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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  October 13, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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a new case of ebola. this time contracted inside a u.s. hospital. shocking hospital officials in texas prompting the cdc to claim a breach in protocol. concerns over possible threats on u.s. soil from isis. the groups the government feels are targeted by the militant group and the chatter that has officials on edge. and 1,000 people in the streets overnight as protesters hold signs that say black lives
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matter. john berman has the morning off. it is monday, october 12th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. jitters around the world as the global death toll climbs over 4,000 for the first time from ebola. officials baffled by the first case of ebola contracted in the u.s. a nurse who took care of thomas eric duncan. duncan traveled from liberia to dallas and fell ill and died of ebola last week. cnn's ed lavandera has more on the investigation as to how this nurse could have contracted ebola even though she wore protective clothing. >> reporter: cdc officials will investigate a breach of proto l protocol. the female nurse was wearing the mask and gloves and gown and everything she needed. despite that, she became
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infected as she took care of thomas eric duncan before he died at texas health presbyterian last wednesday. this health care workers reported a low-grade fever and drove herself to the hospital. cdc will investigate how all this happened. in the meantime, they will limit the people who have exposure to her. they want to keep the number of health care workers who have direct contact. they will continue to do that. they are continuing with the decontamination process at her apartment and places she walked through coming here to texas health presbyterian. that work will continue as well as the calls for calm and explanation to people who live around the apartment complex not too far an away from the hospital where she lives here in the dallas area. really, the main focus at this point is trying to figure out
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just what went wrong and how this could have happened. someone wearing all of the protective gear still managed to get infected. that is the question that faces officials here at the hospital and cdc investigators as well. >> wish her well. halfway around the world from dallas, troops are going into battle against ebola in west africa where most of the deaths have happened. on thursday, 90 u.s. marines landed in liberia bringing the total to 334 troops. there is new concern this morning about isis. attacks on u.s. soil on isis-inspired terrorists. the fbi and department of homeland security are warning the u.s. personnel and news plea media they could be targets. this is based on chatter and social media. it is not on any specific threat. it is based on chatter.
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in iraq, isis is moving toward baghdad. more than 30 suspected fighters in iraq were killed in an air strike on saturday in an armed convey west of ramadi. standing by live in baghdad is senior international correspondent ben wedeman. do these moves by isis pose a threat to the capital? >> reporter: it is very close to anbar. it is important to remember that anbar province is the same size as north dakota. the focus of the efforts up until now has not been so much the area around baghdad. although they are out there and they do occasionally make hit-and-run attacks on the perimeter to the west of the city. their focus is on towns like
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ramadi. where yesterday the police chief was killed for the entire province was killed in a roadside bombing. in other towns along the euphrates river, where they clearly want to get a foothold. baghdad itself, at the moment, is well defended according to u.s. officials. there is a problem of frequent car bombs. there is a car bomb at least one every day at the capital. the concern of the iraqi security officials has more to do with the car bombs threat from isis within the city and not so muchoccasional probing attacks. christine. >> thank you, ben wedeman. hillary clinton getting heckled during a speech in san
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francisco. she was addressing the american academy of pediatrics. they was interrupted by a man carrying a bullhorn. >> millions of our children are at risk. there are some people who miss important developmental stages. >> the man was taken out of the room by security. officials say he had a one-day badge for the conference. police are looking for a suspect who threw a smoke bomb in a crowded restaurant. this happened friday night. the man emerged from a subway grate and tossed the on the dining room area and left underground. the incident threw a scare into
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other patrons. >> it nerve wracking. as a native long islander coming to dinner with friends and family. i'm glad i did not bring my daughter. >> the suspect is a man in his 30s with blond hair. it has been a weekend of mostly peaceful resistance in st. louis and ferguson, missouri. thousands taking part in the marches in the four-day event. protesters are calling for darren wilson to be charged with the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. in st. louis, some 1,000 protesters rallying overnight wanted to remember vonderrit myers. the teenager shot and killed by a st. louis police officer last
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week. police say myers shot first. cnn's sara sidner is live for us. what is happening at this hour? >> reporter: the protesters marched more than 1,000 of them several miles of the shaw neighborhood to the tower grove neighborhood which is a business district. they stopped in the middle of the intersection and chanted "black lives matter." they made their way to the university where the crowd has dwindled significantly. now a few dozen people here. they will stay here as a sit-in under the clock tower here at the st. louis university. they have been doing this as part of a weekend of resistance that was planned friday, saturday and sunday into monday. this is part of that. hundreds of people have shown up. the biggest event saturday with 3,000 people showing up. this is all in an effort to bring attention to the issue
