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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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michaela is a moo doumy doula. >> i'm going to miss you. this is going to be the aboutest thing in your life. >> just beginning. so much news, we'll get you to "the newsroom" with carol costello. >> kate, you're the most beautiful pregnant woman ever! >> thank you, carol, now i'm really going to cry. >> i can't wait to meet the little girl in person. >>s that, sweetie. >> have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" most wanted. . >> the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> eric matthew frein suspected cop killer on the run. >> he is a hunter. he is a woodsman, and he is alleged to be sur survivalist. that is a deadly cocktail. >> small town pennsylvania on edge this morning. >> people are uneasy. they want to know are my kids going to be safe?
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also, ready to strike. american war planes targeting terrorists in iraq. as owe bama'obama's isis plan c major hurdle. we've had a right engine failure, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: terrifying moments at 10,000 feet. >> i heard a weird noise, the landing gear came up and then a pop. >> reporter: a jetblue flight, the cabin filled with smoke. >> i thought this was it, my wife was next to me, crying, and i was like here we go. >> reporter: alibaba will ring the opening bell. >> it could be the biggest business transaction in the entire world. >> it's like 12 companies. it's the ebay and amazon and paypal is pretty easy but it's a netflix, it's a groupon. >> reporter: we'll introduce to you alibaba. let's talk, live in "cnn newsroom."
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. we begin this morning just outside of scranton, pennsylvania, where fear and anxiety are replacing calm and quiet in a small rural town and accused cop killer is on the loose and the city's residents are on the lookout. the fbi has added eric frein to its ten most wanted list and offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to his capture. that's on top of the $75,000 pennsylvania crimestoppers is offering. frein is accused of opening fire on a police barracks friday killing one state trooper and wounding another before disappearing into the woods. let's bring in jason carroll, 20 miles southeast of scranton. tell us more. >> reporter: we're here in canadenasas, pennsylvania.
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people remember frein walking the streets in full military gear. you can imagine how nervous people were last night after police received a credible tip that he was out here in the area near the home where he grew up with his parents. so what police did is they sent in a very heavy police presence that we saw out here last night, armored cars, helicopters, armed police, state police, patrolling the streets. they actually blocked off the streets leading into the neighborhood where eric frein grew up. investigators saying actually early yesterday afternoon they basically feel as though they have many tips, many leads leading them to believe that eric frein may still be in the area. >> at this point we have additional reason to believe the subject remains in the area. we're fairly confident in that information. while we continue to follow up on any other tips or leads that we get, regardless of where
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those are, we have really focused our search efforts over a fairly broad geographic area. >> reporter: when it comes to the broad area they're talking about, much of it is as you can imagine ka are ol a heavily wooded area. what they're doing is working on a grid system and systematically trying to eliminate things like aju apan donned cabins and campsites, hoping that will some way help them narrow their search. state police also telling us they're holding back on releasing a lot of information about their investigation. they have reason to believe that frein may have access to news reports and may be listening. carol? >> tell us more about this militia group that frein supposedly belonged to and police say he became delusional and started to believe that everything was real about this, this group that he belonged to.
