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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 12, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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moon. but you're their only visitor. the only person helping them survive. they do this so people outside these wards, the people on the streets will never know what it's like to be inside. dr. january jay gupta. >> we're here today to communicate about a health care worker who has contracted the ebola virus. >> there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection. the care of ebola can be done safely but it's hard to do it safely. it is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of ebola. breaking the links in the chain of transmission is the key to preventing further spread. that's how we will stop it in dallas.
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>> hello everyone. we are following a lot of breaking news right now. we begin in dallas where the unthinkable has happened. a nurse is now in stable condition after testing positive for ebola. this is the second case in the u.s. and the first known transmission of the deadly disease inside of the u.s. hospital officials say the nurse's substantial contact with the ebola patient who died wednesday. the nurse was wearing full protective gear when ever she was in contact with duncan. the cdc is investigating exactly what went wrong. the white house has been watching all of this extremely closely. >> i said and i repeat that we
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know how to stop ebola from spreading in hospitals but that doesn't mean it's easy. it's hard. you need meticulous attention to detail. you need a team working together. you need to make sure that every aspect of the protocol is r rigorously and meticulously followed. >> dozens of people are now being monitored because of their contact either with tomas duncan, the original patient, or this particular nurse do health officials believe that they may have other cases of people who came in contact with these two individuals? >> the various groups of people we need to keep track of here.
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nearly 50 people who came into contact before he was fully admitted to the hospital here in dallas and health officials have said and continue to say that none of those people are showing any signs of symptoms. this health care, this female health care worker that has now tested positive for ebola is now quarantined here at the hospital is someone who came into contact with thomas duncan after he had been admitted. she was part of the medical team and staff. on friday of last week, she discovered a low grade fever this is someone on their own keeping track of their temperature discovered that low grade fever and drove herself here to the hospital. so there are still a number of medical professionals, health care workers who were part of the team that treated thomas who will continue to be monitored.
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investigating any other possible contacts of people who might have come close to this particular second patient here in dallas. >> health officials have said nothing about mr. duncan's fiance or the people at that apartment. are they still sort of being kept away? >> they're still inside that three week window. the virus can be incubated up to three weeks. about this time last week officials were saying that last week was a really crucial week.
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so is silver lining, all of that, the group of 50 none of those people are showing any signs of symptoms so that is, you know, one bit of good news in all of this. so just to be clear, nearly 50 contacts that cdc officials have been keeping track of, taking their temperatures twice a day. >> small silver lining at least for now. thank you. and we just heard cdc director say that hospitals can stop the spread of ebola.
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i'm joined by the dr. of college of public health at the university of nebraska medical center. >> guidelines are not sufficient. we need to make sure. we need to be sure. that if a patient showed symptoms the hospital is prepared. >> it's interesting. one of the things that is being done in texas now is there's a recording alerting people to the fact that somebody in their neighborhood has been diagnosed. just take a listen.
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>> please be advised that a health care worker that lives in your area has tested positive for the ebola virus. this individual is in the hospital and isolated. precautions are already in place to clean all known potential areas of contact. there is no ongoing danger to your health? >> does that instill alarm? >> we need to think of two separate things. it's nice to see the transparency here. now we have two cases that have occurred, one in spain and one here in the united states.
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it's a reminder that people are legitimately concerned and we need to address those kurns and at the same time we need to be bolstering our health systems so that when the next patient arrives, that hospital does not just have a bunch of guidelines but trained, exercised and ready to take care of patients. >> i have taken care of patients and responded to ebola outbreaks over the years and there is no doubt with a robust public health response we can break transmission of this disease and think about where the major concern is in west africa.
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here in the united states, yes if you have an option you would be better served going to a hospital where they spent ten years training exercising for an event such as this and the third thing is in leading academic centers, how do you take all of this knowledge and share it with the global community to prevent transmission. >> we have been focused over there. we thank you so much. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> of course. >> and a series of bombings in
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paired perfectly [light instrumental music]soup. ♪ female announcer: recycle your old fridge and get $50. schedule your free pickup at: >> the u.s. led coalition has unleashed nine new air strikes in iraq and syria. it does not seem to be stopping the terrorists from advancing. there have been deadly explosions from parts of iraq.
