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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects, including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar,kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections, changes in urination, and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. -- captions by vitac -- e1hey, there, everyone. a warmñrjf welcome to you those watches in the u.s. and around the world, i'm xdçóerrol barnet. north korea says its leader is back on the job but somm wond [pj ever really gone. alsoxd ahead, u.s. healthscñu officials rethink their approach
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ebola and oscarñi pistoriuse1 expected to return to court for a second day of hearings in th% next few hours withw3 his fate hanging in the balance. a live report. the vatican signals a major shift towards gays and divorce in the catholic church. a number of interesting stories, all of that coming up. we want to begin with developments on the figptt 1wwt(r'st ebola with two health care workers battling thet;/s v in the u.s. andçó spain, safety protoco protocols. here in the united states ai] duncan you may remember died of ebola last wednesday andq an ai organization says pham received a bloodçg7çñilp tran fusion fro
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brantly and screenings aree1t(e starting at london's airports and additional screenings in five major u.s. airports by the end of the week, five u.s. airports will begin screening, as well. there are plentyq ofñr question virus becauseçó the nurse wore  ive gear during her visits to duncan. what exactly went wrong? are scrambling to determine how the transmission happened and whether it could have been avoided. the dallasñi nurse nina pham is being treated and in stablee1 condition. during her care of duncan she wore a mask, gown, face shield and gloves. )#ficials are looking at some f the last-minutea5cxd procedures presyms7 pabyterianu!u hosp.
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there were inconsistencies in the type of persony$5 protectiv gear she wore and the processjf usedbo0 toxdg ìc >> officials described it as a breach ofym protocol but are dialing back. >> we got to really be careful that word breach doesn't imply wrong. they are amazingly courageous to do what they arexd doing. do what they arexd doing. a breach in protocol, protocol is pain and they weren't trained properly. >> reporter: they arexdw3yo re-examining and will aim to make care easier andt( xdav6saf >> we have to rethink the way we address ebola infection control. >> reporter: a far different message twou.x weekse1 ago whee >> we're stopping it in its tracks in this country. >> reporter: health care workers across t$b u.s. say nurses handling ebolaó patients need
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better education. hospitals truth thelp country t provide us withñi training. >> reporter: more than 4,000i]j people have died from this eboló outbreak and the world health organizationization says atq least one in every 20 has beenea health care worker. victor blackwell,@djfcnn, xdlp in the meantime, another nurse has been battling the deadly virus in sprain. she was the first person tofá contract ebola outside the african continent afterlp she helped treat a spanishxd missionary. nick robinson joins us from madrid. fo care workers really on the front lines of the battle. serious questions about ifñr ea nation is taking care of its health carejfe1 workers. where you are, is there a sense of fear and anger amo:÷ them or has some of that calmed down and are officialsçó addressing thos concerns? >> reporter: governmente1 officials!u here in spain's
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special committee on ebola in operation are addressing these concerns and heldcg÷xd a press conference yespday specifically really to try to are quite capable of addressing and taking care of thexd ebola issue, that what they have in place is adequate. the commissioners said the facilities of the hospital behind he here, the hospital putting onxnand taking off of te equipment and the husband of the nursing assistant herh1 who has ebola, the husband has said that the government or at leastt( health officials didn't give her adequate training and he has called on thee1 regional health minister to resign. we've also been hearing new details about teresa ramirez condition from a familyñixdt( f. this is mh#t we learned.
