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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 9, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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he was placed in a lunatic asylum and diagnosed with what was called mania from there was there he was traveled to an asylum where he died at age 54. >> so i wish i had more time to talk with you but i can't wait to read the book and thank you, it's fascinating. thank you such. russell edwards. the next hour of "cnn newsroom starts now." good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. there's a new bombshell in the ray rice case. tmz is reporting the nfl never asked an atlantic city casino for this video showing race punching his then fiance in an elevator. sources told tmz the casino would have handed over the video had the nfl just asked. ray rice, as you know, is out of football, at least for now. the baltimore ravens cut him
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yesterday. a short time later the nfl suspended him indefinitely and this just in this morning. we're hearing the first comments from rice's wife janay since the league punishment came down. she posted a statement on instagram calling the situation a nightmare and saying "to take something away from the man i love that he has worked his ass off for all his just to gain ratings is horrific. cnn is covering the fallout over the release of the ray rice elevator video extensively. our reporters and guests are following every angle of this story but first we want to bring in rachel nichols, host of cnn's unguarded. first your reaction to the instagram message. >> it's important to say that january nay rice has the right to be heard. what she thinks and says, we have to respect that.ay rice ha heard. what she thinks and says, we
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have to respect that. she is correct that watching this video over and over, as she said in her statement, has forced her to relive this day and we have to take that into account. of course we have seen this from domestic violence victims over and over again. if someone breaks in your house you don't defend the robber. but because you have a complex relationship with the person who is abusing you, they have a child together, she's in love with this man. you've spoken about your personal experiences. it's hard, it's difficult and important for all of us from the outside commenting to remember that and hope that anyone in her position feels like they can get help. >> so let's concentrate on the nfl right now. so rice is suspended indefinitely. there are growing calls for roger goodell, the commissioner, to step aside. how likely is it that could happen? >> i don't see that happening. we've all seen situations that start small, a break-in at a hotel in washington, d.c. that end up with the president of the united states resigning so you never know. but i don't see 32 owners in the nfl who are the only ones who
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have the power to make that decision telling roger goodell to step down. he's made them a lot of money over the years. he makes a lot of smart business decisions. the league, the ratings were great last night for "monday night football" yet again so it doesn't seem to be hurting the producttor bottom line. and you have to think they are going to try to figure out a way to weather this storm. i think what a lot of people would like to see is the nfl not only craft a stronger policy, which they've started to do, but stop being so reactive. anybody can tell someone on their team or that they do business with "we don't want you around anymore." or "hey, if you've been brought into jail for beating up your girlfriend, that is enough for us. if you've just been arrested and charged, that's enough for us to say take a seat, we don't want you playing for the team right now." teams around the nfl can do it, roger goodell and k do it and seeing stronger leaders on this issue going to the hotel and asking for the tape, not just waiting for someone to give it to them, that's what people are
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demanding right now and that's the next step goodell will have to take if he wants to quiet this storm. >> i want to bring in lee steinberg, a famous sports agent. he knows his way around football. what do you make of this controversy? will anything come of it or will we talk about it for a while and be angry about it for a while and then it will fade away? >> i think it's important to note that had the tmz tape not come out yesterday the baltimore ravens were ready to activate ray rice on friday, he would have played in the next game, goodell would have done nothing more and this all would have been swept under the rug. it took a tabloid tape to make all of this reaction happen. what i lope happen is that domestic violence will be seen for what it is which is a horrific situation in society. and ironically, carol, the athletes can be the best role
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models against it. years ago i had lenox lewis, the heavyweight champ, do a psa that said "real men don't hit women." so if the nfl were to switch, you see, this is not just a women's issue, it can be a male issue. we all have mothers and sisters and wives and caught theers and we have a responsibility as men to so if you've got big tough football players actually spreading the message, they can have a real impact on young people. so -- >> absolutely. absolutely. >> domestic violence for too long swept under the rug. >> let me ask you a question about ray rice. he's only 27 years old. he's still a pretty good player. he's not going to play any more football this season, rachel informed me of that. what about next season? is there a chance for him to be a football player again? >> oh, i think so. history is replete with examples of athletes who have done something that is abhorrent, now
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watch what happens. if he goes ahead and has a clean slate, if he does what he's talked about, which is getting involved in the fight against domestic violence, you can hate the sin but not hate the sinner. america loves a comeback story. rice had a clean record prior to this and he'll come back and play again. michael vick is playing in the national football league. so there's redemption for him at the end of the line. i think that the positive in all this is that as societally broad an issue as domestic violence is, it brings it to the surface and the nfl by 2-1 is the biggest entertainment in this country. when you asked about goodell a second ago, remember that not all under his reign but jerry
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jones bought the dallas cowboys for $140 million in 1989, it's now worth $3.2 billion. so goodell has enriched owners through television and stadium and social media and every other form imaginable. watch what happens now. i think they just had a tin ear to this issue and they obviously don't have one now. but it shouldn't have taken a tmz tape to get to this point because both the ravens and roger goodell said rice was completely transparent and walked them through step by step what happened. so they already knew he punched her in the face and that should have been enough. >> absolutely. it just boggles my mind it wasn't. rachel nichols, i want you to add a little bit to this. there are other players that have been accused of terrible things, they're still playing. some of them are beloved, right?
