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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. several stories developing right now. for that we get you to the newsroom with carol costello. good morning. >> good morning, chris. have a great kay, guys. "newsro "newsro "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in the newsroom, convicted sec orc fender and suspected indiana sear yell killer darren vann is before a judge from texas to indiana, why were the warning signs missed? breaking few details in the death of ferguson teenager michael brown. what the autopsy report is telling us this morning and what
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it could mean for a possible indictment against officer wilson? and back in the u.s., american jeffrey fowle now free after being held in north korea for five months. his crime? leaving a bible at a nightclub. we are live for his ohio homecoming. let's talk, live in the cnn qwest newsroom." ♪ ♪newsroom." ♪ ♪"newsroom." ♪ ♪ and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning with breaking news on a suspected serial killer. less than an hour from now darren vann will face charges that he killed a teenager and left her body in a motel room. the police say 19-year-old afrikka hardy may not be vann's only victim, but rather his last. they say vann confessed to six previous fors and even led cops to the bodies dumped in abandoned homes. police fear there could be more victims and search teams fanned out across gary, indiana, in the
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decaying buildings of this rust belt town. >> the individual that committed these crimes, his m.o. was to put people in abandoned house. >> they need to get the houses away. people are getting killed in these houses. >> do you know any of the women that have been found dead. >> i don't leave the house at 8:00. it is so dark and it is scary here. >> cnn correspondent poppy harlow is outside the lake county, indiana, jail where vann will face a judge. issuing ln legal analyst joey jackson is in indiana and midwin charles joins me in new york. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> poppy, what do we expect in court today? well, what we expect is for the prosecutors in in lake county to officially bring these charges against 43-year-old darren vann. the the gary indiana police
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chief said yesterday in the press conference that he believes there is enough evidence against darren vann to charge him with first-degree murder ina the least three of these cases. police have identified four of the seven vice president, but three of them were so badly decomposed they still have not been able to make those identities known at this point in time. also important to note, did this cross state lines? and if so, the fbi will become involved. so you not only have people here, police here continuing to search in gary, indiana, hammond, indiana and you have authorities in cook county searching in these abandoned homes. >> joey, when will you expect charges in the other deaths to be filed against this man? >> that's the critical question because certainly we know or the police think they know that they have evidence linking him to the crime that poppy was just speaking of. however, the investigation continues and although today he'll be formally charged, you know, in at least one of the deaths, we certainly would
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expect that the investigation would be ongoing. so the question really turns on when police are confident in whatever jurisdiction, at whatever location they believe he had committed crimes and they have enough evidence to bring charges against him, member one and that those charges are viable and strong enough to stick, number two. we know there are confessions apparently that he made and the investigation is ongoing, not only as to the bodies that he's admitted to and they're searching other places that he has not admitted to. we'll see when the police are confident to bring him up on other charges. >> supposedly police led them to other bodies. what else do thai need? why doesn't he plead guilty. >> that is the question people ask in these kinds of cases and we have a criminal justice system where prosecutors have to do their jobs and they have to prove people guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. so i guess they're still trying to put together different facts and making sure that everything is lined up perfectly so that he
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could be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. so, joey, i would assume that prosecutors want to push for the death penalty. might that be a reason that vann isn't completely cooperative because he wants to avoid that himself? >> regardless if he's cooperative or not, what the police do and prosecution does is they try to put together, we don't need you you. it's nice. you want to confess and cooperate, but what they want to do is bring forth much trace evidence, fiber evidence, dna evidence, blood evidence, serology, forensics and whether you cooperate or not, they believe you have a strong case. any case where you're relying on the defendant's cooperation, could be a problem. we know that indiana certainly is a death penalty jurisdiction and if ever there would be a case to charge and pursue the death penalty this certainly would be. >> so midwin, you're a defense
