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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 3, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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contacts and smiling wildly. the last time i saw steven, a wonderful soul, rest in peace. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> thanks for watching, everyone. "wolf" starts right now. right now, additional u.s. military support for iraq and the battle against isis. hundreds more u.s. troops are heading to baghdad. also right now, the world's response to stop isis' brutal violence and the search for the man who beheaded a second american before he kills again. and, right now, president obama, heading to a nato summit to talk about the crisis in ukraine. and this morning, a strongly worded message by the president delivered right at russia's doorst doorstep. from iraq, london, moscow and washington, our team reporters brings you the stories this hour.
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. just in, the vice president of the united states, joe biden, delivering a powerful rebuke to the terrorist group isis it just a little while ago, the vice president called isis barbarians for beheading two american journalists. >> the american people are so much stronger, so much more resolved, than any enemy can fully understand. as a nation, we're united. and when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know, we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice -- [ applause ] -- because hell is where they will reside, hell is where they will reside. >> we'll have much more on isis and the beheading of steven
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sotloff in just a few moments. first, to this announcement of hundreds of additional u.s. troops now being deployed to baghdad. that brings the total to more than 1,000 american troops on the ground in iraq right now. our anna coran is joining us from erbil, the northern part of iraq. anna, troops were deployed last month to help with security, humanitarian efforts. tell us what you're hearing about the additional u.s. troops, now more than 1,000 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. what's going on? >> yes, interesting, isn't it, wolf, 350 extra troops on their way to baghdad as we speak. obviously there to protect u.s. personnel. that's been the line from the u.s. administration the entire time. i don't think anyone here is under any illusion that we know these people are here to assist and to advise. certainly, the iraqi forces and the kurdish forces. there needs to be coordination,
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wolf, on the ground, as far as that offensive goes. yes, the u.s. air strikes are happening. they're helping. they're certainly containing isis. but it's not enough. the u.s. can conduct asp air strikes as they like, but it's boots on the ground taking the fight to isis that is really going to make the difference. at the moment, the kurdish and iraqi forces are operating quite separately, so there needs to be that coordinated approach. we heard from the president whilst he was in estonia this partn partnership, regionally and internationally, and that's not just to conduct more air strike, if that's the way the administration wants to go, but certainly arming certainly the kurdish forces who are at the moment outgunned by the isis militants. they need training on how to operate these weapons and they also need a strategy. at the moment, wolf, it is too haphaza haphazard. they really do need that coordination. really, the only country that can make that happen is the united states. so, you know, there's very little doubt, wolf, those people
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coming in, those extra troops, will be very much involved in that strategy here. >> anna coren in northern iraq for us, where the u.s. continues air strikes against isis targets in iraq. not yet in syria, but in iraq. we'll see what happens. much more on this iraq story coming up. also, what's going on in syria. but i want to quickly get to the crisis in ukraine and the message for president obama to ukraine and nato members. >> just as we refuse to accept smaller european nations being dominated by bigger neighbors in the last century, we reject any talk of spheres of influence today. and just as we never accepted the occupation and illegal annexation of the baltic nations, we will not accept russia's illegal annexation of crimea or any part of ukraine. >> the president making those
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comments in estonia earlier today, just before leaving for the nato summit in wales. he's expected to land there later this hour. phil black is joining us from moscow right now. many of the president's comments squarely aimed directly right at the russian president, vladimir putin. has there been any official reaction in moscow, phil, to the president's speech? >> not specifically, silence really. we know there is much about this event that russia and moscow will not like. we know one of moscow's greatest geopolitical irritants has been the eastward expansion of nato, the belief that nato has swallowed up former soviet states, including those right on russia's border, like estonia, where president obama was today, and done so without any concern for russian security interests. that's what russia believes. so will not be pleased obama was there today, vowing to protect those allies, and being so critical of russia's actions and
