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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 26, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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by isis, but not a card carrying member, someone not directed to come here and carry out an assault. it's way too early. they are just starting to follow the threats. >> got it, enough. martin savage following this bizarre story from oklahoma. thank you. it is the top of the hour, i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. this is cnn's live coverage of the war against isis. for weeks we watched videos like this one, textbook propaganda showing victory after victory, isis fighters winning battles and steamrolling through towns. today for the first time, cnn cameras caught something different. a fire dwight between isis militants and kurdish fighters. as the bullets lit up the skies, turkish, kurd and syrian
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refugees watched on. >> isis has been making progress. a few more miles each day. [ cheers ] yes, that's cheering as eventually isis fell, retreating after taking too many hits. as for our own battle with isis in washington, the top brass at the pentagon had an update for everyone on how the war is going. let's head to jim sciutto, he was there asking some very good questions what did defense secretary chuck hagel and martin dempsey have to say? what did you gain from what they told the american public today? >> we pressed them on a couple things. one thing was whether u.s. and the coalition would come to the aid of those syrian kurds that we saw battling those isis fighters live on television. this is a part of eastern syria that u.s. air strikes have not extended to yet. those syrian kurds are facing the same genocidal threat that
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we saw the people in northern iraq face, other groups as isis sweeps through their territory. they kill them, take their women and children. so i asked him why hasn't the u.s. come to their defense? secretary of defense chuck hagel said they're aware of the situation, aware of the threat, they are talking with coalition partners including turkey about what they could do to come to their aid if possible. the other thing i pressed him on, it was only last money when secretary hagel and martin democra dempsey were testifying on capitol hill and they were asked will they request u.s. troops to take up fights against isis. he said if i feel that that is needed, i will make a wreck dis. for ten days we had denials of
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that. i asked him again that question today. listen to how he answered. >> i'm not talking about a large presence, but, for instance, helping in targeting air strikes or forward deployed advisers. are those specific missions that you might ask the president for u.s. forces? >> i just stand by the statement. i will make a recommendation. the president gave me a mission. destroy isil. and i will recommend to him what it takes to destroy isil. >> you heard that, don. no walking back of his vow, if he feels necessary to accomplish that mission he was describing, if he feels it necessary to request u.s. ground troops, he will ask for them. he's not talking about a big, occupying force 100,000 troops like in iraq. i asked specifically about functions like targeting for air strikes, where would have special forces on the ground helping the warplanes to hit the
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targets they need to hit, or the military advisers on the ground in iraq, instead of being at command centers, being up close to the front line. those are both things he said that if he felt they were necessary, he would ask the president for him. he hasn't said that's necessary, we don't know what the president will say, but he said if he feels it necessary, he will go to him about it. joining us now is far rea turkey seems reluctant to get involved even though isis is on its border. why do we need turkey and why aren't they on board right now? >> it's a great question. in the short-term, isis had 49 hostages. they took over the turkish
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consulate in mosul, 49 hostages plus one dog. they have been negotiating or what was described as a political operation had been underway to try to get them back. last week i was at a meeting with erdogan, the president of turkey, he revealed what happened was they got the hostages back, they got them back with a prisoner exchange. they did not make assurances to isis that they would not attack them. all of a sudden turkey is in a different position. it has freedom to act and maneuver. we should be pressing them hard for precisely the reason you're describing. we do need a ground force. the ground force will not be americans for a bunch of reasons, and it's not even a good idea for it to be american. the turks are a powerful fighting force. very good army, nato, even a
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good air force. if they got engaged and were the grounds for the to american military power, it would be much more effective because they're not going home. at the end of the day, we go home. >> i want to ask you this, before i go into who signed on, new people that signed on to the coalition. as you look at the video, it's fascinating because many military experts i have been speaking to said you guys are making isis out to be, you know, much bigger than they are. they are the bully on the playground. we tapped around the edges, now we punched them in the nodse. is this video helpful to you? >> yes. this is not a massive fighting force, they are not capable of holding vast swaths of territory. the maps we show are somewhat misleading because a lot of that space is desert.