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that protesters say has been ignored for too long. they accuse the police of being overbearing. they also are talking about the shooting of michael brown that happened back on august 9th. michael brown was an unarmed teenager in the ferguson neighborhood which is about 10 or 15 miles from here. he was shot and killed by police officer darren wilson. that sparked protests in august and those have not stopped. the police have talked about the 65 days of protests every day. they have generally been much smaller over the last few weeks. we have watched that progress. over the weekend, a significant change. people from across the country have shown up in st. louis and ferguson to take part in these protests. as you mentioned, most of them we have seen, especially tonight, a concerted effort to have a peaceful protest. that is what has happened tonight. in some of the other nights,
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there have been clashes with police. this sit-in is supposed to last into the morning. christine. >> sara sidner live in st. louis. thank you, sara. time for an early start on your money this morning. reality check time for stocks. futures lower right now. points to potentially more losses at the u.s. open. the dow industrial down for the year. nasdaq up 2%. the s&p positive in 2014. those averages suffered the biggest loss. google and netflix and e-bay and banks, jpmorgan chase and bank of america and wells fargo. stocks could drop. coming up, officials are questioning the ability of the hospital handling the case of ebola in spain. and an ebola scare in the air. a flight to l.a.x. has
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a spanish nurse infected with the ebola virus is showing signs of improvement this morning. teresa romero ramos is showing slight improvement. there are questions of the hospital where she is treated. not prepared to handle a crisis for a ebola outbreak. let's bring in ivan watson from madrid. concerns if this thing spreads, they will not be able to handle it? >> reporter: there are concerns, certainly concerns about the ability of the hospital to contain this. the european center for disease control believes the physical facilities are not adequate for
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treating ebola. the spokesman for the government commission on special commission on ebola said the facilities they have for changing and putting on and taking off the protective equipment is too small. it's not as they would wish it would be. we're also hearing that the assistant nurse, teresa romero, is having a rough night. we did not confirm that. we understand someone familiar with her treatment is she has a respiratory problem. she has an infection in her lungs, which one of the things we're told. however, she is stable and critical and conscious and talking. what we are being told and what officials now say is they feel that there is some room for optimism. this is what they say.
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>> nic robertson, thank you so much. i thought you were going to toss to sound. we will continue any developments. thank you. an ebola scare from jfk to los angeles international. this started when a passenger with flu-like symptoms began vomiting on board. >> the patient has been assessed by the los angeles fire department as well as los angeles county public health officials. there is no reason to believe this person has been exposed to an ebola virus. >> miscommunication. airline officials believed the passenger had been to west africa. turns out it was south africa. fear of the ebola outbreak rattling nerve in boston. patients quarantined for hours after a man who recently visited liberia complained of a headache
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and body aches. >> we didn't get to wash our hands or do anything. no one told us what to do. they said take a shower and check your temperature for the ne next 21 days. >> the patient likely does not have ebola, but he is being kept in isolation. a second child's death is blamed on enterovirus d-68. a 21-month-old michigan girl died at children's hospital in detroit. last week, the new jersey medical examiner confirmed a 4-year-old boy died from the virus. according to the cdc, this strain of enterovirus has sickened nearly 700 people in 46 states. authorities in virginia are looking for the link with the man charged with the disappearance of hannah graham and another possible victim. 23-year-old casandra morton's
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body was found. now with graham's disappearing and police are looking into several cases. another legal victory for supporters of same-sex marriage. the federal judge issued a surprise sunday ruling that overturned the constitution amendment approved by alaskan voters in 1998. after months in the courtroom for killing his model girlfriend, it is sentencing day for oscar pistorius. we go live to south africa as the blade runner learns his fate. utng to the fin. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner
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the murder trial that gripped a nation entering the final phase in south africa. oscar pistorius back in court today for sentencing of giving his girlfriend. he was convicted of killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the judge could decide to go easy on him. cnn's diana magnay is live from pretoria, south africa. >> reporter: christine, he was found guilty of culpable homicide of his girlfriend. there is no minimum or maximum sentence for culpable homicide. so he could go to jail for an
1:23 am
indefinite number of years and the judge could give him a suspended sentence and serve community service. it is any number of items which one of those will actually end up happening. right now, in the courtroom, we have been hearing from his psychologist who has been painting a sad picture of a man filled with remorse and guilt and broken man as she described him. one who would relive the night with the sessions she had of him. he would retch as he would go through it. it is the first witness called by the prosecution and defense to testify as to whether they think he should serve a longer or shorter sentence. we are expecting a sentence this week, but christine, this could go to appeal. it is not necessarily the end. >> it could take a couple days
1:24 am
