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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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sit room. and watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. that is it for me. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett is up next. >> the president telling congress he has the authority to act on his own against isis. is he making the proof to put troops on the ground? >> and ray rice. the commissioner speaks out for the first time after video is released after punching his wife. and what did the nfl know and when? and apple. do they still have the power to wow? let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. and we begin with breaking news
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out front. president obama telling congressional leaders have the authority to strike isis, with or without their approval. we'll speak with the chairman of the house armed services commuty. but first the meeting. just a day before the president will address the nation on isis. he met with the two top democrats and republicans in his office. and dana, the president said he has the authority with or without congress and how did that go over? >> the democratic source tells us that harry reid agrees that the president, based on what he knows that he will lay out tomorrow night, does have the authority to go ahead without congressional approval but i can tell you in talking to people here in both parties, others do not agree. >> 90 minutes in the oval office, a bipartisan presidential huddle with the top four congressional leaders to discuss the growing threat from isis. a day before the president goes
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prime time to explain to the american people. >> there is a important role for the united states and the united states military take to fight isis in their country. >> isis, known asisle has been rooted in syria where the president has been reluctant to engage in the past. but that is different now. >> they will support the saern opposition as they take the fight to the country. >> the president said he has the authority to act without congress but that doesn't stop the debut about whether congress should weigh in, to confront the isis threat or money for a counter terrorist fund. one that the president suggested earlier this year but went nowhere. some think authorizes just for funding would be a cop-out. >> they will say that congress has quite literally bought into the strategy. but i don't think that is
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enough. >> authorizing force does have bipartisan support. senate gop leader mitch mcconnell said he would use the white house meeting to argue for congressional vote. >> this is a matter of extreme importance to our country and to national security and it would be to his advantage and our advantage for congress to be, in effect, approving a plan for defeatingisle. >> a new poll said eight in ten americans believe isis is a threat but there is still bipartisan question. the president was going to ask for force in syria but there was so much division it never happened. and sources say this time the president has learned his lesson and would not ask unless you knew he would get it and the political reality, erin, is that
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he wouldn't ask from democrats, especially who want to keep control of the senate who are >> and this is what they think has been working. there have been air strikes by
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fa-1s and u.s. drones which have driven isis fighters out of key locations, like dams and have damaged heavy equipment like humvees and artillery equipment. and they also believe that coordination with the iraqi military as weak and shab shaky as it may be, has been working. they have been able to exploit the air attacks to gain ground back and push isis further. and lastly, this is a shaky part, but is important, they believe the cooperation with the iraqi government, for all of its problems, is also working. in a tenuous sense. that is what has pulled the coalition together so far, erin. >> and there is question whether you can defeat or degrade isis with air strikes alone and there is a question, tom, of whether air strikes will work in syria, where the united states so far has not chosen to go with
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strikes? >> you are absolutely right. because the equation may not work. let's do it one at a time. push the airplanes over there first. can they go into syria and cross the border and strike? sure they can physically. but when you go into a country that hasn't invited you, that would be considered an act of war by many people. so it is a much more tenuous situation on top of which are you going to get the on the ground intelligence to tell you what to get that you are getting out of iraqi. and second, look at the army over here. the white house is talking about the free syrian army. that is about 50,000 rebel troops. very different than a real army controlled by a government. you have to question how much they can be relied on to exploit those air strikes and question if they are guiding the air strikes. if they are pointing you at real targets or do they start pointing you at their own enemies in the rebel movement.
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news are complications by a rebel group and not an army. and now you don't have par parliament trying to work with you, you are dealing with a government the people want out of power. bashir al assad. he will probably not be cooperative. and there is a very uncomfortable position from washington, if you help the rebels, are you helping him keep in power. the united states doesn't want him in power. that is why the coordination on one side of the border is very different than the other even if you do the same thing. >> but borders may not come into action when it talks about form of defeat. joining me now is buck mckian chairman of the armed services. the president said he does not need congressional approval for his plan to fight isis.
