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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 11, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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ronnie lee henderson brian hennessey edward r. hennessey jr. michelle marie henrique joseph patrick henry william henry >> as you can hear, they're resuming with the reading of the names. let's go live to the memorial site right now. poppy harlow is there. doesn't get any easier, does it? >> reporter: doesn't get any easier for all of us who lived here 13 years ago today. i certainly did, so many of us on that beautiful krit september day when this nation was attacked, nearly 300 lives taken, 343 firefighters died, many first responders gave their lives to try to save as many people as they could.
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as we have been watching all morning, the families joining us down at the memorial reading the names, every single name of a life lost on 9/11 will be read at that service. also six moments of silence observed, another one coming up here in just a few minutes. the stories vary depending on who you talked to. for some it is cathartic. sarah fisher was 4 years old when her father was killed on 9/11. she's 17 now. this helps her feel closer to her dad. for others like the aldermans who lost their son peter at 38, they don't want to be down here, it's too hard. they listen every year for his name to be read. it's unimaginable it's been 13 years in time since this happened. also, if we can pan up and show the shot of the incredible resolve that is in focus when you look at 1 world trade center
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that was rebuilt. it will reopen later this year. that shows what this country, this city, these people stand for, that we cannot be defeated. also some nice things to note. today at 6:00 p.m. eastern for the first time on a 9/11 anniversary, the memorial will be open for the public to go, to mourn, to remember. earlier this morning, the 9/11 museum opened extra early for the family members to be there, if that is something they want to do, carol. as we think about the horrific attack and how this city remains on alert for any potential terror attacks, today is about all of those people you're looking at, those first responders, those family members, the lives lost on that horrific day, and the evidence that we are stronger than the terrorists. no question about that. >> no question about that. i would imagine that authorities in new york are on high alert just in case anything might happen, correct? >> they are. no direct threats at this point in time to new york city according to the police
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commissioner. they're on high alert. thousands of officers out. focusing on those potential targets like the bridges and tunnels, but they're on alert. >> all right. let's head out to shanksville, pennsylvania. momentarily at 10:03 eastern, united flight 93 crashed in a field outside of pittsburgh saving many lives in the city of washington. let's listen. [ bell tolls ] >> donald arthur peterson. >> gene peterson.
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[ bell tolls ] >> mark david rothenberg. christine ann schneider. >> honoring those who died on that flight that crashed into that field in shanksville, pennsylvania. we know now that that plane was on its way to washington, d.c. so the passengers aboard that plane, brave souls, poppy harlow. they saved a lot of lives that day. they gave their own. poppy, can you hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you now, carol. i lost you for a moment. it's really hard to watch this.
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you think about someone -- not someone personally affected. i didn't lose anyone i knew that day. it's very, very hard. it just shows you how difficult it is for all those families. you cannot imagine what they are going through. they go through it in their own way. a year later, 13 years later, it doesn't make a difference. but what is so nice is that all these people gather, whether it's in pennsylvania, in washington, d.c., here in new york city, to honor those lives and to refocus on what this country stands for and that we cannot be defeated, even with the threats that face this country at this point in time. it's about the strength of our country and the strength of these families and we think about all of them today and all of those first responders. >> absolutely. another reminder, united airlines flight 93 crashed into that field in pennsylvania. 40 passengers and crew members died aboard that plane. they died saving other americans
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from certain death. it is hard to believe it's been 13 years since the united states was attacked on 9/11. 13 years later the united states is still fighting terrorism. that was the min message last night as president obama revealed his strategy to defeat and ultimately destroy isis. let's bring in cnn senior white house correspondent outside the white house this morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it is worth pointing out on this anniversary of 9/11, the president said there is no threat against the u.s. homeland posed by that tear roar group. he also came out talking tough in that speech, announcing his decision to order air strikes on isis in syria. still the questions have begun on how he'll get the job done. >> it was a cautious commander in chief no more, rolling the dice with an ambitious plan to wipe out isis. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a
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comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. >> reporter: the president's biggest leap, ramping up u.s. air strirks on isis targets in both iraq and syria. >> i've made it clear we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. this is a core principle of my presidency. if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> reporter: to help expand those air strikes, the president is sending 475 more u.s. service members to iraq, raising the total there to 1,600. add to that a new mission to equip and train moderate syrian rebels. to make that happen the president has been working the phones to build a global coalition that officials say include saudi arabia which will host a training program for anti-isis fighters. the president also insisted that war on isis will be different. >> i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops fighting on
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foreign soil. >> reporter: but mr. obama's decision reopened old wounds as republican senator john mccain and the president's former press secretary and now cnn contributor jay carney clashed over whether the president is to blame. >> the fact they didn't leave a residual force in iraq, overruling all the military advisers is the reason we're facing isis today. >> i think on the question of the residual force, there was another player in that, which was the iraq gi government, a. b, it was the fulfillment of the previous administration's withdraw plan. >> you're again saying facts that are patently false. >> senator, i can pause it with great respect form you that we disagree. >> no, you can't because you don't have the facts. you don't have the facts, mr. carney. that's the problem. >> senator, i understand that you present the facts that you believe are true based on the argument you've made -- >> not that i believe are true, they are true. >> for a long time you believe we should leave troops in iraq in perpetuity.
