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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  October 20, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> very rarely. >> i don't have any money. >> i don't know what you need. early start continues right now. breaking overnight. quarantine over. family and friends of the first ebola patient in the united states declared disease free. now, though, a critical time for some hospital workers as the search continues for people who may have been exposed. a gruesome discovery in the case of the missing uva student. what police are saying over the human remains over the weekend. and riot police clashed with college students. tear gas and bottles thrown. dozens of injuries and arrests. we will tell you the story. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is monday, october 20th.
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breaking news overnight. 48 people who were quarantined in dallas because they had contact with thomas eric duncan have been declared infection free. among them duncan's fiancee. all of them cleared to end seclusion after 21 days of quarantine. we will have more on that in a moment. on saturday, duncan's loved ones remembered him in a service in north carolina. at the same time, cruise ship passengers who endured an overblown ebola scare disemba disembarked in galveston. the worker who handled the lab samples of duncan was quarantined and her tests came back negative. we have alina machado has more from dallas. >> reporter: christine and john, 48 people in dallas county breathing a sigh of relief after
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reaching the end of the 21-day monitoring period without symptoms. these are people who had contact with thomas eric duncan before he died on october 8th. they include duncan's fiancee. listen to what a pastor at her church told us. >> they feel this is a tremendous miracle that has happened. they have not come down to be symptomatic given the exposure they had early on. a long awaited day of celebration. >> reporter: there are still 75 people whose monitoring period started the day duncan died. they still have a few days left and there's another group of people who will be monitored longer after they had contact with one of the two nurses who became sick after treating duncan. christine and john. >> alina machado, thank you. european foreign ministers meet today with an eye of ramping up the european response to ebola as well as to isis.
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british prime minister david cameron is calling for the eu to put $1.3 billion into the disease. in spain, teresa romero ramos was cleared of ebola on sunday. cnn was able to follow her samples through spain's testing lab. our nic robertson is live in madrid with more on that. she is virus free. disease free. a huge relief for the country, nic. >> reporter: it is something that spanish officials have been waiting for. the health care professionals in the hospital where teresa romero ramos is still inside the ward have been believing this is exactly the way the tests would go on sunday. we were there in the lab. spain's equivalent to the cdc. we watched at the lab techs
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suited up. the officials say she is now immune from contracting this ebola virus in the future. something that she has wanted to do. go back and work with the ebola patients again. in some ways, once she gets out of hospital here, she may be free to do that. she is not able to leave the hospital yet. she will have another ebola test in just a couple of days. of course, she had a chest infection and difficulty breathing. that is improving. we understand it is likely the hospital wants to keep her under observation longer. there are another 86 people in spain under observation. they will end that 21-day period for many of them after coming in contact with teresa romero ramos. in about a week's time, most of the people should be able to without symptoms, should be cleared as well. for spain, a big, big day.