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what they hold are a few cities like raqqa, not even cities, but towns like raqqa. they are fearsome, dedicated, willing to die, willing to fight. they're very different from al qaeda. al qaeda was mostly foreign fighters. al qaeda was mostly a foreign army encamped in afghanistan. isis are a local group for the most part. yes, they have foreign fighters, but mostly disaffected sunnis. so the strategy has to be political and military, because they live there. they draw on the locals. >> you said not going home, not going away, that's been the theme throughout our conversation. speaking of that the coalition, britain signed on as well as others. the question is why isn't egypt
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there? you said this will center on arab nations. that's key here. why isn't egypt there? >> egypt is mostly internally convulsed. they're dealing with putting their own house in order. again, we could press them, the honest truth is the egyptians won't be as impress ive as the turkish army. >> wouldn't it be great if this is a security alliance and that part of the world now develops into something like this? >> the most promising piece could be something of an agreement between arab states and iran, because now they have the same enemy. isis threatens iran as much as saudi arabia. so this deep divide you've seen
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between shia and sunni, maybe they can come together at least for some workable arrangement. it's always helpful in international relations to have a common enemy. >> smank you. sma thank you. smartest man in the room. fa re just ahead, the man on the border during that firefight is with me live. >> and heated protests erupt after the ferguson police chief apologizes for the death of michael brown. i will speak to the man who took over security in ferguson during the most heated protests. you make a great team.
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for weeks we have been speaking of isis brutality and seeing the terrorists in action in only the way they want in propaganda videos. here now you will witness isis as you have never before, live in battle, under fire. the remarkable viewpoint coming from cnn crews positioned in turkey near syria's border in the town of karaca. the voice you hear in the following clip is phil black at the border. but they have been reporting to us each day that isis has been making progress. a few more miles each day. just take a look up at that ridge line now.
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[ cheers and applause ] what you are seeing is tracer fire moving in to that ridge line that is currently occupied by isis forces. and around me the kurdish crowd is cheering. take a listen. john, it's getting dark here so increasingly difficult to make out the figures on the ridgeline itself but we can see from that tracer fire that they are still receiving incoming fire. they have been seen carrying the wounded from that location. >> phil, the refugees, you were all watching this like they were rooting for a team. tell us how they found this location that gave such an incredible vantage of this
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fighting. >> indeed, don. we were surrounded earlier today by turkish people, kurds also, but also some of the refugees that have made their way across this border in recent days and weeks. they were fleeing the sort of fighting you were watching there. those isis fighters have been converging on this area of northern syria, that territory is largely ethnically kurdish heading towards the main kurdish town of kobani, only a few miles across the border behind me. it's that advance, from those kurdish fighters that you saw there, as well as those fancying towards the town from other areas as well that has created very much a humanitarian crisis here in this border region. during this week we've seen around 200,000 ethnic kurds crossing into turkey seeking shelter, dropping everything, abandoning their livelihoods,
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their lives and homes, grabbing their children is running. such is the fear isis has generated in the community. as we have been told they are doing it, as we saw firsthand today, it is generating more fear and they are also claiming civilian lives. a lot to of the refugees crossing this border and we have been talking to them in recent days have been talking about their own intimate experiences with isis. the day isis came to their towns and villages and killed their loved ones, caught in cross fire, executed or wiped out by isis artillery. if isis continues to advance through this region, the expectation is that it will continue to get worse frm. >> all right. please be safe. phil black there. we want to go to chicago, they're holding a press conference about the worker who tried to commit suicide and held
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up air traffic. >> one other employee, an adult male about 50 years of age was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. this is a joint investigation between a number of agencies. atf, fbi, faa, aurora police, aurora fire, king county sheriff's office and naperville police are also assisting. flights are currently arriving and departing in the chicago area at a reduced rate. the faa is encouraging people to contact their airlines for further information as many flights have been delayed or canceled. any questions about flight operations should be directed towards the fbi. that's my -- i'm sorry, faa. too many initials.
