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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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protesters in hong kong are threatening drastic new action. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get close to his family. don't let them get in the white house ever. >> one day after being grilled on capitol hill, the head of the secret service hands in her resignati resignation. it all follows news of another security lapse by the people assigned to protect the u.s. president. . >> u.s. health officials say
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hospital workers in dallas, texas, seem to have missed a glaring red flag in the case of the first person diagnosed with ebola in the united states. >> but now looking into why the man was not hospitalized the first time he showed up in the emergency room he actually told the nrs he had just come from africa. dr. sanjay gupta has our report. >> health officials in dallas are working to identify every person who's been in contact with the infected man. now identified as thomas eric duncan. he had multiple interactions over more than a week. so they're monitoring more than a dozen people for symptoms, including five school age children from four schools. but so far, none has been confirmed to be infected. >> every step, every contact where he might have had direct physical contact with somebody. and for each one of those contacts we will monitor them for 21 days after exposure. >> the patient flew from liberia on september 19 and landed in dallas the following day. it was four days later when he first developed symptoms.
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he walked into a dallas emergency room on the 26th. he told the nurse he had traveled to africa. but he was sent home with antibiotics and did not undergo an ebola screening. on sunday the 28th, his condition worsens. he returns to the hospital by ambulance and is placed in isolation. on tuesday, the 30th, lab results confirm the patient has ehlo bah. a failure to communicate, we are told, among hospital staff led to the patient's release after his initial visit. >> he volunteered that he had traveled from africa in response to the nurse operating the checklist and asking them questions. regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team. >> reporter: today, the patient is in serious but stable condition. >> he mains critically ill, but what we do is make sure we get him any support and treatment that might help. >> to curb infections, texans
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doctors insist every precaution is now being taken. >> the people caring for the patient have a buddy watching them to ensure that they're doing all the things proper for their own protection. it happens to be a segregate area away from any other patients by convenience, and we have put restrictions so that there's no traffic coming through that area. >> with a mortality rate of approximately 50%, state and federal officials are in full force to prevent more ebola victims. >> i have no doubt that we'll stop this in its tracks in the u.s. but i also have no doubt as long as the outbreak continues in africa, we need to be on our guard. >> doctor sanjay gupta, cnn, atlanta. and now according to the latest figures from the world health organization, there are more than 7,000 cases of this virus. about half of them confirmed to have been deadly. the vast majority of those are in liberia where nearly 2,000 people have guide.
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guinea and sierra leon have been hit hard and a handful of ebola cases have been reported in senegal and nigeria. >> the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. that's prompting some to question the safety of air travel. >> reporter: the liberian government tells cnn the infected passenger, thomas eric duncan stopped in brus sells on his way back to the u.s. we now know he boarded united airlines flight 951 to washington dulles, connecting to another united flight 822 to dallas. local governments in ebola hot spots screen passengers with temperature scanners. and look for obvious signs of illness. >> we make sure that every single traveler who leaves that country is tested to see if they have a fever before they get on the plane. if they have a fever, they don't get on the plane.
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>> reporter: cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen and her crew were checked at liberia's airport as they prepared to leave. and when passengers arrive on u.s. soil, customs and border patrol officers are supposed to question their whereabouts and visually scan for symptoms. but cohen was surprised there weren't more thorough checks. she said officers were unsure of what symptoms she would experience if she was infected. >> to bolster the screening effort, cdc has been training officers to make sure they understand and they have been trained on the symptoms of this illness. >> the most important thing to do is ask every patient with a fever have you traveled and if so, where. if they tell you they' just come from west africa, put them in isolation immediately. >> reporter: and while duncan was not showing symptoms, which experts say means he was not
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contagious, "the new york times" reports that he had just helped a pregnant woman who died of ebola hours later. >> a lot of cases in the cdc, testing 98 of them, so far only one has tested positive. the one in dallas. >> better to be careful. right. all right, we will continue to follow that story. we want to turn to this other big story, hong kong. protesters are raising the stakes in their campaign for what they call true democracy. their main goal remains the same, to win the right to pick hong kong's next chief executive without beijing screening the candidates. >> now the protesters are also demanding current chief executive, cy leung step down at the end of the day. otherwise they'll move in and occupy key government buildings. let's get the very latest. andrew stevens is live in hong kong. he joins us now.