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attorney. is there any defense for this guy? >> i wouldn't be surprised in these kinds of cases where you see multiple bodies and heinous and gruesome facts that are associated with the the deaths, it wouldn't surprise me if you saw a mental health defense or some sort of insanity defense or perhaps this person doesn't have the same sort of capacity that we all do. oftentimes defense attorneys will go down that road. it's the more sympathetic road and it tends to garner sympathy from people so it wouldn't surprise me if we saw that with this case. >> poppy, final question because there is a sad, bigger issue associated with this case. vann is a convicted sex offender and as such, he was subjected to monitoring. is there a feeling that t ing i system failed? >> we talked to the sheriff's department. they told us they only checked on him one time in september because that's all that was required by law. we can't just make arbitrary
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checks and all they check side he lived in the residence that he was supposed to live in. what good does that do? lori townsend, the mother of afrikka hardy spoke to cnn, and i want you to listen to what she said about the system. >> the the justice system the way it's -- the way it is right now, there's a lot to be said about that. if he was a registered offender in the state of indiana he should have been checked on more frequently as well as all of the other, you know, people who are registered just to check on him once, that's -- that seems null and void, actually. >> carol, let's not forget, this is also a pan be that in 2004 served 90 days in jail for pouring gasoline on himself and his then girlfriend and trying to light her on fire. i just talked to the police officer who de-escalated that situation ten years ago and i
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said was 90 days in jail really enough for that and he said no. >> i would have to agree with him. poppy harlow, joey jackson and midwin, thank you. i appreciate it. unbelievable. this just in to cnn, we are seeing huge explosions and smoke in the town of kobani, that's near the the border with turkey. the coalition carried out more air strikes. a kurdish fighter said six of his fighters have been killed in a battle with isis militants. at least ten isis fighters are also dead. as you well know, isis is trying to recruit americans including american school girls. denver officials sayly teenage girls played hookie from school, caught a flight to germany carrying $2,000 in cash. they allegedly hoped to go to syria and join up with isis. cnn's pamela brown tells us what's happened next.
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three high school girls from denver are the the latest american teenagers drawn from by the radical world of islamic extremism. only 15 and 16 years old, two of them sisters of somali descent, allegedly aspiring to join the the fight in syria. according to law enforcement sources, the teens boarded a flight in denver over the weekend and made it to frankfurt, germany, where police arrested them before they could continue on to turkey and then syria. cnn has learned they allegedly self-radicalized online. >> they're oftentimes searching for an identity because what the jihad is are pushing is a specific narrative which is your people are being oppressed in this place called syria. your government is doing mg. we're the ones that will help you out, why don't you join the fight? >> the only reason the teens were caught, one of the parents called police and the fbi quickly flagged their passports. across the border in canada, new
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concerns tonight after a 25-year-old man ran over two soldiers with his car, killing one and injuring another. police shot ask killed him. canadian authorities say the man had been radicalized and had been on their radar. >> this is a terrible act of violence against our country and our military and against our you are value. >> and this 17-year-old american teenager raising alarm bells after he showed up in a video, pamela brown, cnn, washington. okay. a bit more breaking news this morning for the 58 million americans who receive social security benefits, your check is about to get a little bigger. cnn's alison kosik joinses us with details. really? >> the increase is 1.7%, and it sounds good, but before you get excited i'll put it into perspective. payments for social security for older americans and disabled veterans, this runs $1200, this
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winds up being an extra $20. it's an increase, it's great, but in the realm of -- it really isn't. here's the thing. the government comes up with this increase every year. it has to. it was a law passed by congress that this has to happen automatically every year and it's based on inflation and the reality is inflation has been remarkably low for years. so that's why you're seeing this increase, actually for the third year in a row, under 2%. it's below the target of what the fed wants to see, but an increase nonetheless. the glass will half full $20. >> it's $20 and worth something, not as much as it used to be, but whatever. alison kosik, thanks so much. stories for wednesday morning, the new white house ebola czar, ron klain starts today. he'll meet president obama and senior members of the teen responsible for coordinating the government's response to the the unfolding pandemic.
