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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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his family is facing under quarantine. plus, intense moments between police and protesters in hong kong. why the crowds refused to leave even though the chief executive is sending his tough top deputy to talks. australia becomes the latest nation to green light air strikes in iraq. we'll show you what's happening on the front lines in this ongoing battle against isis. in the fight against ebola liberia says it may prosecute thomas eric duncan, that's the first person to test positive for ebola in the u.s. the chairman of liberia's airport authority says duncan lied on an airport questionnaire asking if he cared for a patient with a deadly virus. witnesses said he had been helping ebola patients before he traveled to the u.s. liberia's president says it is unpardonable that duncan decided to fly knowing he'den exposed to ebola.
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>> with the u.s. doing so much to help us fight ebola and, again, one of our compatriots didn't take care so he's gone there and put some americans in a state of fear, and put them at some risks, i feel very saddened by that and very angry with him to tell you the truth. >> we'll take you now to developments out of kabul, afghanistan, standing next to the new president, let's listen in to their first joint press conference. [ speaking a foreign language ]
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[ speaking a foreign language ] >> we are standing by for a translation here, but we, of course, want to see what comes out of this press conference. you're seeing the nation's newly elected leader standing next to mr. cameron. kabul has still been the focus of taliban attacks in recent days and weeks and, of course, the country, this new leader, has signed the new status of forces agreement allowing u.s. and other forces to stay in the country past 2014. we're going to continue to listen in and see if any news developments come out of this press conference but we want to show you what's happening right now in kabul, afghanistan. we'll keep our ears closely tied to this and bring you updates as they become available. at this moment let's cross back to ebola. you know, duncan's girlfriend,
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the man who was in liberia and has now been diagnosed with the disease in the u.s. state of texas, his girlfriend and three family members are under quarantine in dallas, texas. authorities there are reaching out to dozens of other people who may have had contact with duncan. our martin savidge has more. >> reporter: the patient, thomas eric duncan, remains in serious but stable condition tonight in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital. health officials are taking every precaution reaching out to as many as 100 people who may have come in contact with duncan including the ambulance medics who transported him to the er, hospital staff, family, friends and their children. according to dallas' mayor he came into contact with up to 20 people. ducken's girlfriend and three family members are under quarantine in their dallas apartment. she told cnn's anderson cooper she has no symptoms at this point but is very worried. >> we have delivered several
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days of food to that apartment. those people in their apartment are part of dallas county and they are going to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity in this unusual situation. >> reporter: authorities at liberia's airport say duncan was screened three times before he boarded his flight to brussels and each time showed no temperature and no other symptoms. the airport official also says duncan answered no to questions about whether he had cared for an ebola patient or touched the body of someone who had died in an area affected by ebola. however, people in the community he was visiting say he helped lead a pregnant woman to the hospital who later died of the disease. his half brother says duncan was unaware she had ebola. >> he was far enough and ran to help her and drop and her half. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: his girlfriend said the sheets he used have yet to be removed. >> although all of the contacts will be monitored, when you quarantine somebody you feel that the risk is high enough you want to make sure that you don't miss the development of symptoms and have them have contact with somebody else. >> reporter: dallas independent school district superintendent mike miles says duncan came in contact with five students who attended four different schools in the area, dallas area schools, however, remain open. >> there's no reason to close the schools down. these students had not exhibited any signs of contracting the disease. furthermore, the time and incue base time couldn't have mathematically happened. >> reporter: although schools that might have been exposed have been disinfected. parents are taking every precaution. >> i don't think i'm going to bring him until, you know, i go to the doctor, check him and then see if he's okay. >> i'm worried for my son and my
