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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  October 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hello, everyone, and welcome to those of you watching in the u.s. and all around the world. i'm errol barnett, coming up at this hour, heading home, an american jailed in north korea will be heading home. we'll explain whether or not a bible was really to blame for all of this. also coming soon, the world health organization says an ebola vaccine could be raise and used by february. today, i logged into in debit card account and found that i was charged twice for every purchase i made with apple. also coming up, the passing of former journalist ben
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bradlee. all right, first, the american detained for the past five months in north korea is on his way home at this hour. jeffrey fowle was arrested in pyongyang back in may, accused of leaving a bible behind at a club for foreign sailors. now, he was freed and flown to guam where doctors say he is currently in good health. we spoke with him just last month, he joins us now live from tokyo. well, this was seemingly all over a bible being left behind somewhere. if you think about some of our american viewers, hotels in the states come with bibles. i know north korea is a much different place. and all the for folks back at fowle's church are waiting for his return. what did he do that was so bad in the first place? >> yes, anybody who has been in north korea will tell you it is a completely different reality,
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a reality so far removed from anything that is familiar in the united states and many other countries around the world, specifically when it comes to the independent practice of religion. when you drive around this country you see pictures of the leaders, the kim family regime who has held power in this country since the end of the korean war. they have ruled korea really with an iron fist, and independent religion is viewed as a serious threat to the regime and that country. that is why you have the missionary kenneth bey, accused of trying to overthrow the government. you had jeffrey fowle leaving his bible in a club, he was allowed to speak to cnn to send a message to the u.s. government and to see family. and one of the key points that north korea wanted him to get across was that he was being treated humanely. take a listen. >> i can't complain, the food is good, i have a daily walk with the guides, even medical care
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has been furnished a couple of times. and the quarters you going a hotel-suite type of room. so i don't have any complaint about the treatment, i hope it continues whether i'm here two more days or decades, whatever it continues -- >> so the bottom line is you're doing okay. >> i am good for the time being, but i'm letting people know i'm getting desperate to help. >> fowle was getting desperate, and his family, as you heard as well. for the possibility of years of confinement in north korea, now errol, he could be hours away from being united with his wife and young children. >> there are two other americans detained still for much longer sentences, kenneth bey and matthew miller. they had a different response to you than jeffrey did when you met with them. can they expect anything any
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time soon based on what you have seen and what you know? >> the difference between fowle's situation and miller and bey was that miller and bey have already been convicted of their crimes and are now serving their sentences, where as fowle never went to trial. it seemed like back door discussions had taken place in light of this situation, before fowle was brought back home. but miller, specifically, his interview was in stark contrast to jeffrey fowle's, because he didn't answer a lot of the questions i asked him and some of his answers were very short and evasive, and i got the impression that some of the korean authorities were displeased with how he responded. after that interview, he was put on trial and convicted and began serving his sentence. >> yes, north korea, a place
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many of us find difficult to understand. joining us from tokyo, thank you. i wish i could say this much more often, there is encouraging news in the battle against ebola. world health organization says it may have a blood serum treatment ready for use in liberia within two weeks. that is huge. serum is based on antibodiy iei extracted from the blood of ebola survivors, the cdc hopes to test it by january. also, the cameraman who had ebola is now cured. you see him there, ashoka mukpo will be able to leave soon. and one of the infected u.s. nurses is improving, nina pham's condition is updated from fair to good. meanwhile, the u.s. is taking another step to halting the virus. more on the restrictions that
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stopped just short of an outright ban on travel from africa. >> reporter: it is one of the most consistent calls on the obama administration with both political parties. >> we can best help africa to take the important steps to close the door. >> the white house has resisted banning travel to the region, but the day before the new czar ron klain starts on the job, the new restrictions are that everybody traveling from liberia must arrive at one of five airports. the restriction should be implemented with minimal travel disruption. the five airports in washington, d.c., chicago, new york and atlanta already account for 95% of the travel that comes from liberia, sierra leone or guinea, they are currently the only airports taking the passengers' temperatures upon arrival.