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>> reporter: well that's debatable, carol. this airsoft group that he belonged to, these are basically sort of like a real life gaming community, and some of those that we have spoken to, basically they re-enact military scenes, combat scenes, they do it out in the woods, things of that nature. some of those people who we have spoken to on the phone say this is harmless, good fun and some people take it to the extreme. and in the wrong direction, case in point frein. so this is one group that he belonged to but this is a young man who basically grew up with guns, grew up liking the military lifestyle, again, many people that we spoke to in this community here remember seeing him walking around in full military gear. they thought he was in the military, he was not. so this is someone who had a love of guns. he's well versed with guns. his father has said and told investigators that when it comes to shooting, that he rarely
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misses. >> jason carroll reporting live from near scranton, pennsylvania, this morning. some harrowing moments aboard a jetblue flight, smoke filled the cabin and so did panic, just minutes after takeoff. listen to this passenger. >> the engine blew out. we were out over the ocean -- >> reporter: what do you mean the engine blew up? >> our right engine blew out. >> reporter: you heard it in. >> it popped, blew out, smoke engulfed the cabin where you couldn't seat person next to you. >> reporter: that bad? >> it was that bad. >> scary, right, with emergency vehicles lining the runway the plane landed. several passengers were hurt in the frantic scramble to safety and much of the ordeal caught on cell phone cameras. here's more from stephanie elam. >> ladies and gentlemen, we've had a right engine failure. >> reporter: terrifying new video from inside the cabin of jetblue flight 1416, the air thick with smoke. >> keep your seat belts fastened. >> reporter: it was shortly after takeoff something went
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wrong. >> i heard a weird noise. the landing gear came up and a pop. >> reporter: en route from austin, texas, to long beach, california, the airline says there was an issue with the number two engine on the plane. >> please stay in your seats we'll try to clear the cabin of smoke. thank you. >> reporter: the oxygen masks failed to deploy forcing at tend ants to manually release them. >> we were way over the ocean probably a couple miles out and you immediately got the smell and it obviously something burning. >> reporter: the pilot immediately turned the plane back to long beach. you can hear babies crying as the 142 passengers and five crew members wrbrace for an emergenc landing. >> once we got over land it was jarring all over the place and then people started to get really worried. >> reporter: he thought he was going to die. >> i thought this was it. my wife was right next to me, we were going on vacation and she held me, she was trying krooig and i was like well, here we go. >> the scariest thing probably
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coming down for landing and the flight attendants were yelling "brace, brace, brace." >> brace, brace, brace! >> they kept repeating it and it was at the top of their lungs. >> reporter: after landing safely, a round of applause from all on board. >> 1416 is on the ground. 1416 will be evacuating. >> reporter: the control tower told the pilots smoke wasn't coming from the engine. the passengers weren't waiting, they quickly escaped down the slides. >> it was hoo hot to wear black. >> reporter: "twilight" actor jason wrathbun tweeted photos to his family, the plane in the background. four people were injured, thankfully none seriously. >> i'm happy to be alive. i don't think i'll ever be mean to anybody ever again. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. >> wow. a new development in the international fight against isis, just a few hours ago, france's president confirmed
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that his warplanes launched their first strikes against the terror group in iraq. he says francis air strike completely destroyed a warehouse in northern north eastern iraq. u.s. military officials tell cnn isis is modifying its behavior to become more elusive from those future air strikes. here's cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: today u.s. war planes destroying a new kind of isis target in iraq. training camp near the stronghold of mosul. the strike eliminating an armed vehicle, two buildings and a group of militants. this as the war on isis as it moves from defense to offense. testifying on the hill, secretary of state john kerry described the group as far from invincible. >> i don't think these guys are ten feet tall and the intelligence tells us that as we've begun to hit them, we've been able to prove that to some degree. >> reporter: the u.s. battle plan still does not include u.s.
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troops in combat, though the vice president like general martin dempsey before him appeared to leave that option open to consideration, telling reporters in iowa, that will be determined "based on how the effort goes." for now though the burden will fall entirely on indigenous ground forces. in syria, the goal is to create a rebel force of roughly 5,000, capable of fighting in large, organized units rather than in small teams. pentagon says however training such a force could take a full year. in iraq, iraqi and kurdish forces will fight on the ground. the u.s. advisers have now determined that no more than half of the iraqi army is fit to partner with u.s. forces. the rest either poorly led or dominated by shiite militias. speaking before the house armed services committee, defense secretary chuck hagel again spoke of a long, difficult
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military campaign. >> this effort will not be simple. we are at war with isil, just as we are at war with al qaeda. >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn, washington. it's official, scotland will remain part of the united kingdom. [ cheers and applause ] that was the reaction from pro-union voters earlier today as the results from the historic referendum vote came in. 55% of voters said no to the measure. the undecideds clearly breaking open a vote too close to call. for some the results were heartbreaking, weeks of hard campaigning were not enough to sway the public toward independence. outside of ten downing street prime minister david cameron praised the results. >> the people of scotland have spoken, and it is a clear result. they've kept our country of four
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nations together. and like millions of other people, i am delighted. >> cameron also addressed those disappointed by the vote. he encouraged voters to see the referendum as an opportunity for change moving forward. still to come in "the newsroom," we know how big that security breach is at home depot. christine romans tracking that story for us this morning. hi. >> carol, home depot has a dubious distinction this morning. it is home to the biggest pack in history. i'll have that right after the break.