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if they do move into those building and occupy those government buildings is that a red line for authorities there in hong kong. >> well, you would have to say so, john. it's a big escalation. it's automatic the police would respond to any what is essentially an invasion of government offices. he said there would still be a decision made, but if you look at what happened last time when people tried to get into the build, in fact, this is where we are right now, this is where they tried to get in, there was tear gas used. i just want to paint the picture for you here. this is outside the central government headquarters here and it's become, as you see, the hong kong wall of shame. if you look through the bars, you can see a pretty minimal police prevention here at this stage. but this is likely to be the focal point of any moves to
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occupy. just walking along this, you see there are hundreds now of these yellow ribbons sort of pledging their support to the protesters. and also some of the signs are interesting. this is a letter, call on the police not to tear gas their own citizens. a big banner here saying open this gate, open this gate. particularly interesting. tear gas only makes hong kong cry harder. welcome to our fenced, locked and guarded public square. and you see more and more of these. this is a reference to cy leung, the hopg congress leader who, as ewe say, they want his rez cig neigh. he's known locally as the wolf, which is obviously a pretty disparaging description of him. this is the place, as i said, on sunday night just up the road a bit, there were gas -- the police used gas ander. spry to try to get the crowd under control. some of them were trying to get in here. and that was kicked off by a protest led by joshua wong, just
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a 17-year-old student leader. he actually and a few others got inside the gate here, where they were arrested and detained. he is now back out of that detention. he's still very active in this student protest movement. i caught up with him just a few hours ago, and i asked him about this plan by student leaders to actually physically occupy the government buildings and whether he thought that was the right way to go. >>communist party of china is also effective and useful for us to organize. but brought the building of goth and further civil disobedience, rely on peace and nonviolence. >> but by walk into a building is going to force the police to act, do you worry that this could become another violent
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confrontation? >> i can assure this time we discuss arrest with the policemen. they have different burden for themselves president not everyone involved in such an action. >> so you support the action in general, that you could actually go into buildings. >> yeah, i support this action. try to have the negotiation, try to have a referendum or even a lot of demonstration while congress hong people fight for 30 years. we still can't get normal acceptable response. the final action for us. >> what is your message to cy leung as you describe your final action. >> he take responsibility to
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hurt the people and hong kong. he should step down as soon as possible. >> you say you are prepared to go back to jail to fight for your cause. what about your followers? what about your students? do you want to see them go to jail? >> no one want to go to jail. would not like to organize such civil dis-opaid yent action. i hope in this moment, they are home and have dinner with my parents. >> he's one of the faces, one of the key faces of this protest, john. and just -- it's gone 10 past 1:00 in the afternoon here. it's still very quiet here, considering this is wife, focal point. the deadline is midnight tonight. that's when the student leaders say they will begin this process of trying to occupy central, or
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occupy the central government offices if the leader cy leung does not step down, john. >> how much support do they have? we' seen thousands on the streets but that's a long way from everybody. >> it certainly is a long way from everybody. and there has been criticism of this movement no doubt. a lot of people expressing concern that their own businesses have been hit. they agree with universal suffrage an that hong kong should be allowed to choose the next leader of hong kong, but they don't support the methods because it's being destructive to hong kong commerce. and this being a drag mattic city, commerce is such an important part as it is with any city, of course. but here in hong kong, a lot of focus is on making hong kong run smoothly. there is some opposition, but
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you saw today and perhaps a few hours from now, there was a much broader sway of society, the community joining in with the students to show their support coming down here, sitting quietly. just to show their sol lairty for this. at this stage, the momentum is definitely with the protesters. if this goes on for a week and the economic impact becomes stronger and stronger, that support could start to waiver. >> which is what beijing could be counting on. andrew stevens, live there in hong kong with the very latest as we tick down to that ultimatum, just a couple of hours away. it's not a hard deadline, something like at the stroke of midnight they're going to rush into the government buildings. these things tend to mott mutter along by themselves. >> if it doesn't happen, it probably won't happen in that deadline, but it may happen just after that. we'll take a very short break. next here on cnn, the head of the u.s. secret service has resigned after coming under fire. reaction from the white house.