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that's not what this president believes. obviously he was elected president to fulfill what he believed was right for our country and right for our national security. >> reporter: looking forward, expect more debate over the syrian rebels that will take the fight to isis on behalf of the u.s. senior administration officials say they're being vetted, but republicans were skeptical before the speech. as for a timeline for those air strikes in syria, senior administration officials would not offer one saying the white house is not going to telegraph those punches, but at the same time, carol, there are other questions emerging such as which countries will be participating in those air strikes in iraq and in syria along with the u.s. those questions will be asked up on capitol hill later today as administration officials are briefing lawmakers on the road ahead. carol? >> i'm sure you'll keep us posted. jim acosta live from the white house today. let's talk more about the president's strategy with cnn's international correspondent
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christiane amanpour. good morning, christiane. >> good morning, carol. >> i'm curious, do you think isis was watching the president's speech? >> you know, they are incredibly sophisticated on social media. probably. unfortunately, you know, i'm giggling. really it's not funny at all because they have used elements of the president's speeches in the past to make these ghoulish, gruesome, horrible videos directly challenging president obama before they have attacked and brutally murdered american citizens, jim foley and steven sotloff. yes, indeed, i'm sure they're watching. some people are obviously going to be quite afraid of what might happen to those who are still captive. >> do you think that isis is adjusting somehow? it's difficult to determine just how strong isis is as far as military might, per se. >> let me put it this way.
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i was told by an iraqi official and international officials that, imagine this, that when they took mosul in june or july, 2,000 or so isis fighters and something like 60,000 assembled forces of the iraqi army simply fled, melted away, just decided they wouldn't fight. so this has been the problem. it's a political problem that the iraqis feel they have nothing to fight for. that's a big challenge now for president obama and secretary of state john kerry to make sure that this government actually can gather all the iraqis together, to feel they're all enjoined in this fight and all belong in iraq. obviously the other thing about isis is that it has this sort of meg phonic fear it telegraphs ahead of itself. president obama listed the catalog of atrocities that isis
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has committed. that scaring the defensiving daylights out of people, many of whom would rather run away than stay and fight. >> maybe the greatest strength is the war they're waging psychologically. i don't know. i also wanted to talk to you about this international coalition. do you really think that any middle eastern country will help the united states with air strikes, for example? >> well, hard to tell exactly what they're willing asked to do. by the way, i do think that the air strikes, according to all sorts of officials i speak to inside iraq and actually in syria feel they have had a major impact already these air strikes. but going forward again, the other major challenge is getting some of these countries, some of these sunni countries, the uae, qatar, saudi arabia, where secretary of state kerry is today, to cut off the funding for isis and for these extremist groups. in this mess that has been
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syria, the big vacuum that was left because the united states and west didn't engage with the moderate syrian opposition, it allowed sympathetic extremists in the arab world, in the muslim world to send a lot of weapons and money to the extremists in syria. so that's going to be a huge challenge, also, to get these arab countries, allies, after all, of the united states, to stop that and to cut that off. >> christiane amanpour, thank you for your insight, as always. i appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. still to coming, the judge in the oscar pistorius case say it is blade runner is not guilty of murder, but he may still be in trouble. robyn curnow live in south africa with more. good morning. >> reporter: what a day in court, that moment that not only oscar pistorius has been waiting for, but also reeva steenkamp's family. it was very tense, a very
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a blockbuster day in south africa. court has adjourned for the day
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in the oscar pistorius trial. the judge ruled the olympian cannot be found guilty of murder in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> the accused, therefore, cannot be found guilty of mur r murder. that, however, is not the end of the matter as culpable homicide is a competent verdict. >> that means there are still a number of other charges for the court to consider including what's called culpable homicide which means you kill someone unintentionally and there are severe penalties for that. robyn curnow live outside the courthouse in south africa to tell us more. hi, robin. >> reporter: essentially culpable homicide is manslaughter. it's about negligence. he's been found not guilty on murder which means that's about intention. he didn't intend to kill reeva
7:19 am
steenkamp. he didn't foresee she was in that bathroom. that's what the judge has said. however, it's certainly not like oscar pistorius is off scot-free. the culpable homicide conviction which is likely to come out on friday morning, the judge essentially spelled it out saying in no uncertain terms that he was negligent, that he failed the tests of how a reasonable man would act under that circumstance. essentially our legal analysts saying she just has to cross the ts and dot the is in terms of convicting him on culpable homicide. that does carry jail terms. it also can have community service in terms of sentencing, that's still unclear. it's at the judge's discretion. that's not going to take place in the next few weeks. that's still going to be another whole mini trial. >> wow. i was just thinking this is a long, drawn-out process. you've been following it for an
7:20 am
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it's been 13 years since the twin towers fell in manhattan. we've seen ominous signs of health issues who responded to the september 11 attacks. cnn's medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta here now with a preview of tonight's documentary "terror in the dust."