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under quarantine, worrying about his wife, he leanse1 from a winw on the floor above qhim, his wie to resaye1 has ebola.jffá he can't visit her bu(ó his friend can visit him and give upd >> translator: she's veryi] tir. she'st( talking+q to her colle. she's very afraid of thee1t( ni. family friend has e become the family's only independent link to thefáe1 out world. >> translator: sheq wants the sight.xd she has pulmonarye1xdw3ñr oka5 >> reporter: she shows a letter. he blames+ the governm!v)2ujju giving his wife, the nurse's assistant enough training byt(
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treating spanish missionaries treated with ebola. he didn't want her to take the risk. >> translator: in fact,ñi teres and javier argued. he did not want her to volunteer but sheko said it was her life that two people needed her and no one wanted to look after them so she volunteered with limited equipment the,'spital had. >> reporter:ñrçó according toçó spent in tears andok anguish ov his wife so near,ñi yet so far. she is inxú ritical but stablef condition. the hospital sources we'vee1 talked to who arei] familiar&mz her condition and the hospital sources say that she is having difficulty breathing, that her lungs are affected and the coming hours and days, according jut officials here are going to be absolutely critical. >> so revealing there to know
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she fearsñr the night, that she gets worse each and every e1 evening, an insight into how those suffering withe1 ebola really do suffer through it. live in madrid, thank you. we want t.p take a closer ds medical worke'u theirqfá protective gear genera consists of a thin gown, mask,ç1 gloves, facial shield andokw3çb. dr. sanjay gug$h demonstratesi] how the gown is put on and how risky to take it off. >> i want to give you ane1 idea. the most dangerous part. 1éx work in anxd operating room every week. thist( is different than what mt doctors i think are used to, at i do want to point out this isha
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little different than how i suited upgm0 in guinea but we' following a5cdc protocol. ñ it off and put something in my hand that could represent a possible look. mask, here would be the most likelyw3 contaminated area woul be my glove and maybe theçó fro of myríiçójf gown. i got tox$$u)eat this like i'm potentiallyçó contaminated. i'll come out and do with this off anvóñr off simulta%máuásv if part of the glove brushes against my hand that could be exposure. i would reach underneath heret(s best i could to get underneath but perhaps, if i didn't do it right there could be at( potentl exposure there. i'm reaching behind as wellt( ai
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can. shield is contaminated and touch here that could be an exposure. same thing with the face mò. nowe1 take a look. right there, see a little chocolate t(sauce, one possible one possible exposure. >> )w
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protesters, though. that's an important point. police warned they were going to move in after some activists were seen reinforcing barriers. the bamboo poles and cement. some of the tents were taken down, some bamboo removed but no reports ofñr clashes, as fari] e cang riot police with shields forming lines to keep activists from getting in theçó way of the dismantling have been seen. we'll keep our eyes on xdthis. in missouri a new wave of arrests during protestst(i] killing of two blacke1 teenagers byñi white po officers. more than 49 people were detained on monday at a march for michael brown in ferguson. police say demonstrators were disturbing the peace. in near by st. louisxd hundreds gatheredçójf fore1 myers afte'g
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people were arrested. the st. louis police chief spoke with cnn about the arrests. >> i think there are a group of people that are takingñi advante of the stage and platform created here in ferguson andokx. louis to push their own agendas and messages. i would always likeçó to deescalate ai] situation,xl3 bu( protesters are smasñ)hg oute1 windows of police officers while officers are in them, i have to protect the officer. >> mic÷&ael brown was killed in ferguson more than two months ago now.ñ. he was okunarmed. demonstrators are demanding the of the officer who shot  resurfaces, also, the country  state and media wanted toxd ñq we'll take a look at what newly released images of kim jong-un are revealed. ome with a thing cd health, so they can help you track a lot of stuff. like today, i walked 3.8 miles. well, i ran 4.2 miles. well, i climbed 11 flights of stairs.
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state television but back onq
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this is the main point, when the pictures fromw3 monday or even e images being broadcast livejf unclear when they were actually taken but the cane he's #6!%p%ç this and joins us live y at this moment, north korea is sharingymnbç#juátttjñrñi of k but if he was able, wouldn't he be quickçó to show he is fit, what we're seeing noww3 a farñi from that? >> this is theq usualñi time fo the news we're seeing on forth korean television. you're seeing just more photos morning. howing the dear leader doing what he often does, giving guides atq a residential building, this is a newly built
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local time. so this was the first that we have seen of kim jong-un for more than fivew3 weeks. >> reporter: he's back with a smile and añi walking stick. northñi korean leader kim jong- is onñr the front page of the y &hc% does best, giving fielde1 guidance. no date given for the visit or theçóñr photos, but it should q rumors where he's been for the past five weeks. hejf had a profound limplp b÷%u this appearing. staid media scç he was feelingr discomfort. it may be more than that, i] doctor andxd familiar with thei] medic history of hisçówfather, she sa both suffer diabetes, heart problems and stress. thereeware a lot of psychologicl problems thate1i] he inherited tells me and the history of obesity.