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>> absolutely. and i want to tell your viewers if you are upset about ray rice, remember greg hardy and ray mcdonald. those guys are both playing with the nfl right now, hardy with the panthers, mcdonald with the 49ers. they're both heavily involved in domestic violence cases. hardy has actually been convicted -- i want to same that again. he has been convicted of domestic violence and instead has appealed for a jury trial so they are waiting for the jury trial. but he's still not been disciplined by the nfl. so when we talk about the nfl meeting to take more of a leadership role, not waiting around for things to happen, not just saying, hey, they never gave us the video so what are we going to do? the league has a responsibility to move forward on this issue and i think it's important for whoever is so angry about this to advocate for that. because there are other cases that might not have elevator video. and just because you don't see in the front of you doesn't mean
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it's not just as bad. this is really important. and i think we need to push forward and to so many other women who are victims, other players, or people inside society. >> rachel nirk coles, thank you so much, leigh steinberg, thank you. you can watch "unguarded" with rachel nichols right here on cnn. so let's take a breath, domestic vie slens a crime, ray rice was charged with aggravated assault. his fiance was not charged. stop the victim blaming. yes, victims of domestic violence often return to their abusers for many complicated reasons. i did briefly. in an op-ed i wrote for i talked about a boyfriend who knocked me out. i met up with that boyfriend again because he wanted to apologize. let's just say it was not a good idea. so fox and friend, to put it bluntly, shut up. >> after that video, now you know what happened in there, she still married him. they are currently married.
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>> rihanna went back to chris brown right after. a lot of people thought that was a terrible message. >> then there's jay-z and beyonce and solange. that was also in an elevator. >> but jay-z didn't hit back. the message is take the stairs. >> the message is when you're in an elevator, there's a camera. >> ha, ha, ha. cnn media guru brian stelter is here. i was not the only person upset with my friends at fox. >> far from it, carol. to say "take the stairs," implies that that's a way to go and commit that kind of crime and do it secretly. that was horrible thing to say and fox actually came back this morning, those hosts briefly acknowledged some of the complaints but did not apologize. here's the clip. >> comments that we made during this story yesterday made some feel like we were taking the situation too lightly. we are not. we were not. domestic abuse is a very serious
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issue to us, i can assure you. >> i wish that clip was longer. i wish i had more to show you, carol, but that was it. and notice what he said there, "it made some people feel like we weren't taking it seriously." it's a cheap try pretend to apologize but then again, fox news tends not to come out and apologize when their hosts say offensive things. this is kind of how the network operates so i can't tell you i'm particularly surprised by it. >> brian stelter, thanks so much, i appreciate it. later i'll talk live with senator richard blumenthal. the connecticut democrat is calling out the nfl over the controversy. he wants maybe congress to intervene. also to come, president obama has a plan to eliminate isis. now he's making his case to congress and then to the american people. jim acosta is live at the white house this morning. good morning, jim. >> good morning, carol, that's right. a new cnn/orc poll finds the pub slick alarmed by the terror threat posed by isis.
