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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 11, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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section of the tasty good stuff. a petri dish for talent, the culture, the great unknown. go look. go look. >> bx, home again. ha-ha-ha. in spain, they express fear and frustration over the country's handling of the ebola crisis. we're live from spain this hour as the global death toll now tops 4,000. also two very different people who share the same vision for children's rights, now they share this year's nobel peace prize. and angelina jolie's special visit to buckingham palace. >> hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states, thank you for joining us. i'm zane asher.
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we begin with the latest to contain the ebola outbreak. in the coming hours, new york's jfk airport will be the first in the united states to implement new screening efforts announced this week. four more airports will announce screenings. and in london, heathrow and at airline terminals, as well. meanwhile, the world health organization now says that more than 4,000 people have died in the ebola epidemic. more than half in liberia, other areas such as guinea. meanwhile, the health officials are trying to calm fears. one spokesperson who is the first person in the latest outbreak to contract the virus outside of africa.
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isa soares joins us now, what is the prime minister doing to reassure the people, given this climate? >> reporter: good morning, zain, i'll give you an update. i want to give you the latest developments. we now learned that three other people are basically being admitted overnight bringing the total to 17 admitted, just so that our viewers are aware, we have one case of ebola, the nurse, the rest are here. they came here of their own free will because they want to be in an environment that is controlled. the rest have no symptoms, but of the three people admitted one we have been told is a nurse, one a hospital cleaner, the other a beautician. now i have a total of three that
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have had contact with teresa. and one had direct contact with her. so that is what the develops des are, like we said. the prime minister came here yesterday to assure the spanish people everything is under control. he came here and was met by a loud crowd of nurses who were screaming, we were all with teresa in the same breath, they threw latex gloves at his car and that really paints a picture of what they're feeling. they're furious and angry at the way everything has been handled, the lack of what they say self-standard equipment. and also the fact that really they have no training, 20 minutes of training, all they learned how to do was take off and put on the mask. so they're really quite angry. many of them decided not to come to work for fear of their safety
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and the health of their families. i spoke to a nurse's union official, and here is what she had to say. fear, anxiety, caution, we have children, family and neighbors. we don't want to put anyone at risk. perhaps it is more of a concern for those who surround each one of us than of the actual health. >> as you can imagine, these nurses, the head of the union says they're facing psychological trauma. it is a very difficult time for them. because after all, the lady in there, teresa ramos, is a colleague they worked together with for years. they're trying to make the decision, do i go in and help or stay out for fear i may catch it and it could spread to my families. serious questions they're asking, even the prime minister is speaking yesterday and it was not enough to assure them they have everything under control, zain. >> yeah, and you say they mentioned the three extra people, they are taking the
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necessary precautions. the deputy prime minister also announced a special committee that is being set up now. tell me what the committee is supposed to do in all of this. >> very good question, a question that we have been trying to find out exactly. they announced yesterday, the special committee to tackle ebola as a committee. the representatives from government and health care. they're putting into place the coordinate efforts and the help to tackle ebola. we're trying to get it from the spanish government and explain what exactly that means. it is being so vague, many people are quite late in the game. so many people -- you know, she has been infected for almost a week. the missionaries have been arriving months ago and many say we should have had this committee set up from day one. an important note, too, that before the missionaries came here and were moved here, the nurses, the hospital behind me
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had taken, written a letter going to the national health service and they basically told them if ebola ever comes to spain we just want to warn you that we do not have the means, we do not have the training, we really don't have the equipment to deal with this. so the warning signs are all there. it will be interesting to see what the committee sets up. i think it will be a pr exercise, there is so much flow with the information to control that with the journalists. it will be interesting to learn how it plays out in the next couple of days, zain. >> and teresa, her condition is worsening, we do hope she recovers. all right, isa soares, thank you so much. and u.s. troops are arriving in liberia to help to fight the spread of ebola. and they could not come soon enough to help with the epidemic. >> well, the military, i love to
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see them come in. absolutely, i'm excited. it is a great day. >> reporter: after weeks of preparation the sounds of aircraft overhead signals a new phase in the major general's mission. >> these tools will give us the ability to operate with confidence and strength. >> reporter: williams has the unenviable fight to work with the disease, tasked by president obama to help stop the spread of ebola. and the clockist is ticking. today he is conducting what they call a battlefield tour of the joint forces command. >> this is how we ensure they are safe. >> reporter: but this battle field demands a different type of vigilance. in a crowded conference room in