for the sentencing phase. in ukraine, search teams scouring the site where mh-17 crashes. they will collect the bodies and belongings. it will be transferred to a dutch team. so far, 272 people of the total 298 on board. the aircraft was allegedly shot down by a missile over eastern ukraine back in july. hong kong students facing off with police clearing protest barriers. protesters called on social media to reinforce other barricades. the students infiltrated the district in the business center for three weeks now. we have ivan watson live in hong kong. a big scuffle after several peaceful weeks. >> reporter: that's right. things have calmed down a bit now. you can see some of the
1:25 am
demonstrators quite literally sitting in using their bodies to block the police right now. at the edge of the encampment, holding the sit-in blocking off downtown hong kong for some two weeks. you can see in the distance here, hong kong police as well. now, throughout the day today, the police have pulled away some of the protesters barricades and hours later, some opponents to the protesters came in with scenes more confrontational which involved swinging fists and kicking. some of the pro-democracy protesters were singing "happy birthday" in their show of civil disobedience. the tactic to shutdown downtown, parts of the very congested and densely populated city. the pro-democracy demonstrators
1:26 am
say we have to do this to get free elections in 2017. the officials are saying you cannot hold the entire city hostage. that is why you have seen the intense scenes break out ear earlier. thank you, ivan. officials are saying this is a breach of protocol is the cause for the latest case of ebola in the u.s. (male announcer) it's happening.
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a new case of ebola in the texas hospital that treated the first patient in the united states with the deadly virus. why officials are calling it a breach of protocol. the battle rages for the key syrian city of kobani. new threats from isis surface. new threats why americans need to be on guard. and the search is on for this man popping up from a subway grate and throwing a smoke bomb in a restaurant. what this says about the subway system and security. i'm christine romans. ebola sparking concern in the united states and around the world and the global death toll climbs above 4,000. in dallas, officials are baffled by the first case contracted in the u.s. a nurse who took care of thomas eric duncan. duncan, of course, traveled from liberia to dallas and fell ill
1:31 am
and died last week. officials say this unnamed nurse had contact with duncan and wore protective gear. gown, gloves, mask and face shield of all times. somehow, she contracted ebola anyway. officials are blaming the breach in protocols with the ebola patients and they are looking into the breach. meanwhile, haz-mat teams decontaminated the nurse's apartment and car. explaining the situation to the worried neighbors and downplaying the wider health threat. one person with close contact with the nurse has no symptoms, but placed in isolation. halfway around the world from dallas, troops are going to battle against the ebola. most of the deaths of the current outbreak happened. america's ebola fighting troops
1:32 am
are 334. there is new concern this morning about attacks on u.s. soil by isis-inspired terrorists. the fbi warning law enforcement personnel and warning the news media that they could be targeted by isis militants. law enforcement officials tell cnn, a security bulletin is based on chatter and social media. it is not intelligence on any specific threat. in syria, isis is tightening its grip on the kurdish city of kobani. the city has reportedly fallen eerily silent. one fears the group is planning a major assault. we have nick paton walsh with the latest. does it seem like isis is about to finish the job on kobani.
1:33 am
>> reporter: christine, we have seen a substantial air strike. we have heard air jets overhead. that is consistent for the last hour. those planes and continued explosions in the town. it is hard to determine the source of the blasts. they are in a different location. a lot of the fighting in the past few days. they are focused on the east and south. whether that means the kurds pushing them back, that's unclear. at the same time, there used to be a kurdish flag to the west of the city on the tall buildings. that is not there anyway. just near there, an explosion in the last hour. this is tense street-to-street fighting. it doesn't move in nice easy waves. this is clearly, according to those inside, a lack of am
1:34 am
missia ammunition for the fighters. clearly, after a day of eerie calm, we are seeing the clashes and the noise of jets with explosions across the town. >> you still have tanks masked on the hillside, but turkey not involved. >> reporter: at this stage, turkey has said they are willing to permit the coalition to use air bases on territory. that is one substantial change. the last three years, they have seen this war continue. this is one of many chapters for them and they are far from friendly. they consider to be terrorists. for them, it is a lose-lose situation. they try to stay out of the
1:35 am
syrian border. now towns are run by isis and next to turkish cities. people can wave back and forth to each other in isis held land to turkish held land. the terms don't involve getting involved in the battle. 35 minutes past the hour. hillary clinton getting heckled during a speech in san francisco sunday night. clinton addressing the american academy of pediatrics. she was interrupted by a man in the crowd carrying a bull horn. listen. >> millions of our children are at risk. there are some people who miss important developmental stages. >> the man was taken out of the room by security officials. officials say he had a one-day
1:36 am
badge for that weekend conference. this morning, police in new york city asking for the public's help finding a suspect who threw a smoke bomb into a crowded restaurant. it happened friday night. authorities say the man emerged from a subway grate. tossed the device on the patio area. rose mcgown was there. eyes are burning. the incident threw a scare into other patrons. >> it is scary. it is nerve wracking. as a native long islanders, coming to the city with friends and family. >> the police say the suspect is a man in his 30s with blond hair and a baseball compaap. in ferguson, missouri and st. louis, thousands taking part in marches in a four-day event.
