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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 10, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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working women -- don't ask for a raise, let karma take care of it. why one high-powered ceo is walking back his words right now. let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, everybody, i'm don lemon in for carol on this friday. thank you so much for joining me. i'm going to begin with an ebola scare on board a plane that had just flown from philadelphia to the dominican republic, a scare prompted by what a passenger called a joke. but believe me when i say no one laughed when the guy reportedly said these records "i've got ebola, you're all screwed." passengers and the flight crew on board u.s. airways flight 845 did not laugh, neither did the hazmat team that escorted them right off that plane. coming again now with cnn's alexandra fields who joins us now from new york's jfk airports. one of the five airports
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increasing screenings for passengers from ebola-sickened countries. alexandra, these are not times to joke about ebola at airports or on planes or at all. what are you seeing? >> yeah, don, you'd think that goes without saying but if you thought that, you would be wrong. health officials were forced to take the claim seriously. it comes at the same time when five different airports are trying to step up regulations to protect people against the spread of this virus. >> here's the situation, i need everybody to sit down. >> that was the announcement from a flight attendant before several health officials in four hazmat suits boarded the flight in the dominican republic. a passenger posted this video and local reports say the man said "i have ebola, you're all screwed." >> please stay out of their way. let them do their job. >> reporter: the flight from philadelphia was checked and cleared but kept passengers stuck on the plane for two hours. it's unclear what happened to the man who made the claim.
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this incident only the beginning of a new front in the fight to stop the spread of ebola. passengers leaving the hotson will be checked for symptoms, answering questions, and having their temperatures taken when they arrive stateside at five major u.s. airports -- no's jfk international, newark, washington dulles, atlanta and chicago o'hare. >> we expect to see some patients with fever and that will cause some obvious and understandable consider at the airports. >> reporter: more than 50 million passengers traveled through jfk last year, but the new procedures will impact just a tiny fraction. exams will be done in special areas designated by customs and border protection, an on sight cdc health officers will step in to evaluate any potential ebola case. passengers leaving sierra leone, liberia, and guinea are already screened before boarding planes out of those countries. >> of course i'm concerned and i
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don't think there's anybody in the country who's not concerned about the situation with ebola. we're not ready at the airports yet, but we will be. >> reporter: these screenings start at jfk tomorrow and they only apply to those people coming from the three west african countries. that is, of course, unless you get on a plane and say you have ebola then you can guarantee you will be screened, too. >> alexandra, you have to hear more of what that flight attendant had to say to those passengers. she calls the guy who reportedly yelled out that he had ebola, she called him an idiot. i can't get enough of hearing her. >> i need your attention, okay? it's going to look worse than it is, okay? i really want you to remember, i've done this for 36 years, i think the man that has said this is an idiot and i'll say that straight out.
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>> experience counts here, alexandra. >> yeah, she calls him an idiot. we can't hear what the passengers on the plane are calling him but they had to sit there for a few hours, don, so i'm sure that it was not pretty. >> if you listen to the video and watch it closely you hear him saying "i was just joking" but, again, not a joke. thank you, alexandra field at jfk in new york. we have pictures here from liberia, the epicenter of the outbreak. six plane ace ryed outside monrovia yesterday. they brought 100 marines and equipment to help fight the epidemic. the u.s. military is helping build medical centers across liberia. first order of business, at once marines hit the tarmac, temperature check. to north korea now, leader kim jong-un missing in action on a day where his troops exchanged fire with south korea and his nation marks a major anniversary. in fact, kim has not been seen in more than a month, with speculation about him ranging from illness to an injury to
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being removed as leader. i want to bring in cnn's paula hancock in seoul, south korea now. paula, what are you hearing about kim? >> well, we have some fresh information from the south korean's defense minister over the past couple of hours. he said that he believes kim jong-un is in a hospital in pyongyang just the northern part of pyongyang. sorry, he says he believes he's near the hospital in one of the homes very close to the hospital. it's a hospital that only the elite goes to it. has very high-tech equipment. it's not your regular hospital that regular people from pyongyang would be going. to it's a hospital where his late father, the former leader kim jong-il and kim ill son, his grandfather. he's believed to be there with his wife and sister. this is what we're hearing from the defense minister. of course everything is wrapped in secrecy in north korea, no one saying for sure what they think has happened because, quite frankly, no one knows for
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sure what has happened but the assumption is definitely now that he has health issues. it's been, what we've been hearing from experts here in south korea, that these rumors and speculation of a coupe, the fact he'd been depose bid the military were probably farfetched and probably unrealistic. they believe head had health issues. and we've seen him. he has been limping over july and august. we heard in september that north korean state media said he was suffering discomfort. so they've effectively admitted that there is a problem. don? >> what can you tell us about this exchange of fire between the north and the south? >> this is quite a significant incident. it's certainly a step up from what we saw tuesday where there was an exchange of fire at sea. this was on land. we know that there were activists sending balloons over into north korea across the border and they had a lot of anti-pyongyang leaflets in them.
