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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  October 13, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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months. the drop in gas is following the steep lower in crude. the energy department says heating bills could drop 5% to 10% this winter. those in the northeast who use oil to heat homes could see bigger savings. natural gas is down, too, which could provide relief to other parts of the country this winter. half of u.s. households heat with natural gas. those prices dropping because of the weakness in europe and china and stronger u.s. dollar. "early start" continues right now. a new ebola case. this time contracted inside a u.s. hospital. shocking hospital officials in texas and prompting the cdc to claim a breach in protocol. new concerns over possible threats on u.s. soil. the terror chatter that has
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officials on edge. 1,000 people in the streets overnight and police in riot gear. we are live in st. louis this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. john berman has the morning off. it is monday, october 13th. columbus day. serious jitters as the global death toll from ebola climbs above 4,000. in dallas, officials are baffled by the first case of ebola contracted in the u.s. a nurse who took care of thomas eric duncan. duncan traveled from liberia to dall dallas. he fell ill and died from the disease last week. cnn's ed lavandera is live in dallas with more on the investigation and how that nurse could have contracted ebola although protective clothing was worn. >> reporter: the cdc will investigate what they call a breach in protocol. the health care worker, a female
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nurse, wearing propertective ge despite that, she was infected during the time she was taking care of thomas eric duncan before he died here at texas health presbyterian last wednesday. this health care worker reported having a low grade fever friday night and drove herself to the hospital. cdc officials will be investigating just how all of this happened. it is critical. in the meantime, they will try to limit the number of people who have exposure to her. this new patient. they want to keep the number of health care workers who have contact with her. in the meantime, they are continuing with the decontamination process with her apartment and places she walked through texas health presbyterian. that work will continue as well as the calls for calm and explanation to people who live around the apartment complex not
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too far away from the hospital in the dallas area. the main focus at this point is trying to figure out just what went wrong and how someone wearing all of the protective gear managed to get infected. that is the number one question that faces health officials here at the hospital and cdc investigators as well. >> ed lavandera, thank you. halfway around the world from dallas, u.s. troops going to battle on ebola where most of the depths happened in west africa. the american total deployment of ebola fighting troops is 334 with another 700 scheduled for later this month. new concern this morning about attacks on u.s. soil by isis inspired terrorists. the fbi and department of homeland security are warning law enforcement and news media they could be targeted by isis militants.
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law enforcement officials tell cnn with a security bulletin is based on chatter and social media forums. not intelligence about a specific threat. in iraq, isis advancing on baghdad despite u.s. air strikes coalition. officials say isis is moving aggressively. dispatching fighters to anbar province. we have ben wedeman with the latest. ben, you point out how the isis fighters have been probing the capit capital, but how serious is a threat to isis to the capital at this point? >> reporter: at this point, it's just a theoretical threat. they made no effort to push into the capital.
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our colleague nic robertson spoke to a sunni tribal leader sympathetic to isis. he told nic, it is not into taking over baghdad. a huge city. most shi'a who are hostile to isis. what they want to do is disable baghdad international airport which is to the west of the city which abuts anbar province. the loss or disabling of baghdad airport would be a symbolic blow to the government here. it is worth keeping in mind it is about eight miles from the airport to the area called abu ghraib. the army and police control by day, but isis operating there by night. the worry is that will be used as a foothold for some sort of
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hostile action against the airport. until now, by and large, most of the action against the defenses of baghdad have been sporadic and light compared to the operations of isis elsewhere in anbar province where in town after town, they managed to take more and more ground. yesterday, they were able to kill an ied bombing the chief of police for entire anbar province. that was a serious blow for any attempts to bolster the control of baghdad and remaining 20% of anbar that's not in isis hands. >> ben wedeman in baghdad. thank you, ben. six minutes past the hour. hillary clinton heckled during a speech sunday night in san francisco. she was addressing the meeting of the american academy of pete
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pediatrics when she was interrupted by a man carrying a bullhorn. listen. >> millions of our children are at risk. you know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages. >> the man was taken out of the room by security. officials say he had a one-day badge for the conference. it has been a weekend of mostly peaceful resistance in st. louis and ferguson, missouri. thousands taking part in the vigi vigils. protesters are calling for ferguson police officer darren wilson to be charged in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. 17 people were arrested early sunday. police used pepper spray to subdue some of the protesters staging a sit-in outside a convenience store in st. louis where another black teen was
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fatally shot last week by a police officer. the teen, vonderrit myers, shot first. 1,000 protesters overnight to remember vonderrit myers. the size of the crowd swelled. cnn's sara sidner is live on the university of st. louis campus. what is happening at this hour? >> reporter: there are students here to plan a sit-in. they are part of the 1,000 plus march that went through the city from the shaw neighborhood where myers was shot and killed. really is not just about myers and brown. there is an emotional issue here about the way the people in the march feel about police and police action. many people talking about police brutality. the enormous mistrust of the police and african-american community. police want the shooting to stop and killing to stop. they are here and they will be here, they say, ever since the august 9th shooting of michael
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brown. the 1,500 protesters we saw march through st. louis today, all peaceful and trying to stay on the sidewalk and trying to keep away from police. it was significant that the protesters really wanted to make sure this was a peaceful movement. they also heard from different speakers today, including thinker cornell west who was here at the scene. christine. >> thank you, sara sidner. nine minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money. futures mixed. some losses in europe and asian stocks. the dow industrial is now knlow for the year. the nasdaq is up 3% for the year. they had the worst weekly loss in two years. some companies reporting earnings. google, netflix, bank of america and wells fargo. signs of growth in the business is key.
