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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me here on this wednesday. we have to begin with the critically important moment in president obama's time in office. as commander in chief. on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. the president is right now preparing to address the nation and really the world and what could potentially become a new war for the united states. at the very least, a commitment of more u.s. bodies in the middle east to wipe out isis militants. the president is expected to expand air strikes on isis targets in iraq which have been going on just about a month now and possible a new approach to isis inside of syria, a country where the u.s. has been keeping its distance. joining me now is michelle kosinski. a couple hours away from this prime time address. the president is opening to conducting air strikes against isis targets in syria. what else should the world
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expect to hear? >> reporter: we're waiting to see how much he mentions about the syria piece. this can be one big problem. both sides of the aisle see the iraq/isis problem as being one and the same as syria/isis problem. how much will the president look forward is one of the things we want to know. here's what we expect. he will lay out the scope of the problem. why isis is a threat to the u.s. what are the risks and what are priorities? painting a picture of how he sees that threat. he'll lay out that strategy. a lot of this we heard from the administration and from the president over the last several weeks. we're waiting to see what kind of detail he goes into in this strategy. is it going to be more specific, more detailed. then we expect the president to also look at proposals for moving forward and this of course is the interesting part. how much he gets into syria.
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and also we heard the white house yesterday put out a statement saying that the president told congressional leadership yesterday in their closed door meeting that he had the authority necessary to move forward with a plan as it stands and that he will lay out in that speech tonight. so the big question is does that include air strikes in syria? we don't think that it's to that point yet. we don't think he's going to announce that yet. we do know according to administration offenses that he's prepared to do that. maybe he will talk about it but not take that step just now. we also know that the president has asked for further authorization from congress in dealing with syria. he's asking for more money, which is $500 million. this has come up before. in june he asked for it. and he's asked congress for specific authority for the u.s. military to further train and equip elements of the moderate syrian opposition. similar to what's being done in
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iraq. taking it a step further from what has done in regards to those elements of the opposition in syria. but we don't know that he's going to really go there in his speech tonight because the white house already said he already has authorization he needs for now. it looks like this is going to be an element further down the road, brooke. >> we'll be talking about the pennies, nickels and dimes the president will be asking congress for. thank you so much. michelle kosinski at the white house for us. and the president's speech on isis comes as we continue to mention the day before the anniversary of the worst terror attack on u.s. soil, september 11th. there are some who are concerned that isis is using a tactic similar to that of osama bin laden trying to goad the united states into war and try to get the u.s. to react. just this morning senate majority leader harry reid urged support for the president's plan but he also urged caution when
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it comes to u.s. military action against isis. >> for now it's critical we support our commander in chief as he takes this decisive action. i'm amazed, mr. president, amazed that some members of congress want to rush to war because that's what they're talking about is war. how did that work out for us last time? not so well. >> matthew is a former marine corps captain who fought in iraq and as a civilian served as a state department official in afghanistan and is now a senior fellow at the center for international policy. captain, welcome. nice to see you again. >> hi, brooke. how are you? >> i'm doing all right. let's talk about you and your opinions here. it seems to me everything i read, you are a dove in a sea of hawks. you write about how the islamic state is a parasite of war.
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why are you against military action there? >> well, i think, brook, if we dive right back into the middle of iraqi civil war and jump into the syrian civil war, we're giving islamic state what they want and more importantly what they need. as you said, i describe them as a parasite of war. it's a small group numbering in tens of thousands in a sunni community of 20 million in that region. and they need violence. they need chaos. they need war to survive and prosper. by jumping into the war, they need the united states to be a villain. by jumping into this war, we become that villain for them. by jumping into the middle of a civil war and taking one side of the conflict by coming in on side of shia and kurds and becoming their air force so to speak, we're further pushing the sunnis into a corner.