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one of the blasts killed the on board police chief. it's not clear whether isis is responsible but the terror group is tightening its grip on anbar province. the white house insists iraqi forces can defend the capital. ben, look there have been a number of bombings within baghdad. anbar province, which seems to be in control of isis is less than eight miles from the international airport. how can the administration say that there is no imminent threat? >> we understand that isis forces in and around the area, there are not a lot of them. they are more focused on towns which they currently control
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they are trying to take other towns. so that really seems to be their focus. not a frontal assault on baghdad itself. there is occasional sniper fire, mortar fire. some hit and run. keep in mind that anbar is iraq's largest province. even if they have a fair number of people in the province itself, they are more likely to be focused in areas where they are trying to gain a strategic advantage. we understand that they would like to take or at least disable baghdad international airport, which is really just a few miles from the edge of anbar province. if they could they would like to do that.
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that's where some u.s. advisors are located. so it's a bit of a tall order for them at this point to try to approach for instance the airport. but that doesn't mean they certainly wouldn't like to do it. they definitely do. >> when we think about baghdad they don't want to launch an assault but these hit and runs, how effective are those? >> well, in terms of hit and run it's the car bombs, truck bombs that really underscore one of
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the challenges to the united states and the coalition is that yes, in certain areas of anbar, it's easy to knock out a truck, a humvee that belongs to isis. they are operating a a terrorist group with sleeper cells. they don't have identifiable targets that could be hit by an aircraft or a drone from above. it's really a two pronged fight against isis. it's a real challenge to really put it to an end. the americans never really succeeded when they were here and there is no indication that it will be an easy task now. >> all right, ben, thank you so much. you're right there on the front lines. should the u.s. send in ground forces to take out isis? ask a man who has fought in iraq and knows the lay of the land.
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>> fighters are making huge advances on two fronts. they face poorly equipped local forces that may not be able to insist on the advance.
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okay. so at what point given what we see going on does the administration re-evaluate its strategy? >> i'm confident it's re-evaluating the strategy right now. it was said that it will take american boots on the ground as advisors are providing effective close air support with good american eyes and to stiffen the spine of these units. >> let's look at the balance of the two sides. iraqi forces that are trained by americans, it's more of a traditional kind of war. so how do you counter that effectively to stop isis?
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>> well, we actually have learned how to fight counter insurgency pretty effectively. the problem has been with the leadership of the iraqi forces. they have been political generals appointed by former prime minister maliki largely shia commanders. proven completely ineffective in combat. we need to replace those with real war fighters. we need to embed those inside iraqi units. we need to do it right away. i-sis is very close to being able to put pressure on the baghdad international airport. that would make things extraordinarily more difficult for us in months to come. >> trained by americans who then left because there was so much
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within the government. so now you have got these shia leaders but what about the forces themselveses? it was the troops that crumbled. what's to say that they can now defend baghdad? >> even the best troops will fall apart without weapons without ammunition, water and food. and that's what we have seen happen repaidedly over the past several months. the guilty is realizing its mistakes. there are indications that the government is asked for ground troops. it is clearly time for the united states to re-evaluate its strategy to help out in this fight before baghdad itself falls under more pressure. >> so many american lives in this fight. is it inevitable that they will have to invest more americans in this battle?
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>> it's sicklen to me that ground is going have to be fought for and bled for again. >> and anxious because of a second diagnosed case of the ebola virus has been diagnosed on american soil. if you went to your local hospital with ebola symptoms would they be prepared? >> young portrait artists have been showing their wares. cnn's new show on wants to watch considers what's behind a powerful port trat.