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the new ban comes after standards came out for patients, standards that should take effect in places like texas, where two nurses contracted ebola after coming in contact with thomas eric duncan, the first person who died on american soil from ebola. >> it could have prevented their infection. >> and prevention remains the focus as the work continues to curb the threat and stop the spread of ebola. all right, news out of canada now. police there say they have been watching a man who allegedly ran down two soldiers with his car, killing one of them. they say the man was radicalized and classified as a potentially important threat to the country. he was arrested at the airport in july, about to fly to turkey. police say they took his passport but did not have enough
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evidence at the time to bring charges. >> it was very difficult to prevent and stop him, even if they had been watching him, yesterday morning, we didn't know his intention to use his car as a weapon. and it would have been very difficult to prevent that only after the fact because it is not a crime either to drive a car or be in the parking lot. >> meanwhile, canadian authorities have raised the terrorism threat level from low to medium. they say it is not the result of a specific threat but based on general chatter they say from islamist groups. now, three teenager girls are back home in colorado after being stopped on their way to syria to allegedly join the terrorist groups. the girls were detained in germany. their parents had called the fbi warning that the girls were planning to go on to turkey and then go on to syria.
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now, an australian teenager boy did manage to slip out of the country undetected. he has gone on to join the ranks of isis and make a name for himself. >> reporter: he told his family he was going on a fishing trip. they never saw him again until now. the new face of isis propaganda, a st a 17-year-old australian boy, seen in this video, threatening president obama, and british prime minister tony abbott, he warned that isis would not stop fighting, until they put the black flag on buckingham palace, physical we put the black flag on top of the white house. we will not stop. with his red hair he is known as the ginger jihadist. he reportedly disappeared in
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june with a friend but had not gone fishing, he crossed the border into northern iraq, finding a new home, fighting under the black flag of isis. his family's home is in the western suburbs of sidney, the very same place where last month police foiled a home-grown terror plot and carried out the country's largest terror raids. >> these people do not hate us for what we do. they hate us for who we are and how we live. >> reporter: this new video raising more questions about how much australia's involvement in the u.s.-led war overseas is creating a new threat on their own soil. amy laport, cnn, atlanta. meanwhile, the battle against isis rages on in syria,
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more u.s. airstrikes targeted the area in kobani on tuesday. this city may fall, and the pentagon is looking into an isis claim that it intercepted one of more than two dozen aid bundles air-dropped on monday. seeing this video, the aid includes weapons and ammunition intended to kurdish defenders. coming up, off to an unusual start for some. we'll explain why some are complaining that they charged too much. and new hope for spinal injury patients. we'll tell you about a new technique that is helping one man walk again. stay with us. the legendary american journalist has passed away. the former "the washington post"
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his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs! asian markets doing well there with the shanghai composite pulling back. meanwhile, in new york, stocks surged yesterday, erasing last week's huge losses, look at all
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that green, the dow jones gained almost 215 points, and the nasdaq had had its best day of the year. traders say the industries were reacting from good earnings numbers from u.s. firms. for example, investors are cheering for yahoo! the internet company reporting a strong third quarter with revenue up a percentage point over this time last year. and this is seen as a modest win from the one you see there, the company's ceo, it sent the stock price up 3.5%. apple right now having problems with its new apple pay service. surely you heard of this. it lets you pay for purchases with your smartphone or specifically with the iphone. well, a number of people say they were over-charged, including our own samuel burke. >> monday i went out to pay for the apple, and as reported here it signeen -- seemed fast and w
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off without a hitch. today i logged onto my debit card and found out i was charged twice. rohan tweeted problems with apple pay, it looks like my bank of america account was double-charged by walgreens. as for me, i called my bank, bank of america as well, and they said it was not a problem on their end. it was a problem with apple pay. so they transferred me to apple. apple said there is nothing they can do about it because as they promised for security sake, they keep no records of names or amounts for any of the transactions. so i got apple and my bank on the same line. and after an hour and a half on the phone, my bank finally refunded me the money sending me a tweet saying, hi, samuel, we apologize for the inconvenience and are working to correct this