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we're further forcing them to align with isis just as the sunnis align with al qaeda in iraq ten years ago in iraq. it's disturbing to me that we're not learning from our own past mistakes. >> i hear you loud and clear. the other side would say to the point of them being small, 17,000 or so strong and growing and you look at territorial gain in the last six months, it's huge. the administration is surprised about i how quick and swift they are and a parasite of war, back when we were watching the crisis, tens of thousands of those religious ethnic groups basically forced on top of a mountain surrounded by isis. you can't -- you couldn't solve that situation with politics. so just using your argument, would you just leave them there to die if the u.s. didn't intervene? >> well, i think unfortunately
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the cries of genocide were overblown. by the time the american forces got there, they found only a few thousand on that mountain and they were the residents of the mountain. >> they were dying. they were forced to either leave or are killed. >> here's the other point of this though too. this is nothing new in iraq. this cycle of violence has been going on for 11 years. half a million people have been killed in iraq. so for every yazidi prosecuted, there have been sunnis prosecuted. if we don't find a way to stop the cycle, yazidis will be replaced by another group. by no means do i say just walk away from this. there are other options. military force is not going to work in this situation because we are picking and choosing sides in a civil war. so talking about the territorial expansion of islamic state, that didn't occur because the islamic
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state is powerful. that occurred because corrupt army of iraq shia dominated collapsed and you had a vacuum in the north that allowed sunnis and kurds to rush and fill the vacuum. that's what we saw happen over the summer. islamic state similar to al qaeda in iraq ten years ago is a relatively small player in this overall much larger iraqi civil war that has been brutal and barbaric and atrocities on all sides and will continue on all sides. last week cnn international released a report of kurds killing sunnis in kirkuk and reuters had a report of shias and kurds killing sunnis so the cycle is going to continue. until we continue to answer the political grievances of sunnis and we have to understand what they are. for the last several years under the maliki regime, they have faced mass arrests. there were mass killings. there were disappearances. they were kicked out of the security forces. they were kicked out of their share of oil revenue and kicked
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out of government. so that's what caused them to align with islamic state. not that sunnis don't realize how barbaric and atrocious the islamic state are. they align with them in spite of that. >> and that's why this new formation of this new government this week in iraq is so key as part of the solution. what that looks like down the road really has yet to be seen. thank you so much for coming on. i really appreciate it. i want to just make sure you and everyone else watch the president at 9:00 eastern tonight on cnn. take a look at what a person who pleaded guilty to helping the terror group looks like. this 19-year-old american teenager, lives in a denver suburb. her case is now raising warning flags of other americans like her who may try to support isis to join this growing group and ray rice's wife standing by her
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you're watching cnn.
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i'm brooke baldwin. an american woman pleaded guilty to conspireing to helping isis. she's 19 years of age. she's shannon conley. she appeared in a denver courtroom just hours ago. >> shannon conley is a practicing muslim from colorado and also a certified nurse's aide. she met a man on the internet. the two shared extremist muslim beliefs and he told her she was with isis. she hatched this elaborate plan they would get mayrried and she would become a member of isis and become a nurse in an isis camp. she was arrested as she tried to board a flight in april. she was going to go to germany and then to turkey where she would await this suitor. that man is identified as a 32-year-old tunisian man. we know that conley has been
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talking with the fbi for several months prior to her arrest that they were first alerted to her by a pastor and by a security guard at a local church who said that she had been acting suspiciously and the fbi investigators say that conley talked openly about her muslim extremist views and she even talked about waging jihad against the united states and enrolled in the u.s. army explorers in order to receive training in u.s. military tactics and firearms to use that training if necessary to fight alongside isis. she pleaded guilty to all of this today in a federal court. we heard from her attorney right after that court appearance and he said she was led astray and she now realizes the brutality of isis and it's something that she never wants to be part of. >> she would like everyone to know that her heart goes out and her prayers go out to those who have lost those who have -- the
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families of those who have been killed and to anyone who has been oppressed by those forces. finally, she is fully aware that the fact that she was arrested may very well have saved her. >> also worth mentioning, her parents were in court today. they didn't want to comment after the hearing. i spoke with her mother a couple weeks ago who tells me that her daughter was clueless. she says she's just a teenager with a big mouth and she now realizes she made a horrible mistake. brooke? >> so then what punishment does she face? mistake or not? >> well, she faces a sentence of probation up to five years. ultimately it will be up to a judge to decide. he did not sentence her today. he set sentencing date for january 23rd of next year. before then, there's going to be a probation court that will do an independent investigation. he also ordered a psychological evaluation and a personality assessment of shannon conley. >> thank you so much.