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>> painting and photography. from self-portraits to selfies. >> it's a very simple thing. can i meet somebody new through this painting? do i get the feeling that they're here with me in the gallery? >> it does feel like magic where
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the thing turns from a flat bit of canvas and a few blobs of paint into that person's lap. >> the greatest portrait artists can ben trait the flesh and bones before them with every brush or pencil stroke capturing the soul and offering a further dimension to the face within the frame.
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parents arms. this strain happens to be particularly strong. this cdc has already documented nearly 700 cases in 46 states. oscar pistorious will go to find out if he will have to spend a large chunk of his life behind bars. the sentence could change up to 15 years in prison to a suspended sentence or community service. >> protesters want charges brought against the white officer who shot an unarmed black man in august. and in st. louis protesters also marched for myers. he was shot at least seven times by police. officers say he was armed at the time and he is the one who fired first. this morning police tweeted the
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protesters threw rocks and tried to storm a gas station. they also made some arrests. matt and deny didn't like brad's moves on the tracks. he was hit during a cool down lap. the drivers got into it after the races. it led to this crazy scuffle between the two crews, a throw down. nascar is reviewing the matter and says that any possible penalties will be announced on tuesday. >> the cdc now officially confirming that a texas health care worker who was in charge of an ebola patient does indeed have the virus. they just announced the test results that are confirmed as being ebola. initially the health department had done the test and found as though it looked as if the parent had come into contact
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with the virus. now they are confirming that the health care worker developed a low grade fever on friday. self-isolated and now does indeed have ebola. rosa visited a hospital in new york to see what the protocols are there. >> hospitals around the country are preparing for ebola patients so what are hospitals ready to do and what can patients exfect? let me show you. at mount sigh nigh, all a patient would have to do is walk in and say i have a fever and dr. schier says that begins the entire process. >> at that point the staff member would gothrough a series. >> some of the questions are basic. like did you travel internationally and do you have symptoms like cough, vomiting and diarrhea? >> we keep the hallway secure
1:34 pm
from any patients and staff so that you can review the patient safely down the hallway. >> no touching anything? >> no touching anything. >> no talking to anyone? >> right. and given a different clinical scenario you could be in a wheelchair and a stretcher. >> if that was the case we have done a bit more suitk up with personal protective equipment. >> gloves, plastic gowns, face shields. >> and a searchable mask as well. >> protecting your face, eyes, mouth and nose. >> all the gear is impermable. marining fluids can't pass through. >> once the patient is inside the isolation room, that's it. there is no contact with anyone while doctors huddle outside and figure out the next steps.
1:35 pm
most of the care that is involved is supportive care. there is no real proven therapy specifically for ebola at this time. good hydration, prevention of other infections. diagnosing other infections that may be going on can be done here. >> are hospitals confident?
1:36 pm
>> they land right here in new york city. so i talked with new york city's health commissioner who told me that at the 11 public hospitals and we hope there are no cases but if there is, the hospitals are ready. the doctor told me that each of the public hospitals, each hospital here has isolation area s they are specifically getting training on how to put on the bulky protective gear. they are taught very carefully how to take it off because sometimes that's where the mistakes can happen. >> anything that people do is
1:37 pm
re rarely foolproof. people do make mistakes. that doesn't mean that people have to make mistakes. innovative ideas like the buddy system. i can't think of a better person to lead the ebola response. and he is absolutely correct that we know how to stop this epidem epidemic. here in new york new york city we have confidence in our systems to yp people who have etch bola to isolate them, evaluate them. look after them in ways that best protect their health and insures that the people looking after them are safe. >> now you may have heard the doctor mention that buddy system that has been instituted at new york city hospitals esspishlly in event of a patient who could have ebola and this buddy system
1:38 pm
works like this. sounds simple but this is where some of the mistakes could happen when you you're putting on bulky protective gear. if something is done incorrectly especially when they take it off. >> and clearly, our thoughts are with this hospital worker in dallas right now. the fact that they were trying to treat him in his final hours, we can't forget that effort. allison, thank you. >> isis is advancing in the province around baghdad. the white house insists that the city is safe.