7:24 am
>> workers are inspecting tons of debris from the world trade center tower. >> trying to locate anyone who might still be alive. >> continuing with some hope that perhaps survivors might be found. >> reporter: in the days and weeks after the towers fell, ernie valibona, a vice cop and first responding to ground zero worked punishing hours sifting through mounds of rubble. he was on the overnight shift. most of the time he was coated in dust. >> i was like raccoon, smoke and dust caked into your ice. where your eyes would tear, there was trickles of clean skin where your tears went down your face. >> reporter: his only protection from breathing in the toxic air, a bandana that hung loosely to cover his nose and mouth. a few years after the attack, 9/11 was slowly receding into the background of his life. then in 2004 he got sick. >> i got very sick. i was getting cold sweats feeling i was a little hunched
7:25 am
over. i thought it was definitely food pie sons. >> reporter: an emergency room doctor agreed and sent him home. four months later he was doubled over again with a stabbing pain in his abdomen. >> one of the doctors came in and told me, mr. valibona, it looks to me like you have a large mass inside your abdomen and could be cancer. i was diagnosed there with stage three lymphoma. i believe i only had about a 30% chance of survival. >> reporter: ernie's cancer was aggressive. by the time doctors discovered it an 11 centimeter tumor the size of a small grapefruit formed in his abdomen. lymphoma is not often diagnosed in someone so young. rarely do doctors know what causes it. they do think environmental toxins may play a role. >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting. we are nearing that final moment of silence today, 10:28 eastern will mark 13 years since the
7:26 am
fall of the north tower at the world trade center site. mourners at that time will stop reading the names of the victims. we will stop, too, so we can all pause to remember. in the meantime, poppy harlow joins us again from near the memorial. good morning, poppy. >> good morning to you, carol. as we've been discussing all morning, this is such an important time for all the family members of nearly 3,000 people who were murdered that day 13 years ago. some of the family members telling us it feels like yesterday. time does not help, but today is a moment that they pause and they reflect. i do also want to talk about the security measures here because we've all been seeing more police on the ground here around lower manhattan. there's no imminent threat to new york city. according to the new york city police commissioner. again, this city is always on high alert, the bridges, the tunnels and this country especially with what we're facing now with isil. i had a chance to talk with jay
7:27 am
johnson and i asked him to be clear, is there an imminent threat here? i want you to listen to his response. >> we know of no specific intelligence of a plot by isil to attack our homeland. again, that's not the end of the story. isil is a very dangerous organization that has demonstrated a willingness to kill americans because they are americans. >> reporter: carol, as we talked after i was on camera with him, he said you have to listen very carefully to the words we use here. he talked about al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the threat they pose to united states. clearly he, the administration officers here in new york city, no imminent threat, they're on high alert at this point in time, carol. it's reflected in the poll numbers we've been talking about all morning, compared to 2011, 53% of americans are concerned about a possible terror attack
7:28 am
around tan versery of 9/11. >> it's important to point out there's no direct threat coming from isis at this moment. we should all keep that in mind. we're approaching that moment of silence, the moment that the north tower fell. let's pause. >> you may be asleep in god's arms but you're awake in our hearts. we love you and miss you. >> our be loved sean gordon corbett o'neill, husband, son, father, brother, uncle and friend, we adore you, we treasure you, you are unforgettable. our daughter shawn is a beautiful reminder of your face every day. god bless you.