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checking some top stories for you at 15 minutes past the hour, joan rivers personal doctor issues two flat out denials saying she did not perform an unauthorized procedure before the comedienne suffered cardiac arrest and denies snapping a selfie while rivers was under anesthesia. tonight rivers daughter melissa will make her first television appearance on an e! news special celebrating her mother's life. in hawaii scientists are keeping an eye on the lava flowing from the continuously erupting kilauea volcano. it creeps toward a minute highway on the big island. geologists can't predict when the lava will stop. today is the day for people to get their hands on the iphone 6. apple raked in a record 4 million orders in just 24 hours and says walk-in customers will
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find only a limited supply of phones today. home depot has a brand new distinction, its credit and debit card hack is bigger than target's, much bigger. herer the numbers some 56 million cards have been compromised at home depot, while at target hackers got their hands on 40 million. let's talk about that with cnn money's christine romans. >> 56 million debit and credit cards. it went on so much longer than target. target was noticed after three weeks. this went on for months as far back as april hackers have been able to skim this information from the point of sale systems at home depot. >> was there some way home depot should have known? >> i say yes. the retailer should have known. it was a cyber security blogger and the banks at the same time and law enforcement noticing on the dark web your information was for sale and so they alerted home depot and home depot says they've been able to shut it down and find this malware that was, put on the payment systems
6:18 am
and operated freely for all of those months, they have shut it down now, but retailers, security experts told me retailers are among the weakest in terms of cyber security. >> so the people who planted the malware, they're still out there somewhere, right? >> yep. devising new malware i'm sure. home depot says they've never seen this malware before, it was a custom sort of one-of-a-kind kind of just for home depot malware that they put on there but that's what these hackers do. they try to knock on the door, they find the weak door, they three to find a door that's unlocked and they get in, and then they run rampant with our stuff. 56 million, this gives it the distinction of being bigger than target, probably the biggest retail hack in history. >> what should do you if you have a home depot card or debit or credit card? >> even if you didn't shop at home depot, you should check your statements going back to april. everybody should, because these hackers have, every month there's a retailer hit, go back to april, home depot apologizes and says they'll give free
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credit monitoring. you should take advantage of that. when it turns into something you have to pay for every month then don't. don't give somebody money to do what they should have been doing in the first place which is keeping your information safe. you check yourself and your bank may have already alerted you. your bank has software to find patterns that are different in your behavior. so trust your bank if your bank says we see something fishy. >> christine romans, thanks as always. i appreciate it. still to come in "the newsroom," new surveillance pictures of the night 18-year-old university of virginia student heather graham went missing. and how police hope they will inspire someone to come forward to figure out why she vanished that night. when la sends sales rep steve hatfield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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she is one of at least four women who have gone missing in virginia over the last five years. university of virginia sophomore hannah graham was last heard from september 13th, when she left a party and then sent a text message to friends. these new surveillance images that police hope could help them construct a time line, the images show a man following hannah on foot near a downtown charlottesville mall. and police now have a person of interest that they're trying to track down in the case. they're looking to are a black male in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5'10", 250 to 285 pounds with a close-shaved head, a goatee and slight beer belly. the case stirs up difficult memories for the parents of the other women whose cases have never been solved. last night the mother of morgan harrington talked about whether the disappearances are connected.