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are you all right with that? >> erin, we had a bill today that passed that chastised the president on violated the law for detainees out of gitmo. it doesn't matter what we pass. he will do what he wants to any way. what we have to be very careful about is half-way measures, the same-old, same old we've been doing. the same eric strikes that we've done in libya. i just came back to the country and i talked to leaders in israel, jordan and egypt. they are not happy we left chaos and did that without boots on the ground. and i'm anxious to see what the president is going to say. i'm not interested in piecemeal effort where we don't finish the job. and the leaders in the area are
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very concerned of the same issue. >> so what you just said was very, very important, chairman. you said the issues in libya was air strikes without bootsond ground? >> right. >> and is that what is needed, boots on the ground and not just air strikes. >> erin, i'm calling them isl, because they want to return back to the area they controlled from 650 a.d. to 1500 a.d. they called it the la vont. it is the whole mideast region there. and i think people need to understand what these people's goals are, what the ambitions are and what they are willing to do to win. and we have to be doing whatever it takes to win. and i don't think you engage in an effort like that by starting off saying what you won't do. i think you have every option on
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the table. and as tired as we are about war. if people understand how great this threat is, then we have to be willing to do whatever it takes to win. >> and that included boots on the ground, is that what you are saying? that you would put that on the table. >> i'm saying whatever it takes to win. >> now what do you do with the american people on that issue? i can't imagine the president -- maybe he will, but a president whose signature foreign policy achievement has being portrayed as getting out of iraq, how will that president say i'm putting everything on the table, including boots on the ground, american troops back in iraq? >> that is why i'm saying we need to wait and see what the president says. i haven't heard from him. i talked to secretary hagel on saturday and had a nice discussion with him. but i don't know what the president is going to say tomorrow. if he says we're going to do a limited air strike mission in
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iraq, and then leave them a safe haven in syria, what does that accomplish? i just visited with the chief of our air force. he told me we can't win just with air strikes. you just can't do it. so i think we ought to be realistic and say if this is a big enough threat, which i sincerely believe it is then you have to be willing to use everything you've got. >> and so the bottom line is you say the case to be made to the american people is all-out war, is what this will take. and that means whatever it means. it might be boots on the ground. but we are talking about war. >> on the other side, it is all-out war. and they'll do whatever it takes. they are up to about 18,000 in the army now. and as i met with the leaders over in the region, they have lots of money, they captured the oil fields in syria.
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they took the money out of the bank in mosul. they have a billion dollars a year into their treasury and adding 500 fighters a week. every day that goes by they are getting stronger and it will cost us more in the way of lives and treasury to win. and if only one side is in it to win, you better bet on that side. >> thank you very much, chairman. sobering interview there. and 9/11 approaching. bridges, tunnels and chains. >> and the league knocked to his heels. ray race talked to cnn. >> and so the apple phone and the apple watch? so is it big enough to make it or is it the next big thing? ♪
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today, just two days before the anniversary of september 11th, the president met with top national security officials facing the issues facing america. there are new warnings that nation's biggest landmarks are at risk. susan candiotti is out front
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jnchts north carolina city bridges, landmarks, transportation life lines and tempting targets for terror. >> this would have a human disaster, psychological terror, none that we want to explain. >> thoughts go back to the 90s when there was a plot to take out the george washington bridge. in 2003. i'man far is was convicted to slice the cables on the brooklyn bridge. and beyond bridges, that'sis al abibby thwarted him just before the 9/11 anniversary in 2009. faisel shaz ab set off a time bomb that fizzled in new york
4:18 pm
square. tourist spots chosen for a reason. >> anywhere, where people would be in their every day life and get caught up in a situation where they end up killed and other people look at that and go that could be me, i do that. i go into tunnels. i take the train to work. i drive across that bridge. i fly on airplanes. so anything people do in their everyday life where people get killed doing that, terrifies other people. >> reporter: at first no one knew what to think last july when huge first all american flags appeared overnight on the brooklyn bridge. where terrorists making a calling card? >> we don't take these things lightly, or as art or in the realm of speech. these are issues of trespass. they put themselves in danger and others in danger and that is why we investigate it. >> two artists took part for it.
