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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 8, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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president obama promising a strategy to take down the terror organization. how he plans to do it as the u.s. launches air strikes in iraq. live team coverage ahead. children sick from colorado to georgia. a rare respiratory virus infecting hundreds of kids. why the cdc says this could be the tip of the iceberg. another nba owner out for offensive remarks on race. bruce levenson apologizing and selling his share of the atlanta hawks. what he said and what's next for the team ahead. good morning. welcome to "early start." john berman is off. it is september 8th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first, president obama as plan to take out isis. on the day before 9/11, the president will address the nation. he is expected to announce a phased military campaign that could take three years to complete. the president is hinting most plans to seek congressional approval for this. we get more from erin mcpike.
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>> reporter: a looming question we expect on wednesday's speech to answer, christine, will the president propose air strikes in syria. it will be tricky in iraq because the u.s. does not support the syrian government. we expect the speech to layout the fine print of the strategy. to that end, will he seek congressional approval? it is hard to tell so far. listen to how he couched that on "meet the press." >> i will ask congress to make sure they understand and support what our plan is and it will require some resources, i suspect, above what we are currently doing. >> reporter: some members of congress may not want to be on the record with the vote two months before the mid-term electio elections. some say congressional approval is necessary and important. like senator ted cruz on abc yesterday. >> it should take congressional approval. >> reporter: the president said he wants the american people to understand why isis poses a
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direct threat and that the u.s. has the ability to deal with it. as far as isis is concerned, there has been no polling. it is unclear what the american people think and that is why president obama has to make this case. christine. >> erin mcpike for us. the u.s. stepping up air strikes in iraq trying to stop isis from seizing a strategic dam on the euphrates river. if the haditha dam falls to terrorists it could bring down the flood gates. i want to bring in jomana ka rrk a radesh this morning with more. how are they doing? >> reporter: christine, haditha dam is in anbar province. the province mostly controlled by isis. that is where we saw the early advances back in january where
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they took over major parts of anbar and fallujah. the haditha and haditha dam have been under control of the iraqi security forces. isis has been trying over the last few weeks and months to capture that key installation. the haditha dam. officials told us they have been concerned in the attempts to capture the dam. isis has launched attacks and they are concerned of mortars and attacks to damage the dam and cause what they call catastrophic flooding in anbar province and other parts of the country. that is why iraqi officials requested the assistance of the u.s. military because they have not been able to do this of their own. under the cover of u.s. air strikes, they managed to take out the isis extremists. a district called barwanah, six miles west of haditha, this is
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the area used by isis to launch the attacks. this operation is ongoing, they say, but they have made some progress in the outskirts of barwanah. air strikes here, months since the campaign began, shifting the balance on the ground in favor of the iraqi ground forces wherever we see that happen. real expansion, one month on. we saw it focussed in the north and where the air strikes have been taking place. we see them move to the west of the country to that key anbar province that is mostly controlled by isis bordering syria and considered to be the heartland of sunni abduls. >> jomana, thank you. the clock it ticking for david haynes. isis is threatening to kill that aid worker seen at the end of the video of the beheading of
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steven sotloff. karl penhaul is monitoring developments from london. >> reporter: good morning. david haynes was kidnapped in march 2013. he is a veteran aid worker . he was working with the french organization close to the turkish border. he was the logistics and safety manager there. it seems he had been working for a few days before the aid organization before he was kidnapped. certainly we're keeping a close eye on his fate. of course, because he is a britton and the black masked man is believed to be british, brought a lot of attention in britain on what makes british nationals head out and enjoy the extremists groups. we were trying to get insight of the minds of the jihadi fighter talking to the family of the man who became the first suicide
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bomber in february. the pictures is more complex than a crazed radical. this was not the issue with this man. he was in his 40s and father of three. he first headed out to syria on the convoy that traveling there to help the civilian population. it was there in one of the refugee camps he met fighters from a group that recently splintered from isis and joined al qaeda affiliate. that is where he was convinced to take part of the suicide bombing of the prison getting into a mad max style dump truck filled with explosives. his family had no idea, but this is the last conversation they had with him. >> he said that he loved us all very, very much and he said i know you are looking after the family and you are doing a very, very good job and that if i had done any wrongs in my life,
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i hope you can forgive me for those wrongs. >> reporter: that british suicide bomber had really a normal british childhood, although his parents were p pakistani. what the british authorities are trying to do is get more insight into the mindset of the men heading out to join isis and other extremist groups to stop them going there in the first place. christine. >> you bring up a good point. it is not a crazed young jihadi. it is a young complicated picture, karl, of the men turning to this fight. >> reporter: absolutely. i think, you know, before part of any war, we know there is propaganda on any side. the videos we have seen from isis and other jihadi groups, isis i sympathizers say this is