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if investors don't see it, it could get worse before it gets better on wall street. alexandra steele has an early start on your weather. >> we have two rounds of rain and severe weather which is a moderate risk. tornadoes are not out of the question. temperatures all over the map. this is the three-hour radar. you know, we have a few areas of moisture. there was an old hurricane, hurricane simon, moisture from that. moisture from the gulf. two rounds of rain. flooding is a possibility over the next couple of days. severe weather threat here. what we have is moisture coming up. we have the very stalled boundary and a jet stream that is paralleling that. severe weather, isolated tornadoes and very strong winds as well as the flooding potential. 2 to 4 inches in the southeast.
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especially western kentucky and tennessee. we are bringing in more rain with the saturated ground. here is the severe weather threat. large hail and isolated tornadoes. little rock, memphis, jackson all the way to st. louis. all the big hubs impacted. high temperatures in the northeast, you are warmer in the 60s today. it has been cooler over the weekend. mid-70s by the time we get to wednesday. the opposite of that happening, christine, in the southeast, temperatures are warm and humid and going down as the front passes. a lot of fluidity and changes. >> looks like a lot of moisture. thank you, alexandra steele. coming up on "early start," health officials questioning the ability of the hospital handling the ebola case in spain. the city in boston is waiting to see if a patient tests positive. and flyers on edge as one passenger falls ill on the way
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a spanish nurse infected with ebola is showing marginal signs of recovery. teresa romero ramos is showing slight improvementme. there is concern that the hospital where she is being treated is not able to handle the outbreak of the virus. i want to bring in nic robertson with the latest on her recovery, marginal improvement, but critical, and the ability of the hospital to handle a further outbreak. >> reporter: christine, good morning. the news overnight some reports saying that nursing assistant had a rough night. they are not confirming that.
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she is conscious and having difficulty breathing and her lungs are affected by the illness at the moment. they are seeing some signs of hope. this is how the spokesperson put it. >> translator: the amount of the virus teresa has seeming to be lowering. there is hope regarding her case. we have to be hopeful. a person who contracted ebola is always in critical condition. >> reporter: the experts believe the next few days are critical. a pivotal point. they believe 14 or 15 days after showing symptoms. teresa showed symptoms around september 30th. that timing would be around now. the patient can go either way. we heard as well officials here, the special commission in spain that is overseeing the ebola
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crisis says the hospital does not have adequate space for the treatment of this illness. they say the area where they set aside for putting on and taking off protective equipment is not big enough. we heard from the european center of disease control believe the same thing, christine. >> nick roberts robertson in sp us. thank you. a passenger with flu-like symptoms started vomits on board a flight from jfk to l.a.x. >> the patient has been assessed by the los angeles fire department and los angeles county public health officials. there is no reason to believe this person has been exposed to an ebola virus. >> a miscommunication fueled this incident. officials believed the sick passenger had been to west africa. turned out that passenger was in south africa. fear of an ebola outbreak
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also rattling nerve in boston. workers and patients at harvard vanguard medical quarantined for hours after a man recently visited liberia entered the facility complaining of headache and body aches. according to one patient, it got hectic. >> we didn't get to wash our hands or do anything. no one told us to do anything. they said take a shower and check your temperature. >> last night, hospital officials said the patient does not likely have ebola, but kept in isolation. authorities in virginia are looking for a link for a man charged in the disappearance of hannah graham and another vick. 23-year-old cassandra morton disappeared in 2009. police hunted for her killer, but the case went cold. now with the arrest of jesse
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matthew, police are looking into similar cases, including morton's. the sheriff's office declined further comment. the murder trial that gripped a nation entering the final phase. oscar pistorius is back in court for killing his girlfriend. he was convicted on culpable homicide for killing reeva steenkamp. the judge could go easy on him. diana magnay is live for us from pretoria, south africa. this procedure could take a couple of days, we're told. what can you tell us about what is happening in the courtroom right now and how much time oscar pistorius is facing. >> reporter: christine, if the prosecution keeping examining the first witness, it could take time. we heard from the therapist of oscar pistorius who painted a
