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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> what's going to happen with the isis plan? is there a coalition going on? a lot of news out of the nfl. >> time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. and is good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. in paris today, international leaders are gather in hopes of devising a strategy to defeat isis. among them, john kerry wrapping up a trip to the middle east. the french president who cohosted the paris event with the president of iraq warning there, quote there is no time to lose. our senior white house correspondent jim joins me now.
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>> he's making a fairly bold claim arab countries have agreed to participate in strikes against the terror group. >> the violent rise of isis is terrifying governments across the middle east to the point secretary of state john kerry says countries in the region are willing to step is up with air strikes. >> we have countries in this region, countries outside of this region, in addition to the united states, all of whom are prepared to engage in military assistance in actual strikes if that is what it requires. >> the obama administration is so far unwilling to name those arab partners but as one senior state department put it, i don't want to leave you with the impression arab members haven't offered to do air strikes because several have. that show of support comes as isis threatens to kill more hostages after a third british westerner was beheaded over the
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weekend. >> unfortunately it was not in our hands or the hands of the government. it was in the hands of a terrorist. >> british officials say prime minister david cameron knows the identity of the beheader. >> he's part of a group referred to as the beetles. that was named the captives gave them. he's one of 500 brits who have gone to syria to fight. >> cameron said it's up to global coalition to destroy isis. >> islam is a group of peace. they are not muslims. they're monsters. >> there's question of whether isis can be defeated without boots on the ground. that job goes to soon to be trained syrian rebels and iraqi forces. >> they can count on american and coalition air power to super charge their effort. >> that's not enough for gop
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senator lindsey graham. >> this is a turning point on war on terror. our strategy will fail again. this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home. >> jim, i want to go back to comments from senator lindsey graham. he's sounding the alarm about isis attacking the u.s. homeland. u.s. officials are uncertain about the size of the isis threat. why the discrepancy? >> well, i think there's discrepancy because folks like senator graham and john mccain on capitol hill saying the president has not been tough enough responding to this isis threat. they go back to comments the president made earlier when he described isis as a jv team. they don't think the posture at the white house is strong enough. as for whether or not isis poses a threat to the u.s. homeland, the white house has been pretty clear throughout all of this carol that at this point, they do not believe that isis poses a
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direct imminent threat on the u.s. homeland. they're very concerned about the potential for isis fighters traveling back and forth from the united states to middle east and back zbagain after fighting along side i've sis in syria and iraq. eric holder came out with a video saying u.s. will step up responses with pilot programs and various countries to identify potential fighters who could be terrorists on the home front. at this point, the white house is clear they're not detecting chatter they're detecting that indicates isis terror attack is imminent on the home front here. it's something they're watching closely. >> reporting live from the white house, jim mentioned eric holder. he did announce a plan to fight extremism here at home. here's what he said on tape. >> today, few threats are more urgent than the threat posed by violent extremism. with the emergence of groups
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like isil and knowledge some americans are attempting to travel to countries like syria and iraq to take part in ongoing conflicts, the justice department is responding appropriately. through law enforcement agencies like the fbi, american authorities are working with international partners and interpol to get information on foreign fighters in syria and iraq including individuals who have traveled from the united states. >> okay. so what exactly does that mean? our justice report eer evan joi us now. who is the justice department tapping to spearhead this plan? >> good morning. this is indication obviously of how big this threat they see here in the united states from isis recruits here on the home front. now the fbi and dhs is working with local police around the country to try to keep an eye on people who are showing signs of being recruited by isis. perhaps online. they're going to talk to
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religious leaders around the country in communities to see if they can spot people who seem to be heading in that direction. more important, what's important here, they're going to make plans specific to the different cities. for example, in minneapolis, it's a large somali population. in michigan, there's a big middle eastern population. a lot from syria. each area, there's different ways to approach this problem carol. >> interesting. perhaps that's a good thing. cnn polls show americans fear isis and fear a threat isis will hit directly at home. walk us through the numbers. >> carol, this is a remarkable thing. a few months ago, americans had never heard of isis if you asked in a poll like this. now 90% of them in the poll by cnn orc say they view isis as a serious to very serious problem threat to united states. if you asked them whether they