6:24 am
>> i really don't know if it's a cluster phenomena that just is kind of a coincidence or if it's actually a pattern of a predator. even if you take part of them out as non-pertinent to one predator, if it's just a cluster phenomena of crime, that's still a problem that needs to be fixed. if it's one man top tier predator who is in that area, we need to find him. >> the fbi also trying to find hannah fwra ham attempting to piece together her movements of that night through some of her text messages to friends. randi kaye has more for you. >> reporter: new video of university of virginia student hannah dwra hgraham caught on c after a long night of drinking with friends. as times she appears disoriented and confused. at 1:06 a.m. these surveillance cameras show hannah on the mall in downtown charlottesville.
6:25 am
see the man in the light colored shorts? he ducks into a doorway when hannah passes by. he follows her. >> she was vulnerable, that she may not have been in a position to protect herself or defend herself. >> reporter: the man seen in the video tailing hannah told police she appeared distressed, and he wanted to make sure she was safe. also that he stopped following her after he saw a black man approach hannah and put his arm around her. police have not commented whether or not they believed the first man's story. as for the second man, he isn't seen anywhere in the surveillance video, though late thursday, police did say they want to speak with him. about 20 minutes after hannah was seen on that mall surveillance camera, 1:20 a.m., police say she texted friends about a party, but never showed up. the text was the last anyone heard from her. >> there was a particular text that would lead us to believe she was lost. >> reporter: lost in an area police say she was familiar with
6:26 am
and there's more. surveillance video from earlier in the night, 9:30 p.m. friday night, that's when hannah graham left her apartment. she grabbed dinner with friends, then went to a party. after leaving that party around 12:15 a.m. saturday, she headed toward an irish pub. 45 minutes later, about 1:00 a.m., police say cameras caught hannah running toward the downtown mall. strangely, nobody appeared to be chasing her. which brings us back to this video, a jewelry store on the mall at 1:08 a.m., the last time hannah graham was seen on camera alive. >> pick up the phone and tell us something regardless of how insignificant you think it might be. >> reporter: her parents released this statement, "hannah is beyond precious to us, we are truly devastated by her disappearance. it's totally out of character for us not to have heard from her and we fear foul play." they may have good reason to. at least three other young women
6:27 am
have disappeared here in the last five years, including virginia tech student morgan harrington. she went missing in 2009, after a rock concert at uva. no arrests were ever made. police have reportedly checked the area where harrington's remains were found for clues in this latest case. that has some raising concerns about a possible serial killer, but police remain laser focused on finding hannah graham. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> so if you know anything, please pick up the phone. still to come in "the newsroom," you know what ali baba is? like ebay or amazon? it's the giant making history this morning. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. >> hi, carol. minutes ago before the opening bell alibaba will not be opening its doors for business i will
6:28 am
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good morning and thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello, ahead this half hour, going public. it's ebay, netflix, amazon, uber and so much more. we'll tell you all you need to know about alibaba. plus boots on the ground, bill clinton speaking out on america's fight against isis. hear what he has to say about our chances of winning a new war in iraq. and skipping town, our dana bash chasing down congressmen racing for the exits. >> reporter: congressman?
