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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. new rules, updated guidelines from u.s. health officials on how to deal with ebola patients. new fighting as isis
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militants launch attacks near a fierce border where territory is being defended. >> it's from border posts like this that the turkish military is trying to control its border with syria. sentencing pistorias. we are hours away from learning how the blade runner will be punished for killing his girlfriend. thanks for joining us everyone. u.s. health officials are changing guidelines. a supervisor will monitor workers taking protective gear on and off. the world health organization has declared nigeria ebola free. a u.n. worker has died in sierra leone. his wife is still being treated.
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the w.h.o. says over 4500 have been killed by ebola. fuji film says a drug has already been used and it's part of the race to find a cure. >> reporter: often fatal, no vaccine, no sure-fire cure yet. in the professor's lab, the race is on to outwit ebola. >> we need to do in weeks and months what it used to take us years to do. >> reporter: time is running out. 4500 dead worldwide and eight recent cases on her soil. >> this is from a human
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survivor. >> reporter: sent from around the world. they're injected here into two high-tech machines that looks like, to a lay person, like a big giant mess. through this web of steps come critical proteins, a building block for a cure. they're sent back out to researchers chasing a serum. sapphire is mapping the confusing virus constantly mutating. >> if you don't have a map you are completely blind in fighting that virus. >> reporter: that's why she uses battle terminology. >> we use the structures, it's like enemy intelligence, we understand what the pieces are and how to fight them. >> reporter: this is a war. they're up until midnight, back at dawn. sapphire's lab helped develop
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the drug zmapp. across san diego, researchers are pushing any idea that might work. thomas duncan, mukpo were given an experimental drug and it's being used in germany to treat a ugandan doctor. they don't know if this will work for sure, but with ebola there's a common call -- try it. >> when you have a hard-to-treat pathogen like this, it pulls researchers together because it's the ultimate challenge. >> reporter: the biggest challenge isn't just the disease but money. she's turned to crowd funding, trying to buy another one of these critical machines. >> it seems ridiculous that you are having to crowd fund. why are you crowd funding? >> because we need the money
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fast. it gives people an opportunity to put their money into what they think is important. >> reporter: san diego, california. and we turn now to a major policy shift in turkey, one that promises much-needed help for kurds battling forces in kobani. it will let iraq's kurdish peshmerga fighters cross the border into kobani to help turn the tide. meanwhile a new offensive has been launched in northern iraq. targets include mosul dam and targets around sinjar mountains. peshmerga was able to repel most attacks. turkey's reluctance to help stems from its view that both isis and the kurdish fighters are terrorists. but the u.s. has been helping
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kobani's fighters with air strikes and for the first time flown in supplies and arms. they explained that on monday. >> we talked with turkish authorities. i did, the president did, to make it very, very clear, this is not a shift in policy by the united states. it is a crisis moment, an emergency where we clearly do not want to see kobani become a horrible example of the unwillingness of people to help those who are fighting isil. >> john kerry talking there. and for more on turkey's position and the battle against isis our ivan watson was given a rare tour of some of its fortifications along the syrian border. >> reporter: how do you protect your country from what are arguably at least three civil wars being fought simultaneously
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across the border? one measure that the turkish government has adopted is to simply build a ditch, a big, deep, and long one with turkey on this side and syria right over there. but it's not just trying to keep syrian threats out from spilling over into turkey, the turkish government says in the last couple days they've detained at least 20 people, mostly europeans and russians who they suspect were trying to smuggle their way into syria to join isis. it's from border posts like this that the turkish military is trying to control its frontier with syria. so from this guard tower, this unit is in charge of about 5, 6 kilometers of border. that's about 3 miles. and the biggest concern is the smugglers who they say try to get through the border every day. [ shouting in foreign language ]
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>> reporter: the turkish military has been showing us how they've been fortifying the border with thermal cameras, with fences, with troops as well. ankara denies allegations that it has allowed weapons and fighters through to terrorist organizations like isis. instead they are highlighting the fact that this border gate is a main entry point for a lot of humanitarian assistance going to syria and also stressing the point that turkey has hosted more than 1.5 million syrian refugees, more than any other country in the region. parts of the border still have minefields dating back to the cold war. but the fact is, today syrian territory neighboring turkey is controlled by a complicated mix of syrian factions, including
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isis and kurdish as well as the free syrian army and the syrian regime. it is very messy. and hard to imagine how any government could come up with a policy to deal with the mess right next door. ivan watson, cnn on the turkish/syrian border. it is sentencing day for oscar pistorias, the south african sprinter will soon find out if he's heading to prison for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the judge will deliver her sentence in a little more than two hours from now. the defense is arguing for house arrest. the prosecution wants at least ten years in prison. the sentence is completely up to the judge. pistorias's brother and sister say they have no doubt that