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issue and duplicating transactions. my bank continued to say it was on apple's pay's end, no official word to me or other people i found out dealing with double apple pay. sample burke, cnn. all right, if you're in the soda, pop, or fizzy drinks, a daily drink could age your white blood cells. the study showed that the amount was shorter than people with a regular sugar habit. the daily consumption of those drinks could equal about 4 and a half years of extra aging. the link was found only with sugar sweetened drinks, not the diet versions. and a new revolutionary technique could give hope to people around the world with severe spinal cord injury. 38-year-old derek fitka was
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paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack four years ago. now a new report on the bbc showed how he was able to use a walker to get around. an anglo team used stem cells harvested inside the nasal cavity. isa soares has more. >> it is very nice for me to think about, more than the science that another human being was made to have enjoyment. that is an achievement. >> well, like being born again. now, this was only one trial with one patient. but experts say if it can be replicated it could be an important step in reversing the condition thought to be permanent. and travellers in western europe, if you're about to
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travel check your itineraries. >> we're getting into the season, right? the storms roll in. and the gusty winds and of course, the snow is coming. it actually is already snowing. just not at the lower elevations. so the alpine region is getting their biggest snowfall of the season. but the winds were the problem and the rain is coming down side ways, take a look at some of the wind gusts, to u.k. and the netherlands with this big load. of course what was left over from the hurricane out in the atlantic. with that kind of force we're talking about frees coming down, one fatality here, incredible winds coming in. today we'll be in better shape. look at the sea wall there, errol, and scotland, getting hit with the difficult waves. the winds across the u.k., anywhere from 15 to 25, will be
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more gusty later this afternoon. . but not what we saw yesterday. that will be reserved for areas we saw east, so belgium, netherlands, poland. so the storm is heading down to the mountains with snowfall. let's look at the numbers here, wednesday at 1700 we'll see the winds there from 60 to 75. if you're traveling across this part of the world, certainly check ahead. that is what we had yesterday, because of the wind gusts that will continue this into thursday morning here. and then another system will begin to move in across the u.k. on thursday with gusty winds there, as well. but certainly not the 100 kilometer winds we saw yesterday. flight impacts today. long flight delays i think again, but now moving further
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east, brussels, paris, frankfort, take a look at the snows. if you're planning a ski trip that will be fantastic. then by the latter part of the week we'll transition across the balkans here with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. so busy times in europe and busier than a lot of travellers would like. >> and even if you're not traveling through the airports you still want to check your flight plans. all right, ivan, we'll see you later. thank you very much. still to come on cnn, a legend in journalism. a former legacy dies, we'll discuss the legacy that ben bradlee leaves.
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welcome back, a giant in american journalism, former "the washington post" editor ben bradlee has passed away. in his final years, bradlee battled alzheimer's disease and dementia. his long career in journalism was legendary. during his career he oversaw the watergate scandal and break-in. brian todd has more. >> reporter: his first battle with the nixon administration was over publishing the pentagon papers in 1971, leaked documents showing how poorly the war in vietnam was handled. >> the post was looking for a seat at the big table. we were not there yet and we very much wanted to go there. >> reporter: as editor of "the washington post," he fought objections all the way to the supreme court. a year later, the stakes were
11:25 pm
even higher as he headed the newspaper's coverage of the watergate scandal. >> and the stakes were enormous, every day, the white house, the leader of the free world would get up and attack "the washington post," attack ben bradlee by name, attack woodward and myself. he backed us up. >> reporter: the reporters bob woodward also worked on the scandal. >> he said i can't tell you about watergate because it involves national security. >> reporter: ben bradlee, woodward and bernstein had help from a source called "deep throat." bradley was immortalized in the movie, and played by jason robards, as a boy he survived polio, went to harvard and
11:26 pm
served on a destroyer in world war ii, through a dozen battles. as a young reporter he became friends with young john kennedy. bradlee always maintained a healthy skepticism of washington power players which if anything only grew stronger over time. >> i think there has been an enormous increase in -- not telling the truth. lying. >> a dapper presence in the news room, former colleagues described him as demanding, but inspiring. benjamin bradlee. >> reporter: he received the medal of freedom from president obama at the age of 91. >> he transformed that newspaper. >> ben bradlee was 93 years old. no one. wake up!