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correspondent about the toll we're hearing from the pentagon and the obama administration. >> baghdad is shiaa. these are not people who support isis. it will be really tough goinger but isis may have a different strategy. making forays against the airplane, against the embassy area, it can cause a lot of havoc without having to go to all the trouble of quote taking the city isis.
1:44 pm
>> it's not just the words they use but the words they don't use. >> i think that the question is also does isis really want to try to control baghdad? presumably the u.s. and that's where we are led to believe it is with iraqi troops in defense with that. so presumably they don't want to lose baghdad. as barbara says they can go in and cause havoc without having to take the city. baghdad is a typical target for
1:45 pm
the reasons that barbara outlined. they haven't gone to the south and iraq. they don't believe they really at this point in their strategy want baghdad. that's part of what the administration is figuring and the other part is this is an administration that has, you know, said one thing up until the time it changes. nothing changes from this administration until it really reaches the danger zone and they just don't feel that baghdad is there yet.
1:46 pm
>> everyone i was going i saw help wanted signs. and everyone i talked to said how hard it was to find people who were willing to retool, retrain and learn a truly useful skill and apply it. micro works evolved to shine a light on a lot of jobs that for whatever reason were going unloved. we set up a foundation to award work ethic scholarships. >> he travels to country to get his message out. >> people love acronyms. science technology, engineering and math. it ought to be stems. if you take the skill autoof any of those disciplines then what do you have? you can't promote careers in stem at the expense of skill.
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>> the infrastructure is challenging. so these tools that you see coming in will give us the ability to operate with confidence and strength. >> asking president obama to help stop the spread of ebola and the clock is ticking. >> this is how you make a hotel into an operational center. >> today he is conducting a
1:52 pm
battlefield circulation tour of his joint forces command. >> this is how we ensure that we stay safe. >> and a conference room, they are about to hit the ground run runni running. >> and another tent goes up. another hard one victory. they have been coming every day watching and waiting. >> there is a lot of intangible nature to this fight.
1:53 pm
>> and they are not alone? >> they're not alone. >> what you see over here are the actual building blocks that were our soldiers and airmen and marines will live. >> president obama has pledged up to 4,000 troops. prepacked and reddy to roll out, there is space here for 600. there is more to be found. another task on a very long list. >> that is how many hours we have been here. >> there is no getting away from the magnitude of the task ahead.
1:54 pm
>> for the first time the disease has been contracted here. every angle of the story starting at the top of the hour. ir
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irks. >> is it possible to stack the
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deck in your child's favor before they are born? >> each week we are shining a spotlight on the top ten cnn heroes of 2014 as you vote for the one who inspires you the most at cnn >> when i'm running i feel limitless. being in motion makes me feel free. when you are really pushing yourself that's when you really feel alive. but there are millions of people around the world that are facing severe physical limitations. they can be independent. they can't live their lives. i spent years training olympic athletes, football players, body builders. one day newly spinal cord
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injured came to the gym asking for help. we worked togtd and he made tremendous progress. >> reach out. reach out. my phone rang off the hook so i opened a gym designed to fit their needs. for the past 25 year vis provided strength and conditioning for people with disabilities. push. stretch up. people come to me when they're at their lowest. hold it. >> i feel so much better now. >> come to the gym and all of the sudden you have a natural support network. >> in 1971, i broke my back and i have been in a wheelchair ever since. >> that's it. >> thanks to ned i keep my upper body strength at a maximum. i have been able to live a full
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life. >> i never worry about what they can't do. i worry about what they can do. i'm building them up and stronger so they can live life like they're supposed to. >> thanks for spending part of your sunday here with us. the next hour of newsroom begins right now. >> hello. you are in the cnn newsroom. thanks for joining me. we begin with disthat is what is believed to be the first he will have multiple occasions of research before he died. >> we don't know what occurred in the care of the index en