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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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anything she wants to be. come on, let's rock out. great to have you with us. i'm john vause. >> we don't know what occurred but at some point there was a breach in protocol. >> growing doubts about the readiness of a hospital after a nurse in texas becomes the first to contract the virus in the united states. police move some barricades after a hong kong leader takes a hard line on student protests. and back to court. oscar pistorius. will he be sent to prison for killing his ex-girlfriend? the first case of a patient
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contracting ebola in the u.s. is prompting a call from the president for swift action. barack obama received two calls. mr. obama ordereded the centers for disease control and prevention to quickly determine what caused her to get sick. he is urging federal officials to take extra steps to make sure health workers follow protocols for treating ebola patients. the nurse cared for thomas duncan before he died from ebola on wednesday. a hazardous materials team is decontaminating her apartment and authorities are trying to track everyone who came in contact with her. mary reports this latest infection happened despite all of the precautions. >> reporter: cdc tests confirm a dallas nurse is the first patient to have contracted ebola in the united states. >> there was a breach in protocol and that resulted in this infection. >> reporter: health care officials announced sunday that a female nurse who had extensive
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contact with thomas duncan has tested positive for the disease. the doctor said it could have resulted from touching contaminated gear. >> the care of ebola can be done safely but it is hard to do it safely. it requires meticulous and scrupulous attention to infection control. >> officials in dallas said despite the infection, health care workers are safe. >> we're confident the pre cautions we have in place are workers. our health care >> reporter: news of an ebola case in the u.s. brought criticism of the u.s. >> we don't know who is in charge. i don't think we are comforted by the fact that we were told there would never an case of ebola in the united states and that's not correct. >> reporter: frieden said the cdc is in the process of putting new safeguards in place to protect medical professionals and the public. he emphasized ebola will be stopped in dallas by making sure every case is properly diagnosed.
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>> that's how we have stopped every ebola outbreak in history. that's how we will stop it in dallas. >> and doctors in nebraska are pleased with the progress another patient is making in his battle with ebola. a freelance cameraman for the nbc network contracted the virus while working in liberia. the doctor said he is taking fluids as well. meantime, new jersey have put the crews he work under mandatory quarantine until october 22nd. they say the crew remains symptom-free for now. the world health organization counts more than 8,300 confirmed or suspected cases in west africa. more than 4,000 have been fatal. it is feared the real numbers could be much higher. the vast majority of cases and the deaths are in liberia, sierra leone and guinea, a handful. also senegal, nigeria and now
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that one death to report in the united states. the two most recent of all cases, the dallas nurse and the nurse's assistant in spain both caught the virus after apparent breaches in safety protocols while they treated ebola patients and it raises the questions. how do you keep health workers protected from this terrible disease? i asked the former chief medical officer of homeland security. the two infections beyond west africa, we're looking are are nurses. one in madrid, the other in dallas. does this raise the question that something is wrong with the protocols here, not just a breach protocols, when it comes to health workers? >> i don't think it is as much the protocol as it is the experience in taking care of these people. so don't forget, these proelt comes are based on decades have experience in working with ebola patients. if you compare this to the work
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that's being done by doctors without boreders in africa, they have a tremendous record of keeping their health workers safe and not infected. so we know the protocols work. i think the challenge is this is the first time that people with this illness have shown up in the united states, and there might be not as much respect or not as much training, education and experience in working with patients with this virus. and that can lead to disastrous results. >> so whatever potential mistake the nurse in dulles made, pretty good chance that you say another health worker has made a similar mistake? >> i think it is always possible. whenever you have very few patients out there with this deadly disease, and yet you're expecting thousands of health care workers to understand how to treat, how to take care of, how to isolate, all of these
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different parameters. it makes it difficult. it makes it just incredibly hard to train all the health care workers up to this standard. >> i've talked a lot of people over the week and it is fairly unanimous. everyone says we don't think the cdc, we don't think the government is telling the whole story here. do you think we're hearing everything that is out there? if that's the case, why are people so skeptical? >> i think they're skeptical because it seems like the story just keeps getting bigger and bigger and things keep resulting, that are not consistent with the message they've been hearing. continuing folks at cdc, they're good people. they're working really, really hard. i think the challenge is they're trying to stay in front of this and it is a really moving target and they're having a really difficult time staying in front of it. and that just makes it really
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challenging to message as well when you're saying, it is a disaster over in western africa but there's no need to worry in the united states. that's a tough message to reconcile. >> we move on now to the stand-off and stalemate in hong kong days after the government called off pro democracy protesters. police have cleared out some of the students' barricades. these are live images now of one of the main protest sites. within the past hour or so, it seemed many more protest turned up, answering the call on social media after police began removing the barricades. it is a volatile situation. it remains very tense and this is all raising questions about the stamina of this occupy movement. will they stay there? will the police move in? and there have been clashes with many in hong kong who find the protests have been inconvenient and they want them to end. the protesters themselves though, they're staying put. at least for now.