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>> what can you tell us about what the individual said to your officers or firefighters as he was being treated and transferred to the hospital? >> would be inappropriate to talk about information learned during the investigation. at this time i will not comment about statements. >> what condition was he in then and now? >> multiple stab wounds. there was blood loss, he was taken to the hospital and was treated. he is currently in stable condition. >> what damage did he cause to the facility? >> i don't know. i have no idea about faa or any kind of computer guy or anything like that. i can't tell you what was damaged. >> have you identified him? >> can i -- >> can you identify him? >> no, i cannot. >> there was a facebook posting out there that has been attributed to him, are you aware of that and some of the motives he expressed on that page? >> i have been aware of the
12:19 pm
facebook postings, but i can't comment whether or not -- how far that goes, but the investigation is ongoing. i don't think it's appropriate to start jumping to conclusions until we put those pieces together until we understand who is doing what to whom, what transpired. [inaudible question] >> pardon? >> what is being done at the house at naperville? >> that's the residence of the individual. right now it's being watched until we have an opportunity to get in the house and search the house for evidence that way. >> do you know what charges he could face? >> again, a federal charge. i'm not a federal agent. so i don't know. one of the federal agents may be able to answer that. >> is there a federal agent who may want to talk about that? >> tom hearn from atf. the u.s. attorney's office has been kept apprised of the investigation. any charges that come out will come from the u.s. attorney's office.
12:20 pm
this is a federal crime, right? >> yes, it is. but this is a joint investigation that we're working with our partners here. the crime scene is still being worked on. you know, the fire scene is still -- evidence is being examined, gathered. so the investigation continues. there's a great deal of work that has to be done. there are interviews to be conducted with witnesses and other co-workers. so it will take a while before the investigation is concluded. >> can you confirm that the radar lines in the facility were purposely cut and gas-soaked rags were used to set fires in the facility on those pieces of equipment? >> we can't confirm any of the investigation at this time. you know, it's still being examined. we don't know what his motive was at this point. so the evidence is still being collected. >> tom, would you discuss what's being attributed to you today, that he was upset about a --
12:21 pm
>> i was going to finish up your question about the -- again, we're not faa agents, so we don't know what damage is done to that facility. the only people down there were the firefighters, their first reaction was to put out that fire. when they came across the individual, they had to deal with that process, get him help. evidence processing. it will be a while before we understand what all was damaged in there. that's not police or anybody else's purview, that's faa. we need to get our stuff done so they can get in there and process. >> officials in chicago, illinois holding a press conference updating the public on what happened. i'm not sure who that gentleman. i know tom is head of atf in chicago office, saying that this is a federal crime, the u.s. attorney's office will decide charges. they're updating the condition of the man saying he had multiple stab wounds when they
12:22 pm
found him, loss of blood. he's at the hospital now in serious condition. they did not identify him but they say he is from naperville, his house is under surveillance, they were trying to get in and search it so see if they could find information on what caused this, naperville a very big suburb of chicago. the fbi, atf, local police working together on this. flights are arriving and departing at a reduced capacity, many flights have been can canceled or delayed. it was a night of protest and arrests in ferguson as people there make sure their police chief knows they will not accept his apology. coming up, ron johnson on what is being done to keep the police. >> all i got to say is this [ bleep ] tragedy. we all know that. i'm sorry. i said that from my heart.
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12:27 pm
in the ferguson community to address the crowds and take questions from protesters. as you can see, that did not go over well. it led to chaos and arrests. here's more of how that played out. >> stop pushing us! [ bleep ] that was a bad idea. really was. bad idea. why are you pushing? [ bleep ] pushing. stop! [ bleep ] >> that was a bad idea. >> you have to stop that. >> please stop it. >> all i got to say is this [ bleep ] tragedy. we all know that. i'm sorry, i said that from my heart. [ bleep ] you don't have to accept that.
