in a little town we were joined by the british, the french and australians so there's international contributions coming in every day as well. >> we are getting information fresh today there are advances being made against isis or isil or the caliphate, whatever you want to call them, the bad guys
4:10 am
and small progress is progress nonetheless. let me ask you one other thing because we're playing politics trying to understand. the president said we had no plan. oh, i only meant that in terms what have our military is but now there seems like there is a military plan. how can you help clarify this issue for us? does the military know what it's supposed to do? what is this no plan referring to? >> we certainly know what we're doing inside iraq. the strategy is very, very clear, as i've outlined for you. what the president is referring the options he's considering with respect to syria, and there is, as i said, a potential military component to sealing with isil inside syria, but it can't just be about the military, and so i think there's -- there's a consideration of sort of the whole picture. we've got to look at this from a regional perspective, not just inside iraq and military options have to be on table and that's what we're referring, to the fact that the pentagon is still working through options that need to be presented to the president and that's -- that part of the regional strategy is -- still remains to be
4:11 am
completeded. >> that's a big reason why it will be interesting to see when jordan, when saudi arabia, when they start to speak up and what they do to help control the situation in their reg op. let me ask you about one other region while i have you. somalia, threw us a curveball. there was a quick attack there, maybe it was just drones, maybe there was a ground component. did you get your targets? >> we don't know yet, chris. great question, and we're trying to assess the results of that operation right now. in fact, we've been assessing it since it got executed. as i said, it was done with manned and unmanned aircraft and no u.s. boots on the ground going after this particular target going after mr. godane, certainly hope we're successful and if and when we have news on that we'll figure it out. >> who figures it out whether you got him or not? is that left up to the somalis or are you working with them on an intelligence level as well? >> without getting into the intelligence issues, there's a myriad of sources trying exploit to figure out if we got what we were aiming at.
4:12 am
>> at miller john kirby, thanks very much. as always, good to hear from you from the pentagon. >> thanks, good to be with you. >> mick. >> a lot of other headlines. here we go. another american has been infected with the ebola virus. the missionary group sim usa announced today that one of its doctors in liberia had tested positive for the virus. cdc director dr. tom frieden who just returned back from a visit to the region warned tuesday right here on "new day" that the outbreak is gaining momentum and becoming harder to stop every day. human testing of an experimental ebola vaccine began in maryland this week. a group of three healthy volunteers are the first to receive that vaccine. a senior israeli military intelligence official says hamas suffered a huge dramatic hit during their violent 50-day conflict. the official told the "new york times" senior hamas commanders were killed, thousands of operatives were likely wounded, and major damage was done to the group's military infrastructure. he also acknowledged that only several hundred hamas operatives out of the total he put at
4:13 am
16,000 were killed. at his sentencing today, theodore wafer plans to apologize to the parents of 19-year-old are a nearbya mcbride, the teenager he fatally shot on his front porch. he was convicted of second-degree murder and manslaughter. he says he thought mcbride was trying to break into his home when he shot her through a locked screen door. so we'll be watching that here on cnn obviously. >> absolutely. thanks so much, michaela. as president obama heads to the nato summit all eyes will be on what the group will do about isis and, of course, about the crisis in ukraine. we're going to speak with the former supreme allied commander of nato about what we can expect. and the president obviously under pressure, so what about his words this morning? what will it mean to hit credit snakes we have john king giving us the latest on "inside politics." ups is a global company, but most of our employees live in the same communities that we serve. people here know that our operations
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4:17 am
following breaking news this morning out of ukraine and those conflicting reports about a potential crease fire. ukraine's president now backing away from a statement made earlier when he had said that he and russian president vladimir putin had reached a deal for a complete cease-fire to end the conflict there. a spokesman for vladimir putin had denied that claim. this all comes ahead of the nato summit starting tomorrow where president obama is headed. he spoke from estonia this morning sending a message to russia, that their aggression won't be tolerated in the
4:18 am
region. let's discuss this and more with admiral james stavritis, former al lead supreme commander. nato and the dean now of the fletcher school at tufts university. thanks so much for coming in. >> hi, kate. good morning. >> good morning. such an important day to be speaking with you. you also described this nato summit as the most important one since the fall of the berlin wall. why? >> i think four big topics on the agenda, kate, first and foremost is ukraine. we see the news bouncing around this morning. the use by russia of force to erase boarders in europe. we haven't seen that since the 1930s. so that will be topic number one. number two, of course, is syria. we're following this horrible act of violence yesterday, but it's this larger picture on the border of turkey, 600-mile border that abutts both iraq and syria, so this is big for ate lines as well. third is afghanistan, we we
4:19 am
don't talk a lot about at the moment, but nato is trying to put the final imprimatur on its post-combat mission and fourth, really not talking about it, is a big deal and cyber and how the alliance deals with cyber. a big agenda and a lot of topics to cover for 28 heads of state and government. >> absolutely right. let's focus on a couple of them, at least. >> sure. >> on ukraine, what do you make of the back and forth this morning, the talk of a deal, backing away from a cease-fire and going on from ukraine and russia. what do you make of it? >> unfortunately, i'm skeptical. if we look at the behavior of russia thus far in this crisis, it's been one of frankly obfuscation, of downright lying at times. there are a lot of russian troops in ukraine at the moment. i don't think it will be solved simply by a quick phone call between the president of ukraine and president putin. i think this one's got a ways to
4:20 am
go. >> i also wanted to get your take. i mean, president obama spent quite a bit of time talking about this situation in ukraine during his press conference from estonia this morning. do you think the president, president obama, do you think he made a strong enough statement that he -- or he struck a strong enough tone against russia today? >> i felt he did, and i think the temperature is rising in nato. i think you'll see significant additional sanctions come out and really economic pressure on russia may be the most potent tool that the alliance, the west and the united states have in this situation. secondly, i think you'll see a lot of reassurance for the eastern nations in the alliance. you'll see additional air policing over nato countries. you'll see ships going into the black sea and the baltic. you'll see rotational forces forward. above all you'll see a rapid deployment force anointed by the alliance and then third and
4:21 am
finally i think the alliance -- >> do you think the realinement force is going to be effective? do you think that has real teeth to it, the rapid deployment force? >> i do. when you look at the long alliance with russia simply putting garrisons everywhere and building up troops won't work. have you to move quickly to points of intrusion and points of attack so a rapid force that can move and get in position is the way to go. >> especially when you look at it from a perspective of nato, i want to get your take on the fight against isis. president obama talked a lot about it this morning. he said once again that he -- he stressed once again the need for a regional strategy in taking on isis. from your perspective, what do you think that means? >> i think it means, first, getting nato behind this. let's remember that nato has been the center piece in afghanistan. nato was engaged in iraq with a training mission previously. nato has deep experience in this region at this point, so i think it's nato. i think it's also the arab
4:22 am
league and in particular the sunni states who can choke off the money supply that's going to isil, and then, thirdly, there's a global component to this. i think the whole world is revolted by i.s., bringing that to bear, all of that together, kate, i think is the regional strategy. >> you've definitely heard lly t.president obama has come under criticism for being more cautious and more specifically he took it on today for not laying out a clear strategy in how the united states plans to take on isis, to degrade isis, to destroy isis, whatever the goal is. do you think the president has lacked a clear coherent strategy in how to take on isis? >> i think it's time for us to put together a very serious package of international effort, u.s. engagement, including special forces, attacks, support to the peshmerga in the north, support to iraq in the south.