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thought there were isis members here in the united states, terrorists that could attack here, 71% responded they thought there were. this is at the top of minds of most americans a reasonable doubt -- americans around the country as they see these warnings from the officials in the united states. >> reporting live from washington this morning. we're also learning more about david haines the british aid worker brutally beheaded in the latest isis video. his brother opening up about his initial reaction upon learning of his brother's death and why he chose to do the work he did. >> my first reaction could be one of hatred. my brother's life wasn't about hatred. it was about love for all men. no matter what religion or what creed, it was to help people. david, early on, found that
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working in difficult conditions, working for people the in times of hardship brought him a job satisfaction. when he got the position, he was really excited. very, very enthusiastic. he was looking at logistics and planning, how best for active operations into safe operation. >> amazing people in the world. the prime minister david cameron knows who the executioner is. he he is not naming him. why? >> they basically may know who he is and may briefed the prime minister, but they don't want
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isis to know they know. the reason for that is best shot at capturing or targeting him is a window of opportunity. they don't want to blow that by revealing what they may already know about him. >> so, how are they going about tracking him down and bringing him to justice? >> well, this is the big question. how can they do that? we know from britain's foreign secretary that there was a previous rescue attempt, possibly the same to get james foley. it failed. the question is now, is there going to be another window of opportunity? do they know the exact location they're held? if they don't have that window of opportunity, do they have a chance to to get the british jihadi who appears to be holding these hostages and in the videos appears to also kill them? it seems unlikely they'll have that window. british authorities say they're doing everything they can to
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bring this man to justice. >> atika reporting live from london for us. troops marched on ukrainian soil. 1300 from nato and partner nations including the united states are flexing their muscle and kicking off 11 days of joint military exercises in western ukraine. if you find the timing of troop arrival kind of strange, you're not alone. over on the other side of the country, just a few hundred miles a way, a ten day ceasefire has been all but shattered. shelling and fighting continued this weekend between government forces and pro russian rebels. the situation in ukraine is fragile. we are live in ukraine with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. more than 130 american troops are now on ukrainian soil. nato troops are here as well. one thing that armies and
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military alliances do very well is to put on a show of force. in many ways, this is a show of force to moscow, nato and washington's way of letting russia know their military might -- we're going to wait to see if russia responds in any way. certainly they're not going to like what's happening in western ukraine. we're in the town ten miles east of the ukraine polish border where the nato military exercises take a place over the next couple of weeks. this annual event takes place every year. obviously this year it takes place under very different circumstances. about 600 miles east of where we are is a very fragile ceasefire where on one side you have pro russian rebels, on the other side ukrainian forces. some critics of this event in western ukraine including moscow say perhaps this is not the best time to put on nato exercise
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like this. perhaps this is not the best time to have u.s. troops on ukrainian soil. it could potentially feel tensions. nevertheless exercises continue. 1300 soldiers from 11 nato member states and four non member nato states are going to practice in the next couple of weeks of finding and defusing ieds. they're going to practice rescue operations in command centers. it's likely next door to where we are, in russia, moscow is watching closely somewhat irritated at what's happening here carol. >> no doubt. reporting live from ukraine this morning. still to come in the newsroom, the nfl is dealing with another player accused of off the field violence. that makes three players now suspended or sidelined for domestic abuse charges. what the nfl needs to do next. [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread
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oh the nfl just can't seem to get it quite right. during yesterday's game between the titans and cowboys, shall we say questionable music was played just before kickoff? the song called fight night by the rap group migos was played through the stadium loud speakers. probably doesn't help the nfl with the current problem. it was inappropriate to say the least. listen for yourself. ♪ ♪ >> okay. so the titans released a statement saying quote, we