6:30 am
>> let's talk. live in thes "cnn newsroom." alibaba, the chinese e-commerce giant is set for the largest ever ipo on the new york stock exchange this morning, the site is valued about $168 billion, just ahead of amazon but not too far behind facebook. so what could you do on alibaba? what is it? you can buy stuff just like on ebay or plan a night out on the town like you can with open table or uber. you can also use it to pay for things online just like paypal. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange to tell us more. >> good morning, carol. you can feel and hear the excitement when the opening bell rang. this is alibaba's day in the sun. everybody really excited, especially jack mao. one trader telling me jack was
6:31 am
here as early as 6:00 a.m., which is hours before any usual ipo folks usually get here. he was so excited he went out in front of the nyse and apparently took a self-ie of him and more than 100 reporters out in front of the new york stock exchange but interestingly enough, though the opening bell rang, alibaba will not be open for business, not just yet. [ bell ringing ] this is how a stock is born. the trading day begins at 9:30. this is where it all starts, alibaba will ring the opening bell, but when that opening bell rings, the stock won't start trading at least not yet. the bankers in charge of alibaba's ipo must decide what time and what price to open at. that's based on the orders that are coming in and the number of shares up for sale, simple supply and demand, but the timing can be complicated. >> there's no telling how much time that takes and it ranges. gm was a large ipo that opened before 9:45. twitter which was highly
6:32 am
anticipated but also coming on the heels of the challenging facebook open, that opened around 10:45. this is potentially the largest transaction that's ever occurred in history. and so i think the underwriters are going to take their time. >> reporter: the newborn stock has a name, baba, that's the ticker symbol it will trade under. then it happens. alibaba opens for trading. the company completes the biggest ipo in history, and hopefully no technical glitches or major price drops steal the spotlight on its big day. and if you're curious what's going on, on the floor right now, a lot of people crowding around post eight, where a lot of the orders are being taken and held until that sweet spot, that price is going to be decided upon when alibaba will actually make its public debut. if you're curious about who rang the opening bell, jack mao was not on the podium, it was actually some of his customers,
6:33 am
a farmer, a teacher, kind of apropos for a guy who runs a company whose mantra is that the customer always comes first. carol? >> nice. alison kosik reporting live for us this morning, thank you. isis has released a new slickly produced hostage video, this time it shows a british journalist, john cantley reading a prepared script. the message clearly targets the west saying the u.s. can't win a war against isis and cantley says it will be followed by other messages continuing that same theme. also new this morning, dozens of british muslim leaders have signed an open letter calling for the release of alan henning. he was captured by isis as he tried to provide aid to the syrian people. the british journalist is also under the threat of execution. in the meantime u.s. military officials tell cnn that american war planes are at the ready to launch air strikes on isis in syria. this morning we learned that france car rid out its first air strikes over iraq.
6:34 am
former president bill clinton says the united states can win this war but it can't do it alone. >> so the reason i think that the president's strategy to combat isis has a chance to succeed is that the iraqi government finally includes sunnis who were representing those tribal leaders who were moderate and without whom isis cannot be defeated. we can't win a land war in iraq. we proved that, but they can, and we can help them win it. and that's got to be what we're trying to do. >> let's bring in cnn's karl penhaul live in london. what do you make of that new pop beg propaganda video put out by isis, it's a different tact, right? >> reporter: absolutely carol, different from the previous hostage videos we've seen alan henning, of course, is the other briton under threat of execution by isis.
6:35 am
we saw him kneeling at the hands of this man we know as jihadi john waving a knife over him, pretty much like steven sotloff and james foley before them, but the video with john cantley was different, he was sitting at a desk, almost broadcast news style. his hands were not tied. he was free to move his hands around, and at one stage he said oh, you may think that i'm making this statement because i'm a prisoner, and then kind of puts two fingers to his head as if to say well, yes, i am a prisoner, of course, and he says, but what i'm going to be doing over the next few days, over the next few weeks is bringing you a series of programs, a series of reports to tell you about the truth of isis, so we're going to have to keep our eyes on really what the focus of that is, and how he is treated, but certainly in the case of alan henning, a taxi driver from northern england, there's a sense there that the clock is really ticking down for
6:36 am
him. >> it's all worthwhile when you see what is needed actually get to where it needs to go. >> reporter: that was christmas day last year, big-hearted taxi driver alan henning was taking aid from britain to syria. he was the only non-muslim in the convey. his fellow volunteers nicknamed him gadget. he was deeply admired. henning sacrificed christmas, weekends and family time to do his bid for syria. he was kidnapped by isis a day after that video was made. he's now under threat of eminent execution. as the clock ticks down, those who made the trip with him are making this plea via youtube to isis leaders. >> alan was moved by the suffering of the syrian people, in particular the children, that he devoted all his free time in raising money and awareness.