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live in denver for us this afternoon. coming up, nfl commissioner, roger goodell says ray rice may play in the league again. you heard me. may play. what does nancy grace think about that possibility and a lot of other questions we're going to ask of her next.
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fired from his team, suspended indefinitely from the
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nfl. that's the reality today for ray rice. after that video of him knocking out his now wife went viral. the former baltimore raven isn't even eligible to play canadian football league because they honor nfl bans. but if you think ray rice's career is over, hang on a second. we have now heard from nfl commissioner roger goodell. he talked to cbs news and said he's not ruled that out. that obviously did not sit well with some people because some believe rice's original two-game suspension was a weak punishment to begin with. you add the visual element to this story and now elevator surveillance video and people want him arrested again. hln's nancy grace joining me now. nancy grace, i got a lot to ask you about. number one, can we just talk about as a former prosecutor, you prosecuted domestic violence cases under the eyes of the law, throw out the nfl for a second, based upon his charge, he could have if convicted, gone to prison for three to five years.
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instead there was some sort of pretrial intervention, counseling, and there you have it. can we begin there? >> i'll start right there. number one, if i had handled this case, i would absolutely have taken it to the grand jury myself. this could have been indicted as aggravated assault with fists. that's like if mike tyson breaks into your set right now and gives you the ko punch, his fist, this is nfl player, i handled cases where fist and feet were the weapons, like you would consider a gun or knife or vehicle if it ran you down. anything can be a weapon if it rises to the level of an aggravated assault. that carries a penalty in many jurisdictions of 20 years. all right. but let's go with your scenario of three to five years. what he did, the first failure, the number one failure, was with
12:25 pm
the justice system and that pains me because that's my life outside of my family is the justice system. he got diversion center. do you know what that is? that's a little class you go to for about three, six months and then when you get your pretend diploma, when my twins got their pre-k diploma, that's what it is. you get it and you're free. you're not on proceedibation or answering to anybody. let's talk about the commissioner. you know how much he made in 2012? to do what? do the right thing. did he do the right thing? no, he didn't. he says he or anybody else in the nfl didn't see the video. according to the casino, they never even asked so tmz got it? and all of the millionaires in the nfl, they can't get it?
12:26 pm
why? they didn't want to know. they stuck their head in the sand and their butt, excuse me, in the air. so they didn't have to know. they didn't want to know. >> i know there's much to this story. the casino couldn't officially comment on whether or not the nfl reached out. we know atlantic city police and defense attorney had the video. the casino isn't saying whether the nfl reached out. just pointing that out. continue, please, ma'am. >> long story short, you say tomato, i say tomato. forget the casino. if the nfl wanted that video and tmz can get it, i'm sure the nfl can get it. if they wanted to look at the prosecution's folder, i would have been happy to share my folder. nothing to hide in my prosecution folder with those connected to it. here's the other end of the spectrum. i'm not defending ray rice. i think he should go to jail. everybody else in america that
12:27 pm
does a serious crime and they do time, they getting too back to work. so we're not going to let him work? >> you think what's the time he would need to do? he's suspended indefinitely. he's kicked off the ravens team. at what point do you say as roger goodell said, maybe he goes back? maybe he even appeals? >> when i said go back to work, i didn't mean as a role model for little children. my little son is already asking me about football. do i want him to be patterned after ray rice? no. so when i say go back to work, i don't mean as a role model with the nfl. i mean, you know, maybe cleaning the streets. he can go make a living and his wife can go to work too. they can all work just like my family. we all work. >> nancy grace, thank you so much. nancy grace on every night 8:00 eastern on hln. do you not miss her show. thank you so much.