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>> welcome back. one of mexico's much wanted drug lords has been captured by the nation's military. authorities say he was taken in wednesday without a shot being fired. dna testing is under way do
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confirm his identity. >> this arrest happened at a seafood restaurant in a popular tourist town. mexican police say they've been tracking the man known as the engineer for 11 months. the u.s. state department said his cartel trafficked drugs and weapons into the united states. >> well, back in the united states, the head of the u.s. secret service has resigned under pressure, this after a series of the security breaches that called into question the safety of the president. julia pierson's resignation marks a swift end for the leader who assumed the job just 1 months ago. jim acosta has more. >> even as the white house was publicly backing her, it was a speedy departure for secret service director julia pierson. president obama and his homeland security secretary quickly accepted her offer to step down. >> they both agreed with that assessment because of the recent and accumulating reports that raised questions about the performance of the agency. >> and the questions were snowball, well beyond the
10:18 pm
stunning zurt breach involving accused white house intruder omar gonzalez. during a presidential visit to the cdc in september, a security contractor armed with a gun rode in an elevator with mr. obama, a blatant violation of secret service protocol, a lapse the white house didn't know about until 24 hours ago. >> did director pierson brief the president on that incident? >> i can tell you that the white house first learned of that incident yesterday afternoon shortly before it was reported by -- before it was publicly reported by news organizations. >> when the president tapped pierce son to become the first female director of the secret service, her mission was to fix the agency's culture. >> she's breaking the mold and i think people are all extraordinarily proud of her. i couldn't be placing our lives in better hands than julia's. >> peer sierson took over in the
10:19 pm
of an embarrassing scandal, a slew of secret service agents fired for cavorting with prostitutes in a trip to colombia in 2012. >> i'm deeply disappointed and the conduct of these employees. >> but pierson's sometimes shaky testimony in congress this week appears to have backfired. >> this is unacceptable and i will take full responsibility. andly make sure it does not happen again. >> her key sent democratic leaders into open revolt. >> i want her to go if she cannot restore trust in the agency and if she cannot get the culture back in order. >> joseph clancy has been named the interim director of the secret service until a permanent replacement can be found. in the meantime, jay johnson plans to name an independent panel of experts to review the lapses at the secret service. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> jurors in florida have
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returned a first degree murder verdict in the so-called loud music shooting case. michael dunn was convicted wednesday in the racially charged case. he admitted firing into a vehicle full of teenagers killing one of them. dunn claimed he believed the victim had a gun. but investigators say the 17-year-old never had a weapon and dunn kept firing even after the vehicle had fled. davis' parents spoke out after the verdict. >> we are so grateful for the jacksonville community who supported us the last two years. we could not have done this without your prayer s and your support. for those of you we may never know, we may never see. thank you. for uplifting us in prayer for justice for jordan. >> i wanted jacksonville to be a
10:21 pm
shining example that uktd have a jury made up of mostly white people white men and be an example to the rest of the world to stop the discriminatory practices, stop discriminating, stop looking where we have to look at juries and say what the makeup of juries are. >> dunn was convicted of four related charges but that jury was deadlocked on the first degree mur accusation and dunn will likely be sentenced later this month. he is facing life in prison. >> we will take a very short break. but the u.s.-led coalition is intensifying its air strike against isis. but the extremist group is adapting to the threats from above. we will look at how that's affecting the balance of power on the ground. just take a closer look. it works how you want to work.
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fithen a little family fun...... with breakfast for 4 and wifi. join us for the family fun package. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. >> at least 48 people were killed after two explosions outside a school in syria. >> 41 of the victims in children. tate media says first a car bomb exploded before this happened.
10:24 pm
>> the second detonation set off by a suicide bomber appeared timed to inflict even more destructi destruction. syrian media said the twin attacks happened just as the children were being let out of the class for the day. >> so far no claims of responsibility for the cowards who did this. >> just horrifying. the u.s.-led coalition carried out anotheight air strike again isis on wednesday. >> three of them hit near the border town where extremists had been trying to move in the past week or so. the rest of the strikes targeted positions around iraq. air power alone is not having a huge impact on the balance of power on the ground. >> syrian kurds with battling
10:25 pm
militants on the border. >> u.s. and coalition aircraft unleashed the biggest day of the air campaign so far tuesday with many strikes targeting here. >> but isis is holding ground and even advancing. >> it tells me they're very resilient, they're adapting their tactics, so they move when they think they can. >> in baghdad, mortars reigned down at the home of the u.s. embassy. and on the streets of the capital, a deadly series of bombing in baghdad's shiite neighborhoods. at least nine people killed, 40 wounded following two car bombs and seven motor attacks. outside the capital, isis militants are testing baghdad's defenses from several directions. the u.s.-led air campaign adding more french war planes is coming under increasing scrutiny with
10:26 pm
the first reports of civilian casualti casualties. the obama administration now acknowledges the high standard it applied to drone strike, the near certainty there will be no civilian casualties does not apply over syria and iraq. the pepg says it is at times foregoing targets to minimize civilian deaths. however, former commanders say a broad air campaign is fundamentally different from relatively isolated drone strikes. >> a drone strike is going to be a single piece of munition. it's gong to be directed against a target that's been there probably for a while. and it's just very different from a fast-moving aircraft. >> this is now day 53 of the u.s.-led air campaign over iraq. day eight of the campaign over syria. and still no significant ground taken back from isis. pentagon officials say, however, it was never the expectation that a few weebs of bombing would turn back isis' momentum. they say this is just the beginning.