4:19 pm
they left new york. it is unclear whether charges will be filed? is it believable they climbed to the top of the bridge without being found? >> how we put so many resources into finding who might be a terrorist, that good old fashion law enforcement, that is protecting the bridges and tunnels and the landmarks of the cities, maybe we need to put emphasis there. and i think it was a wake-up call. >> reporter: and nypd is paying attention and said they are making improvements and putting up barriers to keep out climbers. and as we look at the beautiful back drop of the brooklyn bridge. the police commissioner bratton said tonight they have no information of any threats to new york city in the days leading up to the anniversary of
4:20 pm
9/11. erin. >> thank you. our next guest's father was convicted of the trade bombing. zack, it is really good to have you on and very perfect timing, we talk about what this week and the significance of this week. your father was convicted of planning the 1993 attack on the world trade center. you heard susan candiotti reporting these landmarks are major terror targets. that doesn't surprise you, does it? >> well i think -- well, one, i'm not a terrorism analyst, but it is unfortunate that after all of these years this is something we still have to deal with. as someone who has lived in the shadow of terrorism for a long time, it makes me somewhat fearful and a bit sad. but i think that is why the
4:21 pm
message in my book is so important about empathy, about being able to look at those around us in our community and just try to be more empathetic toward -- >> toward others? >> yes. >> and now we know what was happening with isis in syria and they believe the killing was a british man. you were born in the united states but you were surrounded by the extremism of your father. how pervasive was it? how all hyphen campusing was it? >> and that is living in any sort of fanatical belief, where you feel that anybody outside of your bubble is an enemy and that level of isolation is imperative in order to get someone to go to the lengths of violation or
4:22 pm
extremism to do. >> so you made a choice not to follow that path. when you think about this, you were 7 years old when your father shot [ inaudible ] and you were 10 when he attacked the world trade center. that was your father. how did you choose not to go that way? >> well i had a lot of experiences in my life that taught me -- for example, i was bullied as a child and lived in a house hold with a violent stepfather. when i was finally able to go out and experience the world, i couldn't use the stereo types that i'd been taught as a child as a way of treating people. i have a difficult time treating anyone who is kind to me in any other way than how i would want to be treated. >> well it is pretty incredible. and your book is fascinating.
4:23 pm
so zack, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. and now to the stop business story of the day. the new iphone. apple announcing the iphone 6 and the 6 plus. it has a bigger screen and coming with apple pay that lets you use your phone to make purchases so it would get rid of the credit card crisis and having your data stolen, theoretically. and then there was this. >> apple watch is the most personal device apple has ever created. >> there is now an apple watch. so you can send a message and play music and track your fitness and you do need an iphone to use it. that is how they try to wrap you into that. it wouldn't be as sexy without it. and tonight 2.4 million is how many tweets were sent during the event using the apple live hash tag. that is incredible. and i want to bring in richard quest, host of quest means
4:24 pm
business. that number, tweets, people care about this issue. and if you don't have an apple product, you own apple stock. is this going to change the game for them? a bigger iphone or a faster and bigger screen, this will be enough to transform them? >> the real story is not a watch or an auto pay. it is that number. for the simple reason, whatever you think of apple, whether you are an apple lover or an apple hater, and the truth is people tend to go down one side or the other. you must not and cannot ignore what they are doing. on the iphone, it is more catch-up than leaning ford on the size. and with the apple pay, others can doing something similar. but the weight shoves the whole thing forward far much forward and faster. as for the watch. it might be a gimmick initially, but again, you dare not ignore what apple is doing.