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>> reporter: for the first time in two weeks, police here in hong kong have made a small move to restrict the movement of the demonstrators. at least to encroach on their sit-in. they pushed back a couple barricades, dismantling them. as you can see, the demonstrators responded by bringing their tents forward. by bringing this little grave stone for the embattled leader of hong kong. and they have moved forward a little bit. it is peaceful but this sit-in has been going on for two weeks now. and the fundamental disagreement continues to divide society and the protesters from the government. over the week, the top, the chief executive of hong kong, he gave an interview to local television in which em, the sit-in has grown out of control. there is not one leader
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controlling it. and he said he would not give in to demands to resign. the demonstrators, meanwhile, the leaders have addressed a letter to the leader of china. asserting that their protest movement, and we can see tents in the distance here, continuing to occupy downtown hong kong is not a so-called color revolution. they call themselves a pro democracy movement. they want universal suffrage in elections several years from now. but for the time being, downtown hong kong still blocked off. the police facing a difficult challenge. how do they try to reopen the heart of the financial hub without using the kind of force that attracted so much public sympathy to the side of the demonstrators? cnn, hong kong. >> when we come back, there is cautious optimism in spain. ahead, we'll have a live report
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isis fighters seem on the verge of victory on two fronts. in syria and iraq. the terror group appears set to take the syrian kurdish town of kobani as well as iraq's anbar province west of baghdad. leaders in anbar province are pleading for u.s. ground combat troops to halt the isis onslaught. but senior american officials are still ruling out sending ground forces to the region, at least for now. meantime isis is chaming responsibility for a series of suicide bombings in northern iraq on sunday.
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reports say dozens were killed and wounded in the blast. the attacks appear to target kurdish security and intelligence personnel. america's top military leader said he sees no reason to send ground forces to the region at this time but general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is clearly leaving the door open to that possibility. >> would we be more effective against isis if we had u.s. troops on the ground spotting targets? if we had those -- >> yeah. there would be circumstances when we answer that question. it would likely be yes. but i haven't encountered one. >> i've used the example of, you know, mosul will be the decisive battle in the ground campaign at some point in the future. >> when the iraqi security forces go back. >> when they are ready to go back on the offensive. my instinct at this point is that that will require a different kind of advising and assisting because of the
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complexity of that fight. >> general martin dempsey speaking to abc news. meantime there could be at least 10,000 civilians trapped in kobani. the kurdish enclave is just a few kilometers from the border. nic walsh is right there. >> reporter: if kobani falls to isis, they'll be turkey's new brutal neighbor along a hundred kilometers of frontier. and nowhere is living next door to isis begun to seem so normal. isis's totem of fear, truly enormous here. the turkish military are asking us to move away. so large and in such full view, so close. boys say they know what to do if isis tried to cross. one of the residents said off camera, at least the civil war's
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violence doesn't spill over anymore since isis took over the town about a year ago. coalition air strikes have been reported here recently. but more visible is the him drum of life after the self-declared cal we ask how life is. only to a point as isis might kill us all if we crossed over. the turkish army are not happy. how could they be?