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review everything we play on game days and play radio versions. clearly the subject matter should have been flagged and li limb laeliminated from the play. roger goodell was a no show at the game after promising to be there. peterson has been indicted on child abuse charges for beating his 4-year-old with a tree branch. the switch left bloody marks on the boy's legs. peteerson has his defenders. here's charles barkley on cbs. >> listen. we spank kids in the south. i think the question about adrian peterson going overboard. we all grow up in different environments. every black parent in my neighborhood in the south would be in trouble or in jail under
6:18 am
those circumstances. >> but the photos tell a different story. peterson's son was taken to the doctor by the boy's mother. the doctor called authorities. according to cbs houston, the beating caused numerous injuries including cuts and bruises to the child's back, buttocks, legs and scrotum. the child had defensive wounds on his hands. with me now, host of cnn unguarded rachel nick ols and joey jackson. good morning to all of you. good morning. i hate we have to talk about this. starting with you joey. peterson doesn't think he did anything wrong. come on. the switch left wounds. the boy was bleeding. >> yeah, you know, it transcends what you as an individual may think you've done wrong. not to condemn him or indict him. a grand jury did that. we know indictment is an
6:19 am
accusation. he'll be entitled to a due process, be afforded his day in court and have defenses. it appears now the defense is, listen, this is how he grew up. this is what he knows. this is what he's become a customed to. he feels he's doing it within reason. he's disciplined his child to make him a better person. will that fly? that's another story. to your immediate question, it transcends what you as an individual believes. under texas law, apparently if true, it's a crime. >> andy, i know an dridrian pet has been tweeting bible verses. he doesn't want to be judged by the public. >> he wasn't on the field yesterday. around kickoff, he tweeted a picture from an inspirational book. it contained bible verses. it says come to me and rest. give your mind a break from the habitual judging. i created you first and fore
6:20 am
host to know me and live in communication with me when you become preoccupied with passing judgment you serve my role. i'm not a trained biblical scholar, but he's trying to say no one should judge him other than god. the only problem is he is indicted on child abuse charges. he'll face judgment from a texas grand jury. >> vikings pulled him from the game. will he ever be back? >> nfl didn't pull him out of the game. it's important to note. there's discussion about what nfl has and hasn't done. in this case, they didn't do anything. the vikings organization decided to deactivate him. we've been critical of teams around the league for not taking steps. the nfl once again didn't act. we'll have to see what happens going forward. a player can be deactivated up to four games before the team decides to cut him or return him to the field. there's conversation what they want to do for this upcoming
6:21 am
week. nfl announced his case will be looked at under the personal conduct policy which is different than the domestic violence policy is. you have to wonder how this doesn't become domestic violence also. it was within the home. it's one more thing people look at nfl say this is confusing, inconsistent. it sets up roger goodell's office once again on judge and jury on a complex and complicated, emotional matter. the nfl has gotten itself into sticky ground here once again. >> okay. so joey, let's talk more about the legal case against adrian peterson. he does not believe he did anything wrong. he says maybe he overreacted and in fact sent text messages to his wife saying maybe i overdid it. i feel bad about. that do juries take that into account? >> first off, it goes to issue of mitigation. not necessarily defense to what
6:22 am
you did, but certainly explains in your mind why you felt it was reasonable. notice i mentioned reasonable. the statute excludes behavior that deals with reasonable discipline of the child. in the event that a jury, a grand jury having indicted again an accusation, and not the same standard beyond a reasonable doubt, but jurors feel he acted unreasonably. it becomes problematic and criminal. therein lies the issue. he'll of course have to face that in addition to the nfl. >> i said his wife. it's the mother of his child. i apologize for that. >> also for viewers, the photos came several days after the incident in question. the child was on a custody visit with adrian peterson. when he returned him to the mother, the mother several days later took him to the doctor. when you're assessing photos and
6:23 am
thinking about what happened, those were not right after the incident. open wounds were days after. >> from an attorney's p perspecti perspective, they're going to argue bruises get worse over the course of time. they'll therefore argue at the time it was done, it wasn't that substantial, it boiled up later. >> i was just going to add andy that adrian peterson had his fans show up at the game wearing his jersey. >> just like ray rice. we saw tons in baltimore wearing rice. yesterday tons wearing peterson. one fan says i don't care what he does off the field. i only care what he does on the field. >> we're going to talk more about this in the newsroom. thanks to you all. still to come. thanks for being here. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton sounding like a candidate. >> hello iowa.