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steencamp's death was an accident, but the pain for everyone will last forever. >> reporter: how will this play into his life and yours, that this might not end with the sentencing. that there might be an appeal. >> it's never going to be over. something like this changes my brother's lives, our lives, the steencamps', their family, their friends. no one who's been close to the situation can just overcome this. you know, it's something my brother will carry with him forever. and it's not, regardless of what's happening now, it's just as certain phase in the journey which will never end. >> oscar pistorias's brother and sister there. later this hour, a closer look at the judge who will decide the
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blade runner's fate oscar de la renta has died at the age of 82. born in the dominican republic he was known as the sultan of swauf. he has dressed every u.s. first lady since jacqueline kennedy. laura bush released a statement calling him a dear friend. his most recent creation is the gown amal clooney wore when she married george clooney. the ceo of total was among four people killed at a moscow airport. kristochristophe de margerie wa killed. he died along with three crew members on that plane. moscow investigators say they have launched a criminal probe
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to see whether any safety rules were violated. after weeks of pro-democracy protests in hong kong, student leaders apartment governmend th getting ready to sit down and talk. a man who police say is accused of killing 39 people is in custody. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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police in the u.s. state of indiana say a suspected serial killer has confessed to killing seven women. darren deon vann says he messed up after killing a woman he solicited as a prostitute online. he's accused of killing africa hardy in hammond, indiana. he later admitted to killing six other women in nearby gary. there are possibly other victims. >> it appears that he's still talking. and every place that he's told us thus far, they did recover a body. and if he keeps talking, we're going to keep following up on the leads that he gives us. and we just hope and pray that he continues talking if there are more bodies out there. well, brazilian police have arrested a man who confessed to killing 39 people.
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and the 26 year old security guard says he can give details of all his victims. >> reporter: a sigh of relief in the brazilian city after the arrest. police say the 26 year old security guard has confessed to 39 murders over three years. he targeted people he didn't even know, especially young women, homosexuals and the homeless. in taped police testimony, he says he remembers every victim. number 20, the detective asks? lillian, he answers, saying he killed her with one shot to the chest. police say he often used a motorbike to hunt for victims and then shot them. sometimes after demanding money or valuables. now he's been called the handsome serial killer, but his arrest comes after a murder spree sparked a desperate man
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hunt. family and friends of victims have tried to get more information at police headquarters. now we know there won't be any more victims. it's over. police tracked down tv footage of the snack bar where one of the last crimes was committed. one person agreed to speak off camera. i committed the crimes, he says, but i really regret it. if i could, i would ask for forgiveness. he still faces a trial, and police are facing tough questions about why it took so long to identify those murders as the work of a serial killer. shasta darling ton, cnn, sao paulo. we want to get some details on the timing of the rain and wind. let's go to ivan cabrera.
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what's track here? >> we're going to be looking for this in the next couple days, wednesday into thursday will be the main days for heavy rain, significant went r wiinds comin. because of the tides in massachusetts, boston could see coastal flooding. the storm not getting going yet. it's just the beginning of low pressure diving out of the great lakes and will spawn a new low off the coast. if that sounds familiar, that's what we talk about in the winter. if we were a month in or later we'd probably be talking about a pretty good snowstorm. but not the case. it is just going to be wet, so a nuisance mainly, except for the areas that could be seeing a little more rainfall. and that would be boston and even portland. 1 to 3 inches is possible. let's track the timing and you'll be able to see, especially if you're flying
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internationally into new york. you could see some delays here as the low comes in. you'll be able to see a secondary low popping south of new england. and on the western side of this you'll see the moisture training in from boston and points north. further north the heaviest of the rain d.c. and down to the south you'll be fine with the form here. that's not going to be for you. but 1 to 3 inches is certainly a potential. we could see localized heavier amounts. we will watch that wednesday and thursday as well. it could be bringing delays at the airports. also watching an area of disturbed weather in the bay of campeche. something's going to try to develop here and head further to the east, all the while bringing heavy rain to mexico over the next several days. there you see some of the
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pockets of rain training over the same areas. we've been tracking gonzalo. heathrow expects nearly 10% of flights canceled as a result of the winds coming in with that storm. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. the standoff in hong kong has lasted for weeks now and occasionally turned violent. now the two sides will sit down and talk. a live report coming up next on what to expect. cat bait kills up to 12 mice, faster than d-con. what will we do with all of these dead mice? tomcat presents dead mouse theatre. hey, ulfrik! hey, agnar! what's up with you? funny you ask. i'm actually here to pillage your town. [ villagers screaming ] but we went to summer camp together. summer camp is over. ♪ [ male announcer ] tomcat. [ cat meows ] [ male announcer ] engineered to kill. [ male announcer ] tomcat. [ cat meows ]
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helps you find a whole range andof coverages.ur price" tool no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. welcome back, everyone. in hong dokong, talks are set f the government officials and protesters. but will it stop a standoff that's been going on for more than three weeks now. >> reporter: for the first time in weeks, the drama is moving from the streets to the bargaining table.