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the head coach and four other coaches at new jersey's sayerville high school have been suspended. it involves older members of the team brutalizing freshman players. washington post editor ben bradlee died of natural causes at his home yesterday. he was 93. the legendary newspaper man led the paper through watergate and the pentagon papers. the dallas cowboys have waived defensive end michael sam. sam became the first openly gay player drafted by an nfl team when he signed with the the cowboys. sam tweeted, i want to thank the jones fa amly and the entire cowboys organization for this opportunity. and the dashing duchess, kate middleton stepping out for the first time since announcing her second pregnancy. she was seen at an event in buckingham palace and you can just see a hint of that baby bump. that's your look at headlines this morning.
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♪ as the smoke clears and the shouting dies down, the question that lingers in the air is this, what now? what will we do in this moment while the whole world is watching? what will we do to move forward
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after 73 days of civil unrest? how do we move on from shouting past one another? >> how do they move on? that was missouri governor jay nixon contemplating the long-term consequences of the fatal shooting of black teenager michael brown by a white ferguson police officer. now a blockbuster new report seems to back that officer's account of what happened before brown was killed. if this report stands up, it is possible officer darren wilson will not be indicted in brown's death. the st. louis post dispatch obtained the official autopsy on brown and had two experts review the findings. the autopsy says brown was shot in the head at close range. brown's blood was found on wilson's gun and brown's blood was found on the exterior of wilson's vehicle. there was a scuffle inside his squad car and that he feared for his life.
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one expert who reviewed the autopsy says it does support there was a significant altercation at the car. the post dispatch also obtained the the toxicology report accompanying the autopsy. that report found brown had been using marijuana. joining me now to talk about this is the medical examiner for burlington county, new jersey. welcome, sir. >> good morning. thank you for being here. the brown family paid for its own autopsy, it seemed to suggest brown was shot from far away, possibly with his hands up, but that's not what the county's autopsy shows. why the discrepancy? >> well, dr. biden did the autopsy and he did the autopsy looking with his eyes at what he could see and he did not see any stipeling or burn marks on michael brown's gunshot wounds. in other words, if a gun is discharged close to the skin, hot gunpowder will come out and burn the skin and leave a stipeling pattern.
6:19 am
dr. biden didn't see that. you may not necessarily see that with a close-contact gunshot wound. there can also begun shot residue that's dispersed and for instance, if someone's holding a gun and it's discharged there may be residue on your hand even though the the bullet and hot projectile gunpowder go forward, it wouldn't hit the skin. in this case, i believe the fbi has performed electron microskopy, and they've identified gunpowder residue, they look for lead, barium, antimony and certain chemicals in gun powder and they found michael brown's blood on the gun of the officer and they found gunpowder residue on mr. brown that may not be seen with the eyes, but can be picked up by scanning electron microscope and x-ray analysis. >> just so we understand, the brown's autopsy, lacked x-rays,
6:20 am
clothing and evidence from inside the police car. the county's autopsy showed brown was shot in the thumb and the bullet traveled toward his wrist. as you said, was there residue on the gun barrel on brown's thumb wound. tell us what that says to you. >> that means that gun was within at least 18 inches when it was discharged. it's not a contact wound. you didn't see impressions of the barrel on the skin, but there well is gunshot residue, so that was between an inch and 18 inches and close contact wound, but not a direct contact wound. just close gunshot wound. so that would support the officer's theory or the officer's version of the story that mr. brown was struggling with him for the gun. >> okay. so the experts who reviewed the county's report also says there is no indication that brown had his hands up when brown took a shot to the forehead. that's become a symbol of this
6:21 am
controversy. hands up. and i'm going to read you a quote from one of the experts. the expert said a sixth shot that hit the the forearm traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm which means brown's palms could not have been facing wilson as some witnesses have said. the trois jebbingry shows brown was not taking a standard surrender position with arms above the shoulders and palms out when he was hit. do you agree? >> well, you know, you have to be very careful interpreting these gunshot wounds and back and forth. the way we report them normally is the body in the anatomic position and the anatomic position means the hands down like this and the forearms out. a person can be shot shrugging their shoulders and the gun shot wound would go front to back. a person can be up like this to punch you and assault you and the gunshot wound can go from front to back.