4:25 pm
when you can link the phone with the watch, i have both, why do i need to link them? it doesn't matter? >> why do i need both? why can't i just have one. >> the phone or the watch? >> the phone or the watch? >> because apple decided and the way it is going and you and i are on the wrong side of the generational shift, if you want me to be blunt. >> it is $349 for the apple watch. if you could get double that by forcing me to buy an iphone 2, i guess that is why it is better. >> it is. and the apple watch has core faces. this might be imitation one and we need to see it that way. where this can be going cannot be viewed on today's results or announcement. but 2.4 million treats, this was the lead story and what people are talking about. if you ignore it, you are talking about power and money, erin, you dare not ignore this. >> so why, richard, the apple
4:26 pm
pay, the new feature which is trying to say it is secure, given what happens to home depot and target. why is it not called i-watch or i-pay. >> my guess is that it is time to move on and grow up. the i, as they say in parliament, the i's have it. now it is time to widen the brand. so you have apple pay, apple watch. time to move forward. there is no question, of all of the announcements today, apple pay was the most significant because that is integrating apple further, deeper into your everyday financial life. >> that sounds terrifying. thank you, richard. and know that is the way it is going. talk about being on the wrong side of the generational divide. but it terrifies me. thank you. up next, roger goodell speaking out on the shocking ray rice video. the big question, when he knew and -- what he knew and when he knew it. and go to our blog, out
4:27 pm
front to weigh in on the poll. should roger goodell step down? >> plus the ravens threw ray rice for a big loss. >> and it is billed as the mostin vedible volcano ever. we talk to one of the fearless photographers who took this video and endured the heat. she's still the one for you.
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breaking news. roger goodell speaking out for the first time since the video emerged of baltimore running back ray rice knocking out his then fiancee in the elevator. goodell is coming under criticism claiming he never saw the video after it was posted by tmz. but he is aware the tape may have existed. we have a exclusive statement from the man at the center of the attack, ray rice. >> one day after ray rice's contract was terminated by the baltimore ravens and the nfl
4:32 pm
suspended the running back indefinitely, those involved began speaking out. this afternoon rice sent me this text message. >> i'm just holding strong for my wife and kid. that is all i can do right now. >> there was an instagram post from janay rice and finally roger goodell gave an interview explaining to cbs what he knew, when. >> well we had not seen any video tape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> the tape goodell was speaking about was the video posted on monday by the celebrity gossip website tmz showing rice knocking out his future wife in an atlantic city elevator. goodell stressed no nfl officials had seen the video before monday. but copies of the videos were
4:33 pm
given to certainly parties giving this statement, we cooperated fully with this investigation, giving the tape to the atlantic city police, law enforcement and ray rice's only attorney. they said they shouldn't have needed the video to realize the situation. goodell has since written a letter to the nfl 32 owners saying, quote, i didn't get it right. simply put, we have to do better. with two more high-profile domestic violence cases on the commissioner's desk right now, he'll have the opportunity to prove just how serious he is about that. >> rachel nichols joins me with former nfl player don mcphearson and our analyst. when you put this together and the nfl commissioner saying they didn't have the video.
4:34 pm
well two things, a lot of other people, as you point out, had the video. and two, even if he hadn't seen it, he knew what was in it and knew what happened. >> it is puzzling why it took everybody so long to be upset about this. there is a lot of domestic violence cases that don't happen on video. this had an initial video he did see which was janay rice being dragged out of the elevator and they both gave full statements to roger goodell describing word for word what happened. even the ravens came out and said, yes, he had given us that full description but seeing it made it different. that is quiz cal. why is it so different? if a man says i punched my wife in the face, why is that a question. after you get past that initial information, this was obtain ded by tmz sand so it was available.