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welcome back, to those of you watching in the u.s. and all around the world, i'm errol barnett. top stories around the world, the u.s. is imposing travel restrictions to stop the spread of ebola, now all passengers from guinea, sierra leone and liberia are all required to land at five airports that will do screenings. >> you see them there, in newark, jfk, dulles, o'hare and atlanta. and two vaccines are undergoing trials with a vaccine that is extracted from ebola survivors. and the man detained in north korea for five months is
11:31 pm
now on his way home. you see him there, jeffrey fowle was arrested for handing out a bible in a club in north korea, he is expected to be home haila today. now, there are two other americans detained in korea, including kenneth bey, accused of planning to bring down the regime. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. well, in an interview with cnn he says he is working eight hours a day six days a week at a labor camp but was being treated as humanely as possible. we should note that government officials were present when he said this to us. and matthew miller entered the country seeking asylum and tore up his visa. military officials say his situation is very urgent and believes he will be sent to prison. now, a research scholar at
11:32 pm
columbia university and a cnn analyst, i spoke with her a short time ago and began to ask her about north korea's possible motives for releasing fowle. >> reporter: well, what north koreans typically want is a very high level engagement. as you know, previously, jimmy carter, former president jimmy carter went to north korea and former president bill clinton went to north korea to release the american citizens before. so they really want a very high level visit from the united states. but they haven't been able to do that. so i think right now they're trying to, by releasing one american citizen, it highlights another citizen not being released. it is a way to engage in united states. >> it is so difficult for us, as journalists or even foreign journalists to understand what is happening in pyongyang. i know you once sat beside the
11:33 pm
ambassador, besides what he is saying that north korea doesn't violate human rights, a lot of evidence that is not true. what were you able to pick up on his disposition. what were you able to read into this north korean official? >> well, he clearly has been directed by pyongyang, by kim jong-un, by the foreign ministry to be on this peace offensive. and what he was trying to say that north korea does not engage in human rights violations. and that they had a responsibility to tell the world that. but what i got from that session yesterday, actually, was that he just had to stick to his talking points. he had no free will. he couldn't move away talking points. in fact, i asked him if there
11:34 pm
were prison camps in north korea, and he categorically denied it. saying i don't even know what political prison camps are. he was asked about it before, he just could not move an inch away from his talking points. it was just not productive. >> well, as is often the case with the korean officials. kim jong-un has not been seen in an official capacity. the government has admitted he has suffered some discomfort. what do you make of all of that? >> i do think he is probably recovering from some sort of ankle surgery. we know that he has health issues, like he is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. but i don't think it is anything overly serious. i just think we made too much of speculating. we just don't know what is going on in north korea. so every time there is something unusual that comes out of north korea, we're in a hyper drive
11:35 pm
trying to speculate. and it just shows you what a black hole north korea really is. >> it's all we can do with the information we have. doctor, thank you for joining us. former white house official cia analyst and senior research scholar at columbia university. thank you. thank you. we keep our focus in asia now as pro-democracy desperate demonstrators were there. no progress was made in reaching an agreement to end what has been happening for the past few weeks, demonstrators want a time table for political reform. government says reform could only come by working from within the system. >> hong kong is a special administrative region. it is not an independent country, not an independent form
11:36 pm
of government. we cannot decide independently on our political system. >> you were the chosen officials at the time. whether you will be responsible, courageous, brave and skillful fighter who pushed forward with hong kong's political system, or becomes a cynic in history, i believe the choice is with you officials and not us. >> each side making their points there, but did it change anything on the ground? andrew stevens is among some of the demonstrators there in hong kong and joins us now live. andrew, so we know that desperate e demonstrators have met with officials. we saw them in the last hour, can you update us on the situation there and how it compares to where you are now. >> reporter: well, what we understand about the situation in monkauk, which has been at
11:37 pm
the shop where the protesters are. where the protesters and anti-protesters have taken place. what we understand is that some of the occupy protesters want to push back barriers put up by police. and police then confronted them about pushing the barriers back in the standoff. we understand the situation has calmed down there, errol. this is not an unusual situation. it is as i say, a flash point, there have been several incidents in the mong kok area. this is just looked down this road. you can see the number of tents which just adds up all the time with protesters coming down here. a lot of people come down for the evening, and in the morning, they have a shower and go back to university, excuse me, or back to school.