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jong-un was artificially made ti look that way to look more like his father. she suspects hormone shots to i grandfath grandfather. she also believes kim jong-un painkillers and his t(reappearae may be temporarylp forced by th worldwide scrutiny of disappearance. we'rexd not seeingw3fá footage jong-un and important to note but we don't have a date on articles. we don't b] exactlyok when thi took place. what we use he see from north korea is photosçó and an articl on what kim jong-un has done and 8:00 p.m. local time we would see the footage.çó it would be interesting to see if we see footage. we can see he has a walking stick. so it would appear that those
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that said it was health issues are noting more sinister have been proven ñiright. >> there you have it. the latestqñi information. paula hancocks live as we see new images but still no video. thanks very much. now this hour,c severeqqi] s states. a lot of damage done on monday. there is more in store, as well. this was the scene in fact, in the u.s.çó today of arkansas. storms killed at least one person in arkansas and another "/ i mentioned, the severe threat continues this xdhour. where we are now, meteorologist ivan cabrera joins us with more. thercjz state, it's so flat, any strong wind or stormi coul be quite powerful andç"seems lie
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winds in excess of 120 miles anc hour. incredible sto"-& and ofxd cou, that was one tornado we hçdx a y through 9 u.s. we had upwards of 200 windfáxdx reports, severe wind reports of the national weatherxd service t the tornado, this is where it happened against southwestern arkansas theret( through the da on monday. ash town getting hit and hit hard with that ef 2 and then we hadx$$p'other fatality in alaba as well as a result of a mobile home getting hit by a tree that came down withok this storm system. or portions of tennessee and extreme western georgia, atlanta not in and it's been cancelled for atlanta. down to the south towards panama the gun for rotating thunderstorms i think this zccu(vwe'll expand and include, well, from west virginia down
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intoe1 parts ofxdfá central flos well. so potential herqv for damaging winds, hail,e1 and also some tornado certainly not ouíi of te question. we'll keep you posted throughout today. hopefully quiet what we haf3 ç monday. hurricane gonzalo, aircraftçó confixm:u-q dealing with a category two hurricane.x this just in.ñr winds areñii] w3165, 100 miles hour. it's going to by pass puerto çó rico. you'rejf going to get large swes as the storm heads off to the northe1 ande1 west,c it will mo away from puerto rico soçó like these watches will be lifted in the next 24 hours.xd then with havet( to dealxd with land mass, bermuda and this is u)j are up to 165 and so the forecast pick1
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this up to about 200 at some point and heading towardw3 berma in four days time. we have time to watch it and a cone of uncertainty but does not look good for the island in the next few days. >>i]+ gonzalo about to gain strength and power. all right. ivan, appreciate the update. thanks a lot. stillñi to come here on ccn isis advances on two i]fronts. ity undert( seeing and the iraqi capitol, the laá?áu information on this after the break. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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isis militants appear to be closing in on the iraqi capitol. they control much of the province west of baghdad and some are 13 kilometers within baghdad. the u.n. estimates 180,000 people have fled the town since being over run by the militants in recent days and the sister of an isis hostage is begging the militants to reestablish direct contact with his family. isis is using the british journalist to recite anti western rhetoric in a series of online videos. fears of an isis attack first happened back in june but now, obviously, that threat is much greater. and at least one top american general says he's surprised by
11:24 pm
the militant's advance. barbara starr has more. >> reporter: isis now controls 80% of anbar province. small numbers of isis fighters eight miles outside the city and another iraqi base has fallen to their control. he once commanded all u.s. operations in iraq said the u.s. government hasn't paid enough attention to isis. >> i will say we were a bit surprised by their capability and there is no excuse. >> reporter: the general has a cautious view whether the iraqi capitol will hold. >> i believe the capability is there to defend baghdad and so i think we're somewhat confident and we'll have to wait and see what plays out. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chief of staff in an interview this week noting
11:25 pm