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policies towards ukraine. we also know that moscow is deeply unhappy with nato's talk of expanding, ramping up its activities in this region with more training, rotating through more troops and prepositioning equipment resources as well. moscow has said that is provocative and it will adjust its military planning accordingly. >> as you know, russia continues to deny sending troops into ukraine. i was talking earlier in the day with our reporter in eastern ukraine standing in front of burnt-out tanks and she showed us a russian-issued army bag of rations. even as talk of a possible cease-fire surfaced earlier in the day. the kremlin said it had no control of anything going on in ukraine. how do they keep denying what clearly is evidence, direct evidence that russian troops, you see the bag there, russian food, military supplies on the ground in front of those burnt-out, destroyed tanks,
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russian tanks. unclear whether those tanks are ukrainian or russian, but clearly the suspicion is they are russian. >> wolf, they just do, really, with consistency. they have a narrative and they stick to it, regardless of how it seems at times. when russian forces occupied cry me crimea, they insisted were not their, appears they're doing the same in eastern ukraine. president obama made that clear again today, domestically, the government is able to get away with it, with the help of russian state media, which very much champions the government position. very much portrays the ukrainian government, even the united states, as, it says, the real causes of instability, the real cu causes of the ukrainian crisis. president obama tried to pick away at this today, talking about the propaganda, the russian state media. which leads many people to
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believe that russian here is getting stronger as a result of its policies in ukraine, not weaker. he even went through point by point the russian narrative and tried to shoot down those many points that he believes are not true. but it is a reality in this country, where many people only consume and watch russian state media that they will not get to see that part of the speech in its unedited form, wolf. >> pretty shocking stuff. phil black for moscow, thank you very much. let's get some more reaction, u.s. reaction, to a pose ibl a , sh, possible cease-fire in ukraine. our foreign affairs correspondent elice abbott. >> as you see president obama lay out his plan. which would entail what would be needed for a cease-fire. state department officials are telling me it doesn't address the real source of the problem. which is these russian troops inside ukraine. which is russian-backed
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separatists with russian equipment. several months a the president said one of the red lines for more robust action against russia would be an actual movement into ukraine with russian troops. today in his speech, he was pretty clear that's happening. so now the question is what's going to happen at this nato summit. will there be concrete help for ukraine? today, nato announced 1,000 nato troops would be taking part in joint exercises inside ukraine later this month. president oba president putin responded by saying 4,000 of his nuclear forces would be holding exercises. even as there's talk of a cease-fire, there's really signs of an escalation here. >> putin may not be ready to raise the ante, if you will, and go further. let's talk about eye six the beheading of steven sotloff, the american journalist, the second american now beheaded by isis. the president responded at a news conference in estonia earlier this morning.
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here's what he said. >> whatever these murderers think they'll achieve by killing innocent americans like stephv they have already failed. around the world, repulsed by their barbarism. we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve. >> strong words from the president. even stronger words from the vice president, joe biden. a top state department official told cnn stay tuned for details on what the u.s. will do to combat isis. what are you hearing? >> well, they're still in the discussion phases. the question is, how can the international community work together to combat isis, and that's what secretary kerry will be doing, later next week when he traveled to the middle east. he'll be meeting with mideast allies, saying, here is what the u.s. can do, how can you help.