12:28 pm
you don't have to accept that. that came from my heart. i had to get that off my chest. that was sitting there for two months. >> why? why two months? [ bleep ] >> man, nobody wants to hear that. [ bleep ] >> stephanie elam joins us now from ferguson. stephanie, why? >> why go out there? is that your question? that's a question a lot of people have. why go out there at all. about whether or not this was a good idea, you could argue that. some are saying at least he tried. others are saying too little too late. why are you just coming out to apologize. one thing that the takeaway from all of this is is he's saying i couldn't apologize right away because we were in the midst of this investigation, all that was going on. i have wanted to from the beginning. this is the first time i got the chance to.
12:29 pm
but the entire situation devolved last night, because many people on the street were calling for the chief to resign. he said let's just have a conversation. people are saying take a change of pace here and listen to me. not exactly the way i'm sure they wanted this alleged apology to go. it started off that way, but it didn't end that way. >> the thing is, you know, you have met the chief. he's -- you know, he's a nice enough guy. he's not a city slicker. that's the best way of putting it. but, one wonders why he would -- why he would just go out and do that. what people really want now is an indictment and an arrest. and they want an apology on top of that. that was a small part of it. can you talk to us about this controversy unfolding, the man
12:30 pm
overseeing the public relations for ferguson and the man who was allegedly the brainchild for the apology video? what happened? >> yes. i spoke with him at length today. his name is devon james. he was brought in to do pr for ferguson. he was working before all this happened, before mike brown was killed. he was moved on to do pr. it came out in a local newspaper that he was convicted in 2006 of manslaughter, aggravated manslaughter. because of that, this came out in the newspaper, then he was fired. while this whole apology tour was happening, he was supposed to be here with the police chief, but he wasn't because he was fired. when i talked to him today, he said everyone has known about his background. listen to what he had to say to me today.
12:31 pm
>> i come from the streets. i worked my way up. i overcame challenges from gangs, being shot myself. this incident was part of that. it was, again, one of the trials and tribulations that i had to overcome. i started my company shortly afterwards and have been doing everything i could to get my life on the right track, and to get going in a different direction. i've always been forthright with my clients about that. >> i should always point out that while the partnership may be done with him, the mayor of ferguson says he has known about james' background and that he supports him and what he thinks he has done with his life to turn it around is amazing. devin james says he does not believe the police chief is a racist. he believes he's a good guy just trying to do his best. lots of interesting characters here in ferguson. >> stephanie elam, thank you. i want to bring in state highway patrol captain ron
12:32 pm
johnson, he's not only been monitoring what's happening in ferguson but was also put in charge of security after those heated protests more than a month ago. thank you for joining us on cnn. i knows there some positives, a lot of positives coming out of ferguson, missouri. can we get this out of the way before we talk about that? why would -- i guess we don't know what's behind his motivation, but did that serve to accomplish anything by the police chief going out on the streets of ferguson? >> i don't believe so. i believe the intentions were there. that is not what the protesters, citizens are ready to hear right now. i think we're trying to gain trust. trust takes time. you know, i talked to the chief this morning. i think he regrets going out there last night. the timing just was not perfect for last night.
12:33 pm
>> yeah. it was poor timing. and of the apology, he said last night -- as he was walking, he used some expletives about why he did it, it's been on his heart. do you -- what do you make of his apology? >> i do believe it's something he's been tussling with. you know, as far as what thought process went into making it yesterday, i'm unaware of that. all the people in the decisionmaking process. >> so, i think you know this, maybe you'll -- you know, maybe you'll agree or disagree. he's a really nice guy in person. i just -- maybe he doesn't understand the magnitude of what's happening or the optics of it. he is a very affable guy when you meet him. i wonder why he would do that. any way.
12:34 pm
let's move on. you have not spoken to the media in some time. you were giving daily updates, nightly updates, that subsided because on wednesday you held a press conference. what came out of that? >> we talked about the positive things in ferguson and also the negatives. the protests cannot take away the freedoms of our citizens. there's a lot of positives going on. we haven't been doing news conferences because we've been attending meetings, attending panels, going to schools. wie been meeting with business leaders, usually my day starts off at 8:00 in the morning and ends 7:00 at night. most days i get into the office for an hour or so. a lot of things are going on. >> is there a sense that things are getting better there?