4:35 pm
and ray rice's attorney had this video. the nfl could have said bring us the video and when you are ready to get back on the field let us know. and for roger goodell to go on tv tonight is quite perplexing. >> perplexing. >> it looks to me the more i see this case that they were just relieved he didn't have a gun and he didn't shoot somebody. he only punched his wife in the face so no big deal. that is really how they handle thtd case. very low threshold and it is wrong and they forget about the public image that a major football player has in the country. >> and i don't know if we have the polls yet, but roger goodell was asked in the interview with cbs tonight. keep in mind it was initial two game suspension. and now the new rules is it
4:36 pm
would be a six game suspension and now he is suspended. our poll says 75% thinks he should offered to and 25% think he should not. >> what does that mean he was suspended indefinitely? does that mean ray rice will never play in the nfl again? >> i don't rule that out. but he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue clearly. he has paid the price for the actions that he's already taken. >> well michael vick is still in the nfl. he came out of a federal penitentiary and got a contract from the philadelphia eagles. if you think they won't welcome back someone like ray rice is obvious. and as far as whether roger goodell should sign.
4:37 pm
>> the poll is 75%. >> but go back to the fact that the baltimore ravens who saw the tape, who employ ray rice, not goodell or the nfl, they decided to terminate his contract after they saw the team. they decided to terminate ray rice after we saw the tape. >> let's call that like it is. they saw the tape and it was on tmz. they knew it was a long time ago and when it became public and they were embarrassed that they did something. >> and this is how i would like to see things going forward with roger goodell. this discipline is done. ray rice won't play football for a long time and they've upped the domestic violence policy, but they still have two very high profail cases in the history right now. greg hardy who plays for the panthers, was not charmed, but convicted of beating up his girlfriend, throwing her on the ground in the bathroom, picking
4:38 pm
her up and throwing her on to a sofa that had spread out assault weapons on it and she was bruised and he was convicted by a judge and he is appealing for a jury trial, which is his right, but he is still play. and then ray mcdonald has a similar situation who has beaten up his girlfriend in san francisco. >> you can't trust the team that are strictly profit motivated. this is such a staggering lack of judgment by the commissioner. i can't see how he would be kept on the job. >> so you think this will be that serious? >> well i'm saying if they are doing the right thing. [ overlapping speakers ] >> but you have to be honest about what you are talking about. the nfl is not an organization that -- >> with such a staggering lack of judgment. >> they won't deal with the
4:39 pm
domestic violence and that will bring down the nfl. this is a global business that involves 32 different cities and 32 owners and you have owners who want to defy that the name of the team is not offensive to the very people saying you are defending me. >> the redskins are you talking about. >> so when you talk about roger goodell's management of the 32 teams, he won't lose his job over this. if you want change to happen, you keep him in place and hold his feet to the fire and have him uphold -- >> and i direct this question to you, rachel. i find it shocking in the country that this is the most advanced country in the world that this behavior is not only accepted but condoned. the two game suspension, that is condoning domestic violence. >> and it was condoned by the sport and the government. they put him in a diversionary program. >> well you go and learn and say i will never do it again.
4:40 pm
>> the district attorney of atlanta county said he was treated the way everybody else in atlanta county is treated. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the video was enough to say, okay, two games, we argued it for a couple of weeks but he's back on the field. the people in baltimore were showing up. the fans were showing up. >> cheering, yeah. >> and that is part of the culture as a whole treating women that of a women's lifeless body being dragged was okay. >> that's why -- >> that is shocking. >> that is why it is much bigger than the nfl. >> the nfl is a reflection in so many ways of our national character and this is where we need to step it up. >> but you know, i think condoleezza rice is out of work, right? >> that is an interesting idea. >> that is who i'm voting for. >> thanks to all. maybe she'll go to the pros.
4:41 pm
out front next, we'll talk about the woman at the center of this, beaten and knocked out cold. janay is standing by herman and turning her anger on the media. and plus he's gone where no one has gone before. we're talking to a guy who likes it really, really hot. s keepingn transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter.
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tonight ray rice's wife janay defending the man she loves. she is speaking out a day after the video surfaced showing her punched in a casino elevator leaving her lifeless on the ground. she is blaming the media and the nfl not her husband. she is one of several woman who have been abused by an nfl athlete that we are aware of, jean cassares is outfront. >> when ray rice knocked out his then fiancee janay palmer may be seven months old but the impact is still being felt. i woke up this morning feeling like i had a horrible nightmare. feeling like i'm mourning the death of my closest friend.