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daughter and me. >> reporter: the cdc is giving out information cards to everyone arriving from west africa. the end pierre center of the outbreak. >> this is very likely to happen again and have to work to contain this in west africa. the only way of stopping it from happening. >> reporter: as they scramble to contain the virus and inform the public, questions remain about how this could have happened. when duncan began feeling sick the hospital in dallas didn't isolate or admit him. even though he told a nurse he had just travelled from africa. >> this was just a simple, you know, fault of human nature, it was a mistake, they dropped the ball. >> reporter: martin savidge, cnn, dallas. now to the latest out of hong kong. its chief executive says his second in command will hold talks with pro-democracy protest
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leaders. these are earlier pictures from hong kong. demonstrators say they welcome this first ever dialogue but the protests, they say, will continue, in fact, they've escalated with activists blocking vehicles going to leung's office and they want leung to step down immediately. he refuses to do so. >> translator: i will not resign because i need to continue finish working on universal suffrage so hong kong's 5 million voters can go to the polling booth and elect the chief executive. >> now, for all the details and the latest on the protests let's cross to our andrew stevens who is in hong kong. andrew, i understand some rain has moved in so we can't see you at the moment. as we look at this larger issue there are so many unanswered questions as to where all this goes from here. just by getting the government to agree to speak directly to one of the protest leaders is in
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itself a victory for this democracy movement? >> reporter: i think it's fair to say that, errol, in fact, in the two days leading up to that decision by the government to open negotiations, a lot of people were saying they had already scored a victory and show what a united force they were and sending a strong message to beijing and the fact that some of the advisers saying you should call it off now and now you've made your point but certainly opening negotiations for the government is a major coup for the student leaders. the question now, of course, is can they actually get any concessions and that's still a very, very open question. it is hard to see at this phase whether there would be any meaningful reforms which the students would agree to. the government has at this stage shown no signs of compromise, no signs of back ago way from the beijing decision to choose the
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next chief executive and no sign from the hong kong leadership that leung will step down. so they are still miles apart even though these talks are talks on constitutional reform, difficult to see that there would be meaningful enough reform for the students to accept. so this could continue and i just would like to answer that. the rainstorm where i am, the numbers have been very, very thin on the streets today. this time yesterday it was a public holiday, multiple times more people out here, it really has died down considerably today. probably because the result of these talks, there are still barricades blocking both entrances to the chief executive's office in downtown hong kong and there are still a few protests manning those barricades facing off against police but no tensions there and people now are more watching and waiting to see what happens with
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these negotiations and waiting to see what the leaders of this protest say next. >> yeah, the momentum certainly has ebbed an flowed over these past few day, hasn't it? a few hours ago i talked to mr. martin lee, the founding chairman of the democratic party there. he indicated that the protesters could stay through the weekend and the ball is in the hong kong government court. i know you said it's unlikely they'll get their specific demands but short of sacking c.y. leung, what options do officials even have? >> reporter: there's been a quit of what beijing decides is the best way forward. if you look at recent editorials in the newspaper which is the mouthpiece of the communist party they have given very, very strong ones on his stand refusing to accept any promise on this. so it's difficult to see where the government can go in its next step to bring about a
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resolution to this, errol, but the other thing to keep in mind is that this protest is now in its sixth day. hong kongers have generally welcomed the aim of the protest but certainly not all the hong kongers support the method of the process and as this drags on and the government has now made it quite clear and the police make it quite clear where we were outside the chief executive's office with thousands of protesters, we will not -- we will not harm you, we will not take any action as long as you don't push forward too hard. the standoff continues but if the protesters stay here and continue to gum up the works in hong kong, a commercial city, hong kongers themselves have a word and say enough is enough and try to bring the focus back from the streets themselves. >> andrew stevens live for us just past 2:00 in the afternoon where they are having their typical afternoon showers, thank you. we want to cross back to afghanistan.