12:35 pm
i haven't been there in almost a month. is there a sense that things are getting better? people were jumpy. we hear about infrequent skirmishes, is there a general sense that things are better? >> i believe things are getting betterment we still have a group that's intent on keeping the fire going that i believe truly don't want it to get better. this has become a part of their daily lives. for the most part, over 99% of the people here are looking for it to get better and are doing things to make it better. >> the big question is, i don't know if you can answer this, why no indictment? why no arrest? why hasn't anything happened to the officer? >> once again, you snow, i always talked about my charge has been making sure that the freedoms of the people to protest and freedom of speech and the safety of the citizens and businesses here are my task. the task as far as the court
12:36 pm
proceedings, those aren't tasks that i have. those aren't -- i'm not a part of that decisionmaking process. i don't have contact with those entities that are charged with that. >> and is there any -- i don't want to worry people unnecessarily, any concern that if something does not happen soon, that there will be more unrest? >> my concern is that people are safe. i'm not going to anticipate what someone is going to do, what a group is going to do, what our community is going to do. that's unfair. i think a lot of people want to put thethe -- defined the actio of the people of ferguson. we have great people. we need to make sure we stand up and show the nation who we are, not be defined by those intent on negative behavior. >> captain ron johnson, appreciate you taking the time. good to see you. next time i come, hopefully it's under better circumstances.
12:37 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, will the united kingdom join the war on isis? moments ago we got the answer. my next guest says america should wake up and demand congress do the same thing. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. new fiber one streusel. [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades --
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12:41 pm
british lawmakers voted today for the strikes on isis 524-43. my next guest is a senior correspondent for your sed line says wake up, america. it's time to properly debate our endless war in the middle east. we saw parliament in the united kingdom debating this issue. do you think our congress should be taking it up and debating it like that? >> absolutely. it's not just my opinion. the american republic was designed so that issues of war and peace are so important, they're not left just to the president. they're left to the people through their representatives. unfortunately our representatives have been out to lunch on this war. >> you used the word abdicated. >> yes. congress has essentially abdicated its role on foreign policy. in a sense the american people have done so as well by not holding them to this.
12:42 pm
we've been in iraq on and off with a few cigarette breaks since i was 8 years old. we're going back in just a few years after we withdrew and the withdrawal was popular at the time. now we're going back in, and general petraeus said in tokyo this would be a year-long operation. that should be debated. >> the withdrawal was very popular and still is popular. the american public is, as we say, all warred out. there is war fatigue here. isn't congress following the lead of people because that's what recent polls show, that there's was fatigue but people support striking isis. >> right. people do support striking isis, but part of the reason that the support is there, there has been no discussion of the costs to american treasurer, to american honor or integrity. we're just getting reports from the "wall street journal" about the back room deals with saudi arabia over how american troops might help syrian rebels engage
12:43 pm
assad after they take on isis. you know, a year ago the president was urging us to intervene in syria on the side of the rebels against assad. now we're intervening against some of those rebels in isis. this should be bewildering to the american public. >> it will take more discussion, if you saw the video and what happened live on cnn, this is real. they're beheading people and shooting people. takes much more than discussion. >> of course. listen, i'm no apologist for isis. it's no wonder it's popular to confront them in some way. but america's record of just engaging in air power over iraq was a failed one in the 1990s. it didn't accomplish what it needed to. so what we're going to see, i think over the next six months is more and more talk of how do we get ground troops.