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a liberian hotel, the operation's nerve center, they're hitting the ground running where they can, conscious that delays cost lives. this will be the site of the monrovia medical unit, a facility specifically for health workers to be run by u.s. government health teams. and another tent goes up, another hard-won victory against the elements. outside, liberians have come to watch. they have been coming every day, we're told, watching and waiting. >> while we'll do a lot of tangible things. we'll build the hospital and the ebola treatment units. we'll provide the labs and tangible things. but there is a lot of intangible things regarding this fight. they need to know they're not alone. what you see here are the actual building blocks of where the soldiers and air men marines will live as they coordinate the
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effort. >> president obama has pledged 4,000 troops, pre-packed, ready to roll out. there is space here for 600, but more space will need to be found. another task on the long list. the general's optimism filters down to his men. what did you think? >> i was here, ready to go, within 24 hours we were here. >> reporter: there is no getting away from the magnitude of the task ahead. torrential rains ravage the infrastructure, a mission like none other that they have undertaken. >> we were brought in to provide the unique ability, and field the gaps. the united states military is here to see this mission through. >> reporter: however long it takes? >> however long it takes. >> and also worth noting the u.s. congress approved roughly around $700 million to help to
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fight the spread of ebola in africa. that money is of course desperately needed. now, to growing concerns on both isis in iraq and syria, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said that they are in trouble, the iraqi forces are up against the wall and some units are in danger of being cut off. isis actually already controls several cities in anbar, and fighters are said to be advancing towards the iraqi capital, and it would be catastrophic. but u.s. officials say they're not worried about baghdad just yet. and in syria, they seem to be closer to taking the syrian town of kobani, isis controls nearly half the town after fighting with the forces. arwa damon has more. >> reporter: god is great, a voice cries out in arabic in
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this video, exclusively obtained by cnn. within seconds, another explosion, both believed to be coalition airstrikes, long live the ypg, the man shouts. they are fighting street battles against isis. and there is one brigade of free syrian rebels alongside it. but neither have the numbers been there to sustain the house to house battle. despite coalition air power launching increasing strikes on isis targets deep inside kobani, almost half the city is now under isis's control. they are receiving reinforcements from their city of raqqa. they are taking their fighters around on motorcycles at the unofficial border crossing that was the gateway for the flood of refugees. a handful wait. these men don't want to be interviewed.
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there is nothing to say, they tell us. everything is lost. the turkish military won't allow them to go back into syria, but they can reach the fence and their relatives on the other side to drop off bread. this 22-year-old's father is still in syria, and like others he refuses to cross into syria because they won't let him bring his family car with all the possessions. there is still hope, he says, but the cloudy lioalition is st striking, so maybe they will be able to go home. if this video is what is happening, home may not be what they were hoping. >> let's hope the refugees get to go home. they clearly have been through so much. well, the winds are picking up in southern japan. coming up, we'll track the typhoon as people are preparing for the worst.
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coming up, they come from different generations and faith and rival nations. but the co-earners of the peace prize share a goal in helping people live better lives. straight ahead. 'wóóñt
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. southern japan is getting ready to face another powerful typhoon, just days after vongfong killed at least several people. it is expected to slam into
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okinawa in several hours. let's get the latest about vongfong. derek just because the typhoon has weakened it doesn't mean that okinawa is out of the woods yet. >> absolutely. the current observations spell it out quite clearly. you can see the wind gusts near the air force base, we're talking about typhoon-strength winds already. this is actually the location of the seventh largest japanese airports with frequent flights between there and tokyo. and the forecast just gets worse from here through the rest of the evening and the overnight
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period we're expecting typhoon winds for this area. not to mention the 40-foot waves for the coastal region. and we're expecting heavy rain for the region, the latest, 185 kilometer per hour sustained winds, you can see how close it is to okinawa. we have hours before it makes over land. this is what it looked like at the strongest point when it was still a super typhoon. the image coming from the international space station, a very perfect eye wall, the eye walls are regions of calm weather at the center of the strong storm. this is also the location where we find the lowest pressure
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reading near okinawa, dropping 16 millibars per hour. that is significant, indicating that the low pressure system is edging closer and closer and closer to the island. this is the projected path over the next 42 to 48 hours, this will weaken over the prefecture, running parallel bringing torrential rainfall to tokyo. here is the latest models from the cnn weather center. here at the kagoshima prefecture, look at the totals in the next few days. >> those images look so scary. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. got just a few hours to go, let's hope that the residents in okinawa stay safe. okay, now, up to uplifting
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news, malala yousufzai and kailash satyarthi, two from fiercely rival nations, but both share a commitment to children. and now they share a nobel peace prize, as well. the community is seeking to honor both, not just for their courage and work, but for their future. >> it does an important part for an indian and pakistani to join in for the struggle for education and against extremism. >> the nobel awarded the prize to malala yousufzai a.