4:23 am
if we do that, we present i.s. with a two-front war between the peshmerga and the iraqis in the south. we bomb them in syria. i think it's time to move out on all of that now. >> do you think the additional troops that have been put on the ground, even though they are said to not be troops on the ground, to not be combat forces, do you think they will be effective? do you think they'll sensingly become combat forces? >> i think that all troops in an area like this are potentially engaged in combat, let's be realistic. this force, however, is designed to protect embassy baghdad and also to get out and do advising, mentoring and training with the iraqi security forces. they won't be front line combat troops >> at miller james stavritis, thank you so much. thank you so much for being in this morning, former supreme allied commander of nato, appreciate the time. >> thanks, kate. >> okay. a lot going on this morning, including this. the intelligence community is going over, poring over the steven sotloff beheading video
4:24 am
frame by frame looking for any clues. what will the tape reveal about his killer. and the political fallout for the president over his response to isis. we're going to look at how it's playing out in the 2014 election cycle. that's part of "inside politics" with john king coming up. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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4:26 am
4:27 am
good to have you back with us here on "new day" on this wednesday. here's a look at your headlines. president obama authorizing 350 more troops be deployed to iraq to protect american diplomatic facilities and personnel from the threat of isis. these troops, the white house says, will not serve in combat roles bringing a number of troops there up to over 1,000
4:28 am
since june. all this as the u.s. military keeps pounding isis in iraq and an air strike near the mosul dam destroyed or damaged 16 of isis' armed vehicles. a federal appeals court now hearing arguments on a legal challenge to the nsa's bulk collection of american phone records. the aclu filed suit after the secret surveillance program was revealed through a leak by edward snowden. government officials defend the process saying it's designed to detent and disrupt possible terrorist plots. the case may eventually end up before the supreme court. a new study suggests that double mastectomies will not improve survival odds for patients battling cancer in one breast. a study of almost 200,000 women showed nearly identical ten-year survival rates for women who chose removal of the tumor and radiation instead. the number who chose double mastectomies had been on the rise, especially among younger women. the research was published in
4:29 am
this week's "journal of the american medical association." this morning seven teenagers who escaped from a tennessee detention center, they are still at large, and all 32 teens escaped from the juvenile facility near nashville on monday. the majority there turned themselves in, some were turned in by family members or were captured nearby. authorities are still searching for the other teens who authorities say could be desperate and dangerous. clearly they want to get ahold of these kids and get them back where they need to be. >> we've been following that one. >> and we'll continue to. >> absolutely, thank you very much, mick. a lot going on in politics this morning so let's get to the man himself john king, "inside politics" on "new day." john? >> chris, kate, michaela, good morning to you. we'll spend our time this morning analyzing president's response to this barbaric killing of steven sotloff and the political debate about what to do with the isis threat and with me is policio's manu raju. let's start with the president. he was traveling as this happened, headed to estonia for some meet is and the nato
4:30 am
summit. the timing is not a coincidence as the president is on the global stage. the barbaric act, the isis killer of steven sotloff taunting the president of the united states saying he's responsible for this because of the military actions in iraq against isis targets. listen to the president in estonia saying justice will be served. >> we will not be intimidated and their horrific acts unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists, and those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> many layers to this debate. let's start with what i'll call a style question. we'll have a lot to talk about the substance. there was criticism yesterday that the president didn't say anything, he knew about this, hadn't analyzed the video completely to authenticate it but he knew about it before he got on the plane, didn't say anything, got on a long flight to europe. there's statements from other leaders, world leaders commented. could the president have issued
4:31 am
a paper statement from air force one? is that a big deal. >> the criticism is he needs to take a tougher tone. i think you started to see that today. you'll probably see that in the coming days going forward but part of the president's appeal has been how he's been calm, cool and collected in the face of foreign policy crisis, didn't want to rush into war the way that previous administrations have, but when you're facing a threat like isis, when you have all of these crises overseas, the risk for him is that if he does not come out strong he looks wobbly and ineffective, and that's what he has to deal with now at home. >> on this and many other things throughout his presidency, his default gear has always been sort of to calmly gather the facts, you know, despite media pressure and frenzy and criticism from republicans and then deliver a statement, you know, whether he gets criticism in the interim be damned so this is sort of in keeping with, you know, his usual posture. >> and i think part of the political volume here, including some criticism from some democrats who say he on occasion seems to be too cautious and wants to have more analysis
4:32 am
before he acts is because of something the president said last week when he was quoted saying i have no strategy and the president went through pains, he was asked a specific question about is he prepared to launch strikes against isis targets, leadership targets, inside syria, across the border from iraq, inside syria? that was the president's point when he said i have no strategy yet. this morning he tried to clarify that and, again, making clear that they he will act but not necessarily right away. >> it is very important from my perspective that when we send our pilots in to do a job that we know that this is a mission that's going to work, that we're very clear on what our objectives are, what our targets are. we've made the case to congress and we've made the case to the american people and we've got alia allies behind us. >> this is where you see the tension on caution on policy and caution in politics. the president is making the case if you have sustained air
4:33 am
strikes and sending american pilots into a sovereignty country in the middle of a civil war you better make sure you have your targets clearly identified, that you have safety for those air routes going through, that hopefully you have international allies helping you with that. from a strategic sense, a military point of sense, a lot of people say that caution makes sense because this is so dicy. politically it sometimes tends to hurt the president because theme think he's debating, debating, debate. >> people want to see reaction to the gruesome videos online. people want to see this and how the president is responding. when he says something we don't have a strategy and he's spent days cleaning that up it does feed the perception that the united states is not acting and responding to these threats so that's a challenge for him going forward and dealing with congress which is coming back to session next week and is going to ramp up its calls for the president to take a tougher line. >> as dispiriting as these images are and as sharp as the republican criticism, is i mean, you have to sympathize with the president. i mean, defeating isis is not something that's going to happen
4:34 am
overnight and not something that will happen in a week. this is a multi-month, multi-year project that includes foreign partners. it includes, you know, syria. it includes iran, like, there are so many different layers to this that the president is taking this sober approach, and you have to kind of sympathize with him on that on the policy perspective. the politics, of course, are extremely dicy and confronting congress and asking for funds for these things is going to be problem matic. >> so he has a number of questions. >> does he ask for permission for certain strikes? it appears if they cross into syria the president indicated they might do that. to your point, peter, this will not be done in a week or month. some people say it won't be done in ten years, view the isis threat as big as the al qaeda threat which took at least a decade to decimate. listen to john mccain very critical of the president who said there should be strikes in syria immediately, not only does the president need a more robust military strategy, he needs to take some time and explain his long-term strategy to the american people.