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ebola free as far as they know at the moment, christine. >> i'm sure continued recovery in the chest infection. >> thank you. back in the united states, republicans are blasting the president's response to ebola. on the morning talk shows, roy blunt and tim murphy called for travel bans and suspending visas from west africa. those are the measures the administration has rejected. ted cruz assailed the selection of ron klain. noting klain does not have experience in public health. >> we don't need another white house political operative which is what mr. klain has been. what we need is presidential leadership. two weeks ago, the president should have stood up and suspended flights from the countries. >> we are learning that the pentagon is joining the federal government's ebola response. the official tells barbara starr that the military is forming a 30-person quick strike team to provide direct treatment within
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72 hours to ebola patients in the united states. in arkansas, former president bill clinton defended the administration's response at a get out the vote event. he slammed critics who don't know a lick about it and they are playing the blame game. >> we all need to do is do what we do best every time a tornado strikes. we need to settle down, figure out what the challenges are and solve them together. i don't think this is time to blame. we need to save every life we can and keep this from coming to america. time for an early start to your money. speaking of settling down. asian stocks ending the day higher led by nikkei which climbed 4%. european stocks are not following that lead. right now, down slightly. u.s. stock futures pointing up after a crazy week last week. on friday, the dow up 263 points. the second best day of the year. for the week, down 1% in that
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really big week of wild swings. is the turmoil over? friday's rally was driven by strong corporate data which could keep stocks climbing. we hear from apple, ibm and chipotle. mortgage rates last week slipped below 4% for the first time this year. positive identification today could come on human remains found over the weekend. the police suspect is 18-year-old hannah graham. the university of virginia student vanished five weeks ago. after the remains were located, the search for hannah became a death investigation. >> the charlottesville police department made a very difficult phone call and reached out to john and susan graham to share with them the preliminary discovery. >> what a nightmare. the remains were found on abandoned property. the authorities hope it gives hannah's family at least the
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beginning of closure. >> we stay positive and up beat. we were here for a mission and that mission was to bring closure. we hope that is what we have done. >> 32-year-old jesse matthew jr. is charged in connection with hannah graham's disappearance. the ferguson police officer who shot and killed michael brown said he was trapped in his cruiser and feared for his life as he and the teen strug struggled for the gun. blood was found on the gun and the uniform of darren wilson. the investigation into the shooting of the unarmed teen, the grand jury results expected in november. the president of new hampshire's keene college says any students involved in turning the pumpkin festival into chaos will be held responsible for
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their actions. police in riot gear responded with tear gas and pepper spray. >> i got hit with a jack daniel's bottle across the face. i was in the health center for a bit. >> these guys came in with shields and started tear gassing me. crazy stuff. real crazy. >> ridiculous. this is not pumpkin fest. i'm from rhode island. we are supposed to have a fun weekend. this is stupid. >> i bet there was no alcohol involved. >> yeah. >> i'm joking. >> it is on video. it is on video. officials can go through the video and facebook and twitter. you will be found out, i imagine, if you were involved in the violence. >> they will. they promise the university will hold all students involved responsible. some are blaming the unrest on out-of-towners. better news. nfl history made in denver. peyton manning broke a report with that pass right there.
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surpassing brett favre. that was the 509th touchdown pass for peyton manning in his career. 509th. >> turns out he can throw the ball. >> he is good at passing. they should get off the run game. he did throw for four touchdown passes. denver beat the 49ers, 42-17. indra petersons is here with an early start on your forecast. indra, it is chilly. it is fall. >> it is a rude awakening. what is this? look at the current temperatures. new york city, a lovely 43 degrees. the cool air settling into the northeast this morning. you can actually see the same pattern obviously as you go through the afternoon. highs in boston looking for the 50s. beautiful in the south. talking about a lot of the 80s. nor'easter. this is the story for the next several days.
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pressure difference from the cold air settling in as the low develops off the coastline. you get the persistent northeast winds. what happens with the winds off the ocean? all the moisture makes its way to the coastline. this is the story tuesday, wednesday and even thursday for the northeast. it is the moisture headed in. heavy rain really by tuesday with light scattered showers and tuesday night and wednesday and thursday with the heavy amounts with 3 to 5 inches. that is one side of it. winds not too bad right now, but they are gusting to 40 or 50-mile-an-hour gusts over the next several days. pattern is changing. it is not just cold, cold, windy and wet. >> i will pretend i did not hear any of that. >> sounds like an awesome week. thanks, indra. the u.s. drops new round of aid and unleashes air strikes on isis in the fight for kobani. we are live in the region next. the possible break through
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relentless u.s. air strikes keeping isis from overrunning kobani. dozens of isis troops killed over the weekend reportedly. meanwhile, in a really interesting development u.s. cargo planes delivering needed weapons and medical supplies to resupply the kurdish soldiers inside kobani in an attempt to get them the weaponry they need to keep this battle going. it is the first of its kind inside syria since the beginning of the civil war. interesting development. let's bring in nick paton walsh on a hill overlooking kobani. good morning, nick.