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it's not just about military action. it's about drying up the finances. diplomatic action. the real question, wolf, is whether the u.s. would be undertaking strikes in syria. administration clearly not there yet. that's definitely on the table. >> looks like they're moving towards there but they're not there yet. eli elise, thank you very much. security analysts are scouring the execution video. trying to determine when it was shot, if it is the same person that beheaded james foley. the spokesperson told cnn they are getting close to identifying his killer. do you think, where you are in london right now, that the person who executed steven sotloff is the same person who executed james foley? are they close to figuring out the identity of this murderer? >> that's certainly what the video is set up with. the militant in the video sets it up by saying, "i'm back,
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obama." he even holds the same knife as the james foley video did. what investigators are now doing is they're analyzing that voice to see if it is in fact the same man or somebody who's just dressed up like him. they're trying to figure out the exact time. it does appear this video was shot at least a few days later. we can tell by the amount of hair growth on sotloff in that. it seems to be shot in a slightly different area. have they identified the man in that video? they certainly may have, but they have not made that public yet. because, remember, there's a lot at stake. not only does the militant have the distinct british accent. but also of course the next victim they threatened to behead is a british hostage. so britain is very much drawn into this. >> speaking of that british hostage, we saw him at the end of the video being threatened once again. what do we know about an effort, an earlier effort to try to
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rescue him? >> yes, british foreign secretary phillip hammond referenced that, saying there had been an attempted rescue but it failed. this is very likely the same rescue attempt to get james foley. it looks like it was a combined effort to try to get a number of hostages out that did not succe succeed. but britain says it is determined to try to secure the safety of this hostage as soon as it can. >> atika shubert in london, watching this story. if we get confirmation of the identity of the killer, if we get more information about this third hostage who is now being threatened, let us know. president obama clearly under fire not only from republicans but even from some democrats who are not doing enough or saying enough to stop isis. newt gingrich standing by. we'll discuss with him. you're driving along,
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think it's time for him to say more and do more. i'm sad he ducked questions on his way to the airplane. delivering his first remarks in estonia rather than at america at a time when this country's grieving about this i think perhaps was not the best decision. >> congresswoman jane harman offering some criticism of president obama for his policy towards the militant terror group isis. let's discuss with the former speaker of the house, one of the co-hosts of cnn's "cross fire," newt gingrich. newt, thank you very much for joining us. would you support an immediate decision by the president to
10:17 am
launch air strikes against isis in syria? >> absolutely. but i would also call on the president to design a real strategy which has to recognize that isis is a lot like a virus. it's not just a nation state. the islamic state by itself is not the key. there are over 10,000 foreign potential terrorists now operating with the islamic state. there are 600 i think britains. over 100 americans. we just had two people from minneapolis killed. we don't appreciate the degree to which this is a viral epidemic spreading across the plantet pla plantet and it's very dangerous to all of us. >> does the president need congress' go ahead to effectively go to war against isis in syria? >> the president, with his commander in chief power, has the ability, as long as the congress appropriates money to
10:18 am
do what he thinks is necessary to protect america. i think what's more important s is -- the president by accident said it last week. we had no strategies. the vice president talked about going to gates of hell. that's exactly the phrase he used in the vice presidential debate talking about benghazi. there are today no strategy for dealing with radical islamism across the planet. >> how far would you go, in iraq, in syria, elsewhere, to deal with this problem? as you well know, newt, the american public is war weary after what the u.s. endured in afghanistan and iraq. >> sure. well, i think the american people are very weary of risking american lives and spending american money and not seeing an effective result. prime minister cameron has begun
10:19 am
changing the rules so you could lose your passport if you go to syria. to clamp down on those arguing in favor of the islamic state. we should be very bothered that over 100 young americans have been recruited and are currently in syria and iraq. this is a real danger to all of us. i think you've got to design a strategy not just for iraq and syria, but you have those from over 50 countries now operating with the islamic state. this is this is a big worldwide problem and we don't have a strategy in any way comparable to the threat we're facing. >> yesterday, an official actually told me that number was between 100 and 200 americans now working with isis and other terror groups in the region. that's the way he phrased it. let's talk about ukraine for a moment. how far should the u.s. go in dealing with the russian president putin when it comes to
10:20 am
russian incursions as the u.s. calls it into ukraine? >> nato should provide equipment and training and should provide intelligence to enable the ukrainians to defend themselves. should indicate clearly to putin you've got to draw a line. you cannot tolerate the russians, in effect, inch by inch, occupying eastern ukraine. i think we also are going to have to move nato assets to estonia, latvia and lithuania to make very clear that being a member of nato means you will be protected and we're not going to tolerate put in trying to expan to the old russian empire. very troubling to me, as somebody who studies russian history, to use putin use language that goes back to the 18th century czars in describing the eastern part of ukraine. very dangerous patterns, behaving he can annex item by item everything he wants around the russian periphery.