4:35 am
>> what is his goal? right now he says his goal is humanitarian protection and humanitarian crises handling them and protecting american troops. that's not a reason to build a coalition, and also you have to lead coalitions. america must lead, not just -- we're not all equals. we lead, they follow. >> does -- mccain a frequent critic of the president, does he have a point on this when the air strikes in iraq were first launched, the president did say they would be limited. it would for humanitarian purposes, to protect, you know, the mountain in there, to protect americans, and now we've had these two executions of american journalists, and it does seem to become a bigger mission, maybe the president does need to give a new explanation. >> he may need to take it to congress, too, which is going to be the challenge because under the war powers resolution, the president has 60 days to go to congress, you know, if he doesn't -- if he's beginning to wage war. that clock has already started in august, so if he wants to continue this campaign past
4:36 am
october, he's going to face growing pressure to lay out a comprehensive strategy and take that to congress and have a vote and it's clearly a roll of the dice. >> led by the democrats and tim kaine. these troops are not in a combat role and that's true until they are in a combat role and he has to go out and say what these troops are doing, not just 350 to baghdad yesterday. it's over 1,000 now since june. >> it may seem a bit crass in the wake of the horrific act we saw yesterday, the second time in a few weeks we've seen the beheading of a an american journalist. this is playing out in a campaign year and scott brown is trying to win a senate seat in massachusetts, former massachusetts senator, pushing the president for weeks on this issue. his democratic opponent was one of the earliest statements yesterday, jeanne shaheen, i raise it for this point. she said very quickly after this happened we must use every tool at our disposadisposal, short o
4:37 am
introducing ground forces in combat roles, to put an end to the threat they pose to our national security and scott brown said president obama must define a strategy to stop their murderous rampage. is this going to be a flashpoint? yesterday the statements from liberals and conservatives were almost unanimity saying do something, do something quickly. no combat boots on the ground and, mr. president, you need to further explain this to the american people. will this be a campaign issue? >> the economy is still going to drive the election, but what -- of course, what also impacts the election is the president's standing in the polls and how the country views the direction it's heading, and right now it appears there's a battleground poll out today that shows about 70% of the country views the country going in the wrong direction, and when you see these crises happen overseas, it continues to feed that perception, and that hurts the president's party at the polls, so, yes, in that sense this could certainly feed into that larger narrative. >> when scott brown was in the senate, never viewed as a foreign policy thinker or policy
4:38 am
thinker, rather, but foreign policy and armed services is something that did motivate him when he was in the senate, and he's been hitting foreign policy a lot on the campaign. john mccain was up there a few weeks ago with him, so this is sort of playing right into his hands. >> as the polls are tightening up in that state as well as scott brown also has a primary next week, september 9th. >> thanks for coming in. as we get back to you guys in new york, one of the fascinating political questions here as we watch the president. he has obviously urgent policy concerns, but they are playing out. he can't change it in the middle of an election year, final stretch. >> that's exactly right. after labor day is that final stretch. john, thank you so much. >> we've got the politics of it and the practicality of it. if the u.s. is going to let isis feel the reach and power of justice, you have to figure out who you're reaching out to, so what are the clues in these isis executions? they may be right under our nose. investigators are going over the video frame by frame, line by line, and we're going to tell you about the credible technology that could help catch a killer. did isis give us the tools to take them down?
4:39 am
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4:43 am
a second innocent american has been decapitated by cowards fighting for isis. overnight intelligence officials determined the video of steven sotloff's murder is authentic. that video is also their biggest clue. investigators are now scouring the tape frame by frame, comparing the landscape to known locations in syria, analyzing the voice print of the executioner and much more. karl penhaul has more on what could be learned from this new video. the hope is, karl, that what they used to brag about their horrible actions may be used to take them down, right? >> reporter: absolutely, chris, and you'll remember about ten days ago now the british ambassador to the united states said the british intelligence services were very close to identifying james foley's executioner, the same man appears once again on this video showing the brutal killing of
4:44 am
steven sotloff. this morning biddan's foreign minister saying, yes, they do believe the executioner is one in the same. let's take a look at see what we can look by comparing both those videos. >> i'm sure you know exactly who i am by now. >> reporter: time ran out for american journalist steven sotloff, and isis knife man warned he'd be next to die in a propaganda video two weeks ago that showed the beheading of fellow reporter james foley. >> the life of this american citizen, obama, depends on your next decision. >> reporter: intelligence experts in britain and the u.s. are analyzing the images. several clues the two videos were shot several days apart. in the first, sotloff's shaven-headed and in tuesday's release he has stubbly hair and beard. another sign post, the black-clad jihadi refers to u.s. air strikes on isis positions around the iraqi town of amalie.
4:45 am
bombing raids near ameril indicated sotloff was executed within the last three days. unmistakable similarities in the apparent executioner. in both videos, the same plaque uniform, ski mask, similar height and build. same double-edged combat knife brandished in his left hand, and then that accent. a forensic linguist consulted by cnn says the voice sounds the same in both videos, probably from a multi-cultural neighborhood of london. in the first video released on august 19 -- >> any attempt by you, obama, to deny the muslims their rights of living in safety under the islamic caliphate, will result in the blood shed of your people. >> reporter: an excerpt from the second video released tuesday. >> you, obama, have yet again for your actions convicts another american citizen. as your missiles continue to
4:46 am
strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> i ask you to please release my child. >> reporter: words of hate that bear no comparison to a mother's love, her last-ditch plea to the kidnappers, testimony of a life cut short. >> steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson. we miss him very much. we want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him. >> reporter: now at the end of that latest isis video that shows the execution of steven sotloff, the isis knife man also shows another hostage, this time believed to be a britain. britain's foreign minister this morning has said all options are on the table if britain wants to try to get that man back alive. chris? >> all right, karl. thanks for taking us through it. we're awaiting more detail from president obama about exactly what actions the u.s. will take. the president is set to speak again about that sickening
4:47 am
beheading video and the conflict in ukraine as well. we're going to bring in fareed zakaria. >> and hackers are denying that they breached icloud's storage system so what happened then and what should you do to try to protect your personal information from these same hackers? way to "plus" our looking fa accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add.