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shock and awe. there are nuances here. there is a lot of stuff we have to understand to figure out then how we can begin to tackle this problem, christine. >> karl penhaul, thanks. the state department launching a media blitz against isis. they are hoping a video "welcome to the islamic state land" will hurt recruitment. more than 100 americans have traveled overseas to join isis. the videos has graphic beheadings and urging viewers to think again. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is heading to the middle east to try to strengthen the coalition against isis. congress is back in session today with a full plate of issues and not a lot of time. republican leaders say they expect to meet with white house officials to discuss isis militants and whether to attack in syria. president obama has not asked congress for a vote. republicans will formally
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complain about the handling of the bowe bergdahl trade for five taliban prisoners. some lawmakers claim the president did not give enough notice. there is back and forth over immigration. the president will not take executive action until after the mid-term elections. >> what i'm saying is i will act because it is the right thing for the country. it will be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration and what we have done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary. >> last year, we tried to do that through a one size fits all approach, it did not work. we don't have the support for that. the only way we will address it and i believe we should is through a sequence of bills. >> congress debates a bill to fund the government until december with critical mid terms coming up and balance of power in the senate at stake, both parties are likely to avoid drama to cost them in november. time for the money stocks on
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monday. lower u.s. futures right now. nothing can keep the bull market down. the s&p 500 ended last week at record high. the markets have been climbing for more than 2,000 days. general motors taking a big step to the first self driving car. mary barra announced gm will have a semi auto pilot mode in two years. it will talk to other vehicles using information sharing technology and sensors. it is called super cruise. it is available in the 2017 cadillac. fully automated vehicles are thought to be years away. hundreds of children in missouri hospitalized by a respiratory virus that has health official s scrambling. ten states from colorado to kentucky contacting the cdc for assistance fearful the virus could spread. in kansas city, dozens of
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children are being hospitalized every day. 15% of those children in intensive care. >> it is associated with clusters of viral illness. that piece was known. the clusters in the past and reported have been small clusters of 25 or 30 patients. we were seeing that many in a day. >> health officials in colorado, illinois and ohio are reporting similar cases. and a new warning of ebola. what president obama is now saying about the deadly virus. plus, hamas slammed by the palestinian authority. we are live with what this means for the gaza next. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles.
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abbas comments ending the violence. i want to bring in ian lee. how important is the statement from abbas and will it have any influence in gaza? >> reporter: well, like you said, the palestinian president abbas accused of running the government. we cannot accept the state of affairs and will not accept the partnership with us and hamas if it remains the same in gaza. these words call into question the unity. a cabinet formed. abbas is saying the shadow government running gaza is running that unity government helpless. abbas called these statements unjust and unjustified. this criticism shouldn't be
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aired in the public. it is interesting to note that a recent poll states if presidential elections were today, hamas' political leader would trounce abbas. the poll states that almost 80% of palestinians believe hamas won the gaza war. it is not surprising that hamas is popular. this rift is music to the hamas' ears. israel is now calling for abbas to abandon the deal and return to the dialogue with them. what does this mean if this unity falls apart? the cease-fire and the conditions were based on unified palestinian front. >> fascinating to look at the politics. ian lee, thank you for that.
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16 minutes past the hour. president obama warning the ebola virus could mutate if not controlled. he calls the pandemic a security priority. the comments come as the white house request $30 million from congress to pay for the cdc efforts to pay for the outbreak. so far, 2200 people in the region could sicken because clinics in liberia don't have enough space and people are turned away. officials in sierra leone are issuing a lockdown. doctors can treat people door-to-door screenings. a vaccine to cure ebola is showing promise on monkeys, but the animals needed a booster shot for longer protection. the third american infected with ebola is recovering. dr. rick sacra is being treated at a nebraska hospital. he is being treated with an
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experimental drug different than the one given to two other americans. southern california drenched by storms. up to 2 inches of rain in an hour falling in some areas. remnants of tropical storm norbert causing flash flooding in riverside. closing sections of i-215. authorities called in with more than 70 cars stranded. >> it is unreal. i was hoping my car wasn't going to stall out in that water and gosh, it is just unreal to look at this and see this. >> all that rain, but it had little impact on california's extended drought. after sunday's storms, riverside county is below average rainfall for the year. yosemite national park is on fire. weekend winds spreading the fire over 700 acres.