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it's about 10:41 in the morning there. british prime minister david cameron holding his first joint press conference with afghan's new president, ghani. >> we want an afghanistan that is no longer a safe haven for terrorists or a threat to the security of either of our countries and today we've discussed how we can keep working together to achieve those goals. first, security. afghan forces are now responsible in every province and every city for keeping afghanistan's people safe. it is striking how far they have come. in 2001 there were no afghan security forces. now there are four -- how far they have come. in 2001 there were no afghan security forces. now there are four afghan army brigades it helmand province alone and across the country more than 340,000 afghan troops
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and police are leading 99% of all operations and carrying out over 90% of their own training. these are capable, determined forces. they secured two rounds of elections so that people across afghanistan could vote. and this year again afghan forces have proved to the taliban that their aims will not be achieved through violence and intimidation. if the taliban want to secure a role in the future of afghanistan, then they must accept they have to give up violence and engage in the potical process. that is the way to have a voice in this democratic country. i'm immensely proud of the role that british troops have played in this transformation making this country more secure, defeating the terrorist threat and training afghan forces. we are now down to one british base, camp bastion and all british combat troops will be home in three months.
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that meets the commitment i made in july 2010 that we would bring our combat troops home by the end of this year. but let me be clear, we will continue to support the development of the afghan forces through our leading role at the afghan national officer academy here in kabul. almost 200 officers have graduated and we would expand our contribution next year providing 74 mentors who will support the afghans in training more than 1,100 students including 90 women. we are not just helping to build a more secure country we want to help build a more prosperous one too and provide 178 million pounds a year to sustain the major progress which afghanistan has made over the last decade in areas such as education, health and services. and in november president ghani and i will co-host the london conference on afghanistan to
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secure continued support from the international community for afghanistan's development. we will bring together all our partners to assist this national unity government as they embark on vital reforms to revitalize afghanistan's economy. now, britain has paid a heavy price for helping to bring stability to this country. but this is where al qaeda trained their terrorists. this is where 9/11 and countless other plots were hatched. and afghanistan free from al qaeda is in our national interests as well as afghanistan's. and now 13 long years later afghanistan can and must deliver its own security. the work of defeating islamist extremist terror goes on elsewhere and because this threatens us at home, we must continue to play our part. afghanistan is a country
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transformed since my first visit. together we've made afghanistan safer and we've made britain safer. of course, the new government of national unity faces many challenges ahead. but president ghani and chief executive abdullah have already shown the leadership necessary to build a better afghanistan and in britain, you will always have a strong partner and a good friend. thank you. >> thank you, mr. prime minister. two questions. >> prime minister david cameron there discussing the many ways in which uk forces have helped in his words transform afghanistan, helped develop afghanistan's military which itself has been the subject of recent attacks in kabul, in fact, there were some three attacks over the past few days that targeted afghan soldiers, but here mr. david cameron saying that the country has helped those forces improve their skills, he's provided money for education and he's pledging now that even though uk
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forces will be out by year's end he will continue to work with its newly elected president, mr. ghani there co-hosting a conference in london soon and here discussing the way forward. we'll continue to listen in and bring you developments from this press conference as they become available. there are many other things happening in the world. we'll bring you the world's biggest stories, newest information after this short break. stay with us. [light instrumental music] ♪
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welcome back. the latest information on the global fight against isis. australia's prime minister has given the go ahead for australian fighter jets to begin strikes in iraq. tony abbott announced his government will send 200 forces there and told reporters that australia is involved in combat operations against an insurgency and in support of what he calls legitimate government of iraq. also, turkish lawmakers voted to have military action against isis in iraq and syria. parliament's decision is really a big shift for turkey which until now had offered only tacit support to the u.s.-led coalition of what is now some 40 nations. the vote comes amid reports isis has surrounded the tomb of the grandfather of ottoman's empire. although located in syria turkey was allowed to keep claim and
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guard of it as part of a treaty. meantime, isis somehow is still advancing on the town of kobani near the turkish border. more from our jim sciutto. >> reporter: even u.s. warplanes cannot keep them at bay. isis fighters now little more than a mile away from a key town on the turkish border. the militants proudly posting this video showing kobani's welcome sign. "we've won this position and will go all the way to their homes." >> reporter: fearing they'll's be massacred if isis overruns the town kobani's residents are now fleeing by the thousands. helping fight back against isis at least one american, kurdish commanders tell cnn jordan mattson, a 28-year-old army veteran from wisconsin believed shown here has joined the fight along the iraq/syria border. they call him a good fighter and say he was injured in combat.