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and coming up next, president obama will lay out his plan to attack isis for the american people. tonight prime time address 9:00 eastern. watch it here on cnn. how much money is the united states prepared to spend to battle terror groups around the world? my next guest says that number is $5 billion. but the administration has no plans on how to spend it.
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>> bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president obama needs lots of taxpayer money to cover the fight against isis. this summer he pushed for a counterterrorism fund including $500 million to train moderate rebels. the plan stalled in congress. some lawmakers said the president's request was vague without specifics as to how that funding would be spent. now, a source tells cnn president obama and vice president biden called congressional lawmakers today trying to convince them to include $500 million piece for syrian rebels to the government funding bill. tonight the president will likely make that request again. speaks at 9:00 eastern.
12:33 pm
prime time address talking about this fight taking it to isis. josh rogan joining me now. you write this piece about this blank check. the blank check that the president is asking to fight isis from congress. do you know anymore about the $5 billion and how that would be allocated? >> the white house as recently as yesterday told me that they intentionally left it vague because they don't know the threats and costs and needs are going to be to fight terrorism around the world in the long-term. there's an argument for that. the threat of isis is facing the region and the country now and lawmakers want to know now how that money will be spent before they hand it over. some lawmakers do. we know 500 million is destined to go to the syrian rebels. that's enough to train about 3,000 rebels over 2 years. when you think about isis, they have 20,000 fighters now.
12:34 pm
it's not really a solution to the isis problem. it's a whole lot of money and without details and when congress leaves next week for another recess, they will be under a lot of pressure to hand over that money after president obama calls for him to do so in his speech to the nation tonight. >> a word i keep hear is flexibility. flexibility could be a good thing. this fight against isis is evolving. then you have john mccain saying we need a strategy before we begin to ask the american people for taxpayer money. how much people fall in either camp? >> it's split down the middle actually with most republicans saying they want more details and most democrats saying they trust president obama to spend the money after they give it to him. the bottom line here is that before the isis threat became an imminent national security threat and before isis beheaded two american journalists, there
12:35 pm
was enough momentum in congress to say we won't give you this money until we learn more. cnn polling shows that americans want to do more against isis in iraq and syria. the president and his administration are signaling that they want to do more inside syria. they'll need this money to do that. so republicans will be put in a very tough position of either granting obama a blank check for money that they don't know where it's going to go or telling the president and the american people that they're not going to give them the money that the president says he needs to defend the nation. so they are between a rock and a hard place. in the end they'll give him most of the money. it's in the bills now. afterwards everyone will start to have to figure out how that money is being spent around the strategy that we're about to hear for the first time. >> after the mid terms? >> after the election. some money will have to be appropriated now. >> thank you so much. the president speaking tonight at 9:00 eastern. you can watch it here live on
12:36 pm
cnn. we know the white house is considering air strikes within syria to try to fight isis. will that be enough? what are some other specific steps the president should take to take out this terror group. a retired u.s. marine commander takes a closer look at the challenges that the u.s. faces in the region. you'll hear specifics coming up next. hi, i'm henry winkler
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tonight we will hear president barack obama telling the world precisely what his strategy is for beating isis. yesterday the president sat down with leaders of congress unveiling some of the specifics of his plan to hunt down and kill militants seizing pieces of both iraq and syria. large pieces. i sat down and talked to major general james williams, retired u.s. marine commander about a lot of things including the possibility of part of the president's plan being training and arming not just iraqi forces but moderate sunni rebels. here he was. you were in anbar during the sunni awakening. you know these people. it's potentially part of the president's plan to arm and train this group of people. how confident are you in your trust level of this group? >> well, first of all, the
12:41 pm