2:20 am
powerful picture of a broken man. he had depression, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and deeply filled with remorse and guilt from the killing of reeva steenkamp. she also made a case, a powerful indictment of the media coverage of the trial and how it was a character assassination of oscar pistorius. that all weighs into the judge's decision making in factoring in the sense of remorse as a mitigating factor on the sentence. we are expecting a few more witnesses for the prosecution and defense. the judge will then withdraw an issue of her sentence. that could be anything from house arrest to an indefinite number of years in jail. it is up to the judge's
2:21 am
discretion. there are many here who believe he should serve a long sentence because they believe this sentence of verdict of culpable homicide was too lenient. there are many pistorius loyalists who believe the sense of remorse should weigh in his favor. >> diana, thank you. 21 minutes past the hour. not too many nfl teams can visit the super bowl champion seahawks and come out on top. that is what the dallas cowboys were up against on sunday. could they pull off the improbable upset? andy scholes knows and has the details in the bleacher report next. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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ask your doctor about xarelto® today. what an exciting sunday of nfl football. we saw everything yesterday. we have andy scholes with the bleacher report. >> we had blowouts, last second touchdowns and a tie. the panthers and bengals with 34 points through four quarters. the biggest surprise yesterday, the dallas cowboys. america's team taking on the seahawks. trailing in the fourth quarter and third and 20, tony romo with the pass to williams and somehow stays inbounds. that first down would lead to a demarco murray touchdown run. cowboys win, 30-23.
2:26 am
they are 5-1 on the season. the eagles and cowboys on sunday night football. this one all philly. they shutout new york, 27-0. if the loss wasn't bad enough for the g-men. victor cruz goes down on this play and ends up tearing his patella tendon. he will likely miss the rest of the season. packers at dolphins. green bay trailing by four and aaron rodgers pulls the dan marino move. he fakes the spike and throws. that sets up rodgers to andrew quarrels. that gave the packers a 27-24 win. they are 4-2 on the season. to baseball we go. the national league championship series. goes deep to right for wong. cardinals win, 5-4 to even the series at 1-1. 11 home runs for the cardinals
2:27 am
in six playoff games. not bad for the team with the least amount of home runs this season. game three is tuesday in san francisco. tonight on tbs, royals and orioles. game three in the american league championship series. christine, will kansas city ever lose a game? >> making the most of it. an exciting sunday of football. john berman could not show up today. thanks, andy scholes. new case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. officials saying it is a breach of protocol. what happened? that's coming up. ♪ i remember when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought. when i didn't worry about the hepatitis c in my blood. when i didn't think twice about where i left my razor. hep c is a serious disease. take action now. go to or call 1-844-444-hepc to find out how you and your doctor can take the next step towards a cure.
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a new case of ebola in the texas hospital that treated the first patient in the united states with the deadly virus. why officials are calling this a breach of protocol. the battle rages for the key city of kobani. why americans need to be on guard with the new threat. and search is on for this man popping up from a subway grate and throwing a smoke bomb. what this says about the new york city security tunnels. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. john berman has the morning off. ebola sparking concern in the u.s. and around the world as the global death toll climbs above 4,000. officials are baffled by the first case of ebola contracted
2:32 am
in the u.s. in dallas. a nurse who took care of thomas eric duncan. he fell ill and died of the disease last week after traveling from liberia. the nurse has extensive contact with duncan and wore all protective gear. officials are blaming the breach in protocols with the contact with the ebola patient. meanwhile, haz-mat teams decontaminating the nurse's apartment and car. officials explaining the situation to worried neighbors while downplaying the possibility of any wider threat to their health. one person, a close contact with the nurse, has no symptoms, but pro-actively placed in isolation. halfway around the world from dallas, troops on the fight against ebola in west africa.
2:33 am
90 u.s. marines arrived in liber liberia. another 700 scheduled for later this month. there is new concern this morning about attacks on u.s. soil by isis inspired terrorists. fbi and department of homeland security warning law enforcement personnel and news media could be targeted by isis militants. a security bulletin with that warning is based on chatter and extremist forums, but not on any specific threat. in syria, isis is tightening the grip of kobani. the city has reportedly fallen silent. a kurdish fighter says he fears the group is planning an assault. our nick paton walsh is live with latest.