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[ bell tolls ]
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president obama vowing to eliminate isis and how he'll achieve that goal outlined in a speech to the american people. >> tonight with a new iraqi government in place and following consultations with allies abroad, i can announce america will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. >> the president says more than 150 air strikes have been launched to fight the group in iraq. five years ago mr. obama announced the u.s. mission would be coming to a close. >> let me say this as plainly as i can. by august 31st, 2010, our combat mission in iraq will end.
7:35 am
>> oh, but that was then. here to talk about it, donna brazile, cnn commentator, and larry saab toe director of politician at university of virginia and rich gail len, a republican strategist. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> donna, a bit of irony here. this president won election in part because of his anti-wash stance. here we are. it's just kind of weird. >> no, i don't think so. it's very important that the president laid out a comprehensive strategy to deal with this threat. he has been able to rally our allies, our nato allies and others including countries in the region, and that's going to be very important if this campaign is to be successful. we have to make sure that there are people in the region who are there with us to ensure that isil is eliminated as a threat,
7:36 am
not just to the region, but to american interests all over the world including here at home. >> rich, does the president have that coalition of the willing, as you might say? >> well, he says -- i don't think it was exact at all. it was a vague description of an unknown coalition with unnamed countries who the president said will get together and design a strategy to degrade and defeat isis, isil, whatever we call them. a strategy that says my strategy is to develop a strategy isn't a strategy. having said that -- give me two seconds here -- the fact is that this business about demanding that our leaders stick to whatever they said six, eight, ten years ago in the face of changing conditions is crazy. i'd much rather have president obama not admit anything, but acknowledge the fact that times have changed. i think that's healthy.
7:37 am
>> we could also admit it was a mistake to go to iraq in the first place. >> that's a different issue. i'm defending your guy. >> i understand. i just wanted to make sure you understood. >> thank you, donna. appreciate you going back -- >> this is a good time to bring up that fiery exchange between john mccain and jay carney who was, of course, once the president's spokesperson and now a cnn correspondent. >> i was there in syria. we knew them. you guys are the ones -- your boss is the one that when the entire national security team wanted to arm and train them, he turned them down, mr. carney, after -- >> senator, i think we have to agree to disagree on this. >> the facts are stubborn things, mr. carney. that is, his entire national security team including secretary of state said we want to arm and train and equip these people. he made the unilateral decision to turn them down. >> of course, there's some truth
7:38 am
to that, larry. but let's talk about congressional support, support from lawmakers, president obama said last night it would be nice to have some support. after listening to that exchange, will he get any? >> well, i don't think in this case senator mccain is necessarily saying he wouldn't support it. in fact, he said he would support what the president decided to do. and from early indications, most democrats and most republicans are going to back him. by the way, that's what the founders wanted. they want war powers shared between the president and congress. it's what the war powers act of 1973 says as well. carol, presidents do pirouettes all the time. i think rich is absolutely correct. you don't want a president so stuck to his prior positions that he can't change in the face of new information, new developments and also changing public opinion. the public changed its mind, too. so that's important to remember.
7:39 am
>> it is important. good point. but still i think the majority of americans don't want boots on the ground. it's hard to imagine winning the fight against isis without a military fighting them face-to-face, so to speak. donna? >> well, it is a military on the ground. it's the iraqi military that must be on the ground. it's making sure that the kurds have the support that they need as they fight isil. it's ensuring that saudi arabia who agreed last night when secretary kerry was there that they would provide training assistance. we have to make sure as rich said, i agree with you, we have to make sure the allies come to the table with more than just rhetoric, but they bring troops, they bring training so the people on the ground are the people from the region because isil is a threat to the region as well. >> i think part of the very complex calculus that goes into this is that the countries, like the gcc countries, for example, have to provide -- if they're
7:40 am
going to provide their boots on the ground, they have to be sunni fighters as opposed to shia fighters. >> absolutely. donna brazile, larry saab toe, rich galen, thank you for being here. a former fbi investigator heading an investigation into what the nfl knew about the ray rice assault and when they knew it. wheel talk about that next. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions? can i get an "a", steve? yes! three a's! amazing sales! he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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a former fbi director will now look into how the nfl investigated the rice affair. roger goodell, the nfl commissioner said he never saw the now infamous tape before he handed down ray rice's punishment. not so fast. there are reports the nfl did have that tape. so what gives? cnn's miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: the nfl tapping former fbi director robert muller to lead an independent investigation looking into how the nfl handled evidence in the domestic violence case against ray rice. his probe will be overseen two nfl owners and will be made public. the announcement comes hours after the associated press reported a law enforcement source told them the tape of rice violently striking janay palmer was sent to an nfl executive five months ago.