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life darkened for a generation. cnn. take another break here. when we come back, a month after the verdict, oscar pistorius is due in court. we are live in pretoria for the sentencing phase of his trial.
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♪ female announcer: recycle your old fridge and get $50. schedule your free pickup at: >> bolivia's president has been reelected to an unofficial third term. he will a cheering crowd he's dedicating his victory to fidel castro and hugo chavez. he became the first indigenous president when he took office in 2006. he will remain there now until
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2020. oscar pistorius will soon find out if he will serve prison time for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the sentencing phase should begin in about an hour. last month he was found guilty of culpable homicide and also a gun charge. the olympian shot through a bathroom door in his pretoria home killing steenkamp on valentine's day last year. now let's go live to pretoria. this is going to be a very long sentencing phase. >> reporter: well, the rumor here is that it might take as long as a week and that is much longer than normal. what you will have is the defense and the prosecution both possibly bringing new witnesses to the stand to argue for a longer, more severe, or less so sentence. and then the judge will make her decision. and then it is possible the whole thing goes to appeal and to discuss that process, i'm with cnn's legal analyst kelly
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fems. what do you assess the likelihood that this could be to appeal? >> usually i would say it is not likely at all in the sense there was a very lengthy trial. it was an incredibly thorough process and very importantly, a fortune has been spent on this trial. and at this point i think it would be most appropriate, the decision has been made. throwing more money at this isn't going to change the evidence available to the court which unfortunately was never strong enough to meet the state's burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. but there has been a lot of pressure on the states in this case throughout. for that reason, programs we will still see them attempt to appeal it. they may not be granted permission to appeal but they may try to. i would hope at this point, a line would be drawn in the sand and the matter would be put to rest. >> given how much this has cost. >> completely. when you consider how many thousands of cases the state has
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to prosecute every year. to spend millions, multimillions on just one case, you really have to think about all indigent people that require state assistance in their cases that are now going to be deprived of resources because the state budget is being so heavily spent on just one case. there has been a conviction. one of culpable homicide and it would be most appropriate at this point to let sentencing happen and let the matter rest. >> reporter: given that conviction, culpable hollis, it is up to the judge's discretion. it could be anything. a jail term and it could be a suspended sentence. what does press dental tell us is possible? >> reporter: as you say, it is discretionary sentencing. essentially anything is possible from community supervision to a very heavy jail term. we can look at other cases to see what sorts of sentences have been handed out. so for example in capetown, when ten school children died as a
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result of reckless diving by a taxi driver, that man was sentenced to eight years in prison. equally in a case of a mistaken belief of an intruder in the house, where a father killed his daughter, he got a fully suspended sentence. so there is quite a large spectrum. >> and i think there are a loe of people in this country that feel if pistorius does not go to jail, that would essentially be a travesty of justice. the opinion is very divided as to whether this culpable homicide verdict was in fact too lenient. through there areal many pistorius loyalists who hope for a lenients sentence. so oscar pistorius will go into that courtroom in less than an hour's time to hear what is hopefully for him the last phase of this verdict. as we were discussing, it may yet go to appeal. >> an array of possibilities.
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those legal proceedings about to begin in about an hour's time. we'll have live coverage. meantime, the tropical storm vongfong is battering japan. it is hitting a typhoon. now it is lashing the southern most of the islands. nearly 40 injuries have been reported and thousands are without electricity. for the very latest on vongfong. standing by at the cnn weather center. >> the indian storm just inland. a tropical storm as well as a typhoon. at one point, it was a super taste. the strongest across the planet. right now we have a weakening event. mainly for japan. as we go through okinawa, winds in excess of 120 miles an hour.