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>> we should work together, and in pakistan, it is very important that our children are born and live in peace. >> first step, malalla said. >> we will try to build strong relationships between india and pakistan, i want both countries to have dialogue and talks about peace. and to think about progress, to think about the development. rather than fighting with each other. >> but as the two celebrated their awards and vowed to work for peace, villages in the india-ruled area continued shelling. >> there was heavy shelling in the night, fire came from this direction and hit here causing a lot of damage in the village. >> more than 10 pakistani and eight indian villagers have died
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in the recent spate of violence, and tensions remain high across the border. >> is this a life worth living? what on earth is happening here? tiny children are being martyred. bombs fired at villages. this is totally inhuman. >> both sides warn them to stop the fighting or there will be retaliation. the two face an uphill battle. cnn. all right, at age 17, malala yousufzai is the youngest person ever by far, by the way, to receive the nobel peace prize, the outspoken advocate for education relations faced an uphill battle. >> reporter: malala yousufzai came to the press conference,
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direct from school she spoke mostly without notes and described how she had been in a chemistry lesson earlier that day. she knew it would be an important day, the awards would be announced. she said to herself she didn't expect she would get the award. then a teacher came to the chemistry class where she was, and was taken to the side of the class and told she won the award. she decided she would stay and finish her lesson, she had a physics lesson before coming and giving the speech. she talked about how she felt honored to receive this award. >> i'm feeling honored that i'm being chosen as a nobel laureate, and i'm proud that i'm the first pakistani or young person who is getting this award. it is a great honor for me. >> she said as well how the
12:22 am
award had given her encouragement, she thanked her father, for as she said he did not clip her wings to get the education that other children were not getting. she says it is important for other children to listen to this message for the award. they should stand up, not wait for other people to help them stand up for their rights but to stand up for themselves, use their own voices. she also talked about the messages of love, she said, that she had been paired in this award with a hindu, where she was a muslim. she talked about a very important message for the nobel community. >> it gives a message to people. it gives a message to people of love between pakistani and india. it doesn't matter the color of your skin, the language you speak, the religion you believe in. we should all believe in each other as human beings and
12:23 am
respect each other. >> after she spoke in english, she spoke in erdu and pashtu, of course the language that the taliban understands. the message that they help children and girls get an education, hugely important that the award was really marking the beginning of that endeavor in her life. she says she once wanted to be a doctor, but now she wants to be a politician. and this is her goal to make sure that girls get an education. she says this is a huge encouragement to boost her in the beginning of that work. nic robertson, cnn. she is so young, it is hard to believe how much she accomplished. and she talks to cnn isha sesay about her new initiative coming up.
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isha sesay spoke with keys. >> you have been very vocal about the situation in nigeria and the kidnapping of the 200-plus girls. we are speaking just ahead of the international day of the girl, we are approaching six months since the girls were taken from their school and they have not been released, returned back to their families who are in anguish, waiting. what are your thoughts at this time? >> one of the things that is very important to do is to shine a spotlight on issues to make sure they don't go away, or we feel like well, we've done that for three months, so nothing is working. nothing is happening. so to continue the spotlight on "bring back our girls" is very important to me.