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he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at! president obama has some selling to do before briefing the american public on his strategy to defeat isis. the president will meet with some of his toughest critics, that would be members of congress. this afternoon, mr. obama will strategize with top congressional leaders at the
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white house before he outlines his strategy to the nation tomorrow. the threat is on the minds of most americans. a new cnn/orc poll say 45% say isis poses a very serious threat to the united states. jim acosta joins me now with more. good morning, jim. >> that's right, carol. as you just said, a strategy a few weeks ago the president said he didn't have a strategy for dealing with isis in syria. that really ratcheted up a lot of the criticism on capitol hill and the president will be meeting with senior congressional leaders at the white house later today to go over that strategy. i want to tell you majority leader mitch mcconnell was on the floor of the senate saying he wants to hear the president's strategy at the meeting saying the threat from isis is real and growing and time for president obama to exercise some leadershleader ship in launching a response. so congressional leaders are anxious to hear the president's plans but, carol, you said that the president may have to do some selling to the american people. he may not have to do a lot of
7:17 am
selling because judging by this latest cnn/orc poll, the american people seem to be behind some sort of muscular response in going after isis. i just want to throw a few numbers up on screen from there this poll. u.s. air strikes against isis in syria favor 75%, oppose 24%. that's a significant majority of americans. three quarters of americans there. but americans do not want ground troops in syria or iraq. that number very different. you can almost flip that number upside down. in favor of that, 38%, opposed 61%. and does president obama have a clear plan for dealing with isis as you heard the president say a couple weeks ago, he doesn't have a strategy for isis in syria. that's translating into these numbers here. the president according to this poll does not have a clear plan for dealing with isis in syria. earlier this morning republican congressman peter king was asked about, well, what will congress want to weigh in on this. the white house has been sort of vague as to whether or not they'll go to congress and ask
7:18 am
for an authorization vote and peter king indicated to our cnn's chris cuomo that if that vote were given to the congress, it's not clear what they would do. here's what he had to say. >> i fully support the president taking action. if it comes to a vote, i will vote for it. i think what should be done, quite frankly, is the president has the power as commander-in-chief, the president take the action and congress can vote retroactively. if we wait for congress to debate this over the next few weeks, i will vote yes for t first day, i have no problem. if this goes bad, i'm taking responsibility so i'm not trying to duck anything here. but this is so imminent, this is so critical, you want the president to take the action and then i think congress should pass legislation supporting what the president does. but i don't want him to wait until congress acts because i don't have full faith in congress myself, to be honest with you. >> a moment of candor there from republican congressman peter king. he's not exactly sure what congress would do with this caroline. i think that's why you're seeing
7:19 am
caution on the part of the white house in terms of wanting to give that vote to members of congress to authorize air strikes. they're talking about giving congress a buy-in. that may pertain to perhaps a vote on authorizing funds for an expanded air strike into syria and expanded air strikes in iraq on isis but perhaps not an authorization vote. but the white house officials i've talked to this morning say no decisions to announce yet on that front just yet, carol. >> jim acosta reporting live from white house. just moments ago house speaker john boehner, a republican in his weekly briefing, the first weekly briefing after congress returned from summer vacation, talked about a strategy to defeat isis. let's listen. >> reporter: do you agree ground troops should be an option? >> what i'm hoping to hear from the president today is a strategy that goes after isis
7:20 am
and destroys them. i've been calling for a strategy to deal with the growing terrorist threat since january. now, when isis came across the border in western iraq. we have a very serious problem. what we need is a strategy. and until there's a strategy there's no reason to talk about any of the specifics because i don't know how they fit in to the broader strategy. so i'm hopeful today. >> reporter: you're not opposed to ground troops today? that's an option? >> i am looking for a strategy for from the president that takes on this terrorist threat and defeats it. >> reporter: mr. speaker, is there a consensus among your caucus about whether or not the president has to come before congress to get authorization. is that a key question? >> it's not a key question because we don't know what the strategy is. until the president outlines a strategy to deal with this serious threat, i don't know what's going to be involved.
7:21 am
nobody knows -- >> reporter: let's assume -- >> let's not assume. >> reporter: the deeper government? this [ inaudible question ] >> when the president outlines a strategy for how we're going to deal with this terrorist threat, then we can begin to ask these questions and i'm hopeful we'll have this opportunity to do it. >> reporter: several of your members, speaker boehner, say they are mindful of how worried people are about isis. and even though they think the president already has the authority to strike, they think it's important for congress to take a vote on some type of bill that discusses the actions going forward. do you agree with that? >> when i hear what the president these say, we'll make decisions about going forward. until we know what the strategy is, we don't know what's going to be involved so it's critically important we take these in some organized steps and the first step what's the plan. >> reporter: but speaker boehner, in the instance of obamacare you thought it was important to include congress.