10:27 pm
>> when the bombings began, turkey's absence was well noted. but the turk irk military could soon step is into the fray. in the coming hours, law makers will vote in a special session on whether turkish troops should go after isis in iraq and syria. also at issue, whether foreign troops will be allowed to use turkish territory to launch cross border attacks. turkey has the second largest army in nato. and nato said the alliance will fight on turkey's behalf if it's attacked. turkish troops already amassed on the border with syria. still to come here on cnn, health officials say before this man was diagnosed with ebola vir virus, he may have come into contact with up to 20 people. a lot more on that when we come back.
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>> thanks for staying with us. it's time ocheck the headlines this hour. crowds are expected to swell as the day wears on in hong kong. it gets a little cooler. pro democracy demonstrators are demanding that the city's chief executive step downs by the end of the day. that's midnight, in fact, there. it's 1:30 there in the afternoon right now. or if he doesn't step down, they will escalate their protests by occupying government buildings. >> the head of the agency protecting the u.s. president has resigned after a series of security breeches. julia pierson says it's in the best interest of the security service for her to leave. one intruder made it inside the
10:31 pm
white house. another inside a gun shared an elevator with barack obama. u.s. authorities are look into how a texas hospital handled the first known case of ebola diagnosed in the united states. one senior officials say hospital workers dropped the ball when the man came into the emergency room by not alerting those in charge that he had just arrived from africa. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen reports. >> reporter: the family of 42-year-old ebola patient thomas eric duncan says he's in pain and hasn't eaten for a week. now in serious condition at texas presbyterian hospital. now norths are monitoring 18 to 20 people, including five children. they all had contact on duncan, on this his first trip from liberia to the united states. authorities want to make sure they, too, don't develop signs of ebola. >> the public can be assured you
10:32 pm
ire goi are going to be safe. this virus is isolated, is being contained, will be contained. >> reporter: but there are safety questions, here in dallas and in the united states. duncan arrived in the u.s. from liberia on september 20, five days later he went to the hospital for care but was sent home. and officials are saying in response to a nurse's question, duncan volunteered he travelled from africa. >> that nurse was part of a care team. and it was a complex care team taking care of him in the emergency department. that was not communicated to the full team. and the import of that information wasn't factored into the decision making. >> two days later, he returned to presbyterian hospital. a close friend said the hospital wasn't moving fast enough so they called the cdc. that led to to a phone call from
10:33 pm
the presbyterian hospital. after tests, it was confirmed he had ebola. we're told duncan has called family and friends from the hospital, prayed with them on the phone, and cried. while there are questions about the hospital's handling, there are also concerns about screening at u.s. airports. >> we have our feet sprayed. >> i came back from liberia just two days ago with at the airport, we told officials we had been covering ebola. no one took ore temperatures or asked if we had been near patients. only i was told to monitor my health for 21 days but no one told me what to look for. relatives of the patient have been advised to not go to school. >> we have custodians cleaning the building every day. but we're going to add custodian staff to those buildings. it's not a hardy virus, so regular disinfectants are going to help. >> health officials say everyone in contact with duncan is fine and are not in quarantine. >> people cannot transmit the
10:34 pm
disease until they have symptoms. individuals who don't have symptoms are not going to transmit the disease to individuals. the chance of transmitting them are zero. >> health officials say even with the first case of ebola diagnosed in america, the u.s. will never get to be anything like west africa where poverty and a weak health system have led to chaos and misery. elizabeth cohen, cnn, dallas. meantime, health officials are working to trace everyone who came into contact with thomas eric duncan during his time here in the u.s. we have more now from gary tuckman reporting from dallas. >> reporter: we've learned this is where thomas eric duncan was staying during his first trip to the united states, an apartment complex in north dallas. where authorities say the liberian citizen may have had contact with five children. those five children, says a liberian community leader in dallas, are the children of duncan's girlfriend, who duncan was visiting. stanley gay says he has talked to duncan's girlfriend. >> they are home, they are doing
10:35 pm
well. >> and the children as well? >> the children as well are doing fine. again, all she asks is for prayers. >> the five children go to four different schools in the neighborhood. the sam tasby middle school is one of them. she came early to pick her children up. >> i just got scared because i thought that this kid came to the school and had contact. i know it doesn't get contact by the air, but you never know. >> all five of the children who may have had contact with the man diagnosed with ebola are now staying out of school. but many of these parents were told those five children were in school on monday aez tuesday. maria has a son and daughter in one of the other four schools. >> i'm scared. i'm worried for my son and my daughter.