12:27 am
the movement. i feel like it is my job to help shine the light on what is going on and to show people this is what is happening. let's not forget. it is coming on six months, six months and nobody is back. and the girls are just there because they were trying to get an education and were abducted. and so if that were wealthy nigerians, would we still be talking about it? or wealthy americans? no, we're not just allowing that to dissipate. no, we're going to continue to say we're not standing go thi i. this is not okay, that is what comes through with the we are here movement. >> you just said it is your job. why do you feel that way? >> well, because i feel like if i can reach people, i have the opportunity to reach five people. we all can reach five people. right? so let me reach five people and
12:28 am
say man, can you believe these girls are still missing? or man, can you believe that that education of the girl is so imperative to ending poverty and to really changing not only that girl's life but the community's life so therefore the world's life. man, can you believe we have to make a lot of noise about this whole ebola outbreak so it just doesn't continue to be something that we're going to wait until it -- what? what are we waiting for? >> a great interview there with our isha sesay. very inspiring. switching gears, north korea's kim jong-un is missing a key ceremony. and more on his whereabouts. we'll talk to an expert in just a moment. and more on the latest shooting that is fuelling even more unrest. that is coming up. ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. thank you so much for being with me this early in the morning. i'm zain asher and the headlines
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this morning. people traveling from guinea, liberia and sierra leone will have their temperatures taken and answer questions about possible exposure to ebola. more than 4,000 people have died from ebola so far in west africa. isis militants are threatening to overrun a key area near iraq's capital. a top u.s. defense official says the iraqi forces in the anbar province are up against the war. and some units are in danger of being cut off. isis is said to be advancing towards baghdad but u.s. officials say they're not worried about the capital just yet. once the most powerful storm of the year, vongfong is heading towardss okinawa, this picture was taken from the international space station. and in ferguson, it is
12:33 am
called the weekend of resistance. it marked the first of four days of planned demonstrations. protesters are demanding the arrest of the white police officer who shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed black teenager, coming amid tense protests over the shooting of another black teen in nearby st. louis. sarah sidner has the story. >> my baby, my baby. >> reporter: it started off with a peaceful, tearful candlelight vigil for 18-year-old vonderrit myers, killed by an off duty st. louis police officer working a security job. but by midnight, the tone had completely changed. police and protesters clashed near the shooting scene. police using pepper spray, some protesters going on the attack. first targeting police vehicles with kicks and bricks, then targeting police themselves. >> what i describe as a large
12:34 am
knife came flying out of the crowd, actually hit an officer on the shoulder, fortunately not the blade edge and then it landed on the ground. >> reporter: before it was all over, the protesters torching an american flag, the anger of the killing of another black teenager at the hands of a white police officer in the st. louis area. the myers case simply adding fuel to the racially charged atmosphere in and around st. louis where hundreds of people were already planning to gather to protest another case involving an 18-year-old black teenager killed at the hands of a white police officer. that of michael brown, in ferguson, missouri. >> i just couldn't sit back on facebook and keep posting about these things coming out and actually doing some real action. >> brown's case sparked weeks of intense protests in ferguson, missouri, brown was unarmed and many witnesses said he had his hands up had he was shot six times by ferguson police officer
12:35 am
darren wilson. the case is now with the grand jury. but the myers case is different. police say he was armed and the uniformed off-duty police officer gave chase when he saw myers and two others running after seeing the officer make a u-turn. investigators say myers and the officers got into a struggle and myers shot at the officer three times. the officer returned fire, taking 17 shots. seven to eight hit myers. the fatal shot to the head. but family and friends don't believe the police story saying myers was not armed with a gun but a sandwich instead. he is seen here buying the sandwich in a store surveillance video just moments before he was killed. >> okay, we're strong. >> whatever the case, the mistrust and racial tension growing ever stronger here. sarah sidner, cnn, st. louis, missouri. well, the racial tensions are very high there. the mother of vonderrit, she
12:36 am
says it is the worst pain she has ever felt. she tells cnn she believes he was actually unarmed when he was shot. >> another kid gunned down like an animal. another kid. that is what i believe happened. i believe because -- the color of his skin, he was out at dark. he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was just getting something to eat. we're supposed to be planning a graduation. not a funeral. >> well, the officer who shot myers has been placed on administrative leave by department policy as the case is being investigated. north korean leader kim jong-un was a no-show at a key ceremony on friday honoring his father and grandfather. in fact, kim has not been seen publicly for more than a month. so is he in trouble or is he just indisposed?
12:37 am
more on the take on kim's disappearing act. >> reporter: a u.s. intelligence official tells cnn it is concerning that kim jong-un is out of sight. the north korean leader did not show up at the much-anticipated party for the founders of the worker's party, but he did send flowers. >> to skip an event that honors your grandfather and father is a serious breach of protocol. unless there is some really good reason, i believe that kim jong-un is suffering not only under a physical disability but a political one, as well. >> is kim's power eroding? is he under pressure from the inside? cnn has learned he has not been completely sidelined or in very bad health. but recent reports showing that he is limping only lead to more questions. >> why not have him sit down behind a desk, to project? >> unless he is suffering a
12:38 am
severe injury of some sort, i don't think there should be an intrinsic reason why they can't present him in a public mode. >> south korea says that the regime appears to be operating normally. south korea's defense minister says he believes kim jong-un is staying at a nearby hospital with his wife and sister. his sister seems to be gaining stature inside the regime. but if he is keeping her close by, could it be he feels threatened? >> it may not be her personal reliability, but it could be he has to have a reliable channel near him. >> adding to the tension, an exchange of gunfire, when south korea released balloons, north korea fired at them.