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dvds showing life in the south, trying to convince the north korean resident what is the regime is like. snk furious with these balloons. it's threatened to shoot them down in the past and today it tried. some shells landed on south korean soil so south korea gave a number of warnings and then fired back. so machine gun fire on both sides of the border. we know there are no casualties or damage on this side of the border in south korea. of course, it's impossible for us to say what happened in the north. don? >> paula hancocks in seoul. thank you. i want to check on wall street as the dow tries to bounce back on its worst day of 2014. a live look at the big board after just 30 minutes of trading. it's been a wild ride so far this month. the dow celebrated its best gain of the year wednesday only to see it erase bid the biggest loss of the year just yesterday. still to come, will gm help a crash victim clear her name? cnn's poppy harlow sits down
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call unitedhealthcare today. remember the ugly brawl last month involving members of sarah palin's family? we're getting a clearer picture of what actually happened thanks to the anchorage police report being released. our joe johns has a copy and he has the details. >> reporter: the palin family reality show on tlc stars the
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family hunting, sledding, an an all american family in alaska. but the details of a new police record read like an all out royal rumble involving just people, some of whom apparently had too much to drink. so how did it all get started? it's not entirely clear, but according to the statements, willow palin alleged that an older lady at a house party in anchorage pushed her and that bristol said "she walked up and asked what 40-year-old was pushing her sister." and that's when some guy walked up and pushes her on the ground and started dragging her on the lawn by her legs calling her the "c" word and a shut. she said people were saying things like "f the palins." but the owner of the house tells a different story. he says bristol palin asked him who the "f" are you. he told bristol it was his house and there should be no fighting. he said she told him she would kick his ass. he hit her in the face. she let him hit her about five
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or six times. after the sixth time, he grabbed her fist and she fell down. he said at that time three or four guys came after him yelling they were going to "beat his ass for beating their sister." a fight broke out and according to him "the palins ended up losing." according to anchorage police, there will be no charges filed in the incident. governor palin herself was not involved in any of the unpleasantries according to the report but did try to calm people down. the palins have not responded to cnn's request for a statement. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> i thought my family had issues. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade.
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microsoft's ceo back-pedaling after his glib comment managed to offend much of the nation's work force. he told a room full of women worried about pay inequities with male counterparts that not asking for a raise will be rewarded with good karma. >> it's not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. and that, i think, might be one of the additional superpowers that, quite frankly, women who don't ask for a raise have. because that's good karma. it will come back. >> so cnn's -- [ laughter ] ohm. you get to have good karma. it's not funny, really.
7:18 am
>> look, he walked it back like crazy. microsoft is trying to walk it back like crazy and he's now saying i was inarticulate, there is a pay gap and we need to close the pay gap. he really is trying to walk it back. this is not what microsoft wants to be talking about but the fact is here in tech it is predominantly male and it is predominantly white and a lot of industries that have been male for a long time men make more than women across the board. look at these numbers. this is the pay gap last year. this is women -- you cannot -- karma is not going to get you more money. i want to be clear here. now, one thing i think, he has friends and mentors at microsoft, one of whom apparently believes that in the short term human resources is inefficient, in the long term it was efficient so he's saying in the long term a woman who is a superstar is going to get her due in the long term. but that's not everyone. and women don't ride the ranks the same way men do.