10:36 pm
and me. >> more than 3,500 children are enrolled in these four schools so there are a lot of concerned families. nobody can offer any guarantees. but the school district has told parents that the children are not in any imminent danger. all four schools are being cleaned and sanitized over the next several day, but they will remain open. students say they were given a piece of paper in school that explaned the situation in english and spanish. it said this morning we were made aware that a student in your school may have had contact with an individual who was recently diagnosed with ebola virus. did that worry you? were you scared? >> yes. and i don't feel like going to school tomorrow. >> i want to tell you and your mother you don't need to be scared because the person in your school doesn't have ebola. they were just near someone who had it. so you don't have to worry, okay? >> okay. >> daisy and betsy are fourth graders who are twins. >> what did you think about it? >> we got scared.
10:37 pm
>> you're twins and you talk at the same time. are you okay now? >> yes. >> the students here didn't have ebola, you know that, right? >> yes. >> okay. so are you coming back to school tomorrow? >> yes. >> authorities say the schools will operate as normally as possible the rest of the week. gary tuckman, cnn, dallas. the concern is totally understandable, but you have to keep the level of panic down. >> the one thing it does show that if anyone thought this was a problem confined to africa, that is not the casif it's deal in the united states or europe. >> and w.h.o. warned that. >> now it's come true. >> we're going to take a very short break. but just ahead, hong kong protesters are pressing beijing for democratic reforms. but how likely is it that china's central government will back down? we will explore that next. and then later --
10:38 pm
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this is a view of the street protests in hong kong. it's copping from a drone camera. and this perspective gives you a sense of the size of the crowd. pro democracy activists are asking leung to step down by
10:41 pm
thursday night. aear also calling for the right to elect a chief executive without beijing approving the candidates. crowds have been building for some time. and these are spectacular pictures. the cell phone light vigil which they held the other day. >> they are shoulder to shoulder there. there's a lot of people on the ground there. but if the demonstrators move to occupy government buildings as they've threatened, how will china respond. >> if the past is any i indication, compromise is not an option. >> national day in china. >> pomp and patriotism is the communist party state. >> in hong kong, democracy, protesters turn their back on the flag. for many, the occupy movement
10:42 pm
looks eerily familiar. to the student democracy movement of '89 in tiananmen square. even the iconic goddess democracy, a symbol too for this new generation. in like in '89, they know their true opposition is in beijing and few believe he will give in easily. because president xi jinng is the most hard line leader in decades. >> for him to make a hong kong would be a tremendous lost of face. >> compromise also risks descent spreading to the mainland. she could tap into 6,000 of troops stationed in hong kong to restore order. in '89, they chose that route and killed hundreds if not
10:43 pm
thousands when the tanks rolled in. but even today the party is still living with the ghosts of tiananmen. >> the tiananmen square massacre sewed deep divisions in the communist party and hurt china's image for decades. it's the specter hanging over the senior leadership. >> and some supporters of the party say that the real lesson of '89 is that china is tired of turmoil. >> people in hong kong should draw a lesson from what we have learn the, that is turmoil is bad. stability has a premium. people benefit. business benefit from having stability. >> still, those fearing the worst know that in 65 years in power, the communist party is hard to predict. if pushed too hard for too long. david mckenzie, cnn, beijing. and the vice dean professor
10:44 pm