6:37 am
please do not take his life to pay for the crimes that the international governments have committed. alan ignored advice from the british government and took the risk to travel to syria to help the people. ♪ >> reporter: and on thursday more than 100 british muslim imams and organizations, including moderates and conservatives issued a statement. their message is part appeal, part condemnation of isis. >> the unislamic fanatics are not acting as muslims but as the prime minister as said, they are acting as monsters. they are perpetrating the worst crimes against humanity. this is not jihad. >> reporter: mustafa field, one of the organizer s has a direct message to the executioner known as jihadi john, also believed to be british. >> john, we as muslims are here
6:38 am
to preserve life. we can't condition this barbaric action. turn back, face justice, and repent. >> reporter: those who travel to syria with henning have stayed clear of tough talk, adopting instead a softer voice. >> your prisoner, alan henning traveled with us several times to syria, on all occasions we, our muslim brothers, brought him with us under our care and protection. >> reporter: there may be sharp differences in tone, but all those now appealing to isis agree the cabbie with the heart of gold cannot be left to die. >> no sacrifice we do, it's nothing compared to what they're going through every day on a daily basis. >> reporter: now of course, a lot of focus on alan henning and how to save his life now that he is under eminent threat of execution, but some of the focus
6:39 am
also shifting to the new video showing british photojournalist john cantley who appears to be announcing that he'll be making a series of reports over the coming days, although he himself says he doesn't know if he will be allowed to live or if he, too, will be murdered. carol? >> it's just so -- it's just -- it's as if isis has made this man its spokesperson. it's really eerie. >> it is very eerie to look at it, although certainly very different in tone to previous hostage videos, because there is no executioner with a knife in that video. also, we don't know if this is simply isis changing tactics, finding new ways to shock us or perhaps if this is a scheme hatched by john cantley to prolong his life, saying let me do something for you, try and buy time. we'll see how this one plays
6:40 am
out, carol. >> karl penhaul reporting live for us, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," quiet day in washington, as lawmakers actually race out of town, just hours after approving the president's plan to arm the syrian rebels. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more. >> reporter: just a few moments ago there was a huge group of students behind me to probably come to see their congress at work, the problem is, congress isn't working today or for the next six weeks. we'll have more on that after the break. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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all right, vice president joe biden about to speak at a special conference going on right now, in fact, we're going to go there live now? there it is, the women's forum that's just began. the dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz is at the podium. hillary clinton and joe biden expected to speak. hillary clinton we expect to speak around noon eastern time, of course when that occurs or when vice president joe biden begins to speak, we'll go back to this event live for you. in other news this morning -- in addition to vice president joe biden, president obama and hillary clinton, as i said, are also expected to take the stage at that event, in the meantime on capitol hill the senate has given the go ahead
6:46 am
for the president to arm syrian rebels. thanks to the house that critical vote was tucked into the bill that would keep the government running. yesterday dana bash asked harry reid why the senate wasn't having a standalone vote on isis? let's just say he dodged the question. >> it's a complicated issue. the house has acted. we got the bill last night and we're going to vote on what they sent us. i think it's important that we have the ability to arm and train the rebels. it's the way we're developing an international coalition and i feel comfortable where we are. >> reporter: senator it looks like you're trying to hide this vote for the rank and file. >> yes. >> to be clear that, yes, was the senator moving on to another reporter? he sort of like brushed dana aside and moved on because he apparently did not want to answer the request he? so let's bring in cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana
6:47 am
bash. you did a lot of chasing around in washington yesterday. >> reporter: and there aren't any people to chase anymore, if you look around here, it's pretty empty, pretty lonely here at the capitol this morning, because lawmakers went home to try to keep their job instead of staying here to do their job. congress racing for the exits, cars line the parking lot waiting to whisk lawmakers away, home to campaign for six weeks through election day. congressman? leaving a lot on the table. especially debate over a new authorization of new military force against isis. >> there is broad agreement in the country that this isis group is a threat. >> reporter: so why not stay and debate it and not go home if your constituents believe there is a real threat? >> i don't disagree. i'm prepared to vote yes on the use of military force, so i'm not ducking any vote. >> reporter: any rank and file members many are frustrated about bolting. i get the importance of
6:48 am