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i'm back. >> oh everybody keeps saying, the big question, will hillary run in 2016? what do you think? we'll talk about that next. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. a new cnn orc poll out this morning shows hillary clinton may not have much competition in iowa if she decides to run for president in 2016. among registered democrats, clinton is in the lead with 53%. joe biden trails far behind in
6:28 am
second place. of course clinton's appearance at yesterday's steak fry has many thinking she will give it another go. she now admits it is a possibility. what a surprise. cnn senior political correspondent is live in des moines, iowa. good morning. >> reporter: you do not sound surprised at all. good morning to you. if you were watching this speech, you may have noticed it wasn't a barnburner of a speech. she came in behind barack obama in the caucuses. her campaign never got back on track. this was the beginning to the end. when you look at this big democratic fund-raiser, it was a self-selecting group of people who really wanted to see hillary clinton speak. look at iowa democrats as more
6:29 am
of a whole. a lot of them feel hillary clinton needed to come here with humility, needed to show she was eager to put in more time pressing the flesh. if she does run, she's going to have more small intimate events rather than big speeches. we heard from her hinting that the run. here's what she said. >> i've got a few things on my mind these days. first, and most importantly, bill and i are on constant grandchild watch. then of course there's the other thing. [ applause ] well it is true, i am thinking about it.
6:30 am
but for today, that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak. >> and she was certainly here in iowa to dry to drum up support for democrats who may be facing bruising battles this midterm cycle. it was pretty interesting carol. hillary clinton gave nods to president obama. that was pretty significant. some of her comments that got the most emotion or support from the crowd had to do with women's issues. reproductive health issues, equal pay, assign that hillary clinton should she run is going to embrace being a woman which we didn't see her do in 2008. carol? >> reporting live from iowa, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," no time to lose. that's the sentiment of world leaders coming together in paris. they say something has to be
6:31 am
done in isis after yet another beheading. we'll talk about what, next. i'm type e.
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♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! thanks, g. america's top diplomat is in paris. secretary of state john kerry comes together with other world leaders today to tack ale the threat posed by isis. they convened an international conference after the terror group posted video over the weekend showing them beheading british aid worker david haines.
6:35 am
he's the third westerner executed by isis in just weeks. let's talk about what to do about isis. joining me former specialist assistance to george bush. welcome to both of you. >> good morning carol. >> good morning. >> lindsey graham leveling sharp criticism at the white house over strategy on isis. here's what some of what senator graham had to say. >> this is a war we're fighting. this is not somali i can't, yemen. this is turning point on syria. our strategy will fail again. this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home. >> okay. that's kind of scary john. is senator graham overreacting? is he right? >> well, all get killed is perhaps an exaggeration.
6:36 am
keep in mind that president obama is getting criticized by some folks on the left for getting back many iraq in the the first place. lindsey graham is a consistent hawk on the war on terror along with john mccain. isis is a different kind of threat than we have faced, establishing a caliphate state. we've learned during the past 13 years it's a good idea to take terrorists at their word. they've said i'll see you in new york. they said they want to take the fight to us. the idea they're going to to the united states from the short fate of caliphate is inaccurate. >> washington had a different take on this. a report that officials are uncertain about the threat here at home. peter bergen addressed it this weekend. >> i think we need to have perspective about the level of threat particularly in the united states which i think is low. countries like france, britain,
6:37 am
belgium, that's certainly higher. >> so ron, isis is are threat to americans overseas but not maybe directly here at home. why this rhetoric from senator graham? >> i think we have a serious threat here at home carol. when you have americans traveling a broad on passports, eu citizens traveling over there and returning to europe, returning to america. you say to yourself, it could be anybody. for me being a lawyer, here's my perspective on this. we need to figure out what we're getting into and how we're getting out. what exactly is our strategy? what is the president's vision? how does he intend to win and get out of this? >> i totally, completely agree. with rhetoric like they're coming to kill us now, with americans growing increasely aware, should we have the
6:38 am
conversation about exactly what we should do? >> the worst possible situation. terrorism is one bad day away from being an issue in america. this is a continuous threat we've seen now taking new shape. we need to view it with the sense of perspective to realize it's danger. the administration initially dismissed isis saying because you put on a lakers jersey doesn't mean you're colby bryant. now the president is taking # this seriously with the beheading of two american journalists and one british aid workers. when you blow it out of proportion, it doesn't help. this is a real threat. you do disservice by exaggerating it. >> ron, you're nodding. >> i am. they're at war with us. the administration wants to call this a war. their at war with us. the war power resolution, the president notified congress on
6:39 am
august 8th with his intentions. he has until october 7th to go to congress and have a formal declaration of war or 30 days to withdraw troops. what's he going to do? we haven't heard him say war. >> we'll keep watching. thanks to both of you. still to come, the death toll from a faulty gm ignition switch is expected to rise later this morning. coming up next, we'll talk about what this means for gm and the victims. when sales rep steve hatfield books at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions? can i get an "a", steve? yes! three a's! amazing sales! he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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. later this morning, attorney kenneth fineberg will announce how many deaths and injuries he has linked so far to gm ignition switches. publicly 13 deaths and 54 injuries have been linked. public regulators feel the figures are much higher.