2:19 am
seven choppers and a plane and 100 firefighters have been battling the flames. we have a look at the weather this morning with indra petersons. >> if you are heading out to phoenix and vegas, you could have delays 2 to 4 inches of rain and the threat of flooding is in that region. on the east coast, easy to see where the storms are. the front making its way through. with that, heavy amounts of rain. a stationary front with 2 to 5 inches of rain in the carolinas and light scattered showers over the next several days from this system. all eyes on this system in the middle of the week. severe weather by tuesday and wednesday. more heavy showers by the end of the week. it is what is behind the front that is so much cold air. the huge temperature drop.
2:20 am
quickly, you will have temperatures from 70s to highs in the 50s. we could be setting records for the highs coolest. that is the concern. 80s going down to 60s in amarillo. you will feel the change. >> we will feel the chill. thank you, indra. she may not have gotten meryl streep crying in several accents, but joan rivers got the send off she wanted. donald trump to howard stern packed temperature the emman-el on sunday. the service was filled with songs from hugh jackman and humor to balance the tears. >> it was joan all the way. the sanctuary is filled with white orchids. you can't see the altar because there are so many flowers.
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another nba owner will lose his franchise because of inappropriate comments involving race. andy scholes is here with more in the bleacher report. >> bruce levenson, the controlling owner of the hawks, says he will sell his interest in the team because of the inappropriate e-mail he sent two years ago. levenson made racially charged comments about how to improve attendance at hawks games. my theory is the black crowd scared away the whites. according to espn, the hawks started an internal investigation after one of the owners was notified and the nba launched its own investigation. before it was concluded, levenson said he will voluntarily sell the team. he apologized for the e-mail. calling it inappropriate and
2:26 am
offensive. the nfl season is in full swing. peyton manning and the broncos off to a good start to avoid the super bowl hangover. the broncos held on to beat the colts, 31-24. week one wraps up tonight with the giants and lions. serena williams cruised to her third straight u.s. open title beating caroline wozniacki in straight sets. this is serena's sixth u.s. open title and 18th straight grand slam win. good for her. tonight, we have the u.s. men's final. it will be kei nishikori versus marin cilic. not the final everyone expected. everyone wanted a roger federer and novak djokovic final.
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president obama promising a strategy to take down isis. how he plans to do it and why victory won't come quickly. and the clock ticks down for the british hostage whose life is on
2:31 am
the line. live team coverage ahead. a shakeup in gaza this morning. the palestinian president threatening to end government's unity deal with hamas. we are live in jerusalem with the latest. mysterious virus plagues children in the midwest. hundreds infected with a rare respiratory illness. why officials say this could be the tip of the iceberg. welcome back to early start. i'm christine romans. john berman is off this morning. we begin with president obama's plan to destroy isis. on the day before 9/11, the president will address the nation and he is expected to announce a phased military campaign against isis. a phased campaign that could take three years to complete. >> on wednesday, i'll make a speech and describe what our game plan will be going forward, but this is not going to be an announcement of u.s. ground
2:32 am
troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. what this is is similar to the kinds of counterterrorism campaigns we have been engaging in consistently over the last five or six years. >> meanwhile, the u.s. is ramping up air strikes in iraq trying to stop isis extremists from seizing a critically strategic dam on the euphrates river. if the haditha dam falls to terrorists, it could literally open the flood gates on baghdad. i want to bring in joman jomana karadsheh in baghdad. key for isis. >> reporter: absolutely, christine. there is a lot of safety and concern of the dam and what impact if isis seizes the dam or strikes it and damaging the dam and causes flooding. that is why iraqi officials say
2:33 am
after weeks and months of pushing back isis trying to stop it from capturing the dam, they requested u.s. assistance. they got that on sunday with the u.s. air strikes that allowed them to make some limited advances. push back isis in the areas surrounding the dam. now haditha dam is in anbar province. as you recall, this is the province we saw isis' first advancement take place in january where they had the lightning advances takingover cities like fallujah. the city of haditha and haditha dam have remained in the hands of the iraqi security forces and sunni tribes. they have been surrounding by isis. the trouble was coming from the district called barwanah. that is six miles west of haditha. this is where a lot of the attacks targeting the dam have been launched. this is where the operations
2:34 am