several days ago, the u.s. had to sent apache helicopters after isis fighters when they almost made it to baghdad international airport. >> had they over run the unit, a straight shot to the airport. we'll not allow that to happen. >> reporter: in an emergency, the airport is the only way to evacuate hundreds of u.s. military and diplomatic personnel and isis knows it. the pentagon doesn't expect a frontal assault on shiite. isis may try to choke the capitol off. >> from the positions west of baghdad airport, they have sufficient artillery capability to put rounds anywhere in the city. >> reporter: isis is maintaining momentum and this video shows training significant numbers of me recruits. for the iraqis, huge battles lie ahead, especially in trying to retake mosul, iraq's second
11:26 pm
largest city. suggesting he could recommend a small number of american ground troops be sent to help spot targets. >> when they are ready to go back on the offensive, my instint at this point that will require a different kind of advising and assisting because of the complexity of that fight. >> reporter: the u.s. wants turkey to take on a significant role in the coalition over the weekend, u.s. officials said the turks had agreed to allow the u.s. to fly out of their air bases but so far, turkey says that is not a done deal. barbara starr, cnn the pentagon. >> let's bring the latest information on the front line against isis in syria. monday was one of the heaviest days of fighting yet in and around the city of kobani. a crew witnessed this.
11:27 pm
yet, despite all of the air strikes that we've seen, it appears the city may fall as heavily armed isis fighters really out gun kurdish defenders. >> a health care system is teetering on the brink, workers demand better pay and conditions while distrust keeps needy patients away from care. the crisis in africa next. we'll tell you what changes at the vatican could be in store. it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. centurylink your link to what's next.
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welcome back, for those of you watching in the u.s. and around the world, i'm errol barnett. pleasure to have you still with me. here are the headlines. north korean state media released images of kim jong-un who hadn't been seen for more than a month. the first bach came out earlier in the kday. we can't confirm the authenticity or when shot but in the photos you can see he was
11:31 pm
using a cane which would suggest he had health problems. >> hong kong police dismantling barricades this hold off the metal and bamboo barriers. police are not removing the protesters who are camped out in the city center but a major road blocks for weeks is open to traffic. a nurse contracted ebola, they say nina pham wore protective gear while treating thomas duncan. an aid organization says pham received a blood chantransfusio from kent brantly. now, there is still no relief from ebola in west africa. the virus killed more than 4,000 people so far. that is expected to rise. world health organization says almost 8400 people have been
11:32 pm
diagnosed mostly across guinea and liberia. now a hand full of cases, as you see on that map have been reported in nigeria. fighting this virus, though, in africa is an uphill battle. there is distrust of international aid workers for example and local health care workers are growing frustrated with the lack of resources. more from liberia where doctors and nurses are threatening to strike. >> reporter: racing through the streets of monrovia, an ambulance transporting a suspected ebola case. inside, a scared and helpless patient. he waits and waits and no one comes. this is the reality of a system on the brink of collapse. over the weekend, angry health care workers clashed with the liberian president over wages. they have had enough. hazard pay and improved
11:33 pm
equipment among the demands. a work slow down is in effect at two of the pour treatment centers and threatening to strike if the demands aren't met. ambulances have already been turned away here. >> 3,000 deaths so you have 50,000 deaths in the next four weeks if it's not handled soon. >> reporter: so given the consequences, why do you still want to strike? >> i don't want to strike, but the president has to listen to the mouths of the workers out there. we're angry people. you don't want to have angry people and nothing to do in this kind of emergency situation. >> reporter: an over stretched health care system beginning to crack when it can least afford to. the president personally asking health care workers to stay on the job. doctors without boarders msf run the city's treatment center. the largest in the world. but they are nowhere near full, not because people aren't
11:34 pm