11:24 pm
recovering from that, that is done for. we're dealing with mainland japan. and as i mentioned. just a rain situation. we've seen major issues with japan and the rain and the potential flooding there. 12 to 36 hours. passing through tokyo with some squalling weather as well. as far as the potential rainfall, accumulations from 50 to 150 millimeters, not out of the question. that would be about six inches here. lesser amounts further to the east. opportunity with this one but boy, did it wreak havoc with torrential downpours and we have the wind as well. look at that. making a bee line for the city with 24 kilometer eye. i'll show you the damage that
11:25 pm
has been ongoing. we've got infrastructure that has been destroyed. not only rail service but roads that have been washed away. the postal flooding. there as you can see, the damage that came as the winds were roaring at 200 kilometers per hour. that is quite a potent storm. a wind gust of 192 kilometers per hour. that's about 119 miles an hour. the equivalent to a category 3 hush in the atlantic. the storm is done as far as the winds. the rain will continue as it heads off to the north and west across central india. we could see rainfall tallies from 15 to as much as 100 millimeters. severe weather outbreak in the united states. we'll cover that in the next half-hour. >> thank you. talk to you soon. any may be known as the her mit kingdom but its leader is not usually one to shy away from the public. where the kim jong-un? and another layer of defense
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. a hazardous materials union is decontaminating the materials from the first person. she is a nurse in texas who treated the ebola patient thomas duncan who died on wednesday. authorities are tracking all of her contacts. isis is seizing a keyboarder town in syria. they are controlling about 80%. meantime isis is taking control of a large chunk of the kurdish town of kobani. the fighter there says he fears a major isis assault is imminent. and oscar pistorius is due in court. last month he was found guilty of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend. the length of his sentence is
11:30 pm
totally up to the judge. now to some heated moments in hong kong within the last hour. several hundred people who other pose the occupy movement' ongoing demonstrations. a little yelling and police are there trying to keep the two sides party. this all happening just hours after authorities move some of the barricades. one of the first times cynic the protests began. live for us in hong kong. there are some reports, there were taxi drivers. they essentially stormed the demonstrators. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they filmed anti-occupy people with their fists flying, attacking some of the occupy protesters. and right now, there is no violence. what you have is the hong kong police protecting the barricades, protecting the pro
11:31 pm
democracy sit-in from anti-occupy protesters who tend to be, i would estimate, at least 15, 20 years older if not more. and they've been hurling abuse, yelling things like [ bleep ] at the occupy protesters here. and this is one flesh point that has developed -- [ inaudible ] at one point the team saw a crane being used by these civilians to remove and clear away some of the obstructions that have been used to mark the territory of the occupy movement in downtown, in down hong kong. so this is a sprawling area. it seem the anti-occupy protesters moved in simultaneously from a number of different positions in the last hour. and all of this came about
11:32 pm
three, four hours after the police themselves moved in to remove some of the barricades. i don't know if that was coordinated between the police and the anti-occupy demonstrators. it is certainly ratcheted up tension to what had been a pretty sleepy sit-in. certainly for the last two weeks. >> what you described there with these anti-occupy demonstrators moving in simultaneously, it does seem as if this was well planned. is there any idea what may have sparked this? why did it happen at this point in time? it seemed there were report these anti-occupy protesters were willing to give them a couple more days before demanding they get up the street. why is it happening now? >> reporter: there has not been one formal organization that has
11:33 pm
come out saying the demonstrators have to leave. so it is anybody's guess who organized this anti-occupy movement. and organizing to move strategically at the same time. you certainly have a very strange situation. at times, a relatively small number of demonstrators. sometimes a couple hundred university students organizing and conducting a sit-in occupying a highway. several major roads in downtown hong kong for now two straight weeks. some of this is taking place quite literally, just a couple dozen meetings away from one of the main police stations here. and since the police used tear gas and pepper spray two weeks ago, that only added fire to the protest movement.