10:21 am
that has to be stopped or it gets very, very dangerous. >> and as phil black told us earlier, what he's doing, this is very worrisome, seems to be very, very popular with the russians back home. newt gingrich, thanks very much for joining us. just ahead, pressure building on president obama to take action against isis not only in iraq but in syria. we're going to examine the poli policy, the politic, in his effort to confront this terrorist group. plus, the brutal killer behind the black mask. investigators are trying to find out if the same isis killer who executed steven sotloff is the same person who did the same thing to james foley. the clues they're zeroing in on. that's coming up. >> announcer: the previous interview was brought to you by cisco telepresence. the internet of everything is changing. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. our reach is long and justice will be served. those words from president obama, directed at the terror group isis, following the execution of a second american in two weeks. but is the president sending a mixed message about his plans for confronting isis? let's discuss with our chief political analyst gloria borger, our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. he's joining us today from new port, rhode island, where he's getting ready to interview the secretary of defense. gloria, the killing of stevened so losotloff, it's going to put pressure on the president to ramp this situation up, take direct action against isis not only in iraq but in syria. >> i think we heard that. a little bit of that. the effect of that today. i think it's clear that members
10:26 am
of congress, both democrats and republicans, are talking about authorizing air strikes. you've got a democrat in the senate who's going to put that on the table. in the senate, i think you've had these two beheadings. it's different in many ways from the way it was when you think back to a year ago when the president was thinking about getting congressional authorization for air strikes in syria because of that red line on chemical weapons. there was a point at which he could not get congressional approval. fast forward a year later, now, it would seem to me that if the president specifically outlined his strategy, his goals, the mission, the limits of the mission, what he's willing to do to the american people, i think congress would be there with it. >> what are you hearing, jim, from your sources? we know the president's going to spend today and tomorrow in wales at the nato summit. he'll be back over the weekend. what are you hearing about a time line when the president
10:27 am
might directly address the american people, the congress, and lay out a specific strategy for dealing with isis? >> you know, frankly, u.s. officials aren't saying at this point. i think you heard more urgency in the president's comments this morning than we heard from the president before, talking about degrading or destroying isis going forward. you heard vice president joe biden take it a step further, saying the u.s. will follow isis to the gates of hell. after these beheadings, you have a forward-leaning public posture. we know in the past several months with the way this administration has responded to other crises, in iraq, in syria, in ukraine, that the president wants to get his goals in mind. the best options in place before he makes a decision that he doesn't want to -- i think tom freeman wrote about this in "the new york times." he wants to be ready, aim, fire. to get all his ducks in a row before he makes a decision, particularly on military action.