getting sick, the worry is it's because they may no longer becoming forward. >> we have enough beds, but the system is not good enough and it's taking time to rebuild the trust in the system. >> reporter: trust they won't be turned away like so many have in the past and they will get the treatment they need. rebuilding that trust is another layer of complication. and one that could undue what gains have been achieved here. [ applause ] >> reporter: a lot has been said about the international community's response but these are the men and women who have been risking their lives and staunching the wounds since the beginning and they are asking that the world does not forget about them. night falls and the ambulance remains waiting. and as we continue to follow
11:35 pm
the ebola outbreak, there are ways you can help. head to once you head there, we have links to the organizations on the ground in west africa, as well as other information on ways you can get involved and help those who need it if you wish. people that live near a u.s. nurse that contracted ebola in dallas, texas are worried about the disease possibly spreading. gary tuchman spoke to those neighbors about their concerns. >> reporter: the first person we know to have contracted ebola in the united states lives in this apartment building in this middle class neighborhood north of downtown dallas. people who live in the street are saddened and shocked by what happened to 26-year-old nina pham. this neighbor lives across the street. >> we usually see her once a day or so. we haven't seen her since thursday or wednesday. >> reporter: they see nina walking her dogs. >> she's neighborly, friendly, positive. always has a smile. not everyone smiles and says
11:36 pm
hello if they are engaged in not picking up after them. she always picks up after her dog, which is good and she was always, i would tell my husband, she seems comfortable in her skin and respectful. she mentioned she was a nurse and we said that's interesting and applauded her for doing that because health care workers have a rough job on the front lines. >> reporter: the feeling among residents on this block with concern about their neighbors but the results are unease about not knowing details of how she came down with ebola. city and county officials have gone door to door to answer questions about how ebola spreads. but it is never theless disconconcerning to many neighbors. >> pretty alarming. we're pretty concerned now, so i mea mean. >> on the corner of the black is a fitness gym. even though nina pham doesn't work out here, the owner says some clients are on edge.
11:37 pm
>> we sanitize every day. we have wet naps and rags we wife off equipment with. we make sure we keep everything a little more clean. >> reporter: he's an electrical contractor doing work next door to the viability's apartment and worried. >> i'm nervous about it. i told my wife i didn't want to come over here, but i asked her to pray for me and she did, so i'm believing the lord will protect. >> reporter: this maintenance supervisor is carrying a mask in case he feels the need to use it. >> the nurse contracted the virus, then i mean, they usually take big precautions with this ebola virus, you know, and it's scary. it seems like it might be more containous than doctors are saying. >> reporter: some say other residents have temporarily left their homes while work is taken place at the victim's apartment. not nancy and her husband who hope to welcome her home soon. >> anybody that's willing to go
11:38 pm
to the front lines and take care of an ebola patient with direct contact, that's brave and courageous and a healing angel to me. >> let's get the latest information out of iran, the country's president is optimistic about a deal between his country and the west. the televised address, says an agreement could be reached within the next 40 days. top diplomats from the u.s., iran and european union are set to meet for another round of talks this week. they want to reach a deal on the nuclear program by november 24th. uk lawmakers have taken a symbolic stand on the palestinian question. they voted to recognize palestine as a state, as it pushes negotiations towards two state solutions with israel but the prime minister obtained from this vote non-binding and not expected to affect policy. israel condemned sweden for saying it, too, would recognize
11:39 pm
palestine. for clashes between police and palestinians in jerusalem. [ gunshots ]. >> police threw stun grenades blacking the entrance of a mosque. authorities say they logged a number of palestinian use inside the mosque after they barricade themself there overnight to create a disturbance in the morning and the video you're seeing here, that is given to us by the israeli police. they say they found molotov cocktails and rocks. the catholic church hints at major policy changes ahead involving hot issues. after the break, a live report from the vatican, stay with us. , i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace capsules. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. go to for savings.