of the school of law. thank you for joining us. so we have this standoff. there are no good outcomes here really for the chinese of the president xi jinping, are there? if he crack downs on these students, the world will be appalled. they're watching. if he backs down, then he loses face. what is the compromise position here? >> in some sense, remember, this is a fairly complex electoral process question. so at the margins, we can imagine him finding ways to make certain concessions to the students in terms of the electoral process without giving up the game. without really turning over control of hong kong and the electoral process of hong kong to the general population. marginal kang changes in the electoral process. the other big question on the table is whether he internalizes the issue ops the table to the chief executive in hong kong in
10:45 pm
essence forces him to step down and acknowledge that these are errors that he caused. then that opens the door to a new phase of not quite negotiation, but shifts in the discussion. >> so he may become the fall guy here. but of course, the students have said, they threaten to occupy the buildings. they've asked for their chief executive to step down by thursday. what happens if they do occupy those buildings. how would you expect china to respond to that? >> i think the strategy that they have taken in the last several days, basically since the crackdown, used tear gas that brought on even more protesters and envieting more resistance is kind of a wait and see attitude. this is a busy commercial city. they're in the middle of this national holiday. there's every reason to believe perhaps within days and maybe within a week or two, interest will begin to fade. even the students will go back to work and classes and the like. and that it may sort of go by the wayside. so the extent to which the city
10:46 pm
can continue to function. it may be their approach will be even if they occupy certain buildings, we let them do that, let it pass. on the other hand, if they give into the demand of resignation by the end of the day today seems very small. that really would be very damaging to the reputation of the regime that they gave into this demand. it might be they do it two days later or three days later, but the likelihood of that happening seems small. >> then it depends in what the students are doing in that interim period. one strunt in the crowd that was holding a sign saying you can't kill us all, an apparent reference to china's crackdown in tiananmen square back in 1989. do you foresee a repeat of that at all? do you think that's even possible? >> if you think about the dynamic in hong kong, it really is a very different -- china in some sense has really created a dynamic of one country, two systems. these protests evolve around what that really means in practice. but it's a different place, hong
10:47 pm
kong than beijing. it's also a different time. the regime has learned a great deal since the tiananmen square crackdown. the regime has changed, the economic life has changed. it's hard to imagine that, especially given in some ways the ultimate audience for what happens in hong kong in the coming days and weeks is taiwan, as much as anything else. the regime's sensitivity to whether they can eventually convince taiwan to embrace one country, two systems. to crack down brutally or harshly would set back that goal in significant ways. >> we will certainly be watching very closely. the world is watching. thank you so much for talking to us on cnn. appreciate it. well, so far there's been little official comment from china about these protests. but the man who negotiated with the british over the 1997 handover to china is speaking out. he's speaking with cnn.
10:48 pm
>> translator: i think it's very dangerous. it's an obviously illegal movement. it has caused great harm to hong kong in the past few days. democracy and the rule of law are the pillars of economic prosperity and social stability in hong kong. occupy central has attacked both pillars. >> what is your message to the protesters. >> translator: the passion is kmebdable. they care about current affairs and politics and they care about the future of hong kong and china. but they tend to be gullible and excitable. some adults, i mean those suddenly show up in front of the youth to tell them what to do, what not to do. what should be done. we are all shocked.