7:45 am
in an interview with cbs news on tuesday, nfl commissioner roger goodell maintained the league never saw the video until it went viral on monday. >> so did anyone in the nfl see this second videotape before monday? >> no. >> no one in the nfl? >> no one in the nfl to my knowledge. >> reporter: the a.p. says their source sent a dvd of the video unsolicited because he wanted them to see it before deciding on rice's punishment. the ap saying they played a 12-second voice mail message that came from an nfl office number on office 9th confirming the video had arrived with a female voice saying "you're write, it's terrible." the nfl said we have no knowledge of this. we are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before monday. ravens owner steve bisciotti
7:46 am
admitting they dropped the ball in handling the incident. >> i was picturing her wailing on him and him smacking her and maybe her head was this far from the wall and with her ineastbound brags dropped. why did i conclude all that? because i wanted to, because i loved him, because he had a teller record, and the cops had already seen the record. i assumed it wasn't a forceful blow that moved her head three feet into that wall. >> reporter: the league continues to insist it reached out multiple times to police and the prosecutor's office for the video but couldn't get it. yet rice's own attorney had a copy. in the letter to nfl club executives on wednesday goodell says it would have been illegal for the league to get the video from law enforcement or the casino itself once a criminal investigation begins. >> miguel marquez, thank you for that report. you know i'm no fan of
7:47 am
stephen a. smith. espn did eventually suspend him. now i think smith has gone out of bounds again with his attack on terry o'neill, the president of the national organization for women. the group is calling for nfl commissioner roger goodell to step down. listen. >> i'm sorry. i think this woman is off her rocker. i think she's lost her mind. that's right, i said it. this is the most ridiculous nonsense i've ever heard in my life. roger goodell deserves to loose his job because -- why are you acting like he's ray rice? roger goodell did not hit janay palmer rice. last time i checked, skip, why are we talking about the nfl as if it's some cesspool for domestic tie lens. there's a few cases. bints dealt with. it needs to be dealt with harshly, et cetera, et cetera. there are 1,800 players in the nfl. by and large most acting like
7:48 am
model citizens, never get in any kind of trouble. what the hell is this? >> we've got to wrap. >> because this happens and he mishandled it, he's got to go? that's crazy! >> she's just crazy. terry o'neill, you crazy lady. you can respond to stephen a. smith. terry joins me along with rich el nichols host of cnn's "unguarded." terri, respond to stephen a. smitht. >> the reason we are insisting roger goodell must resign and we want a truly independent investigator with full authority and full power to do a top-to-bottom review of all the domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking incidents within the nfl community. there is clearly a systemic problem in the nfl. we don't have answers. that's why we have asked for a fully empowered investigator. we would hope the investigating
7:49 am
would be far reaching and would end up with real reform recommendations that will be implemented. the nfl needs to change its culture. >> so let's talk about that independent investigation because the nfl is setting up what it calls an independent investigation. but how independent is it really? robert muller's law firm has done business with the nfl and two team owners are overseeing the probe. rachel, isn't there a better person to head up this investigation? >> unfortunately i agree it is a problem. it makes you wonder about credibility which is, of course, the key issue here. you would hate to think this's anything that has impropriety. we can't say for sure robert muller is not going to lead a clean investigation. it's a little unfair to jump to that conclusion. that being said, wouldn't it be nice to have someone lead this investigation who didn't have ties to the league, whose firm didn't have ties to the league? i was very concerned about the idea that the investigation would be overseen two nfl
7:50 am
owners. john mara and mr. rooney have a stellar reputation. i'm not calling into doubt either of their character. however, i want to read you a couple statements from giants owner john mara just yesterday. this is him talking about roger goodell. he says, first of all, many of ufs were dissatisfied with the original two-game suspension of ray rice. we have all learned a valuable episode. that's what you would want to hear from an nfl owner. he went on to say the notion that the league should have gone around law enforcement to obtain the video is in my opinion misguided as is the notion that the commissioner's job is in jeopardy. the video is appalling. i do believe the team and the league took appropriate action after they finally had the opportunity to view it. so this is the perspective of the owner who is overseeing the investigation. again, i want to stress john mara is a high character guy. i'm not assassinating his character. it's disturbing when you have the appearance of impropriety in
7:51 am