6:43 am
let's bring in christine romans. good morning. >> he's likely going to tell us how many claims he's got, over 100 now and how many he says are deaths. gm says 13 deaths. it's widely expected he's going to unveil more that resulted in deaths. >> when you talk about what type of compensation these families get. it's interesting. ken fineberg dealt with world trade center, boston bombings and bp. he has a long history of measuring what a life is worth in this kind of tragedy and what gm has to pay. what looks like $1 billion per victim, per fatality, plus $300,000 per spouse and child. there will be some sort of formula he'll use that will be extra for earnings potential. 1 million baseline for 13 people we know were killed. >> the question is how many families will accept this package? >> absolutely f. you accept,
6:44 am
you're waiving your right to sue gm. a bankruptcy judge has to decide what to do with families that decide they're not going to accept the deal. they're outraged and going to make sure gm has to pay in a court of law. it's bankruptcy. when old gm became new gm, the government turned this company around, it left liability in the old company. a bankruptcy judge has to decide if that will stand. >> thanks for being with us. some continue to stand by players even if they're accused of despicable acts. when is enough, enough? take a look at that next. oh, no, you can't open that. please choose one based on the cover. here we go! whoa... no test rides allowed. i can't show you the inside, but trust me. are you kidding me? at university of phoenix,
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ray rice is fighting back with an appeal. espn and pro are reporting rice with the help of the nfl player association will appeal his indefinite suspension. they say his punishment amounts to double jeopardy in other words the nfl can't hand down one punishment and then hand down a harsher punishment. rice along with his wife janay and little girl showed up to watch a football game, perhaps the first step to repair his image. yes, there was plenty of love from fans. many in attendance wore rice jerseys. for that matter, there were plenty of adrian peterson jerseys at the minnesota game.
6:49 am
peterson a star running back himself turned himself into police for child al abuse. police say he used a tree branch or switch to beat his 4-year-old son. authorities say the whipping caused the boy to bleed. fans like this woman did not care. she carried a switch to the game and was pretending to beat people while tailgating. nfl hall of famer chris carter is fed up with the controversy and says the only way to get players to take this seriously is to take them off the field. >> you can't beat a kid to make them do what they want to do. >> that's correct. thank you. >> thousands of things we have learned since then. now we're to the point the only thing i'm proud about is the team that i played for, they did the right thing. >> yes. >> take him off the field. i don't care. we're in a climate right now. i don't care what it is. take them off the dang field. as a man, that's the only thing
6:50 am
we really respect. we don't respect no women. we don't respect no kids. the only thing roger and them do, take them off the field. they respect that. >> as i said, many fans remain on peterson's side. how can so many fans be devoted to a player that it doesn't matter? maybe we're too goo football. dr. jeff, michelle turner, thank you for being here. i want to talk about a woman who brought a switch to the game and beat people during her tailgating celebration? what's up with her? >> i think there are people who feel their rights are infringed upon for disciplining their children. this is more than disciplining in the peterson case, this was
6:51 am
child abuse, we know it. no ifs, ands or buts about that. >> well, he habsn't gone throug the court process yesterday so it's alleged. >> well, alleged. the other thing is the hero worship. there's cognitive dissonance in psychology where our minds are on track with a person we may admire and it's difficult for us to live with the dual thoughts that this person that is this hero on the field can actually be someone who can hurt a child or a woman or do something so inappropriate and in this case so heinous. >> i think maybe the nfl, michelle, has done a great job into making these players into heroes. they've brainwashed us into buying in -- >> brainwashed, well -- >> buying into the fact that a football player can be a hero is strange anyway if you think about it. >> there is a lot to it.