7:19 am
sometimes you have to take time off in the middle for child rearing, child bearing. so this is a dumb comment that they know is dumb and that a lot of people today are buzzing about. i'll tell you, in a lot of different industries just about everybody i know women are talking about this story today and talking about their own experiences with asking for a raise. do i sound bossy if i ask for a raise? do i need to ask for a raise every year? do i need to prove myself first and ask for a raise. so to hear someone saying you don't need to ask for a raise is against everything that women are trying to do. >> if there is any good to come out of this, it's awareness and i hear women talking about it more. and it's -- scan the morning shows, everybody is like really, this is crazy. especially the women on the shows were very forceful about it. it will embolden women to say listen, i deserve to be paid what my male counterparts are. >> let me tell you an anecdote. there was a woman who was a big international negotiator for her company and she did it. she was very, very good and she
7:20 am
finally went into her boss and laid out the reasons to get a raise and he looked at her and said "it's a good thing you came in here because my board wants to know why you're not negotiating for yourself and that maybe you're not up to par." you don't think how you're doing on the job is good enough, you have to sell yourself and that's what the experts say. can i say something that paula monica said? he said kwft microsoft down pre-market. satya nadella" shouldn't worry, if he has faith in wall street the stock will go back up. it's good karma. >> and not just women, also minorities. do the same thing, right? >> yeah. you have to know your worth and you should talk to people and talk about money and salaries because you shouldn't undervalue yourself. you have to know what your worth is in the workplace. >> okay. another story buzzing on social media, a wells fargo employee e-mailed 200,000 employees asking for a $10,000 bonus for
7:21 am
all of them and then, of course, the company says no, we're above the -- >> first it sounded like he maybe accidentally e-mailed the whole company but he did it on purpose. he looked at the numbers, looked at the profit, and he said you could afford to give us all a $10,000 raise. now reportedly his managers have been telling him don't worry, you won't lose your job. i don't recommend you, mail the entire company when you want to lean in and get a raise. probably not a good idea. in this case really kind of raising awareness of this idea that the ceo of that company makes 400 times what the typical worker does. that's a big, big wage spread. it just brings back to the whole thing about inequality within companies. but whether it's microsoft or wells fargo or whatever it is, you've got to know your worth. especially this economy, be willing to stand up for it. >> when the bill comes at lunch today when i go to lunch i'm going to say "my karma says i shouldn't pay for. this i deserve this lunch." see if they'll go for it.
7:22 am
thanks, christine, have a great weekend. still to come here, from the threat of isis to health concerns over ebola, there's no shortages of challenges being weighed by president obama on a daily basis. why one columnist in says despite low poll numbers, mr. obama is one of the most successful presidents in american history.
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if you've paid attention to
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the headlines lately, you know president obama hasn't been getting rave reviews. a recent poll shows his job approval rating stands at 44%, down from the start of his second term. but 245 shouldn't be a measure of a president's success according to "new york times" columnist in paul krugman. in the latest issue of "rolling stone," krugman write this is "obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in american history." so let that sink in. he goes on to say this. "no president gets to do everything his supporters expected him to do. i don't care about the fact that obama hasn't lived up to the golden dreams of 2008 and i care even less about his approval rating. i do care that he has, when all is said and done, achieved a lot." let's bring in our senior political analyst and editorial director for the ""national journal"" ron brown and seen the and editor for crystal right.