campaigning, but really, while all of this is going on in the country? >> as if there's not enough to do, and it's not just the war issues, it's immigration reform, it's enda, a number of different bills. >> reporter: there is of course a lot of blame tossed around. republicans blame the democratic-controlled senate. why don't republicans who run the house stay, don't go home, don't go home to campaign and work on that authorization? they have the ability to do it? >> well, dana, the problem is that we have a do nothing senate. >> reporter: republicans also blame the president. why not stay here and debate abauthorization for use of force which is congress's job? >> absolutely and i wish the president would ask for one. >> reporter: and democrats who run the senate point to the house. >> tradition i think began because of the house of representatives runs every two years and for many, many years the house has adjourned for the month of october. >> reporter: senator susan collins is up for re-election but in a safe seat and wanted to stay. >> but my job is to be in the
6:49 am
capitol working for the people of maybe main and the american people and that's where i think we all belong right now. >> reporter: lindsey graham is also on the ballot and blunt why they're leaving. >> we seem to be more worried about who runs the place than how the place runs. >> reporter: senator before you get in the car could i ask you a quick question? >> sure. >> reporter: freshmen senators are appalled. >> we need to be here and debate this issue. >> reporter: at this point there's no reason to stay. carol, there really is at this point broad bipartisan agreement that congress does need to act to vote on a new authorization for military force against isis, but now that they're gone, that's not going to happen at least for two months, likely more. >> all right dana bash, great story, i enjoyed it actually in a sick kind of way. dana bash reporting live from washington this morning. let's talk more more about this with cnn political editor and editor-in-chief of "the daily
6:50 am
beast" john avalon. welcome, john. >> good morning, carol, wow! >> if war can't keep congress in washington, what can? >> apparently nothing. just reality check here. these are government workers who get 200 days off a year. it's the least productive, least popular congress in american history. they spend more time fund-raising than legislating. it's a national disgrace. >> i couldn't agree more. we're about to arm the syrian rebels and "we'll talk about the rest later" is apparently the message. will it matter in the long runs to voters? >> it should but i think frankly our standards keep getting so low. we're surprised, frankly, when they do anything. and that's a happy surprise. i mean, you know, wherever this divided dysfunctional congress does anything it's because the two leaders realize they've got to shut down their own crazies
6:51 am
and get something done with outside urgency like the threat of war, war authorization, but the idea you can put off the details in issues of war and peace for two months is indicative of the culture up there. and dana nailed in the that package. they want to spend more time keeping their job than doing their job and that should make citizens angry in our republic. >> let's talk about that. is it time to finally re-evaluate term length. representatives serve two-year term which is means they're constantly campaigning and raising money. why not change things? >> well, that's a complicated fix and i'm not sure strld the intended effect. but the whole point about they're spending so much time campaigning and fund-raising, the pursuit of money in politics gets to the heart of it because they're spending their free time fund-raising. these folks work long hours outside of capitol hill but they're dialing for dollars, they're not thinking about the big issues or doing their constituents' wishes or work so we desperately need election reform.
6:52 am
we need competitive districts. there are only 35 competitive districts in the congress right now. so these folks are constantly preoccupied winning primaries. so we need election reform to improve and make congress more functional and less divided and have the capacity to reason together again. and adjusting the term, that's a long ball, may be a step towards the conclusion but it's not an easy quick fix that one. >> sadly, you're right. john avalon, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it as always. >> thanks, carol. i'm back in a minute. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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you well though about the controversy surrounding the nfl and domestic violence and child abuse. well, the white house has now weighed in on the matter, this from a senior administration official and i'll read it to you off my e-mail here. the official said "the league needs to get a handle on the problems since so many professional athletes are considered role models to younger players. obviously as a general matter i think everyone would agree the most recent revelations by the nfl is really deeply troubling and the nfl has an obligation not only to their fans now the american people properly discipline anyone involved in domestic violence or child abuse and more broadly getting control of the situation." again, that's from a senior administration official weighing in on the domestic violence and child abuse controversy surrounding the nfl. we'll have more for you on this later on on cnn. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break.
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