12:39 am
south korea fired with their own rounds. south korean officials tell us they don't detect any signs of unusual military movements inside north korea right now. a reassuring sign in a very uncertain time. brian todd, cnn, washington. and what could be going on right now in north korea? and where is kim jong-un. you know, daniel, to skip this kind of event that honors both your father and grandfather and the founding of your party, how much of a serious protocol, political protocol breach is this? >> well, it is quite serious, of course. he should have been there, and under normal circumstances he would have been there. but i think it is pretty obvious he has a type of health problem and is dealing with health issues. he is probably trying to recover from those health problems. we don't know if it is some corrective thing that is being
12:40 am
treated or if it is something much more serious. of course, time will tell. but since he is a young man i would bet or at least say statistically speaking it is probably something less serious and he will probably recover. >> yeah, so clearly something is going on behind the scenes as you mentioned, whether it is health problems or as some people talk about some kind of political problems. is there anything that seoul should be doing to try to take advantage of this? >> well, i don't know what kind of actionable policy would be recommended to deal with this. you always have to stand by for some kind of contingency or problem in the north or a coup or something like that. but until it happens there is nothing you can really do from the outside to encourage it or mitigate the problems, you just have to be ready. so i don't think there is any signs of anything unusual, no
12:41 am
military movements. looking at all the state media, i've been going through this the past couple of days. and it is pretty much business as usual. the party foundation party was yesterday. there were a lot of events and ceremonies. kim jong-un is receiving messages from abroad. and i think every sign shows that he is in power. but he is probably recovering from some health problem. >> all right, and you know, just to throw this out there, is there a chance that perhaps we might be reading a little bit too much into his absence? there was a time where his father was absent from public life for three weeks and he went on to lead the country for another three years. is it possible we could be reading too much into this? >> yes, also in the '80s, his grandfather disappeared for a few days. and they played state music.
12:42 am
and everybody expected to hear the announcement he died and he suddenly appeared a couple of days later. so we'll just have to wait and see. if in fact he had political problems or if a group of challengers deposed him i think we would hear about that. they would push him aside, probably execute him and take over the reins. but all the signs show that the kim family will go on. >> all right, daniel, thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. switching gears now, pro-democracy leaders in hong kong are calling for demonstrations to fill the site beyond capacity. crowds are growing here, you can actually see live pictures there. people are camped out overnight. it is about 3:45 in the afternoon. this all happened after the government cancelled talks with demonstrators on thursday, prompting one leader to announce
12:43 am
the pro-democratic leader. and the ceo of microsoft is trying to delete some controversial comments. still to come, why he now says he was wrong about whether women should ask for raises. that is coming up. when it comes to medicare, everyone talks about what happens when you turn sixty-five. but, really, it's what you do before that counts. see, medicare doesn't cover everything. only about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is on you. [ male announcer ] consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so, call now and request this free decision guide. discover how an aarp
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about how you want things to be. [light instrumental music] ♪ female announcer: recycle your old fridge and get $50. schedule your free pickup at: the ceo of microsoft is backtracking from some pretty controversial comments he made on working women.