yesterday were focused and they say u.s. air strike were focused. they have not controlled barwanah. we see the u.s. air strikes that over the past month have been focused in northern iraq. now as this is the first time we know of that the u.s. air strikes have been expanded taking place in the west of the country in the anbar province and sunni heartland and making an impact in the areas where the air strikes are happening and allowing iraqi ground forces to make some advances. christine. >> jomana in baghdad. thank you. the clock ticking down for david haynes. isis is threatening to kill the aid worker seen at the end of the video of steven sotloff's beheading. that is hitting close to home for the british population. we have karl penhaul with more
2:35 am
from london. >> reporter: christine, the clock is ticking down for david haynes. he is a 44-year-old aid worker from scotland. at the time of the kidnapping in march 2013. he was taken outside a refugee camp. close, in fact, to the turkish border. taking food and flies supplies refugees. we don't know if the u.s. government is telling us how many hostages are being held by isis groups in syria right now. that really is a result of a media blackout. governments are not giving a lot of information about who is currently being held and how many more hostages may be in line for possible execution. but, of course, seeing david
2:36 am
haynes there and the black masked executioner in the video, we have been keen to find out what is in the mindset of the british nationals to join isis or other radical groups there. over the weekend, we had a chance to talk to the family of one of the first britons who became a first suicide bomber back in february. it doesn't fit the picture of a crazed islamic radical. this man majid was 41 years old. he was the father of three teenaged children. when headed out on one of the aid convoys weekly to syria. he wanted to do his bit and help the civilian population. it was in the refugee camp that he met a group that recently splintered from isis and they convinced him one day to get in a truck with steel armor plating packed with explosives.
2:37 am
he headed off and attacked aleppo jail. his family wasn't aware he was going to do this, but this is the last conversation his brother recalls having with him. >> he said that he loved us all very, very much and he said i know you are looking after the family and doing a good job. if i have done any wrongs in my life, i hope you can forgive me for those wrongs. >> reporter: my conversation with that man showed the picture of the british jihadi fighters is more nuanced than we led to expect. the british government is trying to get into the mindset of the people to stop them from heading there in the first place. >> i saw an interesting headline. the common denominator for the western raised jihadists. it is better to die a martyr than having failed in your life in the west.
2:38 am
such an interesting but obviously more complicated than that background question. thank you, karl penhaul. 37 minutes past the hour. state department launching a massive social media blitz against isis by using the terror groups footage. they hope the video "welcome to the isis stateland" hurts recruitment. more than 100 americans have traveled overseas to join radical groups. urging viewers to think again and turn away from the terror organization. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the middle east as early as today to strengthen the coalition against isis. time for an early start on your money. mixed with the poll showing scotland favors independence causing uncertainty in the u.k. u.s. stock futures are lower. stocks are in record territory. s&p closed at a record high on friday. the bull market has been running
2:39 am
for more than 2,000 days. this is the fourth longest rally since 1928. the average bull market is 900 days. this run is already twice as long as typical. so when will the rally run out of steam? some analysts believe stocks are in a bubble that could pop soon. there are plenty of optimists who say it is not too late to jump in. hundreds of children in missouri hospitalized by a respiratory virus that has officials really worried and scrambling for answers this morning. doctors say this could just be the tip of the iceberg. from colorado to kentucky contacting the cdc for assistance. fearful the virus could spread. in kansas city, dozens of children hospitalized daily. 15% of them in intensive care. >> it is associated with clusters of viral illness. that piece was known. the clusters seen in the past and reported have been small
2:40 am
clusters of 25 to 30 patients. >> health officials in colorado, illinois and ohio are now reporting cases with similar symptoms to that outbreak in missouri. breaking news. announcing the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. kate and william are pleased. the duchess is being seen by doctors today. severe storms flooding southern california. drivers stranded as the rain came pouring down and the threat for the south is not over yet. indra peterson is tracking what you need to know after the break. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi
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no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit southern california drenched by storms. up to 2 inches in rain falling in places caused by tropical storm norbert. sections of i-215 was closed down and emergency workers brought in to help drivers stranded. >> i was hoping my car wasn't going to stall out in that water and it is just unreal to look at this and see this. >> the rains had little impact on the drought in southern california. riverside county is below rainfall for the year.