11:34 pm
it attracted sympathy to them and helped them start the sit-in in the first place. the police have been very reluctant to use force. and in the meantime, it appears to be hong kong civilians, some of them inconvenienced. and some of them ideally opposed to these protesters who have come in and in some cases tried to use force to break up the sit-in movement that has occupied downtown hong kong. >> would you say there has been a fairly significant surge in the number of pro democracy demonstrators who have turned up in the last hour or so? have their numbers swelled significantly? >> reporter: i think it is fair to say there has been a swarm of tourists from the high rises in
11:35 pm
central hong kong who have come out quite, you know, quite motivated. who have taken pictures of this. >> live for us in hong kong with the very latest on these demonstrations. thank you. authorities in spain are quite hopeful. a nurse's assistant is recovering from ebola. she is the first person to contract the virus outside of africa. he helped take care of a missionary who died from ebola. what can you tell us about the condition of teresa romero and what is known about the treatment she's receiving? >> reporter: hi, john. well, there are signs of hope and little by little she is solving this infection. those are the words from the spokesman for the government's special committee on ebola. he said that last night. sunday night on a not spaish
11:36 pm
television network. a short time before that he had this to say at a press conference after the meeting. let's listen. >> translator: the amount of the virus teresa has seem to be lowering. it is important to believe there is hope regarding her case. we have to be careful. it is a good sign for hope but a person who has contracted ebola is always in critical condition. >> reporter: following on to that, just a few moments ago there have been reports on state television that overnight, she had a very rough night and her condition had worsened. we just contacted a hospital source who we've been in touch with. the source says couldn't confirm that she had a rough night but the source pointing out, what the spokesman is saying, ebola being very, very difficult disease, is constant ups and downs. in terms of her medication, she is taking an anti-influenza drug
11:37 pm
called avidan which has been known to be effective against the flu or influenza. it is not designed to fight ebola but it is considered safe. there is another drug that we are told that is available but we're not sure she has been using that. it has been desibld to fight ebola. it is testing all right in animals but we're not sure she's been taking that timt. clearly, nothing has been designed to take out this virus. so here and everywhere they're trying to see what they can do. >> we appreciate you being there live. thank you. back in the united states, five of the busiest airports are trying to stop the spread of the virus. they've put enhanced passengers screening over the weekend. >> reporter: additional screening for ebola began today at jfk international airport. it means any passenger coming
11:38 pm
from the ebola hot zones, sierra leone, liberia, guinea, once they get here to the airport, they will be screened to see if they have symptoms of the virus. the idea is to stop anyone who is showing symptoms. stop them before they leave the airport and get into the general population. here's what happened once the passengers get off the plane. we take them to a designated area where the passengers will be taken. they'll be asked questions about where they've traveled and if they had any contact with anyone sick with ebola. if given the all-clear, they'll be asked to give their contact information and asked to monitor their temperature for the next 21 days. the passengers will go to a quarantin quarantined area for further evacuation. even the cdc acknowledges, it is not fool proof. >> no matter how many of these procedures are put into place, we can't get the risk to zero.
11:39 pm
that will not be the case. this additional layer should add security and insurance to the american public. this entry screening procedure, for example, would not necessarily have caught the patient in dallas as indicated. >> reporter: the screening here at jfk international airport is considered a pilot and will be rolled out to four other airports on thursday. those include dulles international airport, o'hare international, newark and hartsfield jackson. and kim jong-un has not been seen in public for more than five weeks. the mystery over his absence deepened last week when he miss ad major event. the anniversary of the founding of the ruling worker's party. along with the rest of the world, china is likely wondering about kim's whereabouts. while relations between two allies have been strained recently, china is still
11:40 pm
invested in kim jong-un's rule. >> reporter: on state tv, north korean dictators are always in charge. always surround by fans. so a visibly limping kim jong-un went noticeably off script. now he has vanished. the top north korean diplomat recently said he didn't know where kim was. >> forgive me from staying away from trying to play this game about where in the world is kim jong-un and why has he not been seen in public. >> reporter: that game has been made around the world but especially here in china. china is along north korea's most powerful ally. but things are changing. the youthful kim jong-un is widely ridiculed in china with jokes like this one cropping up all the time on chinese social media. the chinese have even given him a nickname.