7:27 am
first of all, what do you make of his comments, ron? >> well, i think that saying one of the most successful ever is kind of pushing it. i think history will see obama as a consequential president, both politically and substantively. i think the main problems with mr. krugman's article is not so much what he puts in, enlisting what obama has been able to do which is significant in a highly polarized era and it's true it's difficult for the president to ever have the support of more than half the country. the most important problems with the article is what isn't in there, what he omits. things like the question about his inattention to management that led to the health launch. when whether he's been too passive in trying to reach out to the republican congress. those are items on the other side of the ledger that present a more complex picture. but there's no question obama will be seen as a consequential president, both substantively and politically. >> so crystal, krugman says when it comes to health care,
7:28 am
financial reform, that the economy and the environment and national security that the president is doing okay, that he's achieved in that. >> i think on both those things i don't know who's record paul krugman is looking at but it can't be barack obama. i think the president will go down as one of the most unsuccessful presidents when it comes to foreign policy and obamacare. and i guess to attack foreign policy first, what we know is two former secretaries of defense, first robert gates came out in his book and said obama seems to show contempt for our military and the use of military force. of course now everyone is talking about leon panetta's book where leon panetta actually -- who was a former cia director as well said not only does the president lack leadership but he missed his opportunity when it comes to foreign policy. most notably dealing with syria, not dealing with syria has created a vacuum in iraq that allowed isis to grow stronger. and finally obamacare, don, what we saw, what we're seeing with
7:29 am
obamacare is that it's not affordable. it should be called the unaffordable care act. walmart announced this week that it is dropping insurance for 30,000 of its part time employees and they're going to be dumped into health care exchange which is people like you, me, and ron are going to end up subsidizing and our rates are going to go up. we know already that premiums are going up for hard-working americans who can't get into the health care exchanges. and i just think that he's not consequential. i think this president will be a very controversial president and i just think -- i don't know what paul krugman is -- what he's looking at. >> go ahead, ron. >> i think the foreign policy record is going to be tough for him, especially the second term. i think both obama in many ways was a correction to what people saw as the overreach of bush and i think the debate in history will be whether obama was too
7:30 am
much. i think the affordable care act is going to be really the pivot of his legacy. you know, harry truman, richard nixon and bunk all triill clint pass a bill, it didn't get to the floor of either house. obama is the first one to get a vote and he does have the potential, contrary to what crystal said, to expand coverage to over 20 million people without health insurance by the end of his term. maybe 25 million without health insurance. if that endures i think that is a lasting, significant change in the american social safety net that he will be remembered for. >> and krugman isn't the only one who is gushing over president obama. yesterday gwenyth paltrow held a fund-raiser at her home for the president and she said this, she said "i am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest. you're so handsome that i can hardly speak." aww. >> that was cute. i will say gwenyth was cute but i kind of worried about her a
7:31 am
little bit. i wanted to say gwenyth, back off, the first lady isn't going to like that gushing. and i agree with ron. i think on foreign policy the country did react to what many people perceived as overreach from president bush, but americans also want us engaged on the world stage so i agree with ron on that. >> well, at least he's cute, ron, according to gwenyth paltrow. >> i was going to say, you know, the reality is that it may be possible -- our country so polarized now, so much of the country is locked down firmly one side or the other, it may not be possible to be in effect more than president of half of america. that, you know, the best a president can do is have a little more than half of the country with him at his high point. nobody has gotten more than 53% of the vote since 1988. so we're talking about a country's closely divided and that means paul krugman is right, approval ratings don't mean what they used to because presidents can't get as high as eisenhower or kennedy or even reagan got.
7:32 am
it's not in the cards anymore. gwenyth paltrow may love you but in mississippi and alabama and texas, you are not exactly a hero. and the reverse is going to be true if you're popular in those states, you're probably not going to have a lot of fans on the west side of l.a. and the west side of new york city. so that's the reality we live in. that is the reality presidents are operating in and i think it does change the standard by which we measure their political suck dress >> and she is consciously uncoupled. the president is a happily married man. >> the president is not available. i think gwenyth needs to put that out of her mind. >> thank you ron brown and seen the, thank you crystal wright. >> thanks. moving on now to a racial powder keg. that's how one protester in st. louis describes the city following the shooting death of an african-american teen by white a white off duty police officer. american flags were burned as protesters gathered in one neighborhood. >> be careful. carefu
7:33 am
careful. >> it quickly turned chaotic as police tried to break it up. as if the situation were not tense enough, each day seems to frazzle nerves on both sides. this weekend could be a rough one. the nearby community of ferguson was the scene of intense clashes with police and the community when michael brown was shot to death by a white officer two months ago. sara sidner in ferguson where protest organizers hope to bring pressure on the city to charge the officer with the shooting. sara, things are quiet for the moment. are people bracing for more possible unrest after this latest incident? >> absolutely people are. the authorities here believe there could be thousands of people who converge in the st. louis area, not just here in ferguson, but in the st. louis area as well and this latest case that came up wednesday night is certainly fuelling that. people are worried there will be huge protests and potentially violence. overnight, shaw boulevard turned
7:34 am
chaotic. police using pepper spray on the crowd of protesters as the tense standoff quickly escalates. >> a large knife came flying out of the crowd. >> police say they were asking the crowd of protesters to disperse around midnight when this knife on the ground was hurled towards the officers, hitting one of them in the shoulder. >> it just shows how the emotions and how quickly this situation can turn. >> reporter: protesters also smashing the windows of a police car. someone throwing a brick at this police suv. >> i understand the emotions butedly there's some things you can't tolerate. >> reporter: what started out as a peaceful vigil early thursday evening later reignited anger over the killing of black teenager von derek myers, shot by a white off duty st. louis police officer working a security job. police say myers was no stranger to them. myers, pictured here, for a gun charge back in june. an autopsy revealed the 18-year-old was shot seven or eight times.