7:22 am
isn't it important for congress to be included in this. >> is that what we're talking about? until the president outlines what it is -- >> i think we get the message. let's step away from john boehner is obviously awaiting to hear the president's strategy before he begins talking about his own strategy or congress's strategy to defeat isis. okay, we'll wait. let's talk about the economy now, okay? yes, we must, because it's the season for yummy baked goods and the extra cheese pizzas on football sunday. but this year those treats may be a lot more expensive thanks to an unexpected rise in dairy cost. christine romans is here to tell us about that. >> this is an important economic indicator because when you have your football pizza you may notice this. dairy prices have been rising here, milk prices at record highs, milk futures at record highs and milk prices going up as well. when you look at a gallon of milk -- i almost said gas. i'm so used to talking about gas as an economic indicator, but
7:23 am
milk, it t price is really high. chicken, steak, hamburger all about 10% in the last year. these commodities have been going up but milk in particular because we are the world's big dairy producer. we are exporting a lot of it. as other economies around the world grow middle-classes, they want to eat western diets and that includes milk and cheese and the like, so that's one of the reasons you are seeing it move up so high. >> really? >> isn't that interesting. >> you would think that would help farmers -- >> and people with small kids, people who try to get organic milk or milk without any additives or anything, those are $5, $6 a gallon. it's interesting. the farmers are saying they're enjoying good margins because their feed costs haven't been going up as quickly as their product has but it becomes a self-fulfilling thing where if they start to make so much money on their milk they keep bigger herds so that keeps a lid on rising milk prices. >> christine romans, thanks so much. still to come, the controversy surrounding a racially charged e-mail sent by atlanta hawks owner bruce
7:24 am
levenson is far from over. now another team executive is in hot water for "insensitive remarks." we're live more. >> if you hadn't had enough of those insensitive comment from hawks management, we have the second part for you. more insensitive comments. we'll have the details live from atlanta at cnn newsroom continues. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
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the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! the controversy surrounding racially charged e-mails sent by atlanta hawks owner bruce levenson set s getting worse for the franchise. another executive has been accused of making racist remarks about one of the team's former stars. cnn's george howe is here. >> follow this with me if you can. we've read that e-mail from bruce levin son saying that the hawkes phillips arena is too black and that would scare away southern white fans. well, that letter came to light because of an internal investigation into the hawks and to documents and e-mails basically from another owner, a co-owner, michael guerin, who basically sent a letter to levenson demanding that the gm and president of basketball operations, his name is danny ferry, that he be fired for
7:29 am
comments that he allegedly made about a free agent, lowell deng. this letter was obtained by cnn affiliate wsbtv here in atlanta and cnn has been able to confirm with the hawks the authenticity of the letter. in the letter, guerin says ferry made the following comments about deng who, again was a prospective player. that he has a little african in him. not in a bad way but he's a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff in the back. so those comments, obviously, insensitive, offensive, but we did get this response from danny ferry basically apologizing for the statement and also saying that he was simply "repeating statements that others made to him." we learned from the team's ceo, steve koonin, that a severe punishment has been levied against ferry but we don't know what that is. the organization is keeping it private, saying it's a private
7:30 am
matter. so it's caused a lot of outrage in the community and certainly hawks fans around the country. here's what atlanta's mayor, kasim reid, had to say. >> i don't think they could be more inappropriate or out of place in a city that prides itself on embracing inclusion and diversity. and i'm very pleased with his decision to move on and i'm very pleased with the nba's speedy attempt to resolve this matter. >> atlanta's mayor dealing with this just as he dealt, again, with another case of the atlanta braves moving to the suburbs, carol, to cater to the white fan base there. so certainly a developing situation with the different sports teams here in atlanta. >> you got that right, george howell, thanks so much. i appreciate it. still to come in the newsroom, president obama has to lay out his plan to defeat isis, but there could be isis terrorists walking around the united states right now? we'll talk about that next.