sunnis are very good set of people when this comes down to it. and if they're guided well and if they're given justification for the things they need to do, they will do the right thing. you know, the challenge in iraq is essentially you created three countries within the country. you have kurdistan and you have sunnis on western area and then you have the shia running the government and pretty much in the eastern area and you have these divergent philosophies that have economic impacts and political impacts and military impacts so we can train them. i mean, that's what our military has done and it's not difficult for the military to train them but it's a matter of consistency and a matter of having that adult guidance, if you will, over those forces to make sure you do the right thing. >> administration opening in
12:42 pm
this next government in iraq and also united states has as you well know, years of being on the ground, intelligence. that's iraq. syria is a totally different story. what is challenge number one militarily in syria in fighting isis? >> the question is how much commitment does the united states want to make to trying to stabilize syria? we have sent mixed messages. we drew the red line. we did nothing to help them and of course many of our congressional members have been asking for the president to commit some weapon systems. we don't want to give them the best weapons systems but something that will help them fight for their particular cause. you have to go in at some point and try to mediate. i understand the president doesn't want to put boots on the ground but at some point you can't just do air campaigns. you can certainly use all of our
12:43 pm
national intelligence systems to he help. at some point a young man or woman will need to be on the ground to help mediate this whether it's special forces or more capable infantry forces. >> thank you, sir, so much for your expertise. general james williams from dallas. appreciate it very much. >> you bet. thank you. by the way, i'll sit down with other veterans. so important to hear perspective. we'll have that for you tomorrow. the ray rice case has highlighted domestic abuse in this country. he's not the only athlete who has faced that charge. in fact, one of them is the most popular athlete in the world. this guy here. floyd mayweather will box this weekend. rake in tens of millions of dollars and he's spent time in jail for domestic abuse. where is the outrage there? we get to talk about that next.
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a lot of pro athletes weighing in on the video of ray rice knocking out his then fiance, now wife, in the elevator of that casino. one athlete feels there is no place talking about domestic abuse. talking about floyd mayweather. he's expected to take in more than $30 million for his rematch
12:48 pm
saturday. and during a press conference for that fight, mayweather said the nfl should have stuck with that original two-game suspension according to the associated press. he went onto say worse things go on in other people's household. if you are familiar with mayweather's career, you know he has served time for domestic abuse. police say he punched the mother of his children in front of them at home so how he responds to that conviction now is much like what he told me last year when i interviewed him. i asked him what he learned from that. watch. >> you did a couple months time for domestic battery charge. what have you learned from that? >> it's the system. i feel that if i beat and kicked a woman with me being who i am, you would have seen pictures. there was no pictures.
12:49 pm
only hearsay. only hearsay. so it's more like this. i took a plea bargain because i didn't want to put my children on the stand and make them look bad or bring them into my home. i was a real man. i stood up. done my 70 days in the hole, which is max security and i'm out now. i'm still positive. and once again, tough times don't last. tough people do. >> so that was back in june of last year. here is co-host of espn's "numbers never lie." great to have you on. >> thank you. appreciate being here. >> i know you saw the headline about mayweather and what he said about the two-game suspension should have stuck. we looked at your twitter page. you said i'm logging off. tell me why. >> well, i mean, if this is a case why don't we
12:50 pm
this is the case why don't we just go and ask paula deen if it was fair that donald sterling lost his team? that's as much credibility that i give these statements. it would be one thing if floyd mayweather had been accuse ofed domestic violence one team, but it was several time and for him to reduce the role to say it was the system and a plea bargain. i think we pretty much can all conclude given this had ray rice situation that the system doesn't always and in many cases doesn't always work for battered women and it's personally why i haven't ever purchased a floyd mayweather fight and some if the early stages in his career because it was too expensive for me, but i have not purchased a floyd mayweather fight certainly in light of these charges that have been levied against him concerning domestic violence for years now. >> but isn't part of the story, the video aspect of it, right?