7:35 am
the fatal wound, a gunshot to his right cheek. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: the call for justice reminiscent of the outrage over unarmed teenager michael brown's shooting only two months ago. allegedly with his hands up, brown was shot six times by a white police officer only 12 miles away in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury is currently hearing the case and will decide if charges will be brought against officer darren wilson. but this most recent shooting may be different. police say myers fired a 9 millimeter pistol three times at the officer. the officer then firing a total of 17 times. the weapon recovered at the scene. myers' family members insist, though, that the teenager was unarmed and holding a sandwich at the time. >> we have a right to have a life just like anyone else. >> reporter: and some people are building their own narrative, expressing distrust of the st. louis police department. >> it's a clear case of this young man being gunned down by
7:36 am
insensitive white officer who was off duty. he chased him off a corner. >> reporter: protesters pushing the limit with police and burning the american flag. in this divided community, racial tensions and nerves on edge again. now, a store owner in that area right before the shooting happened said he'd known myers for a very long time and did not see a gun when he was in his shop ten minutes later myers was dead. we do know that protests are expected to happen about 3:00 local time so in a few hours from now -- and there's a web site put up called where they're letting people know and they say about 6, 000 people have already signed up. certainly police are preparing. don? >> stand back, everybody. take a deep breath. sara sidner, appreciate it. we'll be right back, everyone.
7:37 am
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an update on an outrageous story we have been following for some time now. in a moment, you'll hear mary barra. poppy harlow asked why gm isn't doing more to clear the name of a woman charged in the death of her boyfriend, a death regulators say was caused by gm's defective ignition switch. so far, 24 deaths have been tide to gm's defective ignition switch. each of those deaths has caused immeasurable heart break. for candace anderson, though, there has been ten years of guilt. before we get to poppy's interview with mary barra, here's her recap of the story. >> for the past ten years i have been in a form of a prison. >> reporter: for a decade, candace anderson believed she was responsible for the death of her boyfriend, michael erickson.