11:38 pm
but certainly we saw the talks, two hours of talks yesterday. both sides walking away. no agreement, still polls apart. but just look at the sort of welcome that the protest leaders got from the protesters. the demonstrators when they came back here. it was almost like a rock star arrival of the protest leaders coming back. it gives you a sense of the solidarity that they have here on the streets in this main protest site. and they are saying and they continue to stay they're going to stay put until they have some sort of understanding with the government, which will lead to real change. at the moment, the only thing that has changed is the government has said it will -- send a report to beijing, which will quote, reflect the feelings of the hong kong people about what is happening here, about this democracy movement. now, one veteran democracy campaign, martin lee, the
11:39 pm
founder of the democratic party here, this is what he had to say about the move by the government. >> the government's position has always been no concessions. you either take this model, which means you have one person, one vote, and the election of the chief executive, but beijing selects all the candidates for you. or you don't get anything. now, last night there was a concession. >> so he talks about it being a ray of light, errol. and put this in context, it was not that long ago when talks were being cancelled, two rounds of talks were cancelled. this is the first time that the protesters and the government met face to face and the government made a concession, a very, very small concession, but a concession, nonetheless, this
11:40 pm
is what martin lee is honing in on now, whether it goes anywhere is very difficult to say. the government seems to have attached its position to this report. if it is acted on at all it will only be acted on the 2017 issue. so the government has pushed this whole debate to the next side of the election, in 2017, the protesters are still not buying it. >> but andrew, it is still remarkable what the student-led demonstrations have been able to achieve at this time. they have gotten the attention of the government. as you mentioned even as the talks fell apart they did eventually happen. and as we see right next to you they have a full service protest camp out there. allowing people to kind of recharge and move on. would you say that overall even though it is a small concession from the government the students have really won something. something substantial throughout
11:41 pm
this whole effort. >> they certainly won something substantial in as much as nobody could have predicted that 25 days on they would still be here, they would still be in solidarity about a democratic cause. yes, they are causing disruption. yes, it is difficult for many people in hong kong to get to work, particularly if they go to the central business district where i am. they have not paralyzed the city but they have achieved the solidarity. they have forced the government to talk to them. remember the government at the beginning was saying this was an unlawful and illegal gathering of people so therefore they would not deal with them at all. that was a line that was echoed in beijing. the hong kong government has now sat down with the protesters and they say they will make beijing aware in an official report about the views of hong kong. so that in itself is a big step
11:42 pm
forward in many ways for this democracy movement. but if you talk to the protesters, they of course will say it is a step forward but not nearly as big a step as they need to see. they insist they maintain they would like to see the resignation of the chief executive, errol. neither of those are likely to come to pass at least at this stage of the proceedings. but certainly, they have made moves from where they were 25 days ago. they have made quite dramatic steps in many, many ways, errol. >> incredible stuff out of hong kong, 2:42 a.m., with the latest, andrew, thank you for that. we do stay in asia with brand-new pictures into cnn that we can show you. this is from north korean television. i'm sure you recognize that guy there. images of its supreme leader, kim jong-un, which they say show him giving instructions and touring a rest home he provided for scientists.
11:43 pm
the north korean leader has been absent as we have mentioned from public events in the past few months. state leader has released a number of pictures of him. what is interesting, they have all shown him with a cane there. previous images showed him with a beaming smile. these images show him in a serious mood. we have to be clear here, we do not know where the latest images were taken. we just got them in. new pictures of kim jong-un. and oscar pistorius is serving his prison sentence for killing his girlfriend. we'll get his mixed reaction after the sentence was handed down for the track star after this. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code? who's going to do it? engineers. that's who. that's what i want to do.
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sentence imposed is the maximum imprisonment of five years. >> and with that, the judge ends the months of testimony in the hearing. she also ended freedom for oscar pistorius, the former olympian was sentenced to a maximum five years for killing his girlfriend, reeva steencamp. in ten months, though, oscar pistorius can request to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. for now, his family says he is ready to begin serving time. >> the court has now handed down judgment and sentence, and we accept the judgment. >> there are mixed reactions to the verdict in pretoria,
11:47 pm
throughout south africa, really, conflicting feelings of the man who was the pride of the olympics. take a listen. >> what he did was unfair. and because of the sentence, they made it to be a little bit shorter. but it is not fair. he should get a life sentence. it is harsh, but who am i to judge? although what he did to reeva, it is so bad, you know? but i believe the judge has spoken. >> and indeed, she has. at this moment, oscar pistorius is settling into prison life. south africa's prisons are famously crowded and dangerous. it is a harsh reality for the man who had been living in an upscale neighborhood. his life has truly changed. live from pretoria with what his new life is like, diana, this judge said the new sentence handed down really struck a balance between what each side
11:48 pm