6:22 am
a person can be surrendering so you have to be very careful looking at these and i think we have to look at these wounds in the context of the other wounds. if all of the other wounds are from front to back, why would this one be from back to front or be totally different than the trajectory of all of the other gunshots. so we still have to study this. >> as you know, there is a third autopsy coming out and the results of that autopsy not known the yet. the private one and the one done by the county shows brown was shot six times and at? point, you could argue, officer wilson had control of his gun and say the the fight took place inside the car, right? and michael brown was running away from the officer and the officer had control of his gun and he knew brown at this point was unarmed and was it necessary to fight so many shots of brown, in your opinion? >> well, that's getting into someone's mind and this is a fight or flight mechanism.
6:23 am
if the officer is accurate and correct, he saying mr. brown tried to take his gun and it is discharged and your heart's pounding a hundred times a minute and your adrenaline is firing and if this guy who is bigger than you is coming at you, you will empty your gun. >> doctor, thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> still to come in the "newsroom," he was arrested and detained for five monthses after leaving a bible in a north korean nightclub. jeffrey fowle is back on american soil. you see the touching reunion with his family and cnn's miguel marquez was there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i can tell you that mr. fowle, this is his home behind us and he will soon be returning here and we have a little information on whether he will get his job back here as well. all of that coming right up. ♪ want to change the world?
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars
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should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. for more than a month we did not get a single glimpse of the north korean leader kim jong-un, but for the second time in two weeks new pictures of him are coming out and these latest images appeared on korean central television. they show kim seeing a home for retired scientist. he's using a cane. he dropped out of public sight for health reasons, but he's
6:28 am
back because it was kim jong-un who in a surprise move dismissed a case against american jeffrey fowle. he is back on american soil after five months of detention for leaving a bible in a north korean nightclub. in the meantime, the the white house has called for the immediate release of two other americans, kenneth bae and matthew miller who remain in north korean custody. let's bring in miguel marquez who is outside fowle's home in dayton. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we expect mr. fowle to show up. he is enroute after that emotional and tearful reunion with his family this morning at wright patterson air force base and an unbelievable sight to see this guy in a facility in pyongyang one moment and then in guam and on to hawaii and stops
6:29 am
once for fuel and flown in by special delivery by the department of defense and walks off that plane with his carry-on only baggage to see his kid run up to him. his kid, says the commander of the air base, didn't know what was coming. >> i was pretty nervous. you know, the children knew something was up when the airplane arrived and they had cameras, but as soon as they saw dad the tears came out. i got very emotional because you can anticipate what would your children react, how would your children react if you were in that situation? so it was great. >> not a typical mission for you? >> not a typical mission at all. >> now, mr. fowle who is a heavy truck operator for the city of morain was let go by the city some months ago because they weren't sure when he was going get back and i just spoke to dave hicks who said mr. fowle is welcome to reapply to
6:30 am
reinstatement and the job is still open and he could get that job back. he will speak to the media today as well. the family has really struggled. this is as lovely in a country as it it gets and it is a small house out here in between several cities in central ohio and this is a guy whose family has struggled and he has three kids and it's been a tough time and this city is coming together to get behind him, carol? >> it's a great place. you're in my old hood. do you know what was behind the timing of fowle's release? >> reporter: it is hard to fathom the the timing of anything where north korea is concerned, but one of the statements made in the official news agency, a statement from kim jong-un himself, kim jong-un saying that the criminal has been released and it comes as basically a personal favor because of the many calls or treaties president obama made to kim jong-un himself.