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for days the fighting has been playing out like a war game visible from just across the border in turkey. and now turkey may join the fight. with isis on its doorstep and tens of thousands of syrian refugees flooding across its border turkey's parliament voted to authorize military action against isis in both syria and iraq. turk/can the second largest military in nato after only the u.s. could provide both its air power and ground troops. u.s. and coalition forces may also fly strike missions from turkish air bases. >> if the turks decide to conduct military operations in syria, they are far, far stronger than anything that they're going to face. so they could move into northern syria, set up a security buffer south of the border and that would put a lot of pressure on isis. >> reporter: today the architect of the 2007 u.s. troop surge in iraq, general david petraeus
11:22 pm
says he believes the war against isis is winnable. >> comes down to prime minister abadi performing tasks and the iraqi security forces performing tasks that we had to do in 2007 because the place is literally on fire. we should not underestimate the ability of this new government to reach out to the sunni arab community and to make them part of the fabric of society of iraq again. >> now, the rise of the islamic state was the topic of a rare meeting at the vatican. pope francis met with envoys on thursday. in the past few months he's strongly criticized isis and publicly endorsed the international air strikes. the pope and his envoys also discussed the persecution of christians in the middle east. and on that point in jordan iraqi christians are taking sanctuary in churches after isis gave them an ultimatum. now, these refugees are determined to survive and practice their faith freely.
11:23 pm
jomana karadsheh has their story. >> reporter: this is all this man 'and his family have left. athena might never see iraq again, a price they paid because of their fate. >> jesus christ tell the people, leave everything and follow me. so, we did. leave everything and god to be a christi christian, to stay in my religion. >> reporter: his family is one of more than 100 iraqi christian families who found sanctuary in this catholic church in amman. many are from the city of mosul, others from the christian capital of iraq once now both under the brutal rule of isis. >> many of the kids arrived with their families very sick because
11:24 pm
of the incidents they suffered in iraq. fe fear, insecure, no food. >> reporter: it's not the first time they have fled from extremists over the recent years but the first time they've left iraq. >> translator: our life is over in iraq. we were scared for our children. we lived very difficult moments. we didn't know if we'd leave safely or we would get killed. >> reporter: when isis took over in june the family left for a few days clinging on to a life they built they accepted the risks and returned. but in july isis gave christians a 24-hour ultimatum, pay a tax, convert to islam or leave. >> translator: i wish i wake up and find this all to be a dream but it's not. >> reporter: like other churches
11:25 pm
in jordan father khalid has opened his doors and they've created their own community. the women take turns cooking surviving on donations the church receives. their faces tell the story of their suffering, some have slept on sidewalks and in parks in iraq's kurdistan region before getting to jordan. but they say they're the lucky ones now in a safe place. 7-year-old rita doesn't understand why she's here. she dreams of a new life and says she wants to go to australia to play by the ocean, she's only seen it on tv. jordan is not home. it's a safe transit point for these refugees as they wait for asylum in europe for the united states, a wait that could last for years. jomana karadsheh, cnn, amman. >> important to remember so many of the refugees that isis has forced to flee are children and young people suffering each and every day. we'll, of course, continue to track that very important story. all right, autumn or fall as
11:26 pm
many call it is on the way but the changing temperatures are actually whipping up some very severe weather. meteorologist derek van dam joins us with more. >> that's correct, errol. in fact, i'm checking social media a few moments ago, people in northern texas felt a temperature drop of 20 degrees fahrenheit in 30 minutes' time. have you ever felt that before? that is amazing. obviously a battle of the seasons going on and it feels like autumn is winning. a significant cold front racing across the mid-mississippi valley. the latest watches and warnings from the national weather service. still a line of severe thunderstorms that could produce the tornado or two across mississippi. even stretching into southern seconds of tennessee. houston, you're getting battered by this line called a squall line. can you see that stretching across texas all the way through louisiana, all the way to kentucky. several reports of storm damage.