1:37 am
protesters are calling for police officer darren wilson to be charged in the death of unarmed teenager michael brown. several people were arrested on sunday. police used pepper spray against protesters staging a sit-in where another black teen was shot by a police officer last week. some 1,000 protesters rallying overnight in st. louis. they started out as 200 who wanted to remember vonderrit myers. the teenager killed by a st. louis police officer last week. police a myers shot first. cnn's sara sidner is live in the shaw area of st. louis. sara. >> reporter: i'm on the st. louis university campus at this hour. all night, some of the protesters, now a few dozen, down from 1,500 earlier, just a couple of hours ago, they decided to stage a sit-in here right underneath the clock tower here on the st. louis university campus. they are here for many reasons,
1:38 am
but mostly they are here to talk about what they say is police brutality and profiling and particularly against young black men. they have been carrying signs throughout the city saying black lives matter. they took over an intersection for about a half hour where they were writing in chalk "black lives matter" and chanting. chants at police. this all stems really from the shooting of michael brownback on august 9th in ferguson, which really unleashed a protest movement is what it turned into. back in august, the numbers were enormous. the police reaction actually agitated folks there. these folks have come for something called ferguson october. a planned event going on from friday, saturday, sunday and into monday. also cornell west coming. there were speeches from inter faith groups today before the protesting started.
1:39 am
so far, very peaceful. there is a concerted effort to make this particular protest a very peaceful protest. that is what has happened overnight here in st. louis. christine. >> sara sidner for us. just a really emotional weekend. thank you. let's get an early start on your money. stock futures are down. markets in asia and europe are low lower. one fear is the weaker global economy. those could be slowed down by europe and china. you may be checking your 401 k. new data showing women are likely to put a bigger chunk of their paycheck in retirement accounts. when it comes to saving, men still ahead. that's according to vanguard. the wages gap is to blame, but also work an average of 12 years less than men.
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sometimes because they have to take care of aging parents and time off in the middle of the career to care for children. coming up on "early start" officials questioning the ability of the hospital handling the ebola case in spain. the city of boston waits to see if a patient tests positive for ebola. and ebola scare in the air. a flight to l.a.x. is on edge as one passenger falls ill. how this terrified a planeful of people. coming up. so guys -- it's just you and your honey.
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a spanish nurse infected with ebola virus is showing marginal signs of recovering this morning. officials say teresa romero is showing slight improvement. now concerns over the hospital where she is being treated is not able to handle the ebola crisis. we have nic robertson with the latest from the area. what is the latest? >> reporter: the european center for disease control had an investigation of the hospital. they say it is not fit for treating ebola. they say it doesn't measure up to the standards they expect. what the committee here in spain has gone on to say is the committee set up to investigate the outbreak of ebola, they say that there isn't adequate space to put on and take off the
1:45 am
protective equipment that the nurses and doctors are required to wear. the space is too small, which raises the possibility of contamination. the nurse assistant, teresa romero had a rough night last night. we have been told by a source who has knowledge of her treatment says she has a respiratory problem and lung infection. we are getting reports and the special spokesman for the commission here in spain has said there is some reason to be hopeful about her condition. this is what he said. >> translator: the amount of the virus teresa has seems to be lowering. it is important to believe there is hope regards her case. we have to be hopeful. a person who contracted ebola is always in critical condition. >> reporter: the experts here believe the 14 or 15-day mark
1:46 am
after someone is showing symptoms is a critical turning point period. teresa is reaching that stage right now. they believe she first showed the symptoms of september 30th. it is 15 days. they feel this could be a pivotal time one way or the other. christine. >> thank you so much, nic. a ebola scare on the united airlines flight from jfk to l.a.x. this started with the passenger with flu-like symptoms start vomiting. >> the patient has been assessed by the los angeles fire department and los angeles county public health officials. there is no reason to believe this person has been exposed to an ebola virus. >> a miscommunication fueled this. the airline officials believe the sick passenger had been to west africa. turns out it was south africa.