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all right, this morning, home depot is investigating a potential data breach that may have exposed its customers' credit or debit card information. the retailer says it's looking
4:51 am
into "unusual activity" this comes amid an investigation into how private photos of jennifer lawrence and other celebrities were leaked this weekend. apple denies the icloud service was breached claiming the stars' personal accounts were individually targeted. how safe is our personal information? let's explore it with chief business correspondent christine romans. >> it's not, michaela. >> divide and conquer, home depot, is it as bad as the target one? >> it looks like it could be as bad. brian krebz the cyber expert journalist who broke this says it could be bigger than target and it shows you the retailers are behind in the game. we're talking about the information on the magnetic strip, debit card, credit card information. >> we are swipe happy in this country. >> home depot is potentially millions of debit card and credit card information and out
4:52 am
there on the black market and it's labeled american sanctions and european sanctions, which brian crebbs say hmm russian speaking hackers against the united states. >> what do we do? because we are shoppers, consumers, with he swipe, we like the convenience. >> the thing about the retail hacks that makes me so crazy is there is nothing you can really do. we need to move quicker to the pin and chip technology so that's what we have to do. there might be a real push mopping the retailers to try to get a hold of this. >> and push retailers to step it up. >> they're investigating all of this but hackers are smart and able to find any kind of flaw and weakness and exploit it. this information is out there for sale right this minute. it's for sale. >> when you hear "we're investigating" it's little comfort to most people. >> the banks have about the best security. we talked about jpmorgan last week, spending $250 million a year to protect your bank
4:53 am
information. this is a weak spot of the global economy if they can't keep it safe. >> let's turn to the celebrity phone hacking, some nude pictures of several starlets. pointed focus on this cloud. >> right. >> the icloud in particular. cloud technology is popular but there are concerns about vulnerabilities. >> it's not just from apple but everybody using why you are phone you take a picture on your phone and off goes to the cloud so you can go to work and look at the same pictures at work on your phone and your personal laptop. look what happened here is what apple is saying these were hackers who went after someone in particular. >> they targeted them individually. >> not like home depot where all the stuff got taken. this was probing trying to guess passwords. there's software that guesses passwords and user names. the question is could apple have done better to make sure that a computer program or a bad guy couldn't get in there and hack
4:54 am
jennifer lawrence and kate upton. >> do the companies not have responsibility? do the companies not bear some responsibility as well? >> the brute force attacks are pretty ruthless. you can make sure you have two-step verification. i've gone through my accounts now and trying to do the two-step verification. you login and it sends you a text message with the code and you log the code in, much more difficult. >> take the extra steps. >> most people's passwords are 12345678. in these cases they can do something about that. >> we live in a brutal world where it requires us to step it up as well. appreciate it, thank you so much. president obama is lashing out at the latest isis beheading of an american journalist. did he go far enough? we'll put that question to our fareed zakaria as he joins us next. cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that.
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-- captions by vitac -- we will not be intimidated. justice will be served. >> breaking overnight, "justice will be served." president obama speaking out on the execution of steven sotloff,
4:59 am
and vowing to degrade and destroy isis, this as hundreds more u.s. troops head into iraq. is there a new strategy to combat the terror group? also breaking the video of the execution authenticated by u.s. officials. the search now for clues in the video and who is the executioner? is there a cease-fire? confusion on the ground in ukraine as that country's president says he and vladimir putin have struck a deal. russia says that's not so. this as president obama speaks from estonia, russia's neighbor, at this hour. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, and welcome once again to "new day." it is wednesday september 3rd, 8:00 in the east now. we have breaking news we've been watching overseas today on two fronts. first president obama is vowing justice after the beheading of another american was put online for the world to see.
5:00 am
the government confirmed overnight that the video of steven sotloff being executed is authentic. isis no doubt looking to intimidate the west but the president putting his foot down saying that won't be the case. >> we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen the resolve to take the fight against the terrorists and those who make the mistake of harming americans learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> we have full coverage on the breaking developments. we start with jim acosta travel with the. the in estonia this morning. jim, tell us more about the president's press conference. >> reporter: that's right, kate. that was the president talking for the first time about the killing of american journalist steven sotloff. he vowed that justice will be done, that the u.s. will not be intimidated by what he called a horrific act of violence but kate he was also asked about that comment that he made last week when he said at the white
5:01 am
house that the u.s. does not have a strategy for dealing with isis in syria. the president said he was merely talking about the prospect of military action in syria in a might require congressional approval. the president went on to say his goal in terms of dealing with isis is to destroy the terrorist group. here's what he had to say. >> the bottom line is this. our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and try isil so that it's no longer a threat not just to iraq but also the region and to the united states. >> reporter: now later on a few breaths later the president went on to say that he wants to degrade isis to the point where it's a manageable problem, and that he did hold out the possibility that, of course, remnants of isis could wreak terror attacks in the future, but kate, the president is here in estonia to really reassure eastern european allies like those in the baltics that nato will have their back if russian aggression moves to their front
5:02 am
door from ukraine. earlier this morning there was some confusion as to whether or not there was a cease-fire between the ukrainians and the russian, the ukrainian president petro poroshenko tweeted he had hammered out a cease-fire agreement with russian president vladimir putin, tweeted as much and the president was asked about whether or not he believes this might actually hold and the president had something to say about that as well. he held out some doubts that that might be the case but here's what he had to say. >> if in fact russia is prepared to stop financing army, training, in many cases joining with russian troops activities in ukraine and is serious about a political settlement, that is something that we all hope for. >> reporter: now obviously both of these problems are going to be at the top of the president's agenda all this week, he is wrapping up a trip, his trip here in estonia with a speech to
5:03 am
the people in the balance techs about nato protections for their countries and then he moves on to the nato summit in wales, where he'll be working both on the ukrainian issue and on isis, the president along with secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck higle will all be working with their allies trying to line up a coalition that the president wants to take on the isis threat in syria, something he hinted is still coming, he hinted military action is coming at isis in syria, but he didn't offer a timetable, kate. >> a huge pressing and important issues all on the front burner right now. jim acosta traveling with the president in estonia, thanks so much. >> a lot of questions about the alleged cease-fire because there doesn't seem to be one. the ucrepian president as jim acosta just told you he was saying that he had reached a deal but then russia said well we can't make a deal. we're not even involved in this situation and ucrepe's president had to back off that claim saying russia and ukraine ohm had a similar understanding. . what does all this mean on the ground which is where it matters
5:04 am
most? reza sayah is live in kiev, ukraine, with the latest. reza? >> reporter: chris, we'll clarify some of the confusion. we're not going to be able to clarify all of it because the details of this agreement haven't been revealed yet. let's explain to you how we got here. earlier this morning the russian news agency interfax reported that the russian president vladimir putin had a phone conversation with petro poroshenko, the ukrainian president and the two leaders, according to interfax, agreed on a road map to get out of this crisis. we needed confirmation from kiev, and ukrainian officials. we got it a short time later, when the office of the president confirmed the phone conversation and also took it a step further saying that the two leaders had agreed to establish a cease-fire. now the term cease-fire didn't come from the statement in moscow, so we once again reached out to moscow for clarification and that's when a spokesperson