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>> reporter: john, behind me, somewhere in that direction, we think would have been where the three c-130s last night would have dropped 27 bundles of aid, that is medicine, ammunition and food to the syrian kurds defending kobani over here. we don't know the location of that drop exactly. we see the kurds have been building what looks like defenses down that line. clearly those palates answering what the kurds have been asking for for the last days. they need urgent resupplies to continue the defense on kobani. we have seen kurds push isis back to the eastern and southern edges of the city. we have been harshing motor arrest fire. key move by the united states and president obama calling his kurdish counterpart before the
2:17 am
drops seem to happen expressing intention to do it. we are sure turkey would have been hostile to the idea. they see the syrian kurds to be allies. a complex move by washington, but clearly they are going all out to defend kobani. >> nick, if the turks allowed it, there could be a more quickly route to resupply the people fighting isis inside kobani, wouldn't there be? >>. >> reporter: absolutely. i think that is the key thing for them. they urgently need anti-tank weapons and ammunition. the fight has been intense. they have been complaining that the turkish military is not allowing people back in to defend in the assist of kobani. the key decision by washington regardless of the objections of turkey to persist ahead in helping the syrian kurds in kobani.
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john. >> nick paton walsh. thanks. the government of nigeria claims a cease-fire deal with the terror group boko haram. a deal to release more than 200 kidnapped school girls. nigeria officials expect the girls to be freed after a meeting in chadd this week. the group launched attacks on two nigerian villages after the cease-fire was signed. erol incedal is on trial for planning an attack after the mumbai attack in 2012. he had the address of former british prime minister tony blair and had material support from the islamic state. incedal denies the allegations. we may learn as early as
2:19 am
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peyton manning. good at football. the record falling to the denver broncos quarterback. >> we have more in the bleacher report. >> the future hall of famer becomes the greatest touchdown passer in nfl history setting the mark with 509th touchdown pass. surpassing the great brett favre. manning got two out of the way after one quarter. he passes favor on the all-time list and now manning is all by
2:24 am
himself as the nfl touchdown king. after the score, his teammates play keep away with the ball. after the game, manning was humbling as always. >> i certainly think about how grateful i am for all of the teammates and coaches that i played with or played for throughout my career in denver and indianapolis and all of the people that helped me along the way. i have always been a fan of quarterbacks, whether it is brett favre or dan marino or john elway. i'm humbled and proud to join a unique club. the rams used trickery in the upset yesterday. the punt return. seahawks think one player has the ball, but bailey has it on the other side of the field and takes it to the house. more special teams shenanigans. seattle will get one more chance.
2:25 am
rams pass it instead for the first down. that seals the deal. rams win, 28-26. the cowboys are the hottest team in the nfl right now. they proved that beating the giants yesterday and move the win streak to six in a row. tony romo's back is just fine. dallas wins, 31-21. ♪ royals it's a >> no royals in san francisco. not on two radio stations in the bay area. during the world series, two san francisco stations say they are banning lorde's royals song while the giants play the royals. one of the stations explains why, i hope lorde understands. we're talking world series-bound san francisco giants. that's not fair. >> totally reasonable. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> a hit record.
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come on. nice to see you. >> welcome to early start. >> thank you. >> 25 minutes after the hour. a cruise ship with a quarantined passenger has made it home after a little bit of overblown controversy after the people in dallas in the exposed category reach the 21-day milestone. we will tell you what's next on early start. exceigraine starts to relieve my pain in 30 minutes. plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea. excedrin migraine works. [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday.