10:28 am
>> listen to what the president said today about isis and potentially military action. listen to this. >> our objective is clear. and that is to degrade and destroy eisil so it's no longera threat not just to iraq but also the region and the united states. >> later, he also talked about shrinking the isis so-called sphere of influence and its financing, its military capabilities, where it is manageable. is he sending some sort of mixed message when he says degrade and destroy but also manage? >> right, yes. i think you can sense his own ambivalence here about what ought to be done. i mean, he wants to destroy it, but then manage it. i mean, what he is effectively saying is there has to be some limits to an american mission that we can't expect that we're going to completely eradicate
10:29 am
isis with the kinds of things we're going to be doing, but we can make it manageable. i would argue perhaps that means -- we need to explain it, he would guarantee that they would be unable to strike the homeland. but, again, that question of manageable is going to an issue that people are going to be picking apart. >> i'm sure jim sciutto's going to be going through a lot of this. jim will be interviewing the secretary of defense at the naval war college in rhode island where you are, and i'm sure you're going to get into all these points, not only what to do about isis but ukraine. that interview will air live right here on cnn. 3:00 p.m. eastern. ukraine, eye six the terror threat. jim sciutto's interview with secretary of defense chuck hagel, live on cnn, 3:00 p.m. eastern. up next, more on president
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. president obama offered a new warning for isis, saying justice will be served for the murder of the american steven sotloff. the white house announced 350 more u.s. troops would be heading over to baghdad. let's discuss what's going on with paul cruickshank and will mccants. paul is our cnn terrorism analyst. will mccants is with the brookings insuran s institution washington. sending more troops to iraq right now to serve, protecting
10:34 am
really, the u.s. embassy in baghdad. what message does that send to isis in iraq? >> i don't think that sends much of a message to isis. that's all about protecting u.s. diplomatic facilities in baghdad. when obama said we're going to degrade and destroy isis, i think isis leadership will have heard that, may have seen that as a declaration of war. so far, this group has not escalated beyond these horrible beheadings we're now seeing. they may think the united states are coming after them heavily. there's worry this group could retaliate in places like jordan where there are u.s. interests. >> you agree with that, will? >> i think the beheadings were a significant escalation in isis' campaign against the united states, which as paul said, has been pretty nascent to this point, but those acts are designed to do what the 9/11 attacks were designed to do. which is make the united states go all in with ground troops or
10:35 am
completely leave the theater. isis is pushing for either outcome. >> do they really think, isis, al baghdadi, the leader of isis, these other guys, they can confront the united states of america? >> they do. they look back to the narrative of the soviets in afghanistan and they believe that the mujahadin in afghanistan were able to defeat the soviets. they look at recent american experience in afghanistan. they believe they can do the same thing to the united states and iraq by waging a guerrilla campaign. >> so what does the u.s. need to do right now in terms of dealing with this? it's one thing to have a crisis in iraq and syria. but it's another thing if these guys are going to be motivated to large their battle against the united states in the united states. >> absolutely, and there needs to be a much tougher approach when it companiy comes to syri. most of the leadership is in syria. most of their financing is in syria. so the obama administration really needs to come up with an approach, a much more concerted action in syria. they'll have to look carefully
10:36 am
at the following question. do they do some sort of impasse with the assad regime? the assad regime are the only people with ground forces right now that can take on isis in syria. >> we know isis has hundreds of millions of dollars they've stolen in mosul and elsewhere. they've got sophisticated weapons they've stolen from the iraqi military. mostly u.s. weapons. do they really, will, have the ability to threaten the united states homeland? >> not in terms of technological capabilities. but they do have the personnel now. they have reportedly up to 100 people that are fighting for them from the united states. they've got several hundred from european nations that are fighting under their banner. a lot of those people are from visa waiver countries that could easily get into the united states. it would be very difficult for them to pull off anythinging in this country because of the security measures the administration has put in place since 9/11. but that doesn't mean they won't try. and the fact the united states is carrying out repeated strikes against them means they will
10:37 am
probably try something against the united states. either in the middle east or here. >> i spoke yesterday with the chairman of the house homeland security committee, he said, i asked him, should the u.s. be worried whether isis or some other al qaeda-related group could launch some sort of attack coming up in a few days on the anniversary of 9/11, and he said yes. what isis hasser in done is they've never had any terrorist plots against the u.s. that includes the iraqi days, when it was then known as al qaeda in iraq. it's not clear what this group is going to do next. you can be certain, there will be an overwhelming response. that could jeopardize what they're trying to build in iraq and syria. >> i've heard from terrorism experts that as bad as isis is, there are other al qaeda related groups, al qaeda in the arabian
10:38 am
peninsula, al qaeda in the maghreb. they still have the capability to do something dramatic. >> isis is appealing to a lot of these groups to join up with their organization. if they're able to peel off capable bomb makers like the one that belongs to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula they could represent a significant threat. >> there's one report an element of the taliban may be anxious to team up with isis. have you heard about that report? >> yes, the man affiliated with the taliban in afghanistan, concern that other groups may be positioning themselves. concern about boca horam. there's been criticism of isis in the global jihadist movement for their brutality, creating a calipha
10:39 am
caliphate. now the united states is attacking them in iraq. there's a rally around the flag effect when it comes to isis. that's very worrying. any time you have a unified global jihadist movement, they pose a bigger threat. >> you agree? >> i do agree. the idea of a caliphate which isis announces itself as is intoxicating for the jihadi movement. they're bleeding away support from al qaeda. >> will mccants, paul cruickshank, guys, thanks very much. we'll be watching in the days to come. when we return, isis delivers a message to the united states and videos showing the beheadings. but the group is also hoping to target another audience. we'll explain when we come back. ♪ eenie. meenie. miney. go.