7:41 am
he was her first love. >> i can still hear his laugh, just big laughter. >> reporter: candace was behind the wheel when her brand new 2004 saturn ion crashed into a tree on this east texas country road. >> i was through the windshield on the hood of the car and then his face was face down in my lap. >> reporter: she pleaded guilty to criminal negligent homicide. only this year, a decade later, she learned it may not have been all her fault. you were being prosecuted as a murderer. what did people in this town call you? >> i've been told a couple times point blank to my face that i was a murderer. that i killed him. >> reporter: the police report says neither was wearing a seat belt. the air bags did not deploy. after the crash, xanax was found in candace's system. she was not prescribed the drug but said she had taken one pill the night before. the police report says candace's intoxication resulted in the
7:42 am
accident. >> i wasn't intoxicated. >> reporter: but she was indicted on a felony charge of xeroxicati intoxication manslaughter. she accepted a plea deal and served five year's probation but today the felony is still on her record. >> this one right here. >> this is the tree you hit? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: just this year, though, gm recalled millions of cars for a defective ignition switch. canda candace's car was one of those. regulators count michael erickson's death among those caused by the defective switch. >> i'm fighting for vindication. >> reporter: gm's ceo mary barra has apologized to victims and their families. this year, gm admitted people within the company knew of the deadly defect for years but didn't fix it. you may never have known. >> i don't believe i ever would have known. >> reporter: did gm reach out to you? >> i still haven't heard from them. >> reporter: now candace's fight is to get the conviction off her
7:43 am
record and she has some in washington on her side. >> ms. barra, will you recommend to the governor of texas that he pardon ms. anderson? >> i think we will provide information to support that decision but i don't think it's in -- it's not something that i think is appropriate for me to do. i don't have all the facts of the case. >> you know, with all due respect, that answer is unworthy of gm. i hope you'll think more about it. because this is a young woman whose live as really been changed as a result of a perversion of the justice process. as a result of gm knowing and concealing that she was innocent. >> reporter: do you think some individuals at general motors should be criminally prosecuted? >> i was. because of my negligence. i think that if a 21-year-old girl is charged with negligent homicide and has to go through the motions that there should be
7:44 am
someone held criminally responsible. i do. i do believe that. >> here's cnn's poppy harlow again. she sat down with general motors ceo mary barra to find out if the company would help clear candace anderson's name. >> i want to talk about the case of candace anderson. we've been following that very closely. her crash ten years ago. she was driving, her boyfriend was killed in that accident. it is now known that car had a defective ignition switch. knowing more about her case, do you believe candace anderson should be pardoned? >> again, that is something for the courts to decide, not for general motors. we have the program to evaluate from a perspective, but i don't think it's appropriate for general motors as a company to step in. >> why? why is that? if the crash happened because of something that was wrong with her car, that general motors knew about, why not write a letter on her behalf or at least voice an opinion one way or
7:45 am
another. >> again, there are the right experts that have the full complete details. those are the people who should be making that decision. >> you don't think gm should weigh in at all? >> i do not. >> she said to me her life has been forever changed by this. she has a harder time getting a job. she's still got this felony on her record. the district attorney who prosecuted her wrote a letter on her behalf after learning all of the circumstances of the crash. and i guess i'm wondering, like senator blumenthal asked you, why does gm not think it has any role in weighing in here? >> again, we'll provide information that's requested from a technical perspective. but we're not exposed to all of the information. >> you don't have all the information of her crash? >> of the whole situation. i think there's people who have that and they're in the best position to make that decision and i respect the role of the judicial system to do that. >> that was cnn's poppy harlow and while mary barra will not weigh in on anderson's case, the former prosecutor said he had no idea the car was defective and thinks anderson should be
7:46 am
cleared. still to come, u.s. troops now in africa armed with medical supplies, not weapons. we get an exclusive look at the new mission in liberia. ♪ want to change the world? create things that help people. design safer cars. faster computers. smarter grids and smarter phones. think up new ways to produce energy. ♪ be an engineer. solve problems the world needs solved. what are you waiting for? changing the world is part of the job description. [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here.
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7:50 am
single day. we have this exclusive look at the newest mission now under wa way. >> well, i'm a military soldier and i love to see military aircraft come in. so absolutely i'm excited. it's a great day. >> reporter: after weeks of preparation, the sounds of aircraft overhead signals a new phase in major general daryl williams' mission. >> the weather is tough, the terrain is tough, the infrastructure is challenging. so the tools you see coming in will give us the ability to operate with confidence and strength. >> reporter: williams has the unenviable job of leading the fight against an invisible enemy. >> glad you're here, man. hoora. >> reporter: tasked by president obama to help stop the pred of ebola. and the clock is ticking. >> this is how you make a hotel into an operational center. >> reporter: today he's conducting what they call a
7:51 am
battlefield circulation tour of his joint forces command. >> this is how we ensure we stay safe. >> reporter: but this battlefield requires a different kind of vigilance. >> carry on. how's everybody doing? all right, take your seats. >> reporter: in a conference room in a liberian hotel, the operations nerve center. they're about to hit the ground running, fitting in where they can. conscious that delays cost lives. this will be the site of the monrovia medical unit, a facility specifically for health workers to be run by u.s. government health teams. another tent goes up, another hard-won victory against the elements. outside, liberians have come to watch. they've been coming everyday, we're told, watching and waiting. >> we'll do a lot of tangible things. we'll build this hospital, we'll build these ebola treatment units, we'll provide these labs and tangible things. and you want to give people the resiliency, the hope that they
7:52 am
can fight this and see this through. >> reporter: and that they're not alone. >> and that they're not alone so what you seeover here are the building blocks of where our soldiers and airmen and marines will live. >> reporter: president obama has pledged up to 4,000 troops. prepacked and ready to roll out, there's space here for 600, but more still will need to be found. another task on a very long list. the general's optimism, though, is filtering down to his men. what did you think when they asked you to come out here. >> i thought let's do it. let's go. i was ready to go. within 24 hours we were here. >> there is no getting away from the magnitude of the task ahead. torrential rains ravage infrastructure, a disease that's now a pandemic. a mission like none they've undertaken. >> we were brought in to provide our unique capabilities and fill the gaps. the united states military, the department of defense is here to see this mission through.