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welcome back. torrential downpours and hail fell in france and italy on monday. ivan cabrera has been tracking that and more. how does it look? >> we're not done with the storms. more on the way, more heavy rain and potential for nasty thunderstorms at least early on. look at the rainfall totals in italy and switzerland, we also had not just heavy rains at 360 millimeters of rainfall, that's a 24-hour total. we also had the five centimeter hail. take a look at the scene in italy and we'll show you what has been happening there. of course, as you imagine with
11:43 pm
360 millimeters of water, that's 14 inches of rainfall in just 24 hours and incredible totals there. you can see the rivers just completely overflowing banks and significant issues as far as road closures because of that heavy rain and along with that, we have some incredible up drafts, which you would need to support hail in five centimeter diamet diameter, that's about the size of an egg falling down. you can imagine that. that was the scene in italy and i think we're still looking at the potential for some heavy voe rain to be moving through. you see another bach coming in and heading up towards france and eventually getting into northern italy. they got hit with a nasty thunderstorm. so i think this time around more heavy rain threat, which of course, coming on top of what they had is going to easily flood. now we have this feature here, a very sprung low in the northern atlantic, well, part of that will be pushing to the east
11:44 pm
impacting the uk over the next couple days. the strongest winds should stay offshore but you can see the pin wheeling around here and that will bring in showers to moderate showers from london to ireland. that's what is going on in europe. severe weather threat through the early part of today and that will be diminishing and turn into a rain event. we'll update you on what was a strong tropical cyclone in the entire planet across 2014 here. this was vong fong. what it left behind, not so much the wind but rain. look at this, 296 millimeters of rainfall. third rainiest day in history for parts of japan on monday. >> all right. that so was much in that region. thanks very much. now, some very big changes
11:45 pm
could be coming to the catholic church. you have heard about this surely, a new report from the vatican says surprising things about several controversial top picks. one example, catholics should welcome and appreciate gays and lesbians and hints divorce and remarried catholics, they may eventually be awill youed to receive communion. that's after weeks of meetings. let's bring in our vatican correspondent standing by in rome. experts like you look at this language that says gays should be welcomed, catholics ned to realize gays have qualities to offer. it's the tone of monday's statement towards gays and those who have been harried before that is so different than what >> reporter: well, this is fore really part and parcel of pope
11:46 pm
francis. if we didn't know it before, he wants to bring in the new, out with the old and intends to do it and look no further than this document for more evidence that he is doing it. let's say from the outset this is a working document as you mentioned. this gives an idea of where the catholic church, the vatican is going with their discussions and it is creating controversy because there are those proand those against it and bishops now who are questioning the language and this change in language because until yesterday, these relationships gay or divorced or those people who are living together without marriage were called irregular. indeed, were called disordered and now with this language saying no, look at the positive aspects of these relationships and welcome these people. so there is clearly still some things to be hashed out, let's
11:47 pm
say, with these discussions. we continue this week and they go into next year, which is the time if any decisions are made by the pope in terms of church teachings, this is the main point we don't have any difference, any change on the ground in terms of what the church rules and regulations are. they are still saying that gay marriage is not acceptable. they are still saying for the moment that divorce and remarried people cannot receive communion. the real changes we have yet to see. >> that's a good point to make. this is not official but considering there is still a discussion to be had in that catholics around the world could possibly struggle with this, i mean, you got bishops opposed to welcoming homosexuals in the church and catholics, as well, but what message does this send to those catholics opposed to this kind of thing that pope francis has come out and said
11:48 pm
we're open to this, we're looking into it? what's the message to those who are expected to disagree? >> well, the message is and i think it's the message in the public perception regardless of what the document will or won't say. everybody is welcome. whatever your issue is, we'll talk about it later and the point also, is it's not as if what john paul ii or pope benedict but pope francis is putting it at the top of his list. this is a top priority. he doesn't want to talk about rules and regulations but wants everybody to feel, this is an open house, doors are wide open. come in and then we can talk. >> this is not a calm thing. pope francis aiming to shake things up while he's the leader of the catholic church.