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the videos are also intended to lure would-be jihadists into the terror group. they're using these videos as a recruitment tool. >> experts are telling us, as horrific as these videos are, they actually serve to inspire and energize the base of the support that isis has all over the world. even people with kind of this extremist ideology they have are energized by these videos and may take them as some kind of inspiration to come and join the fight. also on the propaganda front, you just had paul cruickshank, i talked about this with him yesterday, they're very calculated in the way they release these videos. this was a calculation to release it right after the labor day holiday. they're more kind of focused on watching the news, et cetera. a calculation by isis to get this all over the american media right after a big holiday
10:44 am
weekend. they seem to play these things fairly adroitly in the world media. >> the british ambassador to the united states a week or so ago said that they were close in his words, close to identifying the killer, the executioner who killed james foley. a lot of assumption it's the same person who killed steven sotloff. how much more evidence do they need? >> well, they're looking at everything from this man's eyes, because you can see his eyes in the video, you can't see much else, to his voice. and most experts tell us it's very likely the same person in both these videos. they're looking at his posture. his movements. the way he holds the knife, the way he waves the knife around. his build is similar to the first video. they're looking at that forensically, as well as the background, the areas this filming took place.
10:45 am
being combed through frame by frame by forensic experts in great britain. as for the timetable, they said a week and a half ago, hey, we're close to being able to name this guy. i talked to british officials today. they wouldn't go there. they would just say we're working on this. we're making good progress. that's all they're saying about it. >> assuming he's from england and the accent seems to be somewhere from the southern part of england. someone there must recognize that voice. someone there must be able to go to local authorities and say, i believe it's x or y or whatever. >> that's right. >> do you know if anyone's come forward and said, excuse me, i recognize that voice? >> we're asking british officials and u.s. intelligence officials. these are americans who were killed. a british man ostensibly in the video possibly doing the killing. so there's a lot of cooperation here you can assume. we don't know if anyone's come
10:46 am
forward and said, i recognize this man. you can bet they're combing the neighbors where they believe this accent comes from. experts have told us they can narrow it down to a certain neighborhood of london possibly. that people would be coming forward. they're combing those neighborhoods to ask people, hey, do you know this voice? someone probably does. >> they've got a lot of clues. they could take a close look at those eyes and determine same person, not same person. we assume it's the same person but we'll soon find out. thanks very much. president obama calls russian's actions in ukraine a brazen assault, but where did the growing rift from russian and the rest of the world begin? some believe it may be the start of the revolution in libya. we'll explain what's going on. g. seven billion hungry people. well, we grow a lot of food. we also waste about a third of what we grow. so, we put our scientists to work. and they found ways to keep the food we grow fresher, longer.