6:52 am
with that woman, the word "fan" is derived from "fanatic" so there are crazies out there. when i saw that picture i said really, lady? press pause for one second. but second of all, i think there is something to this hero worship mentality because the networks, all of them that have sports packages, do a great job of this because we have these people who are just like us, they're humans but can do these superhuman things. we see them leap across courts, we see them slam balls, we see them collide into one another. we see them get up, we see them throw balls 70 yards and to us that's, like, wow, that fantasy thing that we see that we buy into. so, yeah, there is the whole fan worshipping thing to it. >> but it a fantasy. it's a fantasy to think of a person as being a one trick pony. these are human beings. chris carter is correct. we need to take these players off the field. the missing part of that is we need to get them therapy because these are complex individuals who have their own emotional issues, in the case of peterson, i believe, is being acting --
6:53 am
allegedly acted out towards a child. this is a man whose son died because of child abuse. how can you do something like that with your own -- with another child of yours and we're talking about a four-year-old. >> we'll get into that in just a second because i posted this question, is the nfl brainwashing us into loving players too much and i got such great responses on facebook and twitter. from steve "it's about winning. who cares what they do you have a the field as long as they perform on the field?" rob "brainwashing? i think it's called marketing." anthony "we put players on a pedestal they're human and humans make mistakes." >> which is why they need therapy. >> there's another aspect to this and i believe it's the fantasy football aspect because there's a bottom line to all of it. as fans we get into fantasy football, we make money off of what they do on the field. if they're not on the field, we get into these leagues. i heard guys yesterday say "i
6:54 am
don't care anything about their personal life, i just care about what they do on the field." that's because we're invested in on the field for them in so many different ways. >> that's sick, though? isn't it kind of snick. >> absolutely, but what we're not looking at as fans, or fanatics as you've said in a very correct manner is this whole idea, the complexity of the player. the nfl, the nba. these organizations actually want their players to get involved in the community, to be mentors, and that's the other part that we have to look at and where the organization -- specifically in this case the nfl -- >> they run promos during the game, the players going out to kids. >> absolutely. they need to be honest. so there needs to be, yes, you can headacmake them heroes. it's wonderful for children and fans but keep it real. if they do something that's wrong, you have to sanction, you have to discipline and get them help because they are human beings and not just one dimensional superheroes.
6:55 am
>> dr. jeff, nischelle turner, thanks so much, i appreciate it.
6:56 am
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>> hey, sounds good to me. apple did more than surprise the world last week when they gave away the new u2 album to all itunes users for free. guess what? it ticked off a lot of people. seriously. it showed up on their play list without their permission. cnn's samuel burke joins us with more on this. people were upset. it's u2! >> no good deed goes unpunished. i was on the treadmill and suddenly i heard the song and i said "who is this?" i checked my play list and u2 is on there. i knew they were giving it away for free. i didn't know they were forcing it on you so i checked google and twitter to see what people were searching and a lot of the the searches were "who is u2? jts " a lot of people didn't even know who u2 was. one guy on twitter wrote "who the heck is u2 and why are they in my music library." people didn't know who they were. it's in there.
7:00 am
>> tell about your call to your mom. >> i told my mom what i told you she hung up on me and said "you're not very respectful of middle age people." so if you type in "who" in twitter the first thing that pops up is "who is u2." >> i'm with your mom. how can you get it off your phone? >> that's the other thing people have a problem with is they don't know how to delete it. you have to go into music and swipe left to delete it. but you have to do it song by song and then it stays in the cloud so i say apple has another case of the clouds because you reason what happened with the hack today toes and people are saying "it's popping up again." one thing to note, apple just talked about the sales of the first iphone 6 and 6+. four million phones in 24 hours preordered. their stock is up. it looks good for iphone 6 even if it doesn't look so great for the cloud. >> all is well for apple. samuel burke, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.


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