10:23 pm
and it will be televised. in the meantime, protesters seem to be listening to their leaders to sit in, stay calm and avoid provoking police. there is much at stake. even the talks' mediator warned against rising expectations. >> i'm not going to speculate at all about whether there will be a resolution. but i hope, because part of the, as part of the agreement, this is not the only dialog that will take place. >> reporter: cheng, a university president knows what he's up against. moments before speaking to cnn he was bestowing degrees on graduates, and again and again there it was. this graduate opens up an umbrella to reveal the slogan, let freedom blossom. at this ceremony, some students tell us their future must include democracy for hong kong.
10:24 pm
alan chong poses in front of a sign. he will celebrate getting his degree for a few hours then it's back to the streets, waiting for any word of compromise from hong kong's government leaders. >> they just keep escaping to avoid to answer our questions. and i hope they really give their heart to listen to us. >> reporter: but even if there is a compromise during these talks, how will it translate here on the streets where it counts? protesters said even heeding one inch of pavement would seem like defeat. and if the talks fail, worrying signs that the hong kong government is losing patience. the chief executive is blaming the protests on so-called external sources. he says this is not entirely a
10:25 pm
domestic movement. his words were played hour after hour on tv. these protests began with authenticity. if there is no resolution or progress, the government will continue to question their legitimacy. cnn, hong kong. >> and manisha tank joins me now. the question here is what's likely to come out of these talks if anything and what happens if protesters get no compromise at all? what then? >> reporter: well, that's a question people answer from different perspectives. it really depends on who you talk to as to what people expect from these talks. we've come out onto harcourt road. this is in the admiralty district. this has been the heart of the occupy protest. can you see all around me tents
10:26 pm
as far as the eye can see, and they are butted up against these commercial buildings. one commercial building owner actually going so far as to take out a court injunction to get them to move, and move the tents blocking exits and entrances. it's slightly different to the demographic area of mongkock area. major government buildings here and more tents. can you sigh all the color. why is this so important? when you go out and speak to people here in these tents, and you talk about court injunctions and talks and the possibility of dialog they keep on maintaining we're here of our own volition. we want the chief executive to resign and universal suffrage.
10:27 pm
and if those core demands are not met, they say they are not going to leave, even if you talk about the prospects of the police coming in and moving them out. they don't seem to be afraid. even joshua wong, the head of one of the student groups, he was asked about these court inji injunctio injunctions. >> translator: i guarantee you after you issue the injunctions, the people here to protest will only increase. hong kong's civil disobedience is an unchangeable reality. >> reporter: so definitely there is agreement that having talks is a step in the right direction. it's the beginning of dialog. and of course those talks are scheduled for prime time, that's probably no accident, between 6:00 and 8:00 this tuesday. people having viewing parties to see what happens, rosemary. >> and we'll be watching very
10:28 pm
closely and listening too. manisha tank reporting from the protests. a tv series in iraq is battling isis in a whole new way, with humor, but it is a dangerous game. >> reporter: it may seem like a laughing matter, but this program is deadly serious. many of the actors have received threats against their lives. you've come to realize... [, [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. and that keeps you going strong. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we get that. with over 30 years of experience, we'll be there -- ready to go as far as you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some
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and a warm welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all across the world. i'm rosemary church. i want to check the headlines for you. fashion designer oscar de la renta has died at the age of 82. he was born in the dominican republic. he eventually created his own lines and known for his evening gowns and dressed every first lady in the u.s. since jacqueline kennedy. in a major policy shift, turkey says it will now let kurdish fighters cross its
10:32 pm
borders to help kurds battling in kobani. and isis has launched attacks on targets around mosul dam and areas around sinjar mountain. the u.s. centers for disease control call for protective gear that covers all skin and supervisors to watch as workers take the gear on and off. there is also an enormous risk to people handling the dead. dan rivers takes us to one hard-hit neighborhood in sierra leone. >> reporter: this is what it's like at ebola's ground zero. we are at the heart of the outbreak with a red cross team about to recover the body of a little girl. the family is devoutly muslim, but what they've gone through would test the strongest faith.