11:27 pm
we have also had a few reports of tornadoes just around the greater memphis region but also dozens of hail and wind reports specifically coming out of dallas. take a look at some of this footage coming out of that region. dallas, ft. worth texas, 4:00 p.m. thursday. this is the scene uprooting trees and roofs being torn off buildings downing power lines, no wonder that 140,000 electricity customers are still in the dark across the greater dallas/ft. worth area. even a state fair was halted temporarily on thursday afternoon as that squall line moved through and, again, like i already talked about temperatures dropped very quickly behind this front and dallas, texas, was not the only area feeling the effects. we had rainfall totals almost double what you would normally see in a month in only a period of 48 hours. take a look at kansas city and columbia, missouri. we have had upwards of 100 to 147 millimeters of rainfall so
11:28 pm
significant stuff. major cold front moving through and still have the possibility of severe weather tonight again dallas, texas, feeling the effects of that storm system, this is really starting to edge quickly away from memphis so going to start to retreat this chance of severe weather but look out for large hail and strong winds with this cold front moving eastward. battle of the season, still warm on friday across the east coast, that means new york city and washington, d.c., but pay attention to saturday's forecast for chicago. 9 degrees. that is 48 degrees fahrenheit, st. louis, you'll feel the temperature drop as well, 14 for your saturday afternoon and the east coast, well, you won't be spared. it is headed your way by the end of the weekend of that's all from me. >> push it back, dvd. >> we'll feel it in atlanta too. see you soon. another american infected with the ebola virus and this time it's a cameraman for u.s. network nbc news. what that network plans to do coming up. also, there were some
11:29 pm
intense moments in hong kong. at the moment this has given way to rain but protesters did block emergency vehicles outside the chief executive's office. details next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. ay... sometimes too close, which means we're always getting into each other's hair. that's why we use head & shoulders. keeps us 100% flake free, and smells gorgeous. i use it... my whole world uses it. head & shoulders. now smells better than ever.
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certainly appreciate you staying with us, i'm errol barnett. this is cnn. here are the top stories. a liberia official says thomas eric duncan answered no on an airport questionnaire asking if he had taken care of anyone with ebola. he is the first person to test positive for the virus in the u.s. witnesses say duncan had been helping ebola victims in liberia before traveling to texas. the u.s. military says it's sending even more troops to west africa to help support the fight
11:32 pm
against ebola. that's in addition to the already 3,000 troops announced. the military says it's working up plans to screen personnel for ebola before they return to the states. australia's prime minister given the go ahead for australian fighter jets to begin air strikes in iraq. tony abbott announced they will send 200 force advisers there to assist local forces on the ground. the trademark umbrellas of pro-democracy protesters are coming in handy right now. a bit of heavy rain falling on hong kong. the chief executive's top deputy is expected to meet protest leaders for talks as soon as tomorrow. demonstrators welcome that move toward dialogue while continuing to continue their protests through the weekend. now, there have been tense moments today as protesters press their demands for leung's resignation by blocking his office. our-en watson has the latest. >> reporter: a moment of tension here just seconds ago, the
11:33 pm
police forced the way open through these demonstrators who have held a sit-in outside government headquarters to make way for an ambulance that the police said was carrying a police officer who had collapsed. the protesters said we don't trust you. they said carry the police officer out and police came with their helmets and pushed away open through the demonstrators. the protesters have effectively laid siege to this building here that houses the offices of the chief executive, the number one official in hong kong c.y. leung who these people they have been calling for his resignation. he refuses to step down and they have escalated their tactics using a protest sit-in effectively to lay siege to his offices to prevent him from physically being able to come to
11:34 pm
work. all of this in the name of more demic freedoms, the protesters say but these are controversial tactics that are likely to get mixed results within the court of public opinion here in hong kong. ivan watson, cnn, hong kong. >> turning now to the latest information in the fight against ebola. nbc news says an american cameraman working in liberia has contracted the deadly virus. the network says one of its other crew members are showing none of -- none of its other crew members are showing signs of the disease seeing pictures of the cameraman here. he'll be flown back to the states for treatment. his father says doctors are optimistic about his son's progress. meantime, back in the states a judge in dallas, texas, says he wants to find new living arrangements for the girlfriend of the first u.s. ebola patient. she and her family are under
11:35 pm