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breaking overnight. dozens of people in the clear as those in contact with the now deceased first ebola patient in the u.s. are told they are no
2:30 am
longer at risk of contracting the disease. hannah graham's family waits for answers as police thinks the discovery this weekend may help bring closure. anger and mistrust building in ferguson again as shocking details are released in the shooting death of michael brown. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. 30 minutes past the hour. dozens of people in dallas forced into quarantine after coming in contact with ebola patient thomas eric duncan, those people are getting an all clear. 48 of them declared infection free. they can end their seclusion today. it has been 21 days of monitoring. duncan's loved ones remembering him at a service in north carolina on saturday. on sunday, cruise ship passengers endured an ebola scare disembarked in galveston. a fellow passenger, a lab supervisor at the dallas
2:31 am
hospital where duncan was treated and later died, the passenger quarantined herself, but her tests came back negative. congressional republicans are upset over the choice of ron klain. cnn's erin mcpike has more from the white house. >> reporter:christine, despite the efforts, the criticism on two points. ron klain as the ebola czar. republicans say he has no experience in public health. the second is the growing calls for the travel ban. listen here to republican senator ted cruz on "state of the union" on sunday. >> the first argument is not true because it doesn't work in the 21-day incubation period.
2:32 am
the travel ban to prevent health care workers. no one is talking about banning flights into west africa. physicians and health care workers should go in there on charter flights or c-130 aircraft. that is different from commercial airliners should fly day after day with hundreds of passengers connecting with thousands of passengers coming throughout the country. the arguments they are giving don't make sense. >> the administration has mostly shut the door on travel ban because they say people who are infected in west africa could get to the united states by evading screenings by getting into other countries. what the administration has done after a series of high-level meetings this weekend is convene a 30-person military quick strike team. made of five doctors, 20 nurses and five trainers available to
2:33 am
deploy anywhere in the united states within 72 hours of the suspected ebola case so they can treat it and help hospitals deal with that case. john and christine. >> erin mcpike, thank you. european foreign ministers meet today with the eye of ramping up the need for ebola. david cameron calling for the eu to put $1.3 billion and 2,000 aid worker into the fight against the disease. in spain, nurses aid teresa romero ramos was cleared of having ebola on sunday. she will remain in the hospital for at least a few more days to recover from the ebola-related chest infection. the scammers are cashing in on growing ebola worries. products claims to prevent or cure ebola are popping up. an unfortunate trend when a disaster happens. the fda is asking everyone to remember there is no cure for ebola. any product that claims otherwise is a scam.
2:34 am
the better business bureau warning of fake fund-raisers. several web pages have popped up. scammers have started telephone campaigns. time for an early start on your money. u.s. stock futures pointing higher which could be a good week after last week's crazy ride. the dow finished for the week down 1%. positive identification could come as early as today on human remains found over the weekend that police suspect is 18-year-old hannah graham. the university of virginia student vanished five weeks ago. after the remains were located, the missing person's investigation became something of a death investigation. >> detective from the charlottesville police department made a very difficult phone call and reached out to john and susan graham to share with them this preliminary
2:35 am
discovery. >> the remains were found on an abandoned property in charlottesville. hoping this may give her parents some closure. >> we were here for a mission. that mission was to bring closure. >> 32-year-old jesse matthew jr. is charged in the disappearance of hannah graham. the president of new hampshire's keene college says anyone involved in turning the pumpkin festival into chaos will be held responsible for their actions. they set fires and overturned cars. police in riot gear responded with tear gas and pepper spray. >> i got hit with a jack daniel's bottle across the face. >> these guys came in with shields and started tear gassing me. crazy. crazy stuff.
2:36 am
>> ridiculous. it is not pumpkin fest. i'm from rhode island. you are supposed to have a fun weekend. this is stupid. >> very stupid. 30 people were injured. police made dozens of arrests. college students blame it on the out-of-towners. my college canceled their fall festival because of the riots that happened every year. they had to cancel it. it is hard to know why they do that. >> if you are on video, you will be caught. indra petersons has an early start on your forecast. >> it feels like a monday. today is the best day of the week, which is a sad thing. the nor'easter is going to be headed or way into the northeast. look at the temperatures that have settled in. cold in new york city. 43 degrees.