11:49 pm
thanks so much for joining us this morning sunny morning there in roam. oscar pistorius getting ready for the second day of sentencing. the dramatic testimony and how it may affect the proceedings. we'll go live to africa, next. m. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. transamerica. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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hey, if you used snap chat, you would be gasping, too. because about 100,000 videos have been leaked online without anyone hacking into the app service. in what is being called the snapping, the images posted on at least two websites last week, a snap chat spokeswoman said it occurred through third party apps that allow people to save otherwise temporary images. many are between 13 and 17 years old are many of the users. that is raising concern, they may contain child pornography. oscar pistorius will be back in court. he's just arrived at the courthouse, although, the hearing won't begin for another
11:52 pm
40 minutes or so. he's convicted of the killing of reeva steenkamp. the judge heard from the first witnesses. the therapist called him a broken man that's lots everything. a social work eric mended pistorius face three years of correctional supervision, equivalent to house arrest but the prosecutor didn't like those ideas. >> do you think that that is in the interest of society that deflects the seriousness of the crime that somebody should be sent to three years correction supervision having killed an innocent woman in her house? >> the issue here is not only retribution when sentencing, we also are looking at the issue of reforming the accused, and the interest of society, as well. for the wrong that he has done, you will be compensating by doing community service, this
11:53 pm
nodes to be taken into account. >> sir, even suggesting it shockingly inappropriate for what happened. shockingly inappropriate. >> that was yesterday, let's go ahead and bring in dianna for for on how the judge is looking at everything today. she joins us live where it's approaching 9:00 in the morning. good to see you. it seems wide open as far as what the judge could desiecide punishment, limited house arrest or limited years in jail. based on yesterday's hearing, do we get a sense of what the judge is focussing on as she approaches this decision? >> reporter: i don't think so. yesterday, we heard the testimony from the witnesses who the defense called to try and mitigate against a longer sentence. so first of all, we had the psychologists who has spent so many hours with pistorius since
11:54 pm
the killing of reeva steenkamp and pictured a very, very powerful testimony talking about the fact that he was a broken man, filled with remorse and guilt, almost as he was so punished by what he had done already that really what was appropriate from him now was more of a rehabilitation type sen vens. that's certainly the approach the correctional services officer took by suggesting it should be a three-year correctional services term where he would effectively be under house arrest and have to do eight hours twice a month of community service. so cleaning work. and that was what the prosecutor described as shockingly inappropriate. i think that that was felt as inappropriate by many in the courtroom, especially of course the parents of reeva stein comp
11:55 pm
and those who felt the victim was not the right one. today we're expecting to the hear from one more witness for the defense. we don't know who that will be, and then the prosecution will start calling up their witnesses and it will be interesting to see whether as part of that testimony the mother of reeva steenkamp takes to the stand and breaks the silence she's held certainly in the courtroom throughout this case and you can be sure that that will be a very, very powerful argument in favor of a much more severe sentence for miss stopistorius. >> as soon as it gets underway, we'll bring it live. surely special arrangements would need to be made for oscar pistorius if sent to prison, because he has prosthetic legs. has that been brought up? >> reporter: that was mentioned by the krecorrectional officer, part of the reason he thinks
11:56 pm
pistorius should go to house arrest. they have facilities that are for disabled prisoners and certainly in less comfortable prisons, those are described by those who have gone through then as not very effective or not very sufficient, but it's likely if pistorius was sent for a jail term, he would go to a center of excellence as they are called where his disability might be better catered for. >> stand by for us. she's live at the courtroom. we'll reconnect with you next hour when we'll have much more on the oscar pistorius trial. more big stories after the break. zane asher will join us. i'll see you after this. sweered lobster'sory! endless shrimp ends soon! the year's largest variety. like new spicy siriacha shrimp, or parmesan shrimp scampi.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. glad to be back with you. >> good to have you back here, zane. i'm errol barnett. coming up for you this hour, as an american ebola patient fights for her life, health care workers are demanding better training and equipment to keep them safe from the disease. >> plus, this is the world the world has seen of kim jong-un. there he is there. but the government photos are doing little to quell speculation about the north korean leader. and oscar pistorius is already in court for the second day of his sentencing hearing. but we begin with ebola. safety procedures are under review after a nurse became the
12:01 am
first person to