10:49 pm
>> will china consider accepteding the people's liberation army soldiers if these protest movement continue for a longer time? >> translator: the past few days, the central government has stated many times we believe that the hong kong governent has the ability to handle the illegal acts of the occupation central. we fully believe so. >> some say there is a similarity between the ongoing protest in hong kong and tiananmen in 1989. do you agree? >> translator: you can't compare the two. >> and china's former vice minister for hong kong affairs there says china's decision to allow universal suffrage in the 2017 election is significant progress towards democracy. >> all right, we have this just in to cnn. at least three afghan soldiers are dead after a suicide bomber
10:50 pm
targeted their vehicle in kabul. eight others were wounded. it's the third attack on afghan troops in the capital in the past 24 hours. and these are the first pictures from the scene today. seven soldiers were killed in wednesday's attacks. the taliban has claimed responsibility for all three bombings. >> security a very good issue for the recently sworn in new president there in afghanistan. a lot more when we come back. you're watching cnn. this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪
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>> some of these guys will try anything to against attention. ♪ >> this professional clown and congressman and his new campaign ad. i need your vote for re-election, he raps. it's election season again in brazil. a time for odd ball campaign ads featuring an anti-communist superhero with laser beam eyes and a callout to legalize marijuana. in a bid to standout, candidates in the october 5 ballot dress up and even get their names legally changed. vote for jesus for state congressman. or wonderwoman. a handful of barack obamas and
10:53 pm
bin ladens. voting is obligatory in brazil and in a country where more than a million meem took to the streets to protest against politics as usual, many candidates hope to take advantage of free air time to tap into that frustration or at least appeal to voters' sense of humors. most brazilians get their entertainment on television, this man says. low-level education means elections are just a joke. people are simplistic, she says. they think everyone is corrupt so they vote for some guy because he's funny but it's not funny. he has to work for the people. everyone we've talked to says they're voting on issues and no one admits to voting for a clown, a superman or a bin laden. but four years ago, the clown was the most voted congressional candidate. his message for re-election? you want to know what the main role of a politician is, he
10:54 pm
asks? holing holding up a roll of to paper. >> you like the fat clown. >> you like wonder woman. yes, the fat clown did it for me. i like what he stands for. >> what was that? >> just fun. severe weather we're going to look at. it's hitting some midwestern states right now in the u.s. we're going to turn to derek van dam who has all the details. >> that's right. switching gears slightly. the things people do to get on television. we're talking about severe weather. we have a severe thunderstorm watch that was just issued out of the south central nebraska area. and this is a pretty strong line of thunderstorms that's racing eastward about 60 miles an hour. we're going to monitor that. we also have severe thunderstorms near kansas and missouri border. it's all thanks to a low pressure system that's deepening across the upper midwest through the early parts of the weekend.
10:55 pm
it's going to shift our chance of severe weather eastward as this cold front looks east. but look what's building in behind it, the coldest air of the season. we want to hold on to these temperatures as long as we can. i'm from the midwest, so i know. but unfortunately, the warm weather will go away. when we get these temperatures colliding, cold and warm air, 34 million people under threat of severe weather, a slight risk from chicago all the way to dallas. large hail, severe winds, can't rule out the possibility of an isolated tornado this thursday as well. this is a storm system that marches eastward. we even have the possibility of some snowfall late friday evening near maept, minnesota. look at these temperatures, we like to see the red this time of year across the eastern half of the united states. pay attention to chicago and minneapolis. we're talking about a 25-degree fahrenheit temperature switch from thursday into saturday. that's about 15 degrees celsius. a significant departure from normal to say the least. when we saw what brazilian
10:56 pm
politicians like to do to get on tv. weathermen like to put on cute pictures of walruses. walruses in the arctic, their habitat is under threat thanks to retreating sea ice. it's forming large colonies of these walruses, upwards to 30,000 to 35,000. look at these walruses starting to congregate on land because they don't have anywhere to go. they use the sea ice to rest and give birth. resting from diving for food. but without that sea ice there, they go to land. and they' been congregating basically on the northwest sessions of alaska, even parts of russia. this is near the bering strait. look at the different between sea ice from 1923 to 2013. the sixth lowest level on record. and that is causing this summer walrus distribution. that's the latest from the
10:57 pm
weather center. back to you. >> incredible immechanicages of walruses all packed together. >> it's just going to get worse. that's pretty sad. >> thanks so much. >> and you are watching cnn special coverage. i am rosemary church. >> please stay with us. errol burnett is. c coming up next with concerns about the handling of the first u.s. ebola case. >> also the rallies in hong kong. we will look at the new ultimatum issued by protest leaders. at t-mobile, get 4 lines for just $100 bucks. unlimited talk & text and now up to 10gb of 4g lte data. plus get the best trade-in value on you current phone guaranteed. [ male announcer ] even more impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning.
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watching from around the world. i'm errol barnett, with you for the next two hours. the world's biggest stories coming up. this hour, we begin with the first ebola patient confirmed in the u.s. has texas on edge right now. why some parents are temporarily pulling their children out of school. in hong kong, protesters are threatening to occupy government buildings if their demands are not met. we are approaching the deadline. we'll get you live to the scene for a report. plus an up-close look at how coalition forces and peshmerga are working together to battle isis militants in iraq. the latest information on that coming up. but first, we begin this hour with new concerns about how a texas hospital handled the first known case of ebola diagnosed here in the u.s. the country's top expert says health care workers really dropped the ball by not passing