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what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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but parallel parking isn't one you do a lof them.ings great. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance. president obama lay l lay out his plan to combat isis to the nation tomorrow. some lawmakers are more than ready to listen, they're ready to go to war. james inhofe has drawn up legislation to authorize military action to fight isis anywhere in the world. the thing is, the president has not asked for such legislation and most likely won't.
7:35 am
some food for thought now. according too new cnn/orc poll, americans believe isis is as serious as a threat as al qaeda in 2003 and they believe isis may already be here walking among us. more than seven in ten americans believe isis has terrorists inside the united states, 71% think that. let's talk about that. will cane is a cnn political commentator and a columnist in for the blaze. robert zimmerman zimmerman is ac strategist. good morning to you both. i was shocked by that poll. there's no evidence that isis walks among us from any expert so why do they think that, will? >> i don't think why they think that. of course we don't know if isis is walking amongst us. what we know and what would i guess be leading people, that 71%, towards that conclusion is we hear congressman from peter king to dianne feinstein talking about this being an imminent threat to our country. we have isis itself saying "we're coming for you. we're coming to the white house, we're coming to new york."
7:36 am
then as a third piece of evidence we have these american jihadis that have gone off to join isis from places like minnesota and california which is an extremely terrifying thing. >> and that's the most critical piece of the equation. >> but does it add up to thinking they're here? the simple conclusion must be we don't know. >> but we also have to be prepared and that's the point that's most important and while i don't edge courage fear -- this type of fear-mongering or making policy from fear, the reality is as long as you have americans who are jihadist carrying american passports and your bheens are jihadists caring passports with access to this country we have to develop policy preparing for that potential. >> it seems like americans have whipped themselves into a frenzy at the moment and the president will lay out his strategy tomorrow and he has to take this into account, doesn't he? >> i think we're being very deliberative. if you look at the poll, the country is not committed to troops on the ground. >> more and more so they are, actually, according to this poll. >> the point is they still -- having learned from the
7:37 am
experience of iraq there's a recognition troops on the ground won't be the answer. coalition building is taking place. it's a longer more deliberative policy, more deliberative strategy but we learned from the tragic errors of our government during the iraq invasion in 2003, the only way to beat isis is bringing in tune t sunni tribes and the arab countries. >> the only way to truly beat them is to cross the iraqi border into sere what and i don't know that president obama has a domestic vie ligs and certainly not an international coalition that will allow them to do that. that's the third component. we have to go into syria. i don't know that he has the backing to do that. chb though it may be necessary. >> i don't know if it's wise at this moment to go into syria. don't we have to take care of iraq first? >> look, obviously syria's become a safe haven for many isis members. and when they're beat back through our aerial strikes in iraq, they can -- the boarder is very porous, almost nonexistent. but what's critical in terms of
7:38 am
developing strategy is to understand unless the sunni tribes are engaged in the this process, along with your european allies we can not successfully beat back isis. if we go it alone we'll become a recruiting tactic for al qaeda and isis as was the case during iraq. >> carol, i have been someone who's largely been a non-interventionist in most of these circles and i've said if you're going to do something, make sure you clearly identify an american national security interest. when americans watch other americans beheaded on television, there's a concept called pax americana. and it boils down if you touch one of us we come and touch you. it's not just to teach a lesson, it's about the simple standard we set that you will not hurt americans. those polls will move because of things like that. that's a real interest. we'll get isis because it did that. it does more than threatens americans, it's living up to those threats. >> okay. so when all is said and done and the president takes to the podium tomorrow night, robert, briefly, what does he need to say? >> what the president these do
7:39 am
is lay out for the country a very clear, definitive strategy and goal with his policy and he's begun that process already and in fact we're at a unique moment in our country's recent history because there is a coming together. there is a sense of unity you're seeing from the congressional leadership and actually from the public at large to recognize there is a serious threat here, we have to come together as a country and i think now the next step is for the president to not engage in the extremist rhetoric we heard. remember "mission accomplished" and bush saying "our role is to end tyranny throughout the world." we've to avoid the overhype rhetoric but talk in a very pragmatic broadway. >> see, you just injected partisanship into a beautiful sentiment. >> no, i injected history into an importantless john? but if you are saying there's signs america is drawing together then you can't mention bush mistakes of the past. >> i'm saying his rhetoric has to avoid that mistake. >> but he has to set out a clear goal americans can get behind because if he wants to destroy ie say that could take up to 36 months, extend beyond his
7:40 am
presidency three years committed to destroying isis, you better sell the american people on the necessity and doability of that prospect. >> absolutely. >> robert zimmerman, will cain, thanks so much. appreciate it. still to come, the baltimore ravens giving ray rice the boot. but one senator says no way, that's not enough. his target, the nfl. senator richard blumenthal joins me live, next. will you help us find a new house for you and your brother? ♪
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vice president joe biden is speaking out about the ray rice controversy. he tells nbc the ravens did right thing by letting him go. of course it's all over this elevator video that shows rice punching and knocking out his then fiance and now wife janay back in february. listen to joe biden. >> the first reason the nfl responded in n my view, there's so many women fans in this billion industry. so suddenly they said wait a minute, he got suspended for a couple zbhams that's not enough. and then they got more sensitized, then it was longer and then when the video was out there and saw how brutal it was, the ravens did the right thing, fired him immediately. you can argue they should have done it sooner, they didn't want it, whatever the reason is, it's happening.