11:41 pm
chubby kim three. though many see him as a political light weight. compared to the one that spent decades rising through party ranks. kim infuriated china by continuing his nuclear push against their wishes. though china's leaders wined and dined his father and grandfather, he is yet to meet the young ruler. instead he is developing a closer relationship to kim's arch enemies in south korea. that doesn't mean that china wants kim out of power. any sign of kim losing control is deemly troubling. in beijing, because china wants a stable north korea above all else. it helps counter the u.s. troops. and pre vents a flood of north korean refugees. in china, the status quo is the safest option.
11:42 pm
david mckenzie, cnn beijing. take a short break here. when we come back, the international community is giving billions to help rebuild gaza. my next guest says that perpetuates a cycle of destruction. york state is jump- business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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british lawmakers plan to hold a symbolic vote on whether
11:45 pm
to acknowledge palestine as a state. it would not change the u.k.'s official policy which does not make that recognition. supporters hope it might breathe life into the israeli/palestinian peace process. and the meeting of international delegates on sunday, he this asked for $4 billion to rebuild gaza and they may get a lot more than that. numerous world leaders attended the conference in cairo on rebuilding gaza after the summer's violent conflict with israel. more than $5 billion in pledges have been made to the palestinian authority. half that money would be used for reconstruction of gaza. somehow, the billions begin to the palestinians won't settle the issue of an armed hamas in gaza. how much of a setback was this given that billions of dollars have been promised to rebuild
11:46 pm
gaza. none has been tied to disarming hamas. >> they have had the problem they have had, military objectives to have political goals. one of them is to disarm hamas. to push hamas out of power. and hamas seem if anything more secure in power than it was four months ago. >> so we had this unanimous agreement that unless there is this political process, essentially the international community is rebuilding targets in gaza for the israel toys destroy during the next war. >> i wonderful put it that way. what happens is that there are people on the palestinian side who antagonize and invite the destruction. they are insulated from the costs that. gaza has paid tremendous costs. there is way on which the antagonists don't really to have pay the cost because the
11:47 pm
international community is paying the cost. that encourages people to take risk that's they might not otherwise take. it is known in the financial business as a moral hazard. if gaza is always picked up by the international community after they attack, there is more of a willingness to get into that kind of confrontation. there is more of a willingness in israel to destroy things. and you keep this cycle perpetuat perpetuated. but you don't really get toward the kind of solution to the problem that pre vents you from being into it. really this is only two years after the last confrontation. >> rewarding bad behavior in a way. we're talking about billions of dollars. they're saying it would be fund through the palestinian authority as a way of isolating hamas but hamas is part of a unity government. is that really going to be effective? >> well, it is too early to tell whether it will be effective. and there seem to be a broader alignment in the arab world to try to be more serious about
11:48 pm
isolating hamas. the cutteries are putting in a billion. they tend to support hamas. i think it is unclear. what is clear is that we still don't know who the victors of this war will be. this is fundamentally a set of political questions about who gets to control gaza, what the relationship to the west bank is. they tried to shape that. you may be able to save things through the negotiation process, the rebuilding process which will move you farther along. the real outcome of this war won't be decided until the dust settled. and it hasn't settled yet. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> the hurricane watchers are in effect for puerto rico and the british virgin islands. >> that's because of a tropical
11:49 pm
storm. it is gonzalo that we're talking about here. continuing to intensify as it moves to the leeward islands with some nasty weather there. the anltss participation is that this will become a hurricane. so hurricane conditions are possible in puerto rico over the next 48 hours. get to the watches. the worst of it should stay just to the north. if this jogs a little further to the south, and puerto rico does get involved. we'll to have watch this one. 24 to 48 hours. this becomes a hurricane. and then eventually a pretty strong one headed to bermuda. that will be round two there for them after fay. there's puerto rico and the islands. as far as the go warnings, they are posted. that means conditions, tropical storm conditions are going to be likely here in the next 24 to 36 hours across the northern leeward islands. into puerto rico as well. and because this could become a
11:50 pm