4:46 pm
that was the instagram who was posted by palmer, who is now married to rice, blaming the media for the indefinite suspension by the nfl. rice's actions cost him his job with the baltimore ravens and possibly his football career, but his story isn't unique when it comes to the nfl. he is one of several players facing implications of domestic abuse but the others are still playing. >> when the truth comes out, everybody knows what kind of person i am. >> a member of the 49ers arrested for domestic violence last week. and even though he is appealing a guilty verdict for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening to kill her, both are waiting for the legal process to play out before taking action. >> there is no policy.
4:47 pm
we have precise policies when it comes to marijuana, alcohol abuse, but nothing for a major society problem. >> that is the problem with football says lee steinberg. drugs and alcohol could affect a jame. daryl washington suspended for the entire 2014 season for violating the substance abuse policy. yet no nfl or team punishment was handed down after he pleaded guilty to assaulting the mother of his child in march of this year. according to usa today, the nfl has about 1700 players. in the last four years, 20 have been arrested for domestic abuse. but the statistics may not tell the whole story, which may be part of the problem. >> domestic violence is kind of swept under the rug and doesn't get the focus it needs. the women get victimized once
4:48 pm
again by the process. >> and what is amazing, when janay came out blaming the media and the nfl, not her husband, there were people critical of her. but there were people supporting her. and there are a lot of people doing what she is doing around the country, which is staying in these situations that is the norm. people are supporting that point of view. >> it is a fire storm on social 92,000 hash tags, why i stayed. stories that have been posted. we want to show one of them right now. it said, i'm staying because i thought he would change. i stayed because i thought i had nowhere to go. people are pouring out their hearts. there was one story, they were at the hands of their domestic
4:49 pm
abuser. >> i think it is incredible. if this is causing them to be able to say those things, at the same time, that is --
4:50 pm
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that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
4:53 pm
. for racist comments, as they should have. >> but jane -- >> multi-billion dollar industry -- >> it should have started with the prosecutor in this case, he was never even tried. a grand jury came back with an indictment, a grand jury of people like you and me came back with an indictment, they put him into a program that most serious violent criminals are not placed into. >> starting with commissioner roger goodell, if any work place -- there should be no toleration with the harassment, and that is
4:54 pm
not the case with roger goodell. i have to jump in one minute, what are the folks at home saying, because twitter and facebook are exploding. >> you are right, twitter and facebook are exploding, especially with the hash tag, it is not as always as simple as this is bad, let me leave. one person saying all of the people saying people should leave have no clue what goes on. she writes, i had to plan for months to get money to leave, and get bus fare. one woman said what if this really is the last time? what if i'm giving up too soon? katie said the people who believed me, i stayed. the people who are using this to
4:55 pm
tell their stories, the courage of how they were finally able to leave. kay waters said because the body bag you promised me kept me less terri terrified. one woman said how scared his son was while he watched his mother's head being rammed into a door -- >> i have to cut you off, those were extraordinary. i have to go back to holly hughes, who says as long as a woman is with a man she is really not free to say what she wants to say. >> statistics will bear this out that the most dangerous time for a woman is when she makes the decision to leave. and that hash tag where she says because i didn't know what was going to happen if i tried to go. you do need to plan ahead.
4:56 pm
>> absolutely, i have to say there is one other hash tag, hash tag, she must go. you have to send a message, women have zero tolerance and we're speaking up. >> nancy next. en to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. [ male announcer ] momentum has a way of quietly exploding onto the scene. ♪ the new ram 1500 ecodiesel. with 28 highway miles per gallon, 420 pound-feet of torque. ♪
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breaking news tonight, live, california, you would have to live under a rock not to know the name simon cowell. the superstar who vaulted american idol to fame. and then, the x factor, bombshell tonight, a horrific acid attack. in a bizarre twist, a mistaken identity, simon cowell's apprehend permanently disfigu d