7:45 am
>> by the way, biden is scheduled to speak at a washington reception marking the 20th anniversary of the violence against women act. joining me now is senator richard blumenthal of connecticut. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> you say ray rice's fire is not enough. explain. >> not nearly enough. the rules are the same -- ray rice under even the new rules that the nfl has issued would probably be given a six-game suspension because it is his first offense, supposedly. now my feeling is these rules ought to be much stronger, stiffer, tougher, and they ought to be enforced more rigorously. the nfl is failing to set a good example for the american public and the ravens, by the way, in my view, performed just as badly by, in effect, stage managing an appearance by janay who then apologized and they tweeted her apology, outrageously and
7:46 am
incredibly, an apology for being knocked unconscious. this kind of aspolg classic. >> i can't disagree with anything you've said and i know your heart is in the right place. but you think congress should get involved. must congress get involved in everything? >> congress can't change the culture of the nfl which is reflective of the rules and the rules need to be stiffened, congress can't legislate new rules that impose stronger penalties and punishment on wife batterers or domestic violence perpetrators and by the way, this assault was a criminal act and congress can do more about criminal alty when it comes to domestic violence. >> what are you suggest congress do? >> well, the nfl enjoys certain tax treatments, neighbor ought to be tax incentives for stronger personal tease. the nfl has certain privileges
7:47 am
in terms of the federal communications laws, maybe use as an incentive but i'm more focused on what the nfl can do voluntarily and i agree with you, carol, congress may have a limited role here. it's the fans who should demand of the nfl and the teams they impose stronger sanctions more quickly and enforce more rigorously. >> but you know as well as i do that the nfl has strong representation in the form of lobbyists on capitol hill. and they lobby both sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans, they spend a lot of money. is anything likely to change in light of that? >> i've worked on this issue for decades as attorney general in the state of connecticut. i sought to enforce laws that prevented as well as punished abuse of exactly this kind, domestic violence that harms not only women but also children we
7:48 am
celebrate the 5th anniversary of the violence against women act and the vice president will be speaking about it. i think the nfl has a real opportunity, an historic challenge here to send a message, stiffen the rules. increase the penalties even more and i think roger goodell should decide they can be ahead of the curve not behind. >> it should there be a change in leadership? a piece of the "washington post" says condoleezza rice is the person who could save the nfl. years ago, as you know, she admitted it would be her dream job. listen to her talk about it over the years on "meet the press." >> in your next life you want to be commissioner of the nfl? >> right. i think the nfl is a terrific institution. i'd love to be associated with it. >> tim, i'm going off to be commissioner of if nfl, remember? >> i think paul tagliabue is doing a fine job as nfl commissioner but i look forward to the day he decides to retire and i very much think the best
7:49 am
job in america has to be nfl commissioner. >> okay, so it is time for a woman at the held system? should roger goodell step aside for condoleezza rice? >> the focus here ought to be not who's running the nfl but what is she or he doing. and roger goodell can do the right thing here by stiffening the penalties and changing the culture. remember, the ravens put janay rice on a platform to apologize. that is classically what victims do -- blame themselves. and the courage and stlaeng is required to break this cycle -- >> but maybe, senator, a woman in charge of the nfl might have realized that and it may not have happened? >> that may well be and if that's the reason condoleezza rice becomes nfl commissioner, not that it's her dream job, all the better. but i have great respect for her. i think that the present leadership of the nfl should be required to do the right thing.