2:34 am
does it seem like isis is going to finish kobani off? >> reporter: it is difficult to tell from our vantage point, christine. we know we have seen four air strikes this morning. that eerie quiet from yesterday is over. whether the air strikes have landed, it is yet to be seen. they are toward the east of the center of town, which suggest the targets are hit by the jets we hear flying over isis positions of the middle of the town. that doesn't tell us how the street battle is waging on. we know also the turkish border guards told the kurds to move away from the official crossing and we saw yesterday, a kurdish flag high on a building to the west of the city, that is now gone. there was a substantial explosion near that building an hour ago. a lot of activity on the ground. as each day goes by, christine,
2:35 am
the fact to remember is the kurds are not resupplied with ammunition and food and the things they need to continue the fight. we are seeing coalition air power used in the support. is that necessarily going to stem isis? it was a lull yesterday, that may have been them calling for reinforceme reinforcements. we have not seen an onslaught to change the dynamic on the field here. each day that passes, makes the kurdish forces perilless. thank you, nick. hillary clinton was heckled at a speech in san francisco. she was interrupted by a man in the crowd carrying a bull horn. she was addressing the academy of pediatrics. >> millions of our children are at risk. there are some people who miss important developmental stages.
2:36 am
>> the man was taken out of the room by security. officials say he had a one-day badge. police in new york city are looking for help to find a suspect who threw a smoke bomb after emerging from the subway grate and escaped underground. actress rose mcgowan tweeted someone threw a smoke bomb in the restaurant i was eating. >> i thought it was isis because of what is going on. it is scary. it is nerve wracking. as a native long islander coming to the city with friends and family, i'm glad i did not bring my daughter. >> police say the suspect is a man in his 30s with blond hair and baseball cap. it has been a weekend of peaceful resistance in st. louis and ferguson, missouri. thousands taking part in marches
2:37 am
and vigils in the four-day event. protesters are calling for darren wilson to be charged in the shooting death of unarmed michael brown. police used pepper spray on protesters staging a sit-in outside a convenience store in st. louis where another teenager was shot and killed last week. vonderrit myers, according to police, shot first. according to 200 protesters were rallying to remember myers grew to 1,000. an early start on your money. stock futures are mixed. a rebound in europe. there are fears. big multinational companies could be slowing down. you may be checking your 401(k). women are more likely than men to put a bigger chunk of paychecks in the retirement
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there are marginal signs of recovery for the spanish nurse with ebola. teresa romero is slightly improved, but critical condition. there are concerns that the hospital where she is treated is not able to handle the crisis of an ebola outbreak. let's bring in nic robertson who has followed her night and also the concerns from officials that the hospital could not handle a true outbreak. nic. >> reporter: christine, good morning. there are concerns. the hospital isn't capable of handling ebola. the european center of disease control that the conditions in the hospital don't allow for the proper control of ebola and the special committee set up here in spain is also said that the area where the medical workers take on and put off their protective
2:43 am
clothing is not big enough. there is a genuine concern that the hospital is not up to the job. teresa romero, according to reports, had a rough night. the hospital will not confirm that. critical, but stable is how they confirm her condition. they say she is talking. that she has difficulty breathing. he say her lungs are effected. at the same time, they are saying there is some room for optimism here. this is what they say. >> translator: the amount of the virus teresa has seeming to be lowering. it is important to believe there is hope regarding her case. it is a good sign of hope, but a person who contracted ebola is always in critical condition. >> reporter: now what i suppose here is the 14 or 15 day time
2:44 am
line on the symptoms, they say this is a pivotal period where she could go either way. the positive signs, they are taking as a good sign of what is to come. the days are pivotal. christine. >> nic, thank you. an ebola scare on the flight from jfk to los angeles. started when a passenger with flu-like symptoms started vomiting on board and that prompted the fire department to respond. >> the passenger has been assessed by the fire department. there is no reason to believe this person has been exposed to the ebola virus. >> miscommunication fueled the scare. the officials believed the sick passenger was to west africa, but turns out to south africa. rattling nerve. fear of an ebola outbreak in
2:45 am
boston. dozens of workers and patients in vanguard harvard hospital quarantined for hours after a man entered the facility who travelled to liberia complained of being sick. >> we did not get to do anything. no one has told us what to do. check your temperature and take a shower. >> late last night, officials announced the patient likely does not have ebola, but that patient is being kept in isolation. a second child death blamed on the enterovirus d-68. a 21-month-old michigan girl died at children hospital in detroit. last week, new jersey's medical examiner confirmed a 4-year-old boy died from the virus. the strain of the enterovirus sickened 700 people in 46 states.