6:31 am
clearly, this is something they want to keep on a personal level. a leader to leader level, north korea likes to be seen as a part of the global community and this is one way that they can do that. the one question we will have is whether or not mr. fowle will say anything because of those two other individuals being and oftentimes it's difficult for folks to say much and he doesn't want to complicate the situation from mr. bae or anybody else in north korean custody. >> understood, miguel marquez reporting live this morning from ohio. big question now, of course, and miguel mentioned it whether north korea plans to detain kenneth bae and miller. last month he talked with cnn's will ripley and said he's being treated as humanely as possible. >> i'm serving 15-year sentence right now and i've been going back and forth from hospital to the labor camp the last year and
6:32 am
a half. what i can say to my family and friends is to continue to pray for me and also ask them to continue an effort on getting me released here. >> and the chung family has certainly done that. i want to bring in terri chung, the sister of kenneth bae. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> when you saw the the reunion at the airport with mr. fowle and his family what went through your mind some. >> i got kind of -- a little teary-eyed. it's such a happy moment for them and i am so glad that they get to have that reunion, to have their father reunited with the kids, and i just -- it's a little bittersweet, though because that's -- that very moment of the reunion is what we've been fighting for for the past two years, and i can't -- i couldn't help, but wish that kenneth was also on that plane
6:33 am
out of north korea. >> you wouldn't be human if you didn't wish that. we can all understand that, but does mr. fowle's release give you hope that your brother will be released soon some. >> i am hoping for an opening that kenneth's release can also be worked out and negotiated. if president obama can make a phone call that can make that happen for kenneth, yeah. sure, that gives me hope. >> you've been an observer of north korean politics ever since your brother was taken into custody, i am sure. have you noticed a difference in kim jong-un's behavior? >> it's hard to know. i am only reading the news reports like everybody else. i know that it is ultimately in his power to allow acts of clemency and amnesty, and i plead for mercy for kenneth, as well. >> have you been able to
6:34 am
communicate with your brother in any way recently? >> the last i heard from him actually was that interview on cnn on september 1st. i haven't heard any word for a while. i did speak to him on august 10th. >> and he seemed well then. what did he seem like to you in the interview with cnn? >> he, you know, his weight has fluctuated wildly and he's lost quite a bit of weight and that was an immediate concern for us because we knew he was back in the labor camp and his health wasn't well, and he just looks, you know, dispirited. this has been a two-year imprisonment and anybody, as strong as he is in his faith and he's trying to keep his spirits up, but you can imagine how it it takes a toll on somebody when you're isolated and locked up for so long. >> we certainly can. terri chung, thank you so much
6:35 am
for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," the tale of the tape and is she angry at anchorage. bristol palin about how it all started. ♪
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minute and a half of audio we've ever come across in a long time, anyway. a massive brawl in anchorage, alaska, reportedly involving sarah palin's kids and her husband was sparked after someone pushed one of her daughters at a party. that's what bristol palin told police in an interview after the incident and police have reviewed audio. it does include rather colorful language from bristol. here is bristol's recollection of how that night unfolded so sit back and enjoy. >> tell me what happened. >> some old lady just hit me. [ bleep ]. no one will touch my sister. >> where was this at in. >> we were in the limo. i walked back up, did you push my sister and some guy gets on my face, pushes me down on the grass and drags me across the grass. you [ bleep ].
6:40 am
[ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]. i get back up and pulls me by the feet and i have my 5-year-old. they took my $300 sunglasses and they took my [ bleep ] shoes, and i [ bleep ] just left here. >> okay. where are you injured? >> my knees, my face, where is my [ bleep ]. i have a 5-year-old in the car. >> where was the limo at with your sister came and got you? >> it was here. >> your sister came and got you from the limo that was parked right here. you went to the house. >> i was closer to the house. and when you got her, you approached the 60-year-old. >> i don't know how old she was. some laid we gray hair who pushed my sister. >> a guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground and takes me by my feet and in my dress in front of everyone and come up here [ bleep ], i don't know this guy. i've never seen this guy in my
6:41 am
life. [ bleep ]. >> that's what i don't get. why do these bad guys -- [ inaudible ] >> i think that long bleep was my favorite part. we should point out no charges were filed in this incident and in a september 19th facebook post sarah palin defended her daughter saying, quote, i love my bristol. my kids' defense of my family makes my heart soar. you can thank me later. still to come in the newsroom. the texas hospital where the first man diagnosed with ebola on u.s. soil admits it made a mistake. cnn is in dallas. upon. >> good morning, carol. the hospital executives say it let its kwaurd down.