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. >> ah! >> that was libyan air force fighter jet that crashed yesterday into a residential area. the city ofta bruk. the pilot and possibly people on the ground killed. it happened as part of a memorial supervise for another pilot who died when his jet crashed last week. authorities say mechanical failure caused the crash. the fighting between rival militias in libya has led to chaos and violence in the deteriorating situation can be traced back to the former leader, gadhafi. but that also was the catalyst apparently for another
10:51 am
deteriorating situation today, the worsening relationship between russia and the west. cnn's becky anderson explains. >> reporter: the most talked about country at this week's nato summit won't be among those doing the talking. when the 28-member nations of the north atlantic treaty organization convene in wales on thursday, russia is set to dominate. more than two decades after the end of the cold war, there is a new rift growing between moscow and the west. russia's annexation of crimea and the ongoing crisis in ukraine are right now front and center. but the supply of weapons to syria hasn't helped either. but if you ask vladimir putin to put his finger on the moment the cracks started to form, he'll criteria another crisis country, and that is libya. the russian president insists that when the kremlin agreed to a know no fly zone in 201 1rks
10:52 am
it did so on purely humanitarian grounds. he says the ousting of moammar gadhafi was not part of the agreed plan and was carried out in western interests. then russia president dmitry medvedev made his feelings known at the time in support of gadhafi. >>translator: libya is a comefulcom comefulcom comefulcom comefully complicated country. keeping libya velgs as a unified country. >> reporter: while libya descends into renewed chaos with militia battling for control and other nations in the region prepare to fight for their own interests, mr. putin may be hoping to have the last laugh. sanctions on russia have squeezed oil and gas supply to the west. and the kremlin knows that ongoing turmoil elsewhere could limit europe's options. this year, the g 8 became the g-7 when russia's membership was suspended. and nato may be sending equally
10:53 am
chilly vibes in russia's direction. but the libyan incursion has taught the west that putin will not tolerate feeling betrayed. and where syria and ukraine are concerned, he doesn't appear to be tolerating what he perceives as double standards. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. >> an american missionary who contracted ebola and survived opens up to our own anderson cooper. that's next.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
we now know the identity of the latest american to contract ebola. dr. rick socklove tested positive for the disease. he delivered babies at a lie beern hospital. one of the first americans to come down with ebola and recover spoke to anderson cooper, told him about the terrifying moments when she first realized she could have the disease. >> at what point did you start to feel something? >> i had gone to the isolation unit on the 22 n of july. i went home and i called one of our doctors and said you know what, i'm not really feeling very good, i think i have malaria. on saturday, the doctors came in, they said, nancy, we know you don't have ebola, but we're
10:58 am
going to just run the test anyway. you're not feeling better, you still have a fever, and we just want to make sure. we want to set everybody's mind at ease. >> until -- until that moment, had you thought it could possibly be ebola? >> no. i didn't -- it didn't worry me at all. >> even though you were working in a unit of ebola patients. >> yeah. and i mean, even now i look back and i don't really know how i got it. >> so they said you know what, look, we're going to test you for ebola. >> uh-huh. so i said, okay. and so they drew the blood, of course. and david came home pretty quickly. and he came into the room and he said, "nancy, i need to tell you some things." i said, "wookay." and he said "kent has ebola." and i was just sick. >> dr. brantly.
10:59 am
>> yeah. when david told me. and then after i kind of refrom that, he said, and "nancy, you do too." and i remember, i could hear people at the front door. and i remember getting up and i remember that david wanted to put his arms around me. and, of course, i had fever. and i just said "don't. don't. i don't want you to touch me, because, you know, touching -- who knows?" and so i said -- >> that must have been so hard. >> it was. and so i said, "but david, it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay." >> even though you had seen people die. you knew -- i mean, it's not a -- as you say, it is a horrific death. people bleed out. it's -- you had no doubt you would survive.
11:00 am
>> no, i didn't have any idea if i would survive. i didn't have a clue. >> you can see anderson's full interview with nancy writebol in its entirety, once again, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, "ac 360." that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. all right. here we go. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. let's just jump right in on this one. president obama on his way to the summit. he has left estonia, landed in britain, where nato leaders will draw up plans to confront vladimir putin and his reawakened russia. just within the past couple of hours, putin outlined terms for a cease-fire in ukraine. he confirmed he has spoken with the leader of ukraine. he suggested the two are on the same page. but perspective, people. we're talking about vladimir putin. and some are suggesting the cease-fire talk is nothing more than a decoy, mentality