was pushing for. but all of these legal arguments aside, what is oscar pistorius's new daily life like? >> well, i think probably a relief from this holding pattern that he has been for the last eight months of this trial. the fact that he can now actually just sit down off get on with the fate that is being handed to him. so a five-year jail term with the possibility that after ten months correctional services can reassess his case and decide perhaps to let him go under correctional supervision. i spoke to the area commissioner of the prison just behind me yesterday. this was previously and perhaps better known as pretoria central prison. we know oscar pistorius is in a single cell in a hospital unit. there are eight other disabled prisoners in that wing. two of them have prosthetic
11:49 pm
limbs, five in wheelchairs. he has his regular prison outfit that every prisoner wears in south africa prisons. he has prison beds, a sheet, toilet, his room. there are in the hospital facts both bath and shower facilities. that is of course important for people with disabilities like oscar pistorius'. we know that yesterday he was resting. he had spoken to the psychologist, to the nurse, he will go through further assessment to see what his medical needs are. and so begins this period of jail term for oscar pistorius. as you said, many people here do feel that he is getting off lightly and that he is getting better treatment than other prisoners would despite the pains that the judge went to say that cannot be one rule for the poor and one rule the rich and famous. but that is perhaps partly errol because so many people here
11:50 pm
still believe this culpable homicide verdict despite the fact that that was very clearly argued on a legal basis was not the right verdict. and many people here feel that if you do shoot four bullets into a very, very confined space you clearly mean to kill them. that is why so many feel that this sentence was too lenient, even though on a legal basis this is really the only sentence the judge could achieve. >> all right, diana, i know that many south africans are glued to this verdict, the verdict is divisive as you say, diana magnate, outside the prison there where oscar pistorius will spend at least the next ten months. now, you can learn more about oscar pistorius' home there on our website, just head to
11:51 pm next, something that may lighten your mood, surely it will make you smile. for many, this is supposed to be a quiet affair. no, not for president obama at a polling booth in chicago. details how he almost broke up a couple after the break. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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all right's let's talk some mlb, that is major league baseball, and game one in the u.s., the kansas city giants beat the royals, scoring three and one, the pitches basically did the rest. the team looks for the third title now in five seasons, this is the royal's first trip in five year. game two is tonight in kansas city. now, the dallas cowboys have cut rookie michael sam from
11:54 pm
their practice squad. he made news as the first openly gay player. he was set free back in august before dallas picked him up. sam does remain eligible, though, to play. now, does it matter if you hold the highest office in the land if a jealous boyfriend perceives a threat, he will say something. just listen to what happens as president obama casts his ballot in chicago. >> did he just say that -- >> i really wasn't planning on it. now, there is an example of a brother just embarrassing me. just for no reason whatsoever. >> i knew he was say something smart. >> and now, you will be going back home and talking to your friends. what is his name? >> mike. >> i can't believe -- mike?
11:55 pm
i can't believe -- >> so it's all right. a kiss, something to talk about -- >> no, president obama got a kiss there at the end, right now, i'll bring in ivan cabrera to talk about the weather. i mean, boyfriends are very fearful of us, too, when we walk around, the looks, don't come near our girl. what can we do? >> some people see him as the leader of the free world, and some see him as just a guy. >> but we'll suffer. >> we're talking about a tropical depression. this time of year people begin to let their guard down here because we're getting toward the end of the season. well, here is the area of the world where you can still get activity. and lo and behold, we have tropical depression number nine
11:56 pm
which could become tropical storm hannah, with torrential downpours over the next 24 hours. right now 35 miles an hour winds, we're not dealing with a tropical storm. that will not matter that much, this is rain heading over to yucutan, so as far as the track here it goes, briefly, doesn't have much time to develop here, so briefly becoming a tropical storm and heading inland and then back to a depression again. this is not going to be a wind event for mexico, but a heavy rain situation. even the potential for flooding, some of the rains could be quite heavy. and then it begins to push off towards the western caribbean there, as well, for places like cuba and into the florida straits and up into south florida, heavy pockets of rain over the next 48 hours. this has the potential to cause issues here with flooding, but that is about it. we're not forecasting here
11:57 pm
anything developing as far as a hurricane or anything like that. so this is just going to be a rainmaker. then we have this low non-tropical, this is bringing heavy rain to portions of new england with coastal flooding there, strong winds and very heavy rainfall here, as well. from boston points to the north. i think that is when rainfall will be heavier. coastal flooding with strong easterly winds as you can see the low really cracking up across the coast. watch that closely, and then across the pacific northwest and the other corner of the united states, more heavy rain and wind over the next few days, as well. >> more heavy rain and wind. >> ivan, thank you very much. we're happy to report encouraging news regarding ebola. rosemary church joins me for that and much more next on cnn, do stay with us. for those kept awake by pain the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm.
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perfect. with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. . hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. coming up this hour, the united states is doing more to try to prevent the spread of ebola. we'll tell you about new restrictions for people traveling from west africa. this video shows a humanitarian air drop that is intercepted from the u.s. it has many people wondering how militants could have gotten their hands on these supplies. and he was one of the key figures who helped expose a scandal that brought down an american