10:33 pm
the tiny body is carried out of the house. she died yesterday. she'll be buried today. her family watch in stunned silence. the lively 3-year-old may have infected them too. but they're refusing to believe that ebola's to blame because doctors at the local hospital weren't sure why she had a fever. >> they didn't tell me anything about that. >> reporter: but the team here is convinced ebola is to blame, and they're not taking any chances. body bag. she wasn't the only one to die suddenly here. in another house nearby another body, the grandmother. inside, swabs are taken for testing. the men that do this are incredibly brave, but they're also row assuring. biohazard suits aren't necessary as long as you don't touch anything. if you want to get a grip on ebola you have to deal with the victims carefully, quickly and sensitively. nearly 70% of new infections
10:34 pm
come not from the living but from the dead. these scenes are terrifying for the people in this tiny village. neighbors now have to wait for the test results, knowing their own children were playing with a potential ebola victim just hours ago. he says the girl and her grandmother visited an ebola patient who died. once they returned they fell sick and died as well. we're now checking our temperature three times a day. and these aren't the only cases here. further, three bodies have been found in this neighborhood. >> this is spreading so much that we the people, we're scared. >> reporter: but this new command-and-control center may speed up is the response. staffed by the sierra leone army, mentored by british officials. britain is now at the heart of
10:35 pm
sierra leone's battle against ebola. >> the issue is getting people identified who have it early to isolate them and obviously one of the most infectious parts are when they're dead, getting people buried quickly. they have to be buried within 24 hours, and that is our target. >> reporter: but there's still a long way to go. officially the child and her grandmother are just two of the 96 suspected ebola cases in greater freetown in the last few days. >> i feel very sad. i feel very sad. ebola is a killer disease. it kills. it kills. so i'm very, very sad about it, because our people are dying every day. >> reporter: without a massive increase in resources here, this virus will continue to rafage sierra leone. one of the world's poorest countries, struggling to cope with one of the world's most deadly diseases. dan rivers, itv news, freetown.
10:36 pm
a canadian man accused of injuring two soldiers in a hit-and-run incident is dead. and now the government wants to know if it was a terror attack. police shot and killed martin rulo after a car chase on monday. they said he fled after running soldiers down in a shopping center parking lot outside montreal. one of them is in critical condition. there are reports that rulo converted to islam and the police and prime minister's office believe he may have become radicalized. more on the fight against isis now. the threat of living under the rule of the islamist militants is all too real for people in baghdad with isis now within kilometers of the iraqi capitol. so the cast of one iraqi television program is using humor to dispel some of the fears. ben wedeman has that. >> reporter: bloody sword and
10:37 pm
all, isis is singing in the rain. [ singing in foreign language ] >> reporter: everything is forbidden, goes the song, even pickles and peppers. ♪ >> reporter: the baghdad studio, shooting is under way for the last installment of the wildly popular 30-part series of "the mythical state." it portrays an iraqi town struggling with the absurdity of life under isis. when a man is caught with ice, banned because it's the work of infedles, he tries unsuccessfully to convince the police it's not ice, it's just dry water.