12:44 pm
>> i think they already talked about it. they say ground troops don't have to come from america but they believe they will be needed in order to stop isis. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, we'll bring you on board the ship launching air strikes against isis. cnn is there.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
the united states is carrying out air strikes on isis
12:48 pm
targets in iraq and syria. many fighter planes are coming from the persian gulf. on the deck of the uss george h.w. bush, becky anderson is on board right now. >> it's around 3:00 in the afternoon here on the aircraft carrier, the u.s.s. george h.w. bush what you are witnessing are the f-18 hornets or super hornets returning from training or armed mission. it's incredibly noisy. it's incredibly hot from the exhaust. it's quite something. >> that was becky anderson on the deck of the "u.s.s. george
12:49 pm
h.w. bush." some senior leaders of the al qaeda cell targeted in u.s. air strikes may have survived, and they could still be plotting against america. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] momentum has a way of quietly exploding onto the scene. ♪ the new ram 1500 ecodiesel. with 28 highway miles per gallon, 420 pound-feet of torque. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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♪ ♪ ♪ woooooah. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow. breaking news. the u.s. state department reportedly tweeted out possible images of dead isis fighters. i want to show you a state department twitter page called think again. many of the tweets denounce isis and highlight victories in the battle against isis.
12:53 pm
some images show debris from air strikes. some images show isis militants with stolen food. let's bring in our jake tapper, the host of "the lead." tell me about these tweets that abc reports showcase dead isis fighters? >> this is part of an interagency department called the center for strategic counterterrorism communications. it's basically intended to counter pro-jihadist propaganda with propaganda from the west, from the u.s. government. it's been going on for a while. the department was set up in 2010 under the obama administration. mainly it has focused on transmitting information in arabic. but in the last few months, it's been doing more things in english because there have been more isis fighters from the west. and you can find -- it's actually called "think again, turn away." it's basically aimed at mocking isis and pointing at the
12:54 pm
hypocrisy of their "islamic beliefs" by pointing out all the things about isis and similar groups that are horrific, that we report on all the time. it has only about 10,000 followers on facebook. there have been questions raised about whether or not this division is worth the $5 million or $6 million it costs taxpayers every year. but the counter argument to that is, should they do nothing to combat this? this obviously was a mistake, the u.s. state department has not responded to numerous requests for comment from cnn about this incident showing these allegedly dead isis fighters tuesday and deleting it by yesterday, i think. >> i wish we had more time. but if i spent more time with you, i would go over into your show. >> that would not be acceptable. >> and you'll have more information coming up in your show. some senior leaders of the al qaeda cell targeted in u.s. air
12:55 pm
strikes may have survived and could still be plotting against america. that is next. while every business is unique, everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses. and that's where pg&e's online business energy checkup tool can really help. you can use it to track your actual energy use.
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it is time to meet our cnn hero of the week. >> i love being a mom. it's a most rewarding thing i've ever experienced. on the flip side, the financial burden of having a child is just tremendous. so many people have such an abundance, and so many others strive to afford even the basics. who wants to water? i remember reading an article and it was about a mother who decided to give her child up for adoption because she couldn't stand to hear her crying from hunger. i just thought that no mother should ever be faced with that
12:59 pm
choice. that was when i decided that i needed to do something. i started to collect excess baby gear. and that was when this was born. boys' clothes are to the left. girls on the right. we like to call them shopping days. because they're shopping. they're just not paying anything for them. >> i've been out of work for about ten months. new clothes, diapers and wipes. they're a constant expense. it was hard to afford the things that i needed for my kids without an income. the things that i got today will allow me to put that money towards my rent or my bills. >> every child deserves a fair start. and if what we're doing helps bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds, even in a small way, then it's definitely worth all the hard work.
1:00 pm
>> that is it for us this hour. thank you for joining us. i'm don lemon. have a great weekend. i'm going to turn it over to jake tapper now with "the lead." raw video on live television of isis taking fire at the local crowd goes wild. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead, until now, we've really only seen isis terrorists doing battle in a dressed-up black flag watermarked propaganda video. but today cnn was there as kurdish fighters took on isis fighters at the border. the national lead. a sickening case of workplace violence in the nation's heartland as a recent convert to islam allegedly beheaded a co-worker. is this at all related?


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