quarantine right now at the same apartment building where thomas eric duncan stayed for days before his diagnosis. in fact, authorities say his sweat stained sheets are still on the bed and his towels are being kept in plastic bags. the father of one of the children under quarantine talked to cnn about thomas duncan. listen to this. >> are you angry at him? >> no, no. no. i'm fine. >> reporter: i mean not angry that he's with the woman you spent all those years with but angry that unintentionally he's left your son in this situation? >> no. >> reporter: a cleaning crew sent to the apartment thursday had to leave after they said they didn't have the proper permits to transport hazardous materials on texas highways. they say they'll figure all that out and return friday. now, according to the latest figures from the world health organization more than 7,000 people now have been infected with ebola in west africa and
11:36 pm
more than 3300 of those people have died. most of those cases come from liberia, guinea and sierra leone as you see highlighted on the map. a british nurse who survived spoke at a donor conference on london. he's haunted by his memories of watching children die, he says. >> my specific fear is that the horror and the misery of these death deaths really fill a well of my despair and i just don't know what happens if that's repeated a million times and so i say at all costs we can't let that happen. >> his voice just quivering there based on the enormity of the problem he's seen. he is going back to the african continent as soon as possible,
11:37 pm
to help fight the disease. if you'd like to help you can. there's more information on our website just head to and now to some new information from north korea. the country's united nations ambassador says his nation is ready to return to the negotiating table over its nuclear program. let's listen to some of what was said during a rare interview granted to reuters. >> china and russia and dprk, they are ready but america, there doesn't -- they don't like that kind of talks right now because america does not like that so that's why the country like south korea and japan are
11:38 pm
not ready for their talks. >> saying north korea is ready but no one else is. let's krof to seoul, south korea where paula hancocks is standing by. you've got to compare what's being said to what's being done so on this nuclear issue what's really going on there. >> reporter: errol, it's not necessarily just north korea who is ready to go back to the six-party talks at this point. this doesn't come out of the blue. interestingly on wednesday we heard from the russian foreign men sergei lavrov talking to his north korean counterpart saying there is a possibility that these talks could continue once again and just to give a bit of con tech as to what they are, this is between six countries, the two koreas, china, russia, japan and the united states to talk about pyongyang's nuclear program. now remember back in 2005 pyongyang said they would abandon that program.
11:39 pm
it hasn't happened and going the opposite direction. north korea has carried out nuclear tests and heard from that so se pyung and said if they had given up their nuclear weapons the u.s. may have attacked them and believes pyongyang needs this nuclear program as a deterrent against any attacks. certainly an interesting interview. he also said they had no plans for any future nuclear tests and no future missile tests that is interesting in itself coming a day after 38 north, a u.s. think tank said they've upgraded their launching pad which is in the west of the country for larger and more significant missiles and rockets but north korea says they have no plans for that at this point. >> we have to kind of read into what they're saying diplomatically to get a sipsz of what's happening back home. you know, supreme leader kim
11:40 pm
jong-un hasn't been seen for awhile and some of the recent footage we've seen of him he was hobbling. this guy is only 31 years old. what do we know about his health? >> reporter: very little. it's not surprising really with north korea. we know he was last seen publicly on september 3rd and we know that back in july there was footage of him on state run media showing he was hobbling and limping somewhat and, of course, that's led to huge amount of speculation, some local media here in south korea saying he had surgery on both ankles. now they said that's wrong so we know that's not the case but experts are suggesting he may have gout. he may have problems that his father, the late leader kim jong-il had, as well. even state-run media acknowledged he had what they called discomfort so they have acknowledged that something has happened, which is hardly unusual for north korea but it's not clear what has happened. he missed a very important meeting. he missed the spa, the supreme
11:41 pm
people's assembly meeting which he hasn't done since he took power so certainly there are many -- much speculation, many rumors, some far-fetched as to what happened to him but don't know at this point. the experts assume that it's some kind of health issue. errol. >> yeah, but he's a young guy, very strange but more questions as it relates to north korea, paula hancocks live for us from seoul, south korea where it's 3:40 in the afternoon. still to come on cnn, france is struggling with its citizens going overseas to join jihadist groups. just ahead, what's being done to stop them from leaving? you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met.