7:50 am
>> senator richard blumenthal, thanks so much for joining me. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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i'm going to talk about the latest fashion trend in just a minute but i want you to see this harvard study about the haves and have notes. the harvard study warns struggling citizens are disgruntled at work, grew gal at the cash register and anti-business at the ballot box. it warns this country's wealth divide is unsustainable. keep that in mind as you consider the latest fashion trend to sweep the runway this is week.
7:54 am
it's called norm core. don't know what that is? look at this gap ad and it will give you an idea. ♪ wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute ♪ before you walk out that door girl ♪ >> see, there you have it. norm core, no logos, no frills, no red soles on high heels, plain ordinary nothing to draw attention to. let's talk about this. our business correspondent allison cossack is here and lizzie garrett metlor is joining us from l.a. welcome to your both. >> hello. good morning. >> i can't wait to talk about this. lizzie, first you, normcore looks like what regular people already wear, not a fashion statement. am i wrong? >> that's correct. it's a really complex issue in the fashion world right now because the origins of normcore are a little bit unclear. did it start from a trend forecasting firm?
7:55 am
did it start as an in-joke between hipsters trying to top each other for the more shocking element in fashion? we don't know. but what i think important and what you were talking about earlier is that most americans still have the great recession in front of mind. they aren't looking for fashion what where they have to really strive to own an "it" bag or put off their rent for a month to be at the height of fashion so i think normcore is really something to take note of and maybe celebrate in the fashion industry that usually doesn't give us things that are accessible and practical and even comfortable. >> so allison, this is about really conspicuous consumption is out? >> i don't know if it's really that. i mean, you think about what's happening at fashion week. i've been covering fashion week for a couple days now and a lot of what i've seen is ridiculous and these fashion designers realize they are putting the ridiculous out there. but i think these shows are about promotion. it's like one big trade show and i think these fashion designers
7:56 am
wind up putting out tens of thousands of dollars out there for these shows to get that promotion and then they make them into wearable clothing where you see at boutiques and department stores and they do take that price point down. so i think a lot of these stores, you see h&m, target, they have these knockoffs of high fashion that you see on the runway that are at a better price point. >> so it's like a business decision to make money -- to make everybody look middle-class -- it's just -- >> oh, you're talking about normcore? >> yeah, norm core, the underlying message there. >> with norm core i think what you're seeing is actually a chance to be comfortable in what you're wearing. how many times have you put on a pair of heels and they're uncomfortable but you say i'm going to wear them anyway even if they're uncomfortable. normcore takes it so you're wearing that costco t-shirt, that patagonia sweatshirt and your white sneakers and you put your own twist in it and a lot of it with normcore i think is
7:57 am
wearing it with confidence and that confidence, of course, helps your pocketbook as well. >> so there's no underlying message here as the hipsters are lashing out at the establishment so to speak or the wealthy or upper class? >> you know, i don't think so. i think the general public is actually really hungry for a trend like this. like i was saying before, it's something kpeem actually be instyle and afford and be comfortable and i think that's sort of a win-win. usually the fashion industry doesn't really give us all those options all at once. so i think, you know, part of it is people are more conscious of, you know, saving up their money to pay their rent or their mortgage these days instead of leveraging things to get that status symbol that they are trying to strive for. >> that's awesome. i really like this new generation. they're so much smarter than mine. >> besides, who would wear those things on the runway anyway, right? >> who would wear them. alison kos sick, lizzie garrett
7:58 am
meter will, thanks so much for being with me, i'll be right back. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? every time you tie on an apron, you make progress. and we like that. because progress is what we make, too.
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8:00 am
the way it handles police reviews. the action comes after last month's killing of an unarmed black teenager. they said they're adding a citizen review board and will make major changes to the court system. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol kostello. new this morning, the wife of ray rice speaks out standing by her husband after what she calls "horrible nightmare" of the video on replay and her husband's career collapsing. hello, i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. >> baltimore ravens ray rice may not play football again after the release of that video. it was a february assault on his fiance now wife janay palmer. the footage from inside the elor


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