6:42 am
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today is the first day on the job for the nation's new ebola czar. ron klain meets with president obama at the white house later this afternoon. a pass thinker who arrived at newark airport from liberia yesterday is now being tested for ebola. he reportedly had a fever and is now at a new jersey hospital. two passengers who arrived at chicago's orc ha'hare are also tested for the virus. a liberian man who died of e bowl willa and the two nurses who got the virus admits it fell short. its chief clinical officer talked to ed lavandera. >> we were as worried up front about ebola as i think anyone
6:46 am
else. we looked, you know, starting in august and moving forward, but in the absence of ebola showing up in august and ebola showing up in early september, et cetera, it does become sort of isolated. >> let your guard down? >> i think you let your guard down a little bit on that. >> ed lavandera joins me from dallas with more on this interview. good morning. >> reporter: anymore, carol. as you well know the hospital has been criticized not only for the diagnosis and thomas eric duncan has criticized the hospital for the way it treated thomas eric duncan. the family believes he didn't have to die. it did say that early on in the misdiagnosis of mr. duncan and that's where it fell short. >> this morning the freelance cameraman who contracted ebola in liberia is now free of the virus according to health officials.
6:47 am
ashoka mukpo weeted i fought and won with lots of help. a hazing feeling. >> looking forward to you both get news like this. they were caring for the now deceased man, thomas eric duncan the at the presbyterian hospital. the nurses wore protective gowns that exposed their necks. >> we were comfortable as we reviewed amber's use and nina's use that they knew what they were doing. >> i spoke with the chief clinical officer of the hospital who says he didn't know of any nurses raising concerns about having exposed skin. >> did anyone raise a red flag and say even though we're following cdc guidelines here, we're not covered the way it should be. >> in retrospect, we've asked that question and we were in full compliance with the precautions going forward, from the minute we had the diagnosis of ebola. >> since then, the cdc has
6:48 am
updated its guidelines, fully covered protective gear from head to toe. >> now she'll turn around so i can inspect her. >> varga admits texas health was ill prepared and fell short in diagnosing the ebola patient. >> we had the information that were critical to understand a potential diagnosis of ebola and communicating the information between caregivers was not as front of mind as it should have been. >> meanwhile, the department of homeland security is ramping up its effort. starting today all passengers arriving to the u.s. from ebola-ic stren countries must land at one of only five airports with enhanced ebola screening. carol, the hospital executives say it was the communication on thomas eric duncan's visit between the nurse and the doctor. the nurse had written down that he, quote, came from africa.
6:49 am
later on at the same time when the physician entered in his notes enlisted mr. duncan as a local resident here in the dallas area. so a disconnect there, and a misconception and a correction that didn't take place and hospital executives say that that miscommunication there was where one of the places where things fell short there. >> ed lavandera reporting live from dallas, texas. we'll have breaking news coming your way very soon. we told you jeffrey fowle was released from a north korean prison and he was reunited with his family in dayton, ohio and now we understand that miguel marquez that mr. fowle is about to return to his home. miguel, tell us a little more. >> it is so nice to be able to say this, from the hermit kingdom to west carolton, ohio. mr. fowle will be home any minute now. we'll bring it to you live.