7:53 am
>> reporter: however long it takes. >> however long it takes. >> reporter: cnn, monrovia, liberia. let's check your top stories right now. there's a new twist in the case of missing university of virginia student hannah graham. cnn has learned that police have seized a taxi that was once owned by jesse matthew, who is charged in graham's disappearance. sources tell cnn matthew drove the cab if 2009 when a virginia tech student disappeared. dna tests have tied him to that case. former "saturday night live" star jan hooks has died at the age of 57. >> i didn't evolve from you. i evolved from jesus. >> she's hilarious. that's hooks doing her best kathie lee gifford impression. the emmy nominated actress was on "saturday night live" from 1986 to 1991. she starred on "designing women" and "3rd rock from the sun." ♪ i didn't evolve from you
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. cats have a unique personality, and when you throw a dog in the mix, oauf you have viral hit. cnn's jeanne moos shows us. >> remember the days when cat food commercials featured cats eating food? now we have a cat explain ago dog to a kitty. >> dear kitten, you've probably noticed there is a new thing in the house. it is called a dog. >> reporter: a st. bernard puppy and two felines are headed for fame.
7:58 am
are they unknowns? >> they are unknown cats. >> reporter: confronting the unknown in a series of viral hats called -- >> dear kitten, dear kitten. >> you may hear the dog being referred to as a puppay, which i think is a french word for puppet. this explains why they attached the string to him. >> reporter: forget the hard sell. >> let the dog eat our dry food. if it gets caught, it goes to jail. >> reporter: buzzfeed and friskies banned together to feature cat food commercials featuring a cat's nearly subcons thoughts. >> wet food, it's so special they keep in the little armored metal casings that no claw can penetrate. >> reporter: the spots are penetrating the internet. >> dear kitten, i should warn you as the monster known as vacuum. it can eat and yell at the same time. >> reporter: they're sucking up millions of views. the cat is voiced by influential web content creator z frank. but is this dog bashing? >> imagine a cat.
7:59 am
now take away independence, cleanliness, and intelligence. what you have left is basically a dog. >> reporter: meow. >> that does seem a little dog-hating. >> reporter: anti-dog? >> but very pro-cat. >> reporter: some are accusing the dear kitten creators of being copycats. they site henri, the black cat, the feline wracked by existential anxious. . >> reporter: henri may speak french but he was created by an american film student who says he was making fun of the perception that french films are as self-involved as a cat. the creators of dear kitten deny taking inspiration from henri. this is just a cat's eye view of dogs. >> when they get happy, stay to the front because their tails become some sort of a weird psycho furry sword. >> reporter: sure has humans wagging their tongues.
8:00 am
jeanne moos, cnn. >> that's right, doggie. bow down. >> that dog is awfully cute. team dog here. what about you? >> team dog. >> team dog. thanks for joining me today. have a great weekend. i'm don lemon. "@this hour with berman and michaela" starts right now. fear, anger, and immediate action after an arline passenger claims he has ebola. it is all caught on tape. and have you seen this man? north korean leader kim jong-un a no-show at a major event. new intrigue, new questions about just who is running this rogue nation, a nation with nuclear weapons. >> it's not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. >> oh, yeah, that's right, ladies. just trust,


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