12:46 am
on thursday he suggested that women that didn't ask for raises would be rewarded with good karma. seriously? >> microsoft ceo satya nadella withdrew a comment he made about women and raises, including he said it would be good karma if they didn't ask for a raise. >> it is not really about asking for a raise, but knowing that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. and that, i think, might be one of the additional super powers that quite frankly women who don't ask for a raise have, because that is good karma, it will come back. >> these statements were made at a women's tech conference, the moderator disagreed saying not asking for a raise had cost her tens of thousands of dollars. now nadella immediately
12:47 am
backtracked tweeting after the fact. he said i was inarticulate about how women should ask for a raise, he sent a memo to employees that said women and men should get paid equally and if you think you deserve a raise you should just ask. but let's look at the reality, women make $11,000 less than men a year according to the census bureau data. and what people reacted to if you take a step back the solution needs to come from the top leaders. these are people who really need to be in tune, which is probably why the comments fell flat. >> very controversial indeed. i'm not entirely sure how he will recover from that. but switching gears now more rain has fallen across the central u.s., leading to the possibility of flooding. derek van dam has more. >> we have flash flood watching across that part of the united states, including tennessee and
12:48 am
also parts of mississippi. here is the latest radar across the region. you can just see this large swath of rainfall, stretching through the east coast, all the way down to texas. you can see where we have the flash flood watching through the national weather service. we'll zoom into the region, you see the area, including northwestern sections of mississippi. flood watch exists into your saturday. so keep this in mind. there are no warnings, we have the potential for an additional two to three inches across this region. upwards to 250 or 700 millimeters of rainfall. lesser amounts, atlanta to the north and tennessee, more rain can be expected through louisiana into texas for the next 48 hours, as well. we're keeping extremely busy here in the world weather center. not only do we have typhoon vongfong, but we're also
12:49 am
monitoring a tropical cyclone. more precisely, this particular system will make landfall sunday afternoon. just south of brahmapur. and this storm will pack quite a punch, can we have lenthis will inland, but it will be a serious rain maker across the region. we'll take a look at rainfall totals in just a moment. i'm going to move across the tv screen. this is actually the latest radar, you can see the eye wall of hudhud getting closer, another 12 hours or so and the storm will make landfall bringing strong winds and very heavy rain, with the possibility
12:50 am
of coastal flooding and storm surges. it will move across the coast of india again in the next 24 to 48 hours, these rainfall totals are not a typo, going across brahmapur, and the next 48 hours as the storm makes landfall. we expect wind gusts in excess of 150 kilometers. we'll see it along the east coast of the india state. so very busy with flooding potential across the united states. we have a landfall and typhoon in japan, and now hudhud in india, as well. that is all for us. let's hope the skies show us some mercy, making me very nervous. but thank you so much. still ahead, hollywood royalty meets the queen of england. the honor given to actress angelina jolie. plus, actress emily blunt
12:51 am
tells us what gives her butterflies. that is coming up next.
12:52 am
hollywood film star angelina jolie made it a family affair as she went to buckingham palace to meet queen elizabeth.
12:53 am
the queen proclaimed it an honorary day for her in conflicted areas, particularly for raising help for sexual violence. you can see angelina there, the queen greeted the entire family. and 2014 has been a breakthrough year for british actress emily blunt who co-starred with tom cruise in her first action movie "edge of tomorrow." the actress tells cnn about her passion for her work and what gives her butterflies. >> it has been a great year. and i think an exciting one in the extremes at which i've been stretched to. >> come find me when you wake up! >> "edge of tomorrow" was a huge
12:54 am
action movie, and actually i had had never played it. you're usually the girlfriend who is dragged along while the guy is saving the world. so i think this was incredible to play somebody who was the most courageous person i had come across. >> you wish to have the curse reversed? >> and then i went from that extreme to doing a musical which filled me with horror and dread to go and audition for a musical. and i just said i really don't want to do it. go in. and my agent just finally persuaded me to do it. and i went in and he gave it to me, thank god, because i didn't consider myself a singer, i think before the musical i had always liked singing. i do it privately. the thought of singing in front of anyone was the most terrifying thing on the planet. and i never sang in front of my husband, let alone rob marshal
12:55 am
who was looking at musicals. but it turned out to be the most amazing life experience, i don't think anybody included themselves as singers, including merrill. and sometimes it is incredibly complex, and he wants actors. he doesn't want perfect singers. he wants actors who can kind of sing so it was exciting. cate blanchett was somebody i just watched at everything. she has the ability to shape shift. and merryl obviously has it. i always loved judi densch. she was so kind to me. i realized how joyful it can all be. it doesn't have to be insecure or needy or you know, there is
12:56 am
not a hierarchy. she was hugely inspiring to me, she has never lost the joy. i think the reason i'm in love with this job is the butterflies in the stomach feeling. and i think that a great day for me would be a scene that i'm nervous about or i'm not quite sure how i'm going to do it. and it sort of unravels and starts to come to life. and it could be a scene that you never thought it could be. and those moments are really incredible. and i think everyone feels it in the room from the grip to the director to you. everyone feels that moment where you captured a great take. i think those are the moments i really look for. >> we wish emily the best of luck. thank you so much for watching this hour of our special
12:57 am
coverage. and we go live to hong kong where pro-democracy demonstrations are showing no signs that they're ready to pack up. stay with us, i'm zain usher as. i'm only in my 60's.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we are live in madrid with the latest. >> should no parent have to put their kid away. k kids are supposed to bury their parents. >> and a family grieves for their lost son as a st. louis area braces for another weekend of protests. look at what police say separate this young man's death from that of michael brown's. batten down the hatches, okinawa. typhoon vongfong heads for the island. we will have a full storm update just ahead.