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in the global fight against isis turkey is in. turkish lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to support military action in iraq and syria. parliament's decision is a big shift for turkey which until now had offered only tacit support to the u.s.-led coalition of 40 nations. turkey has one of the largest armed forces in the world. according to one security assessment it has 462,000 active military personnel making it the second largest nato member by head count. most of those serve in the army. turkey has a capable air force with around 270 f-16 fighter jets at its disposal.
11:45 pm
meantime, in france the fight continues to stop young people from joining militant groups like isis. a senior international correspondent jim bittermann reports several families are living in a nightmare. >> reporter: the jihadist training camps are a long way away from france but they connect the two. more than 900 french citizens have joined the islamist fundamentalists in syria and iraq. dominic ball, her son converted to islam four years ago. he became more and more devout but never spoke about joining a religious war. then the 30-year-old told his mother he was going on vacation with his half brother. three weeks later he called saying the pair was in syria. days after that the half brother had been killed and then he called one last time to tell his mother she would be notified if anything happened to him. in late december came the text
11:46 pm
message. he had been killed in what was called an explosives operation. she could only imagine what happened. >> translator: the body, the body, there is no body. i don't have a body. if he was killed in a truck filled with explosives and the body, boom. >> reporter: what's more since there is no body there is no death certificate officially in france he is still alive. for his mother he'll always be. >> translator: you will exist in my heart eternally. i love you, my son. >> reporter: a french bus driver knows his daughter is alive but worries for how long. he won't show his or her face fearing for her safety. she married a tunisian and converted to islam. the couple moved to syria with their two young children to do, they said, humanitarian work. but both she and her father fear she could be arrested if she comes back to france. she wrote on facebook that she is safe but the father believes she's in raqqah currently being bombed by the coalition and he has a warning for parents.
11:47 pm
>> translator: pay attention. it could happen to you before you even know it. >> reporter: for author david thompson and many others here one of the most baffling thing why french people are willing to put their lives at risk for a cause not really their own. believes there could be multiple answers. >> translator: religious frustrations, material frustrates, perhaps the feeling it had be a sin to stay back in france. a dwyer to experience this historic moment and die fighting in the coalition. >> reporter: all of those things might have influenced this woman. she was recruited and given a plane ticket to join the fight according to french intelligence. her brother fouad spent the last nine months trying to get her back. he is convinced she is being held against her will. at one point he was taken captive himself and later released but in april he did meet her briefly. >> translator: i told her to come back with me but she cried
11:48 pm
and beat her head against the wall and said, i can't. i can't. >> reporter: later fouad was told the leader wanted to marry her. since she's a minor her lawyer hopes if she does make it back he could persuade french officials to treat her as a victim and not a combatant. if there's a theme you've heard over and over it is the helplessness relatives feel about dealing with the situation. dominic has created an association which others have joined to publicize what's happened to their loved ones hoping to get a video message into schools and on the social networks about the realities and dangers of the muslim extremists. it might help, she says but in her case it's too late. jim bittermann, cnn, paris. >> now let's get the latest information out of ukraine. the government there is reporting heavy fighting for control of the donetsk airport in the eastern part of the country. some images we have. it seems to show smoke in the
11:49 pm