10:38 pm
when isis holds olympics, watched on television by the caliph, isis always wins. the loser's dispatched in the usual manner. the mythical state has been a hit in baghdad, but not everyone finds it funny. in the opening scene, a cowboy, meant to represent the united states introduces satan to a woman with the star of david on her neck, meant to be israel, in the company of another woman resembling the wife of the former amere of qatar. hatching from an egg, the caliph is the fruit of their union. it reflects a widely held perception that the u.s., israel and qatar are behind isis. this man is convinced it's true. it's clear, he says, the americans, with support from qatar brought satan and israel
10:39 pm
together to give birth to isis, to raise it, to allow it to exploit the weakness and hurt. the iraqi government instructed him to drop references to the u.s. and qatar, and the show goes on. before filming, makeup artists apply beard after beard. this man plays the town's imam and sees the show as an important response to isis. they in word and deed are bloodthirsty, he says. their only message is one of blood, killing people, killing the innocent. he knows only too well. one of his sons was killed in iraq, another in syria. cnn obtained an exclusive interview with the caliph or rather the man who plays him on tv. it's a dangerous and difficult role and a lot of actors turned
10:40 pm
it down, he told me, aing not to be named. we wanted to show the reality of this group. it's trying to fool people into thinking they represent true islam. but they don't. islam is a religion of tolera e tolerance, mercy, love and brotherhood. this program is deadly serious. many of the actors have received threats against their lives. this man plays the town policeman. i got threats over e-mail from people who said how dare you make fun of the islamic state, he says. this woman plays multiple roles, including a news anchor who must read the news with her face covered. i ask her how people have reacted to the show. they're happy, she tells me. at checkpoints and the street,
10:41 pm
they tell me bravo. they ask me if i'm afraid, and i tell them, no, i'm not. we don't want to give away the details of the last show, because it airs later this week. but in one of the final scenes, she, as the anchor of the network receives the news isis and the caliph have been deposed. ben wedeman, cnn, baghdad. >> certainly brave actors there. still to come here on cnn, russia is taking a bite out of mcdonald's business, why the country has closed nine of the chain's restaurants. plus a hunt grows for a mystery object off the coast of sweden.
10:42 pm
it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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welcome back, everyone. china's gross domestic product slowed to 7.3% growth. now that is the worse growth since 2009 and barely ahead of forecast in a cnn money survey. china will need a big fourth quarter rebound to meet its annual growth target of 7.5%. economists cite a weak real estate sector which is now saddled with excess supply and falling prices. after the bell monday, apple
10:44 pm
posted better than expected results for the fiscal fourth quarter. the tech giant pushed the share price up in more than 1.5% in after hours trading. the company says it sold more than 39 million iphones in the quarter. well, general motors it facing more claims that faulty ignition switches on vehicles it made caused accidents. two more deaths are now linked to the defect, bringing the number to 29. they originally counted 13 death t s. the 29 fatalities are among 56 claims approved for compensation so far. well, mcdonald's is finding it harder to do business in russia. since august, russian officials have shut down nine of the chain's restaurants and opened
10:45 pm
visions into mo investigations into more than 200 others. >> reporter: since vladimir putin returned to the russian presidency in 2012, anti-americanism has become a prominent feature. it reached new height in the crisis with ukraine. now technically, the american fast food chain mcdonald's isn't targeted by russian sanctions, but there is no doubt this american icon is finding it much harder to do business here. mcdonald's says more than 200 of its 450 outlets across the country have recently been targeted by unannounced and ongoing regulatory inspections. the result, nine of those restaurants have been ordered to close at least temporarily for alleged breaches, including hygiene issues. and mcdonald's ronald mcdonald house which aims to help sick children is also being
10:46 pm
investigated for alleged wrongdoing. they do not acknowledge any political motivation here, nor does mcdonald's. it just denies all the allegations and says it is working to get its restaurants reopened as quickly as possible. phil black, cnn, moscow. sweden is expanding its search for an unidentified object in the waters off stockholm. the photo which launched the hunt may show a submarine. michael holmes has more. >> reporter: it sounds like something out of the hollywood spy thriller, like "the hunt for red october." swedish navy ships, helicopters, several 00 troops all scouring the baltic sea for what might be a russian submarine. >> translator: we are conducts operations to see whether there has been activity. >> reporter: this grainy
10:47 pm
photograph was taken by an unidentified witness showing what appears to be an unidentified vessel near stockholm. >> it could be a submarine. it could be a diver using some type of moped like vehicle. you could have the span of foreign underwater activity. >> reporter: navy brass say there have been three credible sightings since friday. speculation is that it's russian. men in black seen waving ashore. the so-called submarine is likely dutch, part of recent military exercises in the region. but officials from the netherlands deny this saying the
10:48 pm
mystery ship isn't theirs. this comes among rising tension between the baltic nations and russia over the ukraine. for now, sweden's navy will keep searching for the mystery sub in the largest mobilization since the cold war. michael holmes, cnn. all right. let's take a very quick break. but just ahead, a very popular toy store under fire for selling certain action figures because they come with accessories associated with crystal meth labs. back in a moment. starts with her minor arthritis pain, and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns. that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain. what's that, like six pills today? yeah. .i could take two aleve for all day relief. really? for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. welcome back, everyone. how about this story? a man in florida has launched a petition against toys-r-us because of a breaking bad figure. it's about a chemistry teacher turned drug lord. listen to this, there were accessories like a gas mask, gun, beaker, bag of cash and a toy bag of meth. >> knowing that those are the items that one needs to make meth, i just think that it's wrong. kids mimic their action figures, if you will. you know, do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit? >> what do you hope to accomplish? >> just to get those taken off the shelf and put them in an
10:52 pm
appropriate store. put them in an adult store. >> her petition has picked up steam in the past week with more than 5,000 signatures on and at least some toys-r-us stores have taken the action figures off the shelves. they say it clearly denotes that the items are for ages 15 and up and the toys are only sold in the quote, adult action figure area of our stores. breaking bad actor bryan cranston says i'm so mad i'm burning my florida mom action figure in protest. can you believe that? a bag of meth? >> is there an adult section of toys-r-us? >> i take my three kids in there, and i can tell you i don't know where it is. >> and they have that blue meth bags.