12:51 pm
we saw it was initially the two-game suspension. poof, this video comes thanks to tmz and he's yanked off the ravens and they brought up donald sterling and there was the audio, right? the audio and the video, they don't lie, but that seemed to have changed the narrative for stories like these. do you agree? >> it definitely has for a lot of people. it's given them a different kind of sensitivity and awareness and for me, i didn't need the additional video for me to have come to the conclusion before that roger goodell made a mistake in only handing out initially a two-game suspension to ray rice because i don't know what people thought might have happened in the elevator considering that she was dragged out of it and was unconscious, but this is the day and age that we live in. i think we're so used to and accustomed to catching everything on video and catching everybody in the act that we've come to expect that this is how things are done and my question
12:52 pm
to the nfl and for that matter the public is how will you respond when there's not a video? will you be just as outraged? will you be just as sickened and will you just be as horrified because ray rice is not the only player to be caught in an active domestic violence. >> greg hardy. >> you have a player on the 49ers ray mcdonald who is under investigation for domestic violence. i saw a stat today that under roger goodell's leadership there have been 56 players that have been accused of domestic violence, but of the 56 players they've only missed 13 games because of domestic violence. that in itselves something right there. >> bob kraft owner of the patriots has commended roger goodell's response to all of this. his response has been excellent, setting a clear policy of conduct in the nfl. your response? >> well, i would say before this video emerged i would have given
12:53 pm
roger goodell a lot of credit because as badly as he messed up with the two-game suspension of ray rice he did correct that with this policy and if you look across major pro sports you don't see domestic violence policies that are nearly quite as strong. however, now that we've seen this video and now that we know that the nfl did not do his due diligence in my opinion in discovering this additional evidence nor that the baltimore ravens, i think, that policy rings a little bit hollow now and the nfl and the ravens and they look extremely foolish at this point. >> jamel hill, espn. thank you so much. great to hear your voice. back after this. >> thank you.
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♪ ♪ you love to watch the runway, the catwalks at new york fashion week, but you hate the wait to buy your runway designs. well, the wait is over thanks to social media. cnn business correspondent alison kosik takes us backstage at the bcbg show to try out this new retail technology. check it out. ♪
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>> so you say you want it, that you've got to have it it. well, if you like it, you'll know where to buy it. >> if the user would like to know it, if they like my photo and receive an email with a link to that specific product to pre-buy it and they get priority access to anybody else. >> blair edy sits front and center at bcbg max azhs azaria show in new york and through shopping service like to know it, helps her followers exactly where to shop for these fashions. >> why not be accessible and we have such little time and if we like something and we should be able to get it. >> here's how you can can get it. sign up for like to know it. follow someone who uses the service. for example, fashion blogger blair edy or shay mitchell and if you click like on one of their fashion posts you will automatically get an e-mail of where to purchase the clothing
12:59 pm
and accessories. >> those authentic endorse ams are so much more valuable than a display out on the side of your site because there say human element to it. >> and that's the element businesses are trying to capture. how to turn those social media eyeballs into profits. but don't ask founder and ceo max azaria to sign up, he prefers to focus on creating the clothing. >> are you on social media? are you on facebook and are you on twitter? >> no, because i'm scared. i try one times, and it was thousands and thousands of messages and very funny message, so i stop it. >> some proof that the instagram economy is working? like to know it it clicks bcbg backs max azaria's websites in just nine days and others are seizing the moment, too. they're also helping shoppers find well favorite brands.
1:00 pm
alison kosik, cnn, new york. >> allison, thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow. to washington we go. jake tapper, "the lead" starts right now. from we don't have a strategy to here's the strategy. what will president obama say this evening? i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead". >> the the politics lead. prime time president. mr. obama finally sharing the with the american people the plan to destroy isis. we have the advanced word on what he's going to say in just a few hours. it's been a month since police gunned down michael brown in ferguson, missouri. demonstrators are launching a potentially protest this hour to shut down a major highway there. >> and the sports lead. it's not necessarily a lifetime ban after ray rice was caught on camera punching the


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