area, a fire at the facility, in fact, thursday, which is held by government forces. ukraine's national security council says fighting continues in other towns, as well. all of this despite the cease-fire. it says one ukrainian soldier has been killed, 18 others wounded and all of this in the past day. additionally the red cross confirmed thursday one of its workers in donetsk was killed when a shell landed near its offices. still to come for you here on cnn, google is threatened with a huge lawsuit over leaked celebrity pictures. hear their response after this. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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cool drone footage alert. get near your television right now. take a look at these incredible close-up images of an erupting volcano, this one in iceland, captured by a drone that was somehow able to fly right next to the volcano. last month, you may remember. the front of the camera melted during this expedition but the memory card was intact that allowed the photographers manning the drone to share their images with the world. derek van dam, a big fan of foot o.j. like this, shows you the power and strength of these. >> that's incredible stuff. are you sure that's not an excerpt from "lord of the
11:53 pm
rings." >> it could be moved magic iceland is actually the most volcanic area in the world and temperatures inside of a cauldron like bait can reach upo 1,000 degrees celsius. this is japan and japan has been in the news thanks to mt. ontake that erupted last weekend, of course, with all the fatalities in that region. unfortunately, japan is back in the news again. this time for all the wrong reasons. we got a typhoon headed that way. this is phanfone and it's starting to intensify and over the past 24 hours it's really grown in size and also in strength, sustained winds 205 kilometers per hour and higher wind gusts and this is taking a north to northwesterly direction
11:54 pm
and that should brush the japanese islands over the next 48 to 72 hours. we're expecting some intensification over the next day. that could bring it to a category 4 on the saffir-simpson scale. the other thing working for us is that it is october and temperatures in the water across this area are slightly cooler than if it was the middle of september so should see gradual weakening as this brushes past tokyo. nonetheless this has the potential to bring rain and significant wind to this region. even our in-house computer models at the cnn worldwide weather center show the prefectures into sunday evening and this triangle here represents the mt. ontake volcano. by the way, there are some events taking place in japan, namely the formula one japanese grand prix. this has been known to take place in rain and wind but with
11:55 pm
a typhoon bearing down it will be a very close call. errol. >> all right. derek, thanks very much. banking giant jpmorgan said hackers got information on more than 80 million of its account holders. part of an infiltration that recently came to light. jpmorgan said they were able to gain access to client names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses but not account numbers or user i.d.s. the company says it hasn't seen any unusual customer fraud related to that breach. and an attorney is threatening google with a $100 million lawsuit on behalf of some of those celebrities you may remember who had their nude photos leaked online like jennifer lawrence had their icloud accounts hacked and private photos stolen. just imagine if that happened to you. lawyer who doesn't specify who
11:56 pm
he's representing claims google didn't do enough to remove the pictures. google told cnn, quote, we removed tens of thousands of pictures within hours of the requests being made and we have closed hundreds of accounts. they go on to say the internet's used for many good things, stealing people's private photos is not one of them. maybe got to stop taking nude pictures. you are watching cnn, please do stay with us. what's another hour? natalie allen joins me next. an exclusive interview with the woman quarantined after the first patient has ebola in the u.s. the house where thomas eric duncan likely contracted it. stay with us on cnn. take a closer look at your fidelity green line and you'll see just how much it has to offer,
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hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm back with errol. i'm natalie allen. >> good to have you with us. i'm errol barnett. lots to get you this hour. an american journalist tests positive for ebola in liberia as officials race to get to those who were in contact with the man who contracted ebola in the u.s. peace talks on the table in hong kong but as heavy rain falls will the so-called umbrella protesters stay put? we'll take you live to the scene. another partner in the fight -- in the front against isis, australia plans to deploy fighter jets to join u.s.-led air strikes.