hurricane in the next 24 hours and brush puerto rico here, watches have been posted here. so possible hurricane conditions in the next 48 hours. for now it looks good. in that the worst of the weather will occur to the north. so we'll keep you post on that. severe weather ongoing. the united states, text getting hit. dallas/ft. worth about, to get in on that. what you're seeing is a tornado watch box for the possibility of some of the storms ahead of the line to get some rotation going. it will be a severe weather outbreak and it won't just involve texas. look at this developing. a very potent storm diving in. now the storm prediction has forecast a moderate risk. that's pretty significant for eastern missouri and western mississippi. northern louisiana. if you're in this area, a pretty good likelihood that you'll see
11:51 pm
severe weather. this is the area to watch. severe weather possible from new orleans all the way to indianapolis for today. >> millions of people in the storm zone in the next 24 hours. are you a dog or a cat person? >> both. >> this story is for you. stick around until after the break. it is all about what cats think of dogs. fifteen percent or more fifon car insurance.d save you everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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know better sleep with sleep number , aologists in northern greece have reveal a remarkable find. a mosaic near the recently discovered tomb. it is made from tiny little colors of all different colors. it shows the greek god carrying souls to the afterlife. unclear who is driving the chariot. >> the interesting thing is on the right-hand side where you can see there is still a wall of earth covering up the last part of the mosaic. that's probably where the person who was the dead in the tomb, their image is there. if it is a woman and for this particular form of image, it would normally be a woman. because it is the standard image
11:54 pm
of the goddess being taken into hell by the king of hell, ladies. if it is a woman, it could well be a representation of either the mother of xanlter great, or roxanne, his wife. in either case, it would be a tremendously exciting discovery. >> we should add the findings date back to the fourth century bc. cats and dogs not really natural enemies but a new viral video ad campaign is playing into that myth. some are calling these cat food commercials dog bashing. jeanne moos looks at the videos. >> remember the days when cat food commercials featured cats eating food? now we have a cat explaining a dog to a kitty. >> dear kitten. you've probably noticed there is a new thing in the house. it is called a dog. >> a st. bernard puppy and two
11:55 pm
felines are headed for fame. are they unknowns? confronting the unknown in a series of viral hits call -- >> dear kitten. dear kitten. you may remember the dog being referred to as a puppy which is a french way of saying puppet. this explains why they tie that string to him. >> let the dog eat all of our dry dog food. if it gets caught, it goes to jail. >> the almost subliminal cat food commercials featuring a cat's subconscious thoughts. >> wet food. it is so special they keep in little armored metal casings. >> the spots are penetrating the internet. >> dear kitten, i should warn you as the monster known as vacuum. >> they're sucking up million of views. the cat is voiced by the influential web could not tent
11:56 pm
creator. but is this dog bashing? >> imagine a cat now take away independence, cleanliness and intelligence. what you have left is basically a dog. >> meow! >> that does seem a little dog hating. >> but very pro cat. >> but some are accusing the kitten creators as being copy cats. they cite henry, the feline ranked by angst. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> henry may speak french but he was created by an american film student who was making fun of them. the creators of dear kitten deny taking inspiration from henry. this is just a cat's eye view of dogs. >> when they get happy, stay to the front. because their tail become some sort of a weird psycho furry
11:57 pm
sword. >> sure has humans wagging their tongues. cnn. >> that's right, doggie. bow down. >> all true. after the break, we'll have the very latest on oscar pistorius. he is due back in a pretoria court in the sentencing phase for killing his girlfriend. -- captions by vitac --
11:58 pm
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12:00 am
hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. fears of ebola deepen in the united states. that after someone contracts the virus in the country for the very first time. hong kong, where pro-democracy protests are once again heating up. a look at why these demonstrators have returned to the streets. >> but first let's start with our main story. oscar pistorius gets set to learn his punishment for the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> it is 9:00 a.m. in pretoria, south africa where oscar pistorius is due in court for the hearing that will determine if he will go to prison. the sentencing phase of the olympian's trial should start in about 30 minutes from now. >> the length of his sentence is entirely up to the judge. last month she found pistorius guilty of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend, reva steenkam