this way. that's been the issue the whole time, right? we don't think they've taken the proper attention and care with these cases. >> i want to go back to stephen a. smith and terry. >> terry, you're not crazy. >> maybe asking for some accountability at the nfl, maybe that's crazy. >> i'm just intrigued because it's really not that controversial to call for roger goodell to step down in this case. why do you think stephen a. smith is so upset about this at all? >> i don't have any idea, but i will say that what we -- when we started scratching the surface of this, when which saw the second video and how horrific it was, we started asking what in the world is going on at the nfl, what we found is dozens of domestic violence incidents. what we found is an indication that there really is a culture of violence against women in the
7:52 am
nfl and on roger goodell's watch, these incidents have been treated as isolated incidents. oh, this was just a random act, this was just isolated. that's how they sweep it under the rug. they minimize, they deflect, and i think that what we're calling for is to take that curtain away and really look at the system and it's completely contrary to their whole practice of deflection. >> terry, you to be a little careful. when you look at the hard numbers and there are numbers on this, the rate that nfl players commit domestic violence offenses and are arrested, which is really the only thing we can look at, is about half of the general population, the rate of general population of males their age. they're not committing these offenses more than the general population. in fact, they're committing them significantly less. however, where there is a big concern to me when you look at that same raw data, they're committing domestic violence at a disproportionate rate to other
7:53 am
offenses like drugs or rape or some other things that get a higher headline. that does then create this perception they have a domestic violence problem. the thing that creates that perception more is how the league deals with it. if they're not taking domestic violence seriously, even if the nfl is not rife with domestic abusers, it doesn't send a great message to anyone if the league brushes it off. >> something else i want to point out, the ravens play tonight. rihanna is going to perform -- >> the national anthem. >> i just find that interesting, terry. >> right, yes. i am one who thinks victims of domestic violence have strategies for handling the situation that they find themselves in. extricating yourself from a violent relationship takes strategy, it takes thoughtfulness, and it takes real care. many women cannot extricate themselves safely. >> don't you think rihanna
7:54 am
should maybe say something at the ravens game? i don't think she will because she hasn't -- she's said a couple of things, but she doesn't mention it very often, and she shouldn't because it's her personal business. but in light of all that's happened, wouldn't it be nice if she said something? >> you know, she's an artist. she is trying to create her own way in the world, and i just would not want to criticize her for doing that and not saying anything. i think the good news here is that we are all having this conversation. i think the national conversation needs to continue and we really need to take a look -- rachel, you're absolutely right. it's a disproportionate issue. by far the vast majority of men within the nfl are not committing domestic violence acts. when you don't treat it seriously, when you brush it under the rug, when you minimize it and say it's just a ray rice thing, you treat domestic violence as nothing more than an
7:55 am
image problem and that propagates the problem. >> absolutely. >> terry o'neill, rachel nichols, thanks to both of you. i appreciate you being with me. you can watch "unguarded" with rachel nicholls tomorrow night 10:30 eastern here on cnn. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. wait, wait, wait, it's wait, wait, wait...whoa, does she have special powers when she has the shroud? no. guys? it's the woven one the woven one. oh, oh that gives her invincibility. guys? no, no, no... the scarlet king is lord victor's son!! no don't. i told you! you guys are gonna be so surprised when you watch the finale!!!
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7:59 am
the boos for justin bieber at the telecast of "fashion rocks were were louder at the back. bieber didn't get embarrassed. he didn't get angry. what he got was undressed. with a tug at his boxer briefs, was justin through? nah. >> is that better? >> so much. thank you, justin. >> reporter: when the shirt came off, the squeals of delight drowned out the boos. then bieber started to vam, strike a pose, hoda kotb was in the audience. >> i feel bad for him. when you're sitting there and watching a kit ged booed. >> why did he walk out with such a tall model. >> he looked shrimpy. >> not everybody was booing
8:00 am
bieber. get out the ear plugs. >> what the heck! >> reporter: a fan barely able to control her camera all because, when booed, justin bieber didn't just take it, he took it off. jeanne moos, cnn. [ screams ] >> new york. >> i'm concerned about that young girl. thank you for joining me today, i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. >> our objective is clear, we will degreed and ultimately destroy isil. >> destroying a terrorist enemy before it can attack, president obama lays out his plan to battle isis as the nation pauses to remember september 11th. plus -- [ bleep ]. >> he had


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