2:46 am
alaska's ban on the same sex marriage. it was first approved in 1998. the state is planning to appeal the judge's rulings. after months in the courtroom, it is sentencing day for oscar pistorius. we go live to south africa as the blade runner learns his fate. of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™.
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oscar pistorius is back in court today for sentencing for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius faces several years in prison. the judge could go easy here on him. cnn's kelly phelps is following the trial for us. she is in pretoria, south africa. explain the process for the american audience. how can a sentencing hearing take days potentially? >> reporter: because this is discretionary sentencing, the judge is not guided by a piece of legislation or statute. essentially both sides have the opportunity to put witnesses and evidence before the court that they feel is relevant if terms of aggravating or mitigating factors. they will give the suggestions of the appropriate sentence will be in the matter to assist the
2:51 am
judge in guiding her discretion. she will then eventually have the task of making the final determination in conjunction with other cases and recognize sentencing principles and the evidence that is put before her. it is a mini trial. >> could take another couple of days. she has a wide bit of discretion, kelly. thank you so much. kelly phelps. search teams today scouring the site in the ukraine where the malaysia airline flight mh-17 crashed. officials gathering the remains of bodies and belongings. the items will be transferred to a dutch forensic team which identified 272 people of the total 298 on board. the aircraft shot down by a missile investigators say, over eastern ukraine back in july. still, still trying to process that scene. hong kong students today
2:52 am
facing off with police clearing protest barricades. demonstrators turn to social media to reinforce other barricades. students have invaded districts in the city for three weeks in a row. they are demanding voters have a larger say in choosing the city's leader in the 2017 elections. national security adviser susan rice revealing what she knows about north korea's kim jong-un. she said there is no proof the north korean leader is out of power. listen. >> chuck, obviously, we're watching carefully what is happening in north korea. a country that we monitor with great attention. we have not seen any indications of the transfer of power at this point in north korea that we view as definitive. we will watch it. >> kim has not been seen publicly in more than a month. there is a rumor he is ill or
2:53 am
deposed. a group of defectors believe his younger sister may be running the country. 52 minutes past the hour. stocks tanked last week. is the selling over or just beginning? we will get an early start on your money next.
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the last correction took place in 2011. a correction is a 10% pullback from a peak. the corrections are healthy. you are supposed to have them so you can pull back and go higher. that is the point. analysts say this is overdue. the dow has fallen 4% from the recent rise. the s&p is down 5% from its record. we are halfway to a correction at the moment. gas prices are dropping. the lowest levels of the year. aaa says the latest is $3.29 for a gallon of regular. as many as 20 states could see below 3% a gallon. gas buddy predicts the west coast and rocky states could drop 15 cents to 30 cents a gallon. that drop is following a steep decline in crude oil. down 20% from the peak earlier in the year. that is good for homeowners. heating bills could drop 5% to
2:58 am
10% though winter. those in the northeast to use oil to east homes could see a bigger savings. natural gas is falling as well to provide relief. half of u.s. householding heat their home with natural gas. that does it for us here. there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in this infect him. >> breaking new details on the first person to contract ebola in america. the dallas nurse now fighting her life. how did she get infected and are we doing what we need to do to protect health care workers neighborhood, plus, fear across the country. a boston man in isolation hazmat teams swirling this plane. in new jersey, nbc's on air
2:59 am
doctor forced into mandatory evacuation after returning from the ebola zone him we have the very latest. target baghdad? isis on the verge of taking more territory closer to baghdad than ever before. iraq's capital and the giant embassy there in danger. we are live in the region. >> your "new day" starts right no now. >> happy monday. >> it is, welcome to "new day." it is monday. october 13th. we do have breaking news for you in the battle of ebola. a democracy nurse billioning the first person to contract the deadly virus inside the united states. they call it a human error. they call eight break in protocol. >> in boston, a medical scare
3:00 am
shut down the terminal after a man walked in complaining of a headache and body ache. another ebola scare disrupting travel at lax a. traveler with flu-like symptoms triggering a massive response from the l.a. fire department. this turned out to be a massive alarm. elizabeth cohen, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, allison. here in democracy, a hospital concerned about one of its own and lots of questions this morning about how this nurse became infected with ebola when she was wearing full protective gear. this morning, hazmat crews continue to decon tam fate the dallas apartment of the first person who contracted ebola in the u.s. a female contracted the disease after officials say she had extensive contact with the now deceasedbo


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