2:37 am
boston in the 40s. upstate new york in the 30s. frost and freeze advisories are out. highs through the afternoon, boston, looking for 58 degrees today. all this cold air, this will play into the story as we go really as early as tomorrow. that cold pool of air next to the low off the coastline. that pressure difference sets up the nor'easter. you will have the persistent strong winds from the northeast. all that wind off the ocean means heavy amounts of rain and concerns for flooding. here we go on tuesday and wednesday and thursday, still going to be talking about this. think about flight delays and all of the concerns in the region as the system makes its way. heavy amounts of rain. several inches starting with scattered showers on tuesday and lasting through wednesday and thursday. we will see the heavy amounts of rain and add in the wind. 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. as you look at the pressure difference. the winds go up. 40 to 50-mile-an-hour winds by
2:38 am
the time we get through wednesday and thursday. flights will be effected. >> you make it sound nice. coming up, fury in ferguson, missouri as new details emerge about blood found on officer wilson's gun. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] united is rolling out global, satellite-fed wi-fi to connect you even 35,000 feet over the ocean. ♪ that's...wifi friendly. ♪ that's...wifi friendly. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke.
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frustration and anger building in ferguson, missouri.
2:42 am
according to the times, darren wilson has told investigators he feared for his life when he shot and killed michael brown. forensic evidence in the case seem to support his story. let's get the latest from ted rowlands. >> reporter: john and christine, the tensions are high as the grand jury is deciding whether or not to indict darren wilson. the reports that mike brown's blood was found on the gun of wilson and blood was on officer wilson's uniform and on the inside panel of officer wilson's police vehicle. the new york times reporting that wilson testified in front of the grand jury, giving an opportunity to tell his side of the story and his side of the story, of course, is mike brown was the aggressor, especially in the early meeting between the two. mike brown pinned wilson into
2:43 am
the vehicle and officer wilson saying that mike brown punched him, scratched him and went for his gun, which could have put his life in danger. people here on the ground here in ferguson and people in his neighborhood and over the weekend, we were talking to them at the memorial for mike brown. they are skeptical. they believe there will not be an indictment because this investigation is done in secret with the grand jury. they are concerned what will happen if there is not an indictment in their city and cities across the country. the grand jury is still investigating. we expect according to the st. louis prosecutor a decision some time between now and middle of november. john and christine. >> ted, thanks for that report. 43 minutes after the hour. this morning, they are breathing a sigh of relief on mars. after a comet named sighting
2:44 am
spring buzzed the red planet and nasa said it is the closest fly-by ever recorded. it got 87,000 miles within mars. it was enough to make nasa hide the mars rover and orbiters on the other side of the planet. there is one man who fears no comet. that is cnn's chris cuomo. >> when i hear comets are coming, i run to the location hoping to catch them and throw them back into the atmosphere. >> he wants an interview. >> i separated my shoulder on friday. not a lot of comet throwing. i could not throw a softball. overnight, guys, breaking news. we will follow it for you. the people close to thomas eric duncan, he is on your screen right now. the ebola patient who died. they are now out of quarantine. we are happy that are not
2:45 am
infectious, but the nurses did. the pentagon created a rapid response team to help health care workers so new cases of the virus are reported, they will fly in. will they take place of the normal staff? how does it work? we will talk to dr. sanjay gupta and have a pentagon spokesman rear admiral john kirby. we have the guy who will weigh in on what is happening today and what matches up with what he foresaw two decades ago. >> thank you, chris. looking forward to it. >> sorry to hear about your shoulder. >> thank you, christine. >> i am too. pushing the enemy back. u.s. air strikes aiding local forces in the fight for kobani. will it be enough to keep isis from a huge land grab.
2:46 am
we are live in the region next.
2:47 am
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kurdish fighters in syria expressing gratitude for helping push back isis. dozens of isis troops reportedly killed over the weekend.