2:45 am
we have indra petersons with more. >> that water is just runoff. that will be the case with the threat from leftover moisture from norbert still in the southwest with the flooding concern. flooding is high concern with 2 to 4 inches of rain expected. you want to watch for that in phoenix and las vegas. looking for serious concerns. in the southeast, look at the moisture down here. a stationary front here in the carolinas. you will see 2 to 5 inches of rain. some of this will filter in the northeast. really this is going to be the story for the second half of the week. severe weather tuesday and wednesday in the midwest and ohio valley because of the cool air. you see the contrast with the cool air and warm air. temperatures diving down 30 to 40 degrees. we are looking at huge temperature drop. minnesota, upper 70s to the 50s. cooler air in texas and by
2:46 am
friday, boston from 70s to 60s. not as drastic here, but i'll say 60s is like fall. >> feel like fall. absolutely. thanks, indra. 45 minutes past the hour. let's look at what is coming up with andrew cuomo. >> we will talk about the president this morning. he is set to make the case for what he needs to have done in his words to destroy isis. now we have the "d" word is destroy. degrade and now destroy. what does that mean? can he sell it to congress? we will speak to lawmakers and terror experts about what lies ahead. the owner of the atlanta hawks under fire. abruptly selling his stake in the team because of the racially charged e-mail. you will hear from the hawks ceo. we will have more on the breaking news. the royal announcement. some people very excited around here. george is going to have a sibling. let the rivalry begin,
2:47 am
christine. we know how that second kid goes. >> i don't think she is feeling so hot. she had a real rough first pregnancy. it sounds like she is being treated by doctors now. can't wait to hear more. >> hopefully it all goes well. you have to give to get. every husband knows that. >> they are all blessings. the cost centers are blessings. >> very tough on the men. thanks, chris. 47 minutes past the hour. hamas warned shape up or it is over. palestinian leader abbas with a warning. could a political shake up come to gaza? we are live after the break. [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness, lift sagging, diminish the look of dark spots, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles.
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2:51 am
palestinian president abbas threatening to sever a cease-fire. he wants a single authority operating there. comments coming two weeks and the cease-fire with hamas and israel. i want to bring in ian lee in london. >> reporter: abbas accusing hamas of running a shadow government in gaza saying we cannot accept the current state of affairs and we will not accept a partnership with us and hamas. if the status quo remains in gaza.
2:52 am
this calls in question the unity government created last april. a new cabinet formed shortly after. the showadow government is rendering endless. this criticism should not be aired out in the media. it is interesting to note that a recent poll state if the presidential elections were to happen right now, hamas' political leader would trounce abbas. that poll says that almost 80% of palestinians believe hamas won the gaza war. you can see why they are so popular. what would happen, though, if the unity government falls apart? we would likely be back to square one. many deals with the cease-fire that ended the war last month in gaza hinged on the unity government. mainly the palestinian authority security forces taking control of gaza important borders from
2:53 am
hamas. that would lead to a dangerous situation. this rift in the unity government is music to israel's e ears. they see hamas as a terrorist organization. palestinian is accusing to undermine it. israel is calling for abbas to abandon the deal and return to dialogue. >> ian lee, thank you. president obama warning the ebola virus could mutate if not controlled. he calls the pandemic in west africa a security priority. these comments come as the white house requests $30 million to pay for the cdc efforts. the vaccine is showing promise on monkeys, but researchers say the animals need a booster shot for more protection. the third american is recovering. dr. rick sacra is treated at a hospital in nebraska. he is getting an experimental
2:54 am
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2:58 am
prices at the pump. national average price $3.44. that is down 20 cents from the start of the summer. prices could fall another 10 to 20 cents. falling crude oil is dropping gas prices and prices fall in september as people cut back on driving. new on cnn money this morning, millennials are saying no to credit cards. according to a new bankrate survey, 6 of 10 do not have credit cards. compare that to 3 of 10 over the age of 30. mounting student debt and struggling economy have scared millennials away from credit cards. they are turning to debit cards to avoid spending what you don't have. it means you lose the chance to build a good credit score and history. that's a tradeoff. "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
>> we will defeat him. >> we are going to defeat them. >> which are going to defeat them. presidenobama says he has a strategy to defeat isis. what is it and can he sell it to congress and to you. official versus new fears, embassies may be at risk. we have the latest. nba shocker. the owner of the nba hawks says he's selling the teemg after he made racially charged comments. what really happened neighborhood, baby news, they are expecting again. this announcement from the palace moments ago we have all the details about prince george's siblings. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day". >> good morning, welcome to "new
3:00 am
day." it is monday, september 8th 6:00 in the east. >> that is heavy duty politics going on as the president and his crew pitched a plan with isis. key meetings leading up to wednesday a mission with new urgencys. a second story. for furor at home until after the mid-terms him we begin with senior white house correspondent jim acosta and the new strategy to defeat isis. jim. >> good morning. with a speech set for wednesday one day before the 9-11 anniversary, the president is looking for strength on isis. after a few fumbles on isis. president obama says he has a new game plan, he


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