6:50 am
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all right, jeffrey fowle is making his way home for a great reunion with his family. let's take you to west carrollton, ohio. miguel marquez, tell us what's happening. >> they've tricked us, carol, they were coming the opposite way than we were expecting them to come so that's the suv carrying mr. fowle and his family. i can see i think his lawyer is out there and they are probably looking down this road and saying "oh, dear god, what is that down our road?" they've never seen anything like this. this is a very quiet, small country road in west carrollton right on the border of west carrollton, miamisburg and lorraine, ohio. this is the first time he's been home in five months. he's reconnecting with his family and they are trying to figure out how to get down the road here. the west carrollton police have been kind you have no shut down the roads so that the media can
6:52 am
be in front of his house. it looks like the caravan will make his way down the road so they can pull into his driveway. this is a man who was let go from his job just a short time ago. i'm going to quiet down now and just see if we can see or hear anything from him as they pull by. . i believe that is the lawyer's vehicle. he has been with mr. tepp, his lawyer, much of the morning it's not clear if his lawyer or somebody will make a statement on behalf of him just an amazing scene, though, to think that in
6:53 am
about 48 hours this is a man that went from north korea, the hermit kingdom, to here in rural ohio. unbelievable that he got out to guam and eventually here to west carolton, ohio. i believe this is -- this is the state department here. >> miguel, let me ask you. i wondered, why time did his plane land at the air force base in dayton? >> it landed around 6:45, may maybe:40 this morning. so this is -- i was trying to calculate it earlier. about a 48 hour total expedition from him. members of the state department are here as well. he's had a lot of care and assistance in doing this. it was a massive effort by the state department and department of defense to coordinate this effort, get him out of north korea, get them to guam and then
6:54 am
hawaii and then eventually near wright patterson air force base and it's a 30, 40 minute drive to here. he's now in his house with his family. it's not clear whether he's going to make any statement at this point. often times concerning for folks to make statements because other americans are in custody. we do know, i spoke to the city manager where he's a truck operator there, that he is likely to get his job back if he wants it and applies to have it reinstated. we will probably know more about that this afternoon. the mayor is meant to speak to media a little later this afternoon. carol? >> i would imagine mr. fowle is exhausted and just wants to be with his family at this moment. >> carol, i'm looking behind bushing and i can actually see a group of individuals headed toward us. i'm peeking behind bushes here and it appears to be mr. fowle and his family. >> oh! that's awesome. >> it appears they are going to speak to us. this is the first glimpse, the first good glimpse we've certainly had of him since he
6:55 am
got off that plane this morning. >> i love that big smile on his face, miguel. >> that's mr. fowle, his wife, his three kids, nine, 11 and 13, and his attorney. clearly everybody. amazing this is going on. hello, gentlemen. how's the fowle family doing? >> i'm going to read a quick statement on behalf of the family and once i've read that please understand that right now we won't take any questions. we'll let you know when the time is right but let me read the statement and we'll go from there. everybody ready? my name is tim tepp, i'm an attorney from lebanon, i've been operating as the spokesperson for the family in jeff's has been sense. jeff home now but let me read
6:56 am
the statement and we'll go from there. jeff is home. we'd like to thank god for his hand of protection over jeff these past six months and for providing strength and peace over his family in his absence. the family would like to thank the u.s. state department, the embassy of sweden, former ambassador tony hall and many others and the people who have offered their love, support and prayer during this time. although we are overjoyed by jeff's return home, we are mindful that kenneth bay and matthew miller continue to be detained in the dprk and understand the disappointment their families are experiencing today that their loved ones did not return home with jeff. jeff would like you to know that he was treated well by the government of the dprk and this he's currently in good health. the past 24 hours have been a whirlwind for jeff and his family. jeff needs time to get adjusted to his life at home.
6:57 am
we respectfully request he and his family be given time and space by the media. we are aware of the intense interest in talking with jeff and plan on deciding the best time and place to be available for further comment and questions. thank you all very, very much. >> how do you feel? >> thanks, guys. >> congratulations. >> can we get a quick shot of the family? >> sure. >> thank you very much, sir. >> just happy to have him back? >> mr. fowle, over here, please. >> amazing, amazing carol to see this play out and to see him and how clearly he wants to speak, the kids didn't know their father was coming back this morning until they saw him coming off of that plane.
6:58 am
and as you heard the attorneys say that they are concerned about mr. bay and mr. miller who will still being held in captivity in north korea and don't want to complicate anything there. but an extraordinarily happy picture here in west carrollton, ohio. carol? >> we will li them in peace because they need to spend time together at this moment. miguel marquez, thank you so much. it's so touching when they all got together. a sweet family. we'll take a break? go on to to 10? what are we doing? we're going take a break. i'll be right back. your goals, our experience. your shoppers, our technology. your data, our insights. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word
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♪ just moments ago in west carrollton, ohio, a really happy family reunion. i'm glad to be bringing you these pictures. that's jeffrey fowl. he's been held captive in north korea for five months and suddenly for some reason the north korean leader released him. he flew into wright-patterson air base in dayton the "early show" -- earlier this morning and you can see jeffrey fowle his three boys and his wife in this big happy reunion. he didn't say very much and miguel marquez


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