2:50 am
meanwhile, u.s. cargo planes delivering weapons and medical supplies to resupply the kurdish soldiers in the last-ditch attempt to help keep the syrian town from falling. the move fighters say will help greatly. i want to bring in nick paton walsh at the syrian border with turkey. somewhere near you are where the supplies that were dropped for the fighters inside kobani. >> reporter: yes, christine. we don't see the palates ourselves, but they would probably have dropped over the west of the city and less contested areas held by the kurds. 27 bundles. ammunition, food, medical supplies. c-130 aircraft dropping that aid off. we are hearing from turkish military. saying they allowed iraqi
2:51 am
kurdish fighters to come from the kurdish areas of iraq. peshmerga to come through turkey to enter kobani and assist with the fighting there. that is according to reuters. a remarkable move by the turkish government. president obama called his councill counter part last night and announced the intent for the air drop. the fact they are allowing iraqi kurds, enormously complex mix, the peshmerga fighters with a big move by turkey and the response to u.s. pressure and this will help with the kurdish factions together. a lot moving here today. the air drop showing how committed the united states are
2:52 am
to assisting the kurds in kobani. they have 35 air strikes to assist total. christine. >> thank you for that, nick. 51 minutes after the hour. new weekend of violent clashes in hong kong with demonstrators seizing back in the mong kok area. 18 police officers were injured and 33 people arrested. a two-hour meeting is set for tuesday with the two sides and it is expected the meeting will be broadcast live. we may learn as early as tomorrow what oscar pistorius' fate will be. prosecutors are pushing for the athlete to be locked up ten years for shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp last valentine's day. the defense arguing he should be sentenced to community service. get ready for the jodi arias
2:53 am
take two. the resentencing trial gets under today. opening statements set for tuesday. a jury convicted arias last year of murdering her boyfriend, travis alexander, back in 2008. it was deadlocked on whether arias should receive the death penalty. apple rolling out the new payment system. does it mean you can get rid of your wallet? we will have an early start on your money next. at t-mobile, you can hook up the whole family for a $100 a month. get 4 lines with unlimited talk, text, and up to 10 gigabytes of 4g lte data. and now the next big thing is here. get the hottest device for everybody in the family
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. it's monday. let's get an early start on your money. asian stocks higher. nikkei up 4%. >> that's a lot. >> a big one day move. european stocks are down
2:57 am
slightly right now. u.s. stock futures are pointing higher after what was a crazy week last week. crazy is a technical term. dow rose 264 points on friday. fo the week, it was down 1%. a lot of big wild swings last week. we have a bunch of corporate data out this week. we need strong numbers to send stocks higher. two mortgage giants could soon loosen lending. freddie mac, fannie mae and private lenders are close to a deal to lower credit. and considering mortgages with down payments of 3%. after 2008, lending standards were stricter. this could raise concerns about repeating mistakes that led to the housing collapse. i would say the most important thing is to loosen standards for
2:58 am
people with good credit. ben bernancke could not refinance. apple pay is here today. shoppers can buy items at 220,000 stores with iphone 6 or 6 plus. apple partnering with three banks and mcdonald's and macy's and whole foods. you don't need your wallet? not yet. walmart and many others not on board. other mobile payment platforms have not gained traction. >> i don't hear a great outcry for it. maybe it is coming. there is a lot of news to get to this morning. breaking news overnight on the ebola front as dozens of quarantined people reached an important milestone. they are now free to roam around. infection free. new day is covering that and more starting right now.
2:59 am
[ music playing ] breaking overnight t. quarantine is now over for family of thomas eric duncan, the ebola patient who died. so they did not contract the deadly virus. but two nurses did. why? this as the pentagon prepares an emergency response team to tackle the virus. chilling discovery. police are investigating the scene where human remains were found for the missing hannah graham. is it the university student? the police officer that killed michael brown says he felt threatened with a struggle in his vehicle. what will his testimony mean for the grand jury's decision? >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day." >> good morning, welcome to "new day." it is monday, october 20th in the east. i am chris cuomo, along with
3:00 am
alisyn camerroto. the gain teen ends for those who were close to duncan. they have reached the 21 days and they are out of quarantine. the pentagon is assembling a response team to fly anywhere if a new ebola case surfaces. >> critics are blasting the president's controversial pick as too political. the cdc is scrambling to find new guidelines for health care workers treating ebola crisis. we begin with elizabeth cohen. good morning. >> repor g


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