10:53 pm
that's unbelievable. i was playing with dolls after 15, that's okay. >> what 15-year-old plays with these action dolls? unbelievable. this is gonzalo, but this is not gonzalo currently. this is when it was a hurricane in the atlantic. and the reason we're still talking about this is it went post tropical. it slammed into bermuda, but that's long gone. look at this trek across the entire atlantic. we're now finding the storm over the u.k. and heathrow's estimating over 10% of flights going in and out of london will be canceled because of this, not because of the heavy rain but the gusty winds. we're talking 50 to 80 kilometer per hour winds. my advice to you is check with your air carrier to see if you will be experiencing delays. i think we will have some because of this low. it will intensify as it heads over to the north sea and dives
10:54 pm
down to the rest of northwestern europe with heavy rain, gusty winds. but take a look here. the snow is going to be flying as well across the alps. look at manchester at 48 kilometers per hour. the problem is later this afternoon look at the winds there, 65 to as much as 85 kilometers per hour. i think we'll have big-time delays across the u.k. for the remainder of today. rosemary? >> many thanks to you, ivan. oscar pistorias will learn his punishment for killing his girlfriend in a few hours. his fate is in the hands of the judge. the judge worked fighting against apartheid all the way to the judge's chair. >> reporter: a high-profile trial full of characters. with the potential of becoming a media circus. but, sitting above the fray --
10:55 pm
>> if you do not want to adhere to the rules, you are free to leave, and security will make sure that you leave. >> reporter: the judge. >> it's important that you should be all here when you are in that witness box. you understand that? >> reporter: still, at times compassionate, inskrutable throughout. >> she's a bit of a different person in court than in the office. >> reporter: masipa is a study in contrasts, says her clerk. >> i've been working with her since january, and show's just always smiling. almost like working for an angel. in the morning, she will say, good morning, how are you? >> reporter: now her courtroom is again broadcast to the world. and her judgment not just
10:56 pm
deciding pistorias' fate, but for many here an example to the world of justice in democratic south africa. >> she taught me from the beginning, we will treat this case as a normal case, as all other cases. and she's not really showing much emotion about the case. >> reporter: perhaps because she's a judge, she's faced far greater challenges. it was here in the late 1970s at the height of apartheid, that matilda, as she was then known, became part of a new class of female journalists, ready to risk everything to report on the political violence and the fight for democratic freedom. >> we were writing those stories, writing about the people who were activists, people who had been detained, who had been tried. >> reporter: she was a fellow journalist and part of that close-knit group. >> after work, matilda was going
10:57 pm
to the library. >> reporter: the juyoung matild was seen as detached, but she says it's because she was driven, focused on a future few could imagine. >> if you look at where she came from and where she is now, she knew one day we are going to be there, and we have to be ready when we get there. >> reporter: the journey that's taken her from a once segregated soweto to the high court. >> today she is trying a white boy. in my lifetime, i never thought that would happen. >> reporter: robyn curnow, cnn, pretoria. i'm rosemary church. and you are watching cnn. in the next hour we will take you live to pretoria where we are awaiting judge masipa's decision. also, the latest in the battle against isis. what's driving young boys to
10:58 pm
fight the militants. please stay with us. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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