1:47 am
fear of an ebola outbreak rattling nurse in boston. dozens of workers at harvard vanguard quarantined for hours after a man who recently visit west africa complaining of body aches. >> we did not get to wash our hands or anything. no one has told us to do anything. just take a shower and check your temperature for the next 21 days. >> the patient does not likely have ebola, but he is being kept in isolation. a second child death on enterovirus d-68. a 21-month-old michigan girl died at children's hospital in detroit. last week, emergennew jersey's examiner confirmed the 4-year-old died of the virus. after months in the courtroom for killing his model girlfriend, it is sentencing day
1:48 am
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the murder trial that gripped a nation entering its final phase. oscar pistorius today back in court for the sentencing of killing his girlfriend. last month, he was convicted of
1:52 am
culpable homicide. he faces years in prison, but the judge could go easy on him. there are no minimums or maximums here. cnn's kelly phelps is live from pretoria. kelly, how can a sentencing hearing take days potentially? >> reporter: it is unusually long for it to take days. usually it would wrap up within a day or two. as with everything else in the trial, both sides are at pains to canvas all evidence. for that reason, we were told today to hear from at least five witnesses during the sentencing hearing. of course, with each witness that takes the stand and each cross-examination of the witness, it prolongs the process more. we expect it to wrap up by the end of the week. >> some of the testimony, i guess, from his therapist. she painted a picture of a man who is completely broken.
1:53 am
>> reporter: yes, absolutely. completely broken. she also interestingly spoke about the impact of the media coverage of the trial with respect to that. saying that he had been humiliated and vilified by the media and left feeling worthless in the wake of that. of course, drawing the court's extension to which steenkamp's family have been broken in the wake of the tragedy. >> it seems there is no minimum or maximum. this is up to the discretion of the judge. >> reporter: it is up to her discretion. that discretion is guided by pre-existing sentencing principles and juries prudence. we know in other serious cases
1:54 am
of culpable homicide, the suspect has been given up to years in prison. some sentences have been wholly suspended. it is between those two points. >> kelly phelps, it could be a couple of days. we will talk to you soon. thank you. a national security adviser susan rice, revealing what she knows about north korea's kim jong-un. in the interview on "meet the press" there is no proof the leader is out of power. >> chuck, obviously, we are watching carefully what is happening in north korea. a country that we monitor with great attention. we have not seen any indications of a transfer of power at this point in north korea that we view as definitive. we will watch it. >> kim has not been seen in more than a month publicly. rumors he was deposed or is ill.
1:55 am
a group of defectors even says they believe his younger sister may be running the country while he recovers. all right. stocks tanked last week. is the selling over or is your money at risk? we get an early start on your money next. two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain. you make him rookie of the year.
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all right. time for an early start on money. reality check time for stocks. crucial for investors. the dow suffered the worst-point loss of the year.
1:59 am
the nasdaq and s&p had the worst performance in two years. a swift selloff may be healthy for the market. the last correction took place in 2011. a correction is a 10% pullback from a recent peak. it is natural in the market and many analysts telling me this one is so long overdue for a drop. the dow fallen 4% from its recent high. s&p 500 down 5% from its record. so, you're halfway there at the moment. stocks are dropping, but so is gas. the lowest of the year. aaa says the latest is $3.20 for a gallon of regular. missouri and mississippi are below $3. prices on the west coast and rocky states could drop 15 cents to 30 cents over the next two
2:00 am
months. the drop in gas is following the steep lower in crude. the energy department says heating bills could drop 5% to 10% this winter. those in the northeast who use oil to heat homes could see bigger savings. natural gas is down, too, which could provide relief to other parts of the country this winter. half of u.s. households heat with natural gas. those prices dropping because of the weakness in europe and china and stronger u.s. dollar. "early start" continues right now. a new ebola case. this time contracted inside a u.s. hospital. shocking hospital officials in texas and prompting the cdc to claim a breach in protocol. new concerns over possible threats on u.s.


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