5:05 am
for mr. putin said that mr. putin could not authorize a cease-fire because he's not a party to this conflict. now that's where the confusion surfaces but again it's ukraine's position that a cease-fire has been established. we're also hearing from pro-russian rebels the fighters on the ground, they doubt that a cease-fire can be held until the ukrainian president calls off the troops. it's not clear if that happens. so a lot to sort through, including the details of this agreement, a lot of demands on both sides, were they met, what were the concessions? hopefully we'll get a formal announcement in the coming hours, chris. >> reza, thank you very much. let us know what you learn so we can try to advance this story. appreciate it. >> for more on both of these fronts we bring in fareed zakaria, host of cnn's "fareed zakaria gps." fareed, a lot going on. i want to start with talking about the. the's comments with regard to isis, if you will. we have this video, the killing
5:06 am
of steven sotloff. the timing of it regardless of, horrific no matter when it happens but the timing of course just adding to the pressure that you've been hearing for this drumbeat that the president needs to act more forcefully. the question is when you hear from the president this morning, is he going to do more? is the president, does this video change the course of the president is taking against isis? >> kate, i think you put it exactly right it's adding to the pressure and that is unfortunate, by which i mean that is the point of these videos. they are designed to go ad the united states into action. one of osama bin laden's, said all we have to do is put up a flag that says jihad and the americans come to our trap. we should respond in a manner of washington's choosing at a time of washington's choosing, when you have a real strategy in place, which is quite
5:07 am
complicated, because if you're going to destroy isis and if that is the goal what that is going to do unintentionally is strengthen the assad regime in syria, so how do you make sure that you degrade isis while at the same time not strengthening the assad regime. in the middle east the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy, and so that's a very complicated dynamic. it means figuring out if there are moderate syrian rebels whom you can support strategically, it means trying to figure out if there's a way to get the other countries involved so i'm glad that the president is taking some time. he should respond, but he shouldn't view this, you know, this is where the media pressure is actually unhelpful to having a smart foreign policy. >> former state department official telling the "new york times" just that, "pressure can often be the enme of good policy" and that's what you could see in this situation. what you heard from the president then this morning with regard to strategy, a lot of folks calling for the president to clarify what is united states' strategy in iraq, in syria with regard to isis.
5:08 am
did you hear clarification? did you hear him lay out a clear coherent plan of what the united states' goal is on the ground? >> it's a good question. i think that in iraq we have a very clear strategy. the strategy in iraq is to take all the territory that isis has taken, defend iraq, make sure that isis cannot come back, and we know in a sense what the means are to that, rebuild iraqi army to make it not a sectarian force, an effective fighting force, support the kurdish troops, the peshmerga, that's all clear. the problem is we don't have a similar strategy in syria. as i said the problem in syria is complicated. you can say destroy isis but what does that do to the assad regime? how do you figure that out and that's going to be the tension in this policy. we have a policy that works, that could work in iraq. what is the equivalent policy in syria, and can you have a policy in iraq that works if isis just crosses the border and uses syria as a safe haven? >> they sure don't seem to be
5:09 am
honoring any borders that are there. i myself found, i found myself confused as to what the president was laying out in terms of saying his goal was with regard to isis, and ann compton asked for clarification. is your goal to destroy iceis? is your goal to degrade isis or just contain isis? he said both, at different points. he said degrade and destroy. is it important he lay that out clearly? which is it? >> i think that he clearly has to be to destroy isis. i think he probably recognizes that's a tall order. >> right. >> see, what is feeding isis at the end of the day, and this is very important to understand, is the discontent that is felt by sunnis in both iraq and syria. iraq is run by a shia majority government, syria is run by an alloiete government. the superis feel disempowered. >> the sunnis want to stand up
5:10 am
against isis. >> you have to find a way to get the sunnis in the front of the battle. you've got to make the iraqi army a non-sectarian force, you have to find moderate civilian rebels, sunnis who are not jihadists. otherwise we're playing into this great regional dynamic of the shia versus the sunni and if all the sunnis think the united states is against them, then no matter what we do, we're not going to bin. in general people need to understand the region is 90% sunnis. it's not true in iraq and syria but add saudi arabia, egypt, all these places the sunnis are the dominant majority, they have all the money, they have all the -- it >> fareed, when you lay it out like that it seems obvious even though the president restated it this morning. this is not a one-week, one-month or six-month proposition in terms of u.s. engagement trying to degrade or destroy isis. then if we turn our focus for a moment to one of the main
5:11 am
focuses of the nato summit ukraine, what is going on, on the ground, is i was kind of saying it would be humorous if it wasn't so sad the fact that we've got talk of a cease-fire, not so much in russia, still playing this game saying we can't even be part of a cease-fire because we're not on the ground militarily. >> i think we need to understand the russian position, not necessarily condone it. >> right. >> what is happening right now is that you have the ukrainian government trying to take back control or take control of these parts of eastern ukraine that the rebels hold. the russians are saying let's negotiate. let's negotiate this rather than you using force to do it. the ukrainian government says no, first we want to get control of our territory. this is ukraine, after all, this is meant to be our country, then we'll negotiate. so that's where underneath all this, you know, this sort of noise what's happening is, the russians are saying we want to
5:12 am
negotiate while the rebels hold us down so we have some cards. the ukrainian government is saying no we first want to take the towns and then we'll negotiate. this is an area where, frankly, a good diplomatic negotiation could yield an outcome. neither side is going to win entirely. the russians are strong enough that they can effectively make sure that the ukrainian government will not be able to take these towns in ukraine but the ukrainian government is strong enough that they will also make it very hard for these rebels. this is where at some point you've got to get into a negotiating situation with the russians, the ukrainian rebels, the ukrainian government, come up with some autonomy deal that says in return for relinquishing control of these towns the eastern ukraine will have certain autonomies, russian language will be protected. we have to recognize our problem is for the united states, this is 8,000 miles away. the russians are right next door. they can very cheaply constantly
5:13 am
keep this going on a boil. >> and the president will be speaking a little later in less than an hour now, a lot of that focus we're told will be on the ukraine/russia issue. fareed will stick around and we'll have that discussion later in the show. great to see you, fareed, thanks so much. watch "fareed zakaria gps" sunday 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. let's look at more of your headlines, an american has been infected with the ebola virus, a mission tear doctor working with pregnant women in liberia tested positive for the virus. dr. tom frieden who just returned from a visit to the region warned tuesday this outbreak is gaining momentum and also said it's becoming harder and harder to stop every day. meanwhile human testing of an experimental ebola vaccine began in maryland this week, a group of three healthy volunteer also get the vaccine in these first phases of testing. a senior israeli military
5:14 am
intelligence official says hamas suffered "a huge dramatic hit" during their violent 50-day conflict. the official toll of the "new york times" senior hamas commanders were killed, thousands of operatives were likely wounded and major damage was done to the group's military imfrom structure saying that hamas lost two-thirds of its rockets. some terrifying video to show you now this morning of a libyan military plane crashing to the ground. look at that. it exploded during an air show over a residential area. you can see the plane hurdling downward, unable to right itself, exploding into this massive fireball. the pilot was killed. what's interesting that reports say this plane went down during a ceremony that was honoring another pilot who died in a crash four days earlier. to sports now, one of football's top receivers has been suspended four games for a drug violation. wes welker of the denver broncos will miss the first quarter of
5:15 am
the season after losing his appeal. speaking with "the denver post" welker adamantly denies knowingly taking a banned substance. welker is already facing time on the sidelines as he battles his third concussion in the last year. according to espn he told "the denver post" he suspects somebody might have put something in his drink when he was at the kentucky derby. he says "i wouldn't knowingly to this." >> wes welker, we know because he is the great underdog in football, an undersized guy, got phenomenal hand. >> he's a wide receiver? >> yes, slot back sometimes, scat back, but he is an amazing example of a guy who worked so hard you got to give him the benefit of the doubt. we should always be giving people the benefit of the doubt, we don't in the u.s. especially, but you should because this guy has a reputation for just working his butt off. >> said that, "if you look at my record, i work hard, take care of what i put in my body." who knows, there's more to be found out about this clearly. >> a lot of the substances have
5:16 am
crossovers so you have to be careful. he deserveless the benefit of the doubt. and he played for the patriots, it's not like he's a friend. >> not like he's a former jets. >> if he played for the jets -- >> the one time chris is actually being fair. >> if he played for the jets we wouldn't have had this discussion because nobody would care if he's taking things or not. i am and a jets fan, just the truth. what do we know about how this country is reacting to what's been going on when we see these journalists being killed and the horrible videos that go along with them? the reaction is that millions and millions are affected and certainly those who knew and loved these two men. we'll speak with some of the friends of mr. sotloff who was recently killed, and the question of how far the terrorist also go and the question becomes will this change americans' minds about what the u.s. should do overseas? plus authorities are going frame by frame over that video showing sotloff's beheading.
5:17 am
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steve's life stood in sharp contrast to those who murdered him so brutally. they may assert claim that they kill in the name of religion but it was steven, his friends say, who deeply loved the islamic world. his killers try to claim that
5:21 am
they defend the oppressed, but it was steven who traveled across the middle east, risking his life to tell the story of muslim men and women demanding justice and dignity. whatever these murderers think they'll achieve by killing innocent americans like steven, they have already failed. >> a look and listen to what the president was saying this morning, reacting to the gruesome death of american steven sotloff at the hands of isis. sotloff's family grieves privately, reaction to his beheading has been swift and strong publicly friends, colleagues from around the world are paying tribute to the man they knew and loved. let a's go to alina machado live in america. in miami. >> steven sotloff was the kind of person you'd want as a friend and a brilliant writer and passionate about all things the middle east and it of that passion that drove him to the region. few people knew steven sotloff was being held captive by isis
5:22 am
for the past year until two weeks ago. >> we want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him. >> reporter: his mother's emotional plea for his release now turning into grief after another video released by isis tuesday shows the 31-year-old's gruesome killing. >> steven was my hero. >> reporter: sotloff's childhood friend told cnn he was full of light. >> anyone who cares about freedom of expression and human life should be appalled and saddened by this really horrific act. >> reporter: sotloff grew up in south florida but went to high school in new hampshire, where he played on the varsity football and rugby teams and appeared in the musical "cabaret." the school issued a statement saying in part "his courageous actions have and will always inspire our students and our community." >> i saw the tweet and the picture of him with the terrorists and i'm just thinking, wow, like that's my old college roommate.
5:23 am
>> reporter: emerson lotzia and sotloff both attended the university of central florida. once shocked by his friend's cap live, lotzia is too distraught to talk on camera tweeted in part "devastated and crushed. steve was an amazing friend. heart is heavy for his family." back on ucf's campus, students and faculty are horrified for his death. >> i really hoped there was a way to get him back. >> he wrote for the student newspaper so the journalists you can imagine, this is their campus community and feels very personal. >> reporter: while at ucf sotloff talked about wanting to go to the middle east. he eventually did freelance work for several publications, including "time" magazine," foreign policy" and the "christian science monitor." sotloff's family lives in south florida. they've only released a statement saying they are aware of the video and they are
5:24 am
grieving privately. >> alina thank you very much. this touches on so many different heart strings, his family, his friends, you know, the media, because that's what this man was doing, doing a job that he believed in passionately. >> yes, his passion so much. >> the cowardice is pointed out. he's not even a combatant and it speaks to what that group is about. investigators are pouring over that beheading video, what clues can they find about the executioner's identity, what clues can they gather when comparing it to the video of the other american journalist killed, james foley. we'll have a counterterrorism expert joining us to discuss that. >> the president will be speaking soon. what else will he likely say about the plan against isis and what about russia, bring back fareed to give us a preview of the president's speech. stick with us. you're driving along,
5:25 am
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5:28 am
here we go with the five things you need to know for your "new day." president obama vowing justice after isis beheads another
5:29 am
american. images of steven sotloff's execution were verified as authentic overnight. the president called this an horrific act of violence. ukraine's president is clarifying an earlier claim that a cease-fire deal had been reached with russian president vladimir putin. petro poroshenko's office said the two had an understanding to achieve peace but a formal deal is not in place. apple says hackers did not breach its icloud system to steal nude celebrity photos that were later leaked online. the company says the images were stolen through individual attacks on individual accounts and that it is working with law enforcement to identify those hackers. it is sentencing day for the man convicted of fatally shooting a teenager on his front porch. theodore wafer plans to apologize to the parents of 19-year-old renisha mcbride. all cvs stores are tobacco free starting today. we update the five things to know, visit for
5:30 am
the latest. in today's "human factor" dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to a young girl who loves to swim and teach others about living with diabetes. >> reporter: carly lynnette was born to be in the water. this spunky little gal from outside allentown, pennsylvania, has her eye on the low pressures. pretty impressive goal for a 9-year-old with type one diabetes. her upbeat attitude really helps. >> i'm no different from any other kid. i just need to watch sometimes what i eat. >> reporter: type one diabetes isn't a stranger to the lynette family. carly's dad mitch also has it. the family was told their daughter had a 7% chance of contracting the disease but the odds weren't with him. >> it was hard for me because i felt responsible. >> reporter: but mitch and carly decided to turn a negative experience into a positive one. two years ago they began to raise money for the american
5:31 am
diabetes association by starting a swimathon. carly swam 100 laps and collected more than $9,000. last year 110 laps. later this month she'll attempt three miles and hopes to add to the goal of $100,000 in five years. >> i'm really proud of myself because i know that i'm doing the right thing. >> words can't describe how proud we are of carly and her dedication and her commitment to empowering herself. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> carly's not only swimming, she's doing the butterfly as we were commenting while watching it, that is no joke. >> she says she is not unlike other kids. yes she is, she takes care of her body and thinks about being healthy and that butterfly ain't easy. i'll tell you that right now. the government this morning says that the isis video of steven sotloff's beheading is real. now authorities are going to use it as their biggest clue,
5:32 am
they're hoping it may lead them to the killers. and president obama is getting ready for his first big speech ahead of tomorrow's nato summit. we'll look at what he's likely to see with fareed zakaria coming up.
5:33 am
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5:35 am
so with isis putting out
5:36 am
this video in their disgusting effort to brag about what they can do with their violence did they also wind up giving us the biggest clue in the mission to take them down? investigators are going over the video showing the death of american steven sotloff frame by frame and it turns out there is a lot here that can be useful. cnn counterterrorism analyst philip mudd tells us exactly that, what can you use this video to do to help catch these guys? >> chris, i think there are a few bits and pieces you can do, if i were back at the cia we'd have a team of people looking at this and breaking it down to see if we could identify for example where it came from, but to my mind, those questions are secondary in the broader fight. there are two questions i've had that go beyond evaluating the video. the first is waiting on the uk. there is somebody in southern england who knows who this guy is, waiting for that person to come forward or for uk authorities to identify who the assassin is not just because of his name but because you then
5:37 am
are going to ask who paid for him? who'd he touch in the uk? how did he get to turkey, to syria, to iraq? he did get radicalized and the critical question for the hoover building at the fbi did the network ever touch anybody in the united states? the second question and final is for the kr, ia, once you identify this guy, whether it's because he's identified in the uk or somehow through this video, do we have enough information on how people like him are brought into isis in syria so if the president ever authorizes operations in syria, you can eviscerate the command and control network that brings people like this in. the focus really isn't on him personally. it's potentially on a network of conspiracy in the uk and on a foreign fighter network in syria. >> let's drill down on the latest that we found out about in the news. 350 more sets of boots, you have over 1,000 americans on the ground there, supposedly in iraq, not fighting but helping.
5:38 am
one, does that make sense, and two, how does that help the mission? >> i think that makes sense, but only if you put this in the context of a decision to continue this operation for the duration of the war against isis. let's go back to yesterday and the day before, we had a strike against the remnants of the al qaeda organization, in somalia, people in the united states i think rightfully have forgotten our focus on somalia, where there's a pretty significant al qaeda operation. that operation and the collection of intelligence of somalia goes back years. we lost american kids from minneapolis, minnesota, into somalia in 2006-2007, so if we're putting troops on the ground against isis, which is a much larger organization than the al qaeda affiliate we saw in somalia, to my mind the focus is not just on whether 300, 400 troops are in, it's whether we have the patience to use them to build an intelligence picture that we might be using if you
5:39 am
take the somalia example in 2020, 2022, because uprooting isis is going to be a multiyear, maybe a decade-long process. patience. >> it's an interesting point. many in your community say it is easy to take out isis. you can go in there on the ground, you could wipe out huge numbers but the question is do they come back? yes, they come back and will you sustain the effort to really take down their operation through the intelligence infrastructure you're suggesting and many in your community say no, we won't. that's why you cope seeing these guys come back as the taliban, as al qaeda, isis, al shabaab, they're the same population, whatever you want to call them. >> that's right. i think we have to remember, we focus on these guys as terrorists. this is not the right way to think about this organization. this is an organization that's inspiring people to commit a revolution to overturn what they view as corrupt regimes to try to get the united states which they view as the head of the snake to leave the region.
5:40 am
they want to return this region to what they view as the golden age of islam 13 centuries ago. we're not fighting a group. we're fighting the idea, the half life is 10 years, 20 years, 30 years. we're already 13 years into our campaign against al qaeda. >> the question becomes how do you defeat an idea? people say you can't. yes, you can, with better ideas, with different ideas and that gets not to something that's semantical but something that's practical. where are the saudis? where is jordan? if what syria really is, and this is part of our education in this as we figure out who we're fighting here. if they are the extension of a desire for a sunni state like the batist party in saddam and syria and iraq, where are the other arab nations condemning this type of extremism and fighting it themselves culturally? >> i think going back again to somal somalia, we have an example of how to defeat the idea. there is a lot of conversation
5:41 am
in the united states about the war of ideas. let me give you my personal opinion. we don't have a dog in that fight because we have no credibility in the community that is radicalized by these folks. as you say that's got to be people like the turks, the saudis, three pieces of that. number one -- >> where are they? >> they're talking about it, what the president is trying to do is get them on the ground which i think is right. they're reticent to be there because they're afraid. three pieces with he need, unity of countries around the region to put people on the ground so psychologically it's not an american fight, it's a middle eastern arab fight. number two, we need people to cooperate with the sunni tribes because it's the local populations who are going to say we don't want the foreigners in here beheading us. and number three we need american intelligence and drones so besides the fight on the ground we can take command and control in places like sear yoo and we need five or ten years because this is a long ideological fight. >> a reminder what israel does
5:42 am
for the u.s., israel is great at intelligence, often providing intelligence for what's going on in the region to help plan for u.s. action. it's what the u.s. should be doing in this situation, having people like you, professor mudd, and other intelligence community people telling them what's going on and let the arab community and the middle east empower their own change. i guess this is a bigger discussion for another day. mr. mudd thank you for giving us perspective on what's going on. always appreciated. this is context for you as we get ready to hear from the president, he's going to give another speech in estonia after the press conference a couple hours ago, look at what he needs to say about the escalating situation in ukraine ahead of tomorrow's nato summit and what is the plan for isis? there needs to be more meat on the bones. what's next?
5:43 am
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5:46 am
in just about 15 minutes the president is scheduled to speak about the crisis in ukraine. this is of course just ahead of the big nato summit getting under way tomorrow, where allies are planning their response to russia's military aggression, and so many other things are on the plate as well. so what will the president likely say? let's discuss, we're joined once again by fareed zakaria, host of cnn's "fareed zakaria gps" and john avalon, cnn political analyst and the editor-in-chief of "the daily beast." so this is the president's first big speech in heading overseas ahead of the nato summit. he laid out in his press conference this morning kind of the u.s. position on russian aggression but them you had this back and forth that we discussed earlier, fareed, a cease-fire, no cease-fire, what is it?
5:47 am
what do you think the president needs to be laying out as he heads into the nato summit tomorrow? >> i think more than anything else he has to remind people why nato exists to rally forces. this is a weorical effort and words matter. it's important that he gives substance to the idea that nato is an alliance, that it will protect its own, that it cares about the stability of europe, explain how russia has violated the principle of the post world war ii order, not just the post cold war order. he's always been good and i think he needs to reaffirm the idea that we want a negotiated settlement. we understand russia has interests in the area. so far the problem is the president has said that, but putin doesn't take him up on it. he keeps constructing off-ramps and putin keeps driving the car even faster down the highway. >> what will tip the balance though? >> that's the right question, because for something to tip the balance you got to have leverage, right, and the
5:48 am
question is, what is the president's leverage? i have to tell you, hearing about these sanctions and how they're having an effect, yeah, the effect seems to be that russia gets more and more bold, john. >> look, this comes to the issue, leverage comes from the credible threat of force or putin believing he would go too far and create damage, escalation beyond his tension or economic damage which would rock his popularity in the country. rhetoric is important and a lapping wanlg of diplomacy. he needs to assuage the fears in the baltic about a new expansionist russia. he has to lay out specifics what they are doing to bolster and revive the idea of nato for the 21st century in the face of an expanse of russia. >> john i agree with you but here is the problem. i looked at the math, russia spends 18 times what ukraine spends on defense. we can even arm the ukrainians a little bit. at the end of the day when putin
5:49 am
said to barrso "i could take kiev in two weeks" unfortunately he's right. even with american efforts the truth of the matter is we're 8,000 miles away. they spend 20 times roughly what ukraine spends. i agree with you that it's important, but it's symbolism. >> that plays exactly to my question and get to your point in this, not only the united states being 8,000 miles away, how does the president then make the case to the american people that the nato alliance, the u.s. involvement in the crisis in ukraine matters? >> it's about the world order. it's about international stability. it's about the principle that borders don't get redrawn by barrels of guns and that is etern eternal. forget european history and pretend this is abstract. people in europe haven't forgot within the slow-roll invasions and you need to pierce the propaganda. >> good point. i think we hear that a lot and you heard it on the ground in
5:50 am
ukraine. people want the president of the united states to call vladimir putin on his b.s. that's what they want. they want to hear him say you're a liar. you're in there, we know you're in there, and at least maybe i know this is total caveman but you're dealing with some caveman mentalities here in terms of what's going on in eastern ukraine with russia especially, to maybe you go at putin map to ma man to man. >> he just said russia has to stop pretending that it is not involved in ukraine. >> he did say that this morning. >> you're exactly right, there needs to be a kind of piercing of the russian propaganda bubble. i don't know whether this is possible but voice of america, maybe other western statesmen who is doesn't seem like it's just obama constantly pointing out that what russians are hearing about this conflict is all wrong, because one of the reasons putin's popularity keeps rising. >> 80%. >> despite the fact that the sanctions are taking their price, what he's looking at is
5:51 am
his poll numbers and part of the poll numbers is that russians have no idea what's really happening. >> sure. >> john, let's talk about, it may not be the top agenda item for the nato summit, but it is one of the most top priorities for the president as well as the host of the nato summit david cameron, how do you tackle isis and take isis on. this is an important moment for the world leaders to come together and try to craft possibly this regional strategy that president obama continues to talk about and did again this morning. >> this is an essential moment for the west at a time when our values are facing challenges on multiple fronts and what needs to be asserted is a kind of muscular multilateralism that it's not the u.s. going it alone as in the bush years with unilateralism but a multipolar response to a myriad of threats where the west and particularly through nato can start being muscular and taken seriously again. it's the vacuum of power that allowed putin and icise to proliferate.
5:52 am
>> you laid out how complex it is. chris you've been talking about it this morning, it can't just be the united states going in to destroy isis. >> you have 28 members now, the north atlantic part of nato doesn't really apply anymore, but who is not in it is the arab league. help us understand, fareed, why this problem, it is naive to say isis is not the u.s.'s problems. that's just cheap politics, but it really is more the ability to change for the saudis, the jordanians, the turks, where are they, fareed? >> let's talk about where are the states not in the forefront of creating an anti-isis alliance, an anti-isis policy. where are they as a culture and a people? i feel very bad about the civilian deaths in gaza and i'm glad there are people raising that issue, but where are the people who were marching about civilian deaths in gaza when they see civilian deaths caused by isis, 700, 800 beheadings of
5:53 am
muslims in syria, not to mention the two americans. when you have this kind of cancer that is growing in the arab world that is the principal engine of destruction and death for sunni and muslims in the arab world, where is the outrage, where are the saudi preachers who should be preaching against this? what is happening the saudis are nice to us and want us to continue to treat them as a gas station, quietly where does isis get its funds from, saudi individuals, saudi charitable trusts from other arabs. >> true. >> they are well financed. fareed zakaria will stick with us. john avalon is with us as well. we'll be back after this. we are moments away from president obama's big speech talking about all the issues we laid out here. we'll bring it to you live. carol costello and wolf blitzer will be picking up our coverage right after this quick break. the eyes may be the windows to the soul. but in the case of the lexus ls... ...which eyes? eyes that pivot with the road...
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-- captions by vitac -- good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm carol costello. you're looking at estonia where 2,000 people are packed into a concert hall in the capital city waiting for president barack obama to speak about the crisis in ukraine. the. the's address comes on the heels of the news that there may be a cease-fire agreement between ukraine and russia, something russia is now denying. also confirmation that the video showing the beheading of american journalist steven sotloff is authentic, however, president obama will focus solely this morning on the situation in ukraine and russia and the united states continued support of the pal tick region. he will make the case to bolster security, intelligence and surveillance across the globe
5:59 am
and be prepared on the future. i'm joined by wolf blitzer in washington. good morning, wolf. >> good morning, carol. we'll cover the president's speech from all angles, cnn clearly using its expansive resources in the united states and indeed around the world to break down what president obama will say. our team of correspondents and analysts are standing by. president obama is expected to speak at any moment. he finally addressed what many waited to hear his personal reaction to the beheading of the american journalist steven sotloff. >> whatever these murderers think they'll achieve by killing innocent americans like steven, they have already failed.failed around the world they are repulsed by their barbarism.
6:00 am
they stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists and those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> the president is speaking before a group of some 2,000 people who have gathered at this concert hall in estonia. >> we have to make sure somebody's coming up behind us. give oscar a big round of applause for the great job that he did. to the president and distinguished guests, to the people of estonia, it is a great pleasure to be with you in this historic city and this beautiful land. i thank you for the incredible hospitality